Fantasy Football 2015 – Colts T.Y.  Hilton vs Andre Johnson

Fantasy Football 2015 – Colts T.Y. Hilton vs Andre Johnson

In addition to Andrew Luck, the colts of a pretty strong core of wide receivers, being lead by T.Y. Hilton they recently acquired andre Johnson from the Houston Texans They have a very extensive depth chart in the wide receivers. I think that this also provides means of competition between the wide receivers We know that T.Y. Hilton is wider receiver number 1 (WR1) his is the deep threat of that team, , we know that in his rookie season he made over 5 receptions that were over 40 yards and last year on 25 percent of his targets, they were over 20 yards. We know Andrew Luck likes to throw to him and throw to him deep so he will definitely rack of the points in terms of yardage In terms of red zone targets, we can see andre Johnson filling more of this role and getting more red zone targets for the wide receivers on the colts Both of these positions are going to be limited by the Colts offense, so that is also a question but it is going to be to the same magnitude, T.Y. Hilton ADP is around early second round and Andre Johnson’s ADP is around early fourth round Johnson is also coming from a not too strong quarterback in Texas so we are not too sure about how much he can improve, maybe he is breakout with Andrew Luck, we have no idea. There is a very high upside with him. Whereas with T.Y. Hilton we know what to expect we know how much he is going to give with that I think it comes to personal preference, if if you want high ceiling, low floor I think you could try Andre Johnson, even though he is a round four pick that is kinda early for me to take a risk so if he is still there around round 5 or 6 The colts will also have Frank Gore to up their running game so that is something to consider their offense is facing a lot of (minor tweaks) changes so we are not too sure about the point distribution distribution but T.Y. Hilton has worked for them in the past there is no reason to say it wont anymore in addition to these other outlets they are finding to work into their offense

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football 2015 – Colts T.Y. Hilton vs Andre Johnson

  1. . Andre has game left. His best stretch was the final 4 games for Houston playoffs chances. I think he's a 1200 yard WR.

    And the addition of Gore I think TY targets dropp from 2014 #'s to 2015.

    plus 6'3 vs a under 6'0 WR helps in the red zone

  2. Hilton is the go to guy without question. He will get the lion's share of targets for sure.

    As for Andre, he's 34 entering his 13 season in the two slot. He wasn't featured much at all in pre-season which leaves his ability to connect with Luck still up in the air. In order for Johnson to hold down the #2 wr spot he must get a chemistry with Luck, avoid numerous nagging game time injuries, and show defenses he can still get separation from them. If he does not do this and establish himself by week 3, then look for either Moncrief or rookie Dorsett to take his spot turning Johnson into a situation type wr on 3rd and long and to give starters a rest.

    This is the perfect situation for Gore. He's entering his 11th season with a ton of mileage on a team that doesn't overwork their backs at all. Luck does a terrific job at spreading the wealth in this offense often keeping the running game fresh.

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