Fact-Checking Vice President Mike Pence On The NBA, China, And Foxconn | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Fact-Checking Vice President Mike Pence On The NBA, China, And Foxconn | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Fact-Checking Vice President Mike Pence On The NBA, China, And Foxconn | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. You only report half the story. What does Foxconn get for promising and not delivering. Are they getting money they can take back to China or are they getting other agreements that they want in exchange for these job promises that never happened?

  2. America is taking China as a fool, a scapegoat, a national security, an enemy
    But you want their market, their yuan
    and you want to meddle in their governance, create fake news
    The real fool, national security, enemy of America is actually hiding in the White House

  3. You are so right china is great the way they treat there people. you should never let your morals get in the way $$$$$

  4. What the Chinese coys did to NBA is nothing conpared to what a country like America did to the other countries n coys by pressuring n sanctioning them to stop dealing with Huawei simply because they cannot compete with Huawe on the 5G. Shame on the American people n their gov who have the cheek to go around and criticised other when they are the worse offender themselves. It is like a Wall Street millionaire banker, cheating others people of millions of $ , shouting robbery when he spot a small hungry boy stealing a load of bread.
    What a hypocrite. Shame in you Pence. Another one of Trump's licking dog .

  5. Trump, Pence and the Republican party are Snake oil vendors. Pence speaks out of his mouth, both sides of his neck and his back side. These holier than thou religious nut jobs should sit down and shut up. Snake oil is sold on Saturday and Sunday around the world from 11 – 12 AM weekly.

  6. What the Chinese coys did to NBA is nothing conpared to what a country like America did to the other countries n coys by pressuring n sanctioning them to stop dealing with Huawei simply because they cannot compete with Huawe on the 5G. Shame on the American people n their gov who have the cheek to go around and criticised other when they are the worse offender themselves. It is like a Wall Street millionaire banker, cheating others people of millions of $ , shouting robbery when he spot a small hungry boy stealing a load of bread.
    What a hypocrite. Shame in you Pence. Another one of Trump's licking dog .

  7. Mike Pence, thanks for sending that information over to the whistleblowers. But now you've got to decide what to do if they let you become president*.
    You are not without guilt. but you might redeem yourself (a little) if you REFUSE to PARDON TRUMP. You have nothing to gain by saving Satan from his fate.

  8. He & they are total hypocrites as always when addressing just about every issue. Sad that the VP continues to fake ignorance about things yet when his boss gets fired we're supposed to think he's prepared to take over…Impeach them all because he's not worthy either

  9. I don't want the US to sell any produce to China. Heavy agriculture degrades our soil fertility, cause habitat loss and fragmentation and fertilizer run off.

  10. Pence is a fake Christian… a sycophantic hypocrite and ruthless toady of Donald J. Trump. He ain't gonna accomplish much ! Maybe pardon Trump after an impeachment !

  11. Who are the ones that chose this team of wonderful Chosen One's oh yes how are they doing? Going to have all these Job's for people, take away lunch for kids that need them. Maybe all the Red Hats will jump in to help feed the kids and the family's that are taken off food stamps THAT don't make enough to feed there family's. Do you even care? No! Job's not there food not there good work Chosen Team! Such great American's you 2 are and supporters.

  12. Typical Trump before he showed up China purchased $40b along come trump puts a hand grenade in to trade with China then negotiates a new deal for $20b……humm I'm starting to see how he's gone bankrupt 6 times

  13. Why does MSNBC have kind words for a Chinese communists that have murdered millions of their own people? I am a Canadian liberal who thinks the United States has lost its collective minds. Their media is run by corporations that do lots of business in China and hence are compromised. It's not hard folks. Liberal democracies are good and communist dictatorships are bad. How did Americans get so off the rails? Are Americans uneducated? Are they lazy and stupid?

  14. How about Ivanka's patent's? As a senior advisor to the President of the United States of America how is that possible?

  15. Just two questions:
    1. Is there a more blatant example of a disgustingly hypocritical and dishonest politician (Trump doesn't count as he has no understanding of the concepts of truth or dishonesty… or integrity) anywhere in the USA?
    2. By what definition of the word 'Communist' is this term applied to modern China?

  16. In Practical Face Reading, Mike Pence has the typical backstabber face. Anything that comes out from his mouth has the same effect of an explosive diarrhea.

  17. I never thought I will ever defend Trump's crime family of the white house including vice president but I must say China is one of the worst human rights abuser. We are the largest contributor in their economy and they have been taking advantage of us. It is time for us to through China under the bus.

  18. And this is why people like Candace Owens and Kanye tick me off when they say “it was the republicans that freed the slaves” as if the republicans are the same party from 1850!!!!!!. It was the dems that were fighting to keep slavery going and republicans were the northerners. WHO ARE THE CONFEDERATE FLAG CARRYING, GUN LOVING SOUTHERNERS TODAY?………..Republicans!!!!!!! . The parties flipped!!!!!!! Stay vigilant! And don’t let people that haven’t taken time out to educate themselves on topics they no nothing about fool you.

  19. Why don't you guys fact check Obama and all his claims on ObamaCare? Joe and Hunter Biden and their ties with China and the Ukraine? Nope! You'd rather go after Trump on a daily basis over petty, biased BS. Still no quid pro quo. Still no collusion. Still no impeachment. After more than 3 years you guys still have NOTHING!

  20. Trump would love to be apart of a big billion dollar industry . But he's a billioniar right! 🇺🇸 let's haha together

  21. Pence has dead eyes like a serial killer. The Chamber of Commerce and American companies have been sucking communist Chinese weiner for 30 years.

  22. How could any thinking person believe that a greedy, obscenely rich fake president would have any empathy or compassion for the average American? His main effort so far has been to give a huge tax cut to the 1% and large corporations. Are you feeling the love?

  23. A wise woman once said that if someone tells you who they are, believe them. Trump has lived by the code of the con man. For years, he has caused one disaster after another. The only thing that the GOP has done is to protect him while he destroys the reputation of the nation in the name of party affiliation. Expecting him to change is asking him to be a liar and false to his very nature. This is also a reason why religion is a dangerous thing. Just because someone says that they a Christian and reads their Bible does not mean that they believe it as it is written. Trump is illiterate and Pence has comprehension issues.

  24. FoxCon is aptly named. I remember when trump was making that speech about how many jobs it would bring.
    ZERO JOBS is what happened!

  25. MAGA farmers are tired of winning , MAGA while you're going out of business.Tariff wars are easy to win isn't that right Tariff Man?

  26. Before the trade war, China bought 40 billion dollars worth of goods from the U. S.. So Trump has not done anything but cause chaos, and lie, and then patch the damage he has done, and lie some more, and then claim what a great trade deal he has done (still lying)!

  27. lol criticize the nba for siding with china. then when asked “cool so tell us YOUR thoughts on hong kong.” “uh, no comment.”

  28. I wonder just how much more of Trump ( and by extension Pence) the American people and the free world can take. The US and other democratic citizens have been subjected to an unremitting avalanche of: treason; racism; cowardice; greed; dissembling; sexism; nepotism;  incompetence; stupidity; indolence; adultery; treachery; corruption; disloyalty; evil.

  29. The Chinese do not take Pence seriously and they are not the only one. This man has no credibility at all. He is worse than Trump and a terrible hypocrite. He can say what ever he wants and no one cares.

  30. Adam Silver has proven by his clarification(s) of that first message about Morley's tweet, & turned into a role model for all corporations with business interest in China, & a hero by standing up to the evil regime & for freedom of speech, despite the financial loss. Let's be clear. The CCP doesn't really want to get the millions of mainland NBA fans angry. They might paint a narrative with their fake comments on social media that all mainland citizens stand with the (illegal) government, but it was revealed in 2017 that they have nearly 500 million fake comments posted every year. So imagine how much that number must have multiplied since the HK protests. Those fake comments are mainly for the mainland population's benefit, fooling/pushing them into following along with the patriotism of their fellow citizens. Like the CCP, Trump's regime, deflects away from their own failures & wrong-doing. So Pence is using the NBA in hopes none of the MAGAs/MAGGOTs have seen Silver's interviews.

  31. Mr Pence has highly situational morality. Donald Trump has said nothing about Hong Kong. Pence has nothing to say about that. US corporations pacify China and are afraid of offending the government. Mr. Pence has nothing to say about that. He criticizes the NBA but has not criticisms for the other who do the same as the NBA.

    He has plenty he can criticize regarding the Trump Administration but has nothing to say either.

    Pence, I've got some scripture for you…"let he who is without sin cast the first stone". That means maybe the first stone shouldn't be cast by you. I stopped believing Pence was the man he claimed to be a long time ago. He's had plenty of opportunities to speak up when it counted and remained silent. Now he can find his voice when it comes to someone else other than him.

  32. Pence is right about China. The problem with China is not the people but the government. The Chinese people have no freedom at all. They can't do and speak anything they like to without first reporting to the police. They can't travel from one city to another without being scrutinized. The people are so worried as to when their organs would be removed by force and when their assets would be forfeited for no reason. They have to obtain approval from the police department whenever they want to access the internet. Ordinary Chinese don't have the chance to learn foreign languages or anything regarding the Western civilization. 90% of the Chinese population still work as cheap labour in sweat factories and some don't even have the chance to take leaves throughout the year. I wonder how the people in China could bear with this kind of lives for so long. They are really pathetic and the world must do something to save them.

  33. For the first time ever, I believe what Pence said here was right. Ever since Morey's comment, everything the NBA has done has been for the sole purpose of trying to keep the big money from China coming in. So, even though the NBA or the Houston Rockets hasn't fired Morey (yet), or is publicly stifling free speech, I will almost guarantee an internal memo went out to everyone telling them that no further comments on political issues will be tolerated.

    The proof in the pudding of this is the fact that there has been little to no comment from the NBA since, nor has any player commented on this in a while… trying to save face with the big Chinese money they would get back by staying quiet.

  34. Hi! Mr.Pence, more than 90,000,000 chinese christians know that you are a devout christian. Please read the bible again: Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge,ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.(Matthew 7:1-5)

  35. Charles Barkley you shut up.

    This whole situation exposes how the Chinese govt uses what is called “Barbarian Management” which is the principle that China will treat the leaders of the US including corporate leaders and sports hero’s like Lebron “special” by showering perks and cash at the expense of the American people. China’s ultimate goal is to get a major footprint into American corporations so they can determine who gets hired or fired based on their social media score as it relates to China . This way China can continue with human rights violations and climate damage at will and without fear of repercussions or boycott from the #1 democratic customer and superpower. So if they can get guys like Lebron or Silver on their side by giving him a bunch of cash then maybe he can use his influence to get guys like Morley fired. This is the blueprint to be used against every American who dares to exercise their free speech rights against China. This tact almost worked until it backfired due to Lebron’s clumsy response.

    Chinas tactics are a true threat to free speech in America. No one should lose their job for voicing their support for democracy.

  36. These Republiscums need to worry about the corruption of their own making, instead of everyone else's….he who hath no sin can cast the first stone, right Mike "Pro Death" Pence? These are the most hypocritical nimrods ever born…..

  37. When talking about Foxconn, please always remember that it is a Taiwanese company, not a main land company. The Chinese (PRC) people and cities hate Foxconn even more than the Wisconsinites should (I'm both). They have done the same CON here in the PRC many many times. Just a few miles from my house, there is an empty Foxconn factory (fortunately in another district). The district built the factory for them and promised 2-3 years of tax free operation. After the tax free period was over, they closed the factory and moved to the next province and district and did the same CON again.
    Do not mix Foxconn with mainland companies, please.

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