Every Year’s Most Iconic Video Game Since 1979 Explained | WIRED

Every Year’s Most Iconic Video Game Since 1979 Explained | WIRED

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  1. It was consumer gluttony which caused the video game crash of 1983. Nintendo stepped in and undid Atari's sins in the video game industry.

  2. I love when they say "World of Warcraft is still the most iconic MMORPG on the map," they clearly have a shot of people playing FFXIV.

  3. portal as valves most famed game? I'd disagree. I mean there has never been an outcry for finishing a story outside Half life. half life 2 was the biggest title to use graphic advancement with things like a gravity gun and utilizing sli, which was huge at the time. and lets be real, anyone that has played the game loves Barney (The cop in the game not, well, the other one)

  4. Celeste sold 500,000 copies 11 months after launch

    Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 26 million copies 4 months after launch

    Something seems off

  5. Why put the original call of duty that is barley played compared to the mw games or like bo2 which are some of the most iconic video games of modern time

  6. I’ve never heard of MULE and I grew up in the 90’s with a C64 and a Nintendo. Not sure what they’re talking about with that one.

    Doom of course, I still remember playing it for the first time on an older kids Laptop my friends knew, everyone still plays Doom.

    Also Super Metroid.. I have a pic of it when I was a kid holding the game box fully sealed still.
    Wish I had that, would be a gold mine

    World of Goo? Really…?
    What about Super Meat Boy…
    Also I don’t think Minecraft took off for a few years until after 2011.. I know it came out then but it was in a very early state back then, I know because I bought it during the Alpha/Beta

    I still can’t believe they put Celeste on this list but not Super Meat Boy.
    World of Goo??? Really?

    Celeste does not have endless replay ability. Also this woman really likes to spoil games stories in their video

  7. I remember my teacher always played solitaire on her computer I used to always catch her playing it. Don’t forget minesweeper.

  8. People are confusing sales with iconic. Art is subjective so any "Top X" list is going to receive some crap because everyone's favorites aren't going to be included. Just consider that Fast and Furious movies make hundreds of millions, but not a lot of people would consider them iconic.

  9. I really dont see how any of these indie games besides Journey are worthy of being selected as an iconic game representing an entire years worth of games releasing. Just seems very odd and artificial like they wanted to appease, rather then make a list that universally can be debated but doesn't feel so jumbled and inconsistent to the point the average person doesn't known a third of the games on the list.

    Im not saying indie games cant be good but if I ask 20 friends/acquaintances about these indies, I imagine maybe 2 or 3 of them have played one of them/and maybe 4-5 have even heard of them. Referencing my mtg profile pic, this video reminds me of "Iconic" Masters when it really wasnt iconic but they put it in the title to get more sales/views.

  10. She made World Of Warcraft sound super easy. I thought that game was hard! I really sucked at it getting lost all the time or killed and all my friends kept leveling up and buying the new expansions while I was stuck on the original. At least I saved money I guess.

  11. gta v was the most iconic game of 2013, being the most recognizable video game in the world for over a decade… and they picked the last of us for that year? jeez.

  12. No GTA?
    No Mario 64?
    No Fallout?
    No Skyrim?
    No Counter Strike?
    No League of Legends?

    No? None of Them? Ok. Doesnt Seem Legit but ok.

  13. Why do we need to know about Transgenders in this video game story , why do you have to put propaganda at 3 different times 3:37 – 4;17 – 12;19 You sure would make Joseph Goebbels proud, I will never buy another wired mag again, what a rag..

  14. Talks about the urban legend of E.T. being buried in the desert being true, but fails to mention that hundreds of other Atari titles, many which were great titles, were buried along with them. E.T. made up less than 5% of the games that were buried there. But I guess mentioning that wouldn't make it a great story.

  15. As the list moves on, I think they forget that they're naming the most iconic games of those years and decide that the list should be a most innovative list instead. I wouldn't have as much issue with it if that's what they were trying to do, but apparently they don't even know.

  16. How is That Dragon Cancer iconic? I had never even heard of it. Never heard it discussed, played etc. Dark Souls 3 or Uncharted 4 would have been better choices probably.

  17. 2015 should have probably been Rocket League since that game blew up on PS4 then, was super unique, created a new Esport, and sold better than Undertale.

  18. An alternative game for 2002 could have been Warcraft 3. Maybe not so much as an iconic game for that year but it did contribute greatly to the later MOBA genre through player-created maps. Considering how popular Dota and League are to this day I think it could've been a contender.

  19. E.T. is the most iconic game? Dafaq? "The final release was critically panned, with nearly every aspect of the game facing heavy criticism. E.T. is often cited as one of the worst video games of all time and one of the biggest commercial failures in video game history. It is cited as a major contributing factor to the video game industry crash of 1983, and has been frequently referenced and mocked in popular culture as a cautionary tale about the dangers of rushed game development and studio interference." Do you choose icons of chaos, destruction, laziness and inadequacy here?

  20. Wow this got really bad after 2001. Did they forget which list they were making? This was not supposed to be the critically acclaimed or their personal favourites list.. Ive never even heard of some of the later games they mentioned.

  21. 2008 – GTA V
    2016 – Pokémon GO
    2018 – God of War
    I think these would have been better choices, but its a tough list to make.

  22. They talk about pacman graphic style with "cute ghosts", however are missing the innovation in AI that made this game cool

  23. This was so fun to watch, and super interesting learning about all these games, thanks for sharing your knowledge Jon-Paul and Shannon! Feeling super nostalgic now 😊❤️

  24. ATARI's just "Football" was actually pretty good for the time. Hike, move, throw in the direction you're last running, the guy it's aimed at is one you get to control to catch the ball, run it in. Simple!

    Only thing is… if you missed the tackle, you could run out the back of the screen and come out in front of the receiver, over and over. Lol.

  25. I'm not sure Journey (Not to be confused with the band), was the first to get a Grammy. Blade Runner (PC, 1996?), won in it's year because it shared a soundtrack with the movie. Some of the music was new, but most, if not all of it was composed, performed and recorded by Vangelis. His music for the movie won him a Grammy in it's year.

  26. Just going to point out that Civilization IV's "Baba Yetu," released with the game in 2009, not only was nominated, but won a Grammy award well before Journey was released in 2012.

  27. I think some years should have had multiple mentions for genres. I can accept that Final Fantasy 7 was big in 1997, but Age of Empires came out the same year.

  28. Awesome video and great job! I just want to express my disagreement with your 1999 choice respectfully. Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Smash Bros and Everquest were the 3 most iconic games that year (couldnt pick one but all 3 were huge). I barely heard of that one and never saw gameplay before this.

  29. I'm realllllly mad that after all these years of never playing Final Fantasy VII that I didn't know any spoilers until this video. I was going to play that eventually, especially with the remake coming out. Thanks for ruining that for me.

  30. Still reinforcing that myth that ET killed the industry and ET was all that was buried in the desert
    I think that’s enough of this video
    They obviously haven’t done much research FOR A MUSEUM ON THE SUBJECT!!!

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  32. Celeste over Smash Bros, Red Dead 2, AND God of War? For most Iconic of the year? You're high. Celeste is good but it didn't generate buzz, excitement, and a guaranteed spot in gaming history like any of those 3.

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