Episode Thirteen: DIY Cupcake Bra

Episode Thirteen: DIY Cupcake Bra

Give little body in my hair. Okay. Fluff it up a bit. Don’t want to look like a ducky. Hey guys today we’re gonna make a Katy ok guys today. Hello. Hey guys, ok, sorry harlalalala blarg halahahaha I forgot what I was gonna say Hi guys today, we’re gonna be making a Katy Perry cupcake bra made famous from her music video One of the ones. Please like and subscribe below Like. Subscribe. Like. Subscribe! And let’s get started Hi guys today, we’re gonna be making a kat To get started all you need is a roll of duct tape, and then you’ve got 2 cupcakes Some spare frosting and some spare sprinkles as well and okay, so to get started You just take the one cupcake and you just smash it Until it. Yeah, and then you’re going to secure it in place just just with the duct tape Go around the back Okay, so it’s obviously going to lose a little bit of frosting and as you in the assembly so you just are going to want to cover that back up And then you’re just going to repeat it on the other side . That one’s holding together nicely. opps. A little hair. Don’t worry about that. You can just pull it out. You’re like going to like a Coachella and you wanna like… oops daisies And voila! I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please like and subscribe below and there you have a Katy Perry bra… cupcake bra… Oh my god, Katy Perry left her bra on Just over there I think. Well, whatever this is an improvement, this is the cupcake broad 2.0

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  1. 1st off, this looks so professional. Secondly, Lmao this was on my recommended slotted with the yellow AD icon. YouTube i dare say you are quite confused.

  2. I like how comfortable and fierce you were modeling outside with it 😂❤️ Now this is they kind of content YouTube’s been missing Subscribed

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