Elder Sign: Felicia Day, Mike Morhaime, and Bill Prady join Wil on TableTop, episode 11

Elder Sign: Felicia Day, Mike Morhaime, and Bill Prady join Wil on TableTop, episode 11

WIL WHEATON: From 1925 to 1935,
author HP Lovecraft wrote a series of novels and
short stories that taken together comprise the
Cthulhu Mythos. In the Mythos, Lovecraft
describes a pantheon of ancient alien deities called
the Great Old Ones, many of whom once ruled the
Earth before falling into a deep sleep. Lovecraft tells us that when the
stars are right, they will awaken and return to
devour humanity. Today on TableTop, Bill Prady,
Mike Morhaime, and Felicia Day are here because something
has been awakened. We will take on the roll of
pulp investigators working together to collect enough Elder
Signs to save the world. Elder Sign is a heavily themed,
cooperative dice game set in the Arkham
Horror Universe. We are these pulp investigators,
exploring rooms in this creepy museum. On our turn, we will move our
investigator to a different room where we are trying to
find clues, equipment, and spells to help us
in our quest. But mostly, we want to find
these Elder Signs. Because the Elder Signs let us
seal the gate that keep the Great Old One from devouring
the world. While we’re collecting Elder
Signs, the Ancient Old One is collecting Doom Tokens. If he fills up his card with
Doom Tokens before we collect enough Elder Signs to stop
him, he wakes up and devours the world. But worst of all, we
lose the game. OK, how do we get Elder Signs? We do it by rolling dice. This is how we complete
tasks on cards. If we can match these symbols
before we run out of dice, good stuff happens. If we don’t match these symbols,
bad stuff happens. And just to make sure that our
quest to save the world isn’t too easy, the clock
is ticking. [CLOCK TICKS] Every time the clock hits
midnight, [CLOCK CHIMES] the Great Old One will get that
much closer to waking up. Will we be able to stop him? Let’s find out. It is time to play Elder Sign. MIKE MORHAIME: Hi, I’m Mike
Morhaime, CEO and president of Blizzard Entertainment. FELICIA DAY: Hi, I’m
Felicia Day. And I guess I’m most well-known for making web videos. BILL PRADY: My name
is Bill Prady. I’m the co-creator and executive
producer of The Big Bang Theory. WIL WHEATON: Welcome
to Elder Sign. I will be going first. I am playing Amanda Sharpe. Amanda is the student. Her special ability is that she
can complete any number of tasks per roll instead
of just one. BILL PRADY: I am playing Dexter Drake, who is a magician. He has a magical gift, and
he gets extra spells. But he is the most dapper
of the cards. And if you have the full rules,
he is assigned to the most dapper player. So that’s how– FELICIA DAY: You do look like
a man who can sport a pencil thin moustache. You have a nice lip for that. BILL PRADY: Yes. MIKE MORHAIME: I am playing
Darrell Simmons. He’s the photographer. My special ability is I can
increase the investigation on one die, one per roll up
to the max of three. So that’s pretty powerful. FELICIA DAY: OK, let me talk
about my character. My name is Carolyn Fern, and
I can cure insanity. My profession is I’m
a psychologist. I have a very high-necked
shirt on with a brooch. WIL WHEATON: It will also
interest you to know that be Great Ancient Old One who we
are hoping to keep from invading and devouring
the world is Hastur. He’s the King in Yellow,
also known as He Who Shall Not Be Named. You’re actually not supposed to
say this particular Elder god’s name. He’s also known as He Who
Should Not Be Named. Well, I don’t go in for
all that superstitious bull-[BLEEP]. Hastur. Hastur, Hastur, Hastur. Suck it. My girlfriend is science. Oh, also important thing
that I forgot to do. We have to find out what the
Mythos Effect is for this day. FELICIA DAY: Oh. [CLOCK CHIMES] Add a Doom Token to
the Doom Track. FELICIA DAY: Ugh. Already? WIL WHEATON: Already, yeah. FELICIA DAY: We just started. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. And I think I’m going to try
and go to the Hedge Maze. Amanda– FELICIA DAY: You are a pretty
little girl, by the way. WIL WHEATON: I know. Thank you very much. Don’t objectify me. And I’m going to spend
my bonus red die. And here we go. FELICIA DAY: The red die. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, here we go. FELICIA DAY: Oh. WIL WHEATON: There’s a skull. That will count at two inves– I’ve got one skull and
two investigations. FELICIA DAY: Oh, nice. WIL WHEATON: So I’ve got half
of this is complete. And I’m going to try to
get these other two. FELICIA DAY: I hate the
skulls the most. They never appear for me. WIL WHEATON: Turns out
they appear for me. All right, I have successfully
completed the task! FELICIA DAY: Yay. WIL WHEATON: Suck it, Hastur! I get a unique item. I get a healing stone. I get a common item, which is
an axe, which is worth a yellow die. But most importantly, we
all get an Elder Sign. FELICIA DAY: Yay. WIL WHEATON: So we are 1/13
of the way to victory. FELICIA DAY: And you
get two points. WIL WHEATON: I keep this because
I get two trophies. MIKE MORHAIME: Wil, is that a
monster symbol down there? FELICIA DAY: Oh. WIL WHEATON: And there’s
a monster symbol. Good catch. FELICIA DAY: Oh, I’m not
supposed to look. OK, fine. We have the Elder Thing. It was a being beyond
comprehension, but the human corpse it held that
I had understood. WIL WHEATON: Wow, it’s awful. FELICIA DAY: Do you
like my accent? BILL PRADY: Let’s start with
what accent was it? I don’t know what that was. I think that was Croatian. That’s my best guess. FELICIA DAY: I plan
on breaking out a couple other accents. Australian, mate. And oh, I can do
Transylvanian. What do you want
with this gate? WIL WHEATON: So the writing on
the wall just became a very difficult task to complete. Felicia, would you like
to advance the clock? FELICIA DAY: Yes, Wil. I would like to advance
the clock. WIL WHEATON: Please advance
the clock to 3:00. FELICIA DAY: Ding. WIL WHEATON: And we’ll
bring out a new room, a Peculiar Specimen. Bill, it’s your turn. BILL PRADY: So I am going
to go over to Transported by Magic. I’m going to use that
guy to add the– WIL WHEATON: To add
the red die? BILL PRADY: To add
the red die. FELICIA DAY: Ruby of Riley. BILL PRADY: The Ruby of Riley. OK, which was the sequel to
Life of Riley, which is a reference you’re all
too young to get. FELICIA DAY: Didn’t get it. BILL PRADY: OK. And let’s see what
we’ve got there. All right. WIL WHEATON: You rolled a
ton of investigations. FELICIA DAY: That is
all very nice. BILL PRADY: So that
goes there. Right there. All right? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. BILL PRADY: OK. So now we’re looking
for two scrolls. WIL WHEATON: Two scrolls. BILL PRADY: OK, here
we go, like that. WIL WHEATON: There’s
one scroll. FELICIA DAY: One. BILL PRADY: There
is one scroll. So here is what I’m
going to do. I’m going to focus that scroll
by placing it here. WIL WHEATON: I see Dexter’s
trying to focus like this. FELICIA DAY: Just
a little– hm. BILL PRADY: No, no I don’t. I do something you can’t see. FELICIA DAY: I don’t know
what that means. BILL PRADY: It’s something
you can’t see. It’s internal. OK, I will roll that. And there is a scroll. WIL WHEATON: Yes! FELICIA DAY: Wow. OK. BILL PRADY: So we put that
there and that there. And that has accomplished
that. WIL WHEATON: Way to go, Bill. FELICIA DAY: Now he’s
transported by magic. WIL WHEATON: Go, Dexter. BILL PRADY: The strategy to
win this game is carefully choosing which mission you’re
going to go on. An easy mistake to make in this
game would be to look at something that looks easy
without stopping to think, I actually don’t have enough
dice to do this. Or it’s going to require rolling
three dice perfectly. FELICIA DAY: We need
one’s got– WIL WHEATON: I’d send you
to a Peculiar Specimen. MIKE MORHAIME: I agree. Let’s do that. Well, I’m playing Darrell
the photographer. He’s basically able to take
the investigation dice and increase them up by one, up to
three, which is a really powerful ability. I am going to go ahead and use
both of these guys to get the yellow and red. WIL WHEATON: Yellow and red. FELICIA DAY: Nice. MIKE MORHAIME: All right,
here we go. WIL WHEATON: All right,
here we go. Do this. MIKE MORHAIME: A three. WIL WHEATON: We need
the three first. This is a special card. It has to be completed in order,
because it has this arrow on the top. So step one down. Nail it. FELICIA DAY: That’s for sure. MIKE MORHAIME: So I’ll
take that one. FELICIA DAY: Nice. MIKE MORHAIME: And now I
just need the skull. FELICIA DAY: Oh, yes! WIL WHEATON: Oh, you
rolled a wild. MIKE MORHAIME: I got
a Wild Card. WIL WHEATON: Awesome. FELICIA DAY: Wild. WIL WHEATON: Mission complete! All right, so Mike scores
us an Elder Sign. Awesome. MIKE MORHAIME: And
we get a monster. WIL WHEATON: That’s good. OK, and we also get a monster. So Felicia, why don’t you go
ahead and find us a monster? FELICIA DAY: Do you
like my cup face? WIL WHEATON: It looks an awful
lot like your clock face. I’m going to– FELICIA DAY: Dammit. WIL WHEATON: Much like your
accents all sound the same, your face is always the same. FELICIA DAY: They do not. What are you talking about? WIL WHEATON: Which
one was that? Was that Russian? MIKE MORHAIME: That was Guido. FELICIA DAY: See, Mike got it. WIL WHEATON: Right. It was Guido Romanov. FELICIA DAY: OK, here we go. It’s– WIL WHEATON: What is it? FELICIA DAY: –the Witch. Side boob. She crumbled the leaves into the
glass vial, and the room began to go dark, and her top
fell off on the right side. WIL WHEATON: Also she was super
hot and looked like Louise Brooks and made witches
seem like maybe not such a bad thing after all. FELICIA DAY: So much– MIKE MORHAIME: It’s amazing
they fit all that. WIL WHEATON: Yes. FELICIA DAY: It’s a very
tiny card, but– WIL WHEATON: It’s very,
very small font. FELICIA DAY: So go in the
Dreamlands side boob lady. WIL WHEATON: All right. How appropriate that the side
boob lady is in the Dreamlands. Guess where I’m going? FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: No, I
just meant later. Not in the game. FELICIA DAY: Don’t
want to know. WIL WHEATON: OK. Felicia, why don’t you advance
the clock, and I will bring up a new card. We have Remains of
the High Priest. Where’s Carolyn going to go? What do you think? FELICIA DAY: We want
an Elder Sign. There are only a couple
of options on the board as of yet. And I don’t want to go there,
because Louise Brooks is showing her boobs, and that’s
too much for my brooch. WIL WHEATON: What about here? We could do that in as little
as four dice, theoretically. FELICIA DAY: OK. I mean– OK, let me do this. WIL WHEATON: I need
to get two clues. FELICIA DAY: I’m going to go
to the Missing Records. All right, here’s Carolyn. WIL WHEATON: OK, so ray gun? FELICIA DAY: I’m going to
use my Tommy gun– doo, doo, doo, doo, doot. And I’m going to burn that. And I’m going to add
two die to my roll. WIL WHEATON: All right. Do it. FELICIA DAY: And let’s see
what I could do here. And? Yes. WIL WHEATON: Wow, that’s
a lot of clues. FELICIA DAY: I’m going
to have to burn two die no matter what. So I’m going to just
burn two three’s. And that will accomplish
the first task. And that’s pretty good. WIL WHEATON: You can do this. You got this. FELICIA DAY: OK. Don’t say that, because
now I don’t got it. WIL WHEATON: What? Why’d you say that? FELICIA DAY: I’m saying
that because you’re jinxing me, Amanda. Go study some books. Ah. Oh. WIL WHEATON: Looks
like you got it. FELICIA DAY: Yay. Thanks, Amanda. WIL WHEATON: Girl power. What? FELICIA DAY: You’re not going
to want that in the show. WIL WHEATON: I am role-playing
a female character. I believe in empowering women
and empowering female characters. Girl power. Come on, guys. Girl power. Boobs are awesome. Girl power. WIL WHEATON: All
right, Amanda. FELICIA DAY: And you
have a lock. WIL WHEATON: Amanda, go
study the Elder Sign. [HIGH-PITCHED VOICE)
Good idea. All right, so I’m going
to use my axe. FELICIA DAY: Terrible accent. WIL WHEATON: And my axe
to get a yellow die. And here we go. Oh. FELICIA DAY: Wow, of all the
die you did not get one. WIL WHEATON: That’s absolutely
terrible. I don’t get any of the
things that I need. But I did get a two. So I’m going to go ahead and
focus the two, because I’m going to need that eventually. FELICIA DAY: Lose a die. WIL WHEATON: I will have
to lose a die. And now I’m just trying
to get lore. FELICIA DAY: Please. WIL WHEATON: Oh,
there’s a lore. FELICIA DAY: Oh, good. WIL WHEATON: Good, good, good. All right. So there is one lore. So I’m going to go ahead
and solve this one. And I lose a sanity. Ah! Come on lore. Lore! Not lore. So that goes away. FELICIA DAY: Oh, it’s looking
bad for Amanda. Looking bad. WIL WHEATON: No,
it’s all right. It’s OK. She’s doing OK. FELICIA DAY: It’s going
to be great. WIL WHEATON: She’s
doing terrific. Yay. FELICIA DAY: Yes. WIL WHEATON: Lore. FELICIA DAY: Yes. WIL WHEATON: It’s a second lore,
but she loses a sanity, which is tough. Now– I mean, a stamina,
which is tough. Now, come on. Come on, Amanda. You can do this. Come on, honey. You got it. I know you got it. FELICIA DAY: It’s
need a scroll. Oh, but that’s not
what I needed. All right, Amanda failed
the task, so Amanda– FELICIA DAY: She
loses a brain. WIL WHEATON: She loses
one sanity. MIKE MORHAIME: Wow, that
was expensive. WIL WHEATON: But she
stays there. Yeah, that was kind
of a bummer, guys. FELICIA DAY: I feel like He Who
Shall Not Be Named should have not be named earlier. Wil did it. So maybe that’s the reason why
he’s rolling like ass. WIL WHEATON: My awful die
rolling has nothing to do with me saying the name of He
Who Shall Not Be Named. That’s coincidence. Don’t mistake correlation
for causality. BILL PRADY: I see this game
ending one of two ways. I see us winning or
possibly losing. WIL WHEATON: Amanda,
go study the Remains of the High Priest. OK. All right, here we go. FELICIA DAY: A scroll. WIL WHEATON: Oh, no. That’s OK. I got a peril. Because this has a terror. If I do not complete this and
I roll a terror die, then I have to be discard every die
that has terror on it. That’s awful. WIL WHEATON: And that
is horrible. But I have a spell lock, which
I’m going to use to lock this three, because I have to
roll a six and a lore. FELICIA DAY: It’s going
to happen for you. WIL WHEATON: Uh-oh. So I’ve got a terror. I do not have a lore. I have to discard
the terror die. That goes away. And I have to discard
another die. And now I have to roll
a three and a lore. Things are not looking
good for Amanda. FELICIA DAY: This is not good. WIL WHEATON: In Elder Sign, I
call this Wheaton fails again. I think my strategy
of rolling [BLEEP] all bull-[BLEEP] is not really working
out to my advantage. So I’m going to change up my
strategy and start rolling things I actually need. FELICIA DAY: Wil, could
you possibly– Wil, could you possibly
roll better dice? Translyvanian. That was that. WIL WHEATON: [BLEEP]. FELICIA DAY: OK, Amanda. WIL WHEATON: All
right, Amanda. FELICIA DAY: Amanda, Amanda. WIL WHEATON: OK, you,
Amanda, loses– FELICIA DAY: A heart. WIL WHEATON: Loses a stamina. Now here’s an interesting
thing that happens. When a spell lock is locked
like that, it stays locked until someone chooses
to use it. FELICIA DAY: That’s kind
of interesting. WIL WHEATON: It’s a rule that
seems so broken I reread it several times– FELICIA DAY: It really does. WIL WHEATON: –in the book. It was like, wow, that
seems really– but that’s how it works. MIKE MORHAIME: I like it. I think it’s a good rule. BILL PRADY: I’m going
to go ahead with my plan and go over– MIKE MORHAIME: It’s sort
of outside the room. BILL PRADY: –to Forgotten
Knowledge. WIL WHEATON: All right. BILL PRADY: All right,
so let’s see. We start with– and there is a scroll. WIL WHEATON: There’s a scroll. BILL PRADY: There’s a scroll
to start, to start us off. WIL WHEATON: To take
a free roll. BILL PRADY: Let’s see
what happens. FELICIA DAY: Might have to
not blow the dot hugely. BILL PRADY: Now here’s
what I’m going to do. OK, watch this boys and girls. We’re going to hold the– wait, hang on a second. WIL WHEATON: Here, Dexter,
let me help you. BILL PRADY: OK. WIL WHEATON: I loved that
magic show I saw you in at the dorms. BILL PRADY: I’m not
going to respond. I’m not going to respond in
character, because I don’t do that sort of thing. Now that’s going to there. WIL WHEATON: That’s not
something Dexter would say. BILL PRADY: And then that’s
going to go there. And that’s going to go there. FELICIA DAY: Wow, OK. BILL PRADY: And voila. MIKE MORHAIME: We would be very,
very far behind right now without Dexter. I mean, you look at all
the spells he’s accumulated so far. And he’s sort of our secret
weapon at this point. BILL PRADY: Two books
and a gun. WIL WHEATON: You get a spell
lock and another spell lock. MIKE MORHAIME: And one more? FELICIA DAY: Oh, one more. WIL WHEATON: Oh, gosh. BILL PRADY: And one more
because I’m me. WIL WHEATON: You get
three spell locks. BILL PRADY: Three spell locks. I think one of the advantages of
this character is that the spell cards let you create a
strategy before you roll. So it gives you a little
insurance. And it gives you kind
of a clearer path through the adventure. FELICIA DAY: Look
at this [BLEEP]. WIL WHEATON: I know. Dexter’s amazing. FELICIA DAY: He’s got
like 15 spells, and we’re all just like– WIL WHEATON: Well, he’s sort
of a traveling magician. He’s got a snake oil cart
full of spells. MIKE MORHAIME: I need something
really easy though, because I don’t have any help. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. MIKE MORHAIME: This one
is probably the easiest one for me. FELICIA DAY: For you, yeah. WIL WHEATON: And then
you’re going to get a clue and a spell. MIKE MORHAIME: All right. FELICIA DAY: All right. Let’s do it. BILL PRADY: That’s always
good to take three dice. MIKE MORHAIME: This is how much
it cost me at the bottom. That’s the fewest it’s
going to take. FELICIA DAY: Oh, yes. Do it, do it, do it. MIKE MORHAIME: So I guess
I’m going to take that. FELICIA DAY: That’s great. That’s actually the best thing
that you could do. MIKE MORHAIME: OK. FELICIA DAY: Come on, skull. WIL WHEATON: Roll a skull. MIKE MORHAIME: Come on, skull. FELICIA DAY: Yes. WIL WHEATON: Yes. MIKE MORHAIME: Yeah. Awesome. WIL WHEATON: Awesome. FELICIA DAY: Wow. Nice job, Mike. WIL WHEATON: Bravo. Good job. MIKE MORHAIME: OK. FELICIA DAY: Wow, OK. WIL WHEATON: Your spell
is a double lock. FELICIA DAY: Nice. MIKE MORHAIME: Excellent. WIL WHEATON: And then you also
get a clue, which is great. Sorry. And it’s sticking
to my finger. That’s cool. Oh, Carol Marol, please advance
the clock to 9:00 PM. FELICIA DAY: Bing. WIL WHEATON: OK, very good. And Don’t Fall Asleep. This one’s really hard, but it
gives you really good stuff. And we also really want to beat
it, because at midnight, every investigator
loses a sanity. FELICIA DAY: Whoa, that
is next turn. WIL WHEATON: But you
get an Elder Sign, a book, and a foot. FELICIA DAY: So basically,
I need to do that now. Because it is 9:00 PM. So let’s tentacle it up. Come on, tentacle, tentacle,
tentacle, tentacle. Oh, one tentacle. WIL WHEATON: There’s
one tentacle. FELICIA DAY: Oh, so
I beat one thing. MIKE MORHAIME: You can do one. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, yeah. That’s good. FELICIA DAY: Yay. Cha-ching. All right. WIL WHEATON: By the way, you
going tentacle, tentacle, tentacle, tentacle is going
to become a meme. Tentacle, tentacle, tentacle,
tentacle. FELICIA DAY: Tentacle party,
woo, woo, woo. Tentacle party. WIL WHEATON: An animated gif. FELICIA DAY: Does somebody
have one of those surreal wrap, like– WIL WHEATON: Don’t tell
them things to do. Oh. FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: You don’t make it
easier for the internet to make tentacle-related
gifs of you. FELICIA DAY: I mean, tentacles
don’t have to be naughty? Do they? Totally? They don’t have to. WIL WHEATON: I’m serious,
internet. Make the tentacle
thing happen. But, you know, keep it clean– ish. FELICIA DAY: Don’t do
that thing that Will told you to do. Not acceptable. No this around my face. I’m looking at you. Here we go, two tentacle, two
tentacle, two tentacle. Two of them. One. WIL WHEATON: One tentacle. MIKE MORHAIME: Save it. FELICIA DAY: But
I can re-roll. WIL WHEATON: Awesome. Awesome. FELICIA DAY: Tentacle,
tentacle tentacle. Nope. WIL WHEATON: You have
another clue. FELICIA DAY: Hey,
look at that. WIL WHEATON: Clue it up. FELICIA DAY: I am going
to burn my resources. MIKE MORHAIME: Come on. FELICIA DAY: OK, come on. Tentacle, tentacle, tentacle. Oh, yes. WIL WHEATON: Dude. FELICIA DAY: Yes. WIL WHEATON: You are flush
with tentacles. FELICIA DAY: I’m flush
with them. They’re everywhere. BILL PRADY: I am uncomfortable
with the tentacle party thing, because it sounds vaguely
dirty in a way I don’t understand. WIL WHEATON: Amanda, you’re
going to the Mysterious Tome. OK. All right. Here we go. FELICIA DAY: You
got everything. WIL WHEATON: Here’s scroll. FELICIA DAY: You got scroll,
and terrors– WIL WHEATON: Here’s a teror. FELICIA DAY: –and clues. WIL WHEATON: I got everything
that I wanted. I just didn’t get enough. I didn’t get as much of
it as I asked for. FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: But that’s OK. Because you know what? That’s just how life
works, Amanda. I’m going to keep either
a scroll or a terror. What do you guys think? It’s a six of one, right? FELICIA DAY: Oh, scroll. I would say scroll. WIL WHEATON: All right, I’m
going to lock the scroll. FELICIA DAY: I don’t know. It’s the same to me. WIL WHEATON: I’m going to
discard this guy here. FELICIA DAY: This
is depressing. WIL WHEATON: It’s only
the first roll. FELICIA DAY: I know. I’m a pessimist. WIL WHEATON: That’s
a terror and– all right. So I at least get rid
of one thing. FELICIA DAY: Yay. So you just need to
roll a scroll. WIL WHEATON: I just need
to roll a scroll. FELICIA DAY: One and a six. WIL WHEATON: Helll,
I can do that. FELICIA DAY: Right. It’s great, Mike? WIL WHEATON: Oh. Dice rolling is all
about statistics. You generally have a one
in six chance to get any face on a die. That means that even if you’re
doing as badly as I’m doing now, statistically you should
at least have a [BLEEP] chance to do good. BILL PRADY: You’re at the mercy
of the rolls of the dice and he hasn’t gotten
anything yet. It may be one thing. And he’s verging, actually,
I think on embarrassed. WIL WHEATON: [BLEEP]. Sorry, guys. We get doom. So let’s finish my filthy,
awful, useless turn. And let’s move on to someone
who’s actually helping in this game. BILL PRADY: All right. WIL WHEATON: What would
you like to do, Bill? BILL PRADY: Well I’m going
to head over here to When Night Falls. FELICIA DAY: Thank you. WIL WHEATON: OK. BILL PRADY: OK. So what we got– FELICIA DAY: That’s
not horrible. BILL PRADY: Yeah. So I’m going to go with
the top, right? FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. And then– FELICIA DAY: You could lock. You can lock a couple things. BILL PRADY: Then I will lock. I will lock this, because then
I have more dice to roll. MIKE MORHAIME: Scroll. BILL PRADY: And there’s
a scroll. FELICIA DAY: You did it. You did it. WIL WHEATON: You are so
good at this game. BILL PRADY: And there is the– FELICIA DAY: He’s
winning me over. BILL PRADY: –skull. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. BILL PRADY: That’s right. FELICIA DAY: In his arrogance. MIKE MORHAIME: We
would be totally screwed without Dexter. FELICIA DAY: That’s true. That’s true. WIL WHEATON: Way to go, Bill. Awesome. You get a clue. You get a unique item. MIKE MORHAIME: And
an Elder Sign. WIL WHEATON: And we
get an Elder Sign. FELICIA DAY: We are halfway. WIL WHEATON: I feel like you’re
just cleaning up after my epic fail– my series
of failures. FELICIA DAY: I feel
like it could go either way at this point. We do have Bill and his
immense spells. Me and Mike are over here on
this side of the table with very little ammunition. And then we got Amanda who’s
just a dead weight. I’m sorry. That’s kind of a dead weight. A little bit. Just a little bit. WIL WHEATON: All right,
here we go. Scroll, FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: Skull. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: But the bad news
is I can only focus– BILL PRADY: Two things. FELICIA DAY: I’m here. Carolyn’s here. WIL WHEATON: Dude, girl power! FELICIA DAY: Power! Yay. That was so dangerous. MIKE MORHAIME: Yeah, the
girl power thing. What’s that about? I don’t really know. Not really doing it for me. WIL WHEATON: All right, cool. So we’re focused there. And now I just need to roll a
scroll, which, as we all know, is not a problem for me. FELICIA DAY: Not at all. BILL PRADY: And there
it isn’t. WIL WHEATON: I need scrolls more
than anything right now. I need scrolls more than
I need oxygen. Rolling scrolls is what I do. When I was in the war,
they called me Sergeant Scroll Roller. It’s true. That’s a true story. I remember one time I joined a
secret society and we had to choose a name. And the name that I chose
was Rolls Scrolls a Lot. I’m just going to talk directly
to the gamers. The dice are trying
to kill me. FELICIA DAY: Well– WIL WHEATON: All right, so now
I am down to two stamina. FELICIA DAY: Whoa. WIL WHEATON: I am down
to four sanity. And once again, you get
to clean up after me. BILL PRADY: Here’s what
we’re going to do. I will join you in the
Public Lavatory. FELICIA DAY: Lavatory party. BILL PRADY: All right,
here we go. And we have– hang
on a second. No skulls. OK, well, we’ll hold onto this
scroll, because why not? Because we can, right? WIL WHEATON: Yep. BILL PRADY: That goes away. So we need– FELICIA DAY: Well,
you have a clue. WIL WHEATON: Oh, yeah. Have a clue, re-roll. BILL PRADY: Oh, I have a clue. Look at that. WIL WHEATON: Clue it up. FELICIA DAY: Clue that up. Don’t throw that dice away. BILL PRADY: I had no
clue I had a clue. I used that word two different
ways for comedic effect. OK. FELICIA DAY: Oh. WIL WHEATON: You got it. BILL PRADY: We got it. FELICIA DAY: You got it. BILL PRADY: Look at that. All right, there we go. FELICIA DAY: Yay. OK, two Elder Signs. WIL WHEATON: I was there when
it happened, even though I didn’t contribute to the victory
in any meaningful way. BILL PRADY: The two
Elder Signs. WIL WHEATON: That takes
us up to eight. FELICIA DAY: That
is fantastic. WIL WHEATON: That takes us to
eight of 13 Elder Signs. That’s good news. FELICIA DAY: That
is fantastic. BILL PRADY: I couldn’t
be doing better. WIL WHEATON: All right, so
we’ve had an incredibly successful turn. That means that you must
be going next. MIKE MORHAIME: We haven’t had
the best luck with the dice rolls always. And unless that starts to change
in our favor, I think we might be headed for a
little bit of trouble. OK. FELICIA DAY: Yay. BILL PRADY: OK, all right. MIKE MORHAIME: This
is going to be– I got a scroll. FELICIA DAY: Scroll. MIKE MORHAIME: Scroll. I’ll use the scroll. WIL WHEATON: All right,
good one. MIKE MORHAIME: And then
this should be easy. Huh. FELICIA DAY: Wow. The fact that– MIKE MORHAIME: This is going
to be very hard. FELICIA DAY: –you
said that was– MIKE MORHAIME: I am so
unconfident now. Oh, so close. WIL WHEATON: Four. Oh. FELICIA DAY: What you need
to do is roll two two’s. WIL WHEATON: Because– MIKE MORHAIME: Wait. No. What I can do is I can turn this
to a three and save it. FELICIA DAY: Yes. BILL PRADY: You can. WIL WHEATON: Oh, good call. MIKE MORHAIME: Now all
I need is a one. WIL WHEATON: Yep. All you have to do
is roll a clue. MIKE MORHAIME: This
is so hard. FELICIA DAY: I’m not looking. I don’t like looking when people
roll their last die. I just know what’s
going to happen– tragedy. MIKE MORHAIME: Horrible. Oh. FELICIA DAY: No. MIKE MORHAIME: Damn. WIL WHEATON: Ah. Elder Sign. FELICIA DAY: For my turn, I’m
going to get rid of my cornucopia. So I– WIL WHEATON: All right, so
these get discarded. FELICIA DAY: –get
an Elder Sign. Get an Elder Sign. WIL WHEATON: Ready? Felicia and Bill are completely
carrying this team. Felicia being able to buy us
an Elder Sign is huge. All right, advance the clock. FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: It’s midnight. Let’s find out what happens. FELICIA DAY: Midnight. Something awful happens. All tasks that require at
least one investigation require an additional
investigation. We are bankrupt. WIL WHEATON: Come on. FELICIA DAY: This is painful. WIL WHEATON: Jesus. MIKE MORHAIME: Oh, yeah. WIL WHEATON: OK, here we go. OK, what’s happening? That’s a lot of tentacles
is what she said. FELICIA DAY: You got one. WIL WHEATON: OK, there’s that. OK, good. Now I’m just going to roll
perfect twice in a row. MIKE MORHAIME: You just
need once in a row. WIL WHEATON: Oh, that’s right. That’s not perfect. BILL PRADY: No. FELICIA DAY: You going
to focus that? WIL WHEATON: No. FELICIA DAY: You can’t do it. WIL WHEATON: I’m
going to lose. FELICIA DAY: OK, all right. WIL WHEATON: Oh, I’m
bad at this game. FELICIA DAY: No, it’s OK. It’s just bad rolling. WIL WHEATON: OK. So I lose that. I am down to one health. And I would say that it would be
a bummer if I were to die. FELICIA DAY: But maybe’ good
for you as a person to get yourself out of your misery. WIL WHEATON: At this point I
think the best thing for Amanda is just for her to die. I feel like little Amanda,
we just have to keep– go on, champ. I’ll use my psychology. Go on in their champ. But inside I feel like
she’s a loser. He. Whatever. BILL PRADY: I think we might
as well just batter this. And now you could
focus four dice. FELICIA DAY: OK. BILL PRADY: Why not? FELICIA DAY: Skull, skull. BILL PRADY: Skull, skull. FELICIA DAY: Two skulls. WIL WHEATON: There are
lots of skulls. FELICIA DAY: Skull party. BILL PRADY: Two skulls. There’s the middle. MIKE MORHAIME: Pretty good. Are we still on the you
you need a six. BILL PRADY: OK. Because we do that. FELICIA DAY: Yes. BILL PRADY: And we lock it. FELICIA DAY: Lock it. WIL WHEATON: Lock it. BILL PRADY: Lock it. FELICIA DAY: Roll. WIL WHEATON: And then– BILL PRADY: Roll, a moot roll. WIL WHEATON: That’s OK. BILL PRADY: Anyway. WIL WHEATON: OK, so here’s
a question– MIKE MORHAIME: Wait, so if
you do that, anybody can use that, right? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, strategy
question for the board. MIKE MORHAIME: Save
the scroll. FELICIA DAY: Yeah,
save the scroll. WIL WHEATON: All right,
Bill, you get a clue. You get a gun. And you get a knife. MIKE MORHAIME: At this point,
Dexter is pretty much carrying the whole party. But I’ve got some pretty good
abilities, so I think we’re in pretty good shape. FELICIA DAY: Go here because
you might be able to do it. And you already have a locked
die you can use. MIKE MORHAIME: You think that’s
better than this one? Just because of the doom, huh? FELICIA DAY: This
is a doom, yeah. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. MIKE MORHAIME: OK,
I’ll buy that. Let’s do it. WIL WHEATON: That skull
defeats this. MIKE MORHAIME: Oh,
there’s a skull. WIL WHEATON: Skull beats
the monster. MIKE MORHAIME: I can see that. WIL WHEATON: OK. FELICIA DAY: You
might get more. MIKE MORHAIME: Hopefully I’ll
get some investigation. Well, I do have a scroll here. WIL WHEATON: I recommend using
this scroll so you can turn that into an investigation. MIKE MORHAIME: Oh, yeah. That’s a good point. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. MIKE MORHAIME: OK,
we’ll do that. Hopefully I’ll get some
investigation. Well, I’ve got a three. Focus that. This is It. WIL WHEATON: We’re
not saying it. We know what has to happen. MIKE MORHAIME: OK,
this is six. BILL PRADY: But are
we still on the– FELICIA DAY: Yes, you won. MIKE MORHAIME: No, I didn’t
Because it’s not 10. WIL WHEATON: Dude, you
have to get 10. FELICIA DAY: Oh, because
of this [BLEEP] thing. BILL PRADY: It wasn’t. MIKE MORHAIME: I came just about
as close as you possibly can get to completing the task
and getting my rewards, and I just missed it. And that would have been a big
deal for me, because I would have felt like I was
contributing. WIL WHEATON: I think I’m
just going to go for broke and go here. MIKE MORHAIME: No, because if
you lose you, we get a doom. WIL WHEATON: If I’m
wrong, I’m dead. FELICIA DAY: Oh, OK. You’re going to kill yourself. OK, go. BILL PRADY: Do it. Go. WIL WHEATON: Here we go. BILL PRADY: Here you go. WIL WHEATON: Two skulls. FELICIA DAY: Nice. WIL WHEATON: Halfway there. Here we go. Five is not enough, so I’m
focusing the three. I’m going to lose this. Two three’s. Three and a two will
also do it. FELICIA DAY: I don’t like
looking when you roll. WIL WHEATON: Yeah,
neither do I. FELICIA DAY: So you’re
dead now? WIL WHEATON: I lose. I lose. So we get doom. Amanda, you suck. You’re dead. Amanda is dead. FELICIA DAY: Yay. I mean, ooh. WIL WHEATON: Every team has
someone who is there to pick up after, well, whoever
I am on the team. Bill’s doing a great
job cleaning up after all of my failures. You have the Voice
of Ra, which is tremendously powerful. FELICIA DAY: Yes. BILL PRADY: Yeah. FELICIA DAY: The Voice of Ra
is kind of like this, but little bit kind of like
gruff Charlie Chan. Voice of Ra kind of like Charlie
Chan, but not urg. BILL PRADY: All right,
here we go. Two skulls. FELICIA DAY: Excellent. WIL WHEATON: OK. BILL PRADY: OK. And now the very difficult
eight, right? FELICIA DAY: Yeah, but
you have a clue. BILL PRADY: OK. FELICIA DAY: Clue it out. Clue. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, clue it. FELICIA DAY: Clue it. BILL PRADY: You think? Two not worth keeping? FELICIA DAY: Not
at this point. BILL PRADY: Two probably would
have been worth keeping. FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: Now you should
probably keep the two. Yeah, focus the two. OK. BILL PRADY: The way the game
played out, it was down to one move that could basically
win or lose. It was like a football
game in overtime. I think it’s the best way
you want something like this to end. This isn’t going to work. FELICIA DAY: No, don’t
be negative. Drake, you can do it. WIL WHEATON: You win. No, you did it. You did it. BILL PRADY: Three and
the Voice of Ra. WIL WHEATON: Presented
a three. BILL PRADY: Three, six,
seven, eight. WIL WHEATON: Focus it. MIKE MORHAIME: Yay. BILL PRADY: That’s
the game, right? FELICIA DAY: Yay. WIL WHEATON: And now we go 12. Bill, please. Elder Sign, last one. BILL PRADY: There we go. WIL WHEATON: I would like to
say that this is Elder Sign lose, Bill Prady win. And you did it dragging
around three useless bags of mostly water. FELICIA DAY: Hey, talk
about yourself. WIL WHEATON: I was. I’m three people. FELICIA DAY: We made
some good moves. WIL WHEATON: Wow, good game. I’m so glad that I
was on your team. FELICIA DAY: It was
a good team. WIL WHEATON: Congratulations,
3/4 of you were phenomenal in this particular game, and the
world has been saved. But more important than saving
the world, you have received the TableTop Trophy
of Awesome. FELICIA DAY: Yay. WIL WHEATON: For the team that
we decided to name Dexter’s Midnight Runners, because,
let’s face it, Dexter was pretty much a boss
in this game. Dexter’s player, Bill,
you want to make a thank you speech? BILL PRADY: Just on behalf
of everybody who made this possible– me– thank you. WIL WHEATON: Wow,
congratulations. I actually have to take the
trophy back, because we have a very low budget on our show. And we have to reuse
the trophy for every particular game. But look what you get, Dexter’s
Midnight Runners Tape, so that everybody
knows you’re a winner. FELICIA DAY: Start a trend. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. And we will see you next
time on TableTop. [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER: Oh sure Just
because I suck, I don’t get recognized in the
winning thing. [MUSIC PLAYING]

16 thoughts on “Elder Sign: Felicia Day, Mike Morhaime, and Bill Prady join Wil on TableTop, episode 11

  1. wow…. two absolute stick-in-the-mud kind of people. TBH, I expected nothing less from the CEO of Blizzard

  2. Gosh, of all TableTop episodes which usually are hilarious this is the only one that is absolutely terrible, Bill Prady being even more intolerable than the lame game.

  3. I love when Felicia is in the episodes. She's my absolute favorite female ever. Watching her play any game is entertaining as hell.

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