Wassup keepers ! We hope you’re well. Welcome to this new video from Keeper Spirit, and we’ll test a glove from Elite, the NEO red. It’s a brand that makes quality products… Let’s go for the test. First, we’ll talk to you about the body of the glove, which is made of a single piece of neoprene. This material has several qualities. The flex is good, no obstruction, it doesn’t bother you. Another quality: comfort. Once your hand is inside, it’s very comfortable, it’s very pleasant to touch. Neoprene is a material that adapts to any conditions, it’s very cold today, and it is a great yes for this glove body, especially in these climatic conditions. On this neoprene structure there are 4 mm rubber inserts. Normally this is done to protect you when you use your fist, so I was able to see, and honestly, it doesn’t protect much, it’s more there to add grip when you hit the ball on the fist, but it’s not something exceptional. On the fingers, the gussets are made of mesh. They allow good ventilation in the glove, unlike neoprene, which allows very little air to pass through. We have a good balance to keep our hands in good temperature conditions. The cut is specific to the Elite brand, the ” Speed Cut “. This very special cut is an hybrid cut, which is a regular cut at the base of the finger and ends up as a negative evolution cut at the tip. It allows a very good feeling when you catch the ball. That’s the strong point. On the the index and pinky finger, you can see these latex wraps, which allow an unequalled feeling and proximity to the ball. I didn’t know this cut, they maximized the wrap on the fingertips. This is an another positive aspect of this glove. The front part of the thumb is in negative cut, there is a big latex return on the other side, to encrease the contact surface with the ball and offer more safety on this type of glove. There is a small lycra cut between the thumb and index finger to avoid tension and tearing in this area. The palm is a 4mm Elite Contact MB latex EsTec 5000 – B, plus a 4mm cushioning foam. It offers a very good grip, it’s really good, we loved it, we were surprised, and like us, you’re going to love it, the balls stick in your hand, it’s a pleasure on each ball catch. Concerning resistance, after two and a half hours of shooting, the glove was subjected to a high contribution, The abrasion is quite correct, except on some extremities, we expected it. Overall the latex is solid, we were surprised. By way of comparison, it’s very similar to a classic contact latex. The locking system is a little special. In fact, it’s a neoprene band that goes around the wrist, with only one velcro fastener, and there’s a little rubber tab on the end. There is also a cut with an elastic to allow the glove to perfectly fit your wrist. No matter how big the wrist is, it will adapt. The glove fit is therefore very correct on this Neo from Elite. We loved this glove for all the qualities we listed earlier. The qualities such as : grip, comfort, fit … It was amazing. This glove costs about 110 Euros, it’s juste a little bit expensive, but it makes an excellent match glove, use it only in match, why not also in training during tactical oppositions. Today, you have to know, we did a GK training with a lot of dives. With a good maintenance it will last you a long time, in any case, the quality of the grip offers good performance. The glove fits normally, if you feel good in a 9, take this size. And for its use, prefer natural grass, but on artificial turf ground it will also be correct. And for those who don’t like red, this glove exists in black, with the same cut, and exactly the same features. We are coming to the end of this video, hoping that you enjoyed it. If it’s the case, like the video to support us, and if you have any questions use the comment space. Don’t forget the socials networks ( Twitter -INSTAGRAM – Facebook ). Take care, and stay invincible, and see you very soon on Keeper Spirit. PEACE KEEPERS=)

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    📍 Pour ceux qui veulent se procurer les gants de la marque Elite, il y a le site de KEEPERsport en français qui propose une grande partie de la gamme.


  2. Je kiff ce que vous faites grâces à vous j'ai pus progresser énormément je suis passer d équipe 3 à 1 merci vous êtes top

  3. Slt, je voudrais avoir un avis je cherche des gant pour Noël de taille 7 avec protection au doigt entre un prix de 50 à 70 euro mais j'arrive pas à faire de choix est j'irai besoin de conseille de spécialiste

  4. Niveau sensation est-ce un gant aussi proche de la main que les adidas ? (Car j’hésite entre des adidas ou essayer de prendre des élites )

  5. Super videos j’adore comment vous faites ca franchement heureusement que vs ete la pour les gardien fr un grand merci🥰, sa serait bien une vidéo ou vous montrer ce que vous avez dans vos sac de match ou entraînement ❤️

  6. Grosse force vous êtes les meilleurs ❤️🤟🏾. Y’a pas moyen d’avoir une paire de gants 🧤 !😂 sa serait super 👍 cool

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