Every NBA Star’s MOST Difficult Shot!

Every NBA Star’s MOST Difficult Shot!

Yeah, oh my god He’d be great James therefore the Chitty explodes here he gets the contact how about the finish as he plays with his Best game ever against mine And Impossible shot. Look we’re through it Dwyane Wade is when he shoots this he had to shoot it over the backboard And actually touch the backboard on the way down Make it 20 spoilers his look I scoring game Kemba has Mirta John it slides inside Fluor just a moment ago. He showed you what he’s all about Somehow getting it past one of the best shot blockers in the world growing it up on the backboard and through with his athleticism When he has those opportunities you let him give and he gets it on the way down Spectacular play by Donovan Mitchell sent me straight from Mitchell and an opportunity for a three-point play with a lead for Utah Koufos had a mismatch in McConnell the boogieman in irons Wow is right. Let’s get down with the get-down the boogie down That’s a tough Make right there. Yeah, I mean that’s pretty good defense TJ in front Dario and back Griffin on the running book and he’s going Griffin Griffin just putting on a show doesn’t he beetle of the screen knocked away Wizards gets Dudley Field goal a Spectacular a circuit shot by John Wall goes and a chance for a three-point play Well, that’s all done let me was trying to do was convince the five days of the game to make that call and A bow there and he makes it no basket So yo gets to the line yo kids five of sick That’s coming yeah, he just raised up his shot over just got sighs Quinton has been this story for the night 16 in the fourth quarter for klay Thompson It is 209th consecutive game forcefully Off the mark loose ball and they get another possession And he was looking for the pounds I want to tell you that was spectacular absolutely spectacular Vainly because a white shirt had the initiative wall He thought the United Center bucks it controlled it Jimmy Butler a chance’ three Watch to play Brian come off the screen and roll Michael carter-williams is on his back and he feels and he jumps back into him So Parker 23 of No, and that goes in These two point guards are putting on an Unbelievable show go under the crossover and the circus that is unbelievable Play the day is taken care of on sports Saturday night Lillard puts his head down wild shot. It’s gone Damian lillard with a circus shot the chance for a three-point play Well good Still time for the Sixers here Here’s an bead penny get it off Pete Happy birthday Joe Andy We are through three Sixers bye Bob Cavaliers. It’s the first of a back-to-back for them. They’re in Atlanta tomorrow night. We’ll count of the goes High riyer that’s what a talented and where he has to reach Is no angle he has no angle when he lets this go. What about the English? Yes Butters last field goal is the best 606 bar Back a little bit of ignition How about that whisperers off the back of Rodney hood recovers and scores a gorgeous word And a chance for a three-point play and much-needed Gregg popovich and his staff have a big decision as we see Kawhi Leonard bugs need a three-point play opportunity I’m scheduled to play all ATT. Miss you, baby Now wait, that’s one. Come on out as his bhabhi is sperm Just watch this catch as his back is to the baseline watch this now Counselor that’s a second bow. He was shitting his head after that call He does not know how he’s gonna guard James Hartnett miss over there Very close to a five-second count Davis at the buzzer and the pelicans defeat the Thunder What the ruling on the floor is a made basket by Davis Anthony Davis With the walk off Memphis has had an answer all night a quick six. Alright now. I’ve got a piece of that one almost out about somehow Oh sure Got the ball Russ Smith good effort Whistles we’ve had all night There wasn’t one there and Steph still threw in two three LeBron against the long arm to reason in trouble From behind the backboard what a shine an incredible shot by LeBron James I don’t know how we even saw the basket much less put the ball in the basket Iverson now with it for Denver got fouled and one Wow That’s knowing how to play Allen Iverson was getting ready to pass the ball Anthony caught it In the corner wide open heard the whistle and immediately got the ball up plan Topic is Patterson, Coby you not get Patterson in the air a wild And with one one left Kobe Bryant is the ball game up as only Kobe Bryant can do J Armstrong right back the Bulls can go up 14. Jordan pat petrovich. Oh Yes, yes, yes All right, look at this, baby They make good days

100 thoughts on “Every NBA Star’s MOST Difficult Shot!

  1. Klays is that wimpy fade-away??? I’ve seen him take harder shots so many times.
    Also you could make an argument for Paul George’s most difficult shot being the open one at halfcourt

  2. Dwades new most difficult shot is that game winning three he chucked up after getting blocked this season

  3. Those are no big deal, I shoot these type of shots all the time…

    The only difference is that I miss every single one of them

  4. klay literally hits that turn around at least 5 times a game……Should've used the one where he shoots it from his eyes without even dipping the ball and hits it

  5. @5:58 kyrie had a shot similar to that but it was in the finals he also had one like that against the wizards when John wall tried to chase him down…that man is a master at finishing

  6. Please change the title to "Many NBA Star's MOST difficult Shot". Wouldn't even have been this salty, if I hadn't been sure from the start that Dirk won't be on here… and then he wasn't. There are plenty more (Magic, Bird, Barkley, Malone, etc., etc.), but I guess they have been retired for a while now and that is why they are not to find. There has yet to be an NBA season for the past 20+ years where Nowitzki didn't play. The level of disrespect he has been getting is truly sad. One of the All-Time Greats with a plethora of difficult shots to choose from.

  7. Klay's most difficult shot isn't so difficult.
    And Embiid's shot isn't so difficult, too.
    And Antetokoumpo's (sorry if I do a mistake) shot, too. Yes, all this shots is hard, but no as difficult as other's shots.

  8. Notice how everyone had a description of what shot was made then we go to Michael Jordan whose description says goat. i don't blame em

  9. Dwade in his early years made a career of hitting some of the most difficult shots ever attempted and making so many of them routinely#

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