Elajjaz: Fallout: New Vegas[3]  (CC CHAT)

Elajjaz: Fallout: New Vegas[3] (CC CHAT)

FappyMcFlappy: do you guys think ela will be sponsored by EA and do an apex stream today? crashfort: !D: #SWEDEN Elajjaz: KKool Drachenreiter: and unless mistaken, never played pinball at the office FeelsWeirdMan VineWood0604: Pog Irocam: KKool SantaMex: 1 minute early Pog UltraWindow: pepeD Sherman26: ElaJAM TheH3llraiser: Pog UltraWindow: MOTHER VineWood0604: ElaCOOL Aberrant404: iron95Pls BTRNDL: yooo Germy_ranch: pepeD MOTHUH Nucleoprotein: Pog Raydia_: KKool SixxGoodlol: KKool SnuggleTheHuggle: Pog WITO: !elaBruv #ELAds VineWood0604: KKool UltraWindow: the ONE danzig song Chag Aberrant404: ! mathilBrick Irocam: KKool Clap CptFleece: elaBlush elaBlush elaBlush WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Fallout: New Vegas: 🤠The Sarge🤠 New Vegas – First Playthrough | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram GreatOneDagon: KKool LIVE Raydia_: I’m PedoBear PepeHands Nucleoprotein: ! AYAYA #ElaIsAWeeb Germy_ranch: pepeJAM busky_maldsack: FeelsLateMan SnuggleTheHuggle: KKona Clap WITO: !elaBruv #ELAds Lagunaab: Pog talkman_: LIVE Chag Elajjaz: KKool Mothuh Kazeith: Finally, my notification is accurate GreatOneDagon: 🔭 forsen1 Chaosf1re: Pog MagicFrogs: OSFrog Nucleoprotein: !AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady talkman_: @Elajjaz PauseChamp when Pog mizoreeee: you what up cunts KKool GuitarTime colesteenkool: wtf is this UltraWindow: !nepSmug #bestemote Fulgator: pepeD captain_elsewhere: OH GOD JESUS FUCK ITS SO HOT IM GOING TO DIE gachiOnFIRE mizoreeee: yo* elaGa Nucleoprotein: elaHmm AndyTrunks: YOO Kazeith: Also, from what gta sa radio this song is? Nucleoprotein: YOOOO elaBruv DaqqMory: KKool GuitarTime FappyMcFlappy: did ela modded his new vegas radio yet? S_Darji: hello everyone elaH BTRNDL: elaHmm crashfort: kdst Elajjaz: i forgot elaWeird Antares053: yoo Kazeith: @crashfort thanks Aberrant404: gachi radio when? gachiHYPER StarPogPlatinum: pepeJAM Drachenreiter: shocking elaWeird UltraWindow: you can install it really quickly Efrondil: do it now Sikodude: elaISee captain_elsewhere: shocking elaWeird Drachenreiter: more big iron though FeelsGoodMan Clap Elajjaz: cant be that hard to install ye UltraWindow: it takes a minute tops Filth_: ElaJAMMER Araboth: Sarge time Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz spank me before stream starts gachiHYPER la_tet: Squid3 crashfort: ok it was radio x @Kazeith elaK LickMyPretzel: headBang UltraWindow: conelrad is THE radio to get FappyMcFlappy: you can also just mute music and do plugdj 😉 Kazeith: @crashfort LUL thank you anyways captain_elsewhere: allways deathless allways on time never installs shit beforehand elaKek Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz 24h modding stream FeelsGoodMan Clap Worhtaed: pepeD SnuggleTheHuggle: who needs radio mod when we can listen to Big Iron again and again FeelsGoodMan FappyMcFlappy: or put on some ram ranch gachiHYPER bunkyboo: KKona brot_ok: HeyEla talkman_: @Elajjaz chat will go ” FeelsWeirdMan this isn’t the fallout experience without 4 songs repeating” again, like we did during san andreas spike_the_space_cowboy: FeelsBadMan Wuxia: !nepSmug #yeehaw Xephon111: Oi Bruvs / mocaffe: elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi Sikodude: lots of good radio mods at the nexus Xephon111: elaBruv Araboth: pepeJAMMER TheH3llraiser: elaBruv / WaterWazzoo: Ambient newvegas music is best ninjalive2: Hello everyone turntyAYAYA WITO: !elaBruv #ELAds FappyMcFlappy: open the nexus on stream PepeLaugh Drachenreiter:>allways deathless allways on time never installs shit beforehandMotek: cmonBruh Seikisu: PepeLaugh jklob: cmonBrother mitters23: ZULUL mizoreeee: cmonBruh Gumma: monkaTOS UltraWindow: scared of words LULW Jajalembang: cmonBruh Old_Man_Initiate: atpRtsd MiIIiki: its art @Elajjaz its fine squashlord: more where that came from is a good radio mod Chag ela riut2: Naughty? StarPogPlatinum: monkaTOS Worhtaed: KretoPls Doomerttv: cmonBruh swedish streamers S_Darji: LULW MiIIiki: 🙂 Moctavius: cmonBruh You say it off stream then ? @Elajjaz ChaosLike: who the fuck cares about n word honestly silver6ird: surely singing along doesn’t count, or have we reached that point FeelsWeirdMan JC5original: roleplaying Sarge cmonBrother Broken_archangel: YOOOOOOO ela12 @Elajjaz thanks for the sub duuude elaOk ela2 universetwisters: lol i didnt even think about that TheGuyOnAcid: NAGGERS LULW raider_unkindled: elaWeird imagine being scared of a word mizoreeee: Ela singing it offstream HYPERBRUH kaiju_boi: Big titty mods LULW busky_maldsack: cmonBruh TheXearo: Just mute yourself PepeLaugh SeeMem: BOOM DR_DISRESPECT_MY_TOILET: I say N-inja a lot as well RobOfHouseQuark: there’s nothing wrong with singing along, it’s nothing else than quoting SurfCat: fucked up that you have to wathc out for that honestly. Sherman26: Swedish streamers cmonBrother JonxKatsu: could just… not say those parts lol picklerickshank: @ChaosLike Twitch and the media Nazzet: Not racist PepeLaugh universetwisters: Oh baby Germy_ranch: ela12 ssssip: @silver6ird we surely have OMEGALUL daledo_: an off stream user cmonBrother spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE universetwisters: get one that adds sinatra loboz0r: @ChaosLike cause you get banned supjta: ELEVEN PepeHands 五十八: Eleven? monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaW ChaosLike: its the song it doesnt matter kaiju_boi: Pog silver6ird: @ssssip unfortunate elaWeird elaFeels Naaslaarum: this one is great DekkerDave: cmonBruh Germy_ranch: cmonBruh ZeeYee: gachiBASS Lagunaab: wouldn’t install multiple radio mods at once to avoid conflicts razorxscooter: @elajjaz Will you make Boone your college boy? elaDM captain_elsewhere: a streamer got it in the neck for doing that last year silver6ird twitch’s such a gulag fest somtimes sodiss: Imaqtpie listens to this stuff on stream all the time and hasnt had any problems with twitch @Elajjaz Seikisu: The French connection LuL WrestlerBot2000: “Garry, come over here, I wanna eat you.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 49 CJandMOS: CrreamAwk Darkshadows6662: Oh god yes ive been waiting for something to watch all day brot_ok: billy bobs bunker LULW picklerickshank: @ChaosLike i agree to an extent but people will still judge, its the internet R4gn4Rr_: hello @Elajjaz and chat elaK Germy_ranch: ResidentSleeper lavos__: My immersion PepeHands Dyam0900: bottom one Pechopalomo: LULW silver6ird: @captain_elsewhere you’d think context would matter elaWeird Raknov: @Elajjaz you dont need any radio besides black rock mountain radio DansGame Silent_WaIker: LULW byBLC: But is it lore-friendly? @Elajjaz lobosThink lobosThink Vivelin: D: kaiju_boi: TriHard Naaslaarum: bottom one ssssip: itsalready, stop being reasonable @silver6ird WeirdChamp Sody01: play already WaterWazzoo: Download the mod but don’t select any station Kappa Doomerttv: MaN ual daNohoLiC_AT: bottom ojne is complete Deus_Ex_Nihilis: that’s why i recommended you conelrad ela LUL UltraWindow: virus monkaW mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Annonn140: YeahBoi eremiter: look at bottom @Elajjaz bluenarwhal1: complete at the bottom RattleMBones: cmonBruh myfavoriteweeb: download nude mod elaThirst Pechopalomo: Virus PepeLaugh samsususu: TriHard Ay redlight55: fomm DansGame , nmm DansGame , vortex DansGame , MO2 FeelsGoodMan Kazeith: just play already Kapp Fatamerikans: install anime mods 😡 SnuggleTheHuggle: LUL UltraWindow: you got conelrad, you’re set for life BTRNDL: anyways PhilRamirez: nah mod it dude raqos: bitcoin miner monkaW Old_Man_Initiate: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh skybeaverking: Man anal elaThirst lavos__: @redlight55 you know it UltraWindow: 900MB monkaW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz just listen to the games ambient background music? Its better than the radio anyway. SevenStrangeMelons: 1GB LULW universetwisters: its just 1gb WaterWazzoo: Disable radio mod Pog PhilRamirez: dansgaming takes like 3 streams to mod his fall out play throughs Sikodude: 915 MB PogU silver6ird: @ssssip you’re right my bad ela13 daNohoLiC_AT: its just 1gb ela babe StarPogPlatinum: You’re fine PhantomRaid: U WATCH UFC NosBleid: hi everyone Germy_ranch: Pirating music monkaW ssssip: ela13 Clap SevenStrangeMelons: FOMM LULW Sporde123: VOD Killer PepeHands Silent_WaIker: Fatamerikans hell no DansGame toxicmachete: mods!! yeah boiii WrestlerBot2000: MemeLadder|Clip No.19| https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousImportantLegKevinTurtle SkeletonKeyLimePie: ela you stole something in divinity D: kaiju_boi: 😂 daley_: 🤣 Drachenreiter: @silver6ird no, it hasn’t come within a cosmic stretch of that point, but 4Shrug ChaosLike: picklerickshank i mean u can play the songs with n word but u cant sing along obviously. I understand that LuL Germy_ranch: 🙂 Nazzet: FeelsLateMan brot_ok: forsenJoy silver6ird: 🤠 ssssip: 😂 Valeriant: 🙂 cheezar: 😂 raider_unkindled: DansGame mizoreeee: 😂 last_whoa: 73 😂 Geralt_of_Syria: 😂 Lagunaab: probably stupid question but can listening to music using the N words put you in risks on twitch ? SkJz: 🌝 Turbulist: elaWeird Elajjaz: 🤠 FXYun: DansGame Ela turning into a normie SnuggleTheHuggle: 🙂 DR_DISRESPECT_MY_TOILET: 🤠 SurfCat: elaSmile Espher_5: 😂 👌 Dreadknight297: LUL WaterWazzoo: UFC? Ultimate fallout classic? StarPogPlatinum: 😂 redzero033: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: 🤠 brot_ok: elaK kaiju_boi: UNIRONIC J0hnnyBlade: ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ Doomerttv: 😂 👌 Vivelin: elaK TheMoltenGuy: its its its its its FeelsPepoMan Gumma: Kapp raider_unkindled: ???? 3v0id: Kapp samsususu: 🤠 raqos: nepSmug Sherman26: IRONY Aeonll: 😂 christhao100: 🙂 NissM: nrdyHmm eremiter: elaK LickMyPretzel: It’s not Jaushel: LMAO 😂 Naaslaarum: 👌 😆 ToxxicWaffle: Obviously talkman_: 😹 skybeaverking: elaSmile GoyIntrepide: Kapp Shigren: elaK ichiyusai_: 😂 Kazeith: @elajjaz it’s X for me FXYun: elaREE NORMIE HiImShiny: This song is Kreygasm 五十八: 😂 🔥 👌 Xephon111: It’s because you’re ela13 Seikisu: 🤠 evilmarmot42: 🙂 Drachenreiter: 😹 👌 💯 🔥 Worhtaed: 😂 👌 Kraxizz: Kapp ironic sure Jekaterinaa: mate spacerino_: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: filled quote unquote ? 2 emoji elaKek jklob: 😗 Binfz: 🤠 👍 Valinore: 😂 😹 😂 daledo_: when you use things ironically so much that you are just using them normally 🙂 samsususu: 🔫 🤠 Germy_ranch: UNIRONIC 👌 kaiju_boi: 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 StepWyze: ironically unironic haleixazulro: 🤠 Onionmaster32: sure nrdyE TheMoltenGuy: 🔥 😂 👌 NosBleid: 🤠 elaGun redzero033: LIT FAM 😂 meekmook: moon2SH Kazeith: somehow it’s “X” for me Talmk: Divinity PogChamp ChilledGear: ironic 😂 lMoonHawk: are you enjoying divinity os 2 ? Doomerttv: this stream is super litty 😂 👌 silver6ird: yeehaw stvoSG Nazzet: 🖕 AYAYA SkJz: ✋ ☹️ evilmarmot42: 😂😂😂😂😂👌 Old_Man_Initiate: 😂 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 🔥 raqos: 😂 💯 Monster5crak: 🤠🤠🤠🤠 Broken_archangel: elaSmile ironic, huh? cocococomango: @Elajjaz are these the mods ur using ? redzero033: PepeLaugh SevenStrangeMelons: HARD ON gachiHYPER raider_unkindled: how hard gachiBASS silver6ird: hard on gachiHYPER spacerino_: ELAJJ OMEGALUL Z BluBlu_BluBlo: Its fine Ela you just feel the need to be like all the cool kids around nepSmug Sourcehunter: Irony is so postmodern, we are already past that.. new sincerity is the shit nowadays Lagunaab: it’s hard act 1 but then it becomes easier raqos: monkaW 👌 spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenJoy salzpeter: netflix put the emoji move on my recommendation list yesterday Germy_ranch: Title game on point 🔥 🤣 五十八: did you switch archive invalidation on/off ela? monkaW kaiju_boi: 😂 👌 haleixazulro: 🖕 🤠 🖕 redzero033: PogU elunerises: f’RST playthrough POGGERS la_tet: B) Dylanluce: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @Dylanluce, elajjaz has been streaming for 20 mins 53 secs Datbootyisnice: Hey Nazzet: pepeJAMMER spacerino_: PogU Umadbrudda: Umadbrudda subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 33 months, currently on a 33 month streak! Hey Ela, will you play Fallout 4 after this? WrestlerBot2000: @umadbrudda After 33 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM brot_ok: pepeJAM TheMoltenGuy: pepeJAM Vanah: pepeJAMMER StarPogPlatinum: Go to REPCONN Pog Armored_Guy: pepeD skybeaverking: Willow is a pretty great compaion mod btw elaSmile samsususu: TaBeRu marshalmv: Hey Ela hey chat ela7 Dylanluce: YES! CATCHING FIRST PART OF STREAM! Old_Man_Initiate: pepeJAMMER Germy_ranch: pepeJAMMER Annonn140: PogU spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE 👆 SnuggleTheHuggle: pepeJAM kaiju_boi: pepeJAMMER redzero033: pepeD HiImShiny: Ela doesn’t have NMC’s texture pack? BLCKX02: pepeJAM ssssip: pepeJAM JC5original: he found the AlienPls yet? marshalmv: pepeJAM Drachenreiter: PepeLaugh EightLevelWizard: ^ω^ Kazeith: PogU Espher_5: !mods mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. raqos: Jebaited TheMoltenGuy: Jebaited redzero033: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: NotLikeThis Sikodude: PepeLaugh brot_ok: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: PepeLaugh talkman_: Happy trails? SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan jklob: Jebaited spacerino_: PepeLaugh NissM: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: yeah elaKek BLCKX02: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: wait a minute Turbulist: PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Monster5crak: KKool GuitarTime Teret1: PepeLaugh HiImShiny: ah ok captain_elsewhere: no Germy_ranch: Virus PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: PepeLaugh robertoci3: PepeLaugh kelvinfiti_der_echte: PepeLaugh salamemer_fml: PepeLaugh Hajitaib: LULW raider_unkindled:ED-E for me danAww spike_the_space_cowboy: @KrazyShark SHark elaH kaiju_boi: KKona HEY Y’ALL zeltaOK: just say yeehaw a lot christhao100: KKona howdy brother gosamigo: KKool ZeroKiwi: just say Y’all Ellycat1: Practice on stream PepeLaugh HotFireZ: KKona howdy mizoreeee: Just speak like a racist PepeLaugh toxicmachete: fuck chat bro, save Ed E Irocam: this mission Pog kaiju_boi: D: silver6ird: D: ELA SkeletonKeyLimePie: D: JC5original: dont do it some_god_of_transparency: DansGame nucetti: D: FXYun: D: Giacomand: just think of Scooter from Borderlands Annonn140: D: mrbreadberry: D: Gumma: D: redzero033: PepeHands Germy_ranch: D: gosamigo: D: MasterMalpercio: rooD KrazyShark: elaD TheH3llraiser: NO elaD HotFireZ: D: retro_raiden: elaD JC5original: bad idea SilentNewbee: D: spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz DONT LISTEN TO CHAT FFS Nazzet: D: sheldota: D: LickMyPretzel: no DansGame Sachelized91: @Elajjaz make him hate you christhao100: D: BTRNDL: Boooooone PepeHands JC5original: nooo Espher_5: wait here LULW Germy_ranch: elaD some_god_of_transparency: yeah jj_mike: PepeHands PhilRamirez: peppy590 timoteh: You should’ve gotten 10 luck at the start and rushed to the casinos Ela. Become a millionaire overnight FeelsGoodMan ivanhoe84: ivanhoe84 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 21 months! WrestlerBot2000: @ivanhoe84 After 21 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM retro_raiden: ela7 Drachenreiter: he’ll go back to novac iirc Serulean_Cadence: make him passive maybe Videvik: Booner Xay97: just play how you want 🙂 talkman_: VaN kaiju_boi: VaN PrienZ_: VaN some_god_of_transparency: VaN mrbreadberry: VaN Rus7m: VaN brot_ok: Vanah Vivelin: VaN Germy_ranch: VaN Nazzet: VaN TheH3llraiser: VaN ChaosLike: WOO VaN toxic_phunch: WHOOOP redzero033: Sure PepeLaugh Monster5crak: VaN timoteh: VaN Amnexiac: VaN Wazepas: VaN italianspongebob: VaN Zalinero_: VaN SilentNewbee: VaN brot_ok: VaN redzero033: gachiHYPER VineWood0604: VaN Grimesi: VaN Kazeith: VaN silver6ird: just set him to melee elaKek kaiju_boi: IKEALUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag evilmarmot42: VaN robertoci3: LULW zeyurai: VaN Videvik: LULW Leeegit: VaN retro_raiden: elaYes forsenWhip Rus7m: PepeLaugh SilentNewbee: LULW redzero033: LULW NosBleid: LULW PrienZ_: FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: You have the spotter perk spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Last time you lsitened to chat we waited for 30 minutes in a convo inside the dlc forsenSleeper Germy_ranch: No LAKKI elaB Nazzet: Eat this gachiBOP HotFireZ: LULW Espher_5: EZ MODE troublematicc: IKEALUL some_god_of_transparency: AIM LULW christhao100: LULW Renococoa: LULW Seikisu: IKEALUL Dreadknight297: LUL Levallius: Levallius subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! WrestlerBot2000: @levallius After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ichiyusai_: LULW JC5original: EljanPls talkman_: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: pepeJAM Rus7m: pepeJAM mrbreadberry: LULW brot_ok: pepeJAM Drachenreiter: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: pepeJAM shikifujin16: whats up chat and ela elaHi elaCozy redzero033: pepeD Moltherion_: 🤠 Clap Lagunaab: I mean after all your companions can die aswell so it’s up to you to decide fakie_420: monkaGun Drachenreiter: OW MY FACE Grimesi: Chag Araboth: Chag brot_ok: that gun Champ timoteh: monkaGun victor_maitland: these ghouls are better than the joke fallout 4 ghouls AvalancheSeph: elaD Zalinero_: Zalinero_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! elaH Nazzet: @shikifujin16 pepeL WrestlerBot2000: @zalinero_ I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM retro_raiden: elaThirst forsenWhip forsenFur SixxGoodlol: elaD Clap Rus7m: monkaW KEAvant: Ed-E ashlynnO Ellycat1: THAT gun Pog Moltherion_: Pog redzero033: PogU DogeDrill: best game Pog brot_ok: elaThirst forsenWhip forsenFur Germy_ranch: EZ Clap Shedled: @shikifujin16 hai jesus_guy: hey @Elajjaz elaOk Sourcehunter: MaN I love this game Drachenreiter: both SkeletonKeyLimePie: both mrbreadberry: both Lagunaab: both Freke48: both zeyurai: trying to find games to buy on steam. all i’m finding is weeb shit. LickMyPretzel: A bit of both ichiyusai_: I see he’s using Deckard’s Gun, nice spike_the_space_cowboy: pretty good MasterMalpercio: ghouls are weak starkytw: PrideGasp TheH3llraiser: actually both LULW NotMaloony: or youre just very skilled Kazeith: what gun is he using Kraatter: u are bit overleved for this quest now 😀 retro_raiden: elaThirst celrBlush labasfej: blade runner revolver Pog blacktoothgr1n: Bolth nepSmug Drachenreiter: I SAID IT FIRST elaMad Turless9000: sick game still not get old aged KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz That Gun is so good its one of the best weapons even at lvl 50 kaiju_boi: @NotMaloony no LULW Naaslaarum: try shooting deathclaw with it 🙂 Rus7m: KKona Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: bouth redzero033: KKona captain_elsewhere: that gun Kazeith mrbreadberry: 🤠 Clap SnuggleTheHuggle: time to hunt Deathclaw Kapp timoteh: Doesn’t want to get carried, uses the best gun in the game PepeLaugh Ela confirmed casual Moltherion_: 🤠 👍 fargoin: How are u doing Ela, miss u man DogeDrill: KKona raqos: nepSmug spike_the_space_cowboy: @labasfej That gun prodigies23: how come after all these years, u managed to avoid this masterpice of a game Annonn140: KKona YEEHAW Fatamerikans: test on cazadors Kappa Sgt_Blackjack: ‘course it is, son KKona SilentNewbee: HELL YEAH BROTHER KKona mrbreadberry: KKona neat dami_exe: dami_exe subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 16 months, currently on a 16 month streak! Thanks for 16 months of great entertainment elaH you and chat have got me through some rough times Dreadknight297: NEAT WrestlerBot2000: @dami_exe After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM captain_elsewhere: neet elaC toxicmachete: “that gun” is very fucking good mifflin: There’s no fall damage go ahead Kazeith: @captain_elsewhere ??? Monster5crak: energy bui9ld way better LULW CptFleece: @Elajjaz Stop letting sadists in chat scare you off a companion just play the game. Nobody plays this shit for the “difficulty” anyway. UltraWindow: the quest here is good NotMaloony: it be like that raqos: NEET KKona jesus_guy: Pog kaiju_boi: Pog GOTHAM Germy_ranch: PepeHands Ninjahface: Ever played other fallout games ela? LickMyPretzel: PepeHands souldedeh: PepeHands gosamigo: NEET gachiHYPER Ellycat1: Gotham Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: GOTHAM monkaW TorvaM: @Elajjaz you shoulld play the game the way you want to, and not how chat wants elaSmile MORFHI: hi chat and Ela elaCozy seqone: No streams PepeHands Rus7m: GOTHAM monkaW silver6ird: PepeHands redzero033: PepeHands retro_raiden: ha youcan’t do it elaB PrienZ_: PepeHands IBhunivelze: elaThirst Doomerttv: Goth TakeItBoi Tasarion: PepeHands Onionmaster32: @Elajjaz What are you gonna do in the götet? Pog DragonflyJoe: PepeHands BTRNDL: why do you punish us like this? Claidheamh_Mor: Wednesday latenight stream Pog Frosted15: elaK retro_raiden: elaThirst celrCop topbob: GOTHAM CITY Pog ZeroKiwi: PepeHands no fallout NV next week Germy_ranch: Gone THREE days to see Nickleback PepeHands some_god_of_transparency: DansGame why not silver6ird: what am i supposed to do without stream PepeHands Rus7m: FeelsPepoMan scuffedpss: only subs SnuggleTheHuggle: stream with Batman Pog byBLC: Do it Pog robertoci3: Pog redzero033: PogU SkeletonKeyLimePie: gonna look at metallica FeelsPepoMan Drachenreiter: 3 days off PepeHands we only have each other fellas PepeHands Dylanluce: Wait really?! sheldota: i just came here and he is already leaving PepeHands samsususu: PogU PrienZ_: PogU captain_elsewhere: sorry Kazeith that sounded rude the gun is literally called “that gun” its a unique 5.56 revolver elaKek JC5original: KKool Noscope360Blazeit: look watch Pog Amnexiac: Pog FaarisBuro: headBang MatthewAntoniou97: headBang MisterPossible: look metalica Pog Kaspu: @Elajjaz Will you play anything else today? elaISee UltraWindow: stream metallica mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Rus7m: LISTEN BATMETAL Pog kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: LULW brot_ok: headBang scuffedpss: ppBeer stilljcole: Metallica UwU robertoci3: i saw them at Twickenham the other day Pog last_whoa: LULW NosBleid: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh WolvesCallum: !MODS PrienZ_: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Dylanluce: What is the Tour Called?! @Elajjaz Rus7m: PepeLaugh BLCKX02: PepeLaugh raqos: STREAM CONCERT PogU silver6ird: look at this graaaaaaaph marshalmv: PepeLaugh BTRNDL: no Sourcehunter: Any plans for horror gaem later? monkaSHAKE mrbreadberry: cause they are very mediocre MORFHI: PepeLaugh he is unaware Seikisu: PepeLaugh Dereservoir: wow KrazyShark: LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH LULW Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh samsususu: PepeLaugh sheldota: PepeLaugh evilmarmot42: no barnpizza: nanLaugh kaiju_boi: n OMEGALUL BuggeredAll: take a look at this photograph LULW DogeDrill: every song sounds the same Annonn140: do they? PepeLaugh Foxxy2013: W H OMEGALUL ? Old_Man_Initiate: no PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: elaWeird Umadbrudda: cause bad af Moltherion_: PepeLaugh Frosted15: PepeLaugh thetwan25: look at this graph brot_ok: forsenKek Doomerttv: KKona Nickelback is the best band ever captain_elsewhere: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE LAST HALF CENTURY monkaW LickMyPretzel: It’s cool to hate on Nickelback Artoch47: Americans hate them for some reason Kazeith: @captain_elsewhere what the actual fuck that’s hilarious LULW ZeroKiwi: they’re the most generic kind of “rock” redzero033: if you have 12 then yes seqone: nickelback cmonBruh Flutebox: Because their songs are amazing but it’s cool to hate Silent_WaIker: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh Oh no no no duumed: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: OMEGALUL some_god_of_transparency: what about kid rock KKool raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh christhao100: look at this photograph LULW timoteh: PepeLaugh NotMaloony: why not Umadbrudda: CRINGE Moltherion_: monkaW kaiju_boi: Because meme Noscope360Blazeit: why not PepeLaugh PrienZ_: PogU Sven_sveger: PepeLaugh Maddox_Gaming: LuL they are a meme cause they turned up to a metal concert @Elajjaz Smough: because brot_ok: Champ last_whoa: Pog ZeeYee: PogU AnubisYE: dont tell PepeLaugh Namarax: look at this graph PepeLaugh talkman_: 4Shrug byBLC: Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: @seqone Look at this….. TriHard scuffedpss: monkaW mrbreadberry: Chag fakie_420: look at this graph PepeLaugh 👉 📉 Flutebox: it’s just the society we live in these days Kazeith: @captain_elsewhere sorry for my noobiness, i haven’t played this game yet Geralt_of_Syria: Zappa StonieFFM: did he go to new vegas already? NaughtyPedro: no Nazzet: Chag retro_raiden: elaThirst elaGun Motek: monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: 👉 🤠 👉 captain_elsewhere: nah no problem Kazeith some_god_of_transparency: Elajjaz dont forget about kid rock KKool Maddox_Gaming: and no one wanted them there xxRandumbName: this game suck ass Maddox_Gaming: xD captain_elsewhere: rock Kiwi_Ingenuity: Mom rock retro_raiden: elaWOW nostrilgaze: creed is much worse than nickelback Annonn140: pop rock Avalier: overplayed to fuck LUL redzero033: @xxRandumbName FeelsWeirdMan NotMaloony: definitly not metal LUL DogeDrill: soft rock ChocolateBarni: @xxRandumbName D: Irocam: MALDNESS PepeLaugh 📈 look at this graph Zygon___: @spike_the_space_cowboy i hear it cmonBruh thetwan25: boomer rock AnubisYE: :rock: mizoreeee: they do rock music but like soft rock ? talkman_: Plasma defender Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: @Zygon___ LULW kaiju_boi: Normie rock robertoci3: radio rock Silent_WaIker: NICKEL BACK AND METAL OMEGALUL Maddox_Gaming: @NotMaloony yea they turned up to a metal concert no body wanted them there xD x38yb59t99: pop rock LUL Monster5crak: 😡 use laser weapons 😡 Strawie35: Plasma defender is rare Pog Dalebetic: hey ela Drachenreiter: TIME TO TAKE A BUNCH OF SCIENCE STUFF BUT EXPLAIN HOW IT FITS THE RP BOYS elaK retro_raiden: we rocking elaWOW captain_elsewhere: overplayed normie butt rock some_god_of_transparency: NORMIES elaREE Myareska: They’re not terrible, people just don’t like them to be cool 😡 Germy_ranch: 5Head kaiju_boi: Nickel is a metal tho LULW Nazzet: HUGE gachiHYPER redzero033: PepeLaugh timoteh: They’re a meme because they’re boomer rock that’s overrated mrbreadberry: Chag RCW Lagunaab: well that’s repconn facility PrienZ_: nej Annonn140: RCW Pog Onionmaster32: Normie rock PepeLaugh mizoreeee: i remember they had a song with a breakdown in it was funny as fuck LULW kaiju_boi: nej evilmarmot42: RCW Pog Grantelmann: elaHi elaH yoo waddaup bois elaK could catch streams or play Judgement last couple of weeks how are you doing chat ? how are you Elajjaz Armored_Guy: huge thing gachiHYPER retro_raiden: no jamming elaFeels talkman_: @Elajjaz fallout whole stream or some other game later? xxRandumbName: should i get celeste or stardew valley? spacerino_: PepeLaugh Drachenreiter: elaK Naaslaarum: laser tommy gun Pog Grantelmann: couldnt captain_elsewhere: he touched it monkaW skybeaverking: He doesn’t know elaKek raider_unkindled: elaK LickMyPretzel: @xxRandumbName why not both? marshalmv: lasers DansGame Armored_Guy: 👽 Nazzet: Kapp ZeroKiwi: the only “metal” thing in Nickleback is the fact that there’s a metal in their name RicHaya: PepeLaugh Myareska: Sarge would like the RCW though PepeLaugh robertoci3: Be warned Ela Metallica may do a song off St Anger so be prepared PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: swedish roleplayer Pog Nix_Abyss: RP gachiBOP Golden04: PepeLaugh Vivelin: elaK BlackupV2: forsenRP MolinMondo: nickelback are known as being ‘fake’ rock and rollers, other bands trash them, but that’s not to say they’re actually bad jade282: YOU ARE MY FIRE Kappa some_god_of_transparency: MaN PrienZ_: thats why he has a robot companion talkman_: MaN kaiju_boi: BOOMER LULW Fatamerikans: ED-E? Sherman26: BOOMER wevie1: @Elajjaz what’s the lore behind anti-tech Germy_ranch: Laser robot companion LULW Annonn140: KKona AnubisYE: KKonaW HELL YEA BREOTHER JC5original: AlienPls wtf? Nazzet: KKona HELL YEAH christhao100: PepeLaugh roleplayer silver6ird: stvoSG darn aliens RattleMBones: but, ED-E? MiIIiki: @Drachenreiter He learns that it’s bad to be racist against technology, it’s character development Kappa 1marcio080: @Elajjaz what about your robot friend? BigBagieta: So why a robot companion? 🙂 PhilRamirez: danKona Pirilol: what about ed e? brot_ok: Boomer PepeLaugh mizoreeee: old fashioned racist PepeLaugh squashlord: doesnt like robots elaK keeps Ed-E GraMexs: That Gun is alien tech gosamigo: missed Ammo Boxes LULW obad91: yet he has companion which is robot Claidheamh_Mor: is that why he has a laser robot companion? xxRandumbName: @LickMyPretzel casue i already spent like 120 on the sale byBLC: Except your robot companion Kappa NordicRain: ED-E is crying PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz SilentNewbee: SMOrc FUCK SCIENCE makingmemories: leave that shit for mr boom Serulean_Cadence: ED-E disliked that Freke48: robot companion ? Talmk: ED-E PepeHands Trivess: KKona Clap raqos: PepeLaugh 👉 ED-E Xephon111: Who RPs a FO game? PepeLaugh timoteh: Didn’t you pick science as one of your stronger traaits? @Elajjaz Slakkoo: any mods @Elajjaz ? marshalmv: so he is NCR boy Pog captain_elsewhere: technophobic ? Seikisu: Nickelback is boring LuL Cheapcat: AlienPls cmonBrother NosBleid: he’s denying ed-e PepeHands skybeaverking: @xxrandumbname both elaSmile Annonn140: RCW sells for a lot though ウィードマン: But Cowboy is most boring you can do in a fallout game, heavy weapons (fatboy/gatling/rocket launcher) and/or ninja is where it’s at FeelsWeirdMan NaughtyPedro: you have a robot companio tho LULW retro_raiden: ela technology elaWOW crashfort: elaCozy Nazzet: ED-E 🖕 evilmarmot42: dude you got ed-e 8goci: @Elajjaz energy weapon are pretty expensive tho Giacomand: @Elajjaz nice robot companion Traktorq: 🤠 Slakkoo: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. PrienZ_: !mods Drachenreiter: @MiIIiki PepeLaugh don’t give him any ideas Naaslaarum: !mods SkeletonKeyLimePie: mods monkaH brot_ok: try that RP in Fallout 4 forsenKek ichiyusai_: High-tec Revolver & ED-E PepeLaugh zeyurai: yo chat i have 20€ what should i buy on steam. last_whoa: mods monkaW LokenStoneheart: LUL Has a hovering laser robot, and those laser weapons are older than he is Broken_archangel: @Elajjaz Can you tell us more about the lore of “the sarge”? elaWOW elaK fakie_420: ninja is most boring FeelsWeirdMan Paranoid_Metroid: M OMEGADOWN D S fakie_420: stop it FeelsWeirdMan redzero033: Kapp mrbreadberry: Kapp troublematicc: LULW NosBleid: elaK raqos: CoolStoryBob Traktorq: Kapp Nazzet: Kapp Bieberhunter: elaK Geralt_of_Syria: elaK x38yb59t99: !mods Fatamerikans: Kapp Doomerttv: Kapp WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. PhilRamirez: elaK NordicRain: CoolStoryBob JC5original: PepeHands SAME squashlord: elaK atomicdestruction: elaK Tasarion: elaK silver6ird: elaK Moctavius: KKona elaGun I don’t want any fucking alien around here ldierk: !mods Trizze: trizzeMLADY @elajjaz mizoreeee: LMAO ssssip: no mods PepeLaugh NissM: nrdyHmm SkeletonKeyLimePie: 🤔 Renococoa: LULW raider_unkindled: elaK mhmm runnatikk: Kapp Vivelin: elaK AnubisYE: BobRoss Frosted15: elaK NotMaloony: LUL kaiju_boi: KKona wevie1: elaD retro_raiden: elaWOW elaK timoteh: Kapp Ok lol sure El milkforhoney: elaK TheH3llraiser: elaK BuggeredAll: elaK Xephon111: elaHmm Notannnn: CoolStoryBob MisterPossible: elaK Scyrol: CoolStoryBob Freke48: 🤔 Febox: elaK squashlord: i love this backstory LUL Jajalembang: RP LULW brot_ok: elaK Panaxql: forsenRP xxRandumbName: NEERDD Sukiet04: CoolStoryBob Musiqia: DansGame science DekkerDave: retcons elaK MORFHI: he doesnt look like science type PepeLaugh SylphidLive: !mods Sgt_Blackjack: CoolStoryBob WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. LickMyPretzel: elaISee AvalancheSeph: !mods KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Gumma: LULW MyNameLacksImagination: What about the stimpak story? xxRandumbName: NERRRRRRD mrbreadberry: what LULW Annonn140: ROLEPLAYER Pog Traktorq: wow did got writers write this? Rus7m: that plot FeelsWeirdMan NosBleid: omega elaK Xephon111: elaK Flutebox: X ShumaVaelor: xenoErp Smough: manlet LULW dimaria22l: PogChamp Cheapcat: ????? captain_elsewhere: the rp is expanding elaA JimiJam69: elaGa LORE wevie1: like jungle book but with robots last_whoa: WeirdChamp kakapuffs: PogChamp raider_unkindled: @Elajjaz your a nerd elaWeird Remedy020: PogU Lore Pog NissM: PepeLaugh it keeps changing FXYun: elaK BigBagieta: A walking contradiction then DragonflyJoe: elaK SkeletonKeyLimePie: the nuclear war was like 200 years ago at this point fakie_420: gta 5 RP incoming FOGGERS Podriquez: Cognitive dissonance LULW bambino_86: Pog Golden04: insane rp Pog BuggeredAll: elaGa Araboth: WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ Zygon___: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Flutebox: Doubt ninjalive2: LULW Vanah: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: Reprogrammed it into a fuckbot LUL Drachenreiter: ela’s the player that the DM tries to kill off ASAP KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz this game happens 200 years after the nuclear war though LickMyPretzel: eddy? redzero033: Kapp Clap Purple_HazeR7: L OMEGALUL RE StarPogPlatinum: It’s repair, not science LULW Turbulist: RP Pog cheezar: L OMEGADOWN RE evilmarmot42: eddie? italianspongebob: eddy DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: and then he kille his mom and dad because he didnt like them anymore BabyRage some_god_of_transparency: LORE Pog KrazyShark: insane roleplay timoteh: 🙂 Good story Ela JubJubWantRubRubs: PogU LORE 11qq2w: eddie SSTWhySoSerious: EDDY FXYun: DansGame eddie? Rus7m: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan 1marcio080: @Elajjaz wasnt some shit about bond? retro_raiden: elaHodo elaISee Traktorq: PepeLaugh invisible walls BTRNDL: if he studied science he should know Plasma is not alien weaponry… your RP is flawed elaHmm Nightcall7: God Roleplayer Pog NotMaloony: that is the dumbest backstory I have ever heard in my sad life LUL silver6ird: elaThirst milkforhoney: gachiHYPER Jajalembang: 5Head kaiju_boi: gachiBASS Smough: he makes him a sexbot marshalmv: where is he going PepeLaugh robertoci3: gachiBASS brot_ok: elaThirst ? xxRandumbName: that story is beautiful ShumaVaelor: xenoErp xenoErp JimiJam69: moon2E Xephon111: elaGasm RicHaya: LULW what? Kiwi_Ingenuity: gachiHYPER FaarisBuro: gachiBASS GodKingZoboomafoo: deep lore italianspongebob: gachiBASS Bro_Hime: Elas gonna fug the robot POG byBLC: Man, that character development Clap cheezar: gachiHYPER chemistry KanzanZX: gachiHYPER silver6ird: please don’t fuck ed-e MiIIiki: fanfiction dot net Germy_ranch: ROBOSEXUAL christhao100: EDDY Pog NosBleid: gachiHYPER Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER I KNEW IT daley_: this is the plot of detroit become human Naaslaarum: a robot is fine too 🙂 Moctavius: MrDestructoid HYPERCLAP Renococoa: @Elajjaz But he has Boone, who needs Eddy Febox: bombs dropped like 200 years before retro_raiden: elaThirst celrCop SkeletonKeyLimePie: bondage Sourcehunter: Friends we made along the way squashlord: robot fucker cowboy LULW fakie_420: gachiAPPROVE brot_ok: gachiHYPER Musiqia: LULW kaiju_boi: VaN Bondage Nazzet: gachiHYPER 립병: sexbot Raknov: robot sex gachiBASS some_god_of_transparency: BONDAGE gachiHYPER Tbo84: That’s hardcore lore timoteh: gachiBASS FUCK THE ROBOT bearlover5000: hello @Elajjaz MisterPossible: bondage gachiBASS diimooon: Ghouls 👉 twitchRaid TheH3llraiser: bondage? gachiHYPER Doomerttv: gachiBASS robosexual Musiqia: good one ela AnubisYE: NOT LIQUID gachiHYPER Sukiet04: gachiBASS Vivelin: VaN Geralt_of_Syria: Bondage gachiHYPER SnuggleTheHuggle: nice start of porno story gachiHYPER captain_elsewhere: time to put a fleshlight in the eyebot elaKek milkforhoney: VaN maybe some dungeon robertoci3: gachiHYPER MrDestructoid Breitey: Bondage Robot gachiBOP mC_Cosy: intimate chemistry? Kappa UnceasingTop: sexual tension zeyurai: @Drachenreiter oh yeah i’d try kill him asap gosamigo: gachiHYPER SEX BOT CONFIRMED thetwan25: elaTAK Stobbel: Bond with me Jimmy 립병: definitely sexboty silver6ird: ASSUME THE POSITION gachiHYPER login_not_available: bondage VaN Almostnearly: This went sexual and I like it cheezar: VaN Clap Trizze: chemistry? you’re reminding him of his horrible childhood PepeHands vihainenkampela: this quest OMEGALUL AvalancheSeph: BOND ME DADDY gachiHYPER @Elajjaz Nazzet: Inset usb gachiBASS christhao100: robot sex, we in boys mrbreadberry: Fisto when Pog xxRandumbName: gay robot sex kaiju_boi: ElaPls Feralio: A cowboy finding chemistry. Is this BrokeBack Mountain : Apocalypse edition? robertoci3: Kapp skraalQ: make the robot dress like a maid, it will help the bonding process brot_ok: Kapp raider_unkindled: elaK RossDenisauce: Ela has never played new Vegas before? damn have fun dude some_god_of_transparency: Kapp Seikisu: PepeLaugh raqos: Kapp FunkyDart: Real rpg Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: it could be vihainenkampela: FISTO gachiHYPER Valinore: docking with ED-E OpieOP Geralt_of_Syria: elaK KanzanZX: @Elajjaz so robot is his waifu? Kiwi_Ingenuity: It gets cold in the desert at night HandsUp Drachenreiter: gachiHYPER WHAT? AvalancheSeph: elaK Almostnearly: Fisto Kreygasm kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER platonic love some_god_of_transparency: Kapp Kapp Kapp Trizze: howdy sarge trizzeMLADY Broken_archangel: @Elajjaz so that means thee sarge is smart enough to know laser weapons are superior? elaK AintEasyBeingCheesy: ALWAYS SEXUAL ZeroKiwi: here we go! gio_dude7: What is the name of the movie? timoteh: PepeLaugh Just waait untill Ela finds Mr Fisto MiIIiki: physical, and also emotional VaN DR_DISRESPECT_MY_TOILET: in b4 he dies in the basement kaiju_boi: monkaW Jajalembang: monkaGIGA robertoci3: monkaS Sgt_Blackjack: this is Broke Back Mountain 2 gachiBASS Nazzet: monkaW redzero033: monkaW brot_ok: forsenS spacerino_: PepeLaugh RicHaya: monkaW PhilRamirez: monkaW mizoreeee: monkaW Namarax: monkaW mrbreadberry: monkaW Vivelin: Vamos? Pog EbiVariance: monkaS crashfort: 🔈 elaISee BTRNDL: Vamos? Armored_Guy: monkaW FappyMcFlappy: is this the guy from ds1? kaiju_boi: forsenWC SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaS NosBleid: monkaW captain_elsewhere: VAMOS PleXyaN: Chris FeelsGoodMan some_god_of_transparency: hey smooth skin Seikisu: monkaS nostrilgaze: ela gone sexual (gone wrong) SilentNewbee: monkaW 립병: All right Armored_Guy: monkaW k retro_raiden: elaS PrienZ_: monkaW JC5original: ppSmoke any smokers ? LickMyPretzel: smoothskin Doomerttv: PepeS talkman_: All right 🙂 Soadante: Soadante subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @soadante You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM raqos: cmonBrother robertoci3: D: PrienZ_: smoothskin KKona Turbulist: ppSmoke nostrilgaze: cmonBruh kaiju_boi: gachiBASS smoothskin Serulean_Cadence: no option to say no LUL MiIIiki: cmonBrother Moctavius: KKool elaGun Robots don’t have feelings, all they do is playin country music Namarax: smooth skin PepeLaugh Xanxicar: rude D: Tasarion: das racist cmonBrother thesawser123: ANELE Clap Myareska: Then why did Sarge reprogram a robot to be a sheriff? Elajjaz elaHmm Soadante: monkaS Nazzet: Get moving 🍅 xxRandumbName: SMOOTHSKIN? hobbTroll nostrilgaze: this quest SeemsGood redzero033: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: PogU x38yb59t99: rude dude D: robertoci3: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz use shotgun M_A_J_E_S_T_I_C: howdy🤠 8m4n_: doodHokey jenda69: all mine LULW diimooon: 👉 twitchRaid PrienZ_: LULW NissM: LULW Armored_Guy: he does kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh some_god_of_transparency: forsenWC Emzero: LULW mizoreeee: HE HAS LULW silver6ird: boone gameplay PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: LULW x38yb59t99: wall hacks and aimbot Turbulist: LULW kaiju_boi: LULW redzero033: CARRIED LULW xxRandumbName: how does he have boone and ed-e? retro_raiden: 🤠 elaHYUG mizoreeee: elaWut captain_elsewhere: with ed-e he does have wallhacks Nazzet: A game that plays itself PepeLaugh PhilRamirez: danW TheDisha: Boone taking you the wrong way jklob: WutFace brot_ok: elaWut crashfort: twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid Xinicius: WutFace RossDenisauce: Horror game monkaS Larinett: Pog MeisterHeller: He’s got ears SnuggleTheHuggle: Pog Aeonll: elaWut DogeDrill: WutFace horror game retro_raiden: elaEZ Chlupis: LULW Backpackjaz vault1344: did you play new vegas before? Ralver: hey ela u can hold tab sampleeez: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. spike_the_space_cowboy: YOURE MINE gachiHYPER SSTWhySoSerious: Better than F4, still SkeletonKeyLimePie: @xxRandumbName you can have a humanoid and a non-humanoid companion at the same time LickMyPretzel: Not picking up scrap metal and wonderglue WeirdChamp Tw1tOne: sup @Elajjaz hi chat HeyGuys Giacomand: @Elajjaz tell him to be aggressive in the radial menu LULW evilmarmot42: not taking wonderglue LULW PrienZ_: weird nymnHmm mrbreadberry: FeelsWeirdMan Scarlettohgo: @Elajjaz change him to be more passive? Exile_On_Twitch: @vault1344 Only Fallout 3 when he was like 16, never New Vegas 1marcio080: i wanna see when ela finds the alien weapon LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz they are 5Head gghouls SylphidLive: i heard of this game can u quick explain whats the lore behind this game? @Elajjaz captain_elsewhere: mumphs AlexAnderman1994: Hey Ela and chat elaHi did i miss much? elaISee elaISee LingeringHitbox: good afternoon ela elaH cute chat coxOmg RicHaya: FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: @Tw1tOne pepeL Annonn140: skipping free money LULW Trizze: momfs Drachenreiter: WeirdChamp ⛔ Irocam: ela playing as Boon’s companion PepeLaugh robertoci3: they are weak UltraWindow: yes 🙂 xxRandumbName: @SkeletonKeyLimePie never knew that, pretty cool actually Freke48: they are plebs Jajalembang: PepeLaugh vault1344: tnx marshalmv: they are weak LickMyPretzel: Boone gets fucked by Cazadors and Deathstalkers LokenStoneheart: These are like the second quest in the game enemies LUL Jajalembang: deathclaw PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: u can make him more passive redzero033: monkaW some_god_of_transparency: plebs ela13 spike_the_space_cowboy: KKona Breitey: Cazadores PepeLaugh RingusSlaterfist: They are non-sub enemies kaiju_boi: pleb ghouls mrbreadberry: monkaX captain_elsewhere: feral ghouls are plebs Drachenreiter: MARTHA KKona Nazzet: @Irocam PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: KKool Larinett: monkaS nostrilgaze: monkaS Doomerttv: deathclaws PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz Boone can crit headshot pretty much any enemies from really far because he is a sniper, its kinda dumb Vivelin: LULW brot_ok: plebs elaSneeze BlackupV2: PepeLaugh timoteh: PepeLaugh ichiyusai_: Ela is cosplaying as a side-character PepeLaugh Dreadknight297: lmao spacerino_: CARRIED LULW mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh last_whoa: ks LULW kaiju_boi: B OMEGALUL OMEGALUL N xxRandumbName: MISS Turbulist: elaKek robertoci3: LULW silver6ird: boone doesn’t give a fuck nostrilgaze: LUL TheH3llraiser: LULW Nazzet: Nope PepeLaugh redzero033: OMEGALUL Araboth: LUL Kouteij: LULW cato____: Ela is the sidekick ordinarystory: Ks some_god_of_transparency: CARRIED LULW AlexAnderman1994: is Ela at the rocket plant? UltraWindow: shot a corpse LULW SSTWhySoSerious: LMAO Lemonsponge: LULW PleXyaN: already dead LULW Scarlettohgo: I said passive, not agressive NissM: ichiyusai_ PepeLaugh LingeringHitbox: elaK robertoci3: ALREADY DEAD LULW SnuggleTheHuggle: LULW Claidheamh_Mor: @AlexAnderman1994 yes raqos: sidekick PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: hardcore btw PepeLaugh SSTWhySoSerious: Useless Ela Nazzet: PepeLaugh Failed kill steal ssssip: passive agressive PepeLaugh Roding123: @AlexAnderman1994 yes he is Trizze: SIDEKICK POV OMEGALUL silver6ird: set him to passive maybe? elaHmm WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Serulean_Cadence: tell him to fk off] SgtDeagle: Ela is the Sidekick Kappa DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: sit down Ela, Boon is playing New Vegas robertoci3: ela’s Lydia PepeLaugh xxRandumbName: how is that interesting interesting? redzero033: LULW SurfCat: lmao Aeonll: LULW kaiju_boi: LUL Soadante: LULW Armored_Guy: D: Emzero: PepeLaugh some_god_of_transparency: This is boones story now Pog Annonn140: LULW AlexAnderman1994: @Claidheamh_Mor @Roding123 thanks elaH Turbulist: LULW kaiju_boi: Actually jealous of Boon LULW BlorpTheWeak: maybe Boone is set as agressive? Chlupis: PepeLaugh JackieW: ED-E take out your knife Pog TamJamming: That’s not a knoife 1marcio080: wheres stay hydrated bot? JC5original: robot got the knife too monkaS silver6ird: ela playing as boone’s inventory PepeLaugh MrMamut: hey all 🙂 ordinarystory: elaChug PrienZ_: monkaW mrbreadberry: 15 sneak PepeLaugh Jajalembang: monkaW Claidheamh_Mor: @Elajjaz You got a loicense for that? SSTWhySoSerious: Boone is playing a escort mission EbiVariance: monkaW Tw1tOne: I wish there would be more incentive to not use vats in fallout. playing this like a real shooter would be a lot of fun as well but I always felt that you’re not as strong overall when not using vats timoteh: PepeLaugh Ela is jealous of Boone Annonn140: sorry ela i have to go to boone stream PepeHands LickMyPretzel: klinkLurk LokenStoneheart: Boone is killing level 3 enemies, chat’s just a buncha whiners. CurseofSherwood: NPC playthrough PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: elaC hellow2Vorpal emicvi: I don’t remember this game being scary, wtf 五十八: demogorgon monkaW Doomerttv: 15 sneak PepeLaugh SurfCat: MrMamut elaHi MolinMondo: Boone’s sidekick POV PogChamp Roding123: @AlexAnderman1994 your welcome boboBoone thelastone666: tekken 7 ElaSmash Irocam: @PrienZ_ LULW Myareska: So you trust the robot more than the human Elajjaz elaD Jegerkaj: hmmm 🤔 PleXyaN: play on very hard KurtRustle91: @HiImShiny it wont matter, Boone is so overtuned he can solo the entire game on Very Hard LULW Serulean_Cadence: yeah the game feels more immersive without companions AugenRollen: Veronica>Rose officialtreva: officialtreva subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 22 months! WrestlerBot2000: @officialtreva After 22 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM mrbreadberry: Kapp Bieberhunter: elaK Armored_Guy: 🙂 Vivelin: elaK JC5original: boone likes you PepeHands Kiissly: 5Head cato____: [Boone will remember that.] D: Xephon111: What? elaK Jegerkaj: gachiBASS yes Rus7m: CoolStoryBob TorvaM: elaK redzero033: gachiHYPER UltraWindow: retconned again WeirdChamp Annonn140: gachiHYPER Korhain: elaK vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh Motek: Kapp yea sure marshalmv: no he cant PepeLaugh xxRandumbName: turn his ass against you? Drachenreiter: ME, THE ANTI-SCIENCE GUY, PROGRAMMED THIS ROBOT elaK Soadante: 🤔 ok CrazySamni: gachiHYPER i can only hope SkeletonKeyLimePie: hates science but knows how to program 🤔 Xanxicar: not trusting Boone FeelsBadMan TheMoltenGuy: elaOP Clap evilworld123: gachiBASS christhao100: gachiBASS yes AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER SurfCat: I wouldnt trust the robot if you programmed him tbh LUL razorxscooter: @elajjaz You gonna go search that radiation town you found last stream? elaISee TheXearo: elaOP Claidheamh_Mor: robot can get hacked though 🤔 Tedy_GamArt: gachiBASS EightLevelWizard: no1KYAA kaiju_boi: LUL cato____: keki AYAYA Marinetastic: the robot could get hacked Efrondil: @Elajjaz roleplay as sidekick rafanix1: ED-E is op tho grevedarkholm: MrDestructoid i am waiting for my opportunity Teddym4n: FeelsBirthdayMan timoteh: Why would Boone kill his own sidekick? WolfEJ2309: gachiBASS そもかわ: MrDestructoid ??? MrDestructoid Jegerkaj: cake OpieOP Myareska: So what you’re saying is that Sarge is starting to like robots FeelsGoodMan thetwan25: CORRECT ELA I CANNOT BETRAY YOU MrDestructoid gosamigo: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh magic_is_greatness: @Elajjaz talk to boone about stuff 🙂 WrestlerBot2000: “Why should I put clothes on?” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 24 Binfz: @marshalmv he can if you side with legion heavyexplo: or he can turn his peepee towards you 4Head peppy590: FeelsBirthdayMan raqos: GORDON ? GabeN Freke48: F for the cake Monster5crak: elaOP Clap MY KIND OF JOB SnarksterJr: SKYNET monkaW peppy590: FeelsBirthdayMan the cake was a lie PrienZ_: D: Irocam: big boi ela12 Chlupis: LULW Missed legendary bow timoteh: PepeLaugh Ela is severely underinformed SkeletonKeyLimePie: gz marshalmv: @Binfz legion DansGame Soadante: Pog Jollyfox: :O mrbreadberry: ok Jajalembang: PogU Kazeith: Pog SgtDeagle: first Try~ kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Kraatter: not takin 308 bullets? OMEGALUL Kiwi_Ingenuity: I will not betray you because I was programmed not to betray you MrDestructoid AvalancheSeph: @Elajjaz i never touched a fallout but now i gonna buy this one cause you Proved me its fun elaK brot_ok: Chag xxRandumbName: overencumbured cato____: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: you really should give unneeded ammo to your followers elaKek jklob: DING Pog Kraatter: 44 revolver Pog overloadanxiety: Chag Myareska: A .44 mag POGGERS Annonn140: revolver sells xxRandumbName: Pog Annonn140: bruh xxRandumbName: Chag Zifou1997: hello ladies and gentleman Artoch47: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: OOOOH 44 MAG Doomerttv: Revolver Pog Kazeith: dude .44 revolver? wow xxRandumbName: uhhh Serulean_Cadence: ignored LUL xxRandumbName: ehhh gosamigo: Stealth BOII redd1400: redd1400 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! WrestlerBot2000: @redd1400 You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM xxRandumbName: ummm exmin: speecch 45 StarPogPlatinum: Guns zilezon: give 5 PrienZ_: speech 100 timoteh: OMEGALUL REPAIR KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz Speech is something you want to max ASAP Almostnearly: SPEECH CrazySamni: melee Drachenreiter: anti-science character has science as their highest skill FeelsPepoMan Armored_Guy: 5 lockpick, you have double book bonus right christhao100: speech 100 JesseThaBest: do 15 then you can always use books UltraWindow: best weapon at 100 Annonn140: speech/lockpicking and science are always good redzero033: Speech is really needed in this game @Elajjaz GodKingZoboomafoo: medicine is good SgtDeagle: Sneak? Mantyzaz: 10 Kappa BadGuyLP2: hey guys, how are y’all? the longer i watch ela, the more i want to play this myself exmin: phew HiImShiny: damn ela has been putting in work leveling xxRandumbName: speech 100 kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Neon_TRY: back seating FeelsWeirdMan pleasedontreadmyname69: guns 💪💪 Almostnearly: Imagine putting points in talking PepeLaugh GhostChimera: Chag Speech retro_raiden: elaWOW souldedeh: 🎤 AYAYA Tattip: elaC More New vegas Jajalembang: PogU JC5original: speech is for diplomats FeelsWeirdMan PrienZ_: PogU brot_ok: Pog NosBleid: Pog WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz retro_raiden: elaStrong timoteh: PepeLaugh He thinks he’s overpowered while killing easiest enemies captain_elsewhere: magnum revolver in safe get that as well SkeletonKeyLimePie: science 54.. I’m starting to think that this character’s backstory doesn’t make sense 🤔 Jajalembang: late game weapon Pog Geralt_of_Syria: MrDestructoid Kazeith: MrDestructoid Larsn2k: Hi Ela and chat elaH souldedeh: PepeLaugh AvalancheSeph: @Elajjaz i never touched a fallout but now i gonna buy this one cause you Proved me its fun elaFeels yodo_ld: hello everyone elaH StarPogPlatinum: Science is very weird here indeed PepeLaugh Almostnearly: OMG cowboy is Broken i just killed a radroach PepeLaugh raqos: OwO Kazeith: @larsn2k @yodo_ld pepeL zeyurai: @Larsn2k hi SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsGoodMan ZeroKiwi: NV is best fallout mrbreadberry: this game is awesome Armored_Guy: games are fun redzero033: New Vegas is the goat StarPogPlatinum: New Vegas is really fun Flashforward: Still saving shovel for NV 2 PepeLaugh ssssip: FUN!? DansGame AvalancheSeph: FeelsGoodMan Clap kaiju_boi: Just dont get FO76 PepeLaugh Driggonny: Driggonny subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 20 months! WrestlerBot2000: @driggonny After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaH Serulean_Cadence: @AvalancheSeph You are probably into Fortnite I assume thatpeaoverthere: new vegas and it’s DLC’s are lit xxRandumbName: imagine touching a fallout DansGame Wheels82: elaHmm Almostnearly: hmmm monkaH captain_elsewhere: magnum in safe ela Azure_Felt: no ammo PepeLaugh AvalancheSeph: @kaiju_boi PepeLaugh robertoci3: it’s amazing AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst elaGun TheXearo: it needs repairs tho Kiwi_Ingenuity: It has 6 shots Drachenreiter: also uses one of the rarest ammos in the game Kiissly: 75 Guns PepeLaugh Ulthane120: Hey Sarge! How you doin’? TheH3llraiser: the number depends on your skill, this “requires” 75 for full output talkman_: it’s the damage that matters Nazzet: KKona HELL YEAH retro_raiden: elaThirst elaISee AvalancheSeph: @Serulean_Cadence nay i dont like it UltraWindow: anyways PepeHands Annonn140: take it anyway DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: Anyways PepeHandw Rhynin: anyways PepeHands Annonn140: to sell PleXyaN: @AvalancheSeph It’s like 10 bucks for the ultimate edition on steam rn captain_elsewhere: hunting revover uses 45-70 gov ssssip: me? monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: robot slave PepeHands Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER IRC_Hurrep: take revolver to repair you hunting revolver brot_ok: unload gachiHYPER Almostnearly: 3Head kaiju_boi: 3Head gov’t PrienZ_: goft FeelsPepoMan Wheels82: elaBruv Almostnearly: 3Head oi gov’t mrbreadberry: govt FeelsPepoMan AvalancheSeph: @PleXyaN yeeah just buying it right now elaOP xxRandumbName: Fallout VoteNay The Elder Scrolls VoteYea JesseThaBest: the revolver in safe has value eXi__: oi elaBruv Kazeith: @elajjaz just sell the .44 revolver captain_elsewhere: The .45-70 rifle cartridge, also known as .45-70 Government, was developed at the U.S. Army’s Springfield Armory for use in the Springfield Model 1873, which is known to collectors as the “Trapdoor Springfield.” The new cartridge was a replacement for the stop-gap .50-70 Government cartridge which had been adopted in 1866, one year after the end of the American Civil War. NamelessHer0: Thanks to whoever gifted me a sub elaDM Giacomand: give him your heavy ammo Geralt_of_Syria: he fucking unloaded all over that robot PleXyaN: it’s a crime how cheap this game is Almostnearly: crazy PepeLaugh marshalmv: WOW 30???? Craazy AvalancheSeph: @PleXyaN People always praised new vegas so i dont bother getting 3 PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: ppBeer Wheels82: Pog insane spacerino_: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: why ela not use UI mod? elaHmm marshalmv: PepeLaugh JC5original: 10 yo game tho thelastone666: i hope a master for ps4 or switch Sody01: dclaraSip retro_raiden: get the shooty spas elaWOW Kazeith: @plexyan ikr, 5$ for the ultimate edition Annonn140: OwO Geralt_of_Syria: elaThirst DrinkPurple brot_ok: Cat ela1 Almostnearly: addicted PepeLaugh retro_raiden: rooSip AvalancheSeph: @Sody01 elaChug redd1400: crazy V A L U E spacerino_: Cateye PepeLaugh ImperialCloneTrooper2028: OwO eye? Kiwi_Ingenuity: The harder the lock or computer, the more experience you’ll receive MiIIiki: How did they go from this to F76 PepeHands TheGloriousRage: Thanks @captain_elsewhere ela7 xEmTeee: @Elajjaz are you using mods? captain_elsewhere: USE DC JOURNAL ELA christhao100: drugs Pog SomeoneJustFarted: cat eyes AYAYA timoteh: Reminder, this game came out 20 years ago. Feel old yet? n4tk0: thirsty you say KappaPride AlexAnderman1994: elaChug AvalancheSeph: elaThirst Turbulist: AYAYA PleXyaN: @AvalancheSeph New vegas is the best in the series in my opinion Almostnearly: Pog Jajalembang: Pog kaiju_boi: monkaX PrienZ_: drugs FeelsAmazingMan Streamleen: There’s actually a mod to get less XP for lockpicking because it makes you lvl up too fast. Bieberhunter: We witcher now Pog Doomerttv: Outer Worlds is going to be so good Kreygasm jklob: CoolCat Namarax: rooNya Myareska: Read your skill books Elajjaz FeelsPepoMan JC5original: monkaSHAKE furry eyes brot_ok: drugs FeelsGoodMan Monster5crak: use rad away retro_raiden: elaWOW elaThirst brot_ok: forsenFur Clap AlexAnderman1994: is that Belle Delphine dirty water? xxRandumbName: portal 2 is $0.89 LickMyPretzel: elaGa kaiju_boi: WutFace StarPogPlatinum: danK Kiwi_Ingenuity: Any readers? KKona Kiissly: FeelsAmazingMan 💊 BlorpTheWeak: radiated PepeHands Annonn140: RAD monkaW Nazzet: Any cutie AYAYA ? Almostnearly: Thank you ela, from your stream I learned that drugs are good 🙂 Bordinlas: Bordinlas subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 27 months, currently on a 27 month streak! Haven’t been able to catch the streams lately so now I gotta go back and watch the Judgment vods. I hope you enjoyed the game! elaH WrestlerBot2000: @bordinlas After 27 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM thatpeaoverthere: dc journal marshalmv: why is he drinking water? did he get rid of the canteen? Doomerttv: FeelsAmazingMan 💊 drugs 8m4n_: doodHokey mrbreadberry: yes Jajalembang: PogU StarPogPlatinum: Yes killercatman5: yes Annonn140: yes mystickingfisher: it came out in 2010 TheXearo: yes captain_elsewhere: yes princeinnovice: hi chat hi ela elaCozy at my home town DR_DISRESPECT_MY_TOILET: @marshalmv yes Giacomand: yes brot_ok: elaBruv marshalmv: PepeLaugh Nazzet: @princeinnovice pepeL Jajalembang: 3Head kaiju_boi: 3Head last_whoa: 3Head FXYun: elaBruv EdwardDean: 3Head retro_raiden: elaWeird forsenFur Aeonll: elaBruv 🍷 AlexAnderman1994: 5Head PleXyaN: 5Head Clap Kiissly: Oi 3Head Monster5crak: elaBruv oi lads eXi__: elaBruv MaleFunction: elaBruv Almostnearly: 3Head PrienZ_: 3Head AlexAnderman1994: elaBruv xxRandumbName: ladz SiiTHii: princeinnovice Im doing a break from studying, we arrived at the same time pepeL mavkooo: nemzLads nemzLads nemzLads AvalancheSeph: elaBruv GhostChimera: 3Head Almostnearly: 3Head Oi lads got any gov’t rounds? Kazeith: 3Head TheH3llraiser: elaBruv Annonn140: Pog Strawie35: @Elajjaz you have 21WG in gecko steaks LULW redzero033: 3Head OI PleXyaN: 200IQ build 5Head Clap xxRandumbName: 3Head brot_ok: @retro_raiden elaThirst forsenWhip forsenFur talkman_: billyReady unarmed best skill ImperialCloneTrooper2028: 3Head it ta lad’s loif] timoteh: To think this game came out 1996, hard to believe MrMamut: lad’s life gives speech agains women right? retro_raiden: @brot_ok celrCop xxRandumbName: 3Head LADZ 3Head LADZ 3Head AvalancheSeph: @talkman_ billyReady Jajalembang: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW redzero033: monkaW brot_ok: @retro_raiden forsenPuke Annonn140: PepeLaugh on ho Almostnearly: WOAW :O UltraWindow: enjoyed killing baby geckos so much he saved trophies PepeHands xxRandumbName: its not that impessice AvalancheSeph: @MrMamut elaBruv HiImShiny: ???? redzero033: Incels LULW mrbreadberry: 900 caps laser pistol PepeLaugh kkoja: @timoteh yeah PepeHands Paranoid_Metroid: wtf HotPokket Serulean_Cadence: ??? Jajalembang: WutFace last_whoa: SMOrc kaiju_boi: 3Head oi lov, com ova here captain_elsewhere: SMOrc SilentNewbee: SMOrc jklob: SMOrc retro_raiden: @brot_ok forsenPuke elaH SiiTHii: Howdy chat elaH Nazzet: PepeLaugh I like his teeth spacerino_: SMOrc ImperialCloneTrooper2028: SMOrc PrienZ_: SMOrc SlippedDisco: SMOrc J0hnnyBlade: 5Head SMOrc Nazzet: @SiiTHii pepeL greyfacenospace123: they’re addicted to Stealth boys CarterEX_: CarterEX_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! elaYA WrestlerBot2000: @carterex_ You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM CJandMOS: SeemsGood NotMaloony: Me am that kind of orc SMOrc mrbreadberry: SMOrc Clap rica235: f captain_elsewhere: DUM UMIES SMOrc Nazzet: AYAYA Bakurretsu: SMOrc FlushedAle: 5Head vihainenkampela: SMOrc WORK WORK AvalancheSeph: nrdyS Clap Stealth Boi Geralt_of_Syria: SMOrc Kazeith: SMOrc SMOrc princeinnovice: @siithii hope you have a nice time pepeL kaiju_boi: SMOrc Monster5crak: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh J0hnnyBlade: nrdyGa ZUG ZUG’ Turless9000: SMOrc Zug ZUG Teddym4n: 3Head +banter vs birds jklob: SMOrc me not that kind of orc 五十八: DABU SMOrc BetaMoo_: BetaMoo_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! ela13 WrestlerBot2000: @betamoo_ After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SiiTHii: Nazzet pepeL chlebowy: +30 KurtRustle91: Lok’tar Ogar SMOrc spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz did you take druigs ? kaiju_boi: forsenWC timoteh: PepeLaugh Here it comes thatpeaoverthere: he lacks the critical information PepeLaugh xxRandumbName: zug zug? must be a bug bug redzero033: PepeLaugh skybeaverking: Work work Nazzet: @spike_the_space_cowboy gachiHYPER AvalancheSeph: @KurtRustle91 For the HORDE SMOrc SiiTHii: princeinnovice I’ll make me some sandwiches while enjoying my break elaOP This_is_NOT_Hearthstone: This_is_NOT_Hearthstone subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @this_is_not_hearthstone the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM spike_the_space_cowboy: @Nazzet gachiHYPER spacerino_: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: Oh man, I just remembered the part of this quest in the basement. Having to sneak to Davinson NotLikeThis bring_us_the_girl: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danK Teddym4n: TRUE LULW TorvaM: LULW spacerino_: LULW Rus7m: true PepeLaugh Kaspa181: I have a very important question for you, ela. would you mind answering it? Nazzet: PepeLaugh AvalancheSeph: @This_is_NOT_Hearthstone elaDm make a video when you scream NordicRain: It’s not D: JC5original: ded Xaanax: PepeLaugh Wiencong: pack of cigarettes is good monety captain_elsewhere: technically cat eye isnt drugs because its not adictive elaC NotMaloony: ded Filo155: 12 players brot_ok: forsenDED forsenKek vvrrggllmao: ded Jajalembang: dead LULW amaddog: PepeLaugh ImperialCloneTrooper2028: ded last_whoa: HEARTHST OMEGALUL NE MisterPossible: not very spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz the sarge should smoke Cigar mrbreadberry: childrens card game PepeLaugh FXYun: PepeLaugh MrMamut: U can still use the light from your pip boy as flashlight tho KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz dead, card players play Magic the Gathering Arena DogeDrill: its fun NordicRain: TFT LULW raqos: TFT DansGame ImperialCloneTrooper2028: it’s dead as fuck LUL Kiissly: Its dying PepeLaugh Annonn140: Pog EdwardDean: ResidentSleeper Amalthazad: Yoooooo ela12 spacerino_: TFT LULW redzero033: MOBAS LULW tidooh: Its better than Artifact for sure LULW mizoreeee: TFT is super fun but super RNG emicvi: rng, the game brot_ok: LULW PrienZ_: LULW mrbreadberry: monkaX StarPogPlatinum: danO FXYun: monkaW Jajalembang: monkaW captain_elsewhere: HAHAHAHA Kraatter: WutFace TheGoldenCobra: LULW Aeonll: LULW Teddym4n: monkaW salamemer_fml: LULW Rus7m: monkaW TheH3llraiser: LULW Nazzet: LULW redzero033: monkaW talkman_: monkaW Bieberhunter: elaKek Turbulist: LULW Annonn140: LULW kaiju_boi: LULW PleXyaN: TFT forsenHead Dreadknight297: LUL Bakurretsu: LULW Armody: monkaX ImperialCloneTrooper2028: LULE AvalancheSeph: monkaW VikingAspire: tft is nice elaSmile SenpaiSam92: LUL akmannen: LULW Doomerttv: Dead game LULW RicHaya: LULW loboz0r: TFT is a lot of fun realy freak__devil: LULW Furious__E: LUL spacerino_: OMEGALUL MagicFrogs: LUL sartorriuss: LULW StarPogPlatinum: Fired him danRE retro_raiden: elaKek gosamigo: TFT Trash Xaanax: LULW christhao100: monkaW kaiju_boi: shit me LULW ImperialCloneTrooper2028: LULW Kazeith: monkaW LULW MIDDLIN: elaGasm elaGasm Scrince: LuL bring_us_the_girl: OMEGALUL Nudin1: tft gonna kill Hearthstone absolut3z3ro: what was that princeinnovice: @siithii I just do Thai food this morning too LuL SiiTHii: oh I thought he was playing the “blue” DLC, didnt realize he was using a drug Myareska: It’s as dead as Artifact OMEGADOWN timoteh: PepeLaugh Imagine messaging and then not even allowing others to message back @JackieW serralheir0: my favorite fallout..yeahhhhh danHug danHug danHug danHug Teddym4n: l33t haHAA ta_no_kami: l33t elaOk Drachenreiter: r3pc0|\|4lyf3 kaiju_boi: NEP CON nepSmug HiImShiny: nice meme last_whoa: elaHAA 1337 brot_ok: L33tSp34K ela12 raider_unkindled: 1337 speak PepeLaugh Umadbrudda: 1337 cobinhood: Has he gotten any sarsaparilla star caps yet? captain_elsewhere: chernobyl monkaW spicystuff00: @cobinhood a few talkman_: @cobinhood yes skybeaverking: 1372 spacerino_: 3Head captain_elsewhere: handfull cobinhood Sgt_Blackjack: malding employee eXi__: noice m8 elaBruv HiImShiny: throwing shade Kappa PrienZ_: take more drugs FeelsGoodMan n4tk0: cant wait for outerworlds spacerino_: FeelsAmazingMan cobinhood: Nice AvalancheSeph: ricardoFlick redzero033: Addicted LULW Kiissly: Any lads in here? 3Head brot_ok: more drugs FeelsGoodMan Clap christhao100: moar drugs Pog thatpeaoverthere: radaway SiiTHii: princeinnovice oof .. that would be amazing right now elaOP kkoja: 3Head Oi spacerino_: Addicted PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: RAD 🤙 JackieW: Sarge is both thirsty and RAD SlippedDisco: 3Head proper noice lads timoteh: FeelsGoodMan Drugs talkman_: ela12 rad Nazzet: FeelsGoodMan 💊 serralheir0: rad-x lowers the radiation you take I believe Irocam: ela is no longer Rad PepeHands KrazyShark: ever heard the song what is love by radaway? xddd redzero033: Lost PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: @KrazyShark elaHYUG swamberzz: which companion you have following? @elajjaz Serulean_Cadence: save PrienZ_: FeelsAmazingMan 💊 Wazepas: monkaTOS brot_ok: FeelsAmazingMan 💊 Khalus90: what builing is this we_kennen: monkaTPS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Bakurretsu: monkaTOS Shadowfax71: D: KrazyShark: @AlexAnderman1994 yooo elaHYUG Kraatter: not saving PepeLaugh redzero033: PepeLaugh ta_no_kami: elaHYUG drugs AvalancheSeph: monkaTOS Jajalembang: Pog Nazzet: gachiHYPER 💊 brot_ok: Champ PrienZ_: PogU KrazyShark: oof Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark pepeL Kusocheg: drugs is bad mkay SenpaiSam92: CoolCat Now I see spacerino_: LOOK WHAT ELA TAUGHT ME CHAT FeelsAmazingMan 💊 serralheir0: more drugs danK kaiju_boi: Champ SlippedDisco: Pog Xaanax: FeelsAmazingMan 💊 brot_ok: LULW KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein pepeL SiiTHii: inb4 getting addicted monkaX kaiju_boi: LUL AlexAnderman1994: elaKek KrazyShark: real sneaky LULW V1nnyqt: shroud Pog NordicRain: PepeLaugh Seikisu: Sarge is addicted PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: nice stealth LULW Annonn140: LULW Sgt_Blackjack: @Elajjaz maybe sarge could be a drug & alcohol addict like max payne CoolStoryBob vihainenkampela: stealth 100 LUL WrestlerBot2000: Shortcut|Clip No.3| https://clips.twitch.tv/HeadstrongAstuteChamoisMrDestructoid LUL becomeTom: 🔔 brot_ok: stealthgamerswe Pog knowledge_college: boon is a professional LULW Furious__E: elaGun elaGasm SlippedDisco: BOONE SHHHHHHH mrbreadberry: Kapp redzero033: PogU Nazzet: Kapp Annonn140: not yet Kapp serralheir0: danSmile spicystuff00: Fucking Boone spacerino_: Kapp HotFireZ: Kapp Istog: elaK Fatamerikans: no he’s not AvalancheSeph: elaD UltraWindow: elaK Bieberhunter: elaK MySodium: Kapp NordicRain: Just like Ela FeelsBadMan brot_ok: elaK akmannen: D: TheGoldenCobra: elaK Drachenreiter: elaK raider_unkindled: same but unironically PepeHands GhostChimera: just like me PepeHands Vivelin: elaK spacerino_: LULW SiiTHii: oh Sarge is the name of Ela’s character elaA Ellycat1: Kapp FXYun: PepeLaugh princeinnovice: @siithii if you like sour spicy and sweet sure bro elaOP Shadowfax71: elaK Seikisu: LuL GargusoN: PepeLaugh SaixSoul: lobosSmug kaiju_boi: L OMEGALUL R E ssssip: Bustin Nazzet: OMEGLOL -re Rus7m: PepeLaugh swamberzz: yo @elajjaz which companion you have following? Remedy020: PepeHands Our Fault Bakurretsu: LULW last_whoa: elaK NosBleid: elaK elaK akmannen: Drugs D: HotFireZ: lol KrazyShark: OMEGLO kaiju_boi: CoolStoryBob daledo_: CoolStoryBob NordicRain: CoolStoryBob iggy1337: OMEGALUL Kusocheg: CoolStoryBob Fatamerikans: you don’t drink your alcohol though Rus7m: sure PepeLaugh shikifujin16: LUL Namarax: Kapp Germy_ranch: elaK Dreadknight297: LMAO spacerino_: OMEGALUL AvalancheSeph: elaHmm mizoreeee: YOU HAVE TO USE IT THEN redzero033: LULW sartorriuss: 5Head mrbreadberry: make him really addicted then PepeLaugh JAMMnX: “trying” HiImShiny: LUL MySodium: CoolStoryBob Serulean_Cadence: ??? SolusBellator: elaK Cinerus_: elaK TorvaM: @Elajjaz then why dont you ever drink alcohol elaK Kopffeine: Can you support the RP with the effects page under F1? Kappa FXYun: elaK Kiwi_Ingenuity: How convenient CoolStoryBob Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head UltraWindow: you havent drank any alcohol this entire playthrough elaK Annonn140: LULW SenpaiSam92: CoolStoryBob GodzScrtAgnt: i like this guy raqos: cmonBrother timoteh: You can legit get addicted in this game, you’re not addicted yet faker @Elajjaz Smough: forsenRP Drachenreiter: so why is he still alive elaK duumed: seems legit BTRNDL: then you should use a stimpack before travelling Larsn2k: 5Head Soadante: smoothskin PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: chat, seems that PepeLaugh 👉 @KrazyShark got out from hospital after bath water poisoning serralheir0: PixelBob Irocam: injecting alcohol monkaW Lagunaab: how can you mix syringues with booze ? LULW SirAnoobis: elaK brot_ok: LULW Germy_ranch: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW mrbreadberry: sure kakapuffs: flawless RP POGGERS EndlessMoose: High functioning drug addict 5Head AvalancheSeph: Perfect Plan i guess elaHmm elaPlan GhostChimera: 5Head writing Sgt_Blackjack: blacks out from drug abuse kkenS Evelon2: LULW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: LULW brot_ok: PepeLaugh PrienZ_: PepeLaugh TorvaM: LULW Doomerttv: 5Head TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Rus7m: PepeLaugh Turbulist: KrazyShark elaH Armored_Guy: STOP RicHaya: PepeLaugh spacerino_: PepeLaugh knowledge_college: Sure PepeLaugh mystickingfisher: MrDestructoid smoothskin Takhyon: PepeLaugh Seikisu: PepeLaugh crashfort: D: Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh Rus7m: malding PepeLaugh Cage_D: @elajjaz stimpaks is not drug its blood pack mrbreadberry: LULW AvalancheSeph: PepeLaugh brot_ok: D: Germy_ranch: D: HiImShiny: ela spent hours off stream pondering chat’s questions Keepo TheMoltenGuy: elaD Smough: keep going for secret ending last_whoa: D: atomicdestruction: elaD Rus7m: D: SiiTHii: I remember this mission POGGERS !!! StarPogPlatinum: LULW redzero033: PepeLaugh Soadante: LULW Aeonll: elaD PrienZ_: D: Kraatter: LUL vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: D: Shadowfax71: PepeLaugh HiImShiny: LUL NosBleid: D: Dracconfoo: D: AvalancheSeph: elaD Namarax: D: Hollow_void: LULW mizoreeee: elaD Jegerkaj: LULW spacerino_: OMEGALUL Nucleoprotein: elaD seqone: elaD Brunault_: D: ramranchboi: BALDING LULW FXYun: PepeLaugh Norttii: PepeLaugh ta_no_kami: LULW KrazyShark: @Turbulist yooo turbu pepeL SaixSoul: D: RUDE TheH3llraiser: elaD TorvaM: PepeLaugh knowledge_college: D: bambino_86: D: kaiju_boi: MALD LULW Evelon2: PeeLaugh mordhauislife: Imagine having one shot at life, and degrading your ability to communicate to such a horrifically low extent, that a cartoon frog is to pose as the instrument of your communication. It’s pathetic face contorting to express different emotion, since people have lost the ability to use words and individuality, they use a symbol they can all relate to, in an attempt to compensate the sheer gaping hole that is their missing social ability. An utterly abhorrent example of the ever-growing desire for q Levander94: elaD serralheir0: danP SylphidLive: TRUE Nazzet: D: 🖕 u too RattleMBones: LUL raider_unkindled: okay FeelsBadMan Annonn140: LULW SiiTHii: KrazyShark u know what time it is>:3 Serulean_Cadence: LUL diimooon: 👉 twitchRaid HiImShiny: PRANK Prexceus: MALD mrbreadberry: PRANKED LULW Bobanaut: charisma roll fail christhao100: D: rude NosBleid: you don’t shit talk the sarge princeinnovice: D: last_whoa: jaaaaaaaaaason n4tk0: transghoul KrazyShark: @SiiTHii>:3 nandayo Fatamerikans: TRANS GHOUL LULW Soadante: KappaPride Ellycat1: Jason monkaW Jegerkaj: hi I’m a ghoul 🙂 kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Artoch47: Actually MALD PepeLaugh saammm89: Who you calling smoothskin?? Germy_ranch: J A S OMEGALUL N mister_cozy: HeyEla Kopffeine: Better RPer Kiissly: HE DOSENT KNOW PepeLaugh PleXyaN: Chris FeeslBadMan AvalancheSeph: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: LULW saturnxxo: Is Ela playing as a ghoul? BlackupV2: this guy LUL grevedarkholm: ROLEPLAYER LULW shikifujin16: GOD DAMN FALLOUT IS A elaCozy stream elaHi elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy PleXyaN: FeelsBadMan Lagunaab: this quest LULW ta_no_kami: he identifies as a ghoul ela respect it filarette: STAPH HiImShiny: He thinks he’s a ghoul redzero033: PepeLaugh . vihainenkampela: you will soon PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: @Elajjaz He think he’s a ghoul LULW KurtRustle91: Best malding lore Mr_Yenny: go away outlander KKona zweijp: trans ghoul lol KrazyShark: imagine identifying as a ghoul AvalancheSeph: i want to spank his smopoth skin gachiHYPER TheGloriousRage: HE LACKS CRUCIAL INFORMATION OMEGALUL SickBubbIeGum: what kind of insult is smoothskin spacerino_: MALDING PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: SEX JASON elaGasm 4tectonic: smoothskin talkman_: It’s DansGaming Pog armorgear: hi everyone crashfort: SHOOT HIM PunOko PrienZ_: FeelsPepoMan Rus7m: D: Soadante: D: Germy_ranch: HotPokket mkzkSeki: D: Nix_Abyss: hey stupid you ever look in a mirror ?? FeelsWeirdMan Wiencong: dont tell him PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: He’s RPing as a ghoul LULW raider_unkindled: so mean PepeHands Artoch47: He’s Mald PepeLaugh becomeTom: some people just are innit Prexceus: kill him akmannen: He believes himself to be a ghoul most likley Nazzet: @armorgear pepeL AvalancheSeph: HotPokket GodzScrtAgnt: because he is a ghoul & u a human Sgt_Blackjack: cause he is MALDING kuruLaugh grevedarkholm: maybe you shouldnt be a dirty smoothskin DansGame WerewolfB: hey 🙂 brot_ok: elaWut mister_cozy: Pretending to be a ghoul? TheH3llraiser: monkaW TheMoltenGuy: gachiOnFIRE Shadowfax71: @KrazyShark i identify as a horse from the waist down EquaLiiize: Hey 🙂 AvalancheSeph: hey WutFace Facecap: Hey Ela and Chat 🙂 AlexAnderman1994: gachiOnFIRE Nazzet: gachiOnFIRE serralheir0: oh this part danXD J0hnnyBlade: gachiOnFIRE lngleberry: DEUS VULT kaiju_boi: gachiOnFIRE SnuggleTheHuggle: cult monkaW Deid_: monkaW Headwuend: rooCult mrbreadberry: hey 🙂 EquaLiiize: gachiOnFire GodzScrtAgnt: HE THINK HE A GHOUL Vivelin: Yes, a cold PepeLaugh Dizy2Zero: PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR TorvaM: hey 🙂 thesawser123: PepeLaugh holy fire SenpaiSam92: HOLY FIRE BlessRNG mystickingfisher: its twitchcon MasterMalpercio: rooSult KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 elaS bestiality Irocam: PepeHands Fatamerikans: and they use energy weapons monkaW grevedarkholm: deliver me PepeHands SlippedDisco: hey 🙂 TheManGuyDude: monkaS MasterMalpercio: rooCult spacerino_: JAS OMEGALUL N WerewolfB: ANELE Clap HiImShiny: monkaS Tewi7inaba: still in madre? ZeroKiwi: this is the best quest Sgt_Blackjack: jason vorhees? ta_no_kami: HandsUp holy fire HandsUp gachiOnFIRE here it comes armorgear: is that the repconn quest? NovaMoon: just kill yourself and you rid yourself of all the pain PepeHands DaniDuck: Hello @Elajjaz ! Hello Chat! elaH Did he meet the roleplayer yet? Kapp thesawser123: I hope ela does the best ending 🙂 Kiwi_Ingenuity: Damn, this is a progressive game CoolStoryBob Vivelin: Color Pog Nazzet: @DaniDuck pepeL serralheir0: @armorgear yeah Claidheamh_Mor: @Tewi7inaba He left the Madre after talking to Dog, he’s doing it later TJ_Mellow: DaniDuck elaH KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 understandable doe, i idenitfy as a panda from the waist down cause i have a 3cm pecker DaniDuck: @Nazzet elaH kaiju_boi: monkaW mister_cozy: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW JC5original: @NovaMoon monkaS DaniDuck: @TJ_Mellow elaH UltraWindow: AlienPls Bakurretsu: monkaW mrbreadberry: glowing one monkaX finkledoodoo: thats wat happens wen u dont use rad away raider_unkindled: WutFace Aeonll: monkaSHAKE knowledge_college: monkaW SnuggleTheHuggle: they pretty burned about this Holy Fire haHAA Lagunaab: AlienPls DaniDuck: @KrazyShark elaH redzero033: AlienPls Xinicius: monkaS Dreadknight297: does ela have enough science? talkman_: AngelThump NosBleid: monkaW sampleeez: !mods Evelon2: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Nazzet: I like his glowing hair Pog JackieW: You got something on your everything monkaW SixxGoodlol: elaWut elaWut serralheir0: danEvil EbiVariance: Bright LULW DaniDuck: ok he didnt Pog SlippedDisco: monkaW vihainenkampela: the god himself AngelThump 8m4n_: doodHokey Kiissly: Bright monkaW christhao100: monkaW he talks inside our minds KrazyShark: @DaniDuck elaHYUG yo Dani KrazyShark: he’s lit LULW JC5original: monkaS PUCCI Teddym4n: cmonBruh n4tk0: @NovaMoon watch out not to cut yourself on all that edge : ) Jegerkaj: HotPokket FlushedAle: 5Head Talk brot_ok: bigots HotPokket EbiVariance: HotPokket Clap Stubbaroo: Stubbaroo subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! WrestlerBot2000: @stubbaroo After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SylphidLive: forsenWC DaniDuck: Pog hisoklouch: atpBigot atpBigot atpBigot atpBigot mister_cozy: chat I think he’s in my head monkaW serralheir0: the great journey danAww DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: ALIENS monkaW Dyvid44: Ghoule illusion 100 DaniDuck: demons? monkaW Teddym4n: monkaW Serulean_Cadence: Outer Worlds KrazyShark: this dude is woke af elaS Deid_: monkaW Sgt_Blackjack: yep, a cult Ellycat1: monkaW grevedarkholm: monkaW some_god_of_transparency: DEMONS monkaS Geralt_of_Syria: 👽 forza_juve1897: atpBigot atpBigot EbiVariance: monkaW SylphidLive: forsenWC forsenWC forsenWC Drachenreiter: The Outer Worlds prequel Pog emorium: mormons monkaW 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Kiissly: DEMONS monkaW TJ_Mellow: elaHmm last_whoa: 5Head Istog: 5Head raqos: 5Head misterbudlo: NOT THE DEMONS monkaS some_god_of_transparency: TRANSPARENT forsenWC Shadowfax71: KrazyShark SexPanda ta_no_kami: 5Head DaniDuck: indivisible? monkaW Turbulist: monkaW GhostChimera: monkaSHAKE captain_elsewhere: scientology monkaW christhao100: mormons monkaW mister_cozy: @Drachenreiter Everything makes sense now Pog Scyrol: forsenWC KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 LULW Muzzarr: Muzzarr subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! WrestlerBot2000: @muzzarr Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Irocam: Transparent elaHmm Nazzet: Invisible man monkaW Dylanluce: NIghtkin serralheir0: LSD is a muthafuker am I right danSmug talkman_: VaN HiImShiny: He means the nightkin are using stealthboys some_god_of_transparency: BASEMENT VaN Mdfadhiladnin: monkaS ghost raider_unkindled: invisable?! monkaW skybeaverking: PepeLaugh DR_DISRESPECT_MY_TOILET: @Scyrol ForsenWC Nazzet: Sleeping in my bed monkaW AlexAnderman1994: TakeItBoi kaiju_boi: AlienPls raved gosamigo: he doesnt know LULW DaniDuck: raved SourPls brot_ok: TakeItBoi to the basement you go ssssip: rave pepeJAM AlexAnderman1994: pepeD Rave? some_god_of_transparency: Master Chief? mister_cozy: Rave on pepeJAMMER Turbulist: raved AlienPls some_god_of_transparency: I did cum gachiHYPER 8goci: ANTLER Imnubcake: rave Kreygasm mister_cozy: monkaW Sherman26: pepeJAMMER TheH3llraiser: raven AlienPls thesawser123: pepeD RAVE IN THE RAVE pepeD TheGoldenCobra: pepeJAM talkman_: Raved pepeJAMMER Fearswe: @Elajjaz Explain why Sarge doesn’t shoot these guys because “OH MY GOD ALIENS!” Turbulist: monkaW serralheir0: yeah I come danGachi Jaushel: Nazzet bustin bustin monkaW HiImShiny: i did this part without companions and i was really low level. I got absolutely destroyed LUL ssssip: Fearswe PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: hello ela hello tchat elaH pepeL mrbreadberry: BlessRNG kaiju_boi: HandsUp Annonn140: BlessRNG some_god_of_transparency: BlessRNG TJ_Mellow: BlessRNG Nazzet: @Pixel_hearts pepeL FXYun: BlessRNG Istog: BlessRNG LitPord: BlessRNG SenpaiSam92: BlessRNG JC5original: HandsUp bless me Glenshane: BlessRNG Irocam: BlessRNG vihainenkampela: HandsUp HotFireZ: BlessRNG SilentNewbee: BlessRNG Pixel_hearts: Nazzet elaH lPirez: danH PRAISE TJ_Mellow: Pixel_hearts elaH Soadante: BlessRNG Sgt_Blackjack: @Fearswe sarge thinks this is just another drug hallucination before one of his blackouts CoolStoryBob serralheir0: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited SQGamer: SQGamer subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 29 months! Hi domino’s, i would like to order 1 pizza pepperoni with extra salt WrestlerBot2000: @sqgamer After 29 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM wevie1: sarge is nice guy FeelsGoodMan DaniDuck: Explain why Sarge doesn’t shoot these guys because “OH MY GOD ALIENS!”-Fearswe explain it ela elaYes Pixel_hearts: TJ_Mellow elaH Kiissly: HandsUp Bless us all knowledge_college: this quest is great Fearswe: @Elajjaz Explain why Sarge doesn’t shoot these guys because “OH MY GOD ALIENS!” JackieW: Lemme just get my holy water NotATK riPepperonis n4tk0: bob bless Fearswe: @Sgt_Blackjack Don’t help him mister_cozy: okay chat I need help : what kind of hotdogs do I make tonight? tired of the classic ones RarePepe J0hnnyBlade: Team Boon 😎 LitPord: hi chat btw pepeL @chat @Elajjaz HiImShiny: DansGame victor_maitland: get down to the basement , smoothskin captain_elsewhere: BUZZ LOOK AN ALIEN TheDool: too much salt is unhealthy Headwuend: (puke) JubJubWantRubRubs: extra salt DansGame some_god_of_transparency: PJSalt LULW akmannen: salt on pizza ?? Germy_ranch: elaPuke Nazzet: @LitPord pepeL raider_unkindled: salt on pizza DansGame StarPogPlatinum: danSgame mystickingfisher: human helping zombies, eh UiVgray: D OMEGALUL MINO’S MisterPossible: because i have them just under my home? Pixel_hearts: ela12 Soadante: hey 🙂 KrazyShark: not sure about you but they do great pizzas here Shadowfax71: domino’s is okayish LickMyPretzel: Salt on pizza? what skybeaverking: No salt on pizza DansGame brot_ok: PepeLaugh SiiTHii: princeinnovice my roommate just asked me if we want to order italian food elaOP u know what that means Mdfadhiladnin: not eating salt on pizza DansGame GhostChimera: d OMEGALUL min OMEGALUL SiiTHii: D: knowledge_college: LULW souldedeh: domino’s is great elaMad JC5original: papa john all the way cmonBrother Nazzet: Ruined LULW Annonn140: LULW Pixel_hearts: LULW kaiju_boi: dominoes are good here, not in US tho LUL serralheir0: kill Jason danEvil Erko42: why would you salt pizza? it is already salty mister_cozy: @KrazyShark Agreed HiImShiny: pizza has enough salt anyway why would you want more Kappa wevie1: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @SiiTHii krazys2LEWD Turbulist: LULW brot_ok: LULW justinbliss: still having boone carrry LUL FXYun: PepeLaugh HotFireZ: LULW mrbreadberry: MaN JubJubWantRubRubs: B OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN N E NosBleid: LULW Annonn140: PepeLaugh TheDool: billyReady Soadante: monkaW Rus7m: MaN Deid_: LULW SeymourFlux: He knows PepeLaugh Kiissly: LULW DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Explain why Sarge doesn’t shoot these guys because “OH MY GOD ALIENS!” elaK Turbulist: elaKek HiImShiny: ED-E is the best vihainenkampela: he knows PepeLaugh talkman_: Jebaited Norttii: PepeLaugh Mdfadhiladnin: LULW FXYun: ElaOut Bakurretsu: LULW brot_ok: IT JUST WORKS forsenKek SiiTHii: KrazyShark how are you elaH ? captain_elsewhere: ela they did say they were going to bugger off after this is finnished elaKek Soadante: D: thief Glenshane: D: lloydbannings: D: Nazzet: no1EVIL SiiTHii: D: Pixel_hearts: karma elaB LickMyPretzel: PunOko you cant do that Annonn140: OMEGALUL Empyrium: D: Jajalembang: yoink serralheir0: danEvil SiiTHii: its not like skyrim Ela elaB Zacr0: S T E A L T H Facecap: D: RingusSlaterfist: Why would ghouls need Radaway LUL AnubisYE: karma PepeLaugh Alrom: They are ghouls, they don’t need that stuff anyway mister_cozy: Ahhh gachiGASM Videvik: Conductor Pog Dusty_Degenerate: What would ghouls need rad meds for anyway PepeLaugh Jajalembang: monkaW Soadante: hey 🙂 HiHawx: hey 🙂 mrbreadberry: hey 🙂 brot_ok: yoo ela12 saammm89: @RingusSlaterfist to get high boi princeinnovice: @siithii pizza party FeelsGoodMan JC5original: caring about karma in fallout games LUL elunerises: 4Head emorium: ask jason 🙂 captain_elsewhere: yes LickMyPretzel: yes LUL Lagunaab: yep HiImShiny: Yes SeymourFlux: yes fabulwesen_: yes mrbreadberry: yeah PepeLaugh Turbulist: yes FXYun: PepeLaugh 👉 📉 Karma TheH3llraiser: yeap LULW talkman_: PepeLaugh Brunault_: Yes mister_cozy: yes knowledge_college: yes DaniDuck: he’s a roleplayer Kapp Annonn140: ghouldboo JubJubWantRubRubs: i guess LULW Ellycat1: He is D: Dusty_Degenerate: ye Mdfadhiladnin: 5Head mister_cozy: RPing LULW Kraatter: he is 😠 TheDool: HotPokket spacerino_: PepeLaugh GodzScrtAgnt: why else he call u a smoothskin? Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: he believe HandsUp misterbudlo: He is a roleplayer DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Explain why Sarge doesn’t shoot these guys because “OH MY GOD ALIENS!” elaK Irocam: He is malding PepeLaugh Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz he identifies as one RingusSlaterfist: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: PepeHands swishswat: LARPer brot_ok: PepeHands dont we all Doomerttv: LARPing PepeLaugh last_whoa: like someone else elaHAA Turless9000: gues hes a canibal Mdfadhiladnin: PepeLaugh he knows spacerino_: RPing a ghoul PepeLaugh Kiwi_Ingenuity: He believe, therefore, he is CoolStoryBob LitPord: arent we all PepeHands Fearswe: @Elajjaz Explain why Sarge doesn’t shoot these guys because “OH MY GOD ALIENS!” sartorriuss: PepeHands zotexlowbob: PepeHands too real Lagunaab: VaN Kouteij: #fellowghouls GodzScrtAgnt: he tryin to be cool Aeonll: VaN TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER TheDool: He is sexually indentifies as a ghoul HotPokket Rus7m: D: Jajalembang: demon monkaW Monster5crak: VaN LitPord: VaN Clap SeymourFlux: Stage 3 malding PepeLaugh serralheir0: he’s playing GTA rp danXD Doomerttv: Basement monkaW Kiissly: Demons monkaW brot_ok: elaK mrbreadberry: Kapp ray131471: VaN UiVgray: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp NosBleid: elaK SiiTHii: serralheir0 xD ZeroKiwi: They’re not aliens RingusSlaterfist: cmonBruh Zane_Within: CoolStoryBob JC5original: cmonBrother zulul_vi_von_zulul: Kappa Tbo84: “Pretending” come on Ela it’s 2019 he can be a ghoul if he wants UltraWindow: elaK RonsuDE: plotholes elaK EbiVariance: KKona 1mpolar: Kapp Aeonll: cmonBrother SolusBellator: elaK Bra1nBug2: elaK FXYun: elaK brot_ok: omega elaK Wiencong: he just try to justify why he is bald LUL crashfort: elaK KrazyShark: @SiiTHii yooo im doing good elaOk i want some italian food now doe LickMyPretzel: Ela your plot is full of holez misterbudlo: Ah yeah, of course haleixazulro: elaK DaniDuck: but he doesnt like them, why the fuck would he help them? emorium: sarge is afraid? D: HiImShiny: usually humans are mean to ghouls so in turn ghouls don’t usually like humans. Hence him thinking that he is a ghoul is the reason why he’s rude to you serralheir0: PixelBob zotexlowbob: nice story 🙂 Jajalembang: you got boone FeelsWeirdMan VikingAspire: ela12 Glenshane: elaK Remedy020: PepeHands The mole people treat Ela with so much hospitality and he robs them Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head Monster5crak: not with boone PepeLaugh Jaushel: LORE serralheir0: go on PixelBob timoteh: PepeLaugh So many excuses, Ela sucks at this Claidheamh_Mor: Sarge is afraid OMEGALUL Doomerttv: Deport them KKona captain_elsewhere: i wonder if he does the thing elaKek Mr_Yenny: so sarge doesnt like dying huh? Pixel_hearts: FeelsBirthdayMan hat Shadowfax71: sounds like right wing propaganda with extra steps elaWeird Slyhades: boone PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: PAPER THIN LORE LULW talkman_: Boone could take on all of them alone PepeLaugh Myowa_: sarge is a fucking xenophobic mystickingfisher: immersion saved brot_ok: VaN Jegerkaj: deep lore Pog Fatamerikans: SWEDISH SARGE LULW Headwuend: nice plot hole FeelsWeirdMan Irocam: scuffed role playing PepeLaugh Tayi_Saito: don’t kill the demons PepeHands armorgear: I can already see what he’ll do kakapuffs: damn he’s good SiiTHii: KrazyShark thats some good news lad elaBruvD Juan_Two_Three_Four: this used to a wholesome stream Kappa Alrom: ED-E is too good of a tank Videvik: painting ??? Seikisu: DaniDuck pepeL mister_cozy: artwork johnautist: JustDoIt Le_Sans_Nom: davison could have been a friend PepeHands DaniDuck: “painting” elaGa NordicRain: Painting thing FeelsPepoMan Martiansam: Chag kaiju_boi: Pog SixxGoodlol: painting elaGa John_Marston: he killed thanos PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: try it out SittingOx: @Elajjaz did you get the sun glasses for sarge or not yet? PurplePastek: mods Deid_: paining FeelsPepoMan AugenRollen: use it PurplePastek: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Videvik: painting thing FeelsPepoMan F0rbiddenDonut: Ant meat danW Wwaaaz: @Elajjaz Painting ? Curious way of saying icon elaHmm FunnyVoice: hello everyone how are you doing? serralheir0: that sword is so good danSmile Martiansam: KKool somekindofgoth: LULW Denver_Jones: HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys AugenRollen: you’ll feel like guts somekindofgoth: pOG kaiju_boi: Champ Videvik: Pog jaysm20: How do you get that big sword in that small robot? spacerino_: gachiBASS Odins_pecs: gachiBASS NordicRain: Pog U Juan_Two_Three_Four: BKGS Armored_Guy: gachiHYPER GhostChimera: gachiHYPER Bakurretsu: gachiBASS mister_cozy: lidl FeelsPepoMan brot_ok: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER atomicdestruction: gachiAPPROVE dzemroz: gachiHYPER Vivelin: gachiBASS some_god_of_transparency: gachiHYPER AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER MitsuoK: Kreygasm RepoMan33: Bigger always better OpieOP Kiissly: gachiHYPER vihainenkampela: gachiHYPER CryptoXOR: For you Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER AAAAAAAAAAA Abdiel_Kavash: Which final fantasy is this? Pog Spindlyy: moon2L redzero033: gachiBASS Armored_Guy: buster sword Pog kaiju_boi: Anime sword LULW NamelessHer0: gachiHYPER culsphere: elaMad Serulean_Cadence: use it serralheir0: danGachi BanEmilyYahooo: He said bigger gachi lmao so funny AugenRollen: BKGS new vegas run LUL perrito_scottex: Black knight GS Pog brot_ok: elaYA Sword Martiansam: elaMad Fearswe: @jaysm20 Lube. Lots and lots of lube Cecilff2: Cecilff2 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! Your bumper swords such a good size and all gachiBASS SiiTHii: @funnyvoice, Im fine thanks, what about you 🙂 ? Irocam: that’s a weird scream WrestlerBot2000: @cecilff2 After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM 五十八: BKGS Pog Filo155: but this is a bigger knife mrbreadberry: me knoife Germy_ranch: FF7 remake PogU Zendryx: LOOT TABLE RicHaya: now i want to play NW again FeelsWeirdMan mrbreadberry: VaN some_god_of_transparency: VaN brot_ok: gachiVICTORY TheH3llraiser: VaN Empyrium: VaN Jakazin: Pog spacerino_: VaN NosBleid: VaN dzemroz: VaN SilentNewbee: VaN vihainenkampela: VaN ! Lagunaab: Antler Germy_ranch: VaN buffed somekindofgoth: VaN Kryptas: VaN ramranchboi: VaN redzero033: MaN VikingAspire: VaN mister_cozy: VaN Clap kaiju_boi: VaN how many woos Magilou_69: VaN kkoja: VaN RicHaya: VaN Brunault_: VaN Headwuend: VaN Sherman26: VaN Irocam: VaN lPirez: VaN haleixazulro: VaN Nazzet: VaN NamelessHer0: VaN Monster5crak: VaN some_god_of_transparency: noxWhat WrestlerBot2000: 15x VaN double digit combo Pog Martiansam: VaN ray131471: VaN Germy_ranch: ZERO LAKKIs elaB AlexAnderman1994: VaN brot_ok: VaN AintEasyBeingCheesy: VaN ionjet: VaN RonsuDE: VaN some_god_of_transparency: VaN Nazzet: VaN VaN lPirez: @some_god_of_transparency danMAD MurderChaos: @Elajjaz that knife has an actual backstory, you shuld read the comic book “All roads” based on this game it’s great retro_raiden: VaN EbiVariance: VaN mister_cozy: ppSmoke Thodwris_G4: VaN Nazzet: VaN VaN VaN vihainenkampela: gachiVICTORY DaniDuck: @Elajjaz what level are you? elaHmm GodzScrtAgnt: u can negotiate if you goto davidson asap Sven_sveger: VaN Teddym4n: PunOko crashfort: PunOko last_whoa: AYAYA Irocam: AS SHOULD BE spicystuff00: @Elajjaz Went the wrong way when you first started LUL Cecilff2: gachiVICTORY WOO dzemroz: NaM nice Nazzet: Wooo VaN Rus7m: VaN Clap SergoQq19: VaN mister_cozy: VaN>AYAYA GhostChimera: VaN retro_raiden: effLUL Empyrium: LAKKI AYAYA Spindlyy: PunOko FunnyVoice: @SiiTHii it’s fine. got a full time job, so i’m glad about this Railman0z: PunOko ssssip: PunOko kaiju_boi: BlessRNG praying for lakki AYAYA spacerino_: VaN Clap somekindofgoth: MaN EbiVariance: PunOko some_god_of_transparency: @lPirez PepeHands thaneofcawdor2: Above average bumper sword Spindlyy: Lakki on 0.01% miscusi: any LAKKIs in chat AYAYA Clap skybeaverking: elaB UiVgray: There’s definitely more % chance on woo, than lucky. PepeHands spacerino_: Chat FeelsWeirdMan kaiju_boi: YeahBoi TheGoldenCobra: elaThirst KrazyShark: i feel ya Cecilff2: elaChug JubJubWantRubRubs: same elaThirst Aeonll: elaThirst mister_cozy: elaThirst Kgcool: AYAYA DaniDuck: elaThirst Rus7m: Kreygasm Martiansam: elaThirst Brunault_: YeahBoi Lagunaab: !weebs AlexAnderman1994: @KrazyShark elaThirst elaChug Videvik: Dehydration PepeHands AtTh3Gates: ealThirst Abdiel_Kavash: thorwSip ContramaestreChorisito: just like me 🙁 Armored_Guy: YeahBoi talkman_: elaThirst 💦 Glenshane: elaThirst ssssip: elaThirst Headwuend: YeahBoi Brodama: me too Kreygasm Hollow_void: me too YeahBoi Spindlyy: moon2L AtTh3Gates: elaThirst ray131471: YeahBoi icenbk: !mods MitsuoK: Kreygasm WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Turbulist: elaK Aberrant404: elaThirst Armody: spicystuff00 funny how you can go the wrong way in the open world rpg Kopffeine: Time to join the Legion then KrazyShark: @AlexAnderman1994 krazys2THIRSTY vihainenkampela: YeahBoi seqone: AYAYA crashfort: elaWOW lPirez: AYAYA retro_raiden: elaThirst celrCop Jegerkaj: almost like its random 🤔 mister_cozy: a shame kaiju_boi: as everything should be Nazzet: AYAYA Clap timoteh: You need 10 paintguns for a fun quest later on, you should pick them up 🙂 @Elajjaz christhao100: AYAYA LAKKI Remedy020: AYAYA / \ MaN Halldan: Halldan subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 34 months! Lv_100: i just realized ela is the one who started the weeb vs gachi war here. enabling various twitch interactions to cause fights elaHmm KrazyShark: @Elajjaz i found a cute weeb geeky girl but she’s in paris cause weeb convention, wish me luck AYAYA Fatamerikans: @timoteh WeirdChamp DaniDuck: @Elajjaz what level are you? elaHmm WrestlerBot2000: @halldan After 34 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM vxl__: vxl__ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 6 month streak! 🙂 WrestlerBot2000: @vxl__ You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM mister_cozy: @timoteh backseating elaWeird kaiju_boi: Pog DaniDuck: Pog FXYun: Oif Videvik: Pog SiloWang: LADS Cecilff2: Pog Wwaaaz: Pog VikingAspire: Pog FXYun: og Annonn140: Pog Fatamerikans: Pog vihainenkampela: Pog Dzael: Pog Glenshane: Pog Facecap: Pog Evelon2: Pog Videvik: Champ KrazyShark: Chag talkman_: Chag SPACE NOODLE RicHaya: Pog brot_ok: Pog RonsuDE: Pog Jegerkaj: Pog to space redzero033: AlienPls spacerino_: @Elajjaz Sty hydrated PepeLaugh FXYun: Pog EbiVariance: Pog kaiju_boi: Champ SPACE COWBOY Lagunaab: Pog Op armor TheXearo: the value Pog Seikisu: POGGERS UiVgray: DT on helmet. Pog EndlessMoose: Pog spacerino_: Pog serralheir0: Pog Suit DaniDuck: LULW odduneven: wtf cowboys dont like that Annonn140: LULW Turbulist: LULW miki___miki: PogU Wwaaaz: Let’s goooooooooo Pog cato____: LULW talkman_: SPACE NOODLE EleGiggle Bakurretsu: LULW Jackthewack94: wait he in the power station ? has he started the guest yet ? Andros5: Alien Sarge? Mr_Yenny: SPACE COWBOY Pog Fatamerikans: ALIENS WutFace Fiddelmydiddle: Fiddelmydiddle subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! WrestlerBot2000: @fiddelmydiddle You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM VikingDogg: see you on the moon space cowboy Jegerkaj: cowboys in space Pog DaniDuck: SPACE COWBOY Pog FXYun: Sarge going to space to kill aliens sartorriuss: space cowboy POGGERS jclester: Space Cowboy Pog Lolimeistern: You can use it to kill aliens Pog captain_elsewhere: SOME CALL ME THE SPACE COWBOY Martiansam: space cowboy Chag jakattck55: space cowboy Pog RedKazoo: SPACE SARGE Pog FourmiSaumon: space cowboy omg Kiwi_Ingenuity: Can’t hear screams in space gachiHYPER TheDankDemon: ROCKET MANNNNNNN JessJess9393: Hi Chat! Hi Ela! elaHi elaH kaiju_boi: CoolCat Kraatter: we space cowboy now Kappa Headwuend: muh RP kaiju_boi: CoolStoryBob SiiTHii: Jackthewack94 yes sir brot_ok: LULW mister_cozy: rp OMEGALUL mrbreadberry: RP PepeLaugh Hollow_void: LULW Turbulist: elaKek Lagunaab: yeah it’s op spacerino_: RP LULW DaniDuck: ITS SPACE SARGE Pog MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Elfualoco2003: RP OMEGALUL talkman_: SPACE COWBOY Chag Jajalembang: LULW SiiTHii: FunnyVoice thats cool 🙂 Istog: looks gucci to me JamrockZX7R: Hey Chat did lla finish Dead Money?? Cecilff2: elaKek Annonn140: @Elajjaz try space suit + hat 五十八: ground control to major Sarge PepeLaugh brot_ok: Blockhead PepeLaugh retro_raiden: reporting for duty elaHi elaYA Odins_pecs: Space Cowboy 8goci: SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY Wwaaaz: PepeLaugh freezoou: Space ASS gachiHYPER FourmiSaumon: Put on suit and ranger hat KrazyShark: @Elajjaz space cowboy dude kkoja: elaKek Liransherman: ROLE PLAYERS OMEGALUL serralheir0: space ranger now danSmile JamrockZX7R: ELLA skybeaverking: Spike elaBlush ELAYZA: space cowboy otzDARVA finkledoodoo: See you space cowboy Annonn140: space suit>leather armor SittingOx: @Elajjaz Sarge uses a space suit because his dick is out of this world gachiBASS Clap Spindlyy: just wear both VikingDogg: sarge gives up on his dreams to become a space cowboy Mr_Yenny: science space cowboy @Elajjaz Pog Videvik: Ashtray Pog KanzanZX: just put hat on top of the helmet makingmemories: boone would´ve wanted this GlenGoyne: brokeback mountain roleplay for sure emicvi: Space suit + ranger hat=space cowboy retro_raiden: @spindlyy mendoPantsu AugenRollen: poor ED_E is being used as a mule BibleThump KrazyShark: @Elajjaz i found a cute weeb geeky girl but she’s in paris cause weeb convention, wish me luck AYAYA spacerino_: Pack of cigarettes PepeLaugh Madliberator: space suit has really low durability iirc Germy_ranch: D: kaiju_boi: D: Annonn140: @Elajjaz space suit + ranger hat Spindlyy: @retro_raiden moon2WINKY vihainenkampela: D: ssssip: D: AlexAnderman1994: Lazy Mortal captain_elsewhere: wow rude ela elaD Zane_Within: D: VikingAspire: D: GhostChimera: @Elajjaz does your character have the Dr Disrespect mustache? emicvi: MULE-D kkoja: @spacerino_ chess board PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: I am SWORN to carry your burdons spacerino_: @kkoja 10 INT 5Head ShisuiVIII: Space suit + ranger hat=space cowboy do it LUL Monster5crak: TALK THROUGH 😡 tidooh: MrDestructoid IM DOING MY BEST kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Martiansam: @KrazyShark she problably a serial killer dude be careful LULW AlexAnderman1994: gachiBASS Cecilff2: gachiBASS Spindlyy: moon2L RicHaya: gachiHYPER Brodama: OK gachiBASS KrazyShark: @Martiansam jackpot christhao100: gachiBASS alee1e: gachiBASS ElderZidane: Maybe if you sold all the junk on him then he wouldn’t be like 2 tons overweight @Elajjaz Brodama: calebW miki___miki: me 🙂 Slanlu: gachiBASS finkledoodoo: LAZY WO-BUTT Armored_Guy: me 🙂 Martiansam: @KrazyShark elaThirst Cecilff2: monkaW holdyourfire: monkaW bring_us_the_girl: monkaS Martiansam: elaD miscusi: monkaW mentalvary: elaWut alee1e: calebAy Hollow_void: LULW Final_zebraman: wut DaniDuck: mic got better? monkaW Headwuend: such clean comms vxl__: monkaW Fatamerikans: monkaS Jegerkaj: demons monkaW retro_raiden: moon2AY christhao100: monkaW Final_zebraman: is he behind us NordicRain: Behind you monkaW spacerino_: mic? LULW last_whoa: LULW DaniDuck: wtf? Armored_Guy: aight Jupedia: wat serralheir0: poke around danGachi Eyesw1deopen: Lol. Tattip: LUL Glenshane: LULW Turbulist: LULW Strawie35: nice bug LUL victor_maitland: finish the job , smoothskin idioteastwood: bug Zane_Within: LUL Kosmoskill: @Elajjaz Are you going to the gym again ? nice bottle holdyourfire: HE IS monkaW Nazzet: LULW skybeaverking: Mic LULW LindAkito: Why does he sound like Joji’s voice LULW ssssip: maybe he was monkaW spacerino_: PepeLaugh spicystuff00: @Elajjaz Go back to the start of the area lol AlexAnderman1994: LULW Germy_ranch: elaD Liransherman: elaBlind Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: Hey Chat, Sunday New Vegas Kreygasm EleGiggle SeemsGood OhMyDog christhao100: BETHESDA OMEGALUL majima666: nah tho DaniDuck: @Elajjaz what level are you? elaHmm banana_manai: hey @elajjaz your character is a Boomer Balanar: Filthy Frank on a mike LULW KrazyShark: @LindAkito joji’s voice, wat Lagunaab: y DaniDuck: @Fullmetalcheese elaH KrazyShark: Chag Germy_ranch: ela12 corny628: corny628 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 25 months, currently on a 25 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @corny628 After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM KrazyShark: LULW Spindlyy: that loadtime moon2L Liransherman: BOOMER KKona LickMyPretzel: he is DaniDuck: yes he is kaiju_boi: KKona BOOMER brot_ok: elaK LindAkito: @KrazyShark filthyfrank LULW dzemroz: VaN Nazzet: VaN Headwuend: VaN Fullmetalcheese: LUL Jakazin: wtf LUL TheH3llraiser: VaN Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh yes he is talkman_: VaN again Sheep_stick: VaN captain_elsewhere: gammon elaKek Lagunaab: VaN Kryptas: VaN Martiansam: bethesda level design Chag TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh ssssip: VaN VikingAspire: Van Clap vxl__: VaN brot_ok: VaN Cecilff2: VaN HYPERCLAP AGAIN spacerino_: VaN Monster5crak: VaN ionjet: VaN vihainenkampela: VaN ! MORE holdyourfire: VaN Armored_Guy: cowboomer Kiissly: BOOMER LUL Germy_ranch: VaN SET TO 50 PERCENT FXYun: VaN HiImShiny: So….. a boomer? Kappa EbiVariance: VaN kaiju_boi: VaN Rigged woos LUL Martiansam: VaN EndlessMoose: VaN GosuFanboy1: fast travel to get rid of youre loot AlexAnderman1994: VaN Epiktakguy: VaN Rigged KrazyShark: @LindAkito ohh Filthy elaKek thought so yeah, Joji doesn’t sing like that LULW Liransherman: El Biggo Boomer CryptoXOR: moon2SH Glenshane: Duke Nukem? Headwuend: PunOko never lakki scottee: hes a coyboy, wooo VaN Martiansam: soo many VaN s TheDankDemon: so a boomer Sayce: he looks like hes about to drop his hot boomer take on facebook ray131471: VaN ar_Tekko: letoBoomer boomer Final_zebraman: @Elajjaz your character looks like how a boomer would cosplay a cowboy dzemroz: sell loot 😡 WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Germy_ranch: VaN SCAMMAZED VaN Lv_100: WEEBS MALDING LULW Rus7m: VaN HYPERCLAP lPirez: VaN mister_cozy: VaN that’s great dami_exe: elaH hey everyone hope ur all well KrazyShark: @dami_exe pepeL DaniDuck: @dami_exe elaH Martiansam: @dami_exe pepeL thk Nazzet: @dami_exe pepeL Armored_Guy: lakki PunOko Germy_ranch: \ AYAYA / LAKKI TAKE MY ENERGY captain_elsewhere: pepeL vihainenkampela: good day for a dungeonmaster VaN Clap kaiju_boi: RPing as cowboy D 💿 C LUL brot_ok: lakki elaYA ssssip: Sunday VaNday Jegerkaj: monkaW are there more demons? Drahikir: Drahikir is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 10 in the channel! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to Mepha! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to LuizVIII! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to BloodyPixel_! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to Hav3Faith! HotFireZ: LAKKI AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @mepha the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to Jupedia! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @bloodypixel_ the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @luizviii the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @hav3faith the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @jupedia the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM VineWood0604: Pog dami_exe: @KrazyShark elaH @Martiansam elaH @DaniDuck elaH @Nazzet elaH Liransherman: Pog AnubisYE: DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR VaN ? brot_ok: Pog redzero033: Pog Nazzet: VaN Wooo Rus7m: Pog Martiansam: Pog TheGoldenCobra: Pog DaniDuck: Pog ssssip: PogU dami_exe: Pog ar_Tekko: Pog NosBleid: Pog Headwuend: Pog rica235: Pog EbiVariance: Pog holdyourfire: Pog whatsupmel: Pog Darth_Rex: Pog ganju103653: PogU CryptoXOR: Pog Germy_ranch: Pog souldedeh: and not streaming it D: Nazzet: Chag vxl__: Pog Evelon2: Pog skybeaverking: Pog Facecap: Pog Terreli_: Pog NordicRain: Changed the percentage so gachi folks would stop throwing hissy fits PepeLaugh kebabsouls: Pog AlexAnderman1994: Pog vihainenkampela: Pog dzemroz: Chag Bakurretsu: Pog rica235: Dodged Krappa NaughtyPedro: he’s a zoomer, because was born after the bombs spacerino_: DODGED Pog christhao100: AYAYA MALDING RIGHT NOW LAKKI SiloWang: dodged a bullet 🙂 FederalGhosts: Pog Joxih: pog crashfort: AYAYA Heinrich999: LUL last_whoa: AYAYA Clap NordicRain: AYAYA Rus7m: DansGame Headwuend: AYAYA dzemroz: AYAYA KrazyShark: AYAYA YoBoyDrax: lobosWut seqone: AYAYA Nazzet: AYAYA Clap DaniDuck: AYAYA Bieberhunter: AYAYA TheGoldenCobra: AYAYA odduneven: DansGame RicHaya: Chag DODGED kaiju_boi: YES LAKKI AYAYA talkman_: DansGame Dzael: AYAYA Styil: AYAYA floooooof: AYAYA Clap holdyourfire: AYAYA Bakurretsu: AYAYA GoyIntrepide: NaM Lemonsponge: AYAYA Zanar18: AYAYA Cecilff2: DansGame mister_cozy: elaPuke Armored_Guy: AYAYA Spindlyy: AYAYA HotFireZ: AYAYA RonsuDE: AYAYA EdwardDean: DansGame Kouteij: AYAYA troublematicc: AYAYA Clap UltraWindow: AYAYA finally Filo155: AYAYA Germy_ranch: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA NosBleid: AYAYA LAKKI VineWood0604: LAKKI AYAYA ssssip: AYAYA Sayce: AYAYA ! brot_ok: LAKKI elaYA Martiansam: AYAYA finnaly Ocram98: AYAYA serralheir0: danSip jj_mike: AYAYA JubJubWantRubRubs: THERE WE GO AYAYA HYPERCLAP EbiVariance: AYAYA Tasarion: AYAYA miki___miki: AYAYA hakaci: AYAYA SixxGoodlol: elaYA Bholorak: AYAYA retro_raiden: moon2AY GoyIntrepide: Nam Nam CryptoXOR: Champ Zalinero_: AYAYA Pudelinaa: AYAYA Clap ganju103653: AYAYA HYPERCLAP TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA ar_Tekko: AYAYA ricarten: AYAYA cato____: AYAYA FXYun: LAKKI skybeaverking: elaBlush elaBlush elaBlush shako_teki: LAKKI AYAYA Rus7m: VaN wtf PoliceCarAuction: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Kiissly: AYAYA TheXearo: You guys stayed up late ? hkgjasonma: AYAYA Abdiel_Kavash: wolskAYAYA Teddym4n: AYAYA SittingOx: AYAYA Clap schlawinator: AYAYA emorium: ayaya CaimTV: AYAYA cocococomango: @Elajjaz Why no Divinity 2 on stream ? Hollow_void: AYAYA Clap kaiju_boi: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Monster5crak: a serralheir0: got one danHaha HotFireZ: AYAYA HYPERCLAP lPirez: AYAYA LAKKI FXYun: LAKKI AYAYA Liransherman: DansGame crashfort: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA christhao100: LAKKI AYAYA Amazingmimolette: AYAYA spicystuff00: @Elajjaz Still missing a door lol retro_raiden: lacA1 lacA2 Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Evelon2: AYAYA Tayi_Saito: AYAYA Clap LuizVIII: @Drahikir Thank you spacerino_: FeelsWeirdMan miscusi: AYAYA HYPERCLAP ninjalive2: AYAYA Baldhazer: why you killed davison 🙁 ray131471: AYAYA mister_cozy: so many weebs WeirdChamp whatsupmel: yes AYAYA Spindlyy: TehePelo hentaihero4ever: elaBlush elaBlush elaYA elaYA elaYA DaniDuck: @Elajjaz your character looks like he’s about to say it cmonBrother princeinnovice: AYAYA Doomster59: still pleb FeelsWeirdMan Liransherman: @Elajjaz Swedish stream then Jegerkaj: friends monkaW Negaduck48: why elza dont playing radio ? spacerino_: LULW Filo155: elvish stream last_whoa: LULW TheXearo: AHAHAH kaiju_boi: LULW cmonBrother Germy_ranch: cmonBrother LickMyPretzel: cmonBruh Annonn140: LULW Headwuend: D: HE IS brot_ok: cmonBrother dzemroz: LULW Aeonll: cmonBruh F0rbiddenDonut: Normies in chat danFear industries_: cmonBruh Sherman26: KKona TheGoldenCobra: LULW ionjet: cmonBruh TheMoltenGuy: cmonBruh Teddym4n: cmonBruh redzero033: cmonBruh talkman_: cmonBruh Succmeister1337: LULW jj_mike: LULW serralheir0: dodging subs like neo in the matrix danSmile qsrRain: LULW Martiansam: LULW what Turbulist: LULW timoteh: LULW Jegerkaj: LULW Bakurretsu: LULW milkforhoney: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh Zalinero_: lmao lPirez: cmonBrother schlawinator: Hey Ela and chat, hope you’re all good christhao100: friends in RL monkaW Paranoid_Metroid: ACCURATE LULW Drahikir: @Elajjaz @chat for my weebs and weebo strima! elaWOW UiVgray: LULW Sherman26: cmonBrother vihainenkampela: CmonBrother Jakazin: LULW Hollow_void: cmonBruh FXYun: LULQ WerewolfB: LULW Armored_Guy: cmonBrother crashfort: atpBigot Slanlu: LULW LickMyPretzel: true tho KrazyShark: nogger black 🍦 Spindlyy: holup Kiissly: LULW zulul_vi_von_zulul: cmonBruh Germy_ranch: Chotto matte chat ar_Tekko: LUL dami_exe: LULW I CAN HEAR IT LULW FXYun: LULW NordicRain: Not saying it FeelsWeirdMan ganju103653: cmonBrother JAMMnX: LUL Wwaaaz: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz kebabsouls: LULW Lagunaab: to be honest it’s true LULW Norwegian_wombat: atpBigot BLCKX02: cmonBrother serralheir0: @f0rbiddendonut danBruh shikifujin16: LUL LUL LUL mister_cozy: @Elajjaz the “he looks like a racist” killed me when you were creating it LULW kaiju_boi: monkaW Xanxicar: say what? elaHYUK pika_wat: KKona Andros5: he’s a rapper? kaiju_boi: HandsUp souldedeh: monkaW last_whoa: BlessRNG majima666: he looks like that dude from the revival. a wwe tag team lol, his name slips my mind Annonn140: BlessRNG VineWood0604: BlessRNG HotFireZ: BlessRNG Jegerkaj: BlessRNG BLESS YOU TheDankDemon: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Martiansam: BlessRNG SiloWang: he doesn’t look well redd1400: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh industries_: BlessRNG Cecilff2: BlessRNG Nazzet: BlessRNG vxl__: BlessRNG theautonymoose: theautonymoose subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! WrestlerBot2000: @theautonymoose After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Rus7m: BlessRNG idioteastwood: HandsUp praise the creator Monster5crak: here it comes PepeLaugh Istog: BlessRNG KrazyShark: ELAPLS kaiju_boi: ElaPls FappyMcFlappy: are these the children of atom? monkaW ganju103653: monkaS LickMyPretzel: ElaPls F0rbiddenDonut: @serralheir0 hey bruh danBruh mkzkSeki: WutFace DaniDuck: ElaPls TheGoldenCobra: ElaPls Jegerkaj: ElaPls LokiTheElusive: PepeLaugh TheXearo: ElaPls Vanah: ElaPls Toplay92: why is he using Autotune? monkaS FXYun: Yeet ElaPls Kraatter: peepoRun Germy_ranch: ElaPls serralheir0: ready to take off holdyourfire: ElaPls Seikisu: ElaPls BLCKX02: ElaPls Deid_: ElaPls Martiansam: ElaPls DaniDuck: Pog SittingOx: ElaPls elzam: It is time pekkaatte122: yoink their shit Direxfull: you miss 1 room in basement Nazzet: Chag Lagunaab: elaKek FappyMcFlappy: AlienPls Monster5crak: PepeLaugh talkman_: SPACE NOODLES EleGiggle kaiju_boi: yes , it’s canon ceLaguna: Dr. Bright from SCP? MonkaS ssssip: EljanPls Headwuend: spaaaace HandsUp Kadrag: What’s your favorite thing about streaming @Elajjaz ? mister_cozy: this quest is pretty cool VikingDogg: gotta go faaast Tsarine_: maybe Kappa Nazzet: Ela space program Chag Vanah: ElaPls 🚀 Annonn140: @Elajjaz space suit + ranger hat Pog Jegerkaj: ElaPls 🚀 FXYun: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls Monster5crak: 0 agility so slow PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: cmonBrother Tayi_Saito: ElaPls 🚀 TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Annonn140: LULW TRUE DaniDuck: LULW Germy_ranch: cmonBruh dami_exe: LULW mister_cozy: @Annonn140 Spike Pog Hollow_void: SURE Kapp Turbulist: 5Head Headwuend: rooIsee souldedeh: cmonBruh deltakaze: LULW Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: “i’m not racist i have a black friend” LULW Slanlu: LULW TRUE christhao100: LULW kaiju_boi: except robots and aliens LUL mlayers: kill them all to get their space suit, insane value Annonn140: see your space cowboy PepeHands TheDankDemon: TO THE MOON Pepega busky_maldsack: cmonBruh u sure bout that? JubJubWantRubRubs: ray… cyst? DansGame Smough: isn’t he a redneck? dami_exe: them darn aliens and robots cmonBrother Seikisu: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: GODDURN ALEENS DaniDuck: “I can’t be racist toward robots, i have a robot pet” Germy_ranch: D: yeah Nazzet: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: elaKek akmannen: I N S A N E spike_the_space_cowboy: “comeonbro” forsenJoy ninjalive2: In a basement there a one room you missed @elajjaz ssssip: i dont have any black friends, looks like im racist, chat PepeHands BLCKX02: nymnM redzero033: monkaW Serulean_Cadence: dumb racist chat mister_cozy: @Elajjaz If you put the ranger hat and the space suit you could name yourself Spike the space cowboy Pog and no, it’s not weeb, it’s pop culture ela3 spacerino_: DON’T TELL HIM PepeLaugh serralheir0: danGreed danGreed danGreed fat_khajiit: There is a mod for sprinting though 🙂 Germy_ranch: @Serulean_Cadence cmonBruh TheXearo: face elaPuke DaniDuck: his face and his scalp have different colors monkaW Meladonne: he’s not fresh anymore serralheir0: get ready danXD gachianime: PepeLaugh here it comes SittingOx: @Elajjaz Sarge uses a space suit because his dick is out of this world gachiBASS Clap Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Nazzet: Fix our shit PepeLaugh KrazyShark: Yes Istog: elaK AlexAnderman1994: elaYes mister_cozy: he looks like a chicken that you’d forget in your freezer for 10 months PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz whats sarge’s sexuality in his lore ? Germy_ranch: Jebaited holdyourfire: PepeLaugh Headwuend: I dunno about that Kineticbomb: The dead realm serralheir0: danHaha DaniDuck: Pog Serulean_Cadence: I wonder if we will meet him in Outer Worlds blacktoothgr1n: Far Beyond Driven armorgear: GachiPls Sugar bombs spacerino_: 5Head DaniDuck: 5Head last_whoa: 5Head KrazyShark: 5Head talkman_: 5Head kaiju_boi: 5Head LickMyPretzel: 5Head lPirez: 5Head Draddrick: 5Head AlexAnderman1994: 5Head TheGoldenCobra: 5Head Aeonll: 5Head Jegerkaj: 5Head Bakurretsu: 5Head daley_: 5Head Germy_ranch: 5Head SittingOx: 5Head ssssip: 5Head CurseofSherwood: 5Head holdyourfire: 5Head ionjet: 5Head Clap zweijp: big brain talk WrestlerBot2000: @zweijp ruined the 21x 5Head combo DansGame FXYun: 5Head Slanlu: 5Head mister_cozy: 5Head a masterplan Spindlyy: moon2BRAIN talkman_: @zweijp DansGame schlawinator: 5Head e8sj840ds: what a nice guy HiImShiny: 4Head KrazyShark: well that was useless DaniDuck: DansGame ssssip: @zweijp DansGame Styil: religion>science CurseofSherwood: @zweijp elaWeird Bakurretsu: @zweijp DansGame Aeonll: @zweijp DansGame Annonn140: D: lPirez: @zweijp danSgame Germy_ranch: @zweijp FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: @zweijp DansGame Redae: moon2BRAIN AugenRollen: can you talk them out of it? TheGoldenCobra: zweijp DansGame Slanlu: @zweijp DansGame Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh CHRIS kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh RobOfHouseQuark: smooth skin danW serralheir0: danSgame KrazyShark: @zweijp DansGame spacerino_: ACTUALLY MALDING PepeLaugh Kraatter: PepeLaugh chris masterr876: ppBeer good afternoon DekkerDave: ghoul weeb PepeLaugh NotMaloony: stronkj hakaci: PepeHands chris Headwuend: they’re gonna use him for food KrazyShark: @masterr876 ppBeer Seikisu: Hi masterr876 pepeL Turbulist: masterr876 ppBeer zulul_vi_von_zulul: OhMyDog Nazzet: The creator BlessRNG Germy_ranch: Chris is a Ghoul OTAKU AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: PedoBear|Clip No.35| https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterHardShrimpPJSalt kaiju_boi: Otaku weeb PepeLaugh spacerino_: Chris must be a New Vegas Ghoul weeb PepeLaugh Mr_Yenny: he is gonna kidnap you monkaS MilchiWay: he cray cray monkaS masterr876: KrazyShark pepeL S4MCH4M: WeirdChamp DaniDuck: you’re racist jesus Pog masterr876: seikisu pepeL Nordein: @KrazyShark danSup TJ_Mellow: Poor Chris masterr876: turbulist ppBeer Final_zebraman: see chat sarge isnt racist Pog KrazyShark: @masterr876 @Nordein elaHYUG TheDankDemon: we jesus PogChamp Germy_ranch: monkaW talkman_: religion WeirdChamp Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh chris doesn’t know Nordein: @KrazyShark danBruh spike_the_space_cowboy: @talkman_ atheists haHAA Claidheamh_Mor: 3 Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh Liransherman: @Elajjaz Roleplay time Headwuend: 4Shrug Martiansam: elaHmm kaiju_boi: W OMEGALUL W emorium: Sarge would help a human Nazzet: PepeLaugh don’t tell chris, chat souldedeh: W OMEGLOL W crashfort: Wow! samutin95: chris wanted to suicide too PepeHands Balanar: W LULW W Jackthewack94: he going the good route or bad ? 😛 Istog: 2 Lomarion: 1 BakedPi: chris is a dick Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz He’s that asshole that was mean to you KrazyShark: @Nordein Dan’s emotes are getting weirder and weirder elaS also some of his tweets FeelsBadMan i get concerned about Daddy’s mental health leifyness: chris is HIDEOUS Annonn140: Kapp armorgear: ANELE Ending incoming skybeaverking: What would the sarge say Dylanluce: YEs mrbreadberry: in visions CiGrip Headwuend: who else? Ruven86: gachiGASM masterr876: beat prox’s 2nd place time on a shitty no reset run LULW where i had to grab eyes of death in catacombs Xanxicar: kill them all elaREE tomnero12: elAYAYA 😮 Tsarine_: well look at him Nordein: @KrazyShark oh I dont go on twitter what happened? DaniDuck: “I didnt kill my child, God did it” Jebaited serralheir0: trkBoom redzero033: PepeHands fatpeasanthunter: place of light & healing gachianime: PepeLaugh mister_cozy: ela7 waywai: WutFace Glenshane: PepeLaugh deltakaze: this feels like dishonored monkaS Jegerkaj: chris in 2019 PepeLaugh Nazzet: D: DaniDuck: D: SiloWang: why does he look like a zombie? KrazyShark: @Nordein nah nothing much, i just think Dan feels lonely sometimes victor_maitland: danBaited billy_herringt0n_: PepeHands Namarax: D: masterr876: godlike silver knights only unfortunately TheXearo: Let them go and then kill Chris when you’re alone with him tytanoox: kill them all talkman_: it’s dansgaming Pog Vivelin: His eyes WutFace zeroundead: Omggggggggg you finally play fallout!! mister_cozy: What’s up with his eyes? Germy_ranch: elaK sure he was Senordingdongs: whats dansgaming doing here Istog: dont tell him ela elaKek serralheir0: danY DaniDuck: 5Head spacerino_: RPing PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: T H R U S T Jegerkaj: 5Head ah, yes Ruven86: danShame xDoomesx: Hey Elajjaz hope ur having fun in one of my favorite Fallout games ionjet: 5Head Sapphire_Breeze: DansGame TheXearo: Mald chris kebabsouls: 5Head sure Viewbotprime: Dan LARPing armorgear: Tell him PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Chris doesn’t know GhostChimera: thrust control gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz forsenRP forsenWhat Haukanne: I need some of that THRUST CONTROL gachiBASS zulul_vi_von_zulul: 5Head serralheir0: is that Daniel ? danY that_solid_dude: FeelsLateMan elaGun TakeItBoi spike_the_space_cowboy: Dan LULW Ruven86: danHmm NaughtyPedro: DansGame Annonn140: PepeLaugh Kappa_Bee: Chat @Elajjaz good sunday PepeL Nazzet: gachiBASS 2-3L catalina_boy: wtf is a liter LUL Kappa_Bee: pepeL Flavrau1: LITERS PogChamp NordicRain: Pog U Headwuend: ez Jegerkaj: Pog ez Nazzet: Chag brot_ok: Champ zulul_vi_von_zulul: PogChamp Flavrau1: Non retarded units PogChamp mrbreadberry: 5Head Annonn140: Pog Rural_Juror_: Pog KrazyShark: @Nordein https://www.instagram.com/p/BzVq2AWH-C-/?igshid=q7wbqzegnffj FeelsBadMan UltraWindow: KKona how much is liters in mouth fulls? bedotheman: Pog Clap NordicRain: Stealign paid off Pog tomnero12: PogChamp Istog: that was easy LUL ultimafia318: Thrust control gachiBASS emorium: they were selling fuel in the gift shops? D: Lagunaab: give him the tip Turbulist: actually using a non retarded unit of measurement Pog tomnero12: POG weebs Nordein: @KrazyShark ahh I see… danCry catalina_boy: 1 liter is 35oz Flavrau1: @Turbulist I feel you PogChamp mrbreadberry: turn up SourPls raqos: monkaW ☢️ SiloWang: Bye Vivelin: BYE LickMyPretzel: byeee monkaS Nazzet: Bye. PepeLaugh D3athKai: byeee HotFireZ: bye Jegerkaj: bye 🙂 Armored_Guy: bai 🙂 Rural_Juror_: bye DekkerDave: BAJ Namarax: bye 🙂 spacerino_: Bye PepeLaugh Jackthewack94: i hope you have a bio suit armorgear: TELL HIM xDoomesx: there is a junk dealer that my have the part Viewbotprime: MERSIVE tomnero12: hi 🙂 Nazzet: Kapp dzemroz: this game is 10/10 ssssip: KrazyShark FeelsBadMan TheXearo: he has a space suit kaiju_boi: OC DO NOT STEAL LULW Lalilulelo25: Oh this quest , i member LUL KrazyShark: @ssssip FeelsBadMan … UltraWindow: i like the inconsistent lore 🙂 Istog: KappaPride ihateleague: i like you @Elajjaz KappaPride mrbreadberry: really cozy too,in a post apocalypti kind of way serralheir0: it’s the best fallout for me danSmile tomnero12: @Lalilulelo25 u member of this quest? Nazzet: PrideFlag majima666: such a shame this series fell and fell hard Annonn140: Pog kaiju_boi: KKona Clap Lolimeistern: Pog KrazyShark: KKona GosuFanboy1: will you play fallout 4 after this? raqos: PridePan Martiansam: LULW WrestlerBot2000: “I always drink responsibility” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 54 souldedeh: PogU odduneven: nice lore LULW makingmemories: there´s still a safe in the basemewnt right Jegerkaj: KKona Clap Seikisu: POGGERS + mrbreadberry: 🤠 Clap Hollow_void: KKona HELL YEA BROTHER spacerino_: NICE LORE LULW Erko42: this game seems WAY better than fallout 4 JAMMnX: KKona Clap kisasu_: kisasu_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! Lalilulelo25: @tomnero12 yes,i member WrestlerBot2000: @kisasu_ After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM mrbreadberry: Chag ZeroKiwi: you’re gonna carry that weight FeelsBadMan Turbulist: Pog ABSNIHTE kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: stanky leg LULW crashfort: elaHi tomnero12: 🙂 waywai: let me guess? that ship will blown up after launching? Jegerkaj: shaky leg monkaSHAKE Nazzet: Pills here FeelsGoodMan 💊 brayska: firefly intesifies Istog: humping the ground LULW princeinnovice: cowboy bebob PepeHands POMA_HEKPOMAHT: Cowboy bebop cosplay AYAYA Gros_shtok: Hey ela and chat pepeL Claidheamh_Mor: @waywai He can pick when he’s done all the quests KurtRustle91: @waywai there are multiple endings for every quest KrazyShark: @Gros_shtok elaHYUG armorgear: @jegerkaj not his leg gachiHYPER Nazzet: @Gros_shtok pepeL Jaushel: @princeinnovice see you, space cowboy PepeHands kaiju_boi: RP walk PepeLaugh Martiansam: @Gros_shtok pepeL Headwuend: ResidentSleeper Odins_pecs: PepeLaugh spacerino_: PepeLaugh VineWood0604: ResidentSleeper KrazyShark: just sleep omeg Gros_shtok: KrazyShark elaHYUG Viewbotprime: Look at his lips PepeLaugh 👉 Chag Vivelin: Also known as: you’re tired xDoomesx: Ed-e is one of the best companion after upgrades Cecilff2: elaCozy Gros_shtok: Nazzet pepeL skybeaverking: elaK why would he wear a space suit if he hates science dami_exe: ResidentSleeper Rural_Juror_: ResidentSleeper Nazzet: Sleeping in 2019 PepeLaugh Seikisu: ResidentSleeper Jegerkaj: 4HEad just sleep Gros_shtok: Martiansam pepeL GosuFanboy1: will you play fallout 4 after this? waywai: interesting LUL brot_ok: forsenSleeper dzemroz: kiss assu gachiBOP serralheir0: ResidentSleeper spacerino_: FALLOUT 4 LULW Viewbotprime: It’s a common affliction among Forsen viewers KrazyShark: @Elajjaz do you ever stare at some girl’s lips sometimes and wonder what they taste like? asking for a friend DekkerDave: @GosuFanboy1 LULW TheXearo: Gros_shtok elaH majima666: “you think you might have the left the oven on, anxiety levels increased” waywai: blow ’em up @elajjaz brot_ok: Pog masterr876: are we still 🤠 justinbliss: LULW Annonn140: DLCs Pog Gros_shtok: TheXearo elaH Odins_pecs: Don’t need sleep when you have G-fuel princeinnovice: @ju odduneven: F OMEGALUL 4 KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz dont bother even, Fallout 4 is disgustingly bad souldedeh: 4 Pog VineWood0604: @Elajjaz Do Fallout 76 vihainenkampela: the dlcs are Pog CurseofSherwood: F OMEGALUL 4 PepeLaugh Jackthewack94: F4 ? spicystuff00: Fallout 4 is a sin Cecilff2: Fallout on consoles OMEGADOWN Tayi_Saito: @majima666 LULW true Germy_ranch: @KrazyShark FeelsWierdMan Nazzet: Pleb-S3 OMEGALUL Sven_sveger: FALLOUT 76 Pog Marinetastic: @Elajjaz fallout 2 is great christhao100: FALL OMEGALUL UT 4 masterr876: even with sunglasses Chag FXYun: Fallout 76 PepeLaugh thelastone666: NV=best Jegerkaj: 4 PepeLaugh dzemroz: fallout 4 isnt fallout Binfz: FALLOUT 4 LULW KrazyShark: @Germy_ranch elaWeird kaiju_boi: F OMEGALUL 4 Headwuend: it’s garbo dami_exe: Fallout 4 is fun but not a great fallout game Annonn140: bethesda fallouts cant even compare to NV Viewbotprime: Fallout 4 is kinda trash Armored_Guy: F4 PepeLaugh shikifujin16: Fallout 3 wouldve been awesome last_whoa: FO76 Pog capitaloffense23: Ela’s 26 CONFIRMED D: catalina_boy: fallout 4 is best in the series talkman_: People hate on everything these days LULW UltraWindow: fallout 4 has a terrible main story KurtRustle91: Its not even a Fallout game really NaomiNow: you mean fallout 76 majima666: fallout 4 was ok……but i couldnt even be bothered to complte it Nazzet: FO76 Pog Sayce: FO4 is worth a playthrough but it isn’t nearly as good as this Germy_ranch: F OMEGALUL 4 LickMyPretzel: It’s still better than FO76 LULW mrbreadberry: its not THAT bad,just a bad Fallout game 🙂 Direxfull: F OMEGALUL 4 Joxih: F4 is way worse that’s why Kopffeine: Fallout 4 is a good enough game, but not really a good Fallout Gros_shtok: FNV is the peak of fallout anyway masterr876: in fallout 4 you actually hit what you aim at Satks: Fallout 4 gameplay is good but the story not so much @Elajjaz kaiju_boi: Alt+FO4 LULW emorium: @Elajjaz Fallout 4=better shooting, way worse RPG mechanics and writing souldedeh: I invested 90+ hours in Fallout 4, it still is the worst one KurtRustle91: @talkman_ what a stupid thing to say S_Darji: F OMEGALUL 4 has a brain dead story captain_elsewhere: the weapon modification and crafting system is abysmal, princeinnovice: @jaushel PepeHands Adios masterr876: but it gets really boring masterr876: elaOk Habitual_Balance: try it yourself Ela Erko42: well fallout 4 is not as bad as fallout 76 LUL HiImShiny: Fallout 4 isn’t a bad game but it is a bad Fallout game, if that makes sense Kappa kisasu_: @dzemroz that’s the 2. time i hear that joke elaKek Lalilulelo25: The New vegas DLCs Kreygasm Raknov: fallout 4 is good if youre not expecting it to be fallout 3/nv @Elajjaz Stenuu: minimap monkaS Hellu: Fallout 76 now that’s the ticket stravv: F4 was so disapointing MiIIiki: shooty looty 4 odduneven: fo4 is ok game but not fallout game Martiansam: fallot 4 is ok ….could have been waaaay better tough …. Rural_Juror_: monkaS Lagunaab: dami is right, the game is good, but not for fallout standards Nazzet: IKEALUL Deam23: FO4 is ok but compared to 3 and NV it is shit kaiju_boi: IKEALUL shikifujin16: what do you plan on gaming after this game @Elajjaz spacerino_: IKEALUL xDoomesx: Dlcs are great just do dead money last cause of a survival special rule in the area Kazamezo: Dude fallout 4 is amazing, don’t listen to these people. Annonn140: Pog LickMyPretzel: tux? Jegerkaj: PepeHands why Wiencong: fallout 4 would be decent game if it wasnt named fallout S4MCH4M: simple things could have fixed fo4 Teddym4n: Chag Djahra: FO4 is alright, but gets kinda boring dzemroz: @Elajjaz NV’s storyline is amazing and thought-out, fallout 4 doesnt have a single quest worth remembering Viewbotprime: Fallout 76, now THAT is what I call a good game spacerino_: @Kazamezo Kapp annjey: PepeUff Headwuend: a SeTtLEmEnt NeEds YoUR heLp mrbreadberry: IKEALUL justinbliss: boone wouldve killed both before they even got close smh Destro82: fallout 4 graphics are though alot better than this Jegerkaj: IKEALUL Nazzet: I like FO4 no1KAY AugenRollen: fo4 is trash MainMercLobo: fallout 4 is a bad RPg ChechW: Fallout 4 has best gameplay, good story setup, but payoff very bad, and bunch of useless systems made for “infinite” playability masterr876: the dark souls 2 of fallout games elaHYUK HiImShiny: fallout 4 is far from amazing its like a 7/10 at best LUL kaiju_boi: relying on vats PepeLaugh KrazyShark: nice fucking ironsight LULW looks like my micropenis Tywona: FO4 is my favorite Fallout majima666: all about that 76 and anthem baby Kazeith: what gun is he using? Johnprince3: Johnprince3 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 25 months! WrestlerBot2000: @johnprince3 After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM serralheir0: take out fallout building and it’s fine danSmile loboz0r: i’ve never played any fallout game before. just the 4 and i liked. maybe its just a bad fallout but not a bad game dunno TheMethos12: IRONsights you get it rooVV GosuFanboy1: yeah i really enjoed it too Istog: @KrazyShark elaWeird mrbreadberry: monkaW Damejii: carried elaB pika_wat: I had to download like 20 mods to even bother finishing 4 knowledge_college: monkaW spicystuff00: @Elajjaz 4 is more of a shooter, you don’t really have any choice when doing quests kaiju_boi: Pog DaniDuck: monkaW vxl__: Pog Germy_ranch: Game that came out 10 years later has better graphics? You don’t say elaK Nazzet: Chag princeinnovice: FO4 LuL spacerino_: RELYING ON VATS WITH 3 PERCEPTION PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Istog elaWeird cato____: fallout 4 fails as an rpg, it’s okay otherwise Oskerd: @Elajjaz Are you using a DLC weapon? A pay to win DansGame Joxih: f4 is a dumb down version of fallout Kraatter: fo4 far harbor was actually pretty cool Lagunaab: achievements Pog Jegerkaj: quick reload PepeLaugh brot_ok: PepeLaugh Stenuu: achie PogChamp cobinhood: The one thing that’s better about fallout 4 is they really improved the iron sights on weapons lPirez: Jebaited Baykusmeister: Sup ela, heyo chatto captain_elsewhere: how do you answed good/evilsnark/i dont know ResidentSleeper LickMyPretzel: I thought you didn’t care about achievements Abdiel_Kavash: FO1-3: survive in an apocalyptic wasteland. FO4: blow shit up in power armor. It’s not a bad game, it’s just different. Nazzet: @Baykusmeister pepeL kaiju_boi: pepeJAM Annonn140: i see the radiaton bar behind his face cam LUL KrazyShark: not getting botle caps monkaW is he that rich Martiansam: @Baykusmeister hello pepeL spacerino_: pepeJAMMER BlorpTheWeak: it’s a tab in pip-boy NotMaloony: @Elajjaz u make very stronk smash SMOrc Martiansam: boom dzemroz: @Elajjaz NV’s storyline is amazing and thought-out, fallout 4 doesnt have a single quest worth remembering kauP: PogU HiImShiny: far harbor was good, wish the rest of fallout 4 was as good as far harbor follow_dat_train: fo4 is a shit meme Nazzet: pepeJAM KanzanZX: F4 is fps not rpg serralheir0: trkBoom Teddym4n: pepeJAM UltraWindow: pepeJAM mrbreadberry: pepeJAM brot_ok: pepeJAM Headwuend: pepeJAM Binfz: pepeJAM S_Darji: pepeJAM DaniDuck: pepeJAM Seikisu: pepeJAM TheGoldenCobra: pepeJAM knowledge_college: pepeJAMMER Jegerkaj: pepeJAM Cecilff2: pepeJAM Martiansam: PabloPls Viewbotprime: pepeJAM ionjet: pepeJAM mentalvary: pepeJAM Kraatter: pepeD vihainenkampela: AlienPls Lagunaab: pepeJAM Glenshane: PepeJAM Fatamerikans: pepeJAM jklob: pepeJAM BLCKX02: pepeJAM SainEdge: pepeJAM Pixel_hearts: ElaJAM LickMyPretzel: KKool RonsuDE: pepeJAM Kappa227: pepeJam cappuccinoweeb: pepeJAM JadedWarrior: KKool kaiju_boi: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER sartorriuss: KKool stravv: pepeJAM that_solid_dude: KKomrade? Annonn140: KKool spacerino_: pepeJAM FXYun: pepeJAM lPirez: danKona 🎻 SnuggleTheHuggle: pepeJAM Flavrau1: pepeJAM Peljack: Elajjaz Will you run something in ESA? masterr876: KKool 🎻 Sven_sveger: pepeJAM Ka_baL: pepeJAM pika_wat: PepePls Motek: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: pepeJAMMEWR emorium: pepeJAM Kappa227: KKool Gros_shtok: KrazyShark pretty sure he just picked up all which closes the menu jumperMACKO: i liked fo 4 but i never used power armor serralheir0: pepeJAM 4Jayco: RainbowPls Rural_Juror_: pepeJAM Glenshane: pepeJAM KurtRustle91: @cobinhood that was already fixed in mods, Bethesda literally just copied the code from Fallout New Vegas mods for most “improvements” lol LickMyPretzel: pepeJAMMER timoteh: KKool stravv: KKool waywai: pepeJAM vxl__: pepeJam souldedeh: KKool CurseofSherwood: pepeJAM S_Darji: KKool ionjet: KKonaW kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Rural_Juror_: SourPls Sheep_stick: KKool Clap SpleX__: pepeJAM MilchiWay: KKona JadedWarrior: KKool MA JAM Headwuend: KKool Emzero: KKool XOD_TV: pepeJAM Negaduck48: FINNALY TheGoldenCobra: KKool 🎻 cato____: @cobinhood all the animations are much better, also models, power armor. I laugh at F4 just as much as most people but let’s give merit where it’s due 👍 Lanshii: pepeJAM Jegerkaj: KKool hell yeah sartorriuss: KKool GuitarTime WVReaper: KKona imLunchy: pepeJAM Baykusmeister: Baykusmeister subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! mister_cozy: KKool GuitarTime WrestlerBot2000: @baykusmeister After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Ruven86: danKona Clap UltraWindow: KKool follow_dat_train: pepeJAM majima666: honestly, the only hope i have for fallout now is for someone to buy the franchise off of bethesda Rus7m: pepeJAM Kiissly: KKool YEEEEHAW AlexAnderman1994: KKool KrazyShark: @Gros_shtok ohh i forgot about that, true true elaOk Tayi_Saito: KKool dami_exe: KKool Headwuend: KKool BRUTHER ar_Tekko: KKool Vanah: KKool GuitarTime SainEdge: KKool spacerino_: KKool HYPERCLAP BlorpTheWeak: achievements are a tab in Pip-Boy Elajjaz Ruven86: danKona HYPERCLAP serralheir0: danKona Nice tunes partner lPirez: nope Annonn140: KKool KKool KKool Luxorion: KKool GuitarTime ElaCOOL emorium: chupacabra!!! Jegerkaj: monkaW lPirez: danKEK Rural_Juror_: KKool GuitarTime kaiju_boi: Commie coward LULW DaniDuck: D: KevKov: KevKov subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 53 months, currently on a 53 month streak! elaH DeathByCrowbar: ahhhh WrestlerBot2000: @kevkov After 53 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Foxxy2013: ANELE POWER NotMaloony: Did I miss the rocket launch? RicHaya: KKona Clap Lalilulelo25: its a tarp ! maxmaxsix3: KKool spacerino_: PepeLaugh Jyatt: y Da_Flanker: LIDL ambush spicystuff00: @NotMaloony Nah Gros_shtok: and you’re rude af dimaria22l: LULW HiImShiny: fallout 4 isn’t that bad but fallout 76 is trash imo, one of the worst games i have ever played DansGame Seikisu: FailFish Irocam: @elajjaz is your raging boner still maintaining the ikea table? gachiHYPER Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh FailFish spacerino_: ZULUL lPirez: ZULUL last_whoa: ZULUL Annonn140: ZULUL odduneven: ZULUL weeb8er: SMOrc BLCKX02: ZULUL xuukiii: ZULUL mrbreadberry: ZULUL Styil: ZULUL kaiju_boi: ZULUL Nandi_hun: ZULUL leokeganlol: ZULUL KrazyShark: ZULUL Oskerd: ZULUL Deid_: ZULUL Hollow_void: ZULUL ssssip: ZULUL AlexAnderman1994: ZULUL vihainenkampela: ZULUL Headwuend: COWARD KKona Succmeister1337: ZULUL Armody: ZULUL Raftelle: ZULUL WrestlerBot2000: 16x ZULUL double digit combo Pog daso: because he doesn’t want to die PepeHands legokim2006: legokim2006 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! HI ELA gonna get a new good job THX for the good stream! WrestlerBot2000: @legokim2006 If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM cato____: ZULUL Sven_sveger: ZULUL masterr876: Chag Turbulist: ZULUL Draddrick: ZULUL JadedWarrior: KKool pepeJAMMER EbiVariance: ZULUL mentalvary: monkaW SilentNewbee: ZULUL Turbulist: Pog kaiju_boi: Champ NosBleid: Pog lPirez: Pog Glenshane: ZULUL retro_raiden: xzeroLUL weeb8er: BETHESDA ZULUL Jegerkaj: screams monkaW KrazyShark: Chag follow_dat_train: sell it FXYun: Pog Rural_Juror_: monkaW Annonn140: Pog kaiju_boi: Pog RAMEN LickMyPretzel: yes Monster5crak: FINALLY PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: yup NordicRain: yes vihainenkampela: yes Pog joaolrc2: atomic flower armorgear: yes dzemroz: yeah he was supposed to shred some cows Joxih: yea WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! samutin95: Chupacabra with an automatic weapon monkaW mrbreadberry: monkaW joaolrc2: monkaGun KrazyShark: brah imLunchy: monkaW TheDankDemon: THE CHUBEECAAAABRAAA souldedeh: KKool Jegerkaj: monkaW cows in the head Da_Flanker: Interesting Lagunaab: yeah the farmer had his cows getting kidnapped KrazyShark: sick quest brah xd Annonn140: KKool Sherman26: KKona SoloBunny: a leg ally TheXearo: guibberish wittedboss99: is that a silence of the lambs reference? raqos: AYAYA ? Scyrol: KKool emorium: a-leg-edly 🙂 waywai: LUL dami_exe: a leg ally talkman_: Take the minigun DansGame Annonn140: KKool hell yeah LickMyPretzel: hiroshima nagasaki KKool WVReaper: pepehands mentalvary: this song elaWeird Grimesi: KKona GuitarTime Drachenreiter: lmao these lyrics fabulwesen_: what the fuck is this song lmao odduneven: this house near cato____: this song monkaW ergoproxie: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime depressedfrogposter: send the third one NaM 립병: search those houses? imLunchy: pepeJAM Giacomand: @Elajjaz it’s an untracked quest CatatonicSonic: AAATOMIC POOOOOOWEEEER armorgear: it’s in the house next to tje brahmines McBunky: @elajjaz are you enjoying this gmae? it’s a favorite of mine Rural_Juror_: KKool GuitarTime SainEdge: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: This song is a bit controversial OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime commie coward KKool GuitarTime SerVersta: the house there Von_Gnome: THAT HOUSE NosBleid: KKool Da_Flanker: Are you listening to conelrad? Jegerkaj: KKool blow up some more countries spacerino_: J OMEGALUL B DrWarde: E Germy_ranch: pepeJAMMER MainMercLobo: that isnt a quest its like a special encounter HiImShiny: congrats skybeaverking: This song anti- AYAYA TheXearo: sleep 립병: nah for that subquest KrazyShark: @Elajjaz yo im getting a new geeky weeb gf, believe it Zygon___: 2 was not enough NaM LickMyPretzel: pepeJAM kaiju_boi: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER mozhartt: KKool Sven_sveger: NotLikeThis Von_Gnome: FOR THE QUEST Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Seikisu: pepeJAM spacerino_: KKool last_whoa: uranium fever KKool lPirez: KKool Turbulist: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER Kopffeine: Did you get that mod from stormfront WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Deid_: KKool Giacomand: PepeLaugh Cecilff2: Did ela send Boone back to novac? jklob: KKool Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime URANIUM FEVER KKool GuitarTime FourmiSaumon: URANIUM FEVER Ruven86: danKona HYPERCLAP kaiju_boi: yoinked PepeLaugh mister_cozy: URAAAAAAAAAAAAANIUM FEVER depressedfrogposter: 3rd one to fix the anime problem NaM Grimesi: TriHard Clap odduneven: TriHard Clap mister_cozy: KKool Armody: This quest is from one of these houses @Elajjaz KevKov: TriHard imLunchy: pepeJAM . fNandow: KKool LickMyPretzel: URAAAAAAAAAANIUM FEVER Pirilol: YOINK Rus7m: TriHard Von_Gnome: URAAAAAAAAANIUM FEVER Xanxicar: pepeJAM Uranium fever pepeJAM RicHaya: moon2GN mine S_Darji: KKool GuitarTime Motek: PepeLaugh streamer doesn’t know fakerello: FO4 songs KKool TheXearo: sleep Ela WVReaper: pepeJAM MainMercLobo: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. spacerino_: Yoink Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz This town is called NOVAC because those are the lights on the hotel (for No Vacancy) Martiansam: ElaJAMMER Joxih: federal crime masterr876: poor man ordered duct tape and you yoink it D: raqos: pepeJAM loboz0r: this song is in FO4 princeinnovice: Yoink Haukanne: pepeJAM HeraldOfHarolds: this songs great spacerino_: SLEEEP TheGoldenCobra: KKool GuitarTime mister_cozy: KKool elaGun Rural_Juror_: Pog KrazyShark: Pog Tasarion: pepeJAM Febox: KKool Meximus322: KKool GuitarTime JadedWarrior: KKool 👉 ☢️ NuvemCogumelo: KKool elzam: song slaps for sure souldedeh: KKool Toplay92: why tf is the music so loud? LUL retro_raiden: cirShades fabulwesen_: LUL last_whoa: LULW Shah138: rip Motek: LULW Da_Flanker: Nice souldedeh: DansGame 4Jayco: F Damejii: F Turbulist: LULW RicHaya: LULW Flavrau1: I really love you twitch chat OMEGALUL vxl__: LULW mentalvary: LULW Glenshane: LULW Meximus322: LULW Rus7m: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: monkaW HiImShiny: LUL Hollow_void: LULW fNandow: LULW Numenization: oofas kaiju_boi: crashed LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Bieberhunter: elaKek Lanshii: OMEGALUL MainMercLobo: OMEGALUL CheetoInChief: LULW spacerino_: OMEGALUL 립병: lol DaniDuck: LUL KrazyShark: ???????? Kraatter: F deltakaze: LUL Vivelin: roo7 MartinVP: LUL Soadante: monkaW Sheep_stick: LULW talkman_: LULW Purist01: LULW Bas996: D: mizoreeee: LULW LokiTheElusive: LULW SainEdge: LULW raqos: lulw Odins_pecs: PepeLaugh S_Darji: LULW mrbreadberry: LULW captain_elsewhere: F ? Deus_Ex_Nihilis: LULW Xanxicar: DansGame FXYun: monkaW Rural_Juror_: ???? Lochness1: F EbiVariance: LULW ssssip: LULE zulul_vi_von_zulul: Kappa Andros5: Well loboz0r: LULW AintEasyBeingCheesy: LULW Darkshadows6662: F KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Annonn140: monkaW Lagunaab: so it begins Lalilulelo25: LUL NovusAnimus: LUL troublematicc: BETHESDA LULW Daerth_: LULW cenfict: LUL TheXearo: F LULW crashfort: LOL pyduuu: LULW TJ_Mellow: elaKek schlawinator: LULW Jegerkaj: LULW FALLOUT BTW AlexAnderman1994: OMEGLOL Sheep_stick: LULW Clap Wwaaaz: PepeLaugh Raykess25: LUL LUL MasterMalpercio: rooKek mods strike again LickMyPretzel: F? LeVincente: LULW Draddrick: LULW Joxih: lulw FXYun: LULW Sven_sveger: ?????? Haukanne: LULW Lagunaab: LULW Toplay92: monkaS masterr876: D: GlenGoyne: fallout baby! princeinnovice: LULW Shinda_Kikai: F Kiissly: LUL LUL LUL LUL DaniDuck: first one LUL waywai: LULW Deccesus: CLASSIC LULW Efrondil: LULW Lexikun: elaKek fakerello: MODS OMEGALYL RealLifeTsundere: good ol fallout emorium: oh teah, THIS is new vegas! lloydbannings: DansGame I WAS JAMMING Draddrick: karma JamrockZX7R: welcome to Fallout! mister_cozy: OMEGALUL serralheir0: good old Bethesda danSmile Rural_Juror_: F dami_exe: URANIUM FEVER elaREE Febox: CLASSIC NEW VEGAS fakerello: M OMEGALUL DS retro_raiden: cirBlech Styil: Thanks Todd LULW h3adhunt3rrc: LULW Bombycilla: o.o christhao100: LULW BETHESDA Martiansam: elaKek elaKek elaKek HeraldOfHarolds: LUL dangin: LULW ColeCachoo: nice game LUL NaomiNow: bugthesda strikes again Flavrau1: LULW paulxo_: IT JUST WORKS LULW Epiktakguy: Todd DansGame Germy_ranch: CTD DansGame Joxih: first SainEdge: there was an autosave Toplay92: really? Lagunaab: good thing game saves when you enter a house LULW waywai: bBETHESDA BABY 4Jayco: It just works SunEyeQ: that was smooth TimothyTurnerThe1st: won’t be the last Streamleen: Many happy returns! Kraatter: this game crashes a lot PepeLaugh NotMaloony: not the last kaiju_boi: AND NOT THE LAST @Elajjaz LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz radio mod probably crashing it Xanxicar: will not be the last LuL Lochness1: DAMN YOU TODD ZeroKiwi: hope it wasn’t the radio mod schlawinator: Classic Bethesda LULW spacerino_: Kapp skybeaverking: Fun detected elaYes EbiVariance: The fallout experience FeelsGoodMan Clap SixxGoodlol: will not be the last elaKek loboz0r: 1/557 lets go Claidheamh_Mor: IT JUST WERKS Pog Dyvid44: IT JUST WORKS Kiissly: T OMEGALUL D D Meximus322: pepeJAM Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime raqos: pepeJAM Jegerkaj: KKool dami_exe: ElaJAM UUUURRRRAAAAANIUM FEVER ElaJAM alekzander_1234: song too awful Labargoth: KKool JadedWarrior: KKool ldierk: really? for me it was constantly crashing TheGoldenCobra: KKool GuitarTime Xanxicar: pepeJAM Uranium fever pepeJAM S_Darji: KKool Clap Snacko_Saurus_Rex: pepeJAM Toplay92: kKool retro_raiden: save files lose cirD timoteh: PepeLaugh It’s not a bug, it’s a FEATURE SainEdge: KKool Da_Flanker: Should have installed CASM. It saves for you. Turbulist: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER crashfort: todd PunOko majima666: you would think that the survivors of the nuclear holocaust would choose songs that dont glorify the atomic/nuclear age kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime masterr876: back to KKool lloydbannings: ElaJAM Grimesi: my alcohol now TriHard Clap mister_cozy: KKool GuitarTime DaniDuck: Now this is the bethesda experience Pog TheDankDemon: TODD BlessRNG Soadante: KKool princeinnovice: SeemsGood Todd for ya UltraWindow: chug down all that alcohol elaThirst its lore friendly sartorriuss: KKool GuitarTime micke187: odd crash. kebabsouls: KKool Chuami: KKool 4Jayco: Take all the government land POGGERS 립병: find somewhere with kettle herd Flavrau1: KKool GuitarTime blacky_lucky: how do you like it so far? @Elajjaz jklob: KKool Toplay92: KKool kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime pepeJAMMER KKool GuitarTime pepeJAMMER KKool GuitarTime pepeJAMMER wx__78: RareEla Wiencong: wasnt new vegas made by obsidian? 립병: cage or sth LickMyPretzel: monkaS Annonn140: D: Motek: Grave robber D: odduneven: odnD Claidheamh_Mor: @majima666 you’re making the mistake of assuming that americans arent dumb LUL Grimesi: HandsUp KrazyShark: HANDSUP Glenshane: HandsUp spacerino_: HandsUp LeVincente: HandsUp EbiVariance: D: Szachalasznik: HandsUp Deid_: HandsUp MainMercLobo: @Wiencong yea JadedWarrior: HandsUp Kiissly: HandsUp UltraWindow: you need to sleep VikingAspire: HandsUp mentalvary: HandsUp Raftelle: HandsUp Wwaaaz: gachiBASS The hydra ! Sheep_stick: HandsUp Clap Styil: HandsUp mister_cozy: casually robbing graves elaK ssssip: HandsUp dami_exe: ElaJAM UUUURRRRAAAAANIUM FEVER ElaJAM Omnicon241210: Ela is looking tanned EbiVariance: HandsUp pika_wat: Hydra gachiBASS AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp Direxfull: HandsUp bahngleiswilli: OMEGLOL graverobber Kraatter: heil hydra ela7 SainEdge: HandsUp LickMyPretzel: Jeannie May DansGame ergoproxie: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER King_Insane: @Elajjaz not sure if you’ve read this but sometimes auto-saves can be unstable in fallout games when transitioning zones like going inside/outside or fast travelling – if you encounter this more often disable them in the options menu Jegerkaj: HandsUp summon it Crab_with_Tophat: @Wiencong yes but its bethesdas engine Motek: Me 🙂 Drachenreiter: Yes Wiencong, but it’s using Bethesda’s godawful engine SunEyeQ: me 🙂 zotexlowbob: me 🙂 vxl__: me 🙂 1marcio080: i do 🙂 dami_exe: me 🙂 Annonn140: me 🙂 SainEdge: me 🙂 Da_Flanker: Americans spacerino_: OMEGALUL Lalilulelo25: i do 🙂 Numenization: i do 🙂 dzemroz: and how jklob: KKona Clap Soadante: me 🙂 VineWood0604: me 🙂 raqos: ME 🙂 Jegerkaj: FRIDGE LOCK PepeLaugh EbiVariance: Me 🙂 Febox: me 🙂 Styil: 🙂 Draddrick: i do 🙂 Kazeith: me 🙂 RicHaya: me 🙂 mrbreadberry: i do 🙂 mister_cozy: i do 🙂 Kiissly: AYA HYDRA HandsUp Kraatter: i dont 🙂 PedroSamaa: me 🙂 maduinn: i do 🙂 Rural_Juror_: LUL emorium: someone who doesn’t want you to steal shit cakeordeath11: I lock my freezer 🙂 Sven_sveger: me 🙂 Germy_ranch: I do 🙂 S_Darji: at least it didn’t fuck up your saves and had to reinstall and delete all saves PepeHands Geralt_of_Syria: LULW loboz0r: sanji aizawa49: me 🙂 NordicRain: Not locking your fridge FeelsWeirdMan ChumboMalone: someone that is in a wasteland where food is scarce LULW LickMyPretzel: Why wouldn’t you? KrazyShark: elaD my food PepeHands Cecilff2: elaOP This guy will steal my food if I dont F0rbiddenDonut: @Claidheamh_Mor scuse me danW princeinnovice: we all 🙂 립병: wait ya don’t lose Karma cakeordeath11: My freezer has a lock… but it has wheels LULW Rural_Juror_: STEALING zfgMad callsign__apollo: in a dystopian future I would Jegerkaj: stealing 😡 립병: but why akmannen: stealing mac and cheese how rude D: mister_cozy: i lock my chairs at night 🙂 DaniDuck: they lock them because of some fuckin racist dude stealing their fucking food Lv_100: well you just proved the point why they lock it @Elajjaz kaiju_boi: 🤠 ZeroKiwi: Coral? dimaria22l: Pog mister_cozy: D-dad? monkaW Lagunaab: i dooono pekkaatte122: Pog Turbulist: Pog UltraWindow: alice elaThirst Styil: Brother KKona HiImShiny: coral? Lmao spacerino_: KKona Flavrau1: KKool AlexAnderman1994: TakeThis Jegerkaj: KKona steaks zotexlowbob: KKona thank you brotha Annonn140: KKona LickMyPretzel: KKona waywai: Pog Cecilff2: elaOP HYPERCLAP detective_columbo: Hi @Elajjaz! Hi chat! elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH Flavrau1: KKona Guns and Freedom talkman_: TakeThis LickMyPretzel: Wouldn’t those steaks spoil mister_cozy: KKool Clap spicystuff00: SCAMMED HiImShiny: Steal all of his shit Kappa Kraatter: OMEGALUL Rural_Juror_: steaks Pog Odins_pecs: Paid in steaks PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: accepted FeelsGoodMan Da_Flanker: Novac’s pretty cool Annonn140: Pog DaniDuck: @detective_columbo elaH TheH3llraiser: free meat in fridge Pog LickMyPretzel: paid in steaks OMEGALUL Febox: accepted FeelsGoodMan Jegerkaj: KKool 🎻 Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime kaiju_boi: forsenWC Xanxicar: KKool Soadante: KKool S_Darji: KKool ZeroKiwi: He’s helpful, but he’ll steal all your shit too Raftelle: FeelsGoodMan Clap Germy_ranch: PepeHands Johnny Guitar Kristoferr_: KKool Meximus322: KKool Darth_Kredol: HELO PEEPS elaOk 👉🏻( Lv_100: chat crying is the funniest shit ever LULW Zalinero_: PepoDance UltraWindow: pepeJAM triggered by sound NaomiNow: dabadee dabedi ChumboMalone: Dude didnt have money for a beat so he made his own LULW MurphV: Want an Ant burger? JamrockZX7R: The song has a good message just sounds terrible lol jklob: pepeJAM Kazamezo: This song is amazing what are you guys on about? LUL Jyatt: this song is sick raqos: THIS SONG WeirdChamp THIS SONG WeirdChamp THIS SONG WeirdChamp THIS SONG WeirdChamp Lolimeistern: pepeJAM Darth_Kredol: AlienPls RareEla AlienPls kaiju_boi: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Annonn140: it actually fits the lore and the age TheDankDemon: DUM DAD DI DI Bakurretsu: ElaJAM Sourcehunter: Did he kill boone or did boone die himself? PepeLaugh Sloaks: EljanPls (ditto) EljanPls salpo_nolobio: PepoDance da da dee dee dan da da PepoDance deeda deeda da dee da PepoDance dimaria22l: the shop’s radio is good dami_exe: what an aboslute b a n g e r Xirn: AlienPls da da dee di AlienPls cheekibreeki00: im freaking out osdkfsid: BAPA DAPA DEE KurtRustle91: @samutin95 triggered? It just sounds like trash dude. Like why not fill the mod radio channel with classics or something kaiju_boi: is this the 10hr version? LUL Max_____: PepoDance da da dee dee dan da da PepoDance deeda deeda da dee da PepoDance JimiJam69: elaGa Dadade elaGa Splash__Woman: “THIS SONG BabyRage UGH!” chat, cmon this is hilarious to laugh about. elaHmm Darth_Kredol: EljanPls StinkyCheese92: pepeJAM HiImShiny: how fucking long is this song? fatpeasanthunter: indian bollywood song Da_Flanker: It fits, but it’s still OMEGALUL Martiansam: it sucks tough Brodama: this song is so ggggaaaaaaaa- jenda69: @Elajjaz you can buy weapon mods, to upgrade your weapons MurphV: @Elajjaz sounds like your abomination of a language kekkaxd: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper salpo_nolobio: PepoDance da da dee dee dan da da PepoDance deeda deeda da dee da PepoDance . IceCream20: you need a high iq to appreciate this song Methun: Methun subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @methun the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Flavrau1: or deal some damage Da_Flanker: Hey it’s over ScienceSloth: PepeHands UltraWindow: pepeJAM Martiansam: elaGa daddada dadididid raqos: pepeJAM dami_exe: pepeJAM kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Parfumerie: pepeJAM pepeJAM jklob: KKool emorium: this was the system of a down of its day holdyourfire: pepeJAM Sloaks: ElaJAMMER Spectre_700: pepeJAMMER CMON CHAT captain_elsewhere: a song from 1920’s about stopping bombs being made 100 tyears later there are 100 times more bombs now than back then monkaW Darth_Kredol: ElaCOOL ElaCOOL Tirabolos: pepeJAM Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Splash__Woman: @HiImShiny i like how you say that. it’s over. elaKek salpo_nolobio: PepoDance HotFireZ: pepeJAM Da_Flanker: Back to regular music lPirez: KKool Splash__Woman: SourPls JadedWarrior: KKool HELLYA ViveLaDissidence: KKool GuitarTime Flavrau1: KKool GuitarTime kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime fNandow: KKool knowledge_college: pepeJAMMER salpo_nolobio: monkaS princeinnovice: pepeD KevKov: ElaJAMMER MAGNUMDOLLARz: getting scammed Darth_Kredol: ElaJAMMER brot_ok: KKool Splash__Woman: KKool GuitarTime Brodama: KKona HELL YEAH BROTHER Lalilulelo25: Almost sounded liek Batman old intro music TheGoldenCobra: KKool GuitarTime StinkyCheese92: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: KKool MurphV: people are so stupid Martiansam: KKool Sloaks: danKona HYPERCLAP PhilRamirez: PepeUff scripted_kuan: its calypso style of singing Spectre_700: KKool GuitarTime Brodama: KKona YEEEEEEE-HAW captain_elsewhere: cant fast travel overencumbered LickMyPretzel: pepeJAMMER brot_ok: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: He didn’t knew danKEK pika_wat: OpieOP overencumbered serralheir0: danXD Meximus322: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: You can with a perk I think Turbulist: LULW Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh NissM: LULW kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: @Elajjaz BOOZE EVERY TIME YOU FAST TRAVEL 😡 Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Bakurretsu: LULW Elfualoco2003: dan subs haHAA Splash__Woman: HE LACKED CRITICAL INFORMATION calebKek holdyourfire: LULW Cecilff2: PepeLaugh UiVgray: PepeLaugh dami_exe: stop scrolling me WutFace Kopffeine: Use the mailbox you are standing next to. Exedil: pepeD Lalilulelo25: Just loose weight 4Head Serulean_Cadence: danWave cyberneticz_: These songs are terrible in comparison to the Native games music. Spectre_700: KKool GuitarTime UnceasingTop: mailbox to novac AlexAnderman1994: KKool thecyanosaurusrex: is it borderless windowed? you need to swap the focus away from the chat window before you tab back in Doomerttv: KKool brot_ok: Failed RP FeelsWeirdMan skybeaverking: He cant see us PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: F Ningiety: just use console cheat to upgrade weight limit captain_elsewhere: F Darth_Kredol: monkaW mrbreadberry: F brot_ok: LULW bizer_boy: hallo @Elajjaz TurboColon: F Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW thecyanosaurusrex: F salpo_nolobio: rip EbiVariance: F LickMyPretzel: F cappuccinoweeb: F Sourcehunter: F captain_elsewhere: hellow2F DaniDuck: F monkaW SainEdge: monkaW Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh F spacerino_: LULW UiVgray: OMEGADOWN SixxGoodlol: monkaW MiIIiki: noice music GARIIISH: LULW ChumboMalone: Tabbing out of a fallout game LULW Splash__Woman: F princeinnovice: F BigBagieta: monkaW ViveLaDissidence: F jklob: PepeLaugh Seikisu: F darkavenger_42: F Bxadd: monkaW samutin95: F SnarksterJr: F StarPogPlatinum: monkaW SerVersta: F SittingOx: monkaS Habitual_Balance: moon2A Jackthewack94: F Emzero: monkaW RicHaya: LULW kaiju_boi: Pog IangIey: F HiImShiny: yeah it does not like when you alt tab Kiissly: f Da_Flanker: Saved salpo_nolobio: pepeD Splash__Woman: Pog LickMyPretzel: okay monkaS Turbulist: Pog Not F spacerino_: SAVED Pog Darth_Kredol: Pog raqos: pepeJAM JadedWarrior: monkaW ??? EndlessMoose: pepeD SainEdge: pepeJAM GARIIISH: SAVED Pog thatpeaoverthere: Pog ViveLaDissidence: Pog Abdiel_Kavash: Anyone else just listening to the radio and ignoring the gameplay? wolskLUL BigBagieta: SAVED Pog TurboColon: Saved Pog KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz seems like the mod is causing issues StarPogPlatinum: danY MilchiWay: monkaS SnarksterJr: Pog not F Lalilulelo25: Imersion ruined 🙁 DaniDuck: SAVED Pog cappuccinoweeb: PogChamp Gigantio: the timing tho Viewbotprime: Bugthesda Motek: monkaW mrbreadberry: Chag saved crashfort: todd Glenshane: Pog Annonn140: this music fits the atmosphere of the game though Kazeith: Pog Geralt_of_Syria: Jebaited banana_manai: F Darth_Kredol: pepeD MiIIiki: Jebaited kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Splash__Woman: ADV. Dehydration monkaS Darth_Kredol: PepoDance captain_elsewhere: oh fallout new vegas elaKek DaniDuck: the bugs are happening now chat LULW TheXearo: she’s rich Doomerttv: Show me your wares gachiBASS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! c3lix: It just WORKS OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: Yeah, the radio fits. Obe weird song don’t make it bad. Sloaks: gachiOnFIRE GuitarTime VikingDogg: this is no ordinary dehydration this is … ADVANCED DEHYDRATION Da_Flanker: ONE* brot_ok: come here elaThirst Jackthewack94: get rid of conductor and fission batteries weight a ton JadedWarrior: pepeD WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Spectre_700: elaGa Clap Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh cappuccinoweeb: 5MM Annonn140: missles osdkfsid: DarkMode Dreshi: 5mm anibit: @Elajjaz gonna play Sea of Solitude? 립병: sell anything ya aint use NeverNotDead: when scat was a music genre but now a porn catergory Feelsbadman Annonn140: sell missle SnarksterJr: does he even know you can sort inventory? DaniDuck: why not sell the ncr money? elaHmm captain_elsewhere: 5mm Da_Flanker: The one you don’t need Annonn140: s ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know PepeLaugh fabulwesen_: 5mm Splash__Woman: 5MM are for miniguns ultimafia318: first fallout problems PepeLaugh MilchiWay: ammo has no weight dont sell StarPogPlatinum: Wait, he didn’t have the room yet ? pekkaatte122: the ones you dont use c3lix: u are rich boy lochlan1414: missiles 5mm and engery packs Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime commanderzx2: 5 mm is for minigun only TheUnholyMagnus: Minigun Armored_Guy: 4Shrug UnceasingTop: ElaHoarder Joxih: 5mm if not using minigun Turbulist: 5mm not 5.56mm Elettrodomestico: how far is he in the main quest? Doomerttv: YEAH KKool captain_elsewhere: minigun Viewbotprime: KKona This is one mighty fine radio station pardner KKool GuitarTime LickMyPretzel: yes Splash__Woman: MINIGUNS. Emilalv: Hi ela and chat! how rae you all today? elaH elaHi Da_Flanker: Mhm Dreshi: ye dimaria22l: @MilchiWay it does in this mode Stalker586: 5.56=Assault rifle fabulwesen_: miniguns DaniDuck: @Elajjaz why not sell the ncr money? elaHmm kaiju_boi: pepeJAMMER LickMyPretzel: PepoDance ELAYZA: compilation of most annoying music tbh LUL Kopffeine: Assault Carbine / Minigun Splash__Woman: ye. anibit: elaHYUG elaHYUK Da_Flanker: Emilalv elaHi Madliberator: assault carbine uses 5mm too TheH3llraiser: minugin and Assault rifle actually MilchiWay: oh Darth_Kredol: PepoDance Emilalv: Sorry I havenät been able to watch latly elaFeels Spectre_700: Elajjaz come here… COME HERE! NeverNotDead: oooo this song is a banger BLCKX02: FeelsGoodMan Clap Splash__Woman: KKool talkman_: pepeJAM RicHaya: pepeD salpo_nolobio: PepoDance UltraWindow: pepeJAM mrbreadberry: minigun and some assault rifles thecyanosaurusrex: BURT Martiansam: @Elajjaz what if you find a enrgy weapon you like ? elaHmm SittingOx: pepeJAM Da_Flanker: FeelsGoodMan Clap Draddrick: FeelsGoodMan NissM: Emilalv nrdyPrivet pepeL lPirez: FeelsGoodMan captain_elsewhere: 🐢 Irocam: FeelsGoodMan Clap samutin95: Bert FeelsGoodMan Rus7m: pepeJAM DaniDuck: BURT Pog Luxorion: pepeD masterr876: bert MingLee LickMyPretzel: 🐢 burt S_Darji: PepoDance jklob: FeelsGoodMan osdkfsid: MEGAGUN SMOrc kaiju_boi: Pog burt the turt Cecilff2: FeelsGoodMan Clap Armored_Guy: PepoDance Abdiel_Kavash: 🐢 Vivelin: What the fuck? LULW Splash__Woman: pepeJAMMER Lolimeistern: Bert the turtle pepeJAM KurtRustle91: Garbage mod LULW Fatamerikans: pepeJAM Habitual_Balance: lmao ngffffff: FeelsGoodMan Clap Viewbotprime: FeelsGoodMan Clap sartorriuss: WutFace Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap Darth_Kredol: 🐢 AlienPls 🐢 AlienPls 🐢 AlienPls Sloaks: FeelsGoodMan Tirabolos: FeelsGoodMan Clap Halldan: pepeD TheXearo: pepeJAMMER zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap mister_cozy: FeelsGoodMan Clap TheGoldenCobra: PepoDance raqos: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Emilalv: @Da_Flanker @NissM elaH Vanah: PepoDance Sourcehunter: Clap2 PepoDance Clap EbiVariance: FeelsGoodMan Clap captain_elsewhere: duck and cover elaKek SainEdge: FeelsGoodMan Clap thecyanosaurusrex: FeelsGoodMan Rus7m: DuckerZ Martiansam: PepoDance yeeee Seikisu: PepoDance Bakurretsu: FeelsGoodMan Clap majima666: burt the turtle tho JimiJam69: elaGa Duck and Cover elaGa VikingAspire: FeelsGoodMan Clap Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 Armored_Guy: DuckerZ Khalus90: please put the real music on i want big iron WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ whiteyy__: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Rus7m: PepoDance Irocam: DuckerZ Clap MasterMalpercio: rooDuck becomeTom: 🐢 💣 JadedWarrior: FeelsGoodMan Clap kaiju_boi: FeelsGoodMan Clap vxl__: FeelsGoodMan Clap mister_cozy: DuckerZ Clap SilentNewbee: FeelsGoodMan Clap Deid_: FeelsGoodMan Clap kebabsouls: PepoDance PepoDance Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 Viewbotprime: YAY PepoDance StarPogPlatinum: DuckerZ Doomerttv: Duck and cover FeelsGoodMan Clap LickMyPretzel: FeelsGoodMan Clap Glenshane: FeelsGoodMan Clap DaniDuck: DuckerZ Clap kaiju_boi: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Tasarion: DuckerZ Splash__Woman: duck and cover. elaOP Habitual_Balance: moon2SMERG moon2SMERG moon2SMERG moon2SMERG mrbreadberry: FeelsGoodMan Clap kuso_joshi: Polnareff PepeHands Armored_Guy: DuckerZ Clap Viewbotprime: FeelsGoodMan Clap busky_maldsack: FeelsGoodMan Clap MilchiWay: DuckerZ kaiju_boi: FeelsGoodMan Clap whiteyy__: AlienPls Martiansam: FeelsGoodMan SnakeBites: FeelsGoodMan Clap Febox: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap Kiissly: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 Sourcehunter: Clap2 PepoDance Clap Clap2 PepoDance Clap Clap2 PepoDance Clap Clap2 PepoDance Clap Clap2 PepoDance Clap Darth_Kredol: ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 stravv: WidePeepoHappy KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz this mod is terrible dude, all the songs suck ass LeVincente: FeelsGoodMan Clap NeverNotDead: this song was number 1 for 3 months @Elajjaz Kiissly: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Spania33: TaBeRu Darth_Kredol: ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 Seikisu: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 samutin95: ABSOLUTE BANGER LULW Glaskarotte: atheneFacepalm zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap duuutt captain_elsewhere: chat is such a bunch of five year olds elaKek just like me ergoproxie: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER lordpurplecheese: Feelsweirdman lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 BURT THE TURTLE TheRipMan: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap timoteh: FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG whiteyy__: pepeD Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 Viewbotprime: Joke’s on you im 12 Abdiel_Kavash: Isn’t this an actual cold war era song? 😀 S_Darji: 🦆 and Cover 🦆 and Cover 🦆 and Cover Febox: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Kiissly: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap timoteh: FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG ray131471: SELL YOUR CUP ,DUDE StarPogPlatinum: FeelsGoodMan Clap zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap sing with us ela DaniDuck: @Elajjaz why do you keep the ncr money? elaHmm kaiju_boi: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Halldan: FeelsGoodMan Clap Armored_Guy: FeelsGoodMan Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 jade282: FeelsGoodMan Clap NaM_NaM_NaM: pepeJAM Rus7m: FeelsGoodMan Clap Sheep_stick: big iron died for this FeelsBadMan PepeHands lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap StarPogPlatinum: DuckerZ S_Darji: FeelsGoodMan Da_Flanker: FeelsGoodMan Clap Darth_Kredol: AlienPls AlexAnderman1994: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap TheH3llraiser: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Armored_Guy: Clap2 DuckerZ LeVincente: FeelsGoodMan Clap Sloaks: FeelsGoodMan 👉 🐢 RicHaya: FeelsGoodMan Clap pepeD Halldan: DuckerZ lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap SnarksterJr: yeah I heard this song in school I think serralheir0: this music is better than artifact danSmile StarPogPlatinum: DuckerZ Clap MORFHI: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Sheep_stick: big iron died for this FeelsBadMan PepeHands big iron died for this FeelsBadMan PepeHands Ellycat1: FeelsGoodMan Clap DuckerZ KurtRustle91: If by wholesome you mean it sucks mrbreadberry: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap SainEdge: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap LickMyPretzel: Why is everyone saying wholesome nowadays NotLikeThis TheGoldenCobra: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Darth_Kredol: ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 ppHop 🐢 captain_elsewhere: yes it is Abdiel_Kavash its about getting under school desks when a bomb hits EndlessMoose: FeelsGoodMan Clap KrazyShark: YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap JimiJam69: @Elajjaz If you click the arrows next to ITEMS you an cycle though inventory better gild0n: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Kiissly: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan 👉 🐢 zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap KrazyShark: YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap HiImShiny: duck and cover SainEdge: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Kiissly: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap PhilRamirez: PepoDance Luxorion: 🦆 & forsenWC whiteyy__: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap SilentNewbee: FeelsGoodMan Clap SnarksterJr: ppBeer Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 Da_Flanker: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap KrazyShark: @Luxorion LULW SainEdge: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap timoteh: FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG FeelsGoodMan SING ALONG TheRipMan: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan C waywai: not enough caps dumdum TheGoldenCobra: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap retro_raiden: cirShades KrazyShark: DuckerZ Xanxicar: Hero elaSmile thecyanosaurusrex: @Elajjaz does she have enough money for that? Vanah: FeelsGoodMan Clap lPirez: D: Toplay92: why tf did i get timed out? LUL pepega twitch bots fatpeasanthunter: wait ela , she only have 184 CAPS absolut3z3ro: not the vodka JimiJam69: @Elajjaz If you click the arrows next to ITEMS you an cycle though inventory categories EbiVariance: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 mister_cozy: Clap2 DuckerZ c3lix: She only has 184 caps LUL Spectre_700: retro_raiden pepeL DaniDuck: @Elajjaz why do you keep the ncr money? elaHmm StarPogPlatinum: 🐢 JadedWarrior: pepeJAMMER Shrimpess: FeelsGoodMan Clap Clap2 DuckerZ fatpeasanthunter: scammmed LickMyPretzel: and every turtle is very alert ZeroKiwi: Save! Spectre_700: FeelsGoodMan Clap 🐢 Armored_Guy: FeelsGoodMan Clap Clap2 DuckerZ Halldan: FeelsGoodMan Clap Bert crashfort: elaCozy 🐢 elaCozy 🐢 elaCozy 🐢 capitanodorito: WASTED LULW KrazyShark: YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap Sloaks: ppHop 🐢 ppHop :turtle: MORFHI: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap ergoproxie: FeelsGoodMan Clap2 FeelsGoodMan Clap2 FeelsGoodMan Clap2 FeelsGoodMan Clap2 lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap ultimafia318: 10 hour version FeelsAmazingMan mrbreadberry: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap stravv: FeelsGoodMan Clap Seikisu: FeelsGoodMan Clap SnarksterJr: elaGa chat, she had 1800 Direxfull: Visit merchant in dinosaur ZeroKiwi: save before you crash again lol captain_elsewhere: this is an educational song for schoolchildren to deal with a nuke hitting @Elajjaz Deid_: FeelsGoodMan Clap mister_cozy: FeelsGoodMan 👉 🐢 VineWood0604: DuckerZ SilentNewbee: FeelsGoodMan Clap Splash__Woman: DUCK 🎺 and COVER 🎺 lochlan1414: guys she had over a thousand Armored_Guy: DuckerZ Halldan: DuckerZ zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap kekkaxd: SingsNote SingsNote SingsNote SingsNote KrazyShark: YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap YEA DUCK SEASON FeelsGoodMan Clap Vivelin: rescDuck DaniDuck: me? lPirez: FeelsGoodMan Clap MilchiWay: Duck and Cover DuckerZ NaM_NaM_NaM: DansGame go back MasterMalpercio: rooDuck JimiJam69: elaGa Duck elaGa kebabsouls: FeelsGoodMan Clap TheDeadTalon: elaWut elaGun RicHaya: DansGame mrbreadberry: monkaW GosuFanboy1: duck this song brot_ok: forsenS busky_maldsack: FeelsGoodMan Clap Spectre_700: elaGa mister_cozy: AGANE PepeHands zotexlowbob: monkaGun JadedWarrior: elaHmm NMD_Ninja: AYAYA Wholesome Chat is wholesome AYAYA serralheir0: danSgame miki___miki: FeelsGoodMan Clap Kiissly: monkaW DaniDuck: ads WeirdChamp osdkfsid: ThankEgg DUCK FBI Motek: monkaW Sheep_stick: big iron died for this FeelsBadMan PepeHands Sloaks: Again AlienPls EbiVariance: monkaW Da_Flanker: elaOP It is well stocked indeed Splash__Woman: elaWut HelblindeChatBot: This entire radio channel is a mod btw Ellycat1: monkaW DuoLancer: triSip deltakaze: KKona Spectre_700: CHAT WHAT WERE THE NUMBERS AGAIN monkaSHAKE TheRipMan: Its over FeelsBadMan kaiju_boi: monkaW micayayay: monkaS ?? Shrimpess: elaWut Jumpem: make the music stop>(>(>( Elfualoco2003: GOOD FUCKING MORNING BAJS zotexlowbob: monkaW tomorrow what TheRipMan: monkaX bedotheman: monkaW what attack JadedWarrior: pepeD KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz pls uninstall the mod this radio is awful NotLikeThis kaiju_boi: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance RicHaya: pepeD TheRipMan: monkaW VineWood0604: pepeD cheekibreeki00: ela do you tried caravan? Spectre_700: THE NUMBERS MASON monkaW lPirez: Wowee Da_Flanker: Wowee SnarksterJr: Wowee thecyanosaurusrex: FrankerZ rafanix1: @Elajjaz Talk to the guy in the dinosaur to get your house brot_ok: Wowee ricarten: Wowee Clap NaomiNow: feel kaiju_boi: TaBeRu Kraatter: :piano: pepeD miki___miki: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Draddrick: hi doggie elaGa Soadante: Doggo FeelsGoodMan micayayay: moon2A PET DOG Lv_100: WE FORGOT NUMBERS monkaW Aberrant404: Wowee Spectre_700: TaBeRu Motek: Wowee Clap mister_cozy: @KurtRustle91 This song proved your wrong 🙂 Doomerttv: COMMUNIST ATTACK monkaW spicystuff00: Bring back the Vanilla music pls Toplay92: FIEL vadePega kaiju_boi: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TheRipMan: Wowee S_Darji: 🐘 MsBlackDahlia: hi peeps PabloPls Kiissly: I FORGOT THE NUMBER monkaW Spectre_700: Toplay92 LOL kaiju_boi: 4House micayayay: moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG mister_cozy: TriHard 🎺 HelblindeChatBot: @Elajjaz you miss out a good bit of story and lore and commentary in the game from the original radio stations, this is just a mod Headwuend: rooSip Da_Flanker: Sarge is always thirsty Giacomand: @Elajjaz you can drink from a sink for free water dzemroz: 6401240 TheRipMan: drink water 4HEad Da_Flanker: elaChug jirinaforever: Open Dumpster>Alinity x1 PepeLaugh DaniDuck: @Elajjaz why not sell the ncr money you have? elaHmm Viewbotprime: dagie FeelsGoodMan Clap Cecilff2: DansGame TheGloriousRage: elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug DaniDuck: @MsBlackDahlia elaH ultimafia318: always thirsty Chag UltraWindow: you threw away the canteen that keeps you hydrated Armored_Guy: dirty D: WrestlerBot2000: “Why am I naked?” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 80 brot_ok: elaChug JadedWarrior: elaChug SnarksterJr: BECAUSE YOU THREW AWAY YOUR CANTEEN LULW MsBlackDahlia: DaniDuck hi elaH Hajitaib: elaThirst ViveLaDissidence: Dirty DansGame Monster5crak: drink from a sink dude pika_wat: Gamer girl water gachiBASS MsBlackDahlia: hi Elajjaz elaISee kaiju_boi: KKool cyberneticz_: WTF brot_ok: always elaThirst HYPERCLAP Da_Flanker: Just drink from a toilet 4HEad leokeganlol: drink nuka cola Brodama: KILL DOG LUL TRIGGER CHAT LUL KILL DOG LUL TRIGGER CHAT LUL KILL DOG LUL TRIGGER CHAT LUL KILL DOG LUL TRIGGER CHAT LUL freak__devil: @MsBlackDahlia pepeL Thefunnysmith: @elajjaz goodsprings source has free water Viewbotprime: WeirdChamp brot_ok: Pog Ningiety: he doesnt know LUL Halldan: Parkour Pog MsBlackDahlia: freak__devil hallo elaA pepeL whiteyy__: HARDCORE PARKOUR ih8dat: Brodama WeirdChamp mister_cozy: Pog salpo_nolobio: dahliaPls micayayay: moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG moon2A PET DOG Kadrag: Gungeon today? cyberneticz_: @kurtrustle91 I agree the songs are absolutely terrible Motek: PepeLaugh doesn’t know brot_ok: Hardcore Parkour SWE Champ MsBlackDahlia: dahliaPls Seikisu: KKool GuitarTime ElaCOOL 🎤 samutin95: its true Radio New Vegas has commentary on your actions/choices in the game @Elajjaz MyraBlekCerni: mega skip Pog Martiansam: kill dog elaMad Da_Flanker: elaHYUK dami_exe: elaHYUG S_Darji: elaHYUK dami_exe: fuk KrazyShark: man im thirsty ar_Tekko: speedrun strats LULW freak__devil: @MsBlackDahlia been some time how have you been elaH Gulega: elaHi SnarksterJr: so how does your roleplay explain you jumping on the house randomly just then elaK Irocam: hello FeelsGoodMan KrazyShark: oba chan AYAYA a crashfort: KonCha Viewbotprime: GILF Kreygasm kurpajutra: Hi ela hi chat elaSmile / Empyrium: KKona woman KrazyShark: @Viewbotprime DansGame mrbreadberry: Chag captain_elsewhere: oooooh Da_Flanker: kurpajutra elaHi DuoLancer: triGasm triPantsu eat her ass Annonn140: HELIOS One Pog Martiansam: very large casino ? 🙂 dangerdonger420: HELIOS Pog Lv_100: ENCLAVE monkaW Dancingbroccoli2: HandsUp kurpajutra: @Da_Flanker elaHi Headwuend: KKona muh wife Viewbotprime: HandsUp Draddrick: gachiBASS ultimafia318: thurst her gacihiBASS Istog: just kill her talkman_: 500 Kapp s TheDIOtone: LUL Elajjaz is “Old Lady Gibson” Halldan: 500 Kapp brot_ok: Just Kill her forsenO Da_Flanker: Bandit MsBlackDahlia: freak__devil good! i have a new job for the summer, so thats why essiSmile but everything is going fine, what about you?not 90 repair LUL AkiraJkr: Survival is bad LULWW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz max speech as soon as possible for more funny shit in quests SnarksterJr: SURVIVAL LULW JesseThaBest: Science and speech is probably what you need most spontanously armorgear: make it 60 crashfort: elaCozy fatpep: elaK Splash__Woman: elaCozy DaniDuck: 55 science LickMyPretzel: there is snow FlameResistant: ??? jack_off_jim: Chat is Elajjaz going for a good karma run? Armored_Guy: spoon Vivelin: @Elajjaz 25 survival lets you get rid of all the gecko meat dexusb: There is snow Drachenreiter: FeelsPepoMan jklob: FeelsPepoMan Jegerkaj: FeelsPepoMan there’s nooo Bakurretsu: FeelsPepoMan AlexAnderman1994: elaGa RonsuDE: ??? kaiju_boi: FeelsPepoMan Namarax: FeelsPepoMan TheRipMan: did he kill Chris? porkylog: CoolCat Ellycat1: elaHYUK holdyourfire: feelsPepoMan salpo_nolobio: there’s snow Canopus: elaHmm mocaffe: there is snow NosBleid: elaGa jj_mike: FeelsPepoMan TheXearo: Ahhh FeelsGoodMan kurpajutra: elaGa 6Hikari: not round numbers 😡 not round numbers 😡 not round numbers 😡 emorium: You have a literal metric ton of food LUL Toplay92: theres nooooo vadePega DaniDuck: @jack_off_jim no OMEGALUL vonmarc: THERE IS A MOD Direxfull: no kaiju_boi: IF I WAS A GAME DEVELOPER Oskerd: elaGa Fatamerikans: you get XP for cooking though Irocam: ela likes anime confirmed elaYA porkylog: FeelsPepoMan Brodama: there is nooooo Pepega urmorniel: Dear Mr Elajasson, I stem from a long and proud family of ghouls and hereby denounce your actions as well as your legacy! elaMad AkiraJkr: THERE’S A MOD @Elajjaz Jackthewack94: Fallout 4 kkoja: elaOP JesseThaBest: speech opens up so much archaicfuturism: there’s no end to this sentence ShatterFingers: sneke bag4l1fe: resistance FeelsGoodMan Namarax: zelda cooking FeelsGoodMan Ningiety: theres nooooo Jackthewack94: or 76 if ya want animation kitaooji: the jam ? Annonn140: fair Toplay92: Animated cooking is only in FO4 i thing DuoLancer: PepeLaugh RyanLovesWeed: pump up the pepeJAMMER cheekibreeki00: guns 50 Brodama: pump up ricardoFlick raqos: POMP IT Andros5: 70 Survi unlocks great perk ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz there is probably a mod for that 1marcio080: @Elajjaz ghould are not aliens save them moon2A jack_off_jim: FeelsPepoMan never mind, chat odduneven: survival is fun actually Irocam: @Elajjaz there is animation if you have 100 survival Kapp Splash__Woman: @Elajjaz there’s alot of good survival meals in the game, but medicine is good sense you’re on hardcore Armored_Guy: get 80 total EbiVariance: Guns 50 🙂 talkman_: pump it to 80 so you could +20 with a book if you found a 100 lock RyanLovesWeed: @odduneven you’re fun HandsUp VikingAspire: Imagine being a Sarge and only have 45 guns @Elajjaz LULW DaniDuck: you should try to get it to 80 for books Blackbird_SR71C: Why not 60 science 60 lockpick? RonsuDE: 1 PogChamp Khalus90: look at perks to decide where you want to go knowledge_college: Pog NosBleid: PogU DaniDuck: COMMANDO ZULUL tigeralum11: finesse thatpeaoverthere: @Elajjaz You get a perk every even level I believe Raknov: night man Pog captain_elsewhere: aww ela i just found out you arent going to get the best gun perk in the game becasue you refuse to use energy weapons elaKek its called concentrated fire Madliberator: finesse kaiju_boi: gachiBASS AkiraJkr: MYSTERIOUS STRANGER Pog LickMyPretzel: elaREE Deccesus: @Elajjaz read some grey perks and see skill req crashfort: 😡 holdyourfire: Pog Nix_Abyss: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: 5Head DaniDuck: elaREE Martiansam: elaMad Habitual_Balance: LULW epic gamer moments jenda69: billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady tigeralum11: finesse is great kaiju_boi: billyReady Bakurretsu: 😡 dami_exe: 5Head holdyourfire: moon2A thatpeaoverthere: MYSTERIOUS STRANGER Pog Ellycat1: 🤓 Clap Bieberhunter: Chat rage Pog Splash__Woman: 😡 Darth_Kredol: billyReady DuoLancer: wheres zafina 😡 brot_ok: billyReady Annonn140: RTSR ZeroKiwi: RTSR! Espher_5: elaMad samutin95: stranger is Pog PhilRamirez: elaREE kaiju_boi: KKona 1mpolar: Pog TheXearo: Stranger Pog Armored_Guy: Pog stranger Emzero: Pog bedotheman: Pog talkman_: useless LULW eliastheepicgamer: Chag bullecobra: PogChamp thatpeaoverthere: DO IT dami_exe: 💪 5Head AkiraJkr: Pog ceejsavage: PogChamp WerewolfB: Mysterious Stranger Champ SilentNewbee: Pog Spurquu: Pog Lagunaab: OP stranger mrbreadberry: Chag Abdiel_Kavash: Pog knowledge_college: mysterious stranger is Pog Lolimeistern: Stranger POg captain_elsewhere: useless AkiraJkr: DO IT Hongetech: Stranger Pog serralheir0: twitch chat rage perk danXD brot_ok: Champ Mannjik: Billy Pog holdyourfire: Chag KrazyShark: ??? elaS followgrim: its good marshalmv: Pog Deid_: DO IT VikingAspire: Chag WerewolfB: gachiHYPER magic_is_greatness: boring Khalus90: op NosBleid: monkaS stranger Espher_5: monkaW Seikisu: POGGERS kaiju_boi: Champ Da_Flanker: Trash Toplay92: this is pretty OP jaggillarmaaat: take that, it is awesome @Elajjaz cato____: PogU RonsuDE: PogU talkman_: It isn’t LULW MrTranBach: get mysterious stranger , its so fun GodKingZoboomafoo: its op Shakalen: Its fun do it KrazyShark: elaGasm frenzywolfx: PepeLaugh insurrectionist89: PogChamp scp_david33: ITS AMAZING Rus7m: Kreygasm bullecobra: Chag timoteh: Chag MYSTERIOUS PARDNER AkiraJkr: It’s one-hit KO @Elajjaz Pixel_hearts: Stalker casualkappa123: @Elajjaz mysterious stranger is so coool Espher_5: Kreygasm Dancingbroccoli2: Kreygasm holdyourfire: gachiBASS illuminatieyes_xd: OP eliastheepicgamer: it’s surprising GodKingZoboomafoo: thats op too djinn_94: Stranger KKool GuitarTime brot_ok: elaThirst HeraldOfHarolds: it’s so good ceejsavage: atpChar miki___miki: Kreygasm PhilRamirez: HotPokket thatpeaoverthere: TAKE STRANGER Kevintaku: WATS!? porkylog: elaHmm bullecobra: Stranger KKrikey Filo155: gunslinger MF Pog frenzywolfx: Kreygasm WerewolfB: get both Champ Pog AkiraJkr: LULW NO LickMyPretzel: Here and now is garbage Destmand: Nah mrbreadberry: meh knowledge_college: DONT illuminatieyes_xd: TAKE IT LATER AkiraJkr: DONT GET THAT DaniDuck: THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD Pog tigeralum11: finesse emorium: noooo Kazeith: @elajjaz MYSTERIOUS STRANGER IS ALSO A PERK IN FO3, DID YOU FORGOT? holdyourfire: complete waste Wwaaaz: Big waste LickMyPretzel: Here and Now is useless Khalus90: waste of a perk lloydbannings: WASTE LULW Andros5: watse KrisKorona: its a waste ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz it’s a trap cyberneticz_: I remember choosing the mysterious stranger perk in F03 DaniDuck: Kapp KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz thats literally the worst perk lol, wasted perk FourmiSaumon: it’s a waste Darth_Kredol: 5Head Annonn140: finese Pog illuminatieyes_xd: LUL mrbreadberry: LULW Rus7m: gachiBASS ok kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Dancingbroccoli2: gachiBASS scp_david33: pick mysterious stranger AkiraJkr: equivalent to FUCK ME RonsuDE: LULW young_baba: @Elajjaz So liking New Vegas? Annonn140: finesse is good FlameResistant: @Elajjaz Never take Here and Now djinn_94: Hat PepeHands Toplay92: WutFace WrestlerBot2000: “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Umbasa!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 15 holdyourfire: HandsUp Kazeith: LULW captain_elsewhere: SCROUNGER magic_is_greatness: actually good Zacr0: equivalent to fuck you? serralheir0: yes danGachi Flavrau1: D: Pixel_hearts: equivalent to fuck me gachiBASS timoteh: It’s a big noob trap, you lose 1 perk point and never get that perk point back @Elajjaz Rus7m: ROW ROW tigeralum11: finesse is fucking great captain_elsewhere: antifa elaKek AkiraJkr: gachiBASS Armored_Guy: ROW ROW ROW Da_Flanker: Yeah, anarchy! kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh antifa mrbreadberry: Gurren Lagann Chag Nanashi_Sakamoto: ROW ROW Plasmafenix: ROW ROW Thermocrius: useless lmao Rus7m: Fight the power PepoDance DuoLancer: Bernie perk PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: HandsUp UMBASA AkiraJkr: Pog DaniDuck: billyReady Splash__Woman: @Elajjaz with Here and now, it’s best to be your LAST perk, as you’ll be able to be 1 level higher then you should. SilentNewbee: SMOrc Clap chillett: morning @Elajjaz morning chat! Ilueen: maybe a mod could help kaiju_boi: billyReady billyReady Habitual_Balance: Pog brot_ok: gachiHYPER fatpep: billyReady lPirez: billyReady Dismal_Arkt: SUPA SLAM ZULUL EbiVariance: billyReady Da_Flanker: billyReady illuminatieyes_xd: billyReady Ellycat1: SMOrc Clap ニューハーフ: only level 10? FeelsWeirdMan talkman_: SUPA SLAM ZULUL Habitual_Balance: come on and slam WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Plasmafenix: KKona Clap DaniDuck: cmonBrother Azure_Felt: super slam is broken af PepeLaugh MainMercLobo: new vegas has melee execution animations @Elajjaz thatpeaoverthere: there’s special melee moves you can learn ingame @Elajjaz Annonn140: KKona kaiju_boi: cmonBrother raqos: KKona neo261: KKona ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz at max level. You dont want any of the 10% bonus exp, or leveling bonuses as a skill. It takes up a slot for other useful stuff EbiVariance: KKona Martiansam: KKona my land now Hongetech: KKona give them some freedom DaniDuck: perfect for sarge KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you can learn different melee attacks from NPCs Flavrau1: KKona best perk ever LickMyPretzel: Deadly commandos! GARIIISH: Scrounger is OP kaiju_boi: ZULUL Ridazirator1: howdy my favourite streamer ShatterFingers: what is kkona mean? DaniDuck: COMMANDO ZULUL Vanah: ZULUL lPirez: ZULUL terrbear3: ZULUL talkman_: ZULUL COMMANDO Annonn140: COMMANDO ZULUL Rus7m: ZULUL LeVincente: ZULUL EbiVariance: ZULUL Dismal_Arkt: Take stranger elaOk Binfz: COMMANDO ZULUL Raftelle: ZULUL amaddog: ZULUL Martiansam: ZULUL COMMANDO illuminatieyes_xd: COMMANDO DeadBart: DeadBart subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! pingas IangIey: ZULUL WrestlerBot2000: @deadbart Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM timihyuga: ZULUL Darth_Kredol: ZULUL frenzywolfx: C OMEGADOWN MMANDO timoteh: ZULUL COMMANDO Drachenreiter: shotgun surgeon is insane ela-kun Schwirm: 10 Pog Blackbird_SR71C: It is mrbreadberry: its good waywai: ZULUL COMMANDO serralheir0: bloody mess raider_unkindled: W OMEGALUL W DaniDuck: that could be really good with cowboy perk Darth_Kredol: monkaW casualkappa123: @Elajjaz mysterious stranger is so coool Schwirm: monkaSHAKE Darth_Umbra: elaS Armored_Guy: cannibal OpieOP Spurquu: mysterious stranger Pog Germy_ranch: D: Dismal_Arkt: monkaW lPirez: danFat Dancingbroccoli2: monkaW thatpeaoverthere: MYSTERIOUS STRANGER Pog brot_ok: Lady KIller elaThirst mrbreadberry: monkaW SilentNewbee: monkaW Annonn140: CANNIBAL Pog MrTranBach: monkaW Ellycat1: elaOP Clap Deccesus: @Elajjaz read some grey perks and see skill req Espher_5: monkaW Plasmafenix: Sneering murican KKona Winku: Sneering Imperialist for RP @Elajjaz Bholorak: elaC Seikisu: Mystirous Stranger Elajjaz LuL jklob: monkaW TheRipMan: monkaW bullecobra: mysterious stranger is the best Heartsome_NaNa: forsenO Mirando: Eating ass elaGasm gfhgggfjgg: best fallout imo Direxfull: stranger talkman_: Finesse Pog djinn_94: Stranger thatpeaoverthere: STRANGER Frosted15: STRANGER Wwaaaz: elaThirst Cannibal emorium: stranger Spurquu: stranger xAngoryx: i used stranger alot Annonn140: finesse is good Pog Meladonne: Cannibal is super usefull ZergistheWord: stranger OP MisterPossible: take both WerewolfB: funny XD dexusb: Over here, stranger @Elajjaz Kazeith: @elajjaz mysterious stranger is also a perk in fo3 though djinn_94: Stranger KKool GuitarTime kurpajutra: stranger is op Da_Flanker: Stranger then AkiraTTV: STRANGER pekkaatte122: STRANGER Frosted15: STRANGER NOW! Lagunaab: stranger is really nice timoteh: Chag STRAANGER Espher_5: miss fortune elaThirst grevedarkholm: stranger Pog dami_exe: Stranger JImmicoast: stranger SnarksterJr: stranger>fortune Cagelight: miss 4chan Direxfull: fortune suck Deus_Ex_Nihilis: take here and now armorgear: STRANGER ShatterFingers: stranger or miss fortune magic_is_greatness: funny for first couple of times 😐 Azure_Felt: vats playthrough FeelsWeirdMan mister_cozy: Stranger Pog ZergistheWord: STRANGER! SwiftRage Dismal_Arkt: elaBlind ? casualkappa123: @Elajjaz mysterius stranger is more sarge diimooon: Streanger Ellycat1: Never seen miss fortune cirThink Baronjohn96: Stranger Negaduck48: Stranger AkiraJkr: STRANGER talkman_: Chat is gonna spam Jebaited after Annonn140: FINESSE Champ captain_elsewhere: ela look for perk called concentrated fire DaniDuck: @Elajjaz that shotgun perk might work really well with the cowboy perk you have elaHmm Martiansam: stanger danger monkaW ZergistheWord: Stranger Danger HandsUp Abdiel_Kavash: Stranger danger monkaS WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz ray131471: miss fortune KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz Finesse is 5% more crit chance its strong AkiraJkr: Miss Fortune is shit btw, like, not as good as Stranger @Elajjaz Madliberator: finesse is the best mysterious stranger is the most fun Ellycat1: elaGa Frosted15: MYSTERY STRANGER PICK IT NOW PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: elaBlind Ningiety: chat Jebaited Jebaited KrazyShark: stranger danger elaThirst dexusb: elaBlind waywai: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Hollow_void: Are you playing for Chat or for your self Ela? You always go for what chat wants LULW Halldan: CoolCat perk Baru_: are you going for a luck build? KrazyShark: @Hollow_void peer pressure made me smoke ppSmoke Nopileos: hey @elajjaz elaHi hey chat elaH Pixel_hearts: why thoses perk are shadowed ? Habitual_Balance: you know you want Supa Slamma cyberneticz_: @cagelight Good it is a political website now Azure_Felt: mad bomber elaC Schwirm: goes for what chat wants so he can blame us later 5Head LickMyPretzel: Leon Chag Andros5: Rad Child is insane for survivability Stenuu: leon PogChamp SnarksterJr: dont read all the grey ones itll spoil @Elajjaz Plasmafenix: Léon Pog kaiju_boi: Pog Rus7m: Leon Pog KrazyShark: Leon Chag Drachenreiter: L E Pog N Nopileos: Leon Chag Baru_: Pog brot_ok: Leon Champ zulfaya: LEON STYLE SittingOx: Nopileos KonCha djinn_94: Leon Pog Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Leon gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: Leon Pog Nopileos: SittingOx elaH Monster5crak: 12 sneak PepeLaugh SittingOx: @Elajjaz i missed the end of the quest, what did you choose? MyNameLacksImagination: @Elajjaz Have you seen the jury rigging -repair skill? Might be something to plan towards in the future cheekibreeki00: LUL who needs sneak Rus7m: KKona Lagunaab: SMOrc Plasmafenix: KKona Clap DaniDuck: @Elajjaz that shotgun perk might work really well with the cowboy perk you have elaHmm Darth_Kredol: SMOrc GRUNT Broken_archangel: @Elajjaz Would you ever play skyrim with survival mods? You might find it quite cozy elaCozy ninjalive2: Leon LUL Dancingbroccoli2: ResidentSleeper LickMyPretzel: elaCozy Rus7m: FeelsGoodMan gfhgggfjgg: rad child perk most OP talkman_: survival 70 OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: @SittingOx crashing the rockets together PepeLaugh AbbeBabbeFabbe: Ey nice hat! c3lix: @Pixel_hearts because those are super perks Madliberator: grunt is cowboy for modern weapons SittingOx: kaiju_boi LULW Drachenreiter: says the guy who woke up an old woman to steal her bed WeirdChamp Gnash97: Jury Rigging POGGERS Irocam: T Mixmashmaster: Pack Rat is Pog Pixel_hearts: c3lix elaISee spicystuff00: @dancingbroccoli2 Yo wake up TheXearo: and some have ranks too xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Go grunt for RP Darth_Kredol: I N S A N E Pog Martiansam: strong back is good Annonn140: strong back Pog talkman_: strong back Pog Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh perk timihyuga: OMEGLOL INSANE AkiraJkr: and you can’t even get half of the list PepeLaugh Rus7m: Pog Schwirm: SPOILERS 😡 KrazyShark: damn xefillion: always intense training frenzywolfx: level 50 PepeLaugh LoadandPlay: Terryfing presence is the best aw_l: I love you elajjaz Baru_: this game has so much depth, love it bag4l1fe: maff raff :O Plasmafenix: Fallout 4 perks are better Kappa samutin95: Pog Serulean_Cadence: Fallout 4 meanwhile LUL Madliberator: @xx_bersark he cant he doesnt have the requirements Habitual_Balance: I think its better to go with a perk that suits your character’s style, instead of making the game easier. Kevintaku: good karma elaKek Annonn140: level 50 LULW Deccesus: F4 LULW Azure_Felt: slayer Pog Heartsome_NaNa: ayee DaniDuck: @Elajjaz that shotgun perk might work really well with the cowboy perk you have elaHmm Khalus90: fallout 4 a true rpg Kappa Madliberator: those are the level 50 perks captain_elsewhere: ela look for perk called concentrated fire Espher_5: Fallout 4 PepeLaugh KrazyShark: Chag kaiju_boi: 🤠 Martiansam: dude wish fallout 4 kept this perk sistem …. Thermocrius: level 50 Splash__Woman: Pog KrazyShark: L O R E Pog LickMyPretzel: lol Dancingbroccoli2: Chag kaiju_boi: L OMEGALUL R E Vivelin: elaK Darth_Kredol: PogU Nopileos: lol Drachenreiter: Kapp AkiraJkr: LORE Pog Baru_: PogU brot_ok: LULW RonsuDE: LORE Pog lPirez: LULW Rus7m: perfect Lore PepeLaugh akmannen: LORE POG Ellycat1: level 50 PepeLaugh S_Darji: RP Pog Spurquu: lore Pog Plasmafenix: Level 50 elaKek Andros5: uhuh asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: L OMEGALUL R E Martiansam: LORE PogU porkylog: L OMEGADOWN RE odduneven: LVL 50 LULW Nopileos: LORE Pog Mixmashmaster: Chag LORE razzwar: LORE Pog KingMidas133: PogU Motek: LORE haHAA aw_l: lore andy LULW Biohazard1983: RP stream :O Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz It’s unlikely you’ll hit 50 even after all DLCs Frosted15: lvl 50 though DuoLancer: triGasm LORE VALUES Kiissly: L OMEGALUL R E ZergistheWord: Perfect lore PogU Seikisu: Pog Conan Brodama: L OMEGALUL RE NiceThings_: cannibal sarge Pog Rus7m: Lore at the end PepeLaugh Toplay92: what Lore? LUL MasterMalpercio: usually you do lore before playing the game rooKek perrito_scottex: barbarian Pog Darth_Kredol: Pog billyReady Martiansam: AYAYA Baru_: get it ela DaniDuck: @Elajjaz that shotgun surgeon perk might work really well with the cowboy perk you have elaHmm xx_bersark: @Madliberator I meant go spec for it… MrTranBach: try it Plasmafenix: ppSmoke AkiraJkr: GET IT brot_ok: Pog Irocam: magnum dong gachiHYPER NordicRain: “I won’t listen to chat” PepeLaugh Espher_5: @Elajjaz passing out for fast travels is already perfect PepeLaugh RealLifeTsundere: YAS bag4l1fe: Pog emorium: stranger! Drachenreiter: gachiBASS Serulean_Cadence: YEAH Annonn140: finesse Pog cheekibreeki00: take finesse maxmaxsix3: Pog Nopileos: NordicRain elaH Lagunaab: see this perk system should have been kept in FO4 fatpep: unarmed 90 PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: A MAGNUM DONG gachiHYPER Baru_: go for stranger ray131471: miss fortune KrazyShark: get it Chag Heartsome_NaNa: gonna go the micah road KKona Clap Martiansam: MAGNUM DONG talkman_: LULW it’s worse than boone Gnash97: Not taking finesse PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: mangnum dong gachiBASS WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ last_whoa: Cx akmannen: the stranger is so LUL timoteh: Chag SilentNewbee: Pog Clap KrazyShark: MAGNUM DONG djinn_94: Chag ZergistheWord: HandsUp Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Blackbird_SR71C not true, you pretty much get 50 guaranteed if you do all quests LickMyPretzel: welp talkman_: Jebaited matthijsheld: hey elajjaz, what is your favorite new vegas song, and why is it big iron? Ellycat1: PepeLaugh gottem maxmaxsix3: PogU Nightcall7: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. LickMyPretzel: Baited by chat Splash__Woman: if you like shotguns, Shotgun surgon is good too Martiansam: he got that magnum dong elaThirst Deztru: Pog Stranger magic_is_greatness: ruined 🙂 young_baba: @Elajjaz You liking New Vegas cyberneticz_: FUCK IT DUDE Cx AkiraJkr: FeelsPepoMan Ineedhugs: @Elajjaz who you callin pinhead?! Cygin: Nice Hat KKrikey relav893: gachiBASS DaniDuck: @Elajjaz that shotgun surgeon perk might work really well with the cowboy perk you have, might want to think about that one if you use shotguns elaHmm xHydraaP: Big iron on his hiiiip maxmaxsix3: BIG IRON gachiBASS xHydraaP: LMAO THAT HAT Motek: Cx Zygon___: TriHard Raknov: Cx aw_l: Cx Direxfull: can loot this room karoshi06: Cx Foxxy2013: Cx Darth_Kredol: big iron pepeJAMMER Nopileos: Cx mitsuhide33: Big iron on his hip @Elajjaz Jaushel: KKona Espher_5: WeirdChamp Pionside: see ex xAngoryx: this game crashed way too much when i tried to play irt LickMyPretzel: crikey! kaiju_boi: KKrikey HYPERCLAP Spurquu: WeirdChamp Gerynt: Did I miss the launch? RicHaya: moon2BOO KrazyShark: KKrikey Martiansam: Cx AkiraJkr: LULW Darth_Kredol: KKrikey Deid_: KKrikey Dancingbroccoli2: KKrikey djinn_94: Croikay Nopileos: KKrikey brot_ok: KKrikey Jajalembang: LULW Ellycat1: Crikey KKona evilmarmot42: @Asmongold Pog dami_exe: down ya* AkiraJkr: Did game die macabre737: @Elajjaz i live in vegas its like a simulator Kiissly: LUL Labargoth: Is Ice still alive? dzemroz: johnny cash is a legend AkiraJkr: LULW mrbreadberry: KKrikey you dog cunt S_Darji: KKrikey Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Jajalembang: OMEGALUL GAME KanzanZX: F game LickMyPretzel: KKrikey MainMercLobo: i think it bugged Sherman26: TriHard 7 Darth_Kredol: KKrikey FOOKING V B LONGNECK masterr876: KKona Pixel_hearts: KKrikey crashfort: game crashed 😦 Blackbird_SR71C: F Game Nopileos: KKrikey KKrikey kaiju_boi: KKrikey any aussies here Beutelino: KKrikey if you’re a fuckin fair dinkum fuckin full grown aussie, this is what you’d have for breakfast ya fuckin dog cunts, a fuckin VB longneck at 20 to 8 in the fuckin morning KKrikey get that up ya KKrikey ZergistheWord: LULW NosBleid: KKrikey Meximus322: PepeLaugh Kiissly: F Soadante: AYAYA Rus7m: KKrikey aw_l: a FACKIN VEE BEE KrazyShark: loadingu AYAYA captain_elsewhere: sadly ela because you hate energy weapons you wont be able to get the best gun perk in the game yungpree: VB lBarnabusWizardcockl: F vxl__: LULW Amoh_: Oi! Ela and lads elaBruv Sikodude: F Hollow_void: Infinite loading LULW TheH3llraiser: F KrazyShark: loadingu AYAYA loadingu AYAYA loadingu AYAYA loadingu AYAYA loadingu AYAYA aw_l: LOOOONG NECK Nopileos: F kkoja: any moment now PepeLaugh Kazeith: @evilmarmot42 why you keep doing this? LUL LickMyPretzel: F odduneven: crash Kraatter: crashed F LoadandPlay: @xAngoryx happend on me too, mods helped it tho Soadante: AYAYA cuties Dismal_Arkt: KKrikey VB Looongneck Baru_: Crashed sof006: Game crashed I think Adalbert_de_Calcaire: KKrikey Khalus90: infinite load bug maxmaxsix3: CRASH LULW mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh MainMercLobo: infinite loading bug Espher_5: KKrikey kaiju_boi: KKrikey HYPERCLAP KKrikey HYPERCLAP KKrikey HYPERCLAP KrazyShark: LULW timoteh: KKrikey Rus7m: KKona Mitch2248: ps3 loading screen LuL Nopileos: KKrikey Halldan: KKrikey Darth_Kredol: KKrikey HYPERCLAP Scyrol: KKrikey HYPERCLAP zotexlowbob: KKrikey AkiraJkr: KKona illuminatieyes_xd: VB LONG NECK raider_unkindled: D: salpo_nolobio: KKrikey jklob: KKrikey Redonkules: D: captain_elsewhere: dag Heartsome_NaNa: LULW xHydraaP: HAHAHAH porkylog: KKona KrazyShark: elaBruv NosBleid: KKrikey you fooking dog cunts Kraatter: 3Head Dancingbroccoli2: KKona Meximus322: KKrikey Motek: 3Head ViveLaDissidence: D: Kiissly: 3Head 3Head 3Head 3Head Gumma: LULW Habitual_Balance: 3Head Gulega: elaBruv Nopileos: 3Head kaiju_boi: KKrikey HYPERCLAP LOOONG NECK Zalinero_: KKrikey Splash__Woman: KKona poundsghost: KKrikey looking good! Talmk: cirLaugh MagicFrogs: LUL ZergistheWord: PogU Darth_Umbra: elaBruv WOT_Healthy: TT Annonn140: KKrikey BobTheDrunkBear: KKrikey jj_mike: KKrikey Clap bag4l1fe: dog cunt Sheep_stick: KKrikey VB LONGNECK Amoh_: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv markthemak11: KKrikey ghlegend195: !uptime LickMyPretzel: KKrikey Clap Nopileos: KKrikey Beutelino: KKrikey if you’re a fuckin fair dinkum fuckin full grown aussie, this is what you’d have for breakfast ya fuckin dog cunts, a fuckin VB longneck at 20 to 8 in the fuckin morning KKrikey get that up ya KKrikey . WrestlerBot2000: @ghlegend195, elajjaz has been streaming for 2 hours 29 mins NiceThings_: KKrikey RicHaya: KKona Clap Rus7m: KKrikey 🍺 Darth_Kredol: KKrikey HYPERCLAP FOOKING V B timoteh: KKrikey V B LOOONGNECK Brunault_: 3Head maxmaxsix3: 3Head xAngoryx: @LoadandPlay yeah i had to load the game with mods to get it to even work Istog: BURI BURI LONG NEECK asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: 3Head Clap brot_ok: KKrikey Habitual_Balance: lmao kaiju_boi: OMEGALUL zotexlowbob: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW dimaria22l: OMEGALUL KrazyShark: OMEGALUL Splash__Woman: LMAO salpo_nolobio: LUL PhilRamirez: danKona Dancingbroccoli2: LULW Nopileos: OMEGALUL DragonflyJoe: elaBruv Emzero: LULW Aydarkzero: LUL Nokturno_: fakin fb longnek MilchiWay: LUL MORFHI: LULW knowledge_college: LULW DaniDuck: LULW xHydraaP: SVRAR dami_exe: KKrikey Zalinero_: LULW akmannen: Krikey vns3: LULW Nopileos: LULW NordicRain: Nice game LULW kaiju_boi: DIDNT SAVE LULW mkzkSeki: LULW Flavrau1: 3Head focking longneck Bakurretsu: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Sherman26: KKrikey Splash__Woman: LULW Chunass: 3Head Annonn140: OMEGALUL captain_elsewhere: stang monkaW Toplay92: OI MATE 3Head SilentNewbee: KKrinkey frenzywolfx: stang programmen Pog Rus7m: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW Kazeith: LULW brot_ok: VEE BEE KKrikey Habitual_Balance: fockin dog cunts Seilrach: that’s my dad 🙂 Darth_Kredol: KKrikey LONGNECK xAngoryx: @LoadandPlay but the game should be functional if its sold on steam LUL jack_off_jim: ? Pixel_hearts: 3Head elaBruv Sherman26: LULW Fatamerikans: NV modding experience KillaTofu86: IM ON SMOKO Elizan_: ye fackin dog cunt WOT_Healthy: SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE brot_ok: OMEGALUL porkylog: elaChug AlexAnderman1994: KKrikey djinn_94: @Elajjaz I love your fedora 🙂 ShatterFingers: @Elajjaz what mods are you playing with? macabre737: @Elajjaz i live in vegas its like a simulator crashfort: the radio mod is crashing your game PunOko grevedarkholm: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. captain_elsewhere: dag cant majima666: if nothing else kills you, the drop bears will Ellycat1: Not too bad Pog Drachenreiter: both after the radio mod elaHmm NordicRain: Best fallout PepeLaugh LoadandPlay: @xAngoryx its a bethesda game duh maxmaxsix3: Welcome to new vegad AkiraJkr: use MO2 for modding for better stability @Elajjaz zotexlowbob: dont tap out of this game PepeLaugh tsm_babyjew: @Elajjaz if you disable “scroll in inactive windows” in windows settings your chat shouldnt scroll when you scroll ingame RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz this playthrough is so fun Mr_Yenny: crashes ramping up Pog xAngoryx: @LoadandPlay LUL MasterMalpercio: it’s prob the mods they are conflicting and that cause the crashes Kazamezo: crash count command gelberpudding: Will you play fo4 or skyirm with chat @Elajjaz ? gjoran1: Never alt-tab out of an bethesda game LULW DaniDuck: @Elajjaz that shotgun surgeon perk might work really well with the cowboy perk you have, might want to think about that one if you use shotguns elaHmm EbiVariance: The fallout experience FeelsGoodMan Clap AkiraJkr: LULW iBorgNinja: Fallout never crashes oatsP zotexlowbob: Pog kaiju_boi: LULW frenzywolfx: LULW Heartsome_NaNa: we need a remake of this game djinn_94: PepeLaugh Khalus90: @Elajjaz sadly if its like mine you will startto crash more zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap grevedarkholm: isnt there a mod that fixes the crashes? Redonkules: Pog Ellycat1: BibleThump Nopileos: LULW Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh NosBleid: nice PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: FeelsGoodMan Clap 1mpolar: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP timoteh: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Espher_5: i redownloaded it , installed essentials mods and it crashed 10 times in goodsprings FeelsBadMan Nordein: It just works danSup Labargoth: ResidentSleeper Meximus322: FeelsGoodMan Clap zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap dead captain_elsewhere: programmers digest ViveLaDissidence: Chag xHydraaP: only twice? Mine crashes twice per hour LUL fatpep: KAPOW FeelsGoodMan Clap Venomous_Salim: Venomous_Salim subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 5 month streak! ela you pronouns my name right how do you do that ?? WrestlerBot2000: @venomous_salim Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM kefflah: D: relav893: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Nopileos: SUB HYPE Venomous_Salim Pog NosBleid: elaKek Clap IangIey: LUL Glenshane: PepeLaugh mitsuhide33: LUL MrTranBach: D: karma MtRush: pleb again guys FeelsGoodMan crashfort: PepeS terrbear3: PepeLaugh Nordein: @xHydraaP mine uninstalled itself on the first crash danKEK Baru_: Crashed frenzywolfx: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Halldan: pepeJAM Cecilff2: bUrself sunwillnotshine: The hat? TheRipMan: POGGERS Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP tukkan6: monkaW Spurquu: PepeLaugh we_kennen: PepeS zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap sunshift: PepeLaugh 👉 PartyHat tsm_babyjew: @Elajjaz if you disable “scroll in inactive windows” in windows settings your chat shouldnt scroll when you scroll ingame! xHydraaP: @Nordein Thats some next level shit LUL kaiju_boi: LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP LULW HYPERCLAP Espher_5: pepeJAM Glenshane: PepeLaugh Clap KevKov: Valkyre Pog Nordein: @Elajjaz you didnt say the underscore danRE Dancingbroccoli2: F Hajitaib: Pog Tasarion: OMEGALUL walking_clock: D: crashfort: D: Heartsome_NaNa: ANELE Clap TheRipMan: monkaW KillaTofu86: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Gnash97: MICHAEL BAY Pog AkiraJkr: Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Plasmafenix: elaKek Xanxicar: D: kefflah: murderer D: TheRipMan: D: insurrectionist89: D: Nopileos: D: Hajitaib: LULW SittingOx: Clap Pixel_hearts: monkaW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Talmk: cirSlain 🔥 zotexlowbob: FeelsGoodMan Clap liked Darth_Kredol: Pog HYPERCLAP Kiissly: LULW macabre737: @Elajjaz i live in vegas its like a simulator Bombycilla: … NosBleid: 🙂 liked Motek: D: xHydraaP: Novac ppl are assholes LUL Ellycat1: Liked PepeLaugh justinbliss: cirSlain kurtrax: LULW TipsySeraph: cirSmug sunshift: PepeLaugh 👉 frenzywolfx: novac PepeLaugh Sherman26: PepeHands Clap kaiju_boi: [everyone liked that] LULW MisterPossible: how does it feel to be evil bag4l1fe: rerun Clap sunshift: wtf Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh NosBleid: speech Halldan: Speech yours_excellency: speech Wwaaaz: Speech to 50 Nopileos: speech Madliberator: 65 lockpick Boshhead: is that a real hat ela is wearing or is it CGI kaiju_boi: 50 speech, 65 lock timoteh: Speech sunshift: PepeLaugh 👉 🎩 ah finally captain_elsewhere: @Elajjaz look for a perk called concentrated fire Sheep_stick: 45guns on a cowboy PepeLaugh ScarfaceGBRL: always round em UP Boshhead: that hat looks CGI KrazyShark: np 🙂 xHydraaP: Thanks sjet DaniDuck: @Elajjaz that shotgun surgeon perk might work really well with the cowboy perk you have, might want to think about that one if you use shotguns elaHmm Lanshii: Boshhead real Spectre_700: AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA Clap c3lix: @Boshhead cgi raider_unkindled: BIG IRON ON HIS HIP KKool Hollow_void: It is strong gold_dante: REEEEEEEEEEEE Frosted15: @Boshhead its real CGI hat SnarksterJr: its pretty good kaiju_boi: CoolStoryBob Boshhead: @Lanshii hrmm….. skeptical hippo Bullet_: hi ela nice hat 🙂 hi chat atpQuan Meximus322: elaK Espher_5: elaMad fakie_420: save scumming? PepeLaugh macabre737: @Elajjaz i live in vegas its like a simulator AkiraJkr: CoolStoryBob Nopileos: Bullet_ pepeL crashfort: atpQuan Destmand: It’s good for monsters and armor wearing enemies Espher_5: Bullet_ elaHi Pixel_hearts: i dopn’t see anything PepeUff AkiraJkr: Pog kaiju_boi: YeahBoi yoinkin time Spurquu: TriHard Veee_: Veee_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 38 months, currently on a 38 month streak! Howdy partner moon2MLADY WrestlerBot2000: @veee_ After 38 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM MrTranBach: you killed all of them LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Veee_ elaA Geralt_of_Syria: YeahBoi Schwirm: YeahBoi 👌 Flavrau1: YeahBoi Spectre_700: AYAYA Clap Destmand: Veee_ moon2SH Kazamezo: S U C C Espher_5: elaThirst yoink Veee_: Nopileos elaH kaiju_boi: KKrikey Nopileos: Veee_ elaH NosBleid: KKrikey SnarksterJr: PepeHands TAKING CHRIS’S FOOD DaniDuck: @Veee_ elaH Veee_: Destmand moon2S Hey Schwirm: pepeJAM crashfort: (ditto) MainMercLobo: reading teminal can give you questes @Elajjaz Veee_: DaniDuck elaH Traktorq: 🤠 Kazeith: @elajjaz radio captain_elsewhere: git tha up yah cant KKrikey Bullet_: KKona LustrousGems: yeah brah elaBruv NamelessHer0: VEE BEE crashfort: ya facking dog cunt DigitalZips: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. DaniDuck: Veee_ bee long neck Kapp aw_l: FACKIN VEEBEE Derpprime: Derpprime subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 22 months, currently on a 22 month streak! ela1 ela3 ela4 Are you just gonna stream on by without sayin’ Howdy? Nopileos: SUB HYPE Derpprime POGGERS WrestlerBot2000: @derpprime After 22 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Labargoth: KKool dami_exe: KKona Halldan: KKool Traktorq: KKool Deid_: KKool kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz You know there’s more videos of that long neck guy? you should look it up KKrikey Nopileos: KKona Da_Flanker: KKool Dismal_Arkt: KKool timoteh: KKool AkiraJkr: Pog Dancingbroccoli2: KKool Splash__Woman: KKool GuitarTime Zalinero_: KKool Schwirm: KKool Clap dami_exe: KKool Cecilff2: KKool GuitarTime NosBleid: KKool illethor221: KKona Clap Ellycat1: KKool GuitarTime Seikisu: KKool GuitarTime sunshift: 🤠 Nopileos: KKool Darth_Kredol: KKool Clap Veee_: DaniDuck LULW jj_mike: KKool GuitarTime AurbisDragon: Chat I cooked breakfast today Pog Ilkspyro: KKool mrbreadberry: KKool GuitarTime Flavrau1: KKool GuitarTime Tandaman1223: KKool GuitarTime Tattip: KKool elaBruv Kazamezo: Modded radio best radio 6Hikari: pepeL Mythaiass: KKool GuitarTime Emzero: KKool LeeroyJames_Hexagon: KKona Nopileos: KKool GuitarTime Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Espher_5: KKool GuitarTime sunshift: 🤠 GuitarTime gild0n: KKool Clap brot_ok: KKool GuitarTime ViveLaDissidence: KKool GuitarTime dami_exe: KKool GuitarTime KrazyShark: FeelsGoodMan i’m ready MidgetDude110: elaHi ela and chat HeyEla elaH Nopileos: MidgetDude110 pepeL Kiissly: KKool GuitarTime kaiju_boi: KKona howdy SaintMusik: You’ve lost Karma 😡 Derpprime: Howdy PogChamp Zalinero_: KKool GuitarTime iBorgNinja: 🤠 howdy Nopileos: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime miki___miki: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Flavrau1: KKona HOWDY vulpitt: danKona GuitarTime captain_elsewhere: good luck fen raider_unkindled: @AurbisDragon what did you make?! PogU BadGuyLP2: KKool GuitarTime Cloudberryfox: KKool GuitarTime PhilosoRaptor3: moon2MLADY moon2MLADY moon2MLADY moon2MLADY moon2MLADY moon2MLADY moon2MLADY Da_Flanker: Good luck Nordein: danKona GuitarTime MsBlackDahlia: PabloPls tigeralum11: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime fenniksss: elaH KrazyShark: is this radio an extra mod? i remember putting an extra one time but idk if it’s this one Kazeith: DarkMode neville_from_uganda: @fenniksss elaH captain_elsewhere: yes KrazyShark Disaresta: !timeup WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz SaintMusik: KKool Andros5: talk to Vargas KrazyShark: @captain_elsewhere nice, it’s a really neat mod FeelsGoodMan Kouwell: INTO THE STRIP Champ Kazeith: @midgetdude110 pepeL fatpep: 4Shrug xx_bersark: @Elajjaz is Boone dead? Labargoth: through the door 5Head MainMercLobo: by the door WeirdChamp KrazyShark: GuitarTime frenzywolfx: boulder city PepeLaugh crashfort: 🤠 🎸 dami_exe: GuitarTime Kazeith: @xx_bersark no Lukasbech: Hey everyone! pepeD MOEZII: GuitarTime AurbisDragon: @raider_unkindled banana pancakes elaSmile dzemroz: talk to manny quote_me_if_pepo_gameplan: bone out cakeordeath11: Nice hat Ela bro c3lix: the main mission is boring, sidequests are where its at Splash__Woman: Boon 2OP Da_Flanker: Bone got tired of carrying Ela on his back Splash__Woman: elaOP xx_bersark: @Kazeith thanks Darth_Kredol: @Lukasbech pepeD / Cygin: GuitarTime KKrikey Beutelino: oi cunt KKrikey @Elajjaz MainMercLobo: you have a map @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Lagunaab: ela you said you will not be there part of next week, when is that again ? KrazyShark: elaGa Plasmafenix: You need Cass elaThirst Kazamezo: Get boneless boone for a more balanced companion experience. crashfort: atpLaw 🤠 The Sarge 🤠 atpLaw2 Labargoth: PepeLaugh oh no no no Schwirm: PepeLaugh DhouI: @Elajjaz check out the crashed rocket captain_elsewhere: elaGasm AurbisDragon Kazeith: @xx_bersark well, ela answered you anyway kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz can you tip your fed- cowboy hat for us? PepeLaugh SaintMusik: KKool that_solid_dude: Fellers KKrikey VineWood0604: 4Head Just find an exit Naniyo: KKool GuitarTime Lukasbech: KKool ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER YES SIR gachiHYPER Kazeith: @elajjaz check map 4Head WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ DaniDuck: in the basement MainMercLobo: open local map @Elajjaz Da_Flanker: Previously on LOST… Kraatter: map PepeLaugh slyster12: use map WarZone101: why is ela wearing a brown fedora anyway ? Bullet_: @Elajjaz did you beat all the mr. shakedowns when you played yakuza? 🤔 OldBuckness: OldBuckness subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! WrestlerBot2000: @oldbuckness What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Darth_Kredol: KKool Clap brayska: radio is bugged. The static shouldn’t be there Flavrau1: Map in 2019 LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE OldBuckness POGGERS 8goci: nice rp macabre737: @Elajjaz turn music up plz kaiju_boi: @WarZone101 Ela is a gentleman and a scholar xx_bersark: @Kazeith still nice of you to help Lukasbech: Minor starvation FeelsBadMan Lagunaab: ela you said you will not be there part of next week, when is that again ?? angryj0nes: LULW aw_l: F OMEGALUL D AurbisDragon: @captain_elsewhere i’m training survival irl OMEGALUL Direxfull: @Elajjaz Visit a merchant inside a dinosaur, he’s got something. DaniDuck: yesterday i farmed 400 billion LULW RyanLovesWeed: @Lukasbech cutie AYAYA Kazeith: @xx_bersark thankssneak attack critical on ED-E PhilRamirez: LULW Khalus90: lul shadowlager: LULW boozy2001: PogChamp PogChamp Ka_baL: hahahahaha ZergistheWord: LULW insurrectionist89: LUL LUL LUL Nopileos: LULW Jdam_: Killed ED-E LULW iBorgNinja: PepeLaugh Clap Giacomand: @Elajjaz do you have MedX? idioteastwood: just run away you goose TheGuyOnAcid: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW grevedarkholm: MrDestructoid WHY Cralth: no dmg LULW Zero_Dois: nepSmug HYPERCLAP cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Lagunaab: @Elajjaz try knife, or just run to helios boozy2001: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp krasna9_pol9na: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump hardstones: just run dami_exe: YOU EGG LULW brot_ok: SOFTLOCKED OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash christhao100: LULW NICE boozy2001: PogChamp PogChamp universetwisters: sneak attack critical on ED-E LUL Redemption99: sneak attack your teamate rooPog kaiju_boi: SOFTLOCKED LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz RUN Mythaiass: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN slyster12: run boozy2001: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp gosamigo: PepeLaugh MORFHI: RESTART sumSmash frenzywolfx: sneak attack critical on e-de LUL FeLONe_: @Elajjaz just take ’em down to the NCR troops at HELIOS ..let them sort ’em out … cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash DaniDuck: TRY KNIFE Gathmod: what did you do to piss off legion so much LUL Stalker586: RUN TO HELIOS ONE Seikisu: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: RUN TO THE BIG BUILDING BEHIND YOU THERE ARE SOLDIERS THERE cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Ageingyoungrebel: PepeLaugh Kazeith: @elajjaz LOAD AND QUICK TRAVEL IMMEDIATELY HotFireZ: JUST RUN ElaPls FlameResistant: @Elajjaz Get the C4 at the start of the fight boozy2001: PogChamp Sourcehunter: Legion Limbo OMEGADOWN Hajitaib: ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash FuelledByJordan: Ela use the stealthboy KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why are you using Dynamite when ED-E has 10 frag grenades zotexlowbob: 4HEad just run away cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Binfz: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Minn_Minn: KKool AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz load your save file and stelath boy Sven_sveger: Sneak attack critical on E-DE LuL kaiju_boi: KKool KKool KKool KKool KKool KKool Soadante: 5K hours BTW PepeLaugh Emzero: KKool IceLikesRice: Just run away KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why are you using Dynamite when ED-E has 10 frag grenades??? LULW Annonn140: @Elajjaz turn off hardcore for companions to not permadie Toplay92: KKool Sikodude: holy shit this is too fun LULW odduneven: @Elajjaz MED X cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Valtha: KKool aw_l: just stop being so MALD elajjaz SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz there are friendly dudes right behind you, you could run Germy_ranch: RUN TO HELIOS 1 HeinrichVonSchnitzel: just run ElaPls Kraatter: take dynamits from ede Sheep_stick: KKool Clap weontheultralightbeam: !mods Meximus322: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Nightcall7: Elajjaz use more consumables to help you gosamigo: DansGame knowledge_college: turn around and run to helios one my dude crashfort: 😡 PoggieWoggie: cmonBrother bloodcaleb: KKona LickMyPretzel: POP A MED X ChumboMalone: WHO TURNED THE TUNES OFF 😡 lloydbannings: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash GreedySkeleton: Run to NCR victor_maitland: this game has a faction disguise mechanic… wear a legion outfit and they wont attack sykoizm: @Elajjaz could try putting the robot on passive Rural_Juror_: PepoRun JamrockZX7R: You dont have to be!! RUN OR ROLL BACK A SAVE Emyxia: Get dynamite from ED-E now c3lix: omg just run to the NCR camp behind you MtRush: rankup Ela D: Mythaiass: omg kaiju_boi: LULW Monster5crak: dynamite is useless with your explosion level LULW Kouwell: @Elajjaz MEDX SwiftRage Joe_OSU: @elajjaz NCR behind you at Helios One Nazzet: Chag ? toxicmachete: run to the NCR troops @elajjaz Kazeith: @elajjaz DUDE LOAD AND QUICK TRAVEL RIGHT AWAY italianspongebob: UUS DigitalZips: elaD Fire_: battle news Pog jaysm20: RUN like a little girl Direxfull: USS Deliriumi1: dead Father_Rawlings: DED LULW Heartsome_NaNa: ded DMT1959: this is whats total BS about new vegas these squads are so op early game Nopileos: dead DANYgoxx: cmonBrother my music Blackbird_SR71C: F HotFireZ: no damage LULW Kouwell: @Elajjaz USE MED-X SwiftRage Ellycat1: ED-E has died PepeLaugh bobmighty: DED FlameResistant: LULW holdyourfire: ded inc dobtf2: you ded evilmarmot42: f Geneziz_: he ded ssssip: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Eyesw1deopen: You have tons of food there you should be using for gradual health regen. UiVgray: OMEGADOWN LickMyPretzel: I think you’re dead Streamleen: Ela the dynamite is not strong enough. dami_exe: nice dmg squashlord: just dont defy caesar ela 3Head ez universetwisters: DIDNT HEAL LUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW thundr51: USE THE STEALTH BOY bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Valtha: PepeLaugh Nazzet: no damage LULW Sourcehunter: PepeUff USS Bakurretsu: LULW zotexlowbob: PepeLaugh Araboth: Actually dead weontheultralightbeam: monkaW kaiju_boi: DEAD LULW Fire_: LULW Traktorq: LULW LickMyPretzel: F Naniyo: PogU 0 damage Marghanis: danO Nopileos: LULW PoggieWoggie: LULW raqos: LIULW Canopus: LULW LULW LULW Cecilff2: OMEGADOWN Zirkai: LULW salpo_nolobio: died iBorgNinja: lol Emzero: PepeLaugh Winku: @Elajjaz stealth boy, psycho melee SMOrc Rural_Juror_: PlsEla Dancingbroccoli2: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW cakeordeath11: OMEGADOWN bobmighty: LMFAO Matthew_ManHo: LULW Kraatter: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: LULW StealthKill64: LULW salpo_nolobio: LUL italianspongebob: LULW saoblow: LULW AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz STEALTH BOY MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Ageingyoungrebel: OOS OMEGADOWN DEAD OMEGADOWN Deliriumi1: OMEGALUL gggcccA7X: LUL HotFireZ: DED LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why are you using Dynamite when ED-E has 10 frag grenades LULW z3vron: ded Nopileos: LULW Veee_: LULW Meximus322: LULW Tasarion: LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Neimyin: OMEGADOWN Lemonsponge: LULW chrishwm: HAHAHAHAHAHHA knowledge_college: LULW retro_raiden: OSSSS celrSip Headwuend: PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: LUL boozy2001: PogChamp PogChamp MahiBlu: OMEGADOWN Mythaiass: OMEGALUL Toplay92: USSSS ONE MOAR vadePega TheXearo: LULW MtRush: LULW Father_Rawlings: LULW2 obad91: hahahaha Nopileos: LULW LULW NordicRain: LULW Direxfull: uss Tattip: LUL MartyLikesCookies: Should have sided with Caesar LULW Halldan: LULW brot_ok: LULW Bakurretsu: OMEGADOWN ShatterFingers: MEELE ebola_chan0: LULW boozy2001: PogChamp Kouwell: @Elajjaz MED-X SwiftRage MainMercLobo: you can die in VAYS Sven_sveger: PepeLaugh YayLittlepony: LUL grevedarkholm: NICE YOGA LULW Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh Oh no no no SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz there are friendly dudes right behind you, you could run. frenzywolfx: LULW boozy2001: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Nopileos: LULW FlameResistant: LULW Clap LickMyPretzel: USE A MED XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX universetwisters: Jebaited swishswat: casual% strats ResidentSleeper NosBleid: LULW Seikisu: LuL holdyourfire: ResidentSleeper Sandersrock: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN DaventusCZ: LULW insurrectionist89: The pose LYL zotexlowbob: LULW i cant Lagunaab: try knife fight with defensive drugs captain_elsewhere: THERE ARE SOLDIERS AT THE BIG BUILDING retro_raiden: celrComfy Kazeith: @elajjaz LOAD AND QUICK TRAVEL RIGHT AWAY Naniyo: Naniyo subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! Giacomand: @Elajjaz do you have MedX? kkoja: ResidentSleeper WrestlerBot2000: @naniyo Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM Gerynt: @Elajjaz Use med-x please for the love of god LickMyPretzel: Why doesn’t he use a med x PresidentDolphin: OOS Dancingbroccoli2: HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: Marked for death PepeLaugh Rural_Juror_: PlsEla PlsEla Minn_Minn: KKool KKool KKool Clap slyster12: just run away Hajitaib: ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash tigeralum11: ruuuuuuuun forest run Nopileos: SUB HYPE Naniyo elaA evilmarmot42: dude just go to the ncr troops NosBleid: KKool Mythaiass: im dying LMAO Voyzine: HUUSSS HUUUSSSS…. OOFFFFF Zalinero_: THE CAESAR HAS MARKED YOU FOR DEATH NaastyBiscuit: Limbo elaKek darkavenger_42: @Elajjaz use frag grenages sunshift: why do they do so many actions during one round? Gathmod: omg this is so funny HeraldOfHarolds: this great LUL ChumboMalone: Is he out of ammo or some shit, tlhis dynamite is trash LULW Darkshadows6662: open inventory on load and pop a stealth boy.. Streamleen: JUST RUN mkzkSeki: LULW LULW kaiju_boi: PepeHands HotFireZ: hahaha LickMyPretzel: lol Fire_: lol Xirn: LULW zotexlowbob: LULW Nazzet: OMEGADOWN dobtf2: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW gosamigo: just load an older save 4House brot_ok: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Tasarion: OMEGADOWN Dreadknight297: lol Dancingbroccoli2: OOF LULW evilmarmot42: LUL Gathmod: woos Araboth: HAHAHAHA Spurquu: IKEALUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Kouwell: @Elajjaz GET HIGH ON MED-X SwiftRage Jdam_: LULW MartyLikesCookies: PepeLaugh xFBUxDIZZLEx: take a ton of chems… steady would do you some good UiVgray: LULW maduinn: LULW Nopileos: LULW sunshift: D: Fatamerikans: OMEGALUL Meximus322: elaKek Heartsome_NaNa: LULW odduneven: SNEAK LULW SittingOx: PepeHands Ageingyoungrebel: S OMEGADOWN FT L OMEGADOWN CK Soadante: Sneak attack LULW erkel_: LULW crashfort: PunOko bobmighty: nice Ellycat1: elaGa Clap holdyourfire: OMEGADOWN RyanLovesWeed: LULW Dreadknight297: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW insurrectionist89: 4Head Dismal_Arkt: OMEGADOWN Penny_wise__: LULW LickMyPretzel: LULW paperr013: use cheat Turbulist: LULW dustings1234: LUL Jegerkaj: LULW Zalinero_: IKEALUL AkiraJkr: STEALTH BOY @Elajjaz angryj0nes: this is funny as fuck LULW WerewolfB: LULW Martiansam: ED elaFeels HotFireZ: LULW Nopileos: LULW Naniyo: elaGa unseendata: LUL tigeralum11: … Sheep_stick: POOR EDDIE PepeHands Jubular: sneak crit on ed e LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: Clap2 LULW kaiju_boi: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW ar_Tekko: @Elajjaz just ElaPls brot_ok: LULW LULW DaniDuck: LULW HeinrichVonSchnitzel: ED-E had c4 maybe it does more dmg? @Elajjaz ressa2: OMEGADOWN saoblow: LULW Kalhutania: LULW TheXearo: ED-E has died PepeLaugh Xirn: stop hurting him PepeHands TheGuyOnAcid: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW chrishwm: LMAOOOO SolusKite: LUL dobtf2: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW LULW z3vron: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Hajitaib: LULW LULW LULW ZergistheWord: THROWING LIKE A WOMAN LULW Veee_: moon2E Bitch purple_flavor: LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why are you so stingy, ED-E has 10 frag grenades thats way more damage than dynamite weeb8er: SPQR BITCH LULW Headwuend: I dunno why they made these guys so strong silentkillerwolf: Do you have turbo? KingMidas133: @Elajjaz there’s NCR soldiers literally right behind you Mythaiass: lmfao zotexlowbob: OMEGADOWN retro_raiden: i fell asleep for awhile celrComfy rooAYAYA knowledge_college: killing ED-E FeelsWeirdMan Grglal: @Elajjaz take frag grenades from ED-E, they are more effective Direxfull: 2/3 cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Nazzet: Best game ever LULW toxicmachete: Is this groundhog day?? DigitalZips: This is the most elaGa version of Groundhog Day salpo_nolobio: You have defied the caesar for the last time nrdyKek the caesar has marked you for death nrdyKek now die captain_elsewhere: there are soldiers at the big buildign behind you @Elajjaz BloodlessBard: LUL weeb8er: ZULUL kaiju_boi: CoolStoryBob maduinn: 🦀 ED-E IS GONE 🦀 NosBleid: elaKek Naniyo: elaK Fatamerikans: RUN AWAY tigeralum11: someone clip that please Spectre_700: THIS MUSIC OMEGADOWN Jubular: elaGa atomicdestruction: FeelsLateMan Giacomand: @Elajjaz do you have MedX? Rural_Juror_: RUNNNNN Matthew_ManHo: elaK zotexlowbob: Kapp sure FlameResistant: @Elajjaz Take the bombs from ED-E at the beginning FeelsWeirdMan Ageingyoungrebel: Kapp AsosyalBilgisayar: unınstall fallout nowwwww Dismal_Arkt: ElaSmash GuitarTime ultimafia318: this song OMEGADOWN iBorgNinja: ok 🙂 insurrectionist89: YOU HAVE Kappa WerewolfB: it’s not LULW sunshift: in theory Voyzine roughmcbeats: so good how the music keeps playing too Rakschas: @Elajjaz what kind of difficulty setting is this ?! PoggieWoggie: elaK alee1e: Save scumming LULW raqos: You have defied the caesar for the last time magic_is_greatness: yes, it is 🙂 Darth_Kredol: elaK YayLittlepony: Swedish throw LUL AkiraJkr: LULW kkoja: elaK NaastyBiscuit: SO bad elaKek elaKek ultimafia318: THIS FUCKING SONG OMEGADOWN sunshift: in theory VoHiYo KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you are making this way harder than it really is. Like why use Dynamite when you have lots of Frag Grenades? kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz GET BOONE LULW Deliriumi1: LUL RyanLovesWeed: melted Splash__Woman: LMAO AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz stealth boy weontheultralightbeam: gachiHYPER Fire_: well damn Ageingyoungrebel: LULW salpo_nolobio: You have defied the caesar for the last time nrdyKek the caesar has marked you for death nrdyKek now die. Dismal_Arkt: OMEGALUL brot_ok: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash HotFireZ: LOL Ellycat1: ElaSmash men asso Fatamerikans: LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Veee_: OMEGALUL raqos: OMEGADOWN HeinrichVonSchnitzel: attempt 263 PepeLaugh ZergistheWord: LULW Father_Rawlings: LULW Darkshadows6662: LOl Lagunaab: yeah but not with dynamite LULW NamelessHer0: violated LUL Nopileos: LULW Splash__Woman: calebKek Sourcehunter: gachiBASS Janezs: LULW Voyzine: LEARN TO LET GO Martiansam: WOW ngffffff: LULW tubularjesus: CODPIECE Murder_Dog: did he try dragging them to the NCR soldiers? UiVgray: LULW Monster5crak: ass armor CurseofSherwood: LULW angryj0nes: LUL saoblow: gachiHYPER holdyourfire: gachiHYPER Nopileos: LULW LULW eliastheepicgamer: gachiBASS SensualSuplex: Boone FlameResistant: LULW POSSIBLE BTW Seikisu: PepeLaugh Clap Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL Jegerkaj: sure it is LULW RealLifeTsundere: 12 hours stream Les GOO Pog Blackbird_SR71C: Shoot them, psycho and med-x, keep healing yourself and EDE dobtf2: 😡 YOU HAVE DEFIED CAESAR FOR THE LAST TIME insurrectionist89: LULW thundr51: SHOOT ARMS AND LEGS!! Sven_sveger: Run away ffs vAllockv: LULW retro_raiden: effREEE RareEla Haukanne: OwO Bulge cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Heartsome_NaNa: gachiHYPER MtRush: it’s possible b ut not in chats lifetime 🙂 Martiansam: that was fast brot_ok: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash pekkaatte122: OMEGALUL grevedarkholm: MrDestructoid YOU ARE WEAK HUMAN Kouwell: @Elajjaz USE MED-X SwiftRage TheH3llraiser: Im fcking dying LULW S4MCH4M: os? Glenshane: LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you are making this way harder than it really is. Like why use Dynamite when you have lots of Frag Grenades?? LULW ScarletxSky: I’ll have your guts for garters Thermocrius: that’s a 50 caliber smg LUL EmilFlyg: @Elajjaz there are a bunch of ncr troopers at helios one Martiansam: OwO universetwisters: 4Head cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Khalus90: softlocked LUL Raknov: @Elajjaz just stealth boy and run ELAYZA: dick cam salpo_nolobio: You have defied the caesar for the last time nrdyKek the caesar has marked you for death nrdyKek now die Kazeith: @elajjaz PSYCHO, GET THE DYNAMITES, THEN THROW Kiissly: IT IS POSSIBLE LULW HotFireZ: This song NotLikeThis adonis7154: Possible LUL Gerynt: @Elajjaz MED-X Spurquu: git gud 4Head Giacomand: MED-X silentkillerwolf: Use other Meds like medx and turbo VikingDogg: teh building Mythaiass: OMEGALUL 💦 Sourcehunter: 100 subs 🙂 Dismal_Arkt: Its possible chat elaGa MartyLikesCookies: iT iS pOsSiBlE LUL SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz there are friendly dudes right behind you, you could run Splash__Woman: too bad boone isn’t here PepeHands shadowlager: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash DaniDuck: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash raqos: You have defied the caesar for the last time 🙂 ssssip: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmashElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Annonn140: HARD/HARDCORE LULW cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash D3rrtyD4n: or die trying elaK elaK elaK elaK SensualSuplex: Owned Thorus2014: LUL NaastyBiscuit: Run to Helios 1 LUL captain_elsewhere: HARDCORE OMEGADOWN angryj0nes: @Elajjaz use stealth boy MsBlackDahlia: SAIKOOOOOOOOO HandsUp Neimyin: VODFRIENDS PepeLaugh 👉 ⏩ retro_raiden: xzeroKEK casualkappa123: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Martiansam: elaGa DaniDuck: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash salpo_nolobio: USS brot_ok: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash RealLifeTsundere: lol 12 hours stream Les GOO Pog KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz dude come on, its not ridiculous, you are using dynamite instead of frags WeirdChamp dustings1234: keeps doing the same thing LUL cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Fridgieee: Dont defy Caesar PepeLaugh Tayi_Saito: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash WOT_Healthy: USSSS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! SirMingLeeMrrgglton: _ _ _ C O U V E R ? Martiansam: PepeUff TheXearo: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ViveLaDissidence: Boone would have destroyed them already PepeLaugh Kouwell: @Elajjaz MED-X MED-X MED-X dustings1234: died over 20 times now LUL tubes269: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Splash__Woman: Pog weontheultralightbeam: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog cakeordeath11: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Mythaiass: KKool GuitarTime Xirn: Pog salpo_nolobio: Pog kaiju_boi: Pog Hexarift: VaN Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: Pog Nazzet: Chag mkzkSeki: Pog MyNameLacksImagination: Pog Fire_: stranger Pog Traktorq: PogU Jdam_: Pog TheMoltenGuy: Pog Clankkills: keeps doing the same thIN GG brot_ok: Champ slyster12: ur not strong enough Naniyo: Chag Darth_Kredol: Pog SolusKite: POG bloodcaleb: dono backseating FeelsWeirdMan thundercrisis: THE MUSIC IS KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NosBleid: Pog AkiraJkr: LULW Nopileos: Pog Pog Armored_Guy: Pog Turbulist: Pog raqos: PogU DaniDuck: DOES NOTHING LULW Spurquu: Pog TheRipMan: Pog Splash__Woman: LULW holdyourfire: Pog FlameResistant: LULW frenzywolfx: ???? jaquescamarao: ???????? asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: Pog atomicdestruction: LULW CurseofSherwood: Champ Dreadknight297: Pog KingMidas133: PogU Biohazard1983: hahah Soadante: Pog SAVED Nopileos: Pog Bakurretsu: Pog brot_ok: LULW weeb8er: MALD LULW dobtf2: Pog Emzero: LULW Hardmstizlov: POG RyanLovesWeed: LULW Murder_Dog: SO BAD Pog Nazzet: 4Shrug Ageingyoungrebel: Chag TheRipMan: LULW DMT1959: its doing like no damage use something else Zalinero_: Pog Martiansam: ???? Nopileos: Pog Pog chrishwm: LMAOOOO cato____: Pog Glenshane: LULW timihyuga: Champ Araboth: Pog TheH3llraiser: LULW Voyzine: POG TheMoltenGuy: ????????????? Cecilff2: LULW Deliriumi1: mysterious guy LUL L0VKIYRusskiy: Pog ramranchboi: LULW kaiju_boi: DIDNT DO ANYTHING LULW knowledge_college: LULW Nopileos: Pog mkzkSeki: LULW Xanxicar: bugged LuL MrTranBach: LULW ???? Veee_: LULW asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: OMEGALUL Sapath: LULW NosBleid: LULW Meximus322: elaKek Germy_ranch: SAVED weontheultralightbeam: DID NOTHING LULW Rural_Juror_: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash RonsuDE: LULW odduneven: SHIT LULW cakeordeath11: LULW Nopileos: LULW UiVgray: OMEGADOWN brot_ok: LULW DID NOTHING SittingOx: Pog TheGoldenCobra: LULW ultimafia318: MYSTERIOUS DOOD Pog Giacomand: MED-X Splash__Woman: LAG OMEGALUL retro_raiden: elaKek atpLaw insurrectionist89: ?????? Direxfull: ??? Zygon___: PepeLaugh evilmarmot42: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA salpo_nolobio: mysterious stranger did no damage PepeLaugh detective_columbo: LULW x38yb59t99: LULW kaiju_boi: ?????????? grevedarkholm: LUL dustings1234: Jebaited zotexlowbob: you can skip this stream vod-friends nymnOkay 👍 tubularjesus: Does nothing mysteriously Nopileos: LULW LULW FeLONe_: get rekt nerd 😀 GymNation: LUL DuIIahan: HE HAD A STROKE LULW HeraldOfHarolds: LUL TheXearo: GLITCHED elaKek pisyaaa__: afk LULW wevie1: OMEGADOWN HotFireZ: does nothing LULW crashfort: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK Because_we_said_so: LOLOL toxicmachete: stop using dynamite, it ain’t doing much Thermocrius: HE MISSED LUL Jegerkaj: LULW bugged Ellycat1: …. FeelsPepoMan WOT_Healthy: Bethesda brot_ok: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash TheRipMan: BROKEN OMEGALUL Gathmod: got carried LUL bloodcaleb: T OMEGADOWN DD dami_exe: BUGGED LULW Doyago: OMEGALUL HE DID NOTHING AND LEFT FlameResistant: His AI bugged LULW kaiju_boi: Jebaited holdyourfire: LULW cato____: LULW eth0: LUL ar_Tekko: he gave up ELAYZA: OKAY? ZergistheWord: JUST STOD THERE LULW Draftingle: it´s high noon 🙂 ViveLaDissidence: HE SAID NO AND LEFT PepeLaugh tigeralum11: mysterious guy LUL NaastyBiscuit: DID NOTHING elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek adonis7154: Pog D3rrtyD4n: LOOOL StenSaxWTF: bugged LUL DaniDuck: BEST PERK LULW Nopileos: LUL Darth_Kredol: elaEZ elaGun Martiansam: IT JUST WORK LULW Geneziz_: bugged LULW maduinn: LULW Kiissly: AFK LULW Direxfull: he missed imagetr3: Run away to the power station now, quick. Irocam: Rey Mysterio Pog Nazzet: IKEALUL Mysterious guy IKEALUL pekkaatte122: BUGGED OMEGALUL AbitRusty1: Nope justinbliss: WHAT HE DID WAS A MYSTERY LUL Glenshane: Pog universetwisters: glitched mysterious stranger LUL MartyLikesCookies: LULW Deliriumi1: LUL Ellycat1: Did nothing Pog dami_exe: @Elajjaz he glitched Martiansam: OMG CurseofSherwood: MYSTERIOUS RETARD PepeLaugh LukynoC: TRULY MYSTERIOUS retro_raiden: atpLaw xzeroKEK Nopileos: LUL LUL cato____: OMEGALUL Meximus322: LULW asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: PepeLaugh insurrectionist89: “YEAH NO FUCK THIS SHIT DUMBASS” LUL ArThurAs22: forsenD forsenGun salpo_nolobio: nu javlar SolusKite: He only killed one LUL Kouwell: @Elajjaz USE MED-X SwiftRage Meximus322: PepeUff retro_raiden: elaKek atpLaw xzeroKEK Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL alee1e: BAD ENDING LULW RealLifeTsundere: LUL he’s like.. was i suppose to do something? scripted_kuan: ncr outpost behind u Naero_: My sterious HSWP TheIlluminati adonis7154: Ooooss vns3: LULW iBorgNinja: TNT literally does nothing -keeps throwing TNT Martiansam: never seen misterious guy die LULW captain_elsewhere: MYSTERIOS STRANGER IS AN AMAZING BUGGED PIECE OF CRAP elaK TheRipMan: https://clips.twitch.tv/PlainIgnorantOxOSsloth Zalinero_: MrDestructoid thanks PresidentDolphin: pepega mysterio salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM AkiraJkr: Pog salpo_nolobio: whiskey has worn off HeinrichVonSchnitzel: most cinematic battle PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why are you using Dynamite when you have so many Grenades, this wouldn’t be so hard if you used them insurrectionist89: out in the open NotLikeThis Darth_Kredol: Pog weontheultralightbeam: GET IN THERE sumSmash sunshift: whiskey has worn off? DansGame brot_ok: ElaSmash You have defied Caesar for the last time ElaSmash Ellycat1: Just like yours PepeLaugh Ralock: Fair fight now LULW Sven_sveger: Throw some more dynamite, they’re almost dead PepeLaugh Lagunaab: now go ham with knife ChumboMalone: He’s gon do it Pog dexusb: moon2E cakeordeath11: c4 byBLC: THE URN Pog GosuFanboy1: my blood its potato hardstones: FRAGS WerewolfB: still better than yours LULW retro_raiden: naroRage elaGun forsenD Heartsome_NaNa: BlessRNG lochlan1414: FRAG GRENADDES Clankkills: use grenADESS KurtRustle91: OH MY GOD USE THE GRENADES Grglal: @Elajjaz you have frag grenades on ED-E Direxfull: C4 kaiju_boi: cmonBrother TheGoldenCobra: cmonBrother Khalus90: frags! salpo_nolobio: brother krezal: GRENADES D3rrtyD4n: cant you bring ede back if it dies? emorium: GRENADES Araboth: @Elajjaz FRAGS gild0n: KKool cakeordeath11: Brother KKona I’m scared Darth_Kredol: KKona brother AsosyalBilgisayar: use graneade SolusKite: DUDE FRAGS??? dustings1234: brother Meximus322: use frags instead Sheep_stick: KKoona Clap Marghanis: danKona Clap KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz WHY ARE YOU NOT USING GRENADES NotLikeThis OptimisticKnowledge: I knew Ela would get the Indiana Jones hat for this stream LULW kaiju_boi: cmonBrother im scared Martiansam: KKool Rural_Juror_: C4 Flavrau1: KKona Outcastedbird: PrideGive📡>🛰️>🔊 🛰️ FeelsGoodMan MainMercLobo: good job backseating chat 🙂 AlexAnderman1994: KKool elaGun gold_dante: KKool GuitarTime BIG IRON HIP KKool GuitarTime frenzywolfx: PepeLaugh Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh Neon_TRY: PepeLaugh i_like_co0kies: hello chat, hello ela elaH elaHi Dr_Jan_Itor: Hey chat nrdyPrivet OmegamonX: ela needs the mysterious gun JammyDrury: PepeLaugh HolySnipz: Softlock Inc PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: @Nopileos @ComradeNerdy nrdyH pepeL Glenshane: PepeLaugh UiVgray: Oh, nonono. PepeLaugh Nopileos: i_like_co0kies elaHi Dudu_Max: suit case Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Jubular: monkaW darq0n: that was Fallout 76 in a nutshell.. empty! HelenWTF: monkaW ComradeNerdy: i_like_co0kies elaH idey1994: PepeLaugh oh no no no kaiju_boi: monkaW Nopileos: Dr_Jan_Itor elaHi SpleX__: monkaW Zeuthos: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaW Matthew_ManHo: monkaW Pyrhaa: monkaW ComradeNerdy: Dr_Jan_Itor elaH Mythaiass: monkaW Jarvis_McGee: monkaW Bakurretsu: monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: @i_like_co0kies nrdyH pepeL Nopileos: monkaW mors0: combat music brot_ok: monkaSHAKE bloodcaleb: AlienPls Valtha: ElaJAMMER Canopus: monkaS gold_dante: elaBlind kkoja: pepeJAM AkiraJkr: Fallout 2 music Pog Elfualoco2003: Blind Radausfall: H2O monkaS Xerenix: Didn’t this area have sandstorm? elaHmm angryj0nes: means DEATH NosBleid: elaBlind raqos: AlienPls BritishPatternBalding: monkaW HolySnipz: monkaW Cecilff2: pepeJAM Lexor757: monkaW L0VKIYRusskiy: monkaW kawaii_siwmae: @SonicatorTV Ill ram you again if you dont hyug me right now nrdyREE Nopileos: monkaW monkaW kurpajutra: PepeLaugh fNandow: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: Nopileos PepeLaugh h4nfr3d: PepoDance CalfixSpark: BoS HelenWTF: deathclaw? monkaW Nopileos: Dr_Jan_Itor elaH CalfixSpark: REEEE gfhgggfjgg: stay away nothing in there danCop VirtualSmog: @elajjaz looks so sexy now that he finally decided to dress up as a real man KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz these ambient background musics are better than anything on the radios ChilledLawnGnome: monkaW MORFHI: elaGa 💨 🎙️>📡>🛰️>🔊 FeelsGoodMan sunshift: better than the radio serusa94: LULW kaiju_boi: 1 scorpion PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: Dude imagine Elas reactions to deathclaws, they are so scary in this game Jubular: @followgrim most of the soundtrack is SonicatorTV: kawaii_siwmae no nrdyB Dr_Jan_Itor: Nerdy elaOP long time 4HEad Vanset_: working monkaS captain_elsewhere: that only happens at night Xerenix derechte_iz_pz: elaKek idey1994: ED-E kill stealing FeelsGoodMan Clap ComradeNerdy: Dr_Jan_Itor 4HEad Xerenix: @captain_elsewhere ah ok TorvaM: @Elajjaz does ED-E stream? id like to see the main characters PoV sometimes? PepeLaugh Hellu: derechte_iz_pz already killed some roasty_brekky_warp: numotCOFFEE Lexor757: PepeLaugh he doesnt know L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: kawaii_siwmae too mald for now AkiraJkr: CAWFEE KKona Xerenix: PepeLaugh Huntedspam: POGGERS TeenyTinyRedhead: @Elajjaz You are looking very snazzy today sir! Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO mistlord: we need Kkona music JammyDrury: PepeLaugh ☕ derechte_iz_pz: @hellu Pog Jubular: ela7 Vanah: PepeLaugh Neon_TRY: pepeJAM AkiraJkr: !KKona SpleX__: Pog Nopileos: PepeLaugh Kazeith: PAUSE UiVgray: PepeLaugh he does’n know. kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Lagunaab: LULW Glenshane: PepeLaugh jaquescamarao: Pog Direxfull: Ded idey1994: PepeLaugh oh no no no maduinn: 4House Kazeith: DUDE Bakurretsu: ! nepSmug teplek: Pog acarnegie: Pog kurpajutra: ! monkaW asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: monkaS dayhappyx3: dead PepeLaugh Nopileos: Pog SlippnGriff: PepeLaugh he doesnt know PepeLaugh Elfualoco2003: LUL CalfixSpark: REEEE ssssip: TPFufun DrPissInspectCD: monkaW HotFireZ: ! AYAYA captain_elsewhere: inb4 another assassin squad elaKek mors0: !Kappa Outcastedbird: Stretch chat skybeaverking: PepeLaugh Hellu: monkaW TheOakRoot: Kappa spkn_: yarthoKek ThatLuluTho: Real gamer don’t pause PepeLaugh Seikisu: ! PepeLaugh frenzywolfx: PepeLaugh miki___miki: AYAYA Kiissly: 640 monkaW Jaargan: monkaW he’s gonna get rekt Cralth: @derechte_iz_pz he had encountered them yet elaKek Elfualoco2003: elaPls cakeordeath11: BILLY RULES teplek: monkaS mekkeru: LUL Jarvis_McGee: 640 and 1240 Fenjy: 6 40 12 40 roughmcbeats: 😀 kawaii_siwmae: @SonicatorTV nrdyB Deliriumi1: Billy rules Direxfull: 640 1240 fenniksss: ELA NO sunshift: Badass Cowboy Saves Ed-E https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicEagerSaladNotLikeThis Zeuthos: pepeJAM Frosted15: cohhMy Neon_TRY: pepeD teplek: pepeJAM dayhappyx3: pepeJAM Stalker586: cmonBrother kurpajutra: !monkaW Nopileos: pepeJAM fatpep: this is the brotherhood of steel place , right chat ? TeenyTinyRedhead: KKool Jubular: ppHop Xerenix: pepeJAM Nazzet: Stretch HandsUp derechte_iz_pz: @cralth elaS Kazeith: !D: kaiju_boi: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Rural_Juror_: ! vineWah Dancingbroccoli2: pepeJAM Pyrhaa: pepeJAM raqos: pepeJAM banana_manai: !BabyRage KingMidas133: pepeJAM Vanset_: invade him 4Head Seilrach: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM zypnyx: pepeJAM Neon_TRY: pepeJAM HotFireZ: pepeJAM Seikisu: pepeJAM CalfixSpark: pepeJAM Squirrelpool: !Kappa Jubular: HE SAID IT Champ kaiju_boi: KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER cakeordeath11: CHAT LOOK LEFT; BILLY RULES HandsUp gosamigo: KKool GuitarTime Cloudberryfox: ! gachiGASM Vivelin: !YeahBoi mors0: pepeJam Jarvis_McGee: pepeJAM raider_unkindled: pepeJAM RattleMBones: pepeD WVReaper: pepeJAM twitchin2019omegalul: Kreygasm laraLight urmorniel: !LUL idey1994: pepeJAM Jaargan: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJam GShikari: pepeJAMMER jaquescamarao: !4HEad Cecilff2: pepeJAMMER L0VKIYRusskiy: pepeJAMMER WrestlerBot2000: All clips are moved in new !clip command, for more information and list of all clips check http://comradenerdy.com/ela/clips.html To get this clip using new command type: !clip 4head AlexAnderman1994: pepeJAM cakeordeath11: BILLY RULES BroqRox: pepeJAM Vanah: pepeJAM cur_ley: pepeJAM teplek: pepeJAMMER Nopileos: pepeJAM HAZEVILLE: !KKona Baru_: pepeJAM Outcastedbird: CRAWL OUT THROUGH THE FALLOUT tubularjesus: pepeJAM sunshift: ! pepeJAM derechte_iz_pz: Crawl out through Fallout Babyyyy TeenyTinyRedhead: pepeJAMMER Bakurretsu: ! AYAYA #Elias-chan grizzly876: ppHop seduchi: pepeJam HolySnipz: !nepSmug VikingDogg: !rooH Direxfull: KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER kawaii_siwmae: KKool Lexor757: pepeJAM kolny26: @chat has he done the Come fly with me quest already? Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Senordingdongs: name drop POGGERS derechte_iz_pz: pepeJAM kaiju_boi: Pog title drop sunshift: #pepeJAM xxRandumbName: what’s the equivalent of a weeaboo, but it’s a european pretending to be american? CalfixSpark: rkrkrkre Final_zebraman: !PepeHands jaquescamarao: pepeJAM Devon96: !WutFace DaventusCZ: ! SexPanda sunshift: # pepeJAM Murder_Dog: ! etalWMD Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Xerenix: TaBeRu seegamegabtw: ! AYAYA #Elias-chan persetin: @kolny26 yes Kinamoo: FeelsWeirdMan Rural_Juror_: LUL teplek: pepeJAM Direxfull: fod achieina: @kolny26 yeah he just finished it Tommero: BILLY RULES billyReady CalfixSpark: ! dad idey1994: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER Outcastedbird: Dance Dance Dance Gigantio: monkaS raqos: ! NaM Rural_Juror_: ! vineWah TeenyTinyRedhead: @xxRandumbName Good question kaiju_boi: KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER i5_3570: monkaS SayreZK: ! pbatREE derechte_iz_pz: I love this so much pepeJAM Araboth: ! Pog Sikodude: pepeJAMMER cakeordeath11: !ohnPrettyGood xHydraaP: STRONT Blobii: !sayHype AkiraJkr: !KKona #Elias-chan coussin00: Billy rules LUL captain_elsewhere: a yanktard ? xxRandumbName elaHmm kolny26: thank you elaFeels Rural_Juror_: LUL tubularjesus: ! PepeUff Rural_Juror_: ! vineWah Radausfall: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER Abdiel_Kavash: This song is actually amazing wolskLUL xxRandumbName: @TeenyTinyRedhead but is there a good answer? OToole42: PogChamp HonorOfDuty: lekkerOh kaiju_boi: YeahBoi Donner__: HeyGuys Lexor757: LULW Jaargan: pepeD gud music pepeD Devon96: ! WutFace SonicatorTV: elaMad derechte_iz_pz: @comradenerdy do you know mod stuff for Fallout NV? Annonn140: BILLY RULES gachiHYPER Seikisu: 🥁 PepoDance 🥁 pepeJAM GuitarTime ElaCOOL 🎤 CalfixSpark: LOL Limbo21796: ! Pepega CalfixSpark: The drone. Bakurretsu: !AYAYA #Elias-chan WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady Kiissly: **** the bombs TeenyTinyRedhead: @xxRandumbName Another good question LULW Gothicer: i thought ela wasnt going to stream today. did i get it completely wrong? Splash__Woman: TaBeRu Pyrhaa: Clen bomb PepeLaugh Sikodude: ! atpRtsd fatpep: its ok Ed-E . dont be shy elaH DannyLv1337: Pepega SayreZK: ! pbatREE MORFHI: KKool GuitarTime 🎙️>📡>🛰️>📻 FeelsGoodMan Clap Outcastedbird: F HAZEVILLE: !KKona Blobii: !:( banana_manai: elaHi elaHi elaHi cakeordeath11: BILLY RULES AkiraJkr: ZULUL Dismal_Arkt: pepeJAM ComradeNerdy: derechte_iz_pz not for NV, but i modded F3 like 6 months ago a bit, why? xxRandumbName: @captain_elsewhere yankaboo? SpleX__: chat pepeL TeenyTinyRedhead: @banana_manai nrdyH kaiju_boi: KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER Radausfall: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER bernas_pt2016: ! Kreygasm Nopileos: SpleX__ elaHYUG Deliriumi1: !FeelsGoodMan CalfixSpark: no viola_mandshurica: sumSmash Rural_Juror_: ! huttsNuke miki___miki: ! AYAYA kaiju_boi: Champ tubularjesus: ! gachiGASM AkiraJkr: Cinematic Camera Pog Frosted15: CALL OUT TO THE FALL OUT BABY! TeenyTinyRedhead: fallout FeelsGoodMan sunshift: Champ ssssip: @SpleX__ pepeL OToole42: ! PogChamp raqos: ! NaM ! NaM ! NaM ! NaM ! NaM SayreZK: ! pbatREE xxRandumbName: YANKUZA! kaiju_boi: KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER KKool pepeJAMMER CalfixSpark: NOOO HonorOfDuty: ! lekkerKonkie Dinky_Bork: aaaaaaaa Murder_Dog: ! etalWMD Spurquu: TTours mors0: LUL Kiissly: ! Kappa Spiritofpower: ! PepeLaugh mekkeru: !LUL VikingDogg: ! rooH Outcastedbird: literally! derBartuc: ! gdqSanic Swimmer_1000: ! BibleThump mors0: !LUL Dinky_Bork: indeed Donner__: BibleThump TeenyTinyRedhead: KKool Nopileos: !LUL Rural_Juror_: ! vineWah Cecilff2: PepoDance Flim_: ! HYUKAGE #LilFarts derechte_iz_pz: @comradenerdy I was going to ask if you know some other Fallout Radio track mods Vyyrox: Chat, he needs to go to the bunker with the tree stump on top! zotexlowbob: pepeJAM MORFHI: KKool GuitarTime 💨 🎙️>📡>🛰️>📻>pepeJAMMER CalfixSpark: SCORPIONS WILL COME DaniDuck: ! elaWut seegamegabtw: ! KKona Jaargan: ! elaTAK Heinrich999: !Pog Rural_Juror_: ! huttsNuke CalfixSpark: REEEEEE BroqRox: HYPERCLAP Abdiel_Kavash: ! thorwOh Kazeith: ! DarkMode Scandal3: gachiGASM viola_mandshurica: pepeJAM theral: ! TriHard fatpep: !KKona @Wastelanders gild0n: ! monkaW Onionmaster32: Crawl out of the fallout back to me PepeHands Jubular: Vyyrox elaWeird raqos: ! flewpC kaiju_boi: ! AYAYA tidooh: @Gothicer He will be away from tomorrow till thursday idey1994: pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER Rural_Juror_: ! vineWah EstusFox: ! AYAYA thorvaldurht: drink your h20 chat kaiju_boi: !AYAYA Wolfgasm388: LUL WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady Seilrach: pepeJAM Clap fatpep: !KKona #Wastelanders SupremeTDM: SupremeTDM gifted a Tier 1 sub to Spurquu! They have given 17 Gift Subs in the channel! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @spurquu the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM OmegamonX: @derechte_iz_pz just check the nexus mate Nopileos: SUB HYPE Spurquu Pog mors0: !PogChamp jormuliini: !KKona PhysiCle: !AYAYA #elasweebs WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady Svartesmien: SMOrc kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime ComradeNerdy: derechte_iz_pz oh nah i dunno, i used some for F3 it was like the biggest one Frosted15: @Vyyrox no spoilers plz TIMEOUT Gothicer: @tidooh ah okay, thanks Spurquu: Pog’ Final_zebraman: KKonaMan Pog Spurquu: Pog Rural_Juror_: ! huttsNuke Outcastedbird: Best song about shagging a ghoul derechte_iz_pz: @omegamonx oh right idey1994: pepeJAM TeenyTinyRedhead: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu tidooh: @Gothicer He will stream on thursday I mean razorxscooter: @abdiel_kavash yilxMuts viola_mandshurica: gachiBOP GuitarTime iamdba2: This is funny Jaargan: Pog h3adhunt3rrc: ! monkaGun WingedBalmung: !Pog CalfixSpark: Ela, piiiwiii11: @thorvaldurht thx😀 meltingnt: ! rooVV sunshift: Badass Cowboy Saves Ed-E https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicEagerSaladNotLikeThis BritishPatternBalding: ElaJAM VikingDogg: ! rooVV raqos: kanYe Jubular: KKool L ssssip: @thorvaldurht thats a lot of hydrogen monkaW i dont think thats safe AkiraJkr: gachiGASM derechte_iz_pz: @comradenerdy I see elaISee Abdiel_Kavash: @razorxscooter thorwHi Seikisu: pepeJAM xxRandumbName: how do you play this game? the graphics are so bad Kapp mors0: Billy Rules SayreZK: ! pbatREE Rural_Juror_: ! vineWah Frosted15: Kapp roughmcbeats: !Kappa Spiritofpower: ! rescVV siggioi: pyrodoC pyrodoC pyrodoC AkiraJkr: Wowie graphics make a difference Kapp Nazzet: TaBeRu idey1994: imagine NV with FO4 gunplay Kreygasm OscarVBender: Sup @Chat how are You after the weekend elaHi Frosted15: !cohhMy Araboth: !Pog TeenyTinyRedhead: TaBeRu MORFHI: KKool GuitarTime 🎙️>📡>🛰️>📻>pepeJAMMER Sikodude: TaBeRu Nopileos: OscarVBender elaHi CalfixSpark: ! Squid1 Squid3 Squid4 Outcastedbird: @xxrandumbname The game has more going for it than its looks cakeordeath11: BILLY RULES TeenyTinyRedhead: @OscarVBender nrdyH sunshift: yeah Champ Chronolight: TaBeRu daley_: KKool ComradeNerdy: OscarVBender elaH Pyrhaa: Hat ? FeelsWeirdMan Neon_TRY: TaBeRu SupremeTDM: love you cowboy ela elaH spicystuff00: @idey1994 game of the decade Kreygasm Spurquu: elaA Denact: usedAAA Ayluro: FeelsWeirdMan kaiju_boi: KKool GuitarTime SnarksterJr: how does your roleplay explain him standing around like this Kapp @Elajjaz BergDK81: F:NV is amazing Rural_Juror_: useaAAA BruiseVein: @Elajjaz hey bröther KKona I just saw your new Visage playthrough, that game is amazing kaiju_boi: PepeHands OscarVBender: @Nopileos @TeenyTinyRedhead @ComradeNerdy elaH elaH elaH evilmarmot42: Ela, you gonna stream without saying howdy? HAZEVILLE: @elajjaz Howdy partner KKona Annonn140: PepeLaugh Rural_Juror_: usedAAA xxRandumbName: @Outcastedbird that’s what i told my gf about my dick FeelsBadMan mors0: PepeLaugh Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh frenzywolfx: here it goes PepeLaugh Breitey: monkaW Jubular: monkaS fNandow: monkaW Nopileos: PepeLaugh Neon_TRY: PepeLaugh Lexor757: PepeLaugh Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh kurpajutra: PepeLaugh 💦 kolny26: PepeLaugh Jarvis_McGee: monkaW kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: PepeLaugh chat HotFireZ: PepeLaugh MORFHI: PepeLaugh spkn_: yarthoKek Nopileos: KingMidas133 elaH TeenyTinyRedhead: @BruiseVein The mirror jumpscare PepeLaugh Glenshane: PepeLaugh stravv: PepeLaugh brot_ok: PepeLaugh duumed: PepeLaugh idey1994: @spicystuff00 they’ll never make another fo game like this FeelsBadMan at least outer wilds might be good dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh 💦 SupremeTDM: every new sub should get a “howdy” Jubular: PepeLaugh Chipsnsalsa9: MonkaS fatpep: this is totally the brotherhood PepeLaugh h4nfr3d: elaSmile UltraWindow: PepeLaugh Hellu: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: gachiBASS MORFHI: here we go PepeLaugh Outcastedbird: @xxrandumbname Sex is more than penetration too! VentusNova_: PepeLaugh BroqRox: PepeLaugh twitchin2019omegalul: Kreygasm CalfixSpark: REEE SpleX__: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: elaKek ceejsavage: atpChar AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER Moks_art: BoS ryzizzle: gachiHYPER bickbo: PepeLaugh Kiissly: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Wendell8504: gachiHYPER TheRipMan: LULQ KingMidas133: @Nopileos elaH skybeaverking: PepeLaugh Nazzet: Very hard gachiHYPER Jaargan: PepeLaugh Nopileos: KingMidas133 elaH Chronolight: PepeLaugh detective_columbo: EMOTE MODE Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: MUST BE EPIC LOOT PogU TheRipMan: PepeLaugh sunshift: just knock 4HEad GodKingZoboomafoo: BoS BOIS SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: VERY HARD gachiHYPER OscarVBender: Buckle up kiddo PepeLaugh RonsuDE: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Clap Hellu: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Hajitaib: PepeLaugh Lukasbech: PepeLaugh yea u do alexowhy: TeenyTinyRedhead nrdyLurk boop JammyDrury: PepeLaugh mknight: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh IceCream20: noclip Wendell8504: gachiHYPER me too Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh 💨 timoteh: PepeLaugh It’ll be fine Ela, head on in Denact: gachiBASS idey1994: PepeLaugh oh no no no SensualSuplex: Brotherhood!!! UiVgray: PepeLaugh dedhillo: f OmegamonX: Key LULW Murder_Dog: PepeLaugh Joxih: lul Direxfull: There is 1 more bunker pekkaatte122: i bet you do BruiseVein: @TeenyTinyRedhead yeah PepeLaugh but that creepy ass “come here” part monkaSHAKE maduinn: PepeLaugh Eyesw1deopen: It’s part of a quest. You’ll get in later on. KurtRustle91: A key, to a bunker door? WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Lexor757: PepeLaugh 💨 kaiju_boi: KKool captain_elsewhere: you wanna go in theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere ? PepeLaugh Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Binfz: PepeLaugh 👉 🔑 Neon_TRY: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh Jubular: SSSHH PepeLaugh dami_exe: KKool GuitarTime BIG IRON ON HIS HIP KKool GuitarTime mistlord: music monkaS TeenyTinyRedhead: @alexowhy nrdyH pepeL Glenshane: PepeLaugh Clap xxRandumbName: top secret military bunker and he thinks the key is under the door mat Hellu: Must be a key PepeLaugh GodKingZoboomafoo: gotta get that grill LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh shhh pekkaatte122: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: he doesnt know elaKek bickbo: PepeLaugh 👉 🔑 NosBleid: KKool big iroooooon idey1994: ON HIS HIIIIIIIP fr0stycam: he doesn’t know fellas PepeLaugh KrazyShark: ¦ futurekaze: how is playthrough going? frenzywolfx: PepeLaugh OptimisticKnowledge: H21 SpleX__: aren’t we all very hard ? PepeLaugh squashlord: just look rly hard ela you’ll find the key somewhere PepeLaugh RyanLovesWeed: h21 Fire_: h21 Emzero: H21 PepeLaugh Nightcall7: PepeLaugh deviantdeviations: BIG IIIIROOOOOON pepeJAM Lexor757: SURVIVAL OMEGALUL DaniDuck: H21 LULW Rick_LVB: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Devon96: music monkaW LickMyPretzel: h21? Jaargan: H21 elaKek TeenyTinyRedhead: @BruiseVein Yeah that part made me nervous, something about that monkaSHAKE Direxfull: 1 more bunker ultimafia318: DID YOU GOOGLE WHILE YOU WERE AWAY OMEGALUL Joxih: yea like a normal human derechte_iz_pz: Oof I’ll look into it later I guess spicystuff00: @idey1994 yeh outer worlds playable area is a lot smaller but at least the writing is good Kiissly: PepeLaugh what an interesting bunker KrazyShark: @Elajjaz just BUST IN BUST IN BUST IN BUST IN BUST IN BUST IN BUST IN BUST IN FEEL GOOD pepeJAM Denact: elaOP coussin00: inb4 it’s a deadend Jebaited timoteh: PepeLaugh H21 mistlord: music monkaW Jubular: H21 monkaW Kusocheg: @Elajjaz nice hat 🙂 SensualSuplex: Help the brotherhood in the wasteland Nightcall7: Must be a coincidence PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: ela what do you think survival skill does because i dont think it does what you think it does BruiseVein: @TeenyTinyRedhead it was dark and random noises just kept getting louder monkaW imagetr3: I hope he gets Veronica soon if he wants to get in. SupremeTDM: whats been your favorite part so far ela?? head_honcho46: H21? rooWut SnarksterJr: @SensualSuplex FeelsWeirdMan OmegamonX: @Elajjaz on my first playthrough i leveled only lockpicking when i found that very hard lock happyadam00: really like this game. just wish you could run. takes forever to get places Ramrocc: hz1 elaKek fatpep: LULW Jaargan: elaGa skybeaverking: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK Kusocheg: LULW BubbloX: pokiW EightLevelWizard: Veronica no1KYAA dami_exe: KKool GuitarTime BIG IRON ON HIS HIP KKool GuitarTime ohanami: another SETTLEMENT needs your help¨! Vanset_: KKool kaiju_boi: KKona SnarksterJr: KKool GuitarTime LickMyPretzel: ppHop OscarVBender: oooooo it’s “this” place PepeLaugh ConjureBacon: oooh, this place… jormuliini: frogs with teeth WeirdChamp TeenyTinyRedhead: @BruiseVein Yeah the old lady wasn’t helping either, her voice got so creepy monkaW ssssip: KKool Armored_Guy: gachiBOP evilmarmot42: Do you die of dehydration? cur_ley: KKool BruiseVein: @Elajjaz looking forward to at least 2 more chapters of Visage Clap kaiju_boi: yes PepeLaugh WabbitTwouble: KKool GuitarTime BIG IRON ON HIS HIP Kkool GuitarTime derechte_iz_pz: ela sing some kkona songs MitsuoK: hiroshima nagasaki Vanset_: 5Head\ DaniDuck: yes Pajki13: yes SensualSuplex: @snarksterjr don’t feels weird WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Sunprayer07: KKool GuitarTime Sven_sveger: BIG EYE-RON Direxfull: there is 1 more bunker captain_elsewhere: no LickMyPretzel: Go back NotLikeThis shikifujin16: Help the brotherhood DoctorBM: 1 MORE BUNKER derechte_iz_pz: elaKek idey1994: old world blues soundtrack tho Kreygasm pepeJAMMER GreedySkeleton: did he really ignore the last one Handsome_Shadow: Handsome_Shadow subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 33 months, currently on a 33 month streak! nrdyKona Nice hat cowboy also why am im 33 months a sub to you, EXPLAIN DansGame or are you too cute to leave you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @handsome_shadow After 33 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Lexor757: missed bunker PepeHands Nopileos: SUB HYPE Handsome_Shadow elaA BruiseVein: @TeenyTinyRedhead and the wash room with the birth scene, full of blood and intestines and shit monkaW serusa94: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Darkshadows6662: deathclaw land? HelenWTF: Amazing bunker behind NotLikeThis xHydraaP: 1 MORE BUNKER PepeLaugh UiVgray: Don’t go back. NotLikeThis Tetrahom: Backseating WeirdChamp Kazeith: missed bunker? fenniksss: ELA BACK spkn_: yarthoKek DoctorBM: Back Von_Gnome: he cant get in either way bloodcaleb: backseaters PepeLaugh thialfre: ela pls last bunker dami_exe: NRC elaKek zotexlowbob: PepeLaugh Zygon___: NRC BrokeBack mors0: @Elajjaz there’s more bunkers!!! dzemroz: kill the powder gangers Pog Annonn140: PepeLaugh Jubular: vilified PepeLaugh Leeegit: baaack Pajki13: nrc WeirdChamp DaniDuck: nrc LULW Shinda_Kikai: ther are three bunkers DDDDDDD: Ellycat1: NRC elaGa Handsome_Shadow: @derechte_iz_pz nrdyKona Take me home Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh Vanset_: vacility for 3Head s Rural_Juror_: unsatisfied chat zfgMad GentlemansPickle: go back h4nfr3d: many friends there FeelsGoodMan KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz thats the powder ganger base, no NCR there derechte_iz_pz: @handsome_shadow elaH VoHiYo deviantdeviations: backseater friends FeelsWeirdMan piiiwiii11: nrc DansGame Neon_TRY: backseating FeelsWeirdMan TeenyTinyRedhead: @BruiseVein Oh yeah that part, so squishy monkaW Also I think the devs said the next parts will go faster cause this chapter was hardest to program LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh Kazeith: @elajjaz chat says you missed a bunker derechte_iz_pz: Ela omg, please sing Country Roads elaOk cheeze____: I like how he ewws an area without even knowing what’s there PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Sunprayer07: ela4 VentusNova_: NCR PepeLaugh L0VKIYRusskiy: Powder Gangers billyReady Wwaaaz: Away backseaters PepeUff 💨 Ellycat1: elaHYUK Jaargan: ela4 Outcastedbird: Backseating OMEGALUL siggioi: Hay @Elajjaz and chat serusa94: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh spoilers PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh meltingnt: 10 xp Pog CalfixSpark: nee Handsome_Shadow: @derechte_iz_pz waiting 3 weeks for Jojo ep PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: oh this place elaKek gfhgggfjgg: nothing in hidden valley OpieOP Lexor757: FeelsWeirdMan watching streams to not backset FeelsWeirdMan knowledge_college: monkaW zotexlowbob: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: @siggioi nrdyH derechte_iz_pz: @handsome_shadow elaFeels kaiju_boi: LULW Fire_: welp ComradeNerdy: siggioi elaH Kusocheg: LULW fatpep: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW bloodcaleb: ??????? Nopileos: LULW bickbo: ???? brot_ok: LULW IRAGEQUEEN: LULW NosBleid: LULW Seikisu: PepeLaugh paleblood_13: PogU serusa94: LULW LickMyPretzel: ED-E fucked that guy up meltingnt: ede LULW ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh BruiseVein: @TeenyTinyRedhead oh cool. I really like that this part had so much literal twists and turns, super cool TeenyTinyRedhead: LULW SpleX__: LULW Pyrhaa: LULW angryj0nes: LULW HotFireZ: ED-E LULW Joxih: no main mission yet lul Nopileos: LULW LULW Tikonich: LUL piiiwiii11: lol Annonn140: PepeLaugh Wwaaaz: Wat derechte_iz_pz: LULW Jaargan: ???? Dismal_Arkt: OMEGADOWN Xinicius: ????????????? walking_clock: EDE best bot Clap VentusNova_: EDE Pog Hellu: LULW Wendell8504: LULW Nopileos: lol knowledge_college: EDE Pog NovusAnimus: um what ceejsavage: PogChamp Annonn140: oh no Jarvis_McGee: LULW HelenWTF: heart attack LULW CalfixSpark: LOL futurekaze: LULW Araboth: Heart attack Pog BergDK81: EDE FailFish AlexAnderman1994: elaWut elaGun Joxih: eddie Handsome_Shadow: @siggioi SIGGI totPog handso22Hi Outcastedbird: LMAO Nopileos: LULW Hajitaib: Pog kaiju_boi: CoolStoryBob Nazzet: Kapp siggioi: being tempted to play falllout agian by you Le_________________bowser: KILLING MACHINE zotexlowbob: Champ ede Vivelin: elaK Wayn_: nice hat ela Clap Aberrant404: elaK Gathmod: you pissed off all the powder gangers too? Pyrhaa: CarlSmile atomicdestruction: elaK paleblood_13: CoolStoryBob miki___miki: SHEER HEART ATTACK PogU Hajitaib: OP TorvaM: @Elajjaz does Nopileos: elaK brot_ok: elaK kaiju_boi: Kapp Jubular: cause youre too pepo to notice TomHorst: EDE doin work fatpep: ? NosBleid: elaK UltraWindow: elaK Schwirm: monkaGun Jaargan: elaK elaK dami_exe: NRC? Assnick: lobosLULN mrbreadberry: NRC FeelsPepoMan daley_: n r c ceejsavage: atpCap crashfort: nrc MyNameLacksImagination: NRC HotFireZ: NCR DansGame Vivelin: It’s not the NCR btw Da_Flanker: NRC LULW Nopileos: nrc fatpep: NRC elaK Sven_sveger: elaK Hellu: NRC PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: @BruiseVein Yeah I loved every second of it, they know what they’re doing Zygon___: NRC WeirdChamp Glenshane: elaK Jarvis_McGee: NRC OMEGALUL timoteh: Kappa KingMidas133: NRC LULW Outcastedbird: NRC HughManatee: NRC KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz those arent NCR, they are Powder Gangers… Schwirm: NRC PepeLaugh VentusNova_: NRC OMEGALUL NordicRain: NRC FeelsPepoMan TheH3llraiser: NRC LULW Vrookems: N R C IllusiveRealm: NRC Pepega Lexor757: NRC OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: NRC LULW Aberrant404: NRC Jubular: NRC WeirdChamp Kiissly: NRC LULW seqone: NRC elaGa asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: NRC PepeLaugh crashfort: atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap atpCap Murder_Dog: NRC DansGame detective_columbo: NRC LULW Jaushel: elaK walnutcast: what about the NCR? Nopileos: NRC LULW Denact: elaK siggioi: @Handsome_Shadow elaHi elaHi cbrChamp necritOK DaniDuck: nrc elaGa dami_exe: who tf are the NRC Emzero: NRC PepeLaugh cappuccinoweeb: Kappa JammyDrury: PepeLaugh Binfz: FeelsPepoMan Clap UltraWindow: 4 piece elaK OscarVBender: NRC elaK elaK elaK JubJubWantRubRubs: OH MY GOD LULW Nazzet: I though he hates science CoolStoryBob F3arl: Keep saying nrc walking_clock: how does he feel about the NCR Ellycat1: nrc PepeLaugh Tree60noscoped: nrc ? Germy_ranch: NRC he keeps saying it PepeLaugh spkn_: yarthoOh NRC Martiansam: elaK Jyatt: LORE BertMcGurt_: NRC LULW Jaargan: RP elaGa Dismal_Arkt: @Elajjaz Alien or NRC? elaHmm Vanset_: join house 5Head mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Fire_: LULW Le_________________bowser: I hate the NCR, DansGame LeiHaut: NICE RP LULW cheeze____: that fucking wasn’t NCR OMEGADOWN Lagunaab: that was powder agnager LickMyPretzel: First of all, it’s NCR. Second, that’s not NCR, those are Powder Gangers crashfort: NRC atpCap L0VKIYRusskiy: NRC PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: POWDER RANGER LULW Jubular: powder rangers LULW TorvaM: @Elajjaz does ED-E stream? id like to see the carrys PoV PepeLaugh CaoCaoMengde: Not pretending Hellu: Powder rangers elaGa DaniDuck: he’s a robot, he doesnt have feelings ela Wendell8504: 5Head Werelwen: nice hat @Elajjaz KKrikey Shinda_Kikai: tahts not the NRC there -.- Sven_sveger: NRC PepeLaugh Joxih: NRC lul talkman_: Powder rangers elaGa brot_ok: OmegamonX Rural_Juror_: NRA PepeLaugh Aberrant404: powder rangers VentusNova_: POWDER RANGERS OMEGADOWN Heartsome_NaNa: sounds like skyrim dami_exe: NRC AND POWDER RANGERS LULW zotexlowbob: powder rangers LULW MagicFrogs: LUL vxl__: powder rangers LULW King_Insane: new CALIFORNIA Republic NordicRain: Powder Rangers FeelsPepoMan KingMidas133: POWDER RANGERS LULW Ellycat1: Powder rangers PepeLaugh IllusiveRealm: POWDER RANGERS OMEGALUL Jarvis_McGee: pepeLaugh oh no no no no Sikodude: NRC LULW jklob: power rangers FeelsPepoMan MilchiWay: hates everyone PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: POWER RANGERS PogU cur_ley: LULW NosBleid: powder rangers PepeLaugh fatpep: nC r @Elajjaz LULW OmegamonX: Powder ranger nrc LULW Wwaaaz: He doesn’t even know PepeLaugh ImperialCloneTrooper2028: NRC CoolStoryBob brot_ok: OMEGADOWN astralshifts: does he like anyone LUL HotFireZ: LULW HelenWTF: POWDER RANGERS OMEGALUL Cecilff2: elaD WVReaper: POWER RANGERS POG Glenshane: Powder Rangers LULW Kiissly: L OMEGALUL R E Pyrhaa: MorphinTime Powder rangers Lagunaab: fuck the power rangers elaGa bloodcaleb: go go powder rangers OMEGADOWN UiVgray: NRC and Powder Rangers. OMEGALUL Turbulist: Elajjaz It’s NCR razorxscooter: New Republican California cirISee AkiraJkr: FeelsPepoMan imagetr3: New Republic California Martiansam: power ranger gfhgggfjgg: both sides are bad OpieOP SpleX__: monkaW crashfort: nrc atpCap Gathmod: it seems everyone hates you at the moment LUL Xanxicar: like me 🙂 Jaargan: elaD Schwirm: Powder Rangers Pog Handsome_Shadow: nrdyKona Gothicer: NRC PepeLaugh powder rangers PepeLaugh BruiseVein: @TeenyTinyRedhead I hope they don’t go back too much to straight walking around the house, would be cool with more original stuff Kusocheg: pepo? Xinicius: LOL illuminatieyes_xd: D: NovusAnimus: N. C. R. Aberrant404: @Elajjaz does he just hate everything? tacozay: NRC maduinn: POWDER RANGERS OMEGALUL Zarasto: Didn’t he hate robots too? siggioi: Hates everything Because_we_said_so: lol powdered rangers Seikisu: so Sarge hate everything LuL Elajjaz Gothicer: D: Kopffeine: but he loves the fetus mistlord: Profit Pog Martiansam: so you made chat LickMyPretzel: powder rangers OMEGALUL FUNbalintHUN: he’s a gamer OscarVBender: that’s some GODLIKE RP LUL cheeze____: Nice making up lore on the fly as always FeelsWeirdMan Dismal_Arkt: So just a chat pleb OMEGALUL Sven_sveger: NRD and Powder Rangers got it elaK VentusNova_: so he hates everyone GreedySkeleton: I’m glad that i’m here chat FOGGERS Kyrsimys: so original elaK Martiansam: one of us Chag hyenapatches: power rangers ZanRebel: does your character like ANYONE ? derechte_iz_pz: Ela is roleplaying elaYes Jarvis_McGee: PepeLaugh NCR PepeLaugh Powder Rangers PepeLaugh Annonn140: KKona hell yeah mocaffe: Powder rangers do lots of cocaine angryj0nes: @Elajjaz you say he hates ROBOTS more the other day LULWE Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz is that coffee elaOP ImperialCloneTrooper2028: P OMEGALUL W D E R R A N G E R S crashfort: atpCap Mr_Yenny: profit hell yeah KKona Jubular: rp god PogChamp NephiSweet: Just don’t fuck around with Driver Nephi kaiju_boi: Wowee Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER THE SARGE gachiHYPER tommot16: howdy there Dancingbroccoli2:📡>🛰️>🔊 FeelsGoodMan kurtrax: Jebaited raider_unkindled: Call Johnny Guitar, he is crying PepeHands Nopileos: Jebaited KrazyShark: Jebaited AlexAnderman1994: Jebaited theral: TriHard reptile_mkx: Jebaited Schwirm: didnt take the cocktail DansGame Hajitaib: LULW Zifou1997: omg this is @elajjaz the cowboy LUL Wuxia: robbing the poor to give them incentive to get richer 5Head DaniDuck: cmonBrother Lagunaab: the big whore ? myfavoriteweeb: KKool Turbulist: LULW jklob: cmonBruh raqos: HE DOESTN KNOW PepeLaugh JC5original: 4 caps PepeHands bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime TeenyTinyRedhead: KKool OmegamonX: did he buy the magnum? Gothicer: elaYes elminster316: Nice hat elaISee kaiju_boi: he’s poor remember? LULW Deztru: LUL fatpep: LULW RicHaya: PepeLaugh Smoothstone: What in tarnation cmonBrother cyberneticz_: @dami_exe @vyyrox Well, I guess it is far more fulfilling to go by your own pace considering it’s setting. ELAYZA: every npc has the voice of Yuri Loventhal in this game LUL Seikisu: PepeLaugh POOR ceejsavage: atpChar UltraWindow: you already took it WeirdChamp Mythaiass: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: He bought your stuff h4nfr3d: PepeLaugh NordicRain: He literally has zero caps LULW Schwirm: you literally just took it LUL Nopileos: PepeLaugh christhao100: PepeHands poor Lord_Zephir: Howdy, partner. @Elajjaz Wendell8504: KKool GuitarTime Trollieno: The 20Ga doesnt have beanbag or dragons breath 🙁 ImperialCloneTrooper2028: POOR RMEMBER LULW Irocam: big horn gachiHYPER bolsha9boroda: @Elajjaz you need 50 weapon skill to use this shotgun. Hajitaib: PepeHands BergDK81: 20 gauge is pathetic Rick_LVB: You just took alll his money PepeHands FoolishPaul: what mods chat? AkiraJkr: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. LickMyPretzel: FeelsPepoMan LilacLeaf: Hi hi elaHi Vivelin: Go on ImperialCloneTrooper2028: !mods roasty_brekky_warp: Elathinking AlexAnderman1994: elaGa elaPlan Schwirm: ?? bloodcaleb: FeelsPepoMan Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan Clap SiloWang: ??? LickMyPretzel: @LilacLeaf elaHi fatpep: 4Shrug Grumpypie: well said ela WVReaper: ??? TeenyTinyRedhead: @LilacLeaf nrdyH pepeL FappyMcFlappy: wow I just tuned in and elas hat looks so fake like its a snapchat filter or something Ellycat1: I was thinking elaGa futurekaze: Is there all my exes are from texas song in this game? elaHmm Azure_Felt: Pog 188 cybercabbabge: FeelsPepoMan Clap AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz your hat looks CGI Nichiro99: me too thanks TeenyTinyRedhead: @FappyMcFlappy Exactly what I said LULW bloodcaleb: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: KKool kaiju_boi: monkaW BruiseVein: started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix, intro song so good Pog AYAYA HotFireZ: monkaW Xanxicar: Quary junction monkaS Nopileos: monkaW EbiVariance: monkaW Magnusss: new vegas PogChamp Kolomarii: monkaW LickMyPretzel: monkaW d-deathclaws? flipdroop: monkaW Kouwell: 188 DatSheffy ImperialCloneTrooper2028: monkaX idey1994: monkaW RicHaya: deathclaws monkaW Eyesw1deopen: ‘Some’. Lexor757: QUARRY JUNCTION monkaW Schwirm: monkaW D-Deathclaws? tidooh: @FappyMcFlappy Right?! Like crappy CGI LULW captain_elsewhere: quarry junction monkaW christhao100: monkaW deathclaws ChilledLawnGnome: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: elaK 眠いです: sick hat strimmer 🤠 walnutcast: the hat does look shopped in sometimes lmao ekcolocke: Hat looks real, Ela looks CGI Artoch47: It does fatpep: @Elajjaz did you fight a deathclaw yet ? AkiraJkr: CoolStoryBob h4nfr3d: have you been back there yet? FeelsGoodMan TomHorst: deathclaws arent that hard PepeLaugh imagetr3: SHOOT THE MONUMENT!!! Firekiri: Firekiri subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! eeyyy WrestlerBot2000: @firekiri Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Acafulcro: sneakyYeehaw hey there, pardner ceejsavage: atpCap FappyMcFlappy: It’s like some fucking like facemoji thing or something LilacLeaf: Btw nice hat LUL Pyrhaa: Real cow boy Pog KrazyShark: it kinda looks CGI, it’s so trippy LULW EbiVariance: \ 🙂 / Death Claw Deztru: @Elajjaz Tip fedora or CGI Nopileos: SUB HYPE Firekiri PogChamp FappyMcFlappy: it looks so fake its unreal FaultyDevice: @Elajjaz shoot the monument grevedarkholm: fake hat streamer PepeHands walnutcast: it’s really clean and the color stands out @Elajjaz Nichiro99: this is what guy with cgi hat would say @Elajjaz MrLismos: @Elajjaz :)) CurseofSherwood: CGI hat FeelsWeirdMan fluffythepen: yeet howdy Alaera: hat looks photoshopped on honestly Monster5crak: show shotty kaiju_boi: It’s not CGI, it’s a JPEG overlay PepeLaugh n4tk0: @bruisevein hope you like it, i was hyped but couldnt get past 5th episode PepeHands KrazyShark: looks like an instagram filter LULW Schwirm: it actually looks CGI LUL NordicRain: But is Ela real monkaW Hopewerth: it’s really cgi djinn_94: !real WrestlerBot2000: Ela gets real https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=NvU6NPOo9f8 LickMyPretzel: m’lady futurekaze: Ela is next gen cgi AI IHYUK TeenyTinyRedhead: It does look like snapchat LULW SnarksterJr: dollar store hat LULW raider_unkindled: elaHmm how do we know its real? HiHawx: any pardners? moon2SH KrazyShark: snapchat filter* ComradeNerdy: just tip it for us nrdyKona UltraWindow: m’chat 眠いです: moon2MLADY theral: FAKE HAT LULW Jaargan: @elajjaz if it’s not cgi take it off elaREE FappyMcFlappy: lick hat to prove Doomerttv: Real American KKona OptimisticKnowledge: snapchat filter hat LULW AkiraJkr: Tip it for us @Elajjaz djinn_94: hat is real, apartment is CGI Unskintaaleni: @Niittomies_ HeyGuys kaiju_boi: TIP HAT TO PROVE IT’S REAL @Elajjaz Darth_Kredol: Pog Glenshane: Pog Nichiro99: hat is real, ela is cgi monkaW Sven_sveger: I’m not sure it’s real elaHmm brot_ok: hat is real ela is not forsenS christhao100: Pog Doomerttv: Gun Pog TomHorst: ligenaires salpo_nolobio: leegonairs Dr_Jan_Itor: @clappingkappa ” cute hat AYAYALL ” perfect use PepeHands Martiansam: KKona that an american gun Monster5crak: murican riffle KKona NordicRain: PepeHands WVReaper: skeely pog Pyrhaa: PepeHands mistlord: lego-nairs LUL Azure_Felt: service rifle PepeLaugh ImperialCloneTrooper2028: LIGENAIRES OptimisticKnowledge: ligmaneires LULW Andros5: legonaires TeenyTinyRedhead: @brot_ok monkaW vidsan1337: quinTip myfavoriteweeb: AYAYA Cecilff2: Wowee HEWIE Deztru: A modern M16? DansGame Fullmetalcheese: Reading Lore Chag tidooh: Are we even real? monkaW LickMyPretzel: hewie Darth_Kredol: Hui elaWow grevedarkholm: Huey DansGame Turbulist: PepeHands Hajitaib: PepeHands EyeForcz: HEWIE AYAYA Darth_Kredol: Hui elaWOW 1marcio080: HEWIE AYAYA bloodcaleb: DansGame Schwirm: Teresa Lulz Annonn140: KKona salpo_nolobio: ela7 gosamigo: M16 KKona Fatamerikans: huj TeenyTinyRedhead: @tidooh NotLikeThis TheXearo: HEWIE PepeHands elminster316: PepeHands Ellycat1: NRC DansGame shameimarusen: enbRespect enbRespect enbRespect quilty3: !uptime Pixel_hearts: AYAYA Hewie Wowee NaughtyPedro: riffle is pretty KKona Lexor757: PepeHands annieoakly: Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter ImperialCloneTrooper2028: NRC LULW Kouwell: Dui and Lui lost their brother PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: @quilty3, elajjaz has been streaming for 3 hours 43 mins crashfort: so nobody has noticed a dead skeleton in this building but the player elaK vidsan1337: cohh7 Jaargan: @elajjaz tip hat elaREE fapsalon_: @Elajjaz gonna try out fallout 1 and 2 sometime? pekkaatte122: take the gun Schwirm: take the gun DansGame Turbulist: RIFLE!?!?!!?!!? SnarksterJr: cant you pick it up? cappuccinoweeb: gun NordicRain: monkaW WVReaper: oi m8 gun Monster5crak: take murican riffle 😡 Doomerttv: No gun? LULW JImmicoast: Teresa LULZ nrdyGa jenda69: @Elajjaz you are wearing a NCR hat LULW Final_zebraman: NRC Pepega Darth_Kredol: that’s a real murican rifle right there LUL Sven_sveger: elaBlind elaBlind tidooh: @TeenyTinyRedhead I don’t know anything anymore monkaW Pixel_hearts: Hat ?! Xanxicar: take gun elaREE Mitch2248: gun DansGame WITO: Mr @Elajjaz anything else confirmed for today? Glenshane: LULW Fatamerikans: 😡 NovaMoon: this backseating lmao EyeForcz: @Elajjaz hello sir trizzeMLADY annieoakly: PepeLaugh 👌 futurekaze: tip hat or it’s not real elaREE TeenyTinyRedhead: @tidooh Same monkaW AnniPsychotic94: hat matches with game NosBleid: why didn’t you take the gun Kraad_: He did tip the hat chat h4nfr3d: the khans ResidentSleeper Smoothstone: @Elajjaz you can pick up holotapes, they dont take WG christhao100: PepeLaugh chat hes roleplaying, no modern weapons Nopileos: christhao100 pepeL elminster316: Rerun hat not tipped FeelsBadMan xnonamehero: The god damn Khans BakedPi: put shoe on hat, or its pre-recordd TeenyTinyRedhead: I think it’s the hat’s colour that’s doing it kaiju_boi: Pog Kenny ackerman TomHorst: @NovaMoon crazy right? remind me to never play an rpg like this with an audience Darth_Kredol: elaChug salpo_nolobio: Great Khans. Great Pros bloodcaleb: christhao100 he also has the cowboy perk, which increases damage with lever action rifles BergDK81: the m16 is like 50 years old EyeForcz: TeenyTinyRedhead is this a cutie cbrLurk pepeL nrdyD rinzler177: Mikasa ackerman AYAYA skybeaverking: Private ackerman elaBlush flipdroop: monkaW TheXearo: wassup jessup Sven_sveger: Pvt Jessup PepeHands jenda69: KKona TeenyTinyRedhead: @EyeForcz Nooo, but I see one now! nrdyD nrdyH pepeL roasty_brekky_warp: danKona Clap idey1994: KKona fatpep: THis is a big quest dreamdynamictv: This is trippy, I know Boulder City pretty well. Jaargan: tip hat or it’s not real elaREE LickMyPretzel: yes Cralth: elaBlind Niims: Niims subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @niims the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM TheH3llraiser: yes dedhillo: Jessep alkGreatGoblinKing Glenshane: yes Nopileos: SUB HYPE Niims POGGERS Drachenreiter: yes ImperialCloneTrooper2028: YES brot_ok: kinda yeah Nopileos: yes dreamdynamictv: Is the theater there? BakedPi: satisfying rbzFlirty Patfenis19: weebs 👉 🔥 gosamigo: THE DOOR LULW LickMyPretzel: yeah Elfualoco2003: Yea OptimisticKnowledge: Blind as always Disaresta: yea silver6ird: yeah 🤠 KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz where are you going? It was right there cacctus1: so if he’s not going to use power weapons does that mean no power armour either? mackinator: Yeah serusa94: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh WITO: @Elajjaz any other game confirmed for today? Pyrhaa: Is this the Boulder’s Gate ? PepeLaugh Obsidian Nopileos: yeah brot_ok: elaBlind HYPERCLAP LickMyPretzel: is he pretending? Dr_Jan_Itor: Nemz? Pog where Pahhu: nymnU serusa94: not blind imagetr3: Door behind him… ceejsavage: 🙂 WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Life_fox1992: play with pad much better LUL cato____: @Pyrhaa boycerInohaHAA LickMyPretzel: ppHop kaiju_boi: ppHop Turbulist: ppHop KurtRustle91: WeirdChamp blind Rus7m: ppHop TeenyTinyRedhead: ppHop Maluco_Doido: Actually blind Nopileos: ppHop AlexAnderman1994: ppHop Lexor757: pphop TomHorst: chat he KNOWS dayhappyx3: he knows chat FeelsWeirdMan Kouwell: ppHop bloodcaleb: ppHop TomHorst: wtf ImperialCloneTrooper2028: ppHop Darth_Kredol: ppHop idey1994: jesus he doesn’t immediately walk in the door and chat can’t stop backseating instantly LUL cato____: ppHop bloodcaleb: leveling acrobatics ppHop Dancingbroccoli2: ppHop Szachalasznik: ppHop OptimisticKnowledge: Kapp Nopileos: ppHop ppHop brot_ok: ppHop KurtRustle91: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: ppHop futurekaze: ppHop Germy_ranch: ppHop Gothicer: ppHop brot_ok: LULW mukomo_: ppHop bloodcaleb: AlienPls EbiVariance: monkaW kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh HotFireZ: LULW TomHorst: chat continues to embarass itself futurekaze: PepeLaugh Nopileos: ppHop kaiju_boi: LULW Turbulist: monkaW Darth_Kredol: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Rus7m: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: Chag jollyholly: Pog Cheeseek: LuL Pyrhaa: LULW Kraad_: Stranger Pog Glenshane: Pog Azure_Felt: LULW Dancingbroccoli2: Chag Da_Flanker: He did something for once Nopileos: Pog mackinator: Pog Fullmetalcheese: Pathing LUL Kiissly: LUL LUL LUL Ph4ntomi: Pog VikingDogg: HE DID A THING annieoakly: PepeLaugh carried christhao100: PepeLaugh Drachenreiter: gamebyr OMEGADOWN Dr_Jan_Itor: Ela is so cute in his hat and his roleplaying elaOk cacctus1: saved by the stranger NordicRain: Pog U Werelwen: PepeLaugh TheRipMan: Chag dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh 75 RyanLovesWeed: Pog Noquiem: get that radscorpion thats stuck really good LuL Turbulist: PepeLaugh JankMan2: new bloodborne wr POGGERS LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh Rus7m: gachiBASS Nopileos: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: HACKERMAN PepeLaugh OptimisticKnowledge: LULW Dancingbroccoli2: gachiBASS brot_ok: 5Head HYPERCLAP captain_elsewhere: elakek RonsuDE: LULW jenda69: It’s time chat PepeLaugh Grimesi: PepeLaugh h4nfr3d: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: elaKek DenTza: PepeLaugh Brunault_: PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: gachiHYPER FoolishPaul: I have 70 hours in my playthrough and only got stranger ONCE Azure_Felt: elaGa Clap Sikodude: PepeLaugh Nopileos: jenda69 elaHYUG Lukasbech: 5Head jklob: PepeLaugh Neon_TRY: PepeLaugh Glenshane: PepeLAugh impostor___: gachiHYPER Luxorion: gachiBASS Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Gothicer: PepeLaugh Wwaaaz: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh Clap Nox15: PepeLaugh idey1994: gachiHYPER OK Jaargan: LULW Rus7m: PepeLaugh zotexlowbob: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: @Elajjaz why not just aim? ela3 AlexAnderman1994: aHackerman Toplay92: SOOO EASYYY LUL OMEGALUL annieoakly: hackerman skybeaverking: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh fatpep: PepeLaugh HACKMASTERSWE Doomerttv: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh dayhappyx3: E D PepeLaugh DaniDuck: learn to use brackets insurrectionist89: LUL LUL ImperialCloneTrooper2028: 5Head time fixions: no LULW LickMyPretzel: demanded Glenshane: PepeLaugh Clap Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan mors0: PepeLaugh killercatman5: cant be replaced KurtRustle91: It cant be replaced Fatamerikans: just hit 3 random ones and reset if it doens’t work LULW annieoakly: PepeLaugh chat Nopileos: annieoakly elaH AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know yet LULW FishingPotato: @Elajjaz Do you know the way to make it easier? pappakatt79: @elajjaz What was that outside!? Did you bunnyhop? Didnt know you were a CS player mukomo_: 2 e DenTza: HACKERMAN PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Oh no ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: find the BRACKETS Monster5crak: look for [] fixions: LULW Wiencong: oh shit, here we go again PepeLaugh Tigels: does he know about duts? urmorniel: measures Grimesi: DEFENSES Martiansam: hack correctly pls …… bloodcaleb: do not inform the individual currently streaming on this channel PepeLaugh NesPropilent: hacking is a 1337 OptimisticKnowledge: FeelsPepoMan KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz it couldnt be demanded, it had 3 same letters… Rus7m: FeelsLateMan Doomerttv: 0/8 PepeLaugh FunnyVoice: measures annieoakly: @Nopileos onlyafroLove swedishSock: Defenses angryj0nes: HE STILL DON”T KNOW HOW TO HACK CHAT ??? WTF ELAYZA: REMEMBER Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh FuelledByJordan: Ela look for brackets that have an open and close by each other, it removes bad answers Pog Da_Flanker: Hyukerman at work Rick_LVB: ? Wwaaaz: Use brackets elaKek QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: MALDING LULW DuoLancer: ED-E triHmm fatpep: LULW Rus7m: PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: LULW TheXearo: not necessarly mister_cozy: elaHi dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh reset Shrimpess: OMEGALUL DenTza: PepeLaugh Bursi: moon2PEEPEEGA mackinator: cant be resulted, re is not right?! Mythaiass: 5Head Xanxicar: ED elaHYUG Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan 👉 ⏩ VOD friends 20 mins Dr_Jan_Itor: jesus christ what is this backseating WutFace KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz dude please learn the rules. It couldnt be demanded it had 3 same letters OptimisticKnowledge: try MALDING OMEGALUL dami_exe: USE BRACKETS NotLikeThis AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz look for brackets TeenyTinyRedhead: @mister_cozy nrdyH pepeL Grumpypie: im betting 4 resets fatpep: 5Head FeelsPepoMan FishingPotato: @Elajjaz Do you know about dud’s etc? captain_elsewhere: still doesnt know about actual strat elaKek Final_zebraman: NOT AGAIN NotLikeThis Kyrsimys: wtf I thought he figured this out already DenTza: PepeLaugh RESET CITY POMA_HEKPOMAHT: @Azure_Felt LULW bag4l1fe: iq check pls cam6969: does Ela know how to use bracket havks5? Draftingle: he still doesnt know 🙂 annieoakly: 3Head Wendell8504: 5Head BIG BRAIN TIME Lexor757: FeelsWeirdMan 👉 ⏩ VOD friends 20 mins Jojen47: he know tat he can use {…} etc? CurseofSherwood: MALDED PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: @Dr_Jan_Itor Yeah seems pretty bad with this game LULW RyanLovesWeed: dont listen to @Azure_Felt vod friends this will be done 3rd try ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: BRACKETS @Elajjaz mister_cozy: @TeenyTinyRedhead FeelsGoodMan elaH Final_zebraman: Ela pls just spam the choices its going to be like 10x faster Monster5crak: ocuppied elaHmm KororoX: so you don’t hack the right way but reset scum the thing if you get it wrong? LUL swedishSock: Could be Fatality KurtRustle91: @dami_exe you dont even have to but he keeps picking words that have like 3 same letters when it said only 2 are correct Martiansam: @Jojen47 not really…. OmegamonX: fatality Azure_Felt: elaK RyanLovesWeed WillyTheWorm: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh fatpep: 8 LETTERS LULW bloodcaleb: cheating forsenWC DuoLancer: @Jojen47 he tried once but fucked it up PepeLaugh FishingPotato: He DOES NOT know about dud’s and brackets NotLikeThis cyberneticz_: @kurtrustle91 What are the rules of hacking in this game? Mythaiass: supplies eremiter: LULW DenTza: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh Lagunaab: elaBlind AkiraJkr: HE DOESNT KNOW LULW EstusFox: Above intended brot_ok: FeelsPepoMan UltraWindow:DaniDuck: its close brackets like this () or {} Schwirm: above intented wevie1: ela the line above intended, highlight it Deus_Ex_Nihilis: above intended dami_exe: @Elajjaz bc you fucked it up CrouchingTyger: HE LACKS INFORMATION LUL LUL EbiVariance: elaBlind LickMyPretzel: ThUNDER REPAIRED KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you dont even need to do that, your biggest problem is constantly picking words that very clearly can not be the password LULW emorium: look for brackets Kraad_: He lacks the information lobosKek thecyanosaurusrex: matching brackets lol NaughtyPedro: you have to find it FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz above REMAINED DigitalZips: […] {…} (…) Wiencong: PepeLaugh 👉 ({[]}) captain_elsewhere: the bracket above intended Wwaaaz: elaBlind Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh doesn’t know LickMyPretzel: UNDER REPAIRED StenSaxWTF: [] cybercabbabge: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh Joxih: o cenfict: LITERALLY BLIND ViveLaDissidence: [ ] introvertflake: you can delete fake ones by clicking symbols which are conected Monster5crak: you just passed by one PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: you have to click at the first letter of brackets @Elajjaz Jarvis_McGee: PepeLaugh he lacks critical information krautrichter: elaBlind DuoLancer: PepeLaugh FATALITY thecyanosaurusrex: like [ ] or { } Fatamerikans: don’t even think just hit 3 random words and retry until it works 5Head Xanxicar: backseating FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz UNDER REPAIRED Frosted15: 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE T DenTza: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh WVReaper: () Da_Flanker: Keep him uninformed forsenKek ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: find to maching Brakcest @Elajjaz JESSrz: dud under “REPAIR” BlueErmine: humanity ? @Elajjaz Mythaiass: 5Head shikifujin16: it removes the duds ray131471: UNDER REPAIRED AkiraJkr: 5Head dami_exe: 👉 {} Monster5crak: elaBlind Kraad_: yes YsoSerieux: FeelsWeirdMan WVReaper: [] dustings1234: there are duds and resets you can find in the lines of codes Cecilff2: If you seeor [ ] or { } aintgoldenboy: search for (..) or […] or {..} Joxih: above intended TorvaM: Pog Wwaaaz: YEEEEEEEEES Shrimpess: [fdsagfsag] orChipsnsalsa9: One under fatalityTheRipMan: Pog Cheeseek: Pog zotexlowbob: he is pretending chat nymnOkay fatpep: PoggieWoggie bloodcaleb: my man forsenWC Kazeith:jenda69: 5Head LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz UNDER REPAIRED @Elajjaz UNDER REPAIRED @Elajjaz UNDER REPAIRED @Elajjaz UNDER REPAIRED DaniDuck: Clap AkiraJkr: Pog Kraad_: Pog Clap kaiju_boi: 5Head Aequilux: 3Head or 5Head dami_exe: Pog FINALLY fatpep: PogChamp WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ krautrichter: ZULUL NordicRain: Pog U raider_unkindled: PepeHands Bring back johnny Guitar Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head Haika112: you have one at the end of the fifth row on the left Azure_Felt: elaGa ohhhh Martiansam: FINNALY KingMidas133: Pog Wendell8504: 5Head bloodcaleb: 💿 Clap JankMan2: D U D Lord_Solaire: Pog Kevintaku: A DUD!? ViveLaDissidence: 5Head Clap Final_zebraman: missed Dr_Jan_Itor: TeenyTinyRedhead they can’t let our cute little cowbow play for himself PepeHands mackinator: I literally never knew about this the whole time i played FishingPotato: HE KNOWS killercatman5: above remained Vivelin: 5k+ hours into the game he learned Pog Ellycat1: A derd monkaW raqos: 5Head 🍷 captain_elsewhere: above intended Cecilff2: PepeHands Anyways LickMyPretzel: PepeHands anyways Doully92: Anyways PepeHands Germy_ranch: anyways PepeHands NordicRain: anyways PepeHands TeenyTinyRedhead: @Dr_Jan_Itor PepeHands Shrimpess: anyways PepeHands Azure_Felt: anyways PepeHands Nazzet: Anyways PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: PepeHands Nopileos: Anyways PepeHands kaiju_boi: FeelsPepoMan WrestlerBot2000: 11x PepeHands double digit combo Pog BergDK81: when it highlights non words bloodcaleb: FeelsPepoMan Gothicer: PepeHands UltraWindow: anyways PepeHands ssssip: PepeHands hirtza1: Master hackster Pog shikifujin16: go to F700 krautrichter: @Elajjaz Look for more brackets Bursi: anyways moon2PEEPEEGA Martiansam: PepeHands salpo_nolobio: moo Jarvis_McGee: LULW Wwaaaz: Don’t ‘ANYWAYS’ use it ! Naniyo: elaGa Lolimeistern: Anyways PepeHands futurekaze: PepeHands Anyways Monster5crak: so elaBlind Kouwell: Anyways PepeHands Wendell8504: PepeHands ANALyzed69x: ????????????? LUL Junri: ??????? Fatamerikans: ????? King_Insane: they need to be on the same line Martiansam: FINISH HIM thejtgamer: A and T speedycruise: SUPPLIES Frosted15: 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME 5Head KNOWLEDGE TIME shikifujin16: THERE IS BRAKETS ON THE LEFT Feralio: @Elajjaz The brackets always are on the same line. To make it easier to look at KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz it couldnt be Fatality because it had 3 same letters dude FailFish Cecilff2: Theabove detailed is also one fixions: Pog Turbulist: Pog Grimesi: Pog kaiju_boi: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog fatpep: Clap Araboth: Pog TeenyTinyRedhead: Chag Nopileos: Pog DenTza: Pog mikonkon: PogU Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan jenda69: 5Head 5Head 5Head AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS Yohtzo: 🐮 TATION Glenshane: Pog Darth_Kredol: elaEZ LickMyPretzel: 5Head hackermans Shrimpess: Pog Clap Martiansam: Chag Dancingbroccoli2: first try Chag Kouwell: Champ Mythaiass: Pog DaniDuck: Pog h4nfr3d: 5Head Nopileos: Chag FishingPotato: LULW Fullmetalcheese: Chag blauersteinfresser: Pog annieoakly: Pog he’s in bloodcaleb: 5Head HYPERCLAP TheXearo: TA was right yes wevie1: Pog RyanLovesWeed: @Azure_Felt i fucking told you Darth_Kredol: 5Head UiVgray: First try! Pog Smoothstone: staarWow Clap Kazeith: Pog emmytea: moo tattyon JankMan2: God gamer PogU Doomerttv: Pog Clap WrestlerBot2000: NerdyDance|Clip No.42| https://clips.twitch.tv/CuriousFunDaikonPanicVis KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz if Mutation has 2 correct, and Fatality has 3 same letters in the same positions, it can’t be it dude LULW Wendell8504: LULW TRASH LOOT Rektash: when you successfully hack a console you can click on the screen to skip the animation fatpep: @Elajjaz theres usually 2-3 dud per screen . and it reduce your options of word to choose SeemsGood really helps Azure_Felt: still took too long RyanLovesWeed UltraWindow: you never sell your trash WeirdChamp HappySmile123: elaSmile / Hello Ela elaSmile / elaSmile / Hello chat elaSmile / Azure_Felt: elaYes impostor___: gachiAPPROVE smartass RyanLovesWeed: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: HappySmile123 Hello ElaSmash Dr_Jan_Itor: elaSmile Kazeith: @happysmile123 🙂 pepeL TeenyTinyRedhead: @HappySmile123 hellooo 🙂 nrdyH pepeL HappySmile123: Dr_Jan_Itor elaSmile Shrimpess: @HappySmile123 elaSmile brot_ok: forsenY EbiVariance: elaSmile UltraWindow: clean your misc section Vanset_: are there any fun no vats mods? Da_Flanker: elaHYUK LickMyPretzel: elaHYUK seqone: elaHYUK Jaargan: elaHYUK Azure_Felt: elaHYUK Lovinwolfpack: Lovinwolfpack subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 28 months! Nopileos: elaHYUK WrestlerBot2000: @lovinwolfpack After 28 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Doomerttv: HYUKAGE Mythaiass: elaHYUK elminster316: elaSmile HappySmile123: Kazeith TeenyTinyRedhead Shrimpess elaH elaCozy Acafulcro: elaHyuk Heartsome_NaNa: FeelsPepoMan ohanami: eck Aristotle14: @elajjaz any mods installed? Halldan: omega elaHYUK Haika112: ela do you sell your bath water AlexAnderman1994: FeelsPepoMan Kouwell: FeelsPepoMan neville_from_uganda: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile Nopileos: SUB HYPE Lovinwolfpack elaA baezmejia200: OMEGA elaHYUK fatpep: OMEGA elaHYUG Kazeith: elaHYUK Martiansam: elaSmile / @HappySmile123 Azure_Felt: elaSmile TeenyTinyRedhead: FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: you should drink something elaChug ANALyzed69x: courier 6=goku uNintendoed: elaHYUK HappySmile123: Martiansam elaHi Lovinwolfpack: elaH elaH Dr_Jan_Itor: Yes Heartsome_NaNa: yes LickMyPretzel: i’d buy it Darth_Kredol: elaC brot_ok: gachiHYPER YES Aberrant404: yes RyanLovesWeed: yes Araboth: Yes Nopileos: yes jenda69: YES gachiAPPROVE TheRipMan: :0 KingMidas133: yes TomHorst: fuck no Dancingbroccoli2: yes:) Raknov: yes DaniDuck: yes DVaWaifu: Sell your bathwater Pog Doully92: gachiHYPER Emzero: sure Dismal_Arkt: elaThirst yes Halldan: gachiHYPER mukomo_: yes AlexAnderman1994: elaChug yes Lexor757: yes gachiBASS Nopileos: yes yes TheRipMan: 🙂 TeenyTinyRedhead: TaBeRu Annonn140: yes gachiHYPER fatpep: Chet Moctavius: No elaWeird Nanashi_Sakamoto: Yes gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: YeahBoi schurik124: why not PoggieWoggie: elaChug bath water Da_Flanker: Sell your toilet water Hevnoraak: yes gachiBASS uNintendoed: elaWeird Doomerttv: yes gachiBASS walnutcast: bottle your swedish sauna steam and sell it @Elajjaz ceejsavage: 🙂 Tasarion: i want your gym sweat @Elajjaz gachiHYPER bloodcaleb: Vanset_ bullet time mod is prolly the best alternative to VATS, uses action points while bullet time is active, much more fun with mouse brot_ok: CHet PepeHands Martiansam: broke christhao100: PepeHands poor TheRipMan: You woke him up too LUL OptimisticKnowledge: Poor People DansGame TheRipMan: LuL crashfort: SHOOT HIM PunOko Kraad_: Not everyone is a twitch millionaire like you Ela DansGame Germy_ranch: elaPuke TeenyTinyRedhead: DansGame ew kaiju_boi: gachiBASS brot_ok: elaThirst Doully92: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Azure_Felt: elaWeird impostor___: gachiHYPER ssssip: DansGame DenTza: gachiBASS Lovinwolfpack: elaEZ Viewbotprime: gachiHYPER CurseofSherwood: FeelsWeirdMan Lexor757: gachiBASS SAME StoobieGacks: Hey Ela how are you liking FNV?? Darth_Kredol: elaC lul Werelwen: LULW uNintendoed: elaOk 🤙🏻 wazaaaaaaa Annonn140: sell shit buy stimpaks SnarksterJr: FeelsWeirdMan chat Jaargan: when is he getting a bf elaHmm Mythaiass: look for ammo and sell some heavy stuff? Eyesw1deopen: Isn’t there someone you can buy a bunch of purified water from? Then sell a bunch fo stuff too. Andros5: welcome to XXI century Kouwell: SWEET ABS JUICE gachiBOP Darth_Kredol: @uNintendoed elaOk 🤙🏻 TeenyTinyRedhead: @uNintendoed nrdyH pepeL NessElectric: gachiHYPER ImperialCloneTrooper2028: DansGame gachiHYPER Negaduck48: Radio please Lukasbech: Ela’s sweat elaChug SnarksterJr: you killed all the ghouls LULW @Elajjaz Ljusvarg: you need more cowboy hats Neon_TRY: pepeD Halldan: The rockets though PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh TheXearo: there’s so much to explore bloodcaleb: yippie yeaaaaaaaa KKool GuitarTime Tasarion: mmmh ela juice elaChug TheQuantumLlama: buy water sell weapons? Gothicer: elaChug bag4l1fe: realky havent Lexor757: PepeLaugh 👉 H2O Pyrhaa: D: Doomerttv: New vegas is amazing RonsuDE: D: Efrondil: D: Geralt_of_Syria: elaD Martiansam: elaD Mitch2248: [ ppHop ] bloodcaleb: jingle jangle jingle KKool GuitarTime Nopileos: elaD uNintendoed: elaOk 🤙🏻 @Darth_Kredol @TeenyTinyRedhead klinkLove S_Darji: what mod manager is @Elajjaz using? FOMM or MO2? elaHmm Mythaiass: D: Elfualoco2003: D: bhpaulcar: D: sataypork: game hasnt even started yet captain_elsewhere: THAT GUY GIVES FREE REPAIRS BECAUSE YOU ARE GAY AND FLIRTED WITH HIM StoobieGacks: There’s really so much to do. I can’t wait ’til you experience Dead Money 😀 Kiissly: H 2 OMEGALUL cheekibreeki00: did he already finish the dlc? Gothicer: oh, my sub just ran out PepeHands PTPAssault: inb4 he starves/dehydrates into a ghoul Martiansam: elaKek DMT1959: lacy at bar there is trader Araboth: @S_Darji FOMM SnarksterJr: elaThirst Doully92: elaThirst fatpep: elaThirst Geralt_of_Syria: elaThirst Azure_Felt: elaThirst Da_Flanker: elaChug Darth_Kredol: elaGasm me too Nopileos: elaThirst Turbulist: captain_elsewhere elaKek bhpaulcar: dead money with hardcore mod is gonna be intersting PepeLaugh WhatSeekethThee: howdy elaDM brot_ok: elaThirst Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaThirst Jaargan: elaThirst SiloWang: me too 🙂 TheH3llraiser: elaThirst Dr_Jan_Itor: elaChug Lukasbech: elaThirst RonsuDE: @cheekibreeki00 Nah, he peaced out iceseagle98: no vac? what are you? a anti vaccine guy? Ellycat1: KrazyEla FeelsWeirdMan TeenyTinyRedhead: @Gothicer It’s okay, chat is all you need nrdyH Nox15: elaThirst S_Darji: @Araboth thanks elaH Nopileos: elaThirst elaThirst AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst Viewbotprime: same uNintendoed: elaChug BATH WATER? Giacomand: @Elajjaz where’s the guy who thought he was a ghoul? Da_Flanker: Just drink toilet water 4HEad Kraad_: Just drink from the toilet Darth_Kredol: elaThirst me too CrouchingTyger: “hunger disease” SnarksterJr: @bhpaulcar PepeLaugh sjj Lovinwolfpack: elaChug Hajitaib: elaThirst elaThirst eremiter: ass water DansGame Kiissly: Bath water DansGame Monster5crak: just drink from the toilet 4HEad Cecilff2: Get boone 🙂 Powlingo: ASS WATER GachiBASS kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh chris KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz sleep in your room in the motel? Gothicer: @TeenyTinyRedhead true but still PepeHands Kouwell: @Elajjaz DRINK FROM GOODSPRINGS WELLS SwiftRage Doully92: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: m’shop crashfort: m’shop bloodcaleb: caravan Champ Azure_Felt: elaK tito3211: @Elajjaz You can have apartament here DenTza: caravan pOG TeenyTinyRedhead: @Gothicer I know Filo155: gwent Pog dedhillo: alkGreatGoblinKing MattsiBoy: Press T to wait Doully92: DansGame DaniDuck: yes bloodcaleb: DansGame 립병: You can just wait pressing T or sth Dancingbroccoli2: DansGame brot_ok: forsenWC HotFireZ: yummy Jarvis_McGee: LUL kaiju_boi: forsenWC Azure_Felt: LULW Donner__: xDD Dr_Jan_Itor: elaPuke Darth_Kredol: elaPuke Turbulist: LULW silver6ird: DansGame DenTza: DansGame fatpep: elaPuke Nopileos: LULW Heartsome_NaNa: EWWWWWW NOOOOO Hajitaib: LULW uNintendoed: LUL bhpaulcar: DansGame LickMyPretzel: DansGame Kouwell: DansGame Hevnoraak: DansGame KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you did buy the room in the motel right? Just store junk in the safe Doomerttv: forsenWC Raydia_: LULW Annonn140: DansGame Da_Flanker: LULW silver6ird: elaPuke Jaargan: elaPuke Plasmafenix: elaThirst Szachalasznik: slurp Nopileos: DansGame Smoothstone: DansGame ❗ EbiVariance: DansGame Ellycat1: elaOP Clap Blackbird_SR71C: elaThirst DaniDuck: niceee IllusiveRealm: 💿 Martiansam: elaWeird crashfort: PunOko DenTza: DansGame DansGame MiIIiki: DansGame AlexAnderman1994: elaPuke cyberneticz_: @kouwell irradiated water TheRipMan: LULW impostor___: D: Kiissly: forsenWC DansGame Zalinero_: elaPuke demydot: “:dans Viewbotprime: WeirdChamp Moctavius: elaWut forsenWC Lovinwolfpack: elaGasm ohanami: EWWWW ImperialCloneTrooper2028: DanielsGaming Raydia_: How to trigger Twitch chat LULW NordicRain: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan demydot: DansGame bhpaulcar: weird fetish SilentNewbee: DansGame TeenyTinyRedhead: DansGame Lukasbech: elaThirst uNintendoed: LULW wtf Nopileos: DansGame DansGame Elfualoco2003: forsenWC Vivelin: forsenWC YsoSerieux: naroEh bloodcaleb: forsenWC Heartsome_NaNa: IM EATING danSgame Sckeyth: Ela won’t sell his bathwater but still drinks from strangers toilets PepeHands captain_elsewhere: forsenWC djinn_94: @Elajjaz you can hold E when drinking to drink longer Monster5crak: Clap Pixel_hearts: hmmm elaOP LickMyPretzel: Now you’re gonna get the shits and be even more dehydrated DesolateForce: DesolateForce subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 35 months! WrestlerBot2000: @desolateforce After 35 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM meekmook: SeemsGood Nopileos: SUB HYPE DesolateForce elaA 8m4n_: doodHokey doodHokey doodHokey Spindlyy: moon2SH Lovinwolfpack: elaKek TomHorst: chug those iodine pills KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz buy a room here and store items in the safe Turbulist: PepeLaugh Dereservoir: living the Southern US immigrant experience Monster5crak: go sleep spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Is the Sarge gay like seargent Herrington ? ImperialCloneTrooper2028: TOILET nepSmug ELA A DOG OR SMTH TheRipMan: danSGame WillyTheWorm: WillyTheWorm subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! DustyMove: hi elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: @willytheworm Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM mors0: @Elajjaz you can keep E pressed while drinking so he drinks continuously Tasarion: 🚽 elaChug Azure_Felt: no 🙂 Nopileos: SUB HYPE WillyTheWorm elaA tyleryc: Loll TheRipMan: danSgame sykoizm: @Elajjaz you have 3 Purified Water and you keep drinking dirty water and toilette water lol Kouwell: @cyberneticz_ It ain’t irradiated at Goodsprings FeelsPepoMan meekmook: ill just wait here moon2N KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz no, in the motel ofc DaniDuck: you cant rent bloodcaleb: PogU Monster5crak: yeei TeenyTinyRedhead: Chag evilmarmot42: PERFECT TIMING Dancingbroccoli2: Pog Darth_Kredol: PogU Grimesi: PogU Heartsome_NaNa: Pog Annonn140: Pog Nopileos: Pog Turbulist: Champ Glenshane: Pog Jaargan: Pog DaniDuck: you killed her Araboth: LMFAO brot_ok: LULW Raydia_: Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: Chag ssssip: PogU HotFireZ: Chag AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Martiansam: EZ MiIIiki: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog TheH3llraiser: Pog finally our house Heartsome_NaNa: FREE ROOM Pog DGS_Howling: Pog DustyMove: FeelsLateMan Hajitaib: Pog TheRipMan: PogChamp KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz oh you already killed the receptionist, normally you’d have to buy the key from her h4nfr3d: stash, yay Dr_Jan_Itor: ela1 ela2 Leeegit: POGGERS fumaczi: free real estate grevedarkholm: jingle jangle bhpaulcar: gachiBASS loaded Turbulist: pepeJAM Jingle jangle jingle UltraWindow: misc 😡 bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime MiIIiki: you have a 4House Pog brot_ok: ela3 ela4 LickMyPretzel: gecko steaks? Azure_Felt: rare ammo elaHmm Skrall_: keep the 45 ammo captain_elsewhere: your hunting revolver uses 45-70 TheH3llraiser: 45goz is strong for revolvers dont peppy590: KKonaW anti govt Jaargan: STASH Pog DMT1959: ammo wieghs nothing dayhappyx3: filter by weight? LULW Eyesw1deopen: Your food! iceseagle98: my soul TeenyTinyRedhead: pepeJAM boogeyman551: greetings cirComfy WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz kaiju_boi: FeelsPepoMan Mitch2248: pepeL chat Doully92: elaHYUK Nopileos: Mitch2248 elaHYUG evilmarmot42: for silenced guns DaniDuck: wut wut Azure_Felt: shit sell OmegamonX: @Elajjaz you will use the 45-70 captain_elsewhere: lr is for tiny pistol Gulega: 100 ela rounds? killercatman5: its less than 1 weight… roflstompzor: 22=100 KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz never sell bullets tbh TeenyTinyRedhead: @boogeyman551 hey nrdyH pepeL bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh it’s used for the best guns in the game surfingmango: submachine gun MyNameLacksImagination: a silenced pistol round Dismal_Arkt: FeelsPepoMan what what what BergDK81: 22 long rifle is baby stuff bloodcaleb: iirc silenced guns weeb8er: ZULUL blauersteinfresser: cirComfy OmegamonX: silenced pistol Arctic_Junk: Silenced pistol purple_flavor: look at your weapons kaiju_boi: smg captain_elsewhere: 22 pistol TheRipMan: you’ll make seven caps LUL TheH3llraiser: 22LR is for silenced weapons Smoothstone: 22 Long Rifle Schwirm: its barely weights anything tho NaughtyPedro: don’t sell bullets, perhaps DaniDuck: nothing you have Gastomania: Just store shit in your new room kaiju_boi: oh wait Antonymouse: MingLee Pajki13: i think u have smth more to sell than ammo.. Voyzine: Fun weapon letter in the game use it @Elajjaz Wiencong: nothing now tyree372: @Elajjaz store it in room dont sell it tito3211: Sileenced pistol KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz sell junk first. You shouldnt ever sell ammo really h4nfr3d: you got a room now, stash your shit OmegamonX: its nice if you do sneak build FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz its the grenades and dynamite that weigh a ton OmegamonX: No FishingPotato: Ye but @Elajjaz ammo weighs nothing. jenda69: @Elajjaz buy weapon mods PepeHands xHydraaP: its all ogre now killercatman5: no total TomHorst: total Monster5crak: no Nelsoz: you can always just store stuff in your room now TheXearo: total Vivelin: That’s total Turbulist: total Nopileos: total brot_ok: no the stack Cheeseek: total PonySlaystationThree: Yes Schwirm: for the stack bloodcaleb: sum Smoothstone: Yes total captain_elsewhere: total SnarksterJr: total Lexor757: SELLING AMMO Pepega cam6969: the weight value is the total stack value BergDK81: total Wiencong: store it in your room TheOneWhoWoks: bruh ammo weighs nothing Sayce: better to just stash ammo somewhere in a container surfingmango: total weight Nopileos: total total TomHorst: it makes no sense to sell bullets tbh @Elajjaz Smoothstone: ammo doesnt weight much in Fallout Lagunaab: you can store unwanted AMMO in motel room NOW Sikodude: that is total mukomo_: ammo is weight nothing WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ UltraWindow: duct tape is trash DMT1959: go too gun runners there loaded Turbulist: elaKek kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Annonn140: some ammo weights nothing, but there is some that weights a lot KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz just store extra ammo in your room 8goci: Cup Viewbotprime: use your room as a storehouse Vivelin: Sell all of them LULW DaniDuck: LULW fatpep: DO IT brot_ok: PepeLaugh Martiansam: elaKek Kiissly: Chat this is hardcore FeelsWeirdMan bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh roflstompzor: @Elajjaz you have a bunch of trash misc items that do literally nothing Spindlyy: you hoarder malace_of_forethought: @Elajjaz Wasn’t there a weapon you wanted to buy which cost over 6000 Lagunaab: use motel room as storage FishingPotato: Ye rockets weigh a lot. BergDK81: He needs a 12 gauge shotgun jack_off_jim: sensor module Jaargan: store your shit in the room elaREE TheRipMan: calebKek calebKek calebKek quichemeesh: howdy padner @elajjaz you should enable pepeDhaw Darkshadows6662: throwing spears? Turbulist: Elajjaz buy water? TheH3llraiser: throwing spears are heavy DustyMove: POGGERS figment_hf: Hi! omg the hat lol, that’s amazing dzemroz: you wont Dalton0B: Dalton0B subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @dalton0b the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Dalton0B PogChamp UltraWindow: WeirdChamp hoarding trash 8goci: 11 stealth boys – 11 lb Azure_Felt: you can make decent stuff with the duct tape TheXearo: Maybe you have storage in the room ? Armored_Guy: Kapp ImperialCloneTrooper2028: you wont TeenyTinyRedhead: @figment_hf hello nrdyH pepeL surfingmango: You can make more ammo with the cases Monster5crak: go to your room lochlan1414: sell rockets Monster5crak: and store TyrantZedd: Good afternoon @Elajjaz and chat pepeL bloodcaleb: MrDestructoid i_wanna_be_adored: @Elajjaz hi ela, love the hat 4House Nopileos: TyrantZedd elaHi SkeletonKeyLimePie: “robot” PepeHands Wiencong: keep trash, sell ammo Pepega jack_off_jim: Ela got so much clutter. he’s like a mobile IKEA FeelsWeirdMan TeenyTinyRedhead: @TyrantZedd Good afternoon nrdyH pepeL Annonn140: buy bullets for your gun UiVgray: At all. PepeLaugh OmegamonX: 10mm ammo is good though TheRipMan: Despacito Hat Pog DenTza: DONT NEED ROUNDS PepeLaugh DaniDuck: @Elajjaz why not sell the ncr money you have? brot_ok: IKEALUL jack_off_jim ImperialCloneTrooper2028: keeps literal garbage, sells ammo LULW TyrantZedd: TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL DustyMove: :tf: Suney: Cuties in Chat? AYAYA nekro793: @TyrantZedd nepSmug / TheXearo: selling ammo PepeHands bloodcaleb: ImperialCloneTrooper2028 PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Spindlyy: @suney you 🙂 Zalinero_: AYAYA / Kopffeine: Buy Battle Rifle from Briscoe if he has it TyrantZedd: nekro793 nepSmug 7 reptile_mkx: sell everything quichemeesh: nepSmug nymnCorn Annonn140: buy ammo you need for your gun Azure_Felt: elaD selling sledge Zane_Within: elaYA Clap DaniDuck: @Elajjaz why not sell the ncr money you have??? crashfort: mr new vegas elaBlush YsoSerieux: naroSmug DustyMove: sell that shit hyubW hyubW hyubW nekro793: hello chat btw \ AYAYA Nopileos: nekro793 elaHi purple_flavor: not selling ‘alien’ ammo lmao Dr_Jan_Itor: TyrantZedd Hey i guess elaWeird / ElderZidane: @Elajjaz buy shit from him Kazeith: @elajjaz you need ammo TeenyTinyRedhead: @nekro793 Helloo nrdyH pepeL brot_ok: MrDestructoid SkeletonKeyLimePie: yeehaw fatpep: YEEHAW eliastheepicgamer: then trade it for items crashfort: yeeeeehaw Prof__Oak: yee-haw bloodcaleb: MrDestructoid 🇺🇸 TomHorst: yeeehaw DigitalZips: YEEHAW kaiju_boi: KKona yeeha Jarvis_McGee: YEEHAW KKona Nopileos: yeeehaw DenTza: KKona Monster5crak: super sledge op ASmallBenis: yeehaw TyrantZedd: Dr_Jan_Itor FeelsGoodMan / Gulega: KKona NosBleid: KKona yeehaw Namarax: YEEHAW Rymm_: KKona bedotheman: trade? OmegamonX: cant wait to see ela despair when he browses gunrunner store NaughtyPedro: buy stuff from him, then sell Jaargan: yeeew elaHAA Turbulist: KKona YEEHAW Suney: YEEHAW KKona Lonkofhirool: YEEHAW christhao100: KKona yee haw Lagunaab: buy some shit from him @Elajjaz dzemroz: YEEHAW MrDestructoid Lexor757: KKona YEEHAW zotexlowbob: MrDestructoid yeehaaww Azure_Felt: trade for stuff u want FeelsWeirdMan Kouwell: KKona YEEHAAW demydot: yeehaw Pajki13: u know you can buy things from him? Nopileos: KKona YEEHAW Kraad_: just buy some water from him or something Sheep_stick: KKona Clap YEEHAAW mukomo_: YEEHAW KKona DenTza: YEEHAW KKona ImperialCloneTrooper2028: KKona YYEHAW Myareska: Buy stuff from him in exchange? nekro793: @Nopileos @TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz You can buy from him to increase his money. If he has stimpacks or something TheQuantumLlama: @Elajjaz buy ammo and water lmao magic_is_greatness: @Elajjaz buy ammo from him? Kazeith: @elajjaz buy some ammo jenda69: YEEHAW cmonBrother DaniDuck: @Elajjaz why not sell the ncr money you have?? cacctus1: needs to stop trading with these smalltown hicks and get to the city kaiju_boi: 💿 Clap Lagunaab: also ammo for your nice gun jack_off_jim: @Elajjaz why not sell the ncr money you have?? OmegamonX: buy all the meds OmegamonX: they dont way anything Turbulist: LULW PLEASE_STIR_UP_MY_INSIDES: KKool nice Kkona thumbnail Ela billyReady im ready Hajitaib: Pog SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh try caravan Spindlyy: play with him moon2A Old_Man_Initiate: 🐌 SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsLateMan vinyl_virtuose: Yeehaw Kappa Seilrach: ElaPls Zalinero_: elaPls fatpep: ResidentSleeper brot_ok: ElaPls Kouwell: @Elajjaz DRINK WATER FROM GOODSPRINGS WELLS SwiftRage Nopileos: ElaPls Kazeith: @elajjaz buy some ammo? Mitch2248: rp walk Kusocheg: ElaPls eliastheepicgamer: FeelsLateMan OmegamonX: i am Pepega djinn_94: ElaPls ________________ 4House LunarMareKnight: Some Gwent? AkiraJkr: play caravan @Elajjaz Zalinero_: ElaPls zotexlowbob: FeelsLateMan dzemroz: you barely checked his stock crashfort: 🐌 spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz TGM in game console ImperialCloneTrooper2028: ElaPls Annonn140: ElaPls Suney: ElaPls FeelsLateMan fatpep: FeelsLagMan kaiju_boi: FeelsLateMan Doully92: FeelsLateMan baseball7000: PlsEla AlexAnderman1994: FeelsLateMan ElaPls Nopileos: FeelsLateMan Lexor757: ElaPls ALMOST THERE gosamigo: FeelsLateMan brot_ok: ElaPls FeelsLateMan Frosted15: PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PLAY CARAVAN NOOB PepeLaugh HotFireZ: FeelsLateMan Armored_Guy: FeelsLateMan AkiraJkr: Try some Caravan it’s cozy @Elajjaz Old_Man_Initiate: FeelsWeirdMan Need some help there, Sarge? NaughtyPedro: FeelsLagMan Joxih: feelsslowman GKB_Marty: tell ur robot to hold things ocelot123: ElaPls FeelsLateMan Nakamura_Shinichi: Run kaiju_boi: gachiBASS some_kind_of_newfriend: KKona AkiraJkr: monkaW titi14gooner: @Elajjaz Sup Homme, Nice Hat futurekaze: monkaX ImperialCloneTrooper2028: ElaPls maybe i can make it FeelsLateMan PlsEla walnutcast: let em fuck me Doully92: monkaW TheH3llraiser: run Jyatt: kiss him Naniyo: monkaW fixions: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW brot_ok: gachiHYPER zotexlowbob: gachiHYPER Turbulist: RUN Suney: monkaW RonsuDE: you know it gachiBASS Zalinero_: I’d suck his dick teareks1205: kiss him captain_elsewhere: suck his dick Bas996: Kiss him 1marcio080: hug him MasterMalpercio: punch him rooVV PrayForMyBoyHarambe: yeehaw Jarvis_McGee: gachiHYPER jenda69: FUCK HIM HYPERCLAP DuoLancer: miirioNoctis dami_exe: pray Vanset_: fuck him Mitch2248: run Schwirm: monkaW TrumpetShoes: gachiBASS zigmana: zigmana subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! TyrantZedd: Suck his dick gachiBASS Valtha: Genuflect BTRNDL: I’d laugh WrestlerBot2000: @zigmana After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nazzet: monkaH Soadante: monkaW Myareska: I’d suck his dick gachiHYPER EbiVariance: gachiHYPER ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: laugh Blue8: laugh probably KurtRustle91: He looks harmless GargusoN: (puke) Lexor757: gachiBASS HAVE FUN ohanami: monkaS Spindlyy: I’d fuck him spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz beat the shit out of him Jaargan: ElaPls monkaW Seikisu: that me when i loot everything in games. Im always uncumbered Elajjaz LuL MOERKETSFYRSTE: Laugh LUL Onionmaster32: Laugh PepeLaugh Tiny_PL: we smooch our homies jaquescamarao: suck his dick gachiBASS Ellycat1: Say howdy jaggillarmaaat: ask why he looks like a person i know @Elajjaz MySodium: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP fatpep: i’d hump him gachiHYPER Martiansam: ElaPls Nopileos: SUB HYPE zigmana POGGERS AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Frosted15: suck dick SiloWang: ask for a blowjob 🙂 ac3sh1gh: Eat his ass gachiHYPER D3rrtyD4n: monkaW shit my pants cato____: 360 and walk away djinn_94: eat his ass AbbeBabbeFabbe: give him ma phonenumber meltingnt: run monkaW kaiju_boi: LULW NaughtyPedro: say the the earth is round Aediz: say hi dad Doully92: Chat gachiHYPER mukomo_: shit myself monkaGIGA jack_off_jim: 🐌 AkiraJkr: LULW Draconyite: CoolStoryBob crashfort: gachiBOP QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: gachiBASS NosBleid: LULW Kouwell: BEND OVER gachiBOP kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: walk past him FeelsWeirdMan Annonn140: suck his dick gachiBASS OmegamonX: @Elajjaz what are the s.p.e.c.i.a.l stats of your character? Kopffeine: Chuckle DakuSouru: gachiBASS Dereservoir: turn 360 degrees and leave UltraWindow: he looks like he would sell me bootleg n-word passes DenTza: gachiBASS plump_helmet: @elajjaz get down on my knees and drop every last drop of his cum until his dick is drained evilmarmot42: LULW christhao100: suck him off gachiBASS amaddog: gachiHYPER Clap zotexlowbob: gachiHYPER true DustyMove: Dansgame VikingAspire: gachiHYPER ImperialCloneTrooper2028: suck his winga linga ding dong gachiHYPER Jarvis_McGee: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER RetroGoki: shoot him danKona VineWood0604: gachiBOP Deliriumi1: WeirdChamp spike_the_space_cowboy: Gay chat WeirdChamp TheRipMan: gachiGASM krautrichter: DansGame quote_me_if_pepo_gameplan: WeirdChamp DJdickdown: nice Lagunaab: i would probably say OH SHIT IM SORRY Kristoferr_: @Elajjaz say “howdy” KKona DJGarboot: Say Howdy Werelwen: gachiHYPER Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER DEW IT Jaargan: gachiHYPER Tree60noscoped: why not FishingPotato: ElaSmash this guy! gachiHYPER Dr_Jan_Itor: gachiHYPER Wendell8504: gachiHYPER sataypork: say howdy Nopileos: gachiHYPER Araboth: LONG NECK mistlord: LULW purple_flavor: take off my pants ViveLaDissidence: I’d ask Nerdy to spank him gachiHYPER DJdickdown: good chat Lukasbech: Right answer chat gachiHYPER AntiGuerilla: like if I would have a choice teplek: Get fucked in the ass because there is nothing you can do against him gachiBASS Germy_ranch: Complain about Mellenials LULW karakovv: I’d ride him cowboy gachiHYPER Seilrach: billyReady brot_ok: manly chat gachiHYPER DustyMove: suck his d1 ck LUL Deztru: Truth is, the dick was sucked from the start. RonsuDE: gachiHYPER Donner__: u mean 180 lol Vegansan: Vegansan subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 3 month streak! elaYA WrestlerBot2000: @vegansan I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Wuxia: high five him LULW jack_off_jim: Ha ha spike_the_space_cowboy: gachi haHAA gachi haHAA gachi haHAA gachi haHAA gachi haHAA gachi haHAA Blackbird_SR71C: run Moctavius: @Elajjaz I would be afraid to meet the chat at that point WeirdChamp kaiju_boi: Pog mac and cheese Geralt_of_Syria: YeahBoi tito3211: His mustache is meh KanzanZX: @Elajjaz you can drink from your own toilet now 🙂 Wiencong: so no modern weapons, but he uses that gun? quichemeesh: YeahBoi Monster5crak: atomic cocktail you never use tyree372: call the mysterious stranger to kill him Seikisu: Elajjaz does Sarge like Gachi ? LuL Azure_Felt: not putting beer in fridge DansGame KurtRustle91: @spike_the_space_cowboy yeah its a dead meme by now AkiraJkr: IGU ana NaughtyPedro: “haHAA” haHAA HeraldOfHarolds: so much jet OmegamonX: 22 Jet FeelsGoodMan dzemroz: gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE Thermocrius: taking the wrong things lmao meltingnt: HYDRA HandsUp gfhgggfjgg: I’d sell his desperate ass some toilet water Smoothstone: @spike_the_space_cowboy forsenGASM squadLUL Cralth: @Elajjaz stach the sensor modules, they weight 16 in total spike_the_space_cowboy: @KurtRustle91 true WeirdChamp Geralt_of_Syria: elaYes futurekaze: What kind of app are you using for your hat? It keeps it on you head quite nicely elaHmm Noquiem: bethesda rpgs, where you hoard so much you crash the game with the containers bieng so full LuL Lexor757: “haHAA” ” haHAA ” haHAA titi14gooner: @Elajjaz Sup Homme, Nice Hat TheRipMan: 155 souvenirs LULW Monster5crak: store food to mistlord: MAC&CHEESE Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE gachi gachiAPPROVE HeraldOfHarolds: 156 rockets LUL uNintendoed: ela12 Myareska: futurekaze It’s a real hat PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: Despacito Cowboy Hat 🤠 ElderZidane: take all of it? jack_off_jim: 155 rockets !? FeelsLateMan Elfualoco2003: ANELE JUST ROCKETS Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan long fuse dynamite stabogatoe: so triggering how you play this game futurekaze: @Myareska sure elaK Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Sort by weight! 🙂 Magnusss: he already has a hunting revolver PogChamp Suney: PepeLaugh TheXearo: ratslayer DoubleHot: DoubleHot subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! WrestlerBot2000: @doublehot What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM ninjasonthemoon: AYAYA waywai: your mum gay NovaMoon: @stabogatoe watch someone else then elaKek Nopileos: SUB HYPE DoubleHot PogChamp waywai: oh wait wrong chat ThatLuluTho: “Play it My way” BabyRage FishingPotato: Quick save @Elajjaz Jojen47: save Smoothstone: squadHey @Blackbird_SR71C sacCLASSY Lagunaab: remember you can sort by weight btw, it could save you some time AntiGuerilla: @elajjaz ratslayer as well Dr_Jan_Itor: just smile chat elaSmile FishingPotato: NVm HeraldOfHarolds: has he been to new vegas yet? cacctus1: when i last played this I gave up on hoarding stuff, was so much better Mythaiass: elaSmile Suney: cmonBrother TeenyTinyRedhead: 🙂 fatpep: cmonBrother Blackbird_SR71C: @Smoothstone Pog elaHi HappySmile123: elaSmile Spectre_700: Elajjaz Hhow are you feeling today mr ela pepeL bugsplat_: 🙂 Smoothstone: Ammo cmonBrother Martiansam: elaGa Jaargan: uuuuuuh elaGa DustyMove: ammo Brother TriHard TriHard LickMyPretzel: Chag buy that Annonn140: check his ammo tab kvxxh: this is the best fallout ever made ImperialCloneTrooper2028: cmonBrother Darkshadows6662: 40mm grenades tho TheRipMan: cmonBrother captain_elsewhere: yes Lagunaab: armor piercing would have helped against legionnaires uNintendoed: @LickMyPretzel klinkLick TheH3llraiser: 5.56 is for that gun Germy_ranch: KKona Clap yours_excellency: just tried to mod my game, broke it and have to download again FeelsBadMan uNintendoed: PepeLaugh sartorriuss: yes Kapp ssssip: 4Shrug LickMyPretzel: @uNintendoed klinkLick Azure_Felt: Pog kaiju_boi: Pog TheXearo: buy some magnum rounds if he have some Monster5crak: gachiBASS kaiju_boi: Chag dinky titi14gooner: @Elajjaz How was Divinity? Spectre_700: AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA Clap CUTE CHAT AYAYA Clap rica235: Buy me Spectre_700: AYAYA Clap Nazzet: AYAYA Clap HeraldOfHarolds: buy some dinos Annonn140: KATANA AYAYA Sillycuzmo: AYAYA Hardinglfc: Cool hat AkiraJkr: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Turbulist: KATANA AYAYA uNintendoed: enigmaAYAYA Clap miki___miki: AYAYA TyrantZedd: AYAYA TeenyTinyRedhead: @Spectre_700 nrdyH pepeL Nopileos: AYAYA GhostChimera: @Elajjaz can you give us your best “what in tarnation” Dr_Jan_Itor: Dr_Jan_Itor gifted a Tier 1 sub to TeenyTinyRedhead! They have given 21 Gift Subs in the channel! WrestlerBot2000: @teenytinyredhead After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM sneaky2k: weebs WeirdChamp Nopileos: SUB HYPE TeenyTinyRedhead PogChamp Spectre_700: TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL Kazeith: @elajjaz piercing is for armored enemies, such as legionaires and radscorpions Annonn140: @Elajjaz he sells katana AYAYA rica235: Buy me @Elajjaz gachiBASS Hi btw elaH Martiansam: how was your weekend Chat ? pepeL i slept a lot LULW GoodGuyEvil: @yours_excellency you tried some BDSM porn mods for sure LULW ImperialCloneTrooper2028: AYAYA chat dzemroz: just like my dick gachiBASS Soadante: AYAYA dustings1234: just trade all your garbage for his good stuff makeshiftwings30: ela’s hat looks photoshopped on elaHmm Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER bttv is working again elaOk YsoSerieux: AYAYA djinn_94: welcome back, can I gachi gachiBASS yours_excellency: @GoodGuyEvil woah.. is that even a thing? O_O tidooh: Are there informations on the gun what kind of bullets they are using? Kazeith: blind GoAkke: PepoDance Azure_Felt: the katana is unbelievably broken when modded elaYA TeenyTinyRedhead: @Dr_Jan_Itor You didn’t have to omg elaWOW Thank you so much elaH elaH elaH zotexlowbob: @Martiansam i had to learn al lthe time PepeHands SatanPotato: they’re the same thing kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: “Be wary of tongue, try plunging attack.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 10 Dr_Jan_Itor: TeenyTinyRedhead now you have a proper smile elaSmile Spectre_700: GoAkke pepeL Jarvis_McGee: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: CUM gachiHYPER Darkshadows6662: potato memory? fatpep: FeelsPepoMan Spectre_700: Dr_Jan_Itor pepeL GoAkke: Spectre_700 pepeL WillyTheWorm: yeah TeenyTinyRedhead: @Dr_Jan_Itor elaSmile LickMyPretzel: yes Dr_Jan_Itor: Spectre_700 pepeL Spectre_700: someone give cute TeenyTinyRedhead a sub! pepeL Sillycuzmo: 357 . mag=magnum Sikodude: yea scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Hey Ela & Chat elaH elaHYUG Turbulist: yes Nopileos: scream_of_a_thousand_cows pepeL ElderZidane: Blind as heck Ela Lexor757: yes Seikisu: FeelsPepoMan Martiansam: @zotexlowbob learn what ? PepeHands ImperialCloneTrooper2028: IT SAYS 357 MAG SO YES GoodGuyEvil: @yours_excellency oh dear.. of course my child, these mods are the best one Deus_Ex_Nihilis: @Spectre_700 @GoAkke pepeL Nazzet: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows pepeL AkiraJkr: try some caravan its 5Head af @Elajjaz NaughtyPedro: Mag is magnum YsoSerieux: can you steal the Dino? danHmm bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime Thermocrius: FailFish GoAkke: Deus_Ex_Nihilis pepeL jaquescamarao: KKool Turbulist: BIG IRON Pog pepeJAMMER fakerello: @Elajjaz Watch for weapon mods in the MISC tab TeenyTinyRedhead: @Spectre_700 Jan Itor did elaWOW Sherman26: ElaCOOL Lagunaab: this chat is so generous AngelThump Sheep_stick: KKool Clap Thermocrius: yes kaiju_boi: yes 🙂 Monster5crak: yes Sillycuzmo: Yes PepoG GoAkke: yes Wendell8504: KKool GargusoN: yes Nopileos: yes serusa94: yes 🙂 iKeiRo7: tornisDerp rica235: I know a thing or two about Magnum, @Elajjaz gachiBASS 😉 fatpep: yes ElaSmash Sherman26: yes 🙂 Jarvis_McGee: yes slashxs: yes Gothicer: Gothicer subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! yoooo ela12 have you heard of Dark Devotion? it seems a bit like Dead Cells + a Souls game WrestlerBot2000: @gothicer You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM ImperialCloneTrooper2028: YES Seikisu: PepeLaugh Nopileos: SUB HYPE Gothicer elaA thecyanosaurusrex: Europeans not knowing guns KKona DansGame EbiVariance: Yes 🙂 wizardcock: MAGNUM DONG BergDK81: kind of ocelot123: yes 🙂 ceejsavage: 🙂 Thermocrius: it’s a repeater chambered in .357 Azure_Felt: caravan never FeelsBadMan Nopileos: yes 🙂 Jesekki: yes pablo_stark98: yes Radausfall: yes 🙂 insurrectionist89: 🙂 TeenyTinyRedhead: Beautiful chat elaH pepeL TyrantZedd: Yes elaGa ElderZidane: Says for ammo 357 mag Martiansam: magnum dong gachiHYPER fatpep: yes elaSmile Spectre_700: TeenyTinyRedhead Dr_Jan_Itor Jan! elaWOW Lexor757: no but it uses magnum ammo 🙂 JadedOni: Magnum just means longer rounds DuoLancer: Im blind 🙂 wisp_and_coffee: it says mag in inventory Blackbird_SR71C: ye AkiraJkr: Try Caravan it’s super 5Head @Elajjaz Nopileos: TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Nopileos elaH elaHYUG Nazzet elaH elaHYUG zotexlowbob: @Martiansam different tax laws FeelsBadMan Tasarion: does this look like a magnum to you elaThirst 🍌 Thermocrius: magnum is ammunition, no the gun HeraldOfHarolds: you also have a trial carbine but not sure if cowboy affects it Spectre_700: Deus_Ex_Nihilis CUTIE DEUS!!! pepeL Voyzine: Lul magnum is named that way because of it’s ammo Dr_Jan_Itor: Spectre_700 elaSmile ImperialCloneTrooper2028: caravan is OMEGA 5Head yours_excellency: @GoodGuyEvil teach me your ways and I shall be your apostle! Kreygasm Duwaang: Forgot to rp Kazeith: @tasarion LULW Azure_Felt: ela is too elaGa for caravan PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: elaWOW Azure_Felt: Kapp Lagunaab: Devotion the game though PepeHands AkiraJkr: Ela you need 5Head for Caravan wizardcock: HE IS IN kaiju_boi: WeirdChamp WillyTheWorm: FeelsWeirdMan Tasarion: elaWeird these guys quichemeesh: still a pleb PauseChamp Lagunaab: are they taking a shit SensualSuplex: Mag. Would be short for magnum FeLONe_: @Elajjaz you can go to the VERY HARD BUNKER with that magazine you just got 😛 Spindlyy: moon2VERYSCARED YsoSerieux: FeelsWeirdMan Wendell8504: WeirdChamp GoodGuyEvil: @yours_excellency sure thing, hit me up on PMs and i’ll show you OmegamonX: @GoodGuyEvil we talking about cortex scrambler here? captain_elsewhere: lever action rifles have to take magnum ammo because magnum rounds ar flat topped because of the worry that pointed ammo will cause a chain reaction in the magazine tube if the gun is slammed ViveLaDissidence: Caravan , the true 5Head game Hardinglfc: Hardinglfc subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! VikingAspire: D: SiloWang: D: WrestlerBot2000: @hardinglfc Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM uNintendoed: bawkWeird wizardcock: BENNY PepeLaugh Larinett: gachiBASS KingMidas133: D: WillyTheWorm: elaD TrumpetShoes: D: idey1994: D: Nopileos: SUB HYPE Hardinglfc POGGERS meltingnt: D: Pyrhaa: D: rude Martiansam: @zotexlowbob that suck PepeHands next weekend is going to be better pepeL Nopileos: D: ELAYZA: fuck benny otzMAD DJdickdown: yeah fuck benny jack_off_jim: No one gift sub me ElaJAMMER Martiansam: LULW 8m4n_: doodHokey TrumpetShoes: PepeHands benny ImperialCloneTrooper2028: YEAH FUCK BENNY gachiBASS shigaraki: she sounds bored lol Lagunaab: aye fuck benny BergDK81: nice haircut lady WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz AdmiralBooroo: sneak kill all the kahns 🙂 zotexlowbob: @Martiansam thanks for listening pepeL>>>all GoAkke: a bit idey1994: NCR DansGame Legion DansGame crashfort: ela likes the NRC :/ Da_Flanker: LULW ViveLaDissidence: NCR boi confirmed DansGame EbiVariance: Sarge is a bitch boy 🙂 mister_cozy: NCR KKool elaGun wizardcock: GOOD FELLA ELA PepeLaugh Baru_: the strip Pog jaquescamarao: GREAT KHANS YIKES LULW Doomerttv: NCR DansGame ayeimnotgay: stvoCHAZ Annonn140: Khans>Legion>NCR gosamigo: THE STRIP Pog captain_elsewhere: you will like the great khans more, they dont slave people emmytea: chat is he actually wearing a cowboy hat or is it facerig brot_ok: the strip Champ Dereservoir: now the real new vegas begins vxl__: strip Pog TheZecaUrubu: sarge may be an asshole, but he’s a fair asshole Traktorq: yes man Pepega ayeimnotgay: SwiftRage imagetr3: Good. Now you can stab them in the back in future. Niittomies_: Has the game crashed yet? LUL greyfacenospace123: NCR’s bitch now danKEK priviligedpolarbear: @Elajjaz hi ela are you playing with any mods? Kosmic_Eagle: @Jegerkaj hey AYAYA / Turbulist: NCR DansGame LEGION DansGame GREAT KHANS FeelsGoodMan Serulean_Cadence: do side stuff too Dr_Jan_Itor: Anyways Ela and fellas its sleep time elaSmile have fun elaHYUG CornyPoop: Great Khans are the biggest loser faction in this game but ok bedotheman: ncr ranger armor Pog Maluco_Doido: KKona NCR FOR LIFE BRUTHER KKona AkiraJkr: HYPERCLAP mister_cozy: NCR>KHANS>LEGION 🙂 fixions: PepeLaugh quichemeesh: ElaPls marshalmv: khans is not really a option PepeLaugh Snowflaxe: @Elajjaz dafuw is this hat??!! Hi chat elaH ! NordicRain: @Niittomies_ Twice Naniyo: PepeLaugh OH NO NO fixions: monkaW Larinett: KKona talkman_: KKona Turbulist: monkaW Doully92: KKool RonsuDE: monkaW NaM_NaM_NaM: monkaW AkiraJkr: monkaW Nopileos: Snowflaxe elaHYUG WabbitTwouble: KKona Bobinbi: Kona jaquescamarao: KKona wizardcock: Lol Nopileos: Kona Darth_Kredol: KKona MrDestructoid Mythaiass: monkaW Pyrhaa: DansGame Doomerttv: KKona Bobinbi: KKona crashfort: KonCha vic Jarvis_McGee: monkaW TyrantZedd: MrDestructoid jj_mike: KKona MilchiWay: monkaS Da_Flanker: Remember when you thought Legion were the cool guys NaughtyPedro: LULW Jaargan: monkaW HeraldOfHarolds: stalker nillmind: thats not suspicious greyfacenospace123: danKona Nopileos: monkaW vxl__: monkaW JammyDrury: PepeLaugh Lexor757: HOLY SHIT HE SCARED ME mister_cozy: Pog goodthix: I smoked great Khans without hesitation LULW peppy590: monkaW gosamigo: monkaW Tasarion: KKona Martiansam: MrDestructoid / EbiVariance: KKona bugsplat_: Hey brother KKona idey1994: Kapp Kosmic_Eagle: @Dr_Jan_Itor sleep well elaHYUG Traktorq: KKona PARDNER Murder_Dog: monkaS Nopileos: KKona magic_is_greatness: what a creep ChilledLawnGnome: monkaW Darth_Kredol: KKona + MrDestructoid ChaosLike: 🤠 Kouteij: monkaW mister_cozy: Befriend him Kouwell: monkaW timoteh: KKona Howdy pardner xHydraaP: IVE GOT SPUUURS greyfacenospace123: Following us monkaW Thermocrius: khans are a bunch of winy crybabies that murder and pillage and when they get their shit kicked in, they call foul Kosmic_Eagle: KKona Redwin_AR: KKona Niittomies_: @NordicRain Damn Da_Flanker: Shoot him 8m4n_: doodBait MrDestructoid Febox: KKona yuup Vivelin: Yuuuuup. NosBleid: KKona ViveLaDissidence: Ah shit, here we go again , he’s everywhere monkaW Martiansam: yuuuuup Dr_Jan_Itor: Kosmic_Eagle elaHYUG ELAYZA: friend 🙂 zOmbiefied777: zOmbiefied777 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 21 months! WrestlerBot2000: @zombiefied777 After 21 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM mister_cozy: LULW zotexlowbob: MrDestructoid yeehhaaww Nopileos: SUB HYPE zOmbiefied777 PogChamp Aequilux: KKona MrDestructoid KKona MrDestructoid skomerko: Kappa Annonn140: KKona fixions: how ninjasonthemoon: cmonBrother asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: KKona MrDestructoid Halldan: KKonaW Darth_Kredol: elaChug Traktorq: romance victor 😡 Sheep_stick: no cattle? KKona HeraldOfHarolds: victor is the best robot Gnash97: moon2SH cheeze____: F(r)iends is where it’s at elaSmile KillaTofu86: savHYPE gosamigo: KKona Bot crashfort: D: greyfacenospace123: Kill him danW mister_cozy: @Elajjaz BE HIS FRIEND 😡 Elfualoco2003: KKona PARTNER TomHorst: wizard of oz TomHorst: Pog Soadante: D: idey1994: monkaW he’s stalking you nillmind: robophobe zeyurai: @Elajjaz nice hat. just came back suddenly hat timoteh: PepeLaugh MilchiWay: he saved u monkaS futurekaze: kill monkaW Da_Flanker: Shoot him PepeLaugh Martiansam: elaHmm marshalmv: He saved your life DansGame Baru_: pepeJAM Larinett: KKool Thermocrius: he fukn saved your life FappyMcFlappy: PepeLaugh he does not know grevedarkholm: just program him 4HEad TheH3llraiser: pepeJAMMER greyfacenospace123: Robot stalker monkaW TheGoldenCobra: KKool jaquescamarao: KKool paleblood_13: KKool Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAM Tasarion: KKool Nopileos: KKool Jarvis_McGee: pepeJAM talkman_: KKool Nazzet: pepeJAM mors0: PepeJams Doully92: KKool AkiraJkr: KKool vxl__: pepeJAM VineWood0604: KKool Grumpypie: pepeJAM Tirabolos: KKool ar_Tekko: KKool Seikisu: pepeJAM gosamigo: Hey look!! Pyrhaa: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: pepeJAMMER Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime TyrantZedd: KKool Nopileos: KKool KKool brot_ok: ElaJAMMER zypnyx: KKool Darth_Kredol: KKool meltingnt: pepeJAM DJdickdown: KKool JubJubWantRubRubs: KKool GuitarTime Aequilux: KKool Zeuthos: KKool pukcufehttuhs: @Elajjaz Yoooooooooo mysweatyth1ghsss: KKool Yuggod: KKool Martiansam: PAbloPls zotexlowbob: KKool Nopileos: KKool Monster5crak: KKool AlexAnderman1994: KKool EbiVariance: KKool Splash__Woman: KKool FeLONe_: wwqaaaweeeeewaaaaawooo greyfacenospace123: KKool Clap fatpep: KKool Empyrium: KKool Cheeseek: KKool GuitarTime Kouwell: KKool Broken_archangel: All hat and no cattle…..just like ela ela12 Elfualoco2003: KKol Sheep_stick: KKool Clap mister_cozy: KKool HELL YEAH BROTHER Da_Flanker: KKool Redwin_AR: pepeJAM Martiansam: PabloPls Nopileos: KKool KKool Traktorq: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: KKool 420bakin: KKool ViveLaDissidence: KKool Stilgarius: KKool insurrectionist89: DansGame Wendell8504: KKool GuitarTime TheRipMan: KKool ayeimnotgay: TPcrunchyroll mentalvary: KKool GuitarTime WabbitTwouble: Kkool leet_noob: I see a fella moon2SH gosamigo: KKool GuitarTime Nopileos: KKool Mythaiass: KKool GuitarTime Kouwell: KKona 🎸 WabbitTwouble: KKool YayLittlepony: KKool Elfualoco2003: KKool ANIKI Grumpypie: URAAAANIUM PEOOOOPLE CurseofSherwood: @Elajjaz can you rescale your hat, I think you made the image size too big elaSmile mister_cozy: ANY COZY IN CHAT ? elaCozy talkman_: @Elajjaz follow the road DansGame Larinett: PepeLaugh dzemroz: hes gonna miss veronica PepeHands Doomerttv: Any fellers? KKool cheeze____: KKona i dun trust these darn metal cans KKool Myareska: Have we encountered the Legion hit squad yet chat? PepeLaugh Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Fullmetalcheese: FeelsGoodMan KurtRustle91: Taking offroad shortcuts in NV PepeLaugh insurrectionist89: ????? why not follow roads dragonica: oh no no no pepelaugh Soadante: AYAYA Kosmic_Eagle: elaCozy Drachenreiter: mussolini didn’t try shit OMEGALUL ELAYZA: scrubCozy LickMyPretzel: @Myareska yes LULW Rural_Juror_: fucking Joe DansGame TheSalikawood: BARZ SkeletonKeyLimePie: is he talking about papa stalin Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Da_Flanker: KKona Pechopalomo: AlienPls Nakamura_Shinichi: SourPls OmegamonX: mussolini OMEGALUL ObsceneAmounts: rooOWO Wazepas: Myareska yeah CaptainOutOfTen: OwO Baru_: #pepeJAM Annonn140: OwO Hellu: nrdyOwO Azure_Felt: nrdyOwO Jegerkaj: FeelsGoodMan hanging out with the ww2 lads in hell Nopileos: OwO Nanashi_Sakamoto: OwO Martiansam: OwO WabbitTwouble: PepeJAM AkiraJkr: OwO Traktorq: offroad PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: OwO Lexor757: ranger station WabbitTwouble: pepeJAM RattleMBones: OwO Doomerttv: KKool Yall need some freedom KKool jenda69: GuitarTime Martiansam: a lake Dusty_Degenerate: OwO Stilgarius: nrdyOwO Nopileos: OwO OwO Darth_Kredol: pepeJAMMER Kouwell: UwU TheGoldenCobra: OwO hyenapatches: What happened to your companion? schlawinator: PabloPls mister_cozy: @Kosmic_Eagle @ELAYZA FeelsGoodMan ViveLaDissidence: Myareska We did , right next to helios one, got his ass handed several times PepeLaugh Gulega: elaC PoggieWoggie: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls Turbulist: monkaW greyfacenospace123: Play that fiddle KKool AlexAnderman1994: elaEZ mukomo_: lods LULW lockorunlock: @Elajjaz go slightly left to crossroads – theres shops and somebody interesting idey1994: monkaW grunbeld: (ditto) Wendell8504: ElaJAMMER mysweatyth1ghsss: monkaW Myareska: I hope that encounter was great LULW Larinett: LULW Jarvis_McGee: monkaH Martiansam: PabloPls Baru_: lmao Nopileos: monkaW RonsuDE: pepeJAM raqos: LULW vxl__: LULW Mythaiass: monkaW fixions: LULW Sillycuzmo: LUL Toxianon: lol krahdan: LULW Jyatt: RIP Devon96: OMEGALUL jaquescamarao: D: Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Turbulist: LULW ac3sh1gh: LULW AkiraJkr: LULW talkman_: LULW Darth_Kredol: monkGun Darkshadows6662: lol Nopileos: LUL Tasarion: monkaW peppy590: pepeJAM Murika_: F Stilgarius: PepeHands Traktorq: PepeHands nocontrol80: LULW bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN Jegerkaj: KKona Clap noice Cheeseek: LULW zotexlowbob: LULW NordicRain: monkaW mentalvary: LULW Grumpypie: LULW Niittomies_: LUL Biohazard1983: rofl Nopileos: LULW grevedarkholm: OMEGALUL CrouchingTyger: dead dami_exe: LULW Miththar: LULW Kouteij: LULW LunarMareKnight: LUL Nakamura_Shinichi: LULW ThatLuluTho: LULW CurseofSherwood: DETH LickMyPretzel: F TheH3llraiser: LULW FeLONe_: LOL Talmk: cirLaugh Annonn140: LULW TheXearo: Well Winku: LULW walking_clock: PepeHands MinouriiChan: @elajjaz dont you think your char is smart enough and egoistic enough to play people? like the ncr to have a good rep with them incase he needs something from them? zeyurai: RIP Turbulist: F LULW paleblood_13: LULW KingMidas133: LULW Halldan: LULW Darth_Kredol: monkaGun gold_dante: SLAP DAT ASS MaN RattleMBones: F Jaargan: LULW HeavyRisk413: NOOOO ChilledGear: LULW MrUniqueName: He’s up to dying asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: HandsUp gosamigo: DEAD LUL PresidentDolphin: F FR33D_: rip mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW HeavyRisk413: OGUNNED DOWN Reddinator: danKEK DuoLancer: 🥁 ElaSmash 🎻 pepeJAM 🥁 ElaSmash 🎻 pepeJAM 🥁 ElaSmash 🎻 pepeJAM Sheep_stick: F 420bakin: LULW Seikisu: PepeHands NaughtyPedro: LULW Soadante: monkaS Lexor757: MIRELURKS monkaW Nopileos: LULW LULW Rural_Juror_: F Sneezy212: LULW Denact: hes fucking dead Kouwell: LULW blauersteinfresser: F talkman_: RIP QUEST LULW Azure_Felt: ded LULW LimmyLammyLlama: LULW waywai: LULW RonsuDE: LULW pekkaatte122: LULW Niittomies_: Rip timeline LUL LUL AnnonymKnuckles: wait, it was horses in skyrim, why not new vegas FeelsWeirdMan Wendell8504: LULW Nopileos: LULW Joxih: F Meximus322: PepeLaugh Aequilux: PepeHands Raknov: LULW Traktorq: PepeHands F Kosmic_Eagle: LULW AiUmbra_infamous: LULW 8m4n_: doodHokey MrDestructoid doodHokey TheRipMan: NOOOO FishingPotato: LUL LickMyPretzel: what hte fuck i’ve never seen that happen before D3rrtyD4n: loot him LULW Mythaiass: OMEGALUL HeavyRisk413: F AkiraJkr: RIP Timeline LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Miththar: POG Annonn140: OMEGALUL zotexlowbob: PepeLaugh actually f quest jaquescamarao: TIME PARADOX cheeze____: this is where victor died in my playthrough too LULW I was fucking happy he did CornyPoop: PepeLaugh Deztru: LUL Kopffeine: This always happens talkman_: OMEGALUL THANKS ELA MrDestructoid EbiVariance: LULW Miththar: POGGERS Turbulist: F OMEGALUL Pyrhaa: QUEST OMEGADOWN Azure_Felt: bad end OMEGADOWN fixions: SOFETLOCKED PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: Ruined danO Jaargan: he died LULW Biohazard1983: ruined King_Insane: F FishingPotato: LOOT HIM CryptoXOR: F Martiansam: oh shit Traktorq: now he’ll get really spooped out PepeLaugh peppy590: LOOT HIM pog talkman_: S OMEGALUL FTL OMEGALUL CKED SkeletonKeyLimePie: hello 🙂 Renococoa: LULW TheGoldenCobra: DansGame meekmook: R OMEGALUL LLED fixions: NRC PepeLaugh DadBrandWhiskey: Is elajjaz playing with any mods? mister_cozy: REACT MORE 😡 jack_off_jim: @Elajjaz Where is your companion? Darth_Kredol: elaMad Aequilux: loot him Chag FishingPotato: Loot him Pog Sheep_stick: ALPHA gachiBASS talkman_: @Elajjaz i kinda like his hat elaThirst elaGun raqos: 🤡 ? fixions: KKool asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: NRC powder ranger PepeLaugh futurekaze: NCR DansGame King_Insane: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. ViveLaDissidence: Loot him , he may have legendary robot loot Pog Fatamerikans: with a big iron on his hip Jarvis_McGee: gachiHYPER fixions: Kreygasm AkiraJkr: gachiBASS Devon96: HotPokket kekkaxd: ElaJAMMER TheRipMan: @jaquescamarao why time paradox HeavyRisk413: HIDEOS WabbitTwouble: Kreygasm brot_ok: elaThirst WillyTheWorm: elaWut Slyhades: WutFace citronus: HotPokket Pixel_hearts: WutFace Doomerttv: Kreygasm ranger waifu Elfualoco2003: KreyGasm 8m4n_: doodCrazy OmegamonX: Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter 4Head Wendell8504: Kreygasm asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: Kreygasm raqos: ANELE ? greyfacenospace123: Ranger with a big iron on his hip KKool EbiVariance: HotPokket BearackObama: KretoPls uNintendoed: elaWut Nopileos: Kreygasm Kouwell: Kreygasm BearackObama: Kreygasm mister_cozy: KKool GuitarTime Schinoplokakis: nice ‘stache Elfualoco2003: ANELE TRUE SWEDEN Traktorq: KKona BOOMERS KKona Annonn140: have you heard of the high elves viola_mandshurica: monkaSHAKE rejected86: PS2 game Spindlyy: moon2L ThePenguinFliesatMidnight: steal that chessboard dzemroz: BOOMERS POGGERS trashman20200: cmcCry cmcCry cmcCry cmcCry cmcCry cmcCry captain_elsewhere: why doesnt sarge like the ncr they seem exactly like him ? @Elajjaz whats the lore Slyhades: thats a man CornyPoop: Well looks like The House Always Wins is no longer an option tomatoConcern HeavyRisk413: gamebryo is HELLUVA DRUG Lexor757: BigBrother ALPHA OmegamonX: BOOMERS BEST GROUP slm_shockz: Chat, is this mod free? Wendell8504: Kreygasm WOMAN Kreygasm quichemeesh: holy shit her face looks so weird Larinett: Kapp Tasarion: elaK Darth_Kredol: elaK brot_ok: elaK Lvl32Tribesman: Complexion WutFace BearackObama: WutFace SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaX Pechopalomo: monkaW Nopileos: elaK quichemeesh: looks like an oblivion face lol Baru_: wtf Devon96: WutFace Da_Flanker: monkaW Seilrach: monkaX silver6ird: WutFace WillyTheWorm: elaWut BearackObama: WutFace WTF fixions: WutFace wizardcock: xDD Traktorq: WutFace TheH3llraiser: monkaW lloydbannings: WutFace AkiraJkr: LULW brot_ok: WutFace WabbitTwouble: monkaW Biocola: WutFace identical_gamers: WutFace paleblood_13: monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE Nopileos: WutFace Gulega: WutFace Jaargan: elaWut EbiVariance: elaK Turbulist: elaWut Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaW Darth_Kredol: Pog Clap Nazzet: monkaW Soadante: monkaW busky_maldsack: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: WutFace jklob: WutFace MilchiWay: wtf futurekaze: monkaW NosBleid: WutFace DigiLaw420: monkaS Araboth: monkaW plump_helmet: FeelsGoodMan BearackObama: WutFace ?? Cheeseek: WutFace FishingPotato: @Elajjaz Loot the bot Lexor757: WutFace Toplay92: monkaS zotexlowbob: monkaX raqos: BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack Geralt_of_Syria: elaWut mentalvary: WutFace mysweatyth1ghsss: WutFace Mythaiass: monkaW Meximus322: elaWut Kouwell: monkaW Joxih: lol Winku: monkaS OmegamonX: Sure ocelot123: WutFace Baru_: WutFace AlexAnderman1994: elaWut Thermocrius: the fuck is this radio mod idey1994: WutFace Martiansam: elaWut elaWut Nopileos: WutFace WutFace Elfualoco2003: WutFace Soadante: DuckerZ ? BearackObama: WutFace ChilledLawnGnome: monkaW DGS_Howling: monkaW plump_helmet: FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FappyMcFlappy: Legion FuckYea rangers PokerFace Fatamerikans: ???? WVReaper: LULW mister_cozy: TriKool 🎺 greyfacenospace123: danS waywai: WutFace WutFace Kazeith: WutFace insurrectionist89: ??? Darth_Kredol: PabloPls BearackObama: monkaX Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Meximus322: LULW Nopileos: LULW Baru_: pepeJAM mister_cozy: PepeHands zotexlowbob: pepeJAM Old_Man_Initiate: PepoDance Darth_Kredol: ppHop brot_ok: What are these songs OMEGADOWN EbiVariance: FeelsGoodMan Clap raqos: pepeJAMMER Martiansam: PabloPls TheGoldenCobra: LULW Kouwell: FeelsPepoMan zotexlowbob: no Darth_Kredol: pepeJAMMER TyrantZedd: elaKek Azure_Felt: no 🙂 Biocola: PepeLaugh scrolling chat too hard NosBleid: no 🙂 dontpatme: pepeD Turbulist: elaKek greyfacenospace123: no danKEK Seikisu: pepeJAMMER spike_the_space_cowboy: PepeLaugh EbiVariance: No 🙂 Martiansam: no 🙂 Darth_Kredol: PepoDance Traktorq: monkaW tabbing out in bethesda games Nopileos: Biocola elaHYUG idey1994: pepeJAMMER Spindlyy: not having a 2 pc setup PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: pepeD LickMyPretzel: pepeJAMMER Llyfrgell: PepoDance Darth_Kredol: AlienPls WabbitTwouble: pepeD Nopileos: pepeJAMMER KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you should at least save before tabbing out, ever. Just in case of crash Turbulist: F victor LULW Biocola: @Nopileos moon2CUTE Wendell8504: pepeJAM Da_Flanker: Crab people Martiansam: pepeJAM Darkshadows6662: robits Seilrach: iron95Pls 1mpolar: PepeLaugh tidooh: Scroll that chat elaGasm BearackObama: MrDestructoid dzemroz: anyways PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAMMER Martiansam: FISH MEN SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: pepeJAMMER WabbitTwouble: PepoDance serusa94: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh wizardcock: T POSE alexowhy: pepeD Lexor757: VICTOR PepeHands RingusSlaterfist: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: mirelurk monkaW LickMyPretzel: MrDestructoid Nopileos: PepeLaugh idey1994: monkaW kekkaxd: pepeJAM Meximus322: PepeLaugh SLyDeX53: elaKek Thermocrius: lakelurks introvertflake: pepeJAMMER RareEla S48SG: pepeJAMMER asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: T Zeuthos: pepeJAMMER Grumpypie: PepeLaugh TomHorst: PepeLaugh Thermocrius: watch yer head ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh vxl__: PepeLaugh BearackObama: pepeJAM Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: FishMoley Llyfrgell: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance 1mpolar: get closer PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: PepoDance raqos: PepoDance THIS SLAPS PepoDance Da_Flanker: The deep ones Devon96: CRAB PEOPLE monkaW captain_elsewhere: kings monkaW grevedarkholm: reptiloids monkaW Lexor757: MIRELURKS monkaW samutin95: PepeLaugh silver6ird: PepeLaugh mukomo_: they’re T-posing monkaW brot_ok: PepeLaugh gjoran1: elaS elaS elaS elaS Sourcehunter: pepeJAMMER Armored_Guy: PepoDance Traktorq: not T pose, that’s their normal pose Nopileos: PepeLaugh Murder_Dog: FishMoley greyfacenospace123: lizard people monkaW pekkaatte122: WORSE crashfort: 🦀 CornyPoop: Big Boi mirelurk kings wizardcock: ALIENS Hajitaib: LULW Scarlettohgo: @Elajjaz not like I’m a sub but there’s a serious lack of elayeehaw in chat FeelsBadMan LickMyPretzel: Use vats fool ceejsavage: WutFace Devon96: ALIENS WutFace Turbulist: monkaW lloydbannings: PepeLaugh zotexlowbob: PepeLaugh schurik124: monkaW greyfacenospace123: monkaW mentalvary: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW BearackObama: WutFace Jegerkaj: monkaW FISHMEN Spurquu: monkaW NosBleid: lizard people monkaW krahdan: monkaW Meximus322: monkaW Reddinator: FishMoley wtf Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW FappyMcFlappy: AlienPls Kouwell: WAR WITH THE NEWTS monkaW Azure_Felt: mirelurk kings monkaX ViveLaDissidence: Lakelurks monkaW HamsterCorn: RUN Biocola: 🦀 U WOT MATE Thermocrius: KKrikey Denact: AlienPls Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Da_Flanker: Monster from the black lagoon TyrantZedd: monkaW Monster5crak: BAM BAM ElaJAMMER NoodLeWrencher: AlienPls Traktorq: ayy lmao ObsceneAmounts: AlienPls ImPHYRE: LIZARD PEOPLE monkaW brot_ok: EljanPls Martiansam: elaD Darth_Kredol: AlienPls franzliszteria: xenophobia asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: AlienPls BearackObama: WutFace WutFace mister_cozy: SHHHH CHAT PepeLaugh Nopileos: AlienPls Cheeseek: AlienPls come with us samutin95: VICTOR D: Dismal_Arkt: AlienPls come at me bitch eremiter: AlienPls Meximus322: Victor PepeHands Murder_Dog: VICTOR LULW Soadante: D: DEAD Smoothstone: Lake staarLurk vadeLurk Vivelin: WutFace silver6ird: KKona SLyDeX53: AlienPls ? WabbitTwouble: WutFace KurtRustle91: WTF he actually died LULW Aberrant404: VICTOR D: insurrectionist89: wtf D: BearackObama: PepeHands NordicRain: Victor PepeHands EbiVariance: AlienPls ThatLuluTho: fukin Psychipebble singing LULW BluBlu_BluBlo: superdead LULW alee1e: Aliens are people too talkman_: VICTOR PepeHands wizardcock: xD Traktorq: PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: AlienPls zotexlowbob: LULW Meximus322: LULW Armored_Guy: monkaS cthulus Monster5crak: sure PepeLaugh HeavyRisk413: DUMPED raqos: LULW bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: oof JubJubWantRubRubs: thank god hes dead LULW Nopileos: LULW paleblood_13: LULW NosBleid: wtf monkaW Fatamerikans: OMEGALUL Aydarkzero: monkaS Traktorq: DETH Devon96: DELETED OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: ded LULW Turbulist: monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE Nelsoz: rip samutin95: rip main quest TheH3llraiser: LULW Martiansam: REKT Aequilux: monkaW eremiter: rip serusa94: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL idey1994: OMEGALUL BearackObama: monkaW Thermocrius: SUFFER NOT THE XENO TO LIVE Jegerkaj: MAGIC monkaW skybeaverking: PepeLaugh CornyPoop: yep ceejsavage: atpCap TheGoldenCobra: LULW Araboth: LUL Tikonich: RIP pekkaatte122: RESTART Stilgarius: OMEGADOWN mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeLaugh Sikodude: RIP Spurquu: PepeLaugh brot_ok: LULW Doomerttv: Ded PepeLaugh Nopileos: LUL jaquescamarao: Communist aliens monkaW xHydraaP: What the fuck, isnt he supposed to be essential??? Jaargan: monkaW Rural_Juror_: F Deztru: LUL Janezs: LULW mentalvary: PepeLaugh Darkshadows6662: ded ViveLaDissidence: PepeUff you ded OscarVBender: F Nopileos: LULW Lvl32Tribesman: 3% PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: AlienPls elaGun Darth_Kredol: AlienPls 💨 EbiVariance: OMEGALUL Fulgator: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv FlameResistant: LULW schurik124: DED LULW BergDK81: he dead 1mpolar: LOL fatpep: F PepeLaugh Old_Man_Initiate: atpCap NordicRain: Dead PepeLaugh MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: F greyfacenospace123: monkaW monkaW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Nopileos: LULW LULW Lexor757: DED LULW RingusSlaterfist: PepeLaugh OmegamonX: DETH Seikisu: PepeLaugh F VikingDogg: f Wendell8504: LULW Sourcehunter: AlienPls 11qq2w: RIP LULW teplek: OMEGALUL Annonn140: PepeJAM insurrectionist89: LUL LUL LUL ELAYZA: scrubRaptor captain_elsewhere: elaDead Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: ElaOut Jarvis_McGee: PepeLaugh BritishPatternBalding: pepeJAM iggy1337: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Annonn140: pepeJAMMER agenttwinpeaks: f ChilledLawnGnome: LULW LULW raqos: PepoDance 🎹 skomerko: F Darth_Kredol: AlienPls 💨 AlienPls 💨 AlienPls 💨 AlienPls 💨 AlienPls 💨 AlienPls 💨 AlienPls 💨 AlienPls 💨 Kazeith: @xhydraap no he isn’t Mythaiass: AlienPls alexowhy: SabaPing you die Hajitaib: LULW LULW LULW AbitRusty1: God damn prawns Kouwell: ElaOut Aequilux: monkaW monkaW monkaW dzemroz: not using stealth attacks LULW Geneziz_: monkaX Fafebobo: monkaW bloodcaleb: he thinks he stands a chance after victor got blasted PepeLaugh xHydraaP: @Kazeith Well well well NaughtyPedro: is he suppose to die ? The robot ? peppy590: Pog n4tk0: @xhydraap he has multiple bodies afaik greyfacenospace123: 7% danO Soadante: carried LULW insurrectionist89: “Follow the road? Nah why do that” Kappa Wendell8504: ElaPls DETH ElaPls DETH mister_cozy: CARRIED BY COMPANION LULW NordicRain: Carried PepeLaugh BearackObama: forsenWC MyNameLacksImagination: ED-E carry again PepeLaugh pekkaatte122: you fucked your story line Devon96: @NaughtyPedro NO OMEGALUL jenda69: Robit carrying him so hard VineWood0604: forsenWC AlexAnderman1994: forsenWC spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenWC Drachenreiter: KKona Doc-what? greyfacenospace123: carrie danKEK razorxscooter: Pog Nopileos: forsenWC AkiraJkr: USS ninjasonthemoon: forsenWC Jegerkaj: IKEALUL jenda69: @pekkaatte122 he did not NaughtyPedro: LULW zotexlowbob: PogU hyenapatches: search victor Kosmic_Eagle: LULW ViveLaDissidence: Eddie saving ela’s day again PepeLaugh Traktorq: PogU Darth_Kredol: forsenWC ? Fullmetalcheese: Yea I thought Viktor would be unconscious LUL mysweatyth1ghsss: forsenWC NosBleid: PepeHands Traktorq: PepeLaugh lloydbannings: VICT OMEGALUL R Jarvis_McGee: VICTOR PepeHands BritishPatternBalding: PepeHands Annonn140: PepeHands talkman_: PepeHands reload Nopileos: PepeHands Soadante: PepeHands Stilgarius: KKool GuitarTime Nazzet: Bad ending PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: KKool GuitarTime Stilgarius: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Thermocrius: yeah, totally pekkaatte122: @jenda69 PepeLaugh but he didnt know that Zeuthos: KKool GuitarTime DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: AINT NO ALIENIN’ AROUND HERE ‘NYMORE BergDK81: fuck victor mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeHands Fulgator: AlienPls Da_Flanker: He’s just storing energy 🙂 Serulean_Cadence: fk him FishingPotato: It’s just a robot, can be replaced. Fafebobo: KKool GuitarTime Stilgarius: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Martiansam: KKool song Mixmashmaster: PepeLaugh DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: KKool KingMidas133: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: rip PepeHands FlameResistant: Shhh PepeLaugh zotexlowbob: PepeLaugh worst ending timoteh: PepeHands RELOAD YOU MONSTER kekkaxd: KKool dangerdonger420: didnt realize victor could die LUL KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz the main quest will just respawn him later for sure raqos: PepoDance THIS SLAPS PepoDance emorium: ALL new vegas NPCs can die DustyMove: OOOffass Drachenreiter: you already know what can happen with him ela idey1994: WHO CARES 4Head Traktorq: KKool Redwin_AR: KKool Tasarion: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: not knowing about victor PepeLaugh wizardcock: MISSED LEGENDARY ENDING PepeLaugh jenda69: @pekkaatte122 PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: KKool ELAYZA: victor is a useful guy later on tho LUL Kosmic_Eagle: KKool peppy590: KKool Nopileos: KKool Kouteij: worst ending PepeLaugh GoAkke: KKool Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Doyago: PepeLaugh Soadante: PepeHands help him Tasarion: don’t tell him chat PepeLaugh identical_gamers: KKool GitGudPls: oh man ela is wearing a COWBOY HAT PogChamp Da_Flanker: KKool ClappingKappa: hello fellow chatters pepeL KKona / Joxih: never seen victor die Nopileos: Tasarion elaHYUG Tirabolos: KKool GuitarTime AkiraJkr: Chat doesn’t nkow PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: KKool GuitarTime Tikonich: missing easy money Darth_Kredol: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime cyberneticz_: @elajjaz just reload Fafebobo: ClappingKappa pepeL Nopileos: AkiraJkr pepeL Jarvis_McGee: Didnt’ trust him, but he gave his life for you PepeHands BergDK81: there is no right option chat ffs Turbulist: ClappingKappa elaWOW elaH Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KeinHerz: u can drink this water ClappingKappa: Fafebobo, pepeL AkiraJkr: Don’t reload LULW Jegerkaj: KKool anybody need a good nuking? cacctus1: go for swim DarkWingsAzrael: PepeLaugh Traktorq: they give 50 exp, max in the game Joxih: I played this game like 4 times Fafebobo: KKool GuitarTime swomppes: it doesnt matter chat, no need to reload ClappingKappa: turbulist, elaWOW pepeL KurtRustle91: yeah NV doesn’t have immortal NPCs, deaths of important characters just change the story. None of that only 1 path shit like in Fallout 4 AkiraJkr: Chat is delusional, ignore it LULW @Elajjaz FappyMcFlappy: they are called glass cannones darkmoonblade34: moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS moon2SH ANY PARDNERS captain_elsewhere: that lake water is pure ela drink a shit tonne GalinTNT: where you find that hat Ela? Sourcehunter: ResidentSleeper Von_Gnome: Chat doesnt know PepeLaugh Tasarion: ResidentSleeper KaiserAutismus: yeehaw brother Nopileos: Von_Gnome elaHYUG noiradle: sleeping more than 35 and a half minutes is for wimps AkiraJkr: Chat doesn’t know PepeLaugh CryptoXOR: moon2SH Swateye: IMAGINE USING TRAIL CARBINE PEPELAUGH Larinett: KKool NordicRain: Reloading in an RPG FeelsWeirdMan Soadante: KKool Nopileos: AkiraJkr pepeL Turbulist: chat doesn’t know PepeLaugh Nopileos: Turbulist elaHYUG Murder_Dog: member when the US used to be anti war? BergDK81: Its not Fallout 4, its acutally worth playing more than once Haika112: aaah Turbulist: Nopileos elaHYUG elaH zotexlowbob: @darkmoonblade34 moon2SH howdy Nopileos: Turbulist elaH AkiraJkr: pepeL @Nopileos OmegamonX: Most pleb enemies, would have died if not for ed-e FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: AkiraJkr elaH Sourcehunter: PepoDane alexowhy: @darkmoonblade34 howdy pepeJAM CrouchingTyger: @Murder_Dog literally never mister_cozy: @Nopileos elaHYUG Nopileos: mister_cozy elaH Seikisu: PepoDance krahdan: fallout 4 was so boring Serulean_Cadence: Will you try Falluyt 4 ? Soadante: hello 🙂 talkman_: Hello 🙂 Thermocrius: @BergDK81 idk, it was hard to play FO4 once Serulean_Cadence: Fallout* Dismal_Arkt: NRC DansGame dedhillo: alkGreatGoblinKing alkGreatGoblinKing RonsuDE: Howdy 🤠 darkmoonblade34: @zotexlowbob @alexowhy moon2SH / Elettrodomestico: how far is he into the main quest? AkiraJkr: NRC greyfacenospace123: Best 3D Fallout easily Murder_Dog: dumb af euro @CrouchingTyger Spectre_700: don’t do it FappyMcFlappy: its good elminster316: 76 🙂 TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh TomHorst: fallout 4 LULW Tasarion: PepeLaugh FO4 1mpolar: LULW MilchiWay: LUL Larinett: fallout 4 OMEGALUL Turbulist: Fallout 4 PepeLaugh talkman_: Eat poopoo ZULUL thelastone666: fallout 4 sux so bad Annonn140: fallout 4 LULW asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: PepeLaugh BTRNDL: Fallout 4 is bad AkiraJkr: 4Head JubJubWantRubRubs: fallout 4 LULW Artoch47: It’s okay Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh Dreshi: FALLOUT 4 LULW CurseofSherwood: F OMEGALUL 4 Fullmetalcheese: F LUL 4 mysweatyth1ghsss: Fallout 4 PepeLaugh zotexlowbob: i like it nymnOkay Spurquu: PepeLaugh zarcer_: PepeLaugh Reddinator: FO4 danKEK Cagelight: Fallout 4 LULW emorium: because it’s laughable Kouteij: F OMEGALUL 4 iggy1337: F4 PepeLaugh Bxadd: fallout 4 OMEGALUL Fafebobo: fallout 4 DansGame Fatamerikans: F OMEGALUL 4 TheBioTrooper: LULW Serulean_Cadence: It’s not that bad Jesekki: Fallout 4 is great tidooh: @Murder_Dog 18th cencury? LULW FoolishPaul: Its so bad fr0stycam: fallout 4 OMEGALUL Naniyo: F OMEGALUL 4 OmegamonX: FO4 (puke) Baru_: nobody likes Fallout 4 walking_clock: deservedly so spkn_: yarthoKek dukenukem641: fallout 3 plz JammyDrury: OMEGALUL lloydbannings: it’s ok but nothing compared to the others 420bakin: PepeLaugh Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Andros5: F OMEGALUL 4 Sneezy212: LULW F4 Claidheamh_Mor: Fall OMEGALUL ut 4 Jarvis_McGee: PepeLaugh FO4 PepeLaugh Elfualoco2003: fallout 76 PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: FO 4 LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz its one of the worst games I have played in my life 1mpolar: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: it’s fine when modded FeelsWeirdMan Traktorq: it’s not terrible when modded a shitload AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh ac3sh1gh: 4 & 76 LULW Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh F OMEGALUL 4 Jaargan: ooh no no no PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: boolies PepeHands Mixmashmaster: LULW Fallout 4 Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Da_Flanker: It’s an ok shooter but a neutered RPG RealLifeTsundere: LUL Stobbel: Fallout 4 is pretty good with the right mods micke187: fallout 3 is better Monster5crak: it’s ok as a game, bad as a fallout Araboth: Good game, bad Fallout game Seikisu: KKool n4tk0: fo4 is ok Turbulist: Pog Cheeseek: TaBeRu Traktorq: PogU krahdan: fallout 4 it’s not an rpg greyfacenospace123: Pog Smoothstone: KKool GuitarTime FaLL3n0nE: PlebOut 4 Baru_: everyyone seems to hate Fallout 4 LUL Nopileos: PogU Naniyo: Chag CornyPoop: Fallout 4 is the worst Fallout besides 76 LULW Jarvis_McGee: Chag Meximus322: Chag Jaargan: Plg Soadante: Pog NiceDoge42: Fallout is alright but not after playing NV LUL Tasarion: Chag vegas ImperialCloneTrooper2028: F A L L IKEALUL U T 4 Bxadd: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: KKool lloydbannings: Pog jaquescamarao: Pog Vivelin: So many mixed opinions in chat LULW Nopileos: Pog Biocola: Pog wats dat Annonn140: Pog KingMidas133: PogU NV Traktorq: KKool WukeWiking: New Vegas Pog Spurquu: Chag mysweatyth1ghsss: Pog Elfualoco2003: gachiBASS OHHHHHHH Murika_: the pirate ship in fo4 is sick though Pog BergDK81: @Thermocrius I dont think I ever completed the last part, I hated all sides Aequilux: FO4 Pog ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: the strip poggers wizardcock: SCAMMAZ AkiraJkr: Imagine not following the road LULW NaughtyPedro: it’s worth a playthrough tho Spectre_700: Elajjaz can you run your fingers across the brim of your hat like they do in moves please? elaYes Jaargan: there it is Pog King_Insane: not a bad game but it requires some heavy modding to be enjoyable @Elajjaz Tasarion: KKool FappyMcFlappy:>_>WAT THAT OmegamonX: Did someone say CAZADORE? Zane_Within: fallout 4 is the best fallout dont @ me 🙂 Polebegood: F4 is ok, but it’s not an rpg at all Lexor757: KKool boondockdewock: It’s a good game lol. Hivemind is powerful for the Gamers NovaMoon: @Elajjaz FO4 is alright, not as good as new vegas. just dont toruch 76 and you’re good LULW Huntedspam: New Vegas POGGERS Da_Flanker: Fallout 4 is trash without mods, this game isn’t. That’s the difference Traktorq: KKool let’s ride into the sunset together chat greyfacenospace123: FO4 was fucking awful JackTheBall: finally going to vegas Pog jaquescamarao: should try fallout 1 unironically Annonn140: not following a road monkaW Joxih: why don’t u do Eddie companion quest? ELAYZA: this is it otzDARVA xHydraaP: FO4 is better than NV PepeHands KurtRustle91: @Vivelin not really, 90% at least will say its trash. FO4 isnt even an RPG :/ Vicitus: Long live the Legion FeelsGoodMan Clap zotexlowbob: KKool GuitarTime gjoran1: you wont be able to enjoy FO4 after playing this CornyPoop: Play Fallout 1 or 2 next @Elajjaz CurseofSherwood: Is Fallout 4 even worse than dark souls 2? PepeLaugh Renococoa: Pog Meximus322: Pog Dismal_Arkt: LULW Spectre_700: PoggieWoggie Araboth: Pog GoAkke: Pog Turbulist: Champ Nopileos: Pog Pog greyfacenospace123: KKool bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime Radausfall: best fallout is fallout 3 Pog Fullmetalcheese: Where are u going FeelsWeirdMan KurtRustle91: @xHydraaP low effort bait Roastfungi: letting chat decide when you shouldnt like a game LUL mentalvary: TaBeRu Thermocrius: @BergDK81 BoS was kinda based though, just killing degenerate muties LUL GoAkke: actual cowboy Pog NosBleid: TaBeRu Vanset_: KKool Jaargan: Pog thats_rich: @xHydraaP OMEGADOWN ViveLaDissidence: boondockdewock zoom zoom go back WeirdChamp DrkKing: howdy Annonn140: fallout 4 is worse than even 3 LUL Gidano: than fallout 2 mister_cozy: C’mon FO4 with the right modes is a really decent game. elaWeird Vivelin: @Roastfungi Forming opinions is for nerds buttbuttbuttts: Fallout 4’s combat is good, Everything else is just meh swomppes: TaBeRu boondockdewock: ViveLaDissidence brave crashfort: elaCozy FappyMcFlappy: Fallout 4 is like the Dark Souls 3 of the fallout games, only pretentious retards complain that its bad Baru_: so new vegas is the only good fallout? KurtRustle91: @mister_cozy WeirdChamp Traktorq: new vegas>2>1>4>3 🙂 Fullmetalcheese: I like FO3 more too OmegamonX: @Thermocrius enclave are the only ones based idey1994: FO4’s problems can’t be fixed with mods whereas NV’s can talkman_: pepeJAM identical_gamers: KKool GuitarTime Jarvis_McGee: TaBeRu gjoran1: pepeJAM lets ride into the sunset together pepeJAM jaquescamarao: AngelThump KKona AngelThump walking_clock: 1 and 2 were amazing but they’re super old MiguelGPN: FO3 is the best fallout guys introvertflake: @Elajjaz you have additional base building options in fallout 4…but the overall quality of rpg elements isnt as good as in this one wizardcock:ALL AkiraJkr: LULW ???????? tupi11: lol raqos: ???? fabulwesen_: ??? Wwaaaz: W A T djinn_94: monkaW zotexlowbob: LULW liked Nopileos: lol Jaargan: monkaW Meximus322: LULW RingusSlaterfist: LULW jaquescamarao: Pog Andros5: LUL Traktorq: forsencd Lexor757: LULW Serulean_Cadence: lol thesawser123: WutFace Zane_Within: LUL Grumpypie: LULW Sourcehunter: Chag Dismal_Arkt: monkaW Mythaiass: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaW Nopileos: LULW Huntedspam: POGGERS gjoran1: Fallout 3 is even worse than 4, and just as linear bloodcaleb: NCR LAPDOG PepeLaugh Turbulist: monkaW Annonn140: fallout 4 is barelly even fallout atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: You can mod 4 to be a decent survival game but can’t fix the trash story Wendell8504: LULW Suney: monkaW Brunault_: LUL Baru_: DansGame Nakamura_Shinichi: Pog Renococoa: LULW greyfacenospace123: NCR DOG danO Serulean_Cadence: KILL THEM vidsan1337: quinTip Fullmetalcheese: Chag Nopileos: LULW LULW NovaMoon: NCR are you bitches now sarge mister_cozy: @KurtRustle91 Well the ambiance did it for me yeah Pajki13: ncr friend LUL Turbulist: Pog eliastheepicgamer: DansGame LickMyPretzel: ela7 420bakin: take his hat futurekaze: wait you work with NCR? DansGame wizardcock: FOUND YA Devon96: NCR LAPDOG OMEGALUL teplek: LULW FappyMcFlappy: KurtRustle91 thats completely false because DS2 was complete garbage and only pretentious retards like that game Sayce: NCR BOOTLICKER LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: NCR YOUR NEW PALS LULW AlexAnderman1994: he has swag, steal his looks Baru_: LULW Meximus322: elaKek Kevintaku: elaD Traktorq: LULW brot_ok: NCR LAPDOG forsenKek Nopileos: LULW zarcer_: LULW NCR TrumpetShoes: sstvAYAYA Suney: LULW dustings1234: KKona thanks brother Spurquu: D: iggy1337: NCR scum DansGame Kosmic_Eagle: D: greyfacenospace123: Your their BITCH now danKEK Fullmetalcheese: LUL Valtha: elaMad Drachenreiter: ela elaWeird leonchroi: Whattup Sarge how goes the liberation of NV? HandsUp Zane_Within: D: Armored_Guy: LULW Nopileos: D: KurtRustle91: @Szmatson it isn’t. You dont really have dialogue options, the game has no Skill system (like Guns, Science, Speech and so on, none of that exists) GargusoN: D: Da_Flanker: Shoot’ em to lower your ratings then LUL wotebi: best friends with NCR Soadante: kill them 🙂 Reddinator: I dont know you and I dont care to know you Turbulist: D: ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 truectrl: KILL THEM Roastfungi: just punch a couple, youll be good emorium: BAG! Nazzet: One-sided loveLULW Radausfall: just kill them 4Head maduinn: NCR SCUM idey1994: D: bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh teplek: NCR DOG LULW Suney: D: AMossyPile: MY BLODD jaquescamarao: Missed legendary doc bag LULW talkman_: Hey friend 🙂 Gnash97: NCR OUT elaMad Devon96: FRIEND LULW EstusFox: Dr’s BAG Baru_: D: cheeze____: Content DansGame yeah who likes content Traktorq: LULW new communist reich mister_cozy: Okay chat, tell me why you hate the NCR. 🙂 zotexlowbob: hey friend @Elajjaz 🙂 Bxadd: D: 1mpolar: just kill a few ncr 🙂 meltingnt: sir amaddog: D: Kosmic_Eagle: LULW CurseofSherwood: NCR ASSKISSER PepeLaugh Nopileos: D: D: FXYun: PepeLaugh steals blood pack but not bag greyfacenospace123: KILL THEM danRE Turbulist: stole from friend PepeHands Wwaaaz: F R I E N D S PepeLaugh zarcer_: I’m not your friend pal DigiLaw420: Doctors bag LULW Bernie_Hop: yD: rude Armored_Guy: D: OmegamonX: @Elajjaz Call NCR as Deathclaw/Cazadore Bait LULW Gumma: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: FUCKOFF CHAT NCR ARE GOOD Kkona ViveLaDissidence:>Steal blood , but not doc bag 🤔 ceejsavage: 🙂 Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu emorium: get the bag! dukenukem641: gachiBASS ELAYZA: friend 🙂 Ellycat1: I’m not your friend buddy PepeLaugh Thermocrius: @BergDK81 true, bethesda doesn’t really understand fallout tbh, their writing is laughable Hajitaib: LULW KurtRustle91: @FappyMcFlappy yeah same for Fallout 4. Only a retard would like it because its garbage gosamigo: KKool GuitarTime Spectre_700: Elajjaz ur my fav strimmer pepeL eliastheepicgamer: tsundere AYAYA Bernie_Hop: D: Vivelin: YES SIR gachiBASS Elsbrik: Whats your problem with NCR? LULW @Elajjaz talkman_: Didn’t take doc bag? LULW Corsad: So Tsun AYAYA Annonn140: NCR DansGame spkn_: yarthoKek Mythaiass: monkaW ThePenguinFliesatMidnight: Does like Victor, doesn’t like NCR friends. Ela hates people. bloodcaleb: spike_the_space_cowboy FUCK YOU gachiHYPER RingusSlaterfist: Advice friends 😡 sulang: Old School Music really good :p Turbulist: Elajjaz How could you steal from a friend PepeHands Soadante: AYAYA zotexlowbob: @Ellycat1 im not your buddy, pal 🙂 Malias: Ave, True to Caesar!!! spike_the_space_cowboy: Legion DOGS DansGame FappyMcFlappy: elaMad christhao100: ella being a tsun tsun AYAYA Mr_Yenny: @Elajjaz you’d fit in the legion, they racist too KKona EbiVariance: elaB It’s not like i care about you or anything crazybliss92: hey friend 🙂 1mpolar: pepeJAM Traktorq: AVE DatSheffy Baru_: KKool bloodcaleb: KKool 🎻 jaquescamarao: KKool DigiLaw420: pepeJAM Lexor757: KKool CornyPoop: If you hate NCR so much join legion Kreygasm Nopileos: KKool Kosmic_Eagle: KKool Darth_Kredol: KKona 🎻 zypnyx: pepeJAMMER 11qq2w: KKool maslowic: tsundere ela LUL kkoja: they have time to play golf? FeelsGoodMan ThroatLaceration: FeelsGoodMan zotexlowbob: KKool Mythaiass: KKool spicystuff00: @mister_cozy they’re trying to copy the government that destroyed the world in the first place lol BergDK81: KKool DMT1959: it said empty an you opened it CornyPoop: KKool FappyMcFlappy: do these other pleb fallout games even have a classical radio? spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Legion is gay btw KappaPride Nopileos: KKool KKool fatpep: YES Lexor757: gachiBASS fatpep: TAKE IT Traktorq: KKool LONE STAR greyfacenospace123: It’s not like i like you or anything NCR… BAKA danAY Vivelin: Power Fist gachiBASS Annonn140: gachiHYPER TomHorst: power fist meltingnt: gachiGASM ViveLaDissidence: Power fist gachiHYPER Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Wwaaaz: @Elajjaz The more they like you, the sweeter the betrayal elaA Monster5crak: gachiBASS use it gosamigo: gachiHYPER TomHorst: POWER FIRST gachiBASS Kouwell: gachiBOP mixthing: BlessRNG CoolStoryBob greyfacenospace123: KKool Clap LickMyPretzel: 300 bucks gachiHYPER TomHorst: *FIST bloodcaleb: gachiHYPER GoAkke: KKool Radausfall: is the song “set the world on fire” also in this one? Bxadd: gachiHYPER mentalvary: gachiHYPER Szmatson: @KurtRustle91 Oh, thanks for explaining. Suney: gachiBASS Wwaaaz: gachiHYPER Meximus322: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER talkman_: POWER FIST gachiHYPER ✊ Lagunaab: had to be away for 15 mins what did I miss ? Kosmic_Eagle: gahiHYPER dustings1234: Lone Star Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Baru_: hey Monster5crak: USE IT gachiHYPER Martiansam: gachiHYPER use it on me Nightcall7: YES SIR gachiGASM Turbulist: monkaW AMossyPile: not enough H-Twenty, need more H-Twenty Ela meltingnt: LULW idey1994: not stealing cigarettes for EZ money LULW Niittomies_: POWER gachiHYPER FIST Suney: monkaW Meximus322: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: gachiHYPER Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW rejected86: ? Maluco_Doido: Wait, did Ela already explored Helios One? mister_cozy: @spicystuff00 Yeah but it’s the ultimate form of authority that the wasteland needs in the first place. Every other clans are lawless savages 🙂 brot_ok: LULW greyfacenospace123: monkaW Nopileos: LULW Jaargan: monkaW Fullmetalcheese: cohhFA mentalvary: ghost monkaW Mythaiass: monkaW 景明: gachiHYPER RattleMBones: monkaS Kouwell: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW GHOST Baru_: KKool Clap Sourcehunter: monkaSHAKE truectrl: gachiHYPER Nopileos: monkaW RingusSlaterfist: SHE SAID NO wevie1: you were going to kill her n4tk0: @radausfall nope PepeHands EightLevelWizard: power fist playthrough Pp rejected86: rejected Traktorq: KKool raqos: POWER FIST IS $600 gachiHYPER EbiVariance: gachiHYPER EightLevelWizard: Pog tidooh: She vanished into the oblivion monkaW Smoothstone: Look in the bags? Lexor757: NOT CHECKING THE BAGS Pepega Radausfall: PepeHands EbiVariance: monkaW crashfort: dexter wildbur91: elaCozy Sourcehunter: Any horror later? monkaS walking_clock: poindexter LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz this quest is annoying razorxscooter: Try it gachiBASS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! citronus: 5Head greyfacenospace123: Neeeerd danRE Reddinator: 5Head bloodcaleb: 5Head TheGoldenCobra: 5Head Meximus322: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head Ph4ntomi: 5Head paleblood_13: 5Head talkman_: 5Head Spurquu: 5Head raqos: 5Head Jarvis_McGee: 5Head Annonn140: 5Head LickMyPretzel: 5Head Suney: 5Head mysweatyth1ghsss: 5Head RingusSlaterfist: 5head Old_Man_Initiate: 5Head ViveLaDissidence: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: 14x 5Head double digit combo Pog Brunault_: 5Head 420bakin: 5Head indeed krahdan: LULW Raydia_: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head 5Head MilchiWay: 4Head TorvaM: 5Head Darth_Kredol: 5Head AlexAnderman1994: 5Head Fullmetalcheese: LUL KanzanZX: 5Head Lexor757: 5Head Martiansam: 5Head TomHorst: LUL WabbitTwouble: Kapp zypnyx: 5Head SiloWang: 5Head wildbur91: PrideSaba KingMidas133: 5Head ssssip: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head Jaargan: 5Head DaniDuck: 5Head i see Grumpypie: 5Head Clap lloydbannings: 5Head Kazeith: 5Head jaquescamarao: 5Head Hollow_void: 5Head Clap TheMoltenGuy: 5Head WVReaper: 5head mister_cozy: 5Head a mastermind Wendell8504: 5Head Raftelle: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Nanashi_Sakamoto: FIST HIM gachiHYPER ar_Tekko: 5Head Wwaaaz: ela4 Big brain Rural_Juror_: 5Head walking_clock: sounds like this nerd needs a wedgie schlawinator: 5Head kekkaxd: pepeJAMMER Joxih: 4House christhao100: 5Head Baru_: 5Head Lagunaab: 5Head oh look it’s chat LULW lloydbannings: 5Head AH YES spicystuff00: @mister_cozy don’t get me wrong, they’re the world best chance of survival, but they need to deal with all the corruption they have Malum30: H U M B L E zeyurai: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head greyfacenospace123: Bitch please danRE Reddinator: parochial 5Head Suney: D: hisoklouch: 5Head MilchiWay: D: Meximus322: LULW wizardcock: ZOOMER SNOWFLAKE PepeLaugh 420bakin: 5Head parochial rejected86: Clark Kent Pog DarkWingsAzrael: is that Liam O’Brien? Pog skillascii: r/iamverysmart Grumpypie: 5Head indeed ninjasonthemoon: DESTINY OMEGALUL Traktorq: did he meet the absolute 5Head in helios? LULW ryzizzle: kill him Radausfall: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: LUL kill him Darth_Kredol: elaMad 👉🏻 5Head mixthing: ResidentSleeper n4tk0: kill him Naniyo: 5Head Clap WrestlerBot2000: ElaLick|Clip No.8| https://clips.twitch.tv/FrigidDepressedCasetteOSkomodo gachiGASM mysweatyth1ghsss: 5Head indeed Raydia_: @Elajjaz it’s Twitch chat LULW cato____: superman Pog Lagunaab: he’s got a very punchable face schurik124: cant handle his iq 5Head mister_cozy: @spicystuff00 agreed, they need the player help 😉 EbiVariance: 5Head 🍷 exquisite speech Elfualoco2003: react harder ela cheeze____: this guy reminds me of Sarge LULW cyberneticz_: Reddit personified BroqRox: @Elajjaz 4Head just kill him lloydbannings: 5Head bloodcaleb: 300 IQ 5Head HYPERCLAP Wwaaaz: This dude elaKek Gnash97: moon2N GShikari: 5Head 🍷 hmmm yes quite Serulean_Cadence: he is smart tho PandekagePiraten: Maaaan I’m so sad Obsidian didn’t get a chance to make a 2nd Fallout game PepeHands Baru_: 5Head Clap talkman_: 5Head ah yes jarmaro: Actual 5Head imagetr3: Lazy NCR soldiers in a nutshell. Jegerkaj: 5Head GENIUS MY FELLOW INTELLECTUAL KurtRustle91: 5Head man Annonn140: 5Head TomHorst: nope Old_Man_Initiate: actual 5Head Jarvis_McGee: 5Head dude lloydbannings: 5Head POINDEXTER FaLL3n0nE: This NPC HiImShiny: Digging the hat ela Martiansam: 5Head i see Turbulist: Actual 5Head guy EbiVariance: Fuck the narcissism out of him gachiHYPER Spurquu: X to doubt LULW Radausfall: nope Febox: THIS GUY IS A BLACK HAIRED SARGE LULW jack_off_jim: Victor isn’t supposed to die. mixthing: AD VICTORIUM! vidsan1337: cohhFeels greyfacenospace123: yoink cyberneticz_: pseudo intellectual in a nutshell KurtRustle91: Why would you not loot 10mm rejected86: Pog Ph4ntomi: elaD jaquescamarao: D: Reddinator: monkaW bloodcaleb: monkaW mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: @PandekagePiraten Outer worlds is basically that though greyfacenospace123: monkaW Jarvis_McGee: monkaW Jegerkaj: monkaW mentalvary: monkaW jasdevi: monkaS idey1994: monkaW Stilgarius: elaD Nopileos: monkaW boondockdewock: What an epic multifaceted character from the genius writers at obsidian FableArctic: elaD Grumpypie: monkaW Meximus322: monkaW Zane_Within: D: AMossyPile: MURDER! uNintendoed: elaD Traktorq: monkaW 🗡️ Stilgarius: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW spicystuff00: @mister_cozy yeh, maybe in future fallout lol KingMidas133: monkaW Suney: monkaW Darth_Kredol: monkaW 🔪 Nopileos: monkaW monkaW FableArctic: monkaW weeb8er: thieft D: cato____: monkaW Mavez0r: do it iggy1337: D: Ph4ntomi: monkaW Jaargan: elaD HiImShiny: DO IT DMT1959: what happened too veronica he didnt get her ssssip: monkaW Drachenreiter: WeirdChamp rejected86: yes Martiansam: no dont do it elaD OmegamonX: @Elajjaz Plant the c4 ed-e carries under smartass’ bed Turbulist: jack_off_jim It just changes the story fixions: Pog Stilgarius: monkaW Nazzet: D: mentalvary: D: Stilgarius: elaD Meximus322: PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Traktorq: LULW Rural_Juror_: KILL paleblood_13: Chag brot_ok: Pog greyfacenospace123: monkaW 🔪 Jegerkaj: monkaW wtf raqos: PogU Llyfrgell: PepeHands truectrl: D: gonbat: D: Fullmetalcheese: Chag Nopileos: Pog lloydbannings: D: TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Annonn140: PogU Nakamura_Shinichi: ???????? loraineeee: moon2H KILL THEM ALL Darth_Kredol: monkaW 🔪 elaC mister_cozy: That face LULW cato____: PogU Fullmetalcheese: LUL Lagunaab: rogues op lloydbannings: LULW HOW DO THEY KNOW Haika112: hehe Nanashi_Sakamoto: YeahBoi ac3sh1gh: Murderer monkaW Traktorq: monkaW all hostile now Vivelin: monkaW Suney: D: Ilueen: murderer !O crashfort: brand new bag Kouwell: OMEGALUL weeb8er: charles manson D: Final_zebraman: HAVENT FIGURED OUT LULW dustings1234: MURDERED mister_cozy: elaThirst HikaruMitsu: LOST IT monkaS Da_Flanker: LULW Ilueen: 😮 jasdevi: WEAR HIS SKIN mixthing: BlessRNG U Denact: elaThirst Martiansam: ehehehe elaThirst Stilgarius: elaD elaD elaD BergDK81: psycho sulang: killer’s eyes 🙁 leonchroi: That face Pog cheeze____: Yeah who likes sidequests LULW magic_is_greatness: murder hobo 🙂 StoobieGacks: F Ellycat1: Hehe ela13 Lexor757: PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: RP Chag Hajitaib: D: greyfacenospace123: Kill them all danRE BTRNDL: slaughter slaughter slaughter Thestig115: D: Wwaaaz: You probably should not betray them while in their camp dude elaHmm Annonn140: VaN Clap AVE Turbulist: why not take the gun elaHmm KurtRustle91: @lloydbannings well they saw him go into the tent Sohei4649: D: EbiVariance: D: mentalvary: LULW Nopileos: D: raqos: LULW Kouteij: LULW razorxscooter: Ela has tasted blood elaWut elaWut dustings1234: service rifle actully good Monster5crak: so dead PepeLaugh fixions: PepeLaugh wizardcock: LITERALLY SAM HYDE TIER PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Locking yourself out of content OMEGALUL PandekagePiraten: @mannagrynsgrotmedkanel Not the same world my man. I really love the Fallout universe so I would have loved them to get a 2nd game. But I hope Outerworlds will be hype lloydbannings: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danO TheGoldenCobra: LULW bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: KIll KIll KIll DMT1959: omg worse AI then RDR2 Meximus322: LULW ac3sh1gh: LULW Baru_: LUL paleblood_13: LULW Reddinator: danKEK OmegamonX: Saving LULW Nopileos: LULW MurderChaos: @Elajjaz do you have an idea about the different possible endings ? Serulean_Cadence: how do they know? Fatamerikans: LUWL jaquescamarao: RUINED LULW krahdan: ???????? Annonn140: OMEGALUL Vivelin: PepeLaugh Spurquu: LULW CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh Martiansam: LOOOOOOOOL 景明: LULW weeb8er: KKona finally a gunfight MasterMalpercio: rooKek DaniDuck: magic Suney: LULW rejected86: they just know Nopileos: LULW LULW brot_ok: KILL THEM ALL forsenO Hajitaib: LULW cato____: LULW ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: xd Grumpypie: CCTV cacctus1: ela going for worst possible ending ViveLaDissidence: What did you expect PepeLaugh ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 BTRNDL: they know elaKek ssssip: hehehe elaThirst elaGun Nothing personal kid DGS_Howling: LULW sulang: LUL Darkshadows6662: its A TENT Arcshined: PSYCHIC NCR ac3sh1gh: LUL ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: love it mixthing: ONE LESS YOU FOR THE BROTHERHOOD TO FIGHT DMT1959: total bs huh brot_ok: ResidentSleeper crashfort: side mish Traktorq: 5Head (((( CRIMINAL SCUM SENSE Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL LUL greyfacenospace123: NO BALLS danKEK Baru_: KKool Kouteij: SAVE SCUM DansGame Darkshadows6662: You killed someone in a Tent some_god_of_transparency: kill them forsenO Reddinator: they know PepeLaugh Hajitaib: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh swoglo: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know Rural_Juror_: you killed him zfgMad Da_Flanker: Their comradery senses tingled bloodcaleb: KKona DMT1959: WITNESS ac3sh1gh: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: Howdy KKona lloydbannings: 5Head Naturally truectrl: PSYCHIC Turbulist: Elajjaz 2 people in tent 1 comes out elaK mister_cozy: SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz SAVESCUM 🙂 @Elajjaz mixthing: AAWWW DARN EbiVariance: I told them 🙂 AkiraJkr: KKona Grumpypie: KKona howdy pekkaatte122: take his gun cato____: why do you want to do side missions for a faction you hate itskateThink AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: fat face Jaargan: ?? Kouwell: GINGER OMEGALUL Fatamerikans: 3Head kingella13: elaHi weeb8er: KKona 👍 jack_off_jim: @Turbulist Weird. I’ve never seen that before. Usually when that happens it’s because the player puts the npc in that situation WillyTheWorm: OpieOP Clench1k: @Elajjaz You should try Pillars of Eternity after this game, the people that made New Vegas made PoE. Bastian772: look at that telepathic AI, but nope new vegas is still the best OMEGALUL BayFeylesof: nice hat ela imagetr3: They probably heard. It’s only a fabric tent. pekkaatte122: OMEGALUL Traktorq: KKool dustings1234: GINGER ELVIS TheMoltenGuy: anele EbiVariance: SCUM 😡 Thefunnysmith: you need to kill them silently Yohtzo: howdy 🤠 BTRNDL: like Sarge Ph4ntomi: KKool Jegerkaj: from 5Head to 3Head Splash__Woman: OMEGALUL Mythaiass: KKool KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz they wouldnt have been aggro to you if you ran and came back later pekkaatte122: 5Head enemies AMossyPile: Poindexter also taught him psy powers TheGoldenCobra: KKool brot_ok: KKool greyfacenospace123: KKona Nopileos: KKool Splash__Woman: It’s a tent Mixmashmaster: Its Forest Gump Pog ELAYZA: toodle o Ph4ntomi: Power fist gachiHYPER Grumpypie: tooodleoo buckaroo mixthing: GOD BLESS paleblood_13: KKool Soadante: 🤠 howdy Dismal_Arkt: KKona Toodleo partner ViveLaDissidence: Power fist gachiHYPER lochlan1414: POWERFIST bloodcaleb: KKool TomHorst: missile monkaX Kouwell: FIST gachiBASS NosBleid: powerfist Pog BodeSR: SourPls gjoran1: is there a word for weaboos but for cowboys? pepeJAM Mythaiass: this is the best song KKool bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime gosamigo: Power fist gachiHYPER KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why do you not loot 10mm ammo? Its used by so many guns Ph4ntomi: Cuckbook AMossyPile: explosives lloydbannings: @gjoran1 westaboos KKona greyfacenospace123: KKool Rural_Juror_: TAKE AMMO chrisREE Annonn140: Pog Elfualoco2003: TriHard YOINK Lexor757: KKona KaitoKidShadow: elaHi hello everybody elaH hi ela elaOk / Elfualoco2003: KKonaW Martiansam: CUCK BOOK GOTEM dukenukem641: power fisting is 300$ BodeSR: LUL food AMossyPile: not actualy cookbook Virhaed: KKona some_god_of_transparency: KKona BURGERS truectrl: KKona Nopileos: KKona RonsuDE: KKona Dismal_Arkt: KKool someone say bacon? KaitoKidShadow: hows it all going Jegerkaj: KKona 🍔 RicHaya: KKool Clap hell yeah Cheapcat: KKona 🍔 Kazeith: @kurtrustle91 well, he sold like 100 of them Traktorq: DarkMode RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz so is sarge a bad boy? nillmind: making fried oreos in no time cacctus1: did he leave the missiles in the box? LUL Yohtzo: COOK COOK Pog Turbulist: jack_off_jim Yeah ikr, but in this game on hardcore all npc:s can die, so I think that the story changes depending on who dies when CycloneSoldier: KKool my cookbook KaitoKidShadow: im good, thanks! Ph4ntomi: elaOP Jaargan: it’s an explosion mag elaKek FaLL3n0nE: Explosives=american food LUL Darth_Kredol: elaOP FappyMcFlappy: so is ela doing a playthrough where he tries to get as low karma as possible? Monster5crak: elaOP Clap Canopus: elaK DaniDuck: yes KaitoKidShadow: Pog hay Nopileos: elaOP Spurquu: elaOP Lagunaab: bacon pie KKona KaitoKidShadow: hat Dreshi: So yes LULW gjoran1: oh shit just realized i changed my name last night elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird imAidenr: do yo uhave mods installed? @Elajjaz Gnash97: xqcM Da_Flanker: Sarge’s lore keeps changing. Don’t ask 4Shrug SkeletonKeyLimePie: sarge is the doom of mojave PepeHands JubJubWantRubRubs: not a bad guy then, just american LULW brot_ok: elaOP c3lix: so your char is like Trump LUL Ph4ntomi: “food” DansGame talkman_: elaOP Joxih: why u killing the NCR then Darth_Kredol: elaOP Clap Elsbrik: so thats why you fight a goverment? LULW @Elajjaz BodeSR: PepeHands a classic army profiteer Radausfall: he is a classic mercenary i would say FappyMcFlappy: you changed your name and you still have a number in it gjoran1? elaWeird talkman_: gachiOnFIRE Annonn140: he is a chaotic neutral KKona OmegamonX: @c3lix FeelsWeirdMan FoolishPaul: that food seems to be burning Martiansam: KKona steaks AMossyPile: Sarge, Commander of Profit and Self-Investment sulang: Ave, true to caesar !!! KurtRustle91: @Turbulist yes any NPC can die and their deaths change the main quest story. But Victor will probably come back because hes an AI, he can just be uploaded into another robot KaitoKidShadow: the sarge is coo fatpep: Sarge is a non-committed bad guy LUL SunEyeQ: did you reach new vegas? gjoran1: @FappyMcFlappy WrestlerBot2000: “Why is it sucking me?” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 101 TheGunWizard_: Howdy samsususu: TaBeRu ViveLaDissidence:>wants to make profit, become enemy of one of the main faction Kappa schwarz54_: elevator music best music DMT1959: blind deadthclaws close ssshhhhhh dont tell him lets just watch Turbulist: KurtRustle91 Oh yeah I didn’t think about that elaHmm makes sense Martiansam: cactus Pog MinouriiChan: @elajjaz if sarge just wants to profit, why dont he just play along with the ncr/khan/legion to get what he wants? SaltyWhiteCrackers: KKool KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu Ph4ntomi: PepeHands Martiansam: TaBeRu Stilgarius: elaD Da_Flanker: Oh not again mixthing: BOS:NICE TECH YOU GOT THERE…. WOULD BE A SHAME IF SOMEONE…. CLAIMED IT. weeb8er: West Virginia, Alabama, take me home, country roads KKona Monster5crak: here they come PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeHands KevKov: elaD greyfacenospace123: don’t PepeHan ds gjoran1: @FappyMcFlappy i guess “gjoran” was taken FeelsWeirdMan GentlemanAlways: MEH[ Martiansam: elaD Traktorq: PepeHands bloodcaleb: let the canines eat you alive PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ Da_Flanker: Another coyote family is about to bite the dust illuminatieyes_xd: SOurPls Lexor757: KILL THEM FOR XP 🙂 Stilgarius: KKool raqos: KKool Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime greyfacenospace123: danCry let them eat you illuminatieyes_xd: Kkona Ph4ntomi: KKool Traktorq: KKool Martiansam: @Elajjaz use the m16 ? or nah Nopileos: KKool bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime greyfacenospace123: KKool DakuSouru: KKool KaitoKidShadow: pineappls ratnapper: KKool Stilgarius: Chat its time for some KKool brot_ok: KKool GuitarTime fixions: KKool Cheeseek: KKool GuitarTime Stilgarius: KKool KKool AlexAnderman1994: KKool samsususu: KKool EbiVariance: KKool Stilgarius: KKool KKool KKool gosamigo: KKool GuitarTime Nopileos: KKool KKool mister_cozy: KKool NosBleid: KKool Stilgarius: KKool KKool ViveLaDissidence: KKool fixions: KKool GuitarTime talkman_: KKool Jarvis_McGee: KKool GuitarTime KaitoKidShadow: KKool Stilgarius: KKool ssssip: KKool Darth_Kredol: KKool Clap WillyTheWorm: KKool illuminatieyes_xd: best soundtrack KKool Raftelle: KKool Sikodude: KKool GuitarTime Nopileos: KKool Mythaiass: monkaW kekkaxd: pepeJAMMER WrestlerBot2000: @mythaiass ruined the 28x KKool combo DansGame Cheapcat: KKool Biocola: KKool GuitarTime VityaSolaris: Sup guys KKool GuitarTime 420bakin: KKool ChickenMuffins: KKool Rook_: Ela bnansLove weeb8er: KKool aye micke187: fo3 music is so much better rejected86: KKool zotexlowbob: KKool i love this music Turbulist: pepeJAM GuitarTime Nopileos: KKool KKool greyfacenospace123: KKool GuitarTime talkman_: @Mythaiass DansGame bloodcaleb: strimmer sing along KKool GuitarTime franzliszteria: yucca man crashfort: @Mythaiass PunOko KaitoKidShadow: Mythaiass DansGame ssssip: @Mythaiass DansGame 28 break Radausfall: KKool Lagunaab: this is so comfy Mythaiass: LULW 11qq2w: KKool GuitarTime kekkaxd: KKool fixions: monkaW mister_cozy: @Mythaiass elaB NosBleid: @Mythaiass DansGame NovaMoon: @Elajjaz i ordered 16 chicken nuggets and 2 servings of frites for 11€ Kreygasm EbiVariance: @Mythaiass 😡 dukenukem641: fwens PepoDance AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz play caravan Cheeseek: monkaS VityaSolaris: Cool hat Ela SeemsGood MiIIiki: @Mythaiass DansGame FoolishPaul: but xp ViveLaDissidence: Mythaiass DansGame DakuSouru: @Mythaiass WeirdChamp 🖕 porkylog: elaGun SkeletonKeyLimePie: nice Da_Flanker: elaOP Ellycat1: elaOP samsususu: nepSmug TaBeRu AYAYA Stilgarius: Only 16 chicken nuggets elaWeird Turbulist: elaOP Martiansam: POGGERS Nopileos: elaOP KevKov: elaOP Clap Stilgarius: elaOP alexowhy: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Fullmetalcheese: LUL Jesus Traktorq: monkaW Jaargan: @novamoon elaOP TheMoltenGuy: elaOP Turbulist: monkaW DaniDuck: only 16? mister_cozy: @NovaMoon French? Belgian? Pog KaitoKidShadow: Pog zotexlowbob: monkaW Jarvis_McGee: monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: monkaS TheH3llraiser: monkaW Darth_Kredol: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW paleblood_13: monkaW Mixmashmaster: monkaW Cecilff2: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaW greyfacenospace123: monkaW Old_Man_Initiate: monkaW Dismal_Arkt: monkaW FoolishPaul: thats an american amount mixthing: “CHILL WOLF WE CAN BE FRIENDS” Stilgarius: monkaW bloodcaleb: monkaW dukenukem641: Pog Spurquu: monkaW Kevintaku: only 16? Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Da_Flanker: Oh this guy ratnapper: monkaW Heartsome_NaNa: monkaW RicHaya: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW Murika_: monkaW crashfort: cannibals PepeS LitPord: monkaW Reddinator: monkaX datalekz: monkaW Mythaiass: KKool Turbulist: monkaW Don’t go in walking_clock: dont worry it’s just a name Lagunaab: that’s kinda expensive yo fixions: 🍌 Nopileos: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: monkaW Darth_Kredol: elaGasm 🍌 Scarvener: monkaW thecyanosaurusrex: monkaW Tiddlebonk: @NovaMoon shandChubby shandChubby shandChubby EbiVariance: monkaW Wendell8504: LULW Powlingo: monkaW NosBleid: KKool mentalvary: sounds cozy bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime ThroatLaceration: Cannibal banana Canopus: elaKek Reddinator: that maded you hungry? PepeS Martiansam: 🍌 Kevintaku: i can get 20 for 7 euros Rural_Juror_: monkaW cannibal Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Wwaaaz: gachiBASS Big bananas raqos: ElaCOOL 🍌 Bas996: monkaW Soadante: monkaW FXYun: elaGasm 🍌 AMossyPile: RP ended for Naner Traktorq: “cannibal” got him hungry LULW crashfort: gachiBOP 🍌 Kouwell: BANANA ALRIGHT gachiBASS Nucleoprotein: did Ela killed Cazadores? PepeLaugh dukenukem641: CJ’s cave? weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE reptile_mkx: he will eat Pedro Bas996: monkaS zotexlowbob: 🍌 gachiHYPER user546789: suddenly I’m hungry greyfacenospace123: Gonna get eaten monkaW CheskyDalba: KKool Zifou1997: have you met a stinger ? gjoran1: elaHmm elaGun Wazepas: a dungeon Pog mixthing: BANANA TIME Squirrelpool: Holy shit the hat is real!!! NosBleid: cannibal johnson monkaW RainDancer3000: no pause monkaW AkiraJkr: gachiBASS Martiansam: song glitched a bit there LULW christhao100: monkaW gotta eat him before he eats us chat monkaW AkiraJkr: The hat is real Pog Monster5crak: GOIN UNDER KKool GuitarTime AMossyPile: yea it looks super fake greyfacenospace123: KKool Martiansam: monkaW BergDK81: @Nucleoprotein Yes with save scumming zotexlowbob: i saw something inside monkaW cacctus1: cannibal johnson makes im think of eating banana Sourcehunter: He’s coming monkaS NovaMoon: its a small city with the only local pizzeria around here so yeah nothing i can do about the price LUL porkylog: 🍌 DaniDuck: @Nucleoprotein you mean quesadillas? elaOP hentaihero4ever: elaWut elaGun elaBruv OI Tiddlebonk: I’ve been sitting here too scared to ask if that hat was motion tracked 3D dukenukem641: deathclaw behind PepeLaugh VityaSolaris: Deathclaw behind monkaW crashfort: people saying the hat is fake elaISee weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE dukenukem641: @VityaSolaris Pog same brain AkiraJkr: Deathclaw behind PepeLaugh Leeegit: Clap c3lix: pls if u think that hat wasnt real seek a doctor Nucleoprotein: @DaniDuck elaHmm maybe? Kapp BergDK81: All hats are fake chat lavos__: @NovaMoon pizzeria nuggets? PepeLaugh Radausfall: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE kekkaxd: PepeS bloodcaleb: deathclaw comin for dat booty monkaW Doyago: Cannibal ? monkaW LickMyPretzel: monkaW VityaSolaris: @dukenukem641 POGGERS KevKov: PepeS kekkaxd: monkaSHAKE Blood_Rooted: gachiGASM gachiBOP gachiBASS gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE crashfort: PepeS NovaMoon: @lavos__ they are good. the next “real” nugget place is like 50km away bloodcaleb: monkaSHAKE TheMoltenGuy: gachianime cacctus1: has he seen a deathclaw yet chat? weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE x3kmak: did he already encoutered a deathclaw chat? Sourcehunter: KKona bag4l1fe: eat his banana TweenTipp: monkaSHAKE HOLD ME CHAT monkaSHAKE lavos__: @NovaMoon enjoy dude greyfacenospace123: KKool GuitarTime BakedPi: @Tiddlebonk he tipped it, not sure u can tip CGI hats without it looking unnatural OmegamonX: Has ela discovered deadwind cavern yet ? Frosted15: AYAYA crashfort: yes @cacctus1 AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz Win 3 rounds of Caravan or zero balls Darth_Kredol: elaOP Clap Lasosmaes: KKona Martiansam: ogre Kouwell: gachiBOP gachiGASM gachiBOP gachiOnFIRE gachiDAMA gachiCOOL gachiHYPER raqos: ElaCOOL 🍌 ElaCOOL 🍌 ElaCOOL 🍌 ElaCOOL 🍌 KevKov: elaOP Clap Fullmetalcheese: Kreygasm KaitoKidShadow: suck the yoghurt from the banana Wwaaaz: gachiHYPER Lick that yogurt dukenukem641: not yogurt gachiBASS AkiraJkr: KKona x3kmak: !time zotexlowbob: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 20:30 Kouwell: gachiBOP gachiGASM gachiBASS gachiOnFIRE gachiDAMA gachiCOOL gachiHYPER Darth_Kredol: elaGasm 🍌 VityaSolaris: Where is hat? greyfacenospace123: monkaW Sourcehunter: monkaSHAKE KevKov: PepeS Nazzet: gachiHYPER 🍌 💦 Burning_olive: Howdy KKona Sourcehunter: LULW Da_Flanker: Friendly neightborhood cannibal Azure_Felt: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh weeb8er: this guy is old PepeLaugh lmao Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz there is something on your head KKona Radausfall: KKool dukenukem641: AY CJ Murika_: monkaW emmytea: ;-; cheeze____: KKool LitPord: PepeHands mixthing: DEATHCLAW: *SMELLS BANANA* ELA:SHÆT LickMyPretzel: twitch zotexlowbob: PogU twitch AkiraJkr: US? Da_Flanker: Dornan LUL Bobinbi: Twitch Pog that’s us VityaSolaris: How about to shoot this old man? Kapp KaitoKidShadow: gachiBASS asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: that’s us Pog AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Leeegit: us Pog KurtRustle91: Fallout 2 Pog KevKov: gachiBASS Clap weeb8er: PogYou mentalvary: same FeelsBadMan Tikonich: Dornan Pog KingMidas133: DORNAN Gnash97: DORNAN monkaW zotexlowbob: PepeHands Sheep_stick: DORNAN gachiBASS Annonn140: PepeHands baseball7000: Dornan PogChamp mister_cozy: PepeHands Final_zebraman: @Elajjaz be the reaper and shoot him Pog greyfacenospace123: FeelsBadMan poor cannibal zotexlowbob: gachiHYPER Hajitaib: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: gachiHYPER Nopileos: PepeHands illuminatieyes_xd: GACHIBASS KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz hes talking about an NPC in Fallout 2 peppy590: gachiHYPER KevKov: six hot loads gachiHYPER MurderChaos: sargeant dornan is the most hilarious thing in fallout 2 LUL Da_Flanker: Chosen One LUL Annonn140: gachiHYPER weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE Traktorq: LULW weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE LickMyPretzel: PepeHands true Kouwell: gachiBOP gachiGASM gachiBOP gachiOnFIRE gachiDAMA gachiCOOL gachiHYPER KurtRustle91: yeah Dornan funniest NPC in FO2 Wendell8504: PepeHands skillascii: lEt mE sEe yOuR wAr FaCe 景明: gachiBASS Rural_Juror_: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE MurderChaos: @Elajjaz you should look up sargeant dornan on youtube, he’s a character from fallout 2 it’s insanely funny illuminatieyes_xd: monkaS Dismal_Arkt: elaOP jaquescamarao: DansGame Darth_Kredol: 5Head Azure_Felt: 5Head Jegerkaj: monkaW wtf mentalvary: 5Head Cheeseek: 5Head TheH3llraiser: big dick lad monkaW Brunault_: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head wizardcock: 300 IQ christhao100: monkaW heart eater Nindrax1: 5Head Jaargan: 5Head ratnapper: 5Head Myncu: Watching Ela play this long after I beat it myself, it is nice to see how much F2 stuff/references is in this game weeb8er: 5Head over 9000 iq LitPord: PepeHands AkiraJkr: AYAYA Nazzet: PepeHands Darth_Kredol: tribal girl Kreygasm Jegerkaj: PepeHands captain_elsewhere: PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: 300 IQ Play Annonn140: PepeHands Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Cheeseek: PepeHands Germy_ranch: PepeHands ChickenMuffins: PepeHands KevKov: PepeHands Joxih: 200 IQ plays OmegamonX: That guy is the real sarge Kouwell: pEPEhANDS Leeegit: PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: did he eat her monkaW surfingmango: He ate her spike_the_space_cowboy: KILL HIM Traktorq: PepeHands arroyo waifu AMossyPile: MIND SLIPPING Nopileos: PepeHands Darth_Kredol: tribal girl Kreygasm hell yeah MurderChaos: this guy is only useful in a special sidequest later EbiVariance: Kapp souldedeh: maybe zotexlowbob: monkaW maybe PepeHands Da_Flanker: He seems cool Jaargan: PepeHands too real jaquescamarao: This guy is your sensei now Nazzet: @surfingmango together forever Kreygasm c3lix: she is gone long time ago? Did he shit her out after he ate her? TheH3llraiser: enclave monkaW AkiraJkr: ENCLAVE Lexor757: ENCLAVE monkaW Dragonslayerunderscore2k: hahahha Azure_Felt: enclave monkaW greyfacenospace123: Will he eat our ass? danGachi Fatamerikans: monkaS Annonn140: enclave monkaW VityaSolaris: He has a good rifle Kapp Nopileos: enclave monkaW Martiansam: ENCLAVE zotexlowbob: i like this guy – steals his shit LULW Sourcehunter: monkaSHAKE Huntedspam: put him out of his misery PepeHands OmegamonX: Enclave FeelsGoodMan Monster5crak: enclave means lasers ela weeb8er: mine now KKool WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Lexor757: HES HIDING SOMETHING monkaW LitPord: “kinda like this guy” – robs him anyways FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz Sourcehunter: LULW AkiraJkr: ?????? LULW greyfacenospace123: monkaW Andros5: a book in here KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you can’t get caught stealing if you’re Hidden, why not loot Darkred28: Howdy! moon2SH ryzizzle: forsen1 Turbulist: monkaW Darth_Kredol: monkaW Jaargan: kill him elaWut elaGun Nopileos: monkaW Dismal_Arkt: monkaW LitPord: monkaX KevKov: PepeS Lagunaab: SANKE Dismal_Arkt: ElaOut Nope AkiraJkr: BLIND LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsWeirdMan weird mutant greyfacenospace123: just a regular snake dog monkaW captain_elsewhere: snake coyote hybrid elaOP AMossyPile: nightstalkers are scury Rodriwastaken: momkaW Smoothstone: He’s gonna be like “damn did I leave the box unlocked?” after you picked it open LUL kkoja: @KurtRustle91 rp Sourcehunter: Eat his ass Zaxilus: @Elajjaz Are you good dinner entertation? xD VityaSolaris: Snaaaaaaake talkman_: BLIND LULW surfingmango: @Nazzet They are forever together in his stomach Hollow_void: Night stalker monkaW AkiraJkr: ELA IS SO BLIND LULW TheSalikawood: theres not really a penalty for stealing if not caugh Da_Flanker: elaHYUK KurtRustle91: @kkoja WeirdChamp Jaargan: elaHYUK MurderChaos: did ela meet deathclaws yet ? Kappa Darth_Kredol: elaHYUK Dismal_Arkt: elaBlind HamsterCorn: ?? mister_cozy: elaBlind Kopffeine: The Chupacabra PogChamp Nopileos: elaHYUK AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK Martiansam: elaHYUK christhao100: eat his Johnson gachiBASS Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL greyfacenospace123: danO Nazzet: LULW zotexlowbob: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW Darkred28: OMEGALUL raqos: LULW Kazeith: @murderchaos he did mentalvary: PepeLaugh Traktorq: LULW Spurquu: LULW Nopileos: LULW Annonn140: LULW AlexAnderman1994: Jebaited TyrantZedd: LULW pekkaatte122: OMEGALUL PermIO_: LUL Niittomies_: LUL Murika_: LULW AkiraJkr: PER 3 IRL CHAT LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Wwaaaz: PepeLaugh RattleMBones: LUL Rural_Juror_: Clap greyfacenospace123: danBaited gottem Traktorq: LULW CRIPPLED AGAIN 1mpolar: PepeLaugh kkoja: @KurtRustle91 FeelsWeirdMan ceejsavage: atpCap Araboth: Amazing. Nopileos: LUL 景明: LULW Jaargan: LULW spicystuff00: @murderchaos he tried fighting a legendary death claw and got clapped Rodriwastaken: LULW Fullmetalcheese: What did he miss Chat Tasarion: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ Azure_Felt: he gonna eat u now elaOP captain_elsewhere: yes and ran away screaming elaKek MurderChaos AMossyPile: sucks to be you right leg MurderChaos: @Kazeith what was his reaction ? LUL ohanami: AYY LEMAO weeb8er: LOOOOL PepeLaugh Hajitaib: LULW AkiraJkr: PER 3 IRL LULW LitPord: maybe AMossyPile: UR BEAR TRAP FUCKED ME UP U OWE ME A STIMPAK Traktorq: monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: look up dornan fallout 2 on youtube hilarious reference bloodcaleb: oh I forgot this was a “stepping on every mine and beartrap” roleplay PepeLaugh weeb8er: KKona 🔫 Hollow_void: music monkaW Kazeith: @murderchaos he died everytime LUL you gotta watch the first vod it’s hilarious VikingDogg: wait so sarge thinks the world is flat but also hates aliens im confused raqos: OwO greyfacenospace123: monkaW Azure_Felt: nrdyOwO Winku: oh I forgot this was a “stepping on every mine and beartrap” roleplay PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: OSFrog captain_elsewhere: MurderChaos “oh these things dont look too… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH” LickMyPretzel: Oh boy Cheeseek: Golden Pog Traktorq: OSFrog talkman_: GOLDEN Kappa ? Dismal_Arkt: Gecko PepeHands illuminatieyes_xd: monkaW Nazzet: D: weeb8er: cute gecko PepeHands AkiraJkr: Pog LitPord: Golden Kappa check TrumpetShoes: Animals PepeHands Azure_Felt: PepeHands Tasarion: PepeHands ratnapper: OSFrog EbiVariance: OSFrog Jaargan: monkaW SeymourFlux: PepeHands MagicFrogs: OSFrog talkman_: NotLikeThis Cheeseek: Kappa jaquescamarao: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: danCry Darth_Kredol: PepeHands Nopileos: OSFrog Araboth: Pog djinn_94: Golden gecko check OSFrog MurderChaos: @captain_elsewhere LUL Reddinator: danSgame Turbulist: PepeHands 景明: PepeHands pepe Kouwell: PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: Hhhehehe weeb8er: OSfrog thats me Jorashier: NotLikeThis Rodriwastaken: PepeHands Lagunaab: aaaah NotLikeThis EbiVariance: NotLikeThis tilionm: PepeHands Kazeith: OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog Nopileos: PepeHands TrumpetShoes: Geckos are animals too PepeHands Azure_Felt: elaD mister_cozy: PepeHands Darth_Kredol: D: raqos: LULW MurderChaos: what about cazadores ? LUL karakovv: PepeHands seegamegabtw: OSFrog SeymourFlux: Younglings PepeHands Sohei4649: PepeHands lloydbannings: PepeHands WTF OmegamonX: oh god he is near the Vault BergDK81: D: Traktorq: PepeHands young one ohanami: PepeHands Jojen47: golden dead geckos Murika_: you killed his mom PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands dukenukem641: they just want to hug PepeHands Aequilux: OSFrog Clap RonsuDE: D: weeb8er: OSFrog thats me bloodcaleb: Hhhehehe Rodriwastaken: D: Wuxia: PepeHands ceejsavage: atpFeelsBeardMan dimaria22l: monkaS Hajitaib: PepeHands Huntedspam: PepeHands Blood_Rooted: golden pepes PepeHand Vanset_: PepeHands Stilgarius: PepeHands stop Nopileos: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: not the babies danCry Hongetech: Cousin Jim PepeHands Stilgarius: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Feedus_Fetus: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. DMT1959: big mouth lizard woohoo EbiVariance: PepeHands Dude Stop Blood_Rooted: golden pepes PepeHands Stilgarius: PepeHands why babies TrumpetShoes: PepeHands stop stop he’s already dead weeb8er: stop, they’re cute PepeHands Stilgarius: PepeHands he is killing kids Serulean_Cadence: Wait is he near that notorious Vault, chat? monkaS AkiraJkr: Pog JimmyDNogueira: What happened to Boone, chat? jaquescamarao: D: weontheultralightbeam: PepeHands AIGatsby: PepeHands djinn_94: PepeHands Talmk: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: baby killer elaREE TrumpetShoes: PepeHands the poor geckos Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands DaniDuck: loves animals btw PepeHands Reddinator: golden Kapp check Rodriwastaken: PepeHands LitPord: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: PepeHands Darwo25: BibleThump BibleThump Bartis2: This game is about what? is tthis next game to Fallout 4 ? Spurquu: PepeHands swoglo: eat shit and die golden geckos Kazeith: @jimmydnogueira he ditched him MurderChaos: GET BOONE BACK illuminatieyes_xd: @Serulean_Cadence yes LUL Lagunaab: aaaaah NotLikeThis asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: grey Kappa check Rick_LVB: they didn’t suffer chat PepeHands ViveLaDissidence: Not just the men , but the women and the children too PepeHands TrumpetShoes: PepeHands you’re a monster Nopileos: Rick_LVB elaH DMT1959: gimme dat xp lmo Blood_Rooted: D: talkman_: gachiBASS Wwaaaz: gachiHYPER 景明: D: Lexor757: DO SOMETHING WITH MY MEAT gachiBASS Zeph23: quinWut hell yeah gimme that exp ! AMossyPile: G Gecko Armor Vivelin: You have like 14 survival PepeLaugh weontheultralightbeam: killing animals for fun monkaW Traktorq: monkaW spicystuff00: @jimmydnogueira he told him to leave during the rocket quest AMossyPile: cause monster hunter Serulean_Cadence: @illuminatieyes_xd monkaS jaquescamarao: Pog vxl__: Pog AIGatsby: Pog Rural_Juror_: Pog Nazzet: Chag weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE bloodcaleb: Pog Nopileos: Pog Da_Flanker: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: GO IN THERE LUL weontheultralightbeam: PepeLaugh oh no Azure_Felt: monkaW zotexlowbob: Pog 景明: monkaW Annonn140: Pog mentalvary: Chag Artoch47: nice talkman_: Chag vault 34 KingMidas133: Pog BigBagieta: monkaW AkiraJkr: Vault 34 Pog Fullmetalcheese: Chag Soadante: Pog Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog fixions: VAULT Pog greyfacenospace123: vault time Pog dimaria22l: vault Pog MrTranBach: monkaW swoglo: monkaW Hollow_void: Vault 34 monkaW Cheeseek: monkaW oh here we go Wwaaaz: A vault monkaW Baru_: monkaW Blood_Rooted: Chag Rural_Juror_: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE ViveLaDissidence: He doesn’t care anymore , he’s a confirmed monster PepeLaugh IkkisFTW: monkaW ar_Tekko: 34 gachiBASS Nopileos: monkaW MagicFrogs: PogChamp Rodriwastaken: Pog NosBleid: Pog DMT1959: omg dont go Kouwell: monkaW Da_Flanker: Sure, go in S_Darji: Pog fatpep: A vault Champ monkaW CornyPoop: Dont do it monkaW ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: monkaS illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL elpekelew: ho gosh Elezeil__: PepeLaugh BigBagieta: PepeLaugh Sibu_: That;s a lot of damage ddezsi: RIP sarge Da_Flanker: It’s worth it tho Serulean_Cadence: UH OH GargusoN: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: ElaPls DETH KurtRustle91: PepeLaugh ddezsi: it was fun OmegamonX: monkaSHAKE NOT VAULT 34 Jaargan: monkaW greyfacenospace123: danKK Nopileos: PepeLaugh Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: PepeLaugh maduinn: 34 monkaS chambies2015: PepeLaugh spicystuff00: @bartis2 this takes place before fallout 4 Turbulist: monkaW Don’t go in Namarax: rule 34 vault Pog Azure_Felt: so fuckin ded OMEGLOL illuminatieyes_xd: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Annonn140: oh wait it’s this one monkaW SatanPotato: ppSmoke greyfacenospace123: danKEK Spurquu: monkaW Dismal_Arkt: Atleast its not 76 OMEGALUL Traktorq: this one monkaW mister_cozy: OH THIS ONE PepeLaugh imagetr3: yes! Do it. zotexlowbob: PepeLaugh wait for it chat Cheeseek: elaS pekkaatte122: PepeLaugh its fun swoglo: monkaW monkaS Monster5crak: so dead PepeLaugh Sayce: this vault monkaW Nopileos: zotexlowbob pepeL weontheultralightbeam: pepeJAM DaniDuck: reminder that in ela’s lore, sarge loves animals PepeHands MurderChaos: this is what I loved most about New Vegas, how exploration was really rewarding italianspongebob: PepeLaugh IkkisFTW: rule 34 vault monkaW AkiraJkr: Fallout 2 OST Pog Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO TrumpetShoes: PepeHands asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: billyReady 34 weeb8er: stop, they’re cute PepeHands head_honcho46: Lul talkman_: pepeJAM mister_cozy: ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM ANTI BACKSEAT SPAM NaM captain_elsewhere: locked in a radioactive can filled with 1000 guns monkaW Elfualoco2003: timing KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you will uncover the best lore in here PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: PepeLaugh here it comes illuminatieyes_xd: just lizards KAPPA zotexlowbob: @Nopileos pepeLshoot twice ->1 shell 🤔 raider_unkindled: Chat I’m glad we are friend elaHYUG Nopileos: raider_unkindled elaHYUG Fullmetalcheese: Th enemy pathing is horrendous mackinator: @Kraad_ atpFeelsBeardMan captain_elsewhere: you recognise this shotgun btw dont you @Elajjaz NordicRain: FeelsWeirdMan 👉 PepeLaugh 👉 FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 illuminatieyes_xd: LUL tigeralum11: hasta la vista, baby @captain_elsewhere Wuxia: @raider_unkindled i am not your friend amigo elaOP Febox: @Kraad_ yes, can you imagine people letting him find stuff by himself. insane idea right? 🙂 KrazyShark: monkaW Doully92: gachiGASM MilchiWay: swimming in radioactive water 4Shrug Azure_Felt: PepeUff Dancingbroccoli2: HandsUp amaddog: gachiHYPER HiImShiny: Kreygasm ABdulez: gachiHYPER mitters23: HandsUp Aaaaaaaahhhhhh asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: Kreygasm captain_elsewhere: elaA tigeralum11 compact_ass_cancer: gachiGASM Lagunaab: rads monkaW daNohoLiC_AT: gachiBASS AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER alexowhy: gachiBASS ratnapper: gachiGASM Fullmetalcheese: Kreygasm Nopileos: gachiGASM ihateleague: could @Elajjaz move his cam to the top left so we can see the rads? hepha1: elaThirst Wendell8504: HandsUp talkman_: use space suit Epicziemniak: hello ela and chat elaH elaHYUG ZuluVVarrior: gachiHYPER bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh CleverName2: @Spectre_700 pepeL Nopileos: Epicziemniak elaH left2drink: I’m fucking coming gachiHYPER c3lix: drop it then talkman_: space noodle EleGiggle captain_elsewhere: you cna wear glasses with hats ela Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz rebreather is a thing in this game ComradeNerdy: Epicziemniak elaH Azure_Felt: elaA 💊 Nucleoprotein: get one bloodcaleb: advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 WestonAE: any graphics mods on? Blood_Rooted: FeelsWeirdMan :point_right: PepeLaugh :point_right: PepeLaugh :point_right: FeelsWeirdMan :point_right: :door: talkman_: Was that an armory PogU gemoldeman: Chat FeelsWeirdMan Febox: advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 Kraad_: Febox Who would want to find secrets and surprises by themselves? 🙂 Much better to know about everything before it happens 5k0r3: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. captain_elsewhere: THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO Pog hepha1: elaWut SkeletonKeyLimePie: ela you can hold your breath with F9 POGGERS bloodcaleb: 5Head AkiraJkr: Pog Annonn140: Pog Lordkai78: elaHi kkoja: FeelsPepoMan lloydbannings: POMP IT Pog Lagunaab: we aktak ze armory FeelsPepoMan Lim3Fru1t: Lim3Fru1t subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 52 months, currently on a 52 month streak! Howdy ela ela13 Febox: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: @lim3fru1t After 52 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM paleblood_13: monkaW bloodcaleb: PepeS MyNameLacksImagination: monkaW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Lim3Fru1t Pog talkman_: monkaW Traktorq: monkaW walking_clock: help EDE PepeHands Espher_5: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW lloydbannings: LULW NordicRain: Eddy PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: LUL stuck again hepha1: Red eye, left eye Lim3Fru1t: elaH Nopileos Nopileos: Lim3Fru1t elaH Espher_5: PepeHands Traktorq: GLOWING ONE monkaW darkmoonblade34: moon2E Turbulist: EDDY FeelsGoodMan Lasosmaes: Pog Da_Flanker: Eddie’s fine Lagunaab: EDE is carrying KingMidas133: Pog ED-E talkman_: glowing one monkaW Jegerkaj: ED-E is a god Pog HappySmile123: yes elaSmile grevedarkholm: MrDestructoid I MAKE OTHERS DIE CrouchingTyger: @Elajjaz those were radiation explosions, bots not affected Wwaaaz: ED-E is the angel of death holy shit elaKek Germy_ranch: AYAYA TASKETTE Rodriwastaken: monkaW FlameResistant: ED-E solo those idiots LULW Fullmetalcheese: Ed-E so fkin OP LUL Kyucmbr: man i just ate some ice cream and now im kinda cold vxl__: 4 LULW CommunismForDummies: FeelsPepoMan ihateleague: 4 🙂 brot_ok: 4 PepeLaugh Lim3Fru1t: SeemsGood Annonn140: LULW AlexAnderman1994: imagine if Ela had Boon as well iggy1337: 4 mysweatyth1ghsss: 4 Traktorq: 4 LULW jklob: 4 FeelsPepoMan Nopileos: 4 LULW captain_elsewhere: L337 FlameResistant: A=4 monkaHmm Vollder0wner: ela4 Kouwell: 4 PepeLaugh 립병: ya will die EstusFox: A=4 TheH3llraiser: 4 bloodcaleb: A=4 FeelsPepoMan Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan 4 ratnapper: 4 FeelsPepoMan Blood_Rooted: eddyctive FeelsGoodMan Serulean_Cadence: all beth games are addictive StarBoredom: what is ela eating HiImShiny: The writing in new vegas is amazing as is the rest of the game but i fucking love the writing captain_elsewhere: bannana StarBoredom ELAYZA: yogurt King_Insane: A=4 elaBlind confirmed time for nerd glasses contacts stopped working Turbulist: elaKek VityaSolaris: ED WeirdChamp Doully92: FeelsPepoMan Vollder0wner: ela4 A Lim3Fru1t: elaOP raider_unkindled: Eddy PepeHands Lagunaab: repair SMG for space ? TheXearo: combine the 2 submachinguns ? Traktorq: GLOWING ONE monkaW StarBoredom: @captain_elsewhere FailFish spicystuff00: @serulean_cadence this wasn’t made by Bethesda lol AkiraJkr: monkaW greyfacenospace123: monkaW lloydbannings: HandsUp hepha1: HED HED HED Kappa XenoisCH: moon2E seegamegabtw: HandsUp Blood_Rooted: HandsUp ChaosLike: OFFICER monkaW Darkshadows6662: F MurderChaos: OH Nopileos: HandsUp cpeckers: F Doully92: PepeHands Tasarion: PepeHands Final_zebraman: EDDIE Serulean_Cadence: @spicystuff00 RattleMBones: F Lim3Fru1t: HandsUp Turbulist: EDDY PepeHands nocontrol80: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeHands Commander_Spyke: HandsUp FlameResistant: PepeHands Traktorq: F AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp Nopileos: PepeHands Soadante: monkaW TheH3llraiser: LULW weontheultralightbeam: PepeHands Disaresta: F Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL TyrantZedd: PepeHands talkman_: HandsUp FuTsUnOnInGeN: LULW asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: PepeHands walking_clock: PepeHands brot_ok: LULW ChickenMuffins: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO surfingmango: F Turbulist: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO Glenshane: LULW MurderChaos: GODDAMNIT OneBananaTooFar: HandsUp Nopileos: LULW zotexlowbob: DansGame swoglo: he ded son Jorashier: lol Espher_5: DansGame Namarax: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LUL Nox15: DansGame Annonn140: LULW Febox: DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame raider_unkindled: DansGame Dancingbroccoli2: PepeHands MasterMalpercio: rooD ELAYZA: EDDDIEE skraalQ: pfffffffffff Jackthewack94: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW Lagunaab: autosave RetroGoki: ED-E danCry KingMidas133: LULW BlackupV2: lol Just_a_Vivi: LuL pekkaatte122: OMEGALUL Soadante: ED MY LOVE PepeHands Kouwell: OMEGALUL hepha1: DansGame Darth_Kredol: eddy is op man i tell ya LUILW NordicRain: My immersion DansGame surfingmango: R.I.P crashfort: PunOko Darth_Kredol: eddy is op man i tell ya LULW Serulean_Cadence: @spicystuff00 i mean the ones made on their engine Mucchoballs: how long until you save instead of load. i see it coming hepha1: ??? Blood_Rooted: HandsUp radioactive hydra HandsUp Le_________________bowser: its just a visual bug SkeletonKeyLimePie: DansGame Final_zebraman: SAVESCUMMER DansGame Doully92: @Elajjaz DansGame lloydbannings: DansGame Lim3Fru1t: DansGame JubJubWantRubRubs: DansGame DMT1959: heal him thats a glowing one crashfort: @Elajjaz PunOko Nopileos: DansGame HiImShiny: ??? greyfacenospace123: danSgame WabbitTwouble: DansGaming Chuami: DansGame Meximus322: DansGame Soadante: DansGame Febox: @Elajjaz DansGame @Elajjaz DansGame @Elajjaz DansGame @Elajjaz DansGame @Elajjaz DansGame @Elajjaz DansGame Rodriwastaken: DansGame hepha1: DansGame ?????????? CheskyDalba: DansGame gelberpudding: danSgame zotexlowbob: @Elajjaz DansGame AlexAnderman1994: DansGame weontheultralightbeam: WeirdChamp EstusFox: DansGame Rural_Juror_: DansGame Nopileos: DansGame DansGame Reddinator: try and stop us DansGame WabbitTwouble: DansGame Bakurretsu: DansGame LickMyPretzel: DansGame @Elajjaz asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: Daniel S. Game Fullmetalcheese: DansGame Jorashier: DansGame Biocola: DansGame Pyrhaa: DansGame zarcer_: DansGame erkel_: DansGame Doully92: elaK Nopileos: DansGame skybeaverking: DansGame Ph4ntomi: DansGame Martiansam: @Elajjaz DansGame Hogbinladen: I would 🙂 Smoothstone: forsen1 forsen2 Vanset_: true Keepo Hongetech: DansGame Dan wouldn’t savescum GoodGuyEvil: true 🙂 MooseCanon: TRUE LULW zotexlowbob: LULW TRUE Blood_Rooted: no 🙂 Espher_5: @Elajjaz what’s the lore behind savescumming? elaK AkiraJkr: Pog hepha1: DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? KingMidas133: TRUE LULW ramranchboi: Daniels DansGame game Lexor757: kAPPA Smoothstone: forsenWTF Brunault_: True 🙂 ComradeNerdy: true LULW Lexor757: Kappa NordicRain: Never DansGame JubJubWantRubRubs: i am a honorable gamer DansGame Reddinator: Hongetech he would danKEK Smoothstone: sacKILL raider_unkindled: FeelsPepoMan I’m just like you AkiraJkr: monkaW ComradeNerdy: HandsUp Smoothstone: squad1 squad2 Naaslaarum: any truers? LULW TorvaM: i never use companions so i dont need to 🙂 ssssip: any truers LULW Raftelle: HandsUp Jackthewack94: glowing one the nuke blast Schwirm: HandsUp Lim3Fru1t: HandsUp Canopus: elaKek elaKek greyfacenospace123: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp AkiraJkr: Pog ? Meximus322: LULW Espher_5: LULW ComradeNerdy: HandsUp Wuxia: he needs him to get carried LULW AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp Pyrhaa: HandsUp mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL hepha1: NOPE WabbitTwouble: Jebaited Kevintaku: HandsUp seqone: LULW FlameResistant: LULW Doully92: DansGame EW Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp Elfualoco2003: FUSSSS Jegerkaj: LULW Serulean_Cadence: LUL MooseCanon: HandsUp shmobl: it’s a rad explosion Kraad_: LUL mentalvary: Chag Epicziemniak: ela1 lloydbannings: LULW OscarVBender: no becouse we are not cheaters @Elajjaz LUL Traktorq: LULW DMT1959: lol RicHaya: HandsUp Blood_Rooted: HandsUp alex_47region: cheki-breki i v damki LUL Nopileos: LUL Lagunaab: that eyeball Fullmetalcheese: LUL Sectos05: Pog WabbitTwouble: HandsUp Lim3Fru1t: elaWut Nazzet: Chag Schwirm: WutFace austras19: goose spike_the_space_cowboy: gachi haHAA Darth_Kredol: 👁️ Elfualoco2003: HandsUp captain_elsewhere: SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HER SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HEEEEEEEEEEEER Stobbel: Quick chat, tell him everything he needs to know about glowing ones PogChamp 420bakin: Chag Kouwell: Pog WrestlerBot2000: RIPHead|Clip No.34| https://clips.twitch.tv/SplendidNurturingKleeKappaRoss Nopileos: Chag Martiansam: HandsUp hepha1: DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? DansGame ?????????? Final_zebraman: @Elajjaz WE NEED BOONE PepeHands schwarz54_: :eyeball: weontheultralightbeam: turn on the radio Pog Wendell8504: LULW 👀 tigeralum11: I miss the Radiation Baby song from earlier PepeHands Toplay92: OUSSSSS hepha1: !cheat Ceiz: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Zbigniewuamaga: \[T]/ RattleMBones: @Elajjaz Give your companions some stimpacks, they should use them in battle when injured spike_the_space_cowboy: 👀 spicystuff00: SOMEBODY CALL BOONE DMT1959: is this where you find the weapon for veronica an brotherhood spike_the_space_cowboy: ALGERIA MACTH Pog FlameResistant: No music FeelsWeirdMan amOblivious: dam I loved this game, looking forward to bethesdas new IP this fall weeb8er: gachiBASS gachiBOP gachiCOOL gachiDAMA gachiGASM gachiHYPER gachiOnFIRE weontheultralightbeam: No music FeelsWeirdMan Traktorq: monkaW Monster5crak: so much weight in food that you never eat PepeHands AkiraJkr: Pog ? Rick_LVB: @Elajjaz Can you lower a bit the cam so we can see the radiation evolution ? elaSmile TheColdFission: ah fuck everytime i see a bethesda game i want to spend 4 days modding it gongalo: this is not bethesda game LUL cyberneticz_: @amoblivious You mean obsidian ninjasonthemoon: L OMEGALUL R E spicystuff00: @amoblivious star field? AkiraJkr: Yeah we can’t see the RADS LULW @Elajjaz CrouchingTyger: A R M O R Y Fullmetalcheese: Reading Lore Chag amOblivious: @cyberneticz_ yes XD greyfacenospace123: Bethesda wish they could make a Fallout this good gongalo: people calling this a bethesda game are giving bethesda TOO MUCH credit spike_the_space_cowboy: is this the gang rape vault ? Blood_Rooted: good fallout not made by bethesda PepeLaugh Febox: OMEGLOL brot_ok: OMEGLOL Dancingbroccoli2: OMEGALUL Aequilux: OMEGALUL 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Oh god, now chats in Bethesda Bad SMOrc mode AlexAnderman1994: OMEGLOL xacten: OMEGLOL PermIO_: OMEGALUL Nopileos: OMEGALUL Bakurretsu: OMEGLOL Larinett: OMEGALUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: THATS RAD Pog AkiraJkr: Lower it FeelsPepoMan @Elajjaz Turbulist: But I want to see it PepeHands KurtRustle91: @spike_the_space_cowboy thats FO3 Martiansam: @greyfacenospace123 yea its called fallout 3 MurderChaos: basically, the vault dwellers in vault 34 riotted anf cuekd themselves up qimbou: not even 3.6 lockorunlock: @Elajjaz helmet on table Traktorq: PogU Drownacow: cool helmet on desk Joxih: not having rad resistance omegalul KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz there was some top tier armor on that table JimiJam69: moon2E Drownacow: VEERY important gongalo: not bad, only shit for like 20 years LUL Drachenreiter: @18_cowboys_in_the_showers what part of bethesda is good, pray tell Lagunaab: bot abuse PepeHands Traktorq: flying mule Lexor757: SLAVE PepeHands Espher_5: moon2E whisalex: whisalex subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 2 month streak! elaH WrestlerBot2000: @whisalex I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE whisalex POGGERS zotexlowbob: moon2E ? MurderChaos: @Elajjaz each vault has a particular fucked up backstory crashfort: ed-e elaBlush amOblivious: eddie the pack mue captain_elsewhere: he’s not calling him robot anymore elaA some_god_of_transparency: @18_cowboys_in_the_showers, gachiHYPER Nucleoprotein: F elaREE twitch Rick_LVB: but something tells me it won’t stay OMEGALUL forever Kappa Larinett: VaN Kazeith: @elajjaz check table gemoldeman: How did he get Chance’s knife @chat, did someone spoil it FeelsWeirdMan greyfacenospace123: Martiansam Fallout 3 is a very overrated game. Like all Bethesda games, the story is linear and any choice is an illusion skybeaverking: Ed-e is the hero we need captain_elsewhere: probably gemoldeman Turbulist: gemoldeman nah he found it Monster5crak: it’s 9 cuz broken 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: @Drachenreiter If you think FO3 wasn’t every bit as good as NV or anything else you’re just a hipster that hates big game companies LuL AkiraJkr: He found it outta nowhere @gemoldeman Ducklord3000: why is ela wearing a cowboy hat?? Espher_5: PepeLaugh NordicRain: @captain_elsewhere Character development Pog U gemoldeman: Wew TheXearo: gemoldeman he found it 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: @some_god_of_transparency gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Serulean_Cadence: @greyfacenospace123 just stop baiting AkiraJkr: @18_cowboys_in_the_showers I didn’t like FO3 🙂 Kevintaku: HandsUp Febox: HandsUp AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp Raftelle: HandsUp lngleberry: T LitPord: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp Blood_Rooted: Chag MurderChaos: he regens too Turbulist: Handsome_Shadow Christophersopranos: HandsUp KingMidas133: HandsUp Jegerkaj: HandsUp Traktorq: Chag spicystuff00: @18_cowboys_in_the_showers but it was trash LUL Turbulist: HandsUp chickshake: HandsUp Wendell8504: HandsUp Pyrhaa: HandsUp tigeralum11: \[T]/ Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp Kazeith: HandsUp Dancingbroccoli2: HandsUp VauntDanial: Crippled BTW LULW grunbeld: 4Shrug some_god_of_transparency: HandsUp MurderChaos: and you unlocked a door DigitusTertius: DigitusTertius subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! WrestlerBot2000: @digitustertius If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM AkiraJkr: HYPERCLAP K_L_I_K: Fallout 3 was so good with Three Dog Blood_Rooted: this shotgun so satisfying gachiBASS Lagunaab: didn’t you unlock some gates or something ? King_Insane: elaGoldfish sykoizm: yes? Nopileos: SUB HYPE DigitusTertius Pog Lexor757: you unlocked the overseers office captain_elsewhere: opened overseers room Traktorq: terminal? KaitoKidShadow: Pog lore AkiraJkr: LOWLRE BearackObama: RaregachiGASM brot_ok: yoo ela12 ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM Martiansam: @greyfacenospace123 yea the main story in 3 is not that good , but everything else is good , also atmosphere is way better than vegas imo greyfacenospace123: Serulean_Cadence It’s my opinion. Ignore my message but don’t tell me what to do Drownacow: Praise the RADS PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: To everyone in chat, Fallout 3 is the best Fallout and you can’t change that 🙂 LickMyPretzel: pepeL KaitoKidShadow: elaH Pyrhaa:NV 😉 ldierk: Grenade!! Toplay92: still with that fukin hat LUL AkiraJkr: You fucking blasted that ghoul LULW @Elajjaz Outcastedbird: @andros5 Thank you Monster5crak: almost no AP PepeLaugh JimmyDNogueira: Tactical squat Bottletoke: dynamite Jegerkaj: theyre just chatting PepeHands MurderChaos: SNIF SOME COCAINE MAN StarBoredom: wait what’s this about a blair witch game I’ve heard? what is it and when is it coming out? thats_rich: ResidentSleeper Just laying down here for moment ResidentSleeper thanksblizzard: Go in with full health lol Thermocrius: @18_cowboys_in_the_showers it gives you some different quests and endings, yes. what exactly would qualify it for being “different” according to you? peppy590: stop wasting AP on the plebs!! AkiraJkr: 5Head Larinett: D: biglowdiglow: the answer is drugs TorvaM: monkaTOS mysweatyth1ghsss: DRUGS Pog KaitoKidShadow: D: nekro793: monkaTOS Deliriumi1: monkaTOS Toprak078: @fullmetalcheese that opinion is just wrong to be honest Neravor: More drugs CiGrip mister_cozy: monkaTOS punch_u_in_the_goober: my game is better than your g… ResidentSleeper Nopileos: monkaTOS frvits: Fallout 2 was Pop Culture Reference: The Game alekzander_1234: 🙂 illethor221: Pog Azure_Felt: monkaTOS Lexor757: 3 brot_ok: FeelsAmazingMan 💊 imagetr3: I hate this part of the vault. Except the reward anyway. captain_elsewhere: end of this week i think StarBoredom hisoklouch: atpButtHash atpSuspect ceejsavage: atpSuspect 립병: psycho jet Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz squirrel on stick dude IceLikesRice: Jet 립병: med-x biglowdiglow: use jets MurderChaos: JET Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz med-x Martiansam: @illuminatieyes_xd yea the idea of having the main character talk was bad ( also because they did it bad , at the start of the game he reacts to things then he stops.. ) Seilrach: ppSmoke ppBeer Rural_Juror_: use cheezthedingus: damage resist captain_elsewhere: and its by the outlast devs StarBoredom naan_in_my_chech: JET Monster5crak: psyco walnutcast: damage resist? AkiraJkr: Damage Reduction gemoldeman: Damage res MyNameLacksImagination: damage resist alekzander_1234: jet captain_elsewhere: ARMOUR KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz damage resistance Blackbird_SR71C: Damage Resistane EvoSigma1: dr=damage resist Rural_Juror_: USE IT LickMyPretzel: doctor 景明: jet Le_________________bowser: damage resistance Nopileos: damage resist Dereservoir: damage reduction DaniDuck: damage resist Azure_Felt: damage reduction nekro793: damage reduction? bloodcaleb: damage resistance Turbulist: Elajjaz Damage resist Ellycat1: Durr elaGa TheMethos12: DamageResistance mossa_san: Jet! DMT1959: damage ressistance WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ shikifujin16: DEATH RATE shikifujin16: LUL HiImShiny: damage resistance UiVgray: 13 stealthboiiiisss. PepeLaugh Traktorq: % reduction StarBoredom: really? lol, I was clueless about this game Outcastedbird: Dick Riding AkiraJkr: ?????? LULW brot_ok: LULW Sourcehunter: Drugs VapeNation FuTsUnOnInGeN: PepeLaugh Larinett: LULW Videvik: ????? mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Espher_5: LULW walnutcast: LUL Nopileos: LULW Serulean_Cadence: uhhh SkeletonKeyLimePie: hmm c3lix: its damage trashhold… Fullmetalcheese: LUL Cecilff2: PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: OMEGALUL seegamegabtw: Drop Rate Neravor: @Outcastedbird gachiHYPER Thermocrius: @KurtRustle91 imagine someone defending bethesda writing LUL Turbulist: LULW Andros5: DR is % based Traktorq: LULW 景明: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW Aytum: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: LULW Videvik: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO TheGoldenCobra: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Murika_: LULW Kraatter: falcon punch LUL AlexAnderman1994: LULW Lexor757: not using med X Pepega ceejsavage: atpCap captain_elsewhere: vats glitch elaKek kkoja: ????????? Llyfrgell: monkaS Martiansam: but chat grapich of F4 was elaGasm Espher_5: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW MasterMalpercio: rooKek mister_cozy: LULW Germy_ranch: OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: Amazing Doomerttv: MALDING PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW CompatiKaiser: LULW maxk137: F nekro793: LUL Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL LUL Videvik: DEAD LULW Hollow4thewat: thanks game LUL Traktorq: SHITESDA ENGINE LULW nu_metal23: sumSmash FuTsUnOnInGeN: PepeLaugh gg Da_Flanker: LULW NordicRain: Nice game chat PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW KrazyShark: STUNLOCKED LULW bloodcaleb: using VATS with mouse and keyboard PepeLaugh CurseofSherwood: S OMEGADOWN RGE HYPERCLAP peppy590: HE USED AP ON YOU Pog amaddog: LULW Nopileos: NordicRain elaHYUG Neravor: LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! ac3sh1gh: LULW jesus_guy: LULW GoodGuyEvil: LULW brot_ok: ElaSmash SiloWang: lmaooooooooooooooooo Germy_ranch: So MALD HotFireZ: DED LULW Monster5crak: vats amaddog: ElaSmash TheGoldenCobra: OMEGADOWN Azure_Felt: vats craps out alot with the lever action elaGa Sourcehunter: HYPERCLAP AkiraJkr: SeemsGood Nopileos: LULW Murika_: LULW LULW Traktorq: OMEGADOWN c3lix: @Elajjaz dont u have Jet? Norkore: LULW Vanset_: SMOrc ✊ Naaslaarum: get slapped nerd 4Head fredcari: NICE Kappa Biocola: LULW weeb8er: SO MALD LULW Springfart: yee haw Blood_Rooted: OMEGALUL Martiansam: LULW git gud Sloxu: get better Jegerkaj: COUNTER VATS PepeLaugh Lexor757: USE MED X Pepega Fullmetalcheese: This Engine LUL VauntDanial: Use a grenade LULW captain_elsewhere: cant aim elaKek gjoran1: elaKek elaKek elaKek ThatLuluTho: ElaSmash McAnderLV: noice DMT1959: toss nades like 5 Aequilux: LULW AlexAnderman1994: it just works gggcccA7X: ede: “why do u keep dying” LUL Springfart: Springfart subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 20 months! 20 PogU lorhne: ella, try grenades WrestlerBot2000: @springfart After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM m0rq: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @Martiansam i mean im sure you know the problems if you played it there was potential there if a better company had their hands on it more could have been achieved Nopileos: SUB HYPE Springfart POGGERS KurtRustle91: @Thermocrius I dunno why you say that at me, since I was making fun of someone who was defending Bethesda writing cheeze____: dying to ghouls FeelsBadMan FireNi: @Elajjaz Mines in a closed area ? Kappa MurderChaos: EAT FOOD TOO floffolo: taike psycho Irocam: BUT I RULL MIYAZAKI elaREE JoeMcPete: use some psycho souldedeh: D: Annonn140: take drugs dood VapeNation Thermocrius: @KurtRustle91 yes, that’s the point. I can’t believe he’s actually serious Fullmetalcheese: NV fanboys FeelsWeirdMan DMT1959: he ran out drugs Traktorq: vats so scuffed some weapons just ignore the need for reload and ammo altogether Sourcehunter: AIM LULW nekro793: elaK got him Tasarion: IKEALUL Vanset_: LUL Springfart: LULW weontheultralightbeam: MaN Christophersopranos: MaN brot_ok: MEN crashfort: MaN Nopileos: LUL TheXearo: IKEALUL BTRNDL: MEN Espher_5: MaN Blood_Rooted: ed-e don’t give a fuck LickMyPretzel: MaN mysweatyth1ghsss: MaN Dusty_Degenerate: MaN TheGoldenCobra: IKEALUL Meximus322: MaN Larinett: MaN HotFireZ: MaN alexowhy: gachiBASS MAN MagicFrogs: LUL AkiraJkr: MEN silver6ird: men elaGasm cpeckers: MaN zotexlowbob: MaN Teret1: MaN Nopileos: MaN Traktorq: MaN GoodGuyEvil: MaN Norkore: MaNn amaddog: MaN Annonn140: take jet 😎 Devon96: MaN VineWood0604: MaN Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR KevKov: MaN Norkore: MaN ! zotexlowbob: MaN MaN MAN MrScaffo: MaN Nopileos: MaN MaN GymNation: MaN? Lexor757: MaN yes ? Meximus322: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: JUST POP SOMe DRUGS LUL cosmicpleb: MaN mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Lim3Fru1t: MeN Pixel_hearts: MaN TorvaM: HandsUp Turbulist: PepeHands priviligedpolarbear: the gamer panic TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Espher_5: HandsUp troublematicc: HandsUp ThatLuluTho: MaN HYPERCLAP Nopileos: HandsUp HotFireZ: HandsUp Raftelle: HandsUp Geralt_of_Syria: HandsUp Lim3Fru1t: MaN lulruffles: BibleThump Annonn140: HandsUp Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL wasting half of the ammo LULW brot_ok: forsenKek greyfacenospace123: danO Videvik: PepeHands JesseThaBest: nades? cacctus1: you can give ede instructions to stay back in advance Fullmetalcheese: HandsUp weontheultralightbeam: Save scumming WeirdChamp Final_zebraman: BOOOOONE animalinstinctz: rip alekzander_1234: f seegamegabtw: HandsUp Doully92: MaN Lagunaab: landmines ? Lasosmaes: PepeHands Seilrach: ElaPls billyReady PlsEla floffolo: PSYCHO Da_Flanker: Damn it, Eddie illuminatieyes_xd: USE ALL THE DRUGS LUL W salpo_nolobio: exposure Toxianon: granades? lulruffles: use the mine! Irocam: disposal Larinett: mine GreedyLi: dynamite Twinscythe99: Disposal Lagunaab: disposal ? ldierk: Dynamite Pyrhaa: disposal PepeLaugh Lim3Fru1t: exposure elaGa HYPERCLAP Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz dont you have any granadas or bombas Da_Flanker: forsenT c3lix: @Elajjaz USE JET PLEASE Sourcehunter: MInes PepeLaugh ldierk: Grenade AkiraJkr: VATS with dynamite AFilth: Grenades? Martiansam: @illuminatieyes_xd yea but is not as ba as people say , also cmon dont shit on bethesda they made a lot of amazing games , they are making bad marketing choices lately tough LordParasit: mines granades no? illuminatieyes_xd: LUL idey1994: HandsUp MurderChaos: OH NO illethor221: tell ED-E to wait? elaHmm Llyfrgell: PepeHands Eddy FuTsUnOnInGeN: stealth boy to run PepeLaugh ldierk: Explosvies Annonn140: SUPERSLEDGE DMT1959: use mines an nades Streamleen: Think you need a better weapon. AkiraJkr: LULW nekro793: @cacctus1 don’t tell him elaWeird weontheultralightbeam: monkaW Turbulist: LULW cyberneticz_: @greyfacenospace123 Why do you believe that F03 provided an illusion of choice? gjoran1: elaHYUK Espher_5: PepeLaugh Annonn140: OMEGALUL spicystuff00: Drugs are good LUL MyNameLacksImagination: LULW high5ives: layer mines ? Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW brot_ok: true swede ANELE Bestorio: Exposure billyReady Martiansam: LULW DaniDuck: monkaW bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Traktorq: tab KeinHerz: R Meximus322: PepeLaugh alex_47region: eddy lives MrDestructoid Thermocrius: switch? Martiansam: you dont CurseofSherwood: S OMEGADOWN RGE HYPERCLAP alekzander_1234: 😀 AkiraJkr: TAB Sikodude: R Dannydevictoria: throw it LUL Nopileos: TAB Kraad_: Middle mouse button bloodcaleb: both hands busy PepeLaugh tigeralum11: LUL purple_flavor: make him stay at an earlier part of the vault Videvik: CAUTION monkaW weontheultralightbeam: pepeJAM Kraad_: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN thanksblizzard: Use the grenades and mines HotFireZ: LULW Videvik: OMEGALUL Frosted_wheats: Dansgame KurtRustle91: @Thermocrius yeah, FO3 story is just “your father is in the next castle” brot_ok: LULW Nazzet: LULW Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN cacctus1: @nekro793 LUL Nopileos: LULW leamsi_: @Elajjaz just tell him to stay upstairs and go kill them alone Meximus322: LULW IllusiveRealm: TriHard silver6ird: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: OMEGALUL alekzander_1234: 😀 😀 😀 Traktorq: LULW ThatLuluTho: LULW Arctic_Junk: Yo @Elajjaz , you can make E-DE stay back while you take out the ghouls UiVgray: LULW AkiraJkr: ????? ULW angryj0nes: LUL LickMyPretzel: lol frvits: best game btw OMEGADOWN toxic_phunch: Pepega Nopileos: LULW LULW Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp HotFireZ: HandsUp Videvik: dededed Sourcehunter: SARGE OMEGALUL Rick_LVB: the mines would be perfect here idd Deliriumi1: HandsUp Martiansam: eddie left LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: HandsUp Raftelle: HandsUp Meximus322: HandsUp Drachenreiter: ela, you can tell companions to ‘wait’ carpish: monkaH CurseofSherwood: S OMEGADOWN RGE PepeLaugh alexowhy: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp spicystuff00: Fallout 3 story was pretty lame tbh cignus87: use consumables my dude Azure_Felt: anyways PepeHands Vanset_: yes brot_ok: elaYes hepha1: DansGame ????????? AkiraJkr: NO Martiansam: monkaH Vanset_: no Darth_Kredol: elaYes Annonn140: no Lagunaab: ask EDE to stau back AkiraJkr: DONT KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz try mines? Nopileos: NO Annonn140: you can do it toxic_phunch: save scumming DansGame Filo155: wheres boone AkiraJkr: You’ll forget it @Elajjaz fugebin: HandsUp FuTsUnOnInGeN: PepeLaugh HeraldOfHarolds: let the bot die RealLifeTsundere: you can do it Vanset_: PUSSY Traktorq: 5Head yes just suicide bomb them fredcari: This place is literally hell leifyness: Ed-E, time to leave. Papa’s a wuss Halldan: Kapp Larinett: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW hepha1: my immersion DansGame Thermocrius: @KurtRustle91 “muh water that’s somehow still radioactive after 200 years also the bombs didn’t drop 20 minutes ago but the worlds till acts like it” illuminatieyes_xd: @Martiansam i dont agree with that i never liked them personally long before it became a meme to shit on them only games i ever liked from them was morrowind and oblivion which were great for their time HotFireZ: lol mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh nekro793: Jebaited Nopileos: LULW lulruffles: DOOO DOOO DOOO ThatLuluTho: LULW Sourcehunter: LULW brot_ok: LULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Azure_Felt: elaGa eddy Kraad_: OMEGALUL captain_elsewhere: dismissed Filo155 TheGoldenCobra: LULW ar_Tekko: OMEGLOL Meximus322: LULW Dema_: Stòp alex_47region: deddy stupid robot grevedarkholm: MrDestructoid I FIGHT AlexAnderman1994: @Elajjaz just go bring Boon elaSmile Nopileos: LULW LULW thanksblizzard: Use the mines Huntedspam: moon2E fu DaniDuck: STAPH EDE elaREE Blood_Rooted: ed-e is a badass HotFireZ: ED-E FailFish AFilth: Walk back up with him to the top of the stairs silver6ird: eddie deaddie PepeLaugh Larinett: Pog Plasmafenix: Eddie eddie stop elaBruv Turbulist: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Halldan: Pog Irocam: Pog Springfart: monkaW Nopileos: Pog Ph4ntomi: Pog Kraad_: Pog brot_ok: chambies2015 Darth_Kredol: Pog WillyTheWorm: Pog lulruffles: stranger!! Gee_Wilikers: ED-E is out for Blood LULW Tasarion: Chag Sourcehunter: DOO DOO DOO mysweatyth1ghsss: Pog Lasosmaes: Pog Meximus322: Pog elpekelew: i’ve lost veronica in this shit hole NordicRain: Pog U Traktorq: LULW THIS GUY lulruffles: Pog brot_ok: Champ blauersteinfresser: Pog Annonn140: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog HotFireZ: Chag roflstompzor: MYSTERIOUS STRANGER Christophersopranos: Pog Espher_5: Pog hepha1: LULW Kevintaku: stranger Chag DaniDuck: Pog MurderChaos: Chad ED-E vs Virgin Ela Angry_arctic_fox: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp FuTsUnOnInGeN: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Irocam: Who is this guy Pog ceejsavage: atpCap Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: F Turbulist: elaKek Traktorq: F KrazyShark: DEAD FaLL3n0nE: When he plays the music he goes IN brot_ok: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW LoadandPlay: i hate this vault so much Espher_5: HP PepeLaugh MooseCanon: monkaW KrazyShark: LULW FuTsUnOnInGeN: OMEGLOL Lexor757: DED LULW 景明: IKEALUL CurseofSherwood: S OMEGADOWN RGE Meximus322: elaKek Darth_Kredol: PepeUff HotFireZ: F nekro793: LULW Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Larinett: LULW Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz use mines? elaHmm DMT1959: take ed-e back out door leave him come back HeraldOfHarolds: all robots should die anyways TheXearo: use explosives ? Huntedspam: moon2E you stop, bitch Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh insurrectionist89: F animalinstinctz: no way captain_elsewhere: hardcore elaKek carpish: LULW fugebin: F Darth_Kredol: PepeUff OOFAS Martiansam: @illuminatieyes_xd and skyrim dude Pog greyfacenospace123: cyberneticz_ Very few choices matter in the end. Yes you can blow up Megaton. But it has no impact other than your dad scolding you a bit EbiVariance: OMEGADOWN GymNation: LUL cignus87: use consumables alekzander_1234: f hepha1: !cheat Pyrhaa: PepeUff thats_rich: ResidentSleeper Da_Flanker: The fun never ends TheSalikawood: you have a spacesuit on 1mpolar: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Vanset_: use mines SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh Hollow_void: Put E-DE on wait c3lix: @Elajjaz USE JET PLEASE high5ives: mines ? FrukenFracker: just hit them harder 4head evilmarmot42: landmines? Kraad_: PepeLaugh brot_ok: forsenKek Videvik: OMEGALUL MyNameLacksImagination: LULW RealLifeTsundere: you can do it climaxbeat: time for some kobes HotFireZ: LUL Traktorq: @Elajjaz tell ed-e to wait in the previous location thanksblizzard: Use mines Martiansam: ResidentSleeper Christophersopranos: LULW Meximus322: LULW Tasarion: OMEGALUL MooseCanon: LULW fredcari: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW dereft: haha FuTsUnOnInGeN: Jebaited mysweatyth1ghsss: OMEGALUL Doomerttv: OMEGALUL gjoran1: if your aim feels off maybe you haven Plasmafenix: @Elajjaz You right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GRSbr0EYYU MurderChaos: LUL no fucks fugebin: LULW TheGoldenCobra: OMEGALUL Sikodude: use MED-X alekzander_1234: 😀 nekro793: PepeLaugh ldierk: Open with Dynamite NordicRain: PepeLaugh rofIcopter: PepeLaugh FlameResistant: Sarge is a little bitch LULW Azure_Felt: it’s over PepeHands Filo155: maybe use explosives? @Elajjaz AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz use your auto save fixions: SOFTLOCKED LULW cheeze____: You know the mechanic in games where they make the game easier when the player sux ThatLuluTho: ED-Y thirst for blood silver6ird: ed-e doesn’t give a fuck elaKek Martiansam: there he go 😀 HappySmile123: @quote_if_eddie_fautl @quote_if_eddie_fautl DMT1959: ed-e great for shitts an giggles AkiraJkr: USE YOUR AUTO @Elajjaz MurderChaos: @Elajjaz USE BETTER ARMOR TOO Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR 1mpolar: not even very hard PepeLaugh mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp peppy590: 1 dmg build OMEGAROLL HeraldOfHarolds: did u know that jet refills AP? Deliriumi1: HandsUp 립병: stim him now Meximus322: HandsUp fugebin: lol Kraad_: HandsUp Doomerttv: HandsUp gjoran1: if your aim feels off maybe you haven’t disabled mouse acceleration Nopileos: HandsUp Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh 👉 📈 MALDNESS UP Nanashi_Sakamoto: HandsUp cacctus1: wasting vats on the basic security guards swedishSock: HandsUp AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: HandsUp rofIcopter: HandsUp Videvik: Pog that_solid_dude: PepeHands ADDICTED TO SKYRIM WITH GUNS PepeHands DELETED GUNGEON FOREVER PepeHands illethor221: BIG IRON ON HIS HIP HandsUp Larinett: Pog ? Christophersopranos: Pog TheSalikawood: Pog dan_sai: HandsUp Meximus322: Pog Mythaiass: HandsUp Springfart: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp Martiansam: Chag Traktorq: PogU ? brot_ok: Pog RESS Videvik: Champ FuTsUnOnInGeN: Pog lulruffles: ede ma boy ThatLuluTho: Progress Pog MooseCanon: Eddie: Cowabunga it is OMEGALUL DMT1959: nice VauntDanial: Missed point blank LULW cobinhood: Pog MurderChaos: DRUGS MAN illuminatieyes_xd: @Martiansam not in my book not vanilla skyrim that’s for damn sure given enough mods its an okay game but it didnt do it for me idunno i didnt get the skyrim magic i guess i did somehow put 100 hours into it but cant remember a single minute LUL Nopileos: Pog Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR Irocam: HandsUp WillyTheWorm: HandsUp mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp gold_dante: HandsUp HotFireZ: HandsUp Espher_5: HandsUp Pyrhaa: HandsUp Traktorq: HandsUp 립병: yer saving those drugs too much Deliriumi1: HandsUp EbiVariance: HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp HandsUp ressa2: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp AkiraJkr: HandsUp AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: HandsUp . Sandersrock: HandsUp Turbulist: HandsUp Wendell8504: HandsUp AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp Traktorq: HandsUp GROWING ONE gold_dante: EljanHandsUp WrestlerBot2000: 12x HandsUp double digit combo Pog Irocam: I can’t FeelsPepoMan pepo Blood_Rooted: carried by ede LULW KrazyShark: elaWeird Turbulist: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp FuTsUnOnInGeN: HandsUp nekro793: D: Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp silver6ird: ok FeelsBadMan Xerenix: @Elajjaz There is a mod to change ghoul noices to gachi ones MurderChaos: JET JET JET ThatRichardGuy: D: thelastone666: HandsUp AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp believe Turbulist: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp mentalvary: HandsUp Geralt_of_Syria: HandsUp MyNameLacksImagination: Pog chickshake: HandsUp HandsUp Plasmafenix: HandsUp Espher_5: Pog Nopileos: HandsUp paleblood_13: PogU Sandersrock: HandsUp HandsUp Serulean_Cadence: whoa Traktorq: PogU Videvik: WE DID IT KingMidas133: PogU EbiVariance: Pog Pyrhaa: Pog MLG filarette: TTours KurtRustle91: Pog brot_ok: Champ NordicRain: Pog U xacten: Chag HYPERCLAP ThatLuluTho: CARRY Pog fredcari: Pog Nopileos: Pog silver6ird: VI VON alexowhy: @KrazyShark nrdyOwO cute Sharky Ph4ntomi: PogU Dereservoir: F5 Murder_Dog: ED E Pog ikkedaniel: Pog Itheriel: Yes Kapp TheXearo: No ammo left PepeLaugh KrazyShark: PoggieWoggie iggy1337: #notmyede TheGoldenCobra: Pog Azure_Felt: thinks it’s over PepeLaugh DaniDuck: #NotMyEde Meximus322: Pog HYPERCLAP nikimilky: eddi looks like a commie Videvik: VI VON ZULUL Sourcehunter: Easy Clap lulruffles: saaave ikkedaniel: save Pog victor_maitland: eddie are you ok , are you ok.. are you OK eddie Da_Flanker: LULW AkiraJkr: no ammo LULW Myowa_: Chag cignus87: you need to use more consumables HeraldOfHarolds: that was the easy part LUL Doomerttv: Pog Clap shikifujin16: EDDIE SPAGHETTIE Sharkpocalypse: F5 KanzanZX: HYPERCLAP Videvik: VI VON ZULUL VI VON ZULUL VI VON ZULUL Traktorq: SAVE 😡 KrazyShark: @alexowhy alexu AYAYA uwu Turbulist: ZULUL VI VON Irocam: monkaW 👉 ☢️ Xerenix: ZULUL WAVE 2 alex_47region: PogChamp cyberneticz_: @greyfacenospace123 Yeah, I agree the main storyline was pretty generic and straightforward but in some of the side missions, your choices did matter. Warcry1000: give ede stimpacks sp he can heal himself @Elajjaz DaniDuck: easy part over Pog MurderChaos: where’s boon ? AkiraJkr: Kapp bloodcaleb: carried by npcs PepeLaugh Kraad_: Well, go get boon Chubbardt: @Elajjaz This is completely unmodded, right? Plasmafenix: Get Cass elaB spicystuff00: There’s more LUL Murder_Dog: PepeHands BOONE Larinett: gachiBASS cobinhood: 8 bullets left LUL Itheriel: B OMEGALUL OMEGALUL N HeraldOfHarolds: boone OP Martiansam: @illuminatieyes_xd LUL thanksblizzard: Healllllll Traktorq: what happened to boone? Lagunaab: the love story between Sarge and Eddie AngelThump MurderChaos: don’t tell me boone died Marinetastic: maybe it’s time for pepo hat instead of cowboy hat KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz thats why Boone and other human followers just ruin the game. Its more fun this way Arctic_Junk: Where is Boone? Da_Flanker: No care bear for you PepeLaugh AntiGuerilla: @elajjaz you should use VATS for a quick reload when you need it fast EbiVariance: Tutorial Done Pog Annonn140: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Christophersopranos: Has he let Boone die DansGame Kraad_: Is boon dead? monkaS Da_Flanker: Traktorq Sent back to town because he’s too OP WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Skull_knight119: is ed.e from a mod? Motek: 5Head Itheriel: 5HEad AkiraJkr: 5Head MurderChaos: omfg boone is dead ? KingMidas133: 5Head spicystuff00: @christophersopranos told him to leave Elasticband: he sent boone home Plasmafenix: Boone went home because he was too good for Ela Vanset_: 5Head Kazeith: 5Head Chzzr: you can use both eddie and boon Nopileos: 5Head Jackthewack94: the soon to be one handed elajjaz LUL Annonn140: Pog AlexAnderman1994: 5Head ELAYZA: boone had been sent back HeraldOfHarolds: nice Ph4ntomi: Pog Meximus322: Pog asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: 6Head Lagunaab: no boone is dismissed chat Videvik: Champ KingMidas133: Pog Annonn140: KKona HELL YEAH Traktorq: 4HEad bloodcaleb: hell yeah brother KKona HYPERCLAP Itheriel: F OMEGALUL UR Nopileos: Pog Haika112: is he on a quest or did he randomly stumble into this vault? captain_elsewhere: he dismissed him Christophersopranos Kraad_ Wendell8504: KKona rofIcopter: Pog Irocam: @Elajjaz I think Sarge’s bond with ED-E is starting to develop Pog Annonn140: SAVE Espher_5: elaHYUK AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: KKona Clap hell yeah MurderChaos: @Elajjaz go get boone at novac EbiVariance: KKona Sanzibal: Pog cheeze____: boone was bored with ela and went home FeelsBadMan Da_Flanker: elaHYUK JesseThaBest: can you heal body parts w/ stimpaks before they are crippled? Traktorq: KKona HYPERCLAP Kraad_: captain_elsewhere thanks distH Turbulist: Haika112 randomly stubled KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz the game is more fun with challenge, pls just keep with robot/animal companions 🙂 nikimilky: only guns you need are the once attached to your sholders ClintWestfield: Ela in irradiated vault? OfficerNasty30: elaHYUK elaHYUK Itheriel: D: Plasmafenix: Get Cass elaB Videvik: LULW captain_elsewhere: yup ClintWestfield Dusty_Degenerate: LULW Haika112: @Turbulist Ty 😀 kkoja: @JesseThaBest not in hardcore Sourcehunter: DOO DOO DOOOOO Martiansam: PabloPls spicystuff00: Real men use unarmed PonySlaystationThree: Jebaited Larinett: LULW Espher_5: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: @cyberneticz_ Sure. Not saying it’s a bad game. I enjoyed it a lot. But New Vegas is just on another level story and character wise illuminatieyes_xd: @Martiansam it must have been doing something right they are very easy games to get lost in but i find that they dont offer much beyond that post oblivion if ES6 has that magic too it maybe they can bring it back we’ll see i’ll never forgive them for f76 though LUL (even though i never played it) Da_Flanker: Boone’s back was sore after carrying Ea so he went back for some rest MsBlackDahlia: PabloPls captain_elsewhere: oh shit i forgot elaKek Lexor757: not using 2 companions OMEGALUL WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ Turbulist: Haika112 elaOk KrazyShark: @Da_Flanker LULW JesseThaBest: @kkoja Ah oke, thanks AntiGuerilla: @elajjaz also, remember you have armor piercing and hollow 5.56 ammo for HC enemies elaHmm Foxxy2013: PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Annonn140: wait doesnt he have a key Noemiii: Turbulist elaWOW Xerenix: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: ela will need backseating or a guide for this elaKek Sikodude: elaBlind Turbulist: Noemiii elaWOW elaH Lasosmaes: PepeLaugh talkman_: elaBlind brot_ok: elaBlind WillyTheWorm: elaBlind Annonn140: hol up Nopileos: elaBlind Dusty_Degenerate: cirBlind Irocam: elaBlind Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: blind gjoran1: @Elajjaz if your aim feels off maybe you haven’t disabled mouse acceleration, IIRC you have to mess around in the gamefiles to remove it completely Ph4ntomi: elaBlind Xerenix: elaBlind mukomo_: ppHop Warped_Realm: PepeLaugh he’s not going to find it 립병: eddie dying OlahAndrei: Dor? Sikodude: PepeLaugh chickshake: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: elaBlind mister_cozy: elaBlind rofIcopter: elaBlind Nopileos: elaBlind elaBlind naan_in_my_chech: actually blind Espher_5: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Fatamerikans: oh no no no brot_ok: omega elaBlind AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh shhh dont tell him chat Annonn140: wait ela Nopileos: AYAYAClapAYAYAClap elaHYUG xHydraaP: Imagine not duping ED-E in 2019 OMEGALUL DMT1959: OMG Annonn140: chat please tell him that_solid_dude: 5Head why Lexor757: MISSED LEGENDARY WEAPON LULW KurtRustle91: Fast load screen WutFace rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh don’t NNayio: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: not using 2 NPC’s in 2k19 LUL AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: @Nopileos 👉 nepSmug :point Da_Flanker: Do not inform him forsenKek DMT1959: i give up Turbulist: Shh chat AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: @Nopileos 👉 nepSmug 👉 Annonn140: oh ok Sovereign89: Is he doing DLC or normal playthrough atm? Annonn140: i remember now HeraldOfHarolds: let him find himself LUL AkiraJkr: normal @Sovereign89 Annonn140: 5Head cacctus1: needs to go in the overseers’ orifice lBarnabusWizardcockl: @sovereign89, normak captain_elsewhere: its going to take him4 hours to find it elaKek talkman_: @Sovereign89 normal atm 🙂 Feist8: No running mod LUL Dusty_Degenerate: PepeLaugh not aware Sovereign89: thanks NNayio: PepeLaugh Clap Annonn140: Pog MurderChaos: there we go brot_ok: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW captain_elsewhere: aww Traktorq: that was not a load screen – when the water was “drained” it just added a teleporting door in that place, which sends you to another place in the vault NNayio: pepeJAM JaynisK: Tuning in way late, how are you liking That Gun? @Elajjaz cpeckers: PepeLaugh Annonn140: HE IS DOING IT Pog Rural_Juror_: HEAK EDE Espher_5: PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: quarter? LUL rofIcopter: PepeLaugh here it comes AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh he lacks critical information Nopileos: PepeLaugh Rural_Juror_: HEAL EDE Mythaiass: monkaW that_solid_dude: Floor elaPuke Martiansam: @illuminatieyes_xd fallout 4 wasnt that good because of f76 too tough PepeHands they really fucked up , they should just focus making triple A singleplayers ( which there arent many nowdays ) dude im soo hyped for ES6 Chag AkiraJkr: HEAL @Elajjaz NNayio: JustDoIt Rymm_: PepeLaugh that_solid_dude: 4HEad cheezthedingus: 4HEad cpeckers: 4HEad Hollow_void: JustDoIt Darth_Kredol: 4HEad Nopileos: 4HEad AkiraJkr: LULW Traktorq: JustDoIt Seilrach: 4Mansion Turbulist: LULW Drachenreiter: just roll natty 20 LOLLLLLLLL JustDoIt Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: LULW DaniDuck: LUL KrazyShark: LULW CommunismForDummies: PepeLaugh Itheriel: OMEGADOWN SerVersta: PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: Very full PepeLaugh Noquiem: 5/18 th=full LULW Lexor757: DONT TELL HIM PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Turbulist: monkaW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh NNayio: OMEGLOL Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL mentalvary: monkaW Traktorq: monkaW Rymm_: LULW spicystuff00: LUL weeb8er: PepeLaugh MALD Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 greyfacenospace123: monkaW Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR Motek: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: monkaW Nopileos: PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh Meximus322: monkaW BroqRox: LUL Annonn140: LULW Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited Martiansam: HE GOT A GUN LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp Here it comes y5or: LULW WestCheese93: does he VATS everything? Ph4ntomi: HandsUp thelastone666: HandsUp Oskerd: @Elajjaz Playing FO:NV Kreygasm So fucking good NNayio: BabyRage illethor221: BIG IRON ON HIS HIP HandsUp bolsha9boroda: gg Motek: HandsUp Clap KrazyShark: DITCHED LULW fatpep: Handsome_Shadow deeengee: hahahahahaha ThatLuluTho: He forgot PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh ditched by robot Alex_R3d: ED-DITCH fatpep: HandsUp MurderChaos: overseer’s chair has a huge machine gun ebedded LUL captain_elsewhere: yup WestCheese93 his aim is shit elaKek JaynisK: I’ve missed most of today’s stream, what happened to Boone? Blood_Rooted: MALDED LULW Gnash97: EDE moon2WAH Itheriel: 4 dr bag LULW shiion17: Pog Kevintaku: Chag Traktorq: Pog BroqRox: Pog Fullmetalcheese: Chag brot_ok: ela1 Nopileos: Pog GOLDSOULTHEORY: WestCheese93 VATS’ing everything is OP AkiraJkr: no ammo LULW HeraldOfHarolds: ede dipped the scene NNayio: HELP! BabyRage DannyLv1337: @ceiz BIG IRON ON HIS HIP HandsUp AkiraJkr: Pog NNayio: Chag Darth_Kredol: elaEZ Turbulist: Pog brot_ok: Pog Liverpoc: Pog Da_Flanker: elaMad WrestlerBot2000: “Gotta go to ikea to buy furniture because I’m Swedish and we do that every weekend.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 44 Outcastedbird: SO BALD 4Head shiion17: NNayio atamHug Nopileos: Pog Pog filarette: TTours BroqRox: KKool HYPERCLAP Traktorq: PogU CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE Npuls: ME GUSTA AkiraJkr: SO MALD Pog Irocam: @Elajjaz where are your sunglasses elaD NNayio: @shiion17 nepSmug / emorium: @jaynisk he ditched him because he was too OP Martiansam: @Elajjaz tip your hat Chag pls Pyrhaa: ED BabyRage WJovel: DEAD-E LULW Clap bolsha9boroda: This place is hell. Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh ZombieRyan: oh man, sweet hat bruh iceseagle98: why does ela’s hat look like it’s CGI PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you can bind Stimpak to a number btw JaynisK: @emorium oh lol Final_zebraman: chat what vault is this? cant remember Turbulist: monkaW fatpep: LULW AkiraJkr: monkaW Dusty_Degenerate: “crit” CrouchingTyger: eat all the food wasting weight in your pack greyfacenospace123: danS Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh lap Mosethyoth: Why is your character’s moustache black? brot_ok: forsenS Pyrhaa: monkaS TYWM_: monkaS Nopileos: monkaS Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh Clap ThatLuluTho: Round 2 LULW paleblood_13: monkaX NNayio: Why is Ela’s hat looks like some short of filter? 🤔 RetroGoki: danS AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: monkaS DMT1959: toss few nades EbiVariance: CARRI-ED LULW MasterMdrn: oof AkiraJkr: CRIPPLED TURRET LULW user546789: dynamite HeraldOfHarolds: isn’t this the vault with the all amercian? that op rifle Rymm_: LULW spicystuff00: @Elajjaz You aren’t hurt as much in VATS brot_ok: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO Nopileos: LULW Pyrhaa: LULW NNayio: IKEALUL Sourcehunter: LULW KurtRustle91: Stuck Blood_Rooted: @EbiVariance 5Head Clap DnknDoughnutss7: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @DnknDoughnutss7, elajjaz has been streaming for 5 hours 19 mins Meximus322: PepeLaugh mon_dieud: LULW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: crippled it Turbulist: LULW paleblood_13: StinkyCheese Clap AkiraJkr: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @Martiansam don’t hype yourself up too much given their latest track record but still i’d like them to bring their A game for es6 we havent had an amazing western RPG since what? witcher 3? 4 years ago? damn time flies Dusty_Degenerate: LULW bethesda special Annonn140: IT JUST WORKS LULW Outcastedbird: NICE KurtRustle91: Boss stuck FeelsBadMan captain_elsewhere: glitched boss elaYes Nopileos: LULW LULW Sourcehunter: Clap Traktorq: PepeHands FRIENDLY brot_ok: IT JUST WORKS forsenKek Alex_R3d: 5Head AI walking_clock: damn he’s good Darth_Kredol: LULW TYWM_: THANKS TODD Gnash97: this is fine elaSmile AkiraJkr: IT JUST WORKS LULW MasterMdrn: it became 3Head young_baba: elaBlind Itheriel: OMEGALUL that sight OMEGALUL Pyrhaa: It’s a feature chat LULW greyfacenospace123: poor guy PepeHands RetroGoki: LUL Kevintaku: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Traktorq: LULW NNayio: OMEGLOL Nopileos: LULW VikingAspire: i can smell the cheesy over here ressa2: LUL fatpep: MrDestructoid wut ? the__filth: LUL Outcastedbird: KS OMEGALUL theoxadam: Everyone seems to be in a good mood today Jebaited evilmarmot42: still a better boss than any in ds2 naan_in_my_chech: PENCIL Chag Darth_Kredol: fucking delete eddie elaMad MitsuoK: ks LUL MasterMdrn: overseer123 Motek: Jebaited WestCheese93: a fuken penceel ChaosLike: AYAYA AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: Pog pencil mister_cozy: @theoxadam pepeL Traktorq: 🌻 Alex_R3d: 🌻 Soadante: AYAYA cute spicystuff00: @TYWM_ Obsidian made this cacctus1: ede kill stealing coz it’s got the better gun Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz Med-X + Slasher + Battle brew=max dmg res elaK Lagunaab: killed with a fucking pencil AkiraJkr: 5Head theoxadam: KS cmonBruh talkman_: tldr PepeLaugh Wendell8504: 3Head Lagunaab: dgssegesgsgryry ? naan_in_my_chech: ghsrthvrthdryjdtytdyjvyjtdyjytjtyjtkud Serulean_Cadence: PogChamp Fatamerikans: Pog fatpep: read it RageFace Annonn140: Pog Traktorq: “many have died” monkaS Hollow_void: Pog Darth_Kredol: Pog Nopileos: Pog Meximus322: Pog NNayio: Aha 5Head Blood_Rooted: you don’t skip lore DansGame Annonn140: HES DONE IT Pog Gnash97: POGGERS TYWM_: @spicystuff00 I know, just memeing KingMidas133: Pog kkoja: FeelsPepoMan sdafyajsd Larinett: D: skipped Martiansam: @illuminatieyes_xd trust me it will be good , if its not bethesda is fucked LUL they cant fuck up an elder scroll game Hollow_void: HE DID IT Champ Rural_Juror_: chrisREE Chewbye: it’s my birthday chat FeelsBirthdayMan FeelsBirthdayMan theoxadam: Read it BabyRage MasterMdrn: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap NNayio: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Clap SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBirthdayMan Martiansam: squirrel Xerenix: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Irocam: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Sourcehunter: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap brot_ok: FeelsBadMan @Chewbye spicystuff00: @TYWM_ sorry, super tired right now lol AkiraJkr: LULW evilworld123: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap fatpep: LULW KingMidas133: LULW Meximus322: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan mentalvary: FeelsPepoMan evilmarmot42: FeelsBirthdayMan AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap paleblood_13: Jebaited schwarz54_: xd kkoja: @Chewbye happy birthday FeelsBirthdayMan, I had on monday Da_Flanker: Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Oskerd: LULW SO BA´LD chickshake: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Clap bloodcaleb: Jebaited ELAYZA: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: FeelsPepoMan DigitalZips: elaGa Traktorq: FeelsPepoMan Blood_Rooted: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan 👍 AkiraJkr: ED-E D: HiImShiny: EU aim Kappa Elfualoco2003: Jebaited Final_zebraman: rip eddie EbiVariance: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap WJovel: Tunnel Snakes rule EZ Clap Tasarion: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap brot_ok: FeelsBirthdayMan @Chewbye my bad D: Turbulist: Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Rural_Juror_: vineBlind gjoran1: @Chewbye congrats FeelsBirthdayMan MasterMdrn: 4Shrug Martiansam: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Clap AlexAnderman1994: FeelsBirthdayMan Espher_5: FeelsBirthdayMan ClappingKappa shiion17: ZULUL Huntedspam: moon2E you suck SlippedDisco: @Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Clap AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh SURE LULW 립병: 1 stim heals like 70 Chewbye: i love you chat elaHYUG mokurage: moon2E wizardcock: EDDIE MALD KevKov: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Serulean_Cadence: ded Irocam: KKona gosh darn robots KKona Darth_Kredol: go back in there pls LUL Nopileos: Chewbye elaHYUG ChaosLike: OFFICER monkaW cacctus1: @Martiansam they better not screw up es6, I’m actually a bit nervous it wont be up to par Gnash97: FAK YOU moon2E ZombieRyan: Stimpak? On a ROBOT SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh Hollow_void: HandsUp Warcry1000: give ede some stimpacks! ThatGuy4422: LOL Are you really doing the cosplay of the sheriff? You’re the damn best. 🙂 Jaraghan: ede is bloodthirsty Espher_5: Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR Traktorq: nice swing LULW shiion17: Chewbye FeelsBirthdayMan Tasarion: 2 of these PepeLaugh weeb8er: VATS? What a wuss FeelsWeirdMan HiImShiny: yeah you might have to use more than 1 stimpak gjoran1: @Chewbye elaH fredcari: crippled the leg monkaS @Elajjaz magic_is_greatness: not one 🙂 NNayio: LULW paleblood_13: ded PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: two of these PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: @Martiansam oh yeah that’s true if they fk up es6 they might be DONEZO LUL i hope it actually has a new engine half of the problems would go away with just that LUL fatpep: @Elajjaz did you check if you can change the default behavior of your companion ? Larinett: gachiBASS brot_ok: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN SkeletonKeyLimePie: D: Darth_Kredol: Clap NNayio: D: talkman_: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: danO TheGoldenCobra: gachiBASS Traktorq: OMEGADOWN Ph4ntomi: D: AkiraJkr: D: mon_dieud: D: HotFireZ: D: Nopileos: D: NNayio: WOW! D: silver6ird: D: Llyfrgell: D: Akaylass: ED-E D: silverknight3: F POMA_HEKPOMAHT: D: KingMidas133: D: MasterMdrn: ed eeeeee PepeHands AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Doully92: gachiHYPER EbiVariance: D: crashfort: D: Darth_Kredol: let him die Clap Pyrhaa: D: Nopileos: D: D: xuukiii: D: Espher_5: D: schwarz54_: rap god Pog Nucleoprotein: elaD Lagunaab: melee combat when ? brot_ok: ED- forsenE TheXearo: explosives would be great in this area mysweatyth1ghsss: Let Him Pass PepeHands bedotheman: passive for ede? Kouwell: D: Alex_R3d: ED-DEAD Da_Flanker: SO MALD elaMad gosamigo: gachiHYPER Soadante: forsenE Dusty_Degenerate: D ED-E OMEGALUL Npuls: @Elajjaz DOWNSTAIRS captain_elsewhere: H A R D C OMEGADOWN R E Strawie35: change his behaivior? Traktorq: DOWN KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz to be honest you were the one who aggroed them by shooting the window LULW Rural_Juror_: go down under desk spicystuff00: ITS NOT HIS FAULT Npuls: @Elajjaz Under the table tidooh: MrDestructoid my steel hearth has been broken FappyMcFlappy: I still cannot get over how fake this hat looks dude HiImShiny: use a stealth boy lol trusty_mrlie: Ed, Edd and E-DE Traktorq: FeelsPepoMan FlameResistant: ED-E is best bot you are cramping his style Ela 😡 EbiVariance: 2 Glowing ones FeelsGoodMan Clap oddiemonsta: under the overseers desk Upyachkawarrior: where da fuck is his .44 repeater? AkiraJkr: So many Stealth Boys and not using LULW FXYun: PepeLaugh nice sneak Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz is ED-E set to aggressive? elaHmm fatpep: LULW Da_Flanker: Here we go again mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW HotFireZ: AYAYA FappyMcFlappy: OMEGLOL HeraldOfHarolds: LUL MasterMdrn: lol Nopileos: LULW naan_in_my_chech: AYAYA bloodcaleb: oof illuminatieyes_xd: LUUUUUUL vitalzlive: vitalzlive subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! bluntah: go back under the desk @Elajjaz mibutwhole: LULW paleblood_13: LULW WrestlerBot2000: @vitalzlive After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM 凱格: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL brot_ok: OMEGADOWN MooseCanon: HandsUp ThatLuluTho: LULW greyfacenospace123: danKK Hollow_void: LULW RetroGoki: danS LUL ChaosLike: SO MALD LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE vitalzlive Pog CompatiKaiser: AYAYA Darth_Kredol: PepeUff OOFAS Blood_Rooted: LULW greyfacenospace123: danKEK Doully92: PepeLaugh fatpep: Zappa Clap ZombieRyan: LULW Martiansam: @cacctus1 it will be for the next gen console , you can also find a video on yt where they put in the game an old lady writer ( and you can see how the characters will be in ES6 for a moment Chag ) HiImShiny: LOLOLOL dexusb: This game gun play is actually WeirdChamp Pyrhaa: PepeUff SlippedDisco: D: Npuls: @Elajjaz Under the table mysweatyth1ghsss: gachiBASS Soadante: AYAYA ? franky_latabasse: elaYes mildwonder: O O F A S AkiraJkr: use your stealth Boys @Elajjaz illuminatieyes_xd: THE DARK SOULS OF VAULTS FaLL3n0nE: SLAPPED zaPaarl: not stealth LULW bersiGaming: rip Irocam: too bad we don’t have a deth counter for this run PepeHands Rural_Juror_: @Elajjaz switch your armor? Joxih: malding floffolo: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @floffolo, elajjaz has been streaming for 5 hours 23 mins Palookajim: You are looking a little heated 8-P Da_Flanker: LULW ufolionking: JUST KILL HIM 4HEad RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz kiss ED’s wounds AkiraJkr: Pog Meximus322: Pog thanksblizzard: Get better weapons from armory? theoxadam: 4Head this games hard KingMidas133: Pog evilmarmot42: forever Martiansam: stealth BOI Nopileos: Pog DaniDuck: 2 seconds captain_elsewhere: TILL YOU SHOOT Irocam: StealthgamerSWE Pog Martiansam: forever this is your life now 🙂 pappakatt79: Can you run this game Ironman!? Pyrhaa: IKEALUL AkiraJkr: 23 stealth boys LULW GitGudPls: just blow em up with TNT :v animalinstinctz: u need moree AP mysweatyth1ghsss: LUL AkiraJkr: ???? LULW Da_Flanker: NICE C_Fear: 12-cores 24-threads for less than $10k PepeLaugh cpeckers: ………… Serulean_Cadence: ?? paleblood_13: LULW Martiansam: ?????? MasterMdrn: can you rip apart their legs SandyGG: LULW Meximus322: LULW Lagunaab: ye TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Doully92: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO Zendryx: ??? Turbulist: LULW mrbreadberry: lever action bug PepeLaugh HotFireZ: ? Akaylass: LULW Lasosmaes: LULW NordicRain: PepeLaugh Kazeith: LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaOP Clap SlippnGriff: ??? Martiansam: IT JUST WORKS Nopileos: LULW LULW Pyrhaa: LULW RetroGoki: danDerp Rural_Juror_: PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ????? Lagunaab: IT JUST WORKS shiion17: 💿 ? EbiVariance: PepeLaugh WarZone101: nobody tell him about the stealthsuit WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! MasterMdrn: LULW mrbreadberry: LULW HeraldOfHarolds: LUL NoodLeWrencher: elakek+ Hollow_void: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW SandyGG: LUL HotFireZ: LOL TomHorst: LUL Nopileos: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW fatpep: PepeLaugh Tasarion: PepeLaugh Dusty_Degenerate: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: danKEK TheGoldenCobra: LULW ChaosLike: OMEGALUL paleblood_13: OMEGADOWN brot_ok: LULW KrazyShark: LULW Halldan: LULW Akaylass: PepeHands ressa2: LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaKek mibutwhole: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN RetroGoki: LUL Murika_: LULW Doully92: LULW LULW Zendryx: LUL 1mpolar: LULW Lagunaab: OMEGALUL Kouwell: OMEGALUL Pyrhaa: LULW LUL tigeralum11: LUL FuTsUnOnInGeN: LULW skybeaverking: King crimson !! illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear not even 10K PC LUL fixions: OMEGALOL Nopileos: LUL Lexor757: MISSED LULW Blood_Rooted: OMEGALUL Martiansam: OMEGLOL ar_Tekko: OMEGLOL ceejsavage: atpSpiner Outcastedbird: LUL 420bakin: OMEGALUL VDSMF: ElaSmash EDDIIEEEEEEEEEEE LickMyPretzel: LULW LULW LULW Soadante: elaGa Clap silverknight3: U.U AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Nazzet: ED-D Killed LULW 3s1xteen: LUL animalinstinctz: Kreygasm LUL LUL Nopileos: LUL LUL greyfacenospace123: danO Armored_Guy: LULW Doyago: just dump EDE LULW FappyMcFlappy: savescumlajjaz FeelsWeirdMan CrouchingTyger: @Elajjaz DRUG UP mibutwhole: FAILED LUL NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh SO BALD SO MALD korppi11: how is that thing taking like no dmg? lngleberry: @Elajjaz go and get Boone LULW BroqRox: EDIIIIIII sumSmash Mythaiass: ElaSmash jenda69: @Elajjaz LET HIM GO PepeHands TheXearo: ED-E has died PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: NOT EDDIE D: Irocam: Savescummajaz PepeLaugh theoxadam: LUL sayid233: ede is so bad LULW gjoran1: PepeUff PepeUff Da_Flanker: elaREE EDDIE! unbuliebubble: gachiAPPROVE VikingAspire: please hes not good at all ela leave him LULW eugi: can’t tell if hat is real elyThink C_Fear: @illuminatieyes_xd barely even €1500 full PC PepeLaugh illethor221: KNOIFE HIM thanksblizzard: Just go to armory NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm Rick_LVB: PepeHands wizardcock: YES FappyMcFlappy: 3Head AkiraJkr: LULW cobinhood: Wait he still didn’t get everything in the office.. evilmarmot42: noife FuTsUnOnInGeN: OMEGLOL FlameResistant: Ela gets 2 shot and bitch when ED-E dies after like 30 hits WeirdChamp Lagunaab: KNOIFE DAT ASS silver6ird: knoife him elaBruv 🗡️ skraalQ: aaand this is why games where you can savescum are not fun Geralt_of_Syria: 3Head noif him NoodLeWrencher: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog HeraldOfHarolds: knoife him paleblood_13: Chag brot_ok: chambies2015 illethor221: Chag zaPaarl: melee pog? brot_ok: Champ Armored_Guy: glass him KingMidas133: PogU Nopileos: Chag Akaylass: Pog Tasarion: noif him 3Head blauersteinfresser: Pog rofIcopter: GLASS him Kouwell: 3Head noif ‘at cont illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear that’s pleb level need to buy 4 RTX TITANS to reach that 10K LUL NoodLeWrencher: elaD illethor221: MUSS mocaffe: hes a slav BroqRox: LUL power squad silver6ird: OOS VikingAspire: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cacctus1: ede must be thinking “I can’t carry you through everything sarge” FuTsUnOnInGeN: monkaW Lasosmaes: Pog VDSMF: gachiBOP AkiraJkr: OOOOOORHHHHHHH Kouwell: monkaW Blood_Rooted: LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES vihainenkampela: gachiBOP AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Thermocrius: LUL ceejsavage: SMOrc Elfualoco2003: OOOOOOS Alex_R3d: SMOrc seqone: LULW mibutwhole: ??? Traktorq: gachiHYPER Nopileos: LULW animalinstinctz: LUL LUL LUL BroqRox: LULW Just_a_Vivi: LULW brot_ok: forsenS maxk137: monkaS Turbulist: HandsUp Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR VDSMF: HandsUp HotFireZ: HandsUp gosamigo: Fapping gachiHYPER Irocam: HandsUp deathbunnyy: LULW fatpep: LULW insurrectionist89: ??? Hellu: Chag Nopileos: HandsUp Meximus322: HandsUp vihainenkampela: HandsUp Mythaiass: HandsUp bloodcaleb: HandsUp Darth_Kredol: PAIN ANELE CrouchingTyger: IT TALKS???? Elfualoco2003: HandsUp Lagunaab: GNNNNUUUUUUUU HandsUp NoodLeWrencher: Pog we skyrim now theoxadam: Can’t spell dead without ED-E Jebaited Wendell8504: HandsUp AkiraJkr: HandsUp AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp Espher_5: Pog chambies2015: @brot_ok ? mukomo_: pain monkaX Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp Hollow_void: PAIN HandsUp Monster5crak: HandsUp asfdgfhgjwfsdgs: HandsUp Akaylass: HandsUp Pixel_hearts: LULW BroqRox: HandsUp Da_Flanker: HandsUp WVReaper: SHANKED bloodcaleb: doom revenant HandsUp WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Naaslaarum: BAKURETSU AYAYA AntiGuerilla: @elajjaz isnt the armory you opened in the overseer office? BroqRox: bwahahahaha HandsUp Serulean_Cadence: you can tell companions to wait somewhere Nopileos: HandsUp f0xh0und86: caleb3Head aahh wizardcock: gachiGASM NoodLeWrencher: elaHYUK Irocam: elaHYUG ggimad: there was stairs down under the overseer desk? C_Fear: @illuminatieyes_xd or just a single Intel CPU to compete with the R9 3900X PepeLaugh Tasarion: elaHYUK Da_Flanker: elaHYUK Annonn140: use hydra HandsUp illuminatieyes_xd: hyyul cyberneticz_: @kouwell LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: ede is desperately trying to call boone LULW Rural_Juror_: \ 0 / AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK brot_ok: @chambies2015 failed to tab autocomplete Champ FeelsBadMan Nopileos: elaHYUK Lagunaab: cant stop laughing at that scream tigeralum11: is this the vault with the AA? FuTsUnOnInGeN: FeelsPepoMan OfficerNasty30: elaHYUK Lexor757: GAS LULW StoobieGacks: F silver6ird: PepeLaugh Sikodude: uh oh illethor221: LMAO Turbulist: monkaW Hollow_void: LULW theoxadam: \o/ SandyGG: LULW FlameResistant: LULW NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER AkiraJkr: LULW ??????? wizardcock: xD Nopileos: LULW Nakamura_Shinichi: ?>??????????? Meximus322: LULW Chewbye: OMEGALUL Akaylass: LULW Alex_R3d: LULW cignus87: LUL maxk137: LUL tupi11: lol paleblood_13: LULW Pyrhaa: LMAO evilmarmot42: wut Serulean_Cadence: LMAO Zendryx: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW Nopileos: LUL silverknight3: WUT mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW 립병: gas leaking chambies2015: @brot_ok PepeHands ZombieRyan: LUL 1mpolar: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP FuTsUnOnInGeN: ??? korppi11: wait, wtf DrMong: loooool pappakatt79: NU JÄVLAR! Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN Seilrach: gachiOnFIRE zulul_vi_von_zulul: LUL Azure_Felt: gachiOnFIRE Elfualoco2003: ANELE tigeralum11: LUL brot_ok: LULW HotFireZ: ? Veee_: LULW Nopileos: LUL LUL Fatamerikans: gachiOnFIRE silverknight3: LUL Halldan: ???????? ar_Tekko: LUL b0bsk: wtf VikingAspire: LULW ???????????????? ChaosLike: LULW MurderChaos: ??? EvoSigma1: LULW TomHorst: WAT ceejsavage: atpCap fatpep: ????? blauersteinfresser: LUL Soadante: ??????? TheGoldenCobra: ??? Nopileos: ??? KingMidas133: LULW WHAT m0rq: LULW TheXearo: ahahaha gjoran1: elaKek elaKek elaKek Mythaiass: monkaW shiion17: LULW AlexAnderman1994: gachiOnFIRE Wendell8504: LULW tigeralum11: clip that plz Serulean_Cadence: GAS SandyGG: GAS LEAK KurtRustle91: Gas in the room Elecdark: ???????? tigeralum11: someone theoxadam: ?????? NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm paleblood_13: PepeLaugh brot_ok: OMEGADOWN Espher_5: LULW TheXearo: what just happened Vanset_: how fun is a melee build? captain_elsewhere: gas leak elaKek f0xh0und86: pepega security officer mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: ????? LULW italianspongebob: ???????? KurtRustle91: @TheXearo room was full of gas mrbreadberry: HandsUp SandyGG: monkaS Pyrhaa: was that mystery guy ? Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR crashfort: elaOk silver6ird: the censorship PepeLaugh BTRNDL: HandsUp AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ?????? mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp Rural_Juror_: zfgWhat NoodLeWrencher: HandsUp mister_cozy: Really fucking nice censoring. Spectre_700: Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, right now I got to tell you ’bout the fabulous, most groovy… Bell Bottoms. Nopileos: HandsUp AkiraJkr: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp theoxadam: LUL Devon96: HandsUp Da_Flanker: HandsUp ressa2: HandsUp Lagunaab: HandsUp Wendell8504: HandsUp Mythaiass: HandsUp Turbulist: HandsUp MrJoeNinety: Praise the SUn Heartsome_NaNa: praaaiiise the sun AkiraJkr: LULW NoodLeWrencher: Pog rap god brot_ok: PepeLaugh Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp TheXearo: KurtRustle91 ahhh that was hilarious elaKek Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh silver6ird: did it censor title because of tit PepeLaugh RonsuDE: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear i know it’s a meme but what is their 12 thread one is “only” like 1.2K Kappa Meximus322: LULW q maxk137: 3Head AkiraJkr: Kapp mrbreadberry: 🤠 Clap Reddinator: 4Shrug Azure_Felt: elaBlind Rural_Juror_: ONE GUY zfgMad Lexor757: BLIND EbiVariance: elaBlind theoxadam: Nice hat LUL @elajjaz quichemeesh: 🤠 MrJoeNinety: Because autism mister_cozy: Because you savescum and people don’t like it normally 🙂 Lagunaab: 4Shrug Fatamerikans: baiting donations WeirdChamp Llyfrgell: elaK Irocam: elaK DigitalZips: https://clips.twitch.tv/QuaintObliviousCrocodileDeIlluminati leifyness: because this character is a bitch, not a cowboy DaniDuck: i didnt SkeletonKeyLimePie: NO 🙂 Lasosmaes: 🤠 Clap Pyrhaa: CarlSmile Da_Flanker: elaK 1mpolar: Kapp illuminatieyes_xd: NEVER Nopileos: elaK CaptainOutOfTen: elaK Tasarion: i didn’t 🙂 brot_ok: yall ela13 EbiVariance: elaBlind CatBag Ph4ntomi: elaK TorvaM: @Elajjaz because this is ED-Es first playthrough with this elaGa cowboy sidekick Biocola: 🙂 Never fatpep: not me 🙂 mokurage: because we retads moon2SMERG HeraldOfHarolds: LUL nope Moctavius: @Elajjaz Nice cowboy hat dude KKool atomicdestruction: elaK Brunault_: Yes PepeHands Spurquu: elaK KingMidas133: TRUE LULW silver6ird: y’all savescum 🤠 Seilrach: because cgi hat AntiGuerilla: 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 MurderChaos: no 🙂 KororoX: lol Meximus322: elaK mysweatyth1ghsss: Kapp mister_cozy: Nope elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK insurrectionist89: Kappa MrRoboto_0: i didnt 🙂 JaynisK: Letting ED-E die is the greatest of sins mukomo_: i didnt 🙂 HotFireZ: Kapp TheZecaUrubu: y’all can’t behave Kapp FlameResistant: Nope PepeLaugh Gnash97: PICK UP THE DAMN SMG ELA elaMad gemoldeman: I did 🙂 Martiansam: i didnt 🙂 tilionm: nope 🙂 Annonn140: LULW TRUE crashfort: atpLaw 🤠 THE SARGE 🤠 atpLaw2 korppi11: heel yeaa Jorashier: LUL Pyrhaa: true PepeLaugh Espher_5: i did PepeLaugh OrangeJuggler: no we came here with better gear InternetVillainSuperstar: I have never save scummed in any game 🙂 Redemption99: save scumming is bad 🙂 salpo_nolobio: because he’s not 🤠 the sarge 🤠 he’s a scrub illuminatieyes_xd: i never saved in the entire game Kappa DjaDjaDji: 🤠 Naaslaarum: missed doctors bag 🙂 captain_elsewhere: no i didnt because i was overpowered as fuck elaKek Azure_Felt: missed doc bag PepeLaugh wizardcock: YALL’ST’D’VE Nightcall7: Missing doctors bags left and right PepeLaugh Irocam: savescumming only in this area elaK DesertCandle: i did dizzyPog serminimus: i never played the game so i never save scummed ekcolocke: Fallout is all about save scumming 🙂 fatpep: elaKek TomHorst: no i just played on hard, like any normal human being LUL brot_ok: forsenKek HeraldOfHarolds: i killed ed e myself DJdickdown: never saved in my life mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Halldan: PepeLaugh fatpep: MrDestructoid Clap Myareska: I thought you were playing The Surge with the New Vegas mod FeelsPepoMan Cheeseek: elaYes Reddinator: it is danKEK C_Fear: @illuminatieyes_xd it legit is, but unlike Ryzen you need the HEDT mobo which stats at €400 LUL mukomo_: 🤠 Clap TorvaM: PepeLaugh Veee_: Naah because I had mod that made my followers essential elaOk lloydbannings: Most people savescum playing this game FlameResistant: ED-E is the main character 🙂 skybeaverking: I disable saves 🙂 KurtRustle91: @TomHorst this is Hard, not Very Hard skillascii: I played it on easy so I didn’t have to Elsbrik: I didn’t,cuz I didn’t play Fallout NV 🙂 @Elajjaz quichemeesh: YeahBoi NoodLeWrencher: 🤠 The Sarge 🤠 is 🤠 very 🤠 not 🤠 missleading AntiGuerilla: mraqua1Praisee 🤠 mraqua1Sunn Dublis: nah – we did it first time, no warm up LUL MurderChaos: Green SMOOTHIE illethor221: Yeah, they are. Rural_Juror_: @Elajjaz under the overseer’s desk is a path KororoX: you reloaded more times in here than some people do the whole playthrough LUL tigeralum11: thank you that clip is 10/10 silver6ird: stealth boy? why not stealth MaN DespondentSloth: I thought companions couldn’t die, just get incapacitated VDSMF: they’re pretty expensive mukomo_: duh that_solid_dude: MrDestructoid Stay behind me human TomHorst: @KurtRustle91 isnt this hardcore?’ Xerenix: Am i the only one that didn’t use companions? elaHmm MurderChaos: ENJOY THE A R M O R Y dude Siempresemeolvida: they give you schizophrenia captain_elsewhere: on hardcore they die DespondentSloth illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear true but have you seen the pricing on x570 motherboards some are close to 400 LUL Just_a_Vivi: I dont savescum this location. I’m using mines. Lot of mines! CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob AkiraJkr: And you have 22 of them LULW @Elajjaz TorvaM: monkaW Irocam: @Xerenix no elaOk evilmarmot42: @DespondentSloth hes playing on hardcore mode KurtRustle91: @TomHorst so? Thats not a difficulty setting, its extra fatpep: monkaW brot_ok: OOFAS elaOk Bobinbi: PepeUff Blood_Rooted: I wish I could savescum IRL PepeHands AkiraJkr: Here we go chat LULW Rick_LVB: Radiation level ? monkaS DespondentSloth: ty ty ty captain_elsewhere: i didnt use companions for a long while Xerenix Synclaire: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @Synclaire, elajjaz has been streaming for 5 hours 28 mins Kazeith: dude i’m having a hard time figuring out which one is a joke and which one isn’t a joke Turbulist: Xerenix I don’t use any either elaOk illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear but it actually has a reason to cost that much pcie 4.0 and whatnot bloodcaleb: Xerenix nope, never took companions into dungeons Azure_Felt: i rarely used them as well Xerenix C_Fear: @illuminatieyes_xd the price of PCI-E 4.0 and XOC VRMs MrJoeNinety: All interiors look the same ResidentSleeper TomHorst: @KurtRustle91 makes it way harder tho fatpep: elaD Ph4ntomi: D: Pyrhaa: D: Irocam: Raw bot gachiHYPER ViveLaDissidence: D: that_solid_dude: @Blood_Rooted Just do it 4Mansion mister_cozy: D: WTF TomHorst: @KurtRustle91 healing is over time etc Nopileos: D: DaniDuck: he’s finishing the main quest silver6ird: don’t call him that D: Reddinator: eddy danDerp mokurage: FUCK YOU BITCH moon2E fatpep: main character elaD wtf JaynisK: @Elajjaz Thought about getting a mod to turn companions back to essential like non-hardcore mode so you don’t have to babysit them and reload saves so often? Companion AI is too shit imo to stop them from dying. Xerenix: elaGa 📣 EEEEEEDIIEEEEE MurderChaos: did he call him a robot , daso: don’t talk about ed-e like that PepeHands MurderChaos: ?? tigeralum11: 69 head Kreygasm AlexAnderman1994: elaGa 📣 ED-EEEEEEE Meximus322: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh CENTRIONLINE: arent there community made “DLC” for this game ? with new story lines ? NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands HE DED Habitual_Balance: what is this a moonmoon stream MitsuoK: fking robot Kreygasm KurtRustle91: @TomHorst yeah, makes the game way better too. Too damn easy otherwise Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh mentalvary: Chag AkiraJkr: Pog TorvaM: Pog Tasarion: Chag 1mpolar: Pog lulruffles: Pog victor_maitland: eddie the eagle ressa2: PepeLaugh Turbulist: Pog paleblood_13: Chag Nopileos: Pog Llyfrgell: Pog Meximus322: Chag VDSMF: monkaS redhotchilipepe: Pog NoodLeWrencher: Pog Pyrhaa: EDE BabyRage Mythaiass: LULW angryj0nes: EDYYYYYYYYYYY? Irocam: PogU Halldan: Eddie quinRage Sohei4649: Pog HeraldOfHarolds: ed e is useless TorvaM: PogU Springfart: Pog Elfualoco2003: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog TheGoldenCobra: PogU Hollow_void: Pog Spurquu: Pog VauntDanial: CARRIED BY ED-E LULW KingMidas133: Pog SandyGG: Pog ViveLaDissidence: Lord Death Pog WabbitTwouble: PogU atomicdestruction: Champ mildwonder: Pog spicystuff00: @MrJoeNinety It’s a giant underground vault, the fuck you think it looks like? Nopileos: Pog FuTsUnOnInGeN: Pog Redwin_AR: Pog alexowhy: Pog Ph4ntomi: DETH Pog Meximus322: More damage Pog AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS HotFireZ: Chag Lagunaab: DETH fatpep: Zappa Clap Just_a_Vivi: Pog talkman_: +125xp f0xh0und86: get close then headshot hobbT MettatonsFan: Hello everybody elaHi NightfallJaeger: PogU PogU NoodLeWrencher: PogU MrRoboto_0: monkaS bloodcaleb: being rewarded for playing the game Champ AkiraJkr: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: 🙂 Springfart: LULW silver6ird: monkaW WabbitTwouble: LULW Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh ELAYZA: Lord Death otzLurk TorvaM: Champ Nopileos: LULW Turbulist: LULW Rural_Juror_: Pog TheGoldenCobra: LULW MettatonsFan: LUL Ph4ntomi: monkaW fatpep: PepeLaugh mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: Makes sense Pog Veee_: Pog Irocam: elaMad HYPERCLAP Hellu: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear which to be fair you dont need i hope someone sticks the 3900x on a b450 or b350 motherboard LUL ufolionking: LULW maxk137: monkaGun saugo: PogU The Sarge hat!!!!!! And lord death!!! best time to tune in POGGERS elaHe Nopileos: LULW LULW tilionm: LULW animalinstinctz: LUL Azure_Felt: like killing elaC ceejsavage: 🙂 VDSMF: SeemsGood Father_Rawlings: LULW mister_cozy: LULW ViveLaDissidence: Confirmed killer DansGame MrJoeNinety: @spicystuff00 All interiors in general doofus Lagunaab: fair point TheZecaUrubu: fair enough AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz press T so ED-E teleports to you Pyrhaa: Checks out yours_excellency: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. NoodLeWrencher: elaGa Clap mukomo_: ela is serial murderer monkaX Hongetech: Killing makes you good at killing, the more you know evilmarmot42: Pepega that_solid_dude: I like killing therefore im good at killing FeelsGoodMan FlameResistant: Murderer monkaW Monster5crak: elaGa Clap TorvaM: PepeLaugh 👉 ED-E AlexAnderman1994: elaGa Azure_Felt: nrdyGa Clap silver6ird: elaGa Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu DaniDuck: tate Da_Flanker: Just a little bit lower, Eddie Nopileos: elaGa Turbulist: elaGa Tasarion: elaGa k_ld_r: @Elajjaz FUCK ed-e get BOONE Lagunaab: FeelsPepoMan Joxih: perk descriptions best thing on fallout games Espher_5: elaGa 👍 Falcoal: makes sense Hollow_void: Tait LULW Veee_: moon2E Fuck you Sarge AkiraJkr: Tait LULW Llyfrgell: FeelsPepoMan Tait Azure_Felt: monkaW thanksblizzard: Go back to armory Ela plz bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Spectre_700: Veee_ elaKek wizardcock: S OMEGALUL S mysweatyth1ghsss: monkaW Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh evilmarmot42: well cya ela, sssniperwolf is streaming 🙂 Gnash97: an insane peperga elaGa HeraldOfHarolds: ohhh i remember this vault Turbulist: monkaW Mythaiass: FeelsPepoMan Lonewander101: danDerp Noemiii: omg is that my cutie elaWOW gjoran1: L O R E loraineeee: 🙁 kill them bloodcaleb: do not inform the streamer PepeLaugh C_Fear: @illuminatieyes_xd most people will probaby plant the 3900X into an x470 board, especially now they’re “not the latest” Veee_: Spectre_700 nrdyKek Hi elaH mister_cozy: PepeHands Rural_Juror_: FUCK NCR zfgMad crashfort: someone set us up the bomb Spectre_700: Noemiii OMG HI BABU ILY elaWOW pepeL Llyfrgell: elaHmm Abdiel_Kavash: somebody set up us the bomb monkaSHAKE MurderChaos: THEY MUST BE GHOULS NOW DONT Traktorq: leave them : Noemiii: Spectre_700 HI ILY OMG pepeL Joxih: get reaper sprint for fast ap recovery Traktorq: 🙂 MurderChaos: save the farmers Lexor757: KILL THEM 🙂 crashfort: @Abdiel_Kavash elaK Spectre_700: Veee_ Come here you pepeL AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ANELE HeraldOfHarolds: let the ghouls rot RonsuDE: Reading FeelsWeirdMan bloodcaleb: KKona Veee_: Spectre_700 pepeL thanksblizzard: Go to armory first theoxadam: Bring the boys home NCR forever FeelsGoodMan Jackthewack94: look at the year LUL they been dead for couple of centuries Kappa silver6ird: elaGasm Turbulist: HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp Seilrach: HandsUp Abdiel_Kavash: @crashfort you have no chance to survive make your time TheGoldenCobra: elaGasm brot_ok: elaGasm Nopileos: HandsUp SaixSoul: HandsUp AAAAAAAAH S_Darji: HandsUp Just_a_Vivi: LuL Lexor757: more people die PepeHands skybeaverking: Sarge only cares for himself elaThirst MyNameLacksImagination: NCR farms DansGame Tasarion: elaGa MurderChaos: the farms are a VERY important source of food dude don’t yung_homie_stef: HandsUp Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan walnutcast: @Elajjaz you’re not reading those jumbled logs on the terminal? zulul_vi_von_zulul: BrokeBack BrokeBack Elfualoco2003: AAAAAAAAAH Rural_Juror_: @Elajjaz sharecroppers are NCR Lagunaab: FeelsPepoMan fatpep: THEY CANT PepeHands rejected86: enbSwoleR Monster5crak: elaGasm Falcoal: help one or kill the others Brunault_: FeelsPepoMan angryj0nes: HandsUp brot_ok: FeelsPepoMan Ph4ntomi: 4HEad KurtRustle91: Sure Kapp loraineeee: 4HEad just find another MettatonsFan: elaGa Schwirm: sure Kapp Hollow_void: FeelsPepoMan SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsPepoMan 👍 darn tootin’ casualkappa123: ncr farm silver6ird: it’s a wasteland… Lagalla: just save both 4Head ViveLaDissidence: Lord death is 200 kill btw Kapp Kibbleis: food very important monkaS fixions: sure lockorunlock: @Elajjaz Farmc is NCR place, sooo grevedarkholm: in the desert? LUL that_solid_dude: HandsUp elaGasm Llyfrgell: elaHYUK Traktorq: 4HEad just move ar_Tekko: sure Kappa Turbulist: 4HEad Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: Kappa Andros5: on a wasteland? 1st_Keklel: Just find another place to farm 4Head TorvaM: didnt sarge only want profit? CrazySamni: JustDoIt NightfallJaeger: narrator: they didn’t FlameResistant: NCR LULW VauntDanial: The vault dwellers are trapped anyway LULW Pyrhaa: Just get out 4Shrug ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: they prob gouls anyways walking_clock: those are NCR farms AkiraJkr: 4HEad Da_Flanker: Yeah, just move over to the desert with the cazadors illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear it’s too bad that they’re such poor OC’s again maxing out at 4.3 across all cores from what i’ve seen if they hit 4.7 AC they would be ahead of intel chips maybe 4x series Kappa fatpep: The Sarge iq elaGa Lagunaab: hard save perhaps Alex_R3d: just farm on a pile of radioactive goop 4HEad GluteusCortex: Doesnt the hat start to itch at some point ? PepeLaugh @Elajjaz Azure_Felt: LULW Da_Flanker: Sure they’ll be fine Jinok: Hard save theoxadam: Just shut it down ResidentSleeper wizardcock: GOOD GUY PLAYTHROUGH WeirdChamp ComradeNerdy: 18 naked cowboys ghoulified in showers at vault 34, hard throbbing cocks fell off from radiation exposure HandsUp animalinstinctz: Kappa Scumbag_Manbird: save* Lexor757: OPEN REACTOR DOOR ? silver6ird: DOOM THEM BOTH FeelsGoodMan Clap Kirzan: Yeah, @Elajjaz it’s not like this is a nuclear wasteland where people can’t plant anything outside 🙂 Azure_Felt: elaYes Lagunaab: Hard save that kind of situations imo SkeletonKeyLimePie: no I did it Wiktor7219: elaYes fixions: read it FailFish Spurquu: elaBlind Annonn140: FeelsPepoMan thanksblizzard: Ela the armory lol Noemiii: ComradeNerdy FeelsWeirdMan Naaslaarum: i did it 🙂 Pyrhaa: i did 🙂 MettatonsFan: reading elaBlind InternetGrandpa: @fatpep Excuse you, its 🤠 The Sarge 🤠 TheGoldenCobra: You didn’t, just read LULW Tattip: elaBlind illuminatieyes_xd: skipping lore DansGame Lexor757: you need to do it inside the reactor room caly_g: the hat POGGERS Turbulist: What is reading elaBlind Gros_shtok: reading OMEGALUL ggimad: Maybe read it? LUL Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh imLunchy: monkaW ComradeNerdy: Noemiii 4Shrug lorhne: @Elajjaz dont forgett the armoury theoxadam: Never save in a fallout game ResidentSleeper KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz closing vents probably stops oxygen from re aching the trapped vault dwellers evilmarmot42: i never knew ela was fucking jacked Lindykins: Does ela even have the quests for this vault? GymNation: @Elajjaz SAVE brot_ok: elaDM toastertoastey: ELAS ARMS Kreygasm zaPaarl: worthless terminal :joy: imLunchy: @evilmarmot42 hes the boss of the gym Odins_pecs: elaDM Lexor757: Open the door Romanspring: larxaWut wizardcock: BAZOOKA HANDS Jaushel: elaDM shiion17: Noemiii nomicutie atamHug LegendarySoulblade: Howdy pardners 🐄 Zekretiel: Where is he in the game? skybeaverking: elaDM sup Turbulist: monkaW shiion17: LegendarySoulblade atamHi Noemiii: shiion17 omg hii elaWOW SkeletonKeyLimePie: ok bye brot_ok: LULW Azure_Felt: PepeS TheGoldenCobra: LULW Pyrhaa: LULW TorvaM: LULW Nopileos: LULW illethor221: that was liud Red_ls_Dead: REACTOR HARDER elaMad crashfort: PepeS silver6ird: stvoSG brot_ok: elaWut HYPERCLAP thugbois: LUL LegendarySoulblade: @shiion17 elaHi theoxadam: Close vets ResidentSleeper Spectre_700: shiion17 cutie shion! pepeL C_Fear: @illuminatieyes_xd Intel will show the same problem when they finally decide to abandon 10nm and use 7nm fabs, the laws of physics make clockspeeds harder to obtain from this node on XzKutor: did he went in the armory? Azure_Felt: monkaW Annonn140: chernobyl monkaW Febox: 3,6 ROENTGEN monkaW Veee_: monkaW amaddog: monkaW Monster5crak: elaWut Fullmetalcheese: monkaW fixions: monkaW choose Nopileos: monkaW Redwin_AR: monkaW LegendarySoulblade: Hey Ela how’s it going? talkman_: DIATLOV WE GOTTA ACT NOW monkaW C_Fear: @illuminatieyes_xd the real trick of course, is getting developers to stop programming like it’s 1984 Fullmetalcheese: Still eating Yogurt FeelsWeirdMan lochlan1414: go to the armory Vid0fnir: where is he at? god i gotta replay this game HeraldOfHarolds: LUL shiion17: Spectre_700 atamPog spectre atamHug XzKutor: There’s a nice unique weapon in the armory Annonn140: 4Shrug tigeralum11: Ela’s fapping arm is bigger than his other one LUL Wwaaaz: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh Febox: WHAT DID YOU DO COMRADE monkaW thanksblizzard: Go tjrrr first imLunchy: Im told its only the equivalent of a chest x ray TorvaM: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW shiion17: LULW mentalvary: PepeLaugh amaddog: LULW Halldan: LULW LegendarySoulblade: YOU ARE DELUSIONNAL DansGame Nopileos: LULW Pyrhaa: IKEALUL DigitalZips: IKEALUL Zeuthos: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LUL Turbulist: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know Annonn140: IKEALUL Lexor757: 1/4 LULW NightfallJaeger: OMEGALUL Fatamerikans: you let this out LULW Tasarion: 3.6 röntgen not great not terrible elaGa Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR AkiraJkr: HandsUp HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL amaddog: HandsUp ftwitchtvvmodz: LULW Fullmetalcheese: HandsUp MurderChaos: Tll me how does a Vault 34 reactor explode ? captain_elsewhere: YOU DIDNT SEE GRAPHITE LegendarySoulblade: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MrRoboto_0: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp VDSMF: HandsUp HeraldOfHarolds: so worth Final_zebraman: oooo? Lexor757: LOST TO ZOMBIES OMEGALUL AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp defined: is this Elajjaz’s 1st ever Fallout game? Wendell8504: HandsUp NovaMoon: @Elajjaz those are the people you saved LULW Mythaiass: HandsUp illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear yeah they already know that the ice lake has lower clocks(laptop chips) but yeah most games are still 90% 4 core optimized barely any leverage more cores properly gggcccA7X: 61% btw LegendarySoulblade: @captain_elsewhere LULW TorvaM: LULW Just_a_Vivi: oathRip oathRip oathRip oathRip oathRip Monster5crak: reload and go to the armory first ela brot_ok: elaYes Azure_Felt: u can find the people u saved later 🙂 Rural_Juror_: Clap ftwitchtvvmodz: OMEGALUL Eccitaze_Graycloud: Grats on letting a bunch of a bunch of feral ghouls out Jebaited ComradeNerdy: NCR is shit anyway, so fuck them, they can farm in their original territories elaOP Ph4ntomi: all ogre PepeHands AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: eu aim LUL Spectre_700: BELL BOTTOMS BELL BOTTOMS BELL BOTTOMS pepeJAM illuminatieyes_xd: @C_Fear we might see new games in next 1-3 years use 6 cores+ properly Annonn140: JUST RUN LegendarySoulblade: @captain_elsewhere This character/actor is so damn good tho Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Turbulist: Elajjaz Those are the people you saved LULW AkiraJkr: Pog humbert_humbert: not on hardcore anymore? LUL I want to see the moment he gave up SeekerAloy: go for the legs to cripple them WrestlerBot2000: ElaSnake|Clip No.24| https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicSmallDillPogChamp ElaOut theoxadam: EU arm LUL zaPaarl: eat the cheese wheels shiion17: not great not terrible Kappa TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Akaylass: LULW MrRoboto_0: LUL Nakamura_Shinichi: Clap fatpep: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW TorvaM: LULW FlameResistant: LULW Hollow_void: LULW HotFireZ: LULW zaPaarl: take drugs SandyGG: LULW brot_ok: OMEGADOWN shiion17: LULW ftwitchtvvmodz: OMEGALUL LULW alex_47region: eddie help wtf MrDestructoid Spurquu: LULW cato____: LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeLaugh MurderChaos: the farms were sustaining a bunch of non NR people, nice mass murder btw Kappa* Christophersopranos: LUL amaddog: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Palookajim: Eddie!!! tilionm: LULW imLunchy: LUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: ED-E SAVE ME BabyRage Fullmetalcheese: LUL Ph4ntomi: LULW MettatonsFan: OMEGALUL Lagunaab: fine he says LULW Pyrhaa: OMEGALUL unbuliebubble: LULW Just_a_Vivi: LULW Espher_5: LULW SaixSoul: hahahah LULW ceejsavage: atpCap Nopileos: LULW xerotwo: OOP AHH Jebaited angryj0nes: LULW SaDiablo: LUL Imsleepybro: LULW gild0n: LULW Pixel_hearts: elaYes fixions: EDDIE BabyRage kkoja: ResidentSleeper MOERKETSFYRSTE: Did he stop playing ETG? LegendarySoulblade: ME TOO gachiCOOL 립병: keep yer health full illuminatieyes_xd: IS IT VERY HARD THOUGH? LUL KaitoKidShadow: lol wizardcock: HARDCORE – EASY DIFF PepeLaugh Arctic_Junk: Why is The Sarge wearing a SPACESUIT? Da_Flanker: Eddie, carry me BabyRage ThatLuluTho: You PepeLaugh DjaDjaDji: PepeS Siempresemeolvida: i reckon i hasnt met boone yet? Armored_Guy: looks pretty easy Tasarion: clearly not enough drugs VapeNation Irocam: @Elajjaz you should play with shades for maximum role playing ElaSmash f0xh0und86: u didnt heal KurtRustle91: @illuminatieyes_xd Hard + HC theoxadam: EDDIE HELP BabyRage captain_elsewhere: yeah he’s a great actor LegendarySoulblade a lot of the cast are brittish regulars so i see them a lot on detective and mystery tv Maceron4444: why does it even let you target ED-E in VATS anyway LUL ggimad: why would you save those ghouls crashfort: PepeS alsorrr: what. is. on. your. head. cato____: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaGun unbuliebubble: monkaW Fatamerikans: You sure you want to let them out? Huntedspam: moon2E pro gamer lol Turbulist: elaKek f0xh0und86: youre so hardcore ella Kappa KurtRustle91: @Maceron4444 because you can attack any NPC in the game, friendlies too shiion17: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @KurtRustle91 pussy move Kappa enemies don’t have enough HP Kappa SiloWang: F Akaylass: KKona humbert_humbert: oh, you had doctor’s bag nvm Irocam: cmonBrother imLunchy: Im told its only the equivalent of a chest x ray Pepega HanzDiesel: :cowboy: Pyrhaa: it was PepeLaugh skillascii: well you did hit 2/4 lone_scientist: IKEALUL Corpsy: @Elajjaz Everyone knows a true cowboy goes into a vault by himself with no companions elaB Armored_Guy: XCOM LULW captain_elsewhere: nice shooting tex elaKek LegendarySoulblade: @captain_elsewhere oh yeah ? a lot of talents in the uk, lad 3Head ComradeNerdy: Maceron4444 shit that people ask Bethesda to fix for more than a decade, but it’s still around elaOP Motek: gachiHYPER YES SIR Drachenreiter: HOW ABOUT 100% gachiHYPER CMAN222008: gachiBASS cacctus1: why is he roleplaying sarge as a dick? MrRoboto_0: ok gachiBASS Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER AkiraJkr: ElaSmash SandyGG: Crippled head LUL imLunchy: gachiBASS Irocam: spanked gachiBASS SaixSoul: gachiBASS Elfualoco2003: gachiBASS OKAY Youbetterlikemyburgers: ok gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiBASS HeraldOfHarolds: they will Kouwell: gachiBASS YES SIR mildwonder: gachiBOP Gnash97: moon2E STIMPAK ME BICH DaniDuck: 3Head Lexor757: OK gachiBASS Lagunaab: pain ? VaN DANYgoxx: gachiHYPER OK that_solid_dude: sumSmash :knife: Spectre_700: just bitch slapped you to half health elaKek Maceron4444: LUL ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER YES SIR gachiHYPER mibutwhole: DEAD Kappa Blacmorecito: CIA Ghouls glow at night HanzDiesel: 🤔 Pyrhaa: ED-E BabyRage wizardcock: JUST JUKE THEM LOL AkiraJkr: Pog Azure_Felt: eddy said no and left LULW C_Fear: nothing says lazy dev like “Bethesda” ceejsavage: PogChamp purple_flavor: if you have any minds use them Nightcall7: moon2E moon2E moon2E Thermocrius: 😠 SkeletonKeyLimePie: missing the glasses amaddog: PepeLaugh SainEdge: ED-E help me BabyRage AkiraJkr: LULW skillascii: @Blacmorecito it’s easy you just run them over ChaosLike: PepeLaugh f0xh0und86: caleb3Head crippled head Turbulist: LULW Akaylass: LULW TorvaM: LULW alejandropaezcasas: Ela, have you ever played Corpse Party?, that game is really good brot_ok: LULW Nopileos: LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh theoxadam: Crippled headass Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh mokurage: moon2E Meximus322: LULW HanzDiesel: :cowboy: Emzero: LULW captain_elsewhere: hahahaha mibutwhole: LUL Azure_Felt: elaEZ Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaEZ Annonn140: LULW HeraldOfHarolds: LUL Tasarion: elaEZ Nopileos: LULW LULW KingMidas133: LULW fatpep: DatSheffy DaniDuck: ED-E is too slow because he’s too heavy from carrying @Elajjaz PepeHands Rural_Juror_: LULW Mokum73: LUL loraineeee: PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: 🦀 ED-E IS GONE 🦀 Drownacow: Praise PowerUpL SabaPing PowerUpR AkiraJkr: HandsUp Turbulist: HandsUp TheGoldenCobra: LULW AlexAnderman1994: elaEZ Kouwell: @Blacmorecito I miss Terry PepeHands amaddog: HandsUp Nopileos: LULW Lagunaab: THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING Fullmetalcheese: Finally LUL Veee_: LULW Deliriumi1: HandsUp Mythaiass: HandsUp Pixel_hearts: LULW 👉 ElaCOOL franky_latabasse: elaBlind with a stetson HanzDiesel: :face_with_cowboy_hat: shameimarusen: CoolCat CoolCat CoolCat CoolCat AkiraJkr: Pog brot_ok: Pog tilionm: LULW NordicRain: Eddie BabyRage HanzDiesel: :clown: Pegufitra: @Elajjaz you should wear sunglasses too KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz damn, this place will make Sarge into a MAN LegendarySoulblade: :smiley/emoji_cowboy_face_expression: @HanzDiesel elaEZ Pixel_hearts: anyways PepeHands Armored_Guy: hell Thermocrius: they’re spawned in captain_elsewhere: my ass elaC Leeegit: PepeHands Turbulist: Elajjaz You know those are the people you saved right? elaK Wwaaaz: elaBlind HanzDiesel: 🤔 bolsha9boroda: Without EDE it was good. KurtRustle91: @Thermocrius no, he opened a door with the computer Zekretiel: !uptime AkiraJkr: You fucked the farms in exchange for dying LULW @Elajjaz z_Shot_: Rads munka RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz ed is very aggressive monkaW thanksblizzard: @Elajjaz Just do the armory first so you can have real weapons Irocam: drink Pog WrestlerBot2000: @Zekretiel, elajjaz has been streaming for 5 hours 37 mins Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh mibutwhole: Drink it NordicRain: LULW sunshift: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited imLunchy: drink it Spectre_700: LOL Abdiel_Kavash: thorwSip Fatamerikans: only 1 rads SnarksterJr: monkaTOS Gnash97: xqcA Armored_Guy: 🙂 Turbulist: LULW captain_elsewhere: ony one rad Akaylass: it’s just one rads tho Maceron4444: mountain dew Pog Rural_Juror_: Clap grevedarkholm: girl gamer bath water Pog Turbulist: elaChug C_Fear: yes, drink the Intel thermal paste Sikodude: Hold E KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz hold Annonn140: OMEGALUL Monster5crak: hold e ceejsavage: Kreygasm shiion17: monkaW TorvaM: less rads than normal sinks and toilets OMEGALUL Lexor757: how is that only 1 rad LazyLudens: hold e Armored_Guy: mmm Just_a_Vivi: LULW Fatamerikans: hold button? LegendarySoulblade: Monster Pog Lagunaab: you can keep E pressed to keep drinking Jinok: Hold E tigeralum11: Just drink it 4Head Vanset_: gamer fuel Gros_shtok: ? captain_elsewhere: you can hold to keep drinking HeraldOfHarolds: damn right evilmarmot42: hold E Rural_Juror_: so tasty lockorunlock: not a great taste, but not terrible talkman_: only 1 rad Pog illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Lagunaab: hold E Irocam: LULW lngleberry: LULW Corpsy: LUL Tasarion: elaPuke toastertoastey: TRUE LUL Meximus322: LULW Rural_Juror_: LUL Nopileos: LUL AkiraJkr: LULW Espher_5: gamer girl water Pog chibbun: LMFAOOO TorvaM: PogU HeraldOfHarolds: LUL C_Fear: LUL Reddinator: danO DaniDuck: LULW Annonn140: LULW shiion17: Abdiel_Kavash atamHug Pyrhaa: LULW Ellycat1: elaOP Clap KingMidas133: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL lone_scientist: monkaW Nopileos: LULW Schwirm: Pog Akaylass: LULW saturnxxo: LMFAO Azure_Felt: elaOP mmmm WVReaper: LULW Haika112: mmmmmmmmmmmmm Springfart: LULW itoplays: Gamer girl bath water right there Xinicius: LOOOOOOOL Pixel_hearts: LULW trusty_mrlie: Is that gamer girl pee? dayhappyx3: what if there are sharks in the bathtub monkaS Nopileos: LULW LULW Murder_Dog: “about to” LULW saturnxxo: !clip sunshift: the OST though Kreygasm Armored_Guy: mountain dew OpieOP WrestlerBot2000: Branch|Clip No.33| https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessThankfulGarlicBigBrother For full list of clips and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/clips.html chibbun: CLIP IT zaPaarl: is that what they drank. wizardcock: Holding is actually a secret tech evilmarmot42: my pleasure Rural_Juror_: mine is in the mail 🙂 Lagunaab: fun flavoured water elaBlush MatrixxStar: delicious imLunchy: Real GamerGirl bath water has magical properties Marsche: im stuff Onionmaster32: @Elajjaz Ela when are yoy gonna sell some water? gachiGASM ComradeNerdy: after all the bathwater shit they actualyl should start selling Chernobyl reactor water, mad bux guaranteed elaOP Irocam: Like people actually buys that LULW garrickus: Has Ela realised he doomed the farms to save 2 Ghouls? HanzDiesel: @LegendarySoulblade rip me lol can’t figure out which ones work and which ones don’t. CeremonD: reactor water should be purified thou captain_elsewhere: equating radioactive water to ladies bathwater elaKek mysogynist elaKek Filo155: ela you think thats a negative to the ppl who bought it? 😀 ViveLaDissidence: Don’t project your degeneracy on me pls Kapp cheeze____: We all bought it 🙂 TyrantZedd: I just got fucking crisps in me damn eye elaBlind AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: HandsUp thats not water shiion17: 3.6 roentgen atamGoo Spectre_700: Irocam the thing is people actually are, it’s sold out AkiraJkr: You saved 2 ghouls YOU KILLED while killing the farms LULW MOERKETSFYRSTE: Why does his gun look like a penis? evilmarmot42: ela you ruined the farm to save those 2 ghouls that almost killed ya C_Fear: it isn’t real girl gamer bath water when it hasn’t been seasoned with underwear Irocam: @Spectre_700 FeelsBadMan 🔫 NNayio: monkaGun LegendarySoulblade: 🤠 @HanzDiesel gjoran1: poop specled bathwater elaThirst elaThirst Azure_Felt: he didn’t save ghouls chat PepeLaugh Nopileos: Azure_Felt elaH AkiraJkr: Pog SandyGG: Pog SaixSoul: Pog MitsuoK: closer SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz someone went to the hospital from drinking it iirc Nopileos: Pog Spectre_700: Irocam people have even been hospitalised after drinking it Pixel_hearts: Pog Pyrhaa: monkaS TorvaM: monkaW KurtRustle91: Breaking monkaS ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd went for the pour method aye? 🙂 shameimarusen: Now thousands will starve Annonn140: LUL Monster5crak: go repair it Irocam: @Spectre_700 are you serious? captain_elsewhere: thats a fake story Spectre_700 elaKek Irocam Lagunaab: I need to start selling my special gamer bath water aswell WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Fatamerikans: I’m waiting for her to sell toilet water 🙂 evilmarmot42: he really doesnt realise what hes done illuminatieyes_xd: @SnarksterJr seriously why would anyone buy that shit let alone drink it LUL tigeralum11: @Spectre_700 Natural selection at work tbh Pixel_hearts: Can you Mele in this game ? Artoch47: Millions will die Da_Flanker: Spectre_700 Was it KrazyShark? Xerenix: Thousands will starve but atleast you “saved” these ghouls LULW SaDiablo: @Spectre_700 that was a fake news btw AkiraJkr: So many people will starve PepeHands KurtRustle91: @Monster5crak he cant repair it with spare parts because its unique, needs the perk ComradeNerdy: did Shark even come back or he’s still taking bathwater IVs? nrdyHmm LegendarySoulblade: @Fatamerikans gachiBOP cheeze____: that’s fake man LULW theoxadam: Not a good sigh at all FeelsBadMan chibbun: well i mean it literally says “do not drink this” Spectre_700: CaptainOutOfTen Irocam nah it’s true, she has herpes SaDiablo chibbun: so it’s not like people can sue Pyrhaa: LUL gold_dante: D: Pixel_hearts: ComradeNerdy elaH Xerenix: D: AkiraJkr: D: Traktorq: 4HEad Lagunaab: elaEZ Labargoth: CoolStoryBob Nopileos: D: naan_in_my_chech: IKEALUL killing thousands sunshift: @Da_Flanker that’s why he’s not here D: LegendarySoulblade: @ComradeNerdy elaHi Doomerttv: YOLO 😂 ComradeNerdy: Pixel_hearts elaH captain_elsewhere: armoury we go elaA angryj0nes: D: Akaylass: chaotic evil MurderChaos: @Elajjaz AlexAnderman1994: elaEZ ComradeNerdy: LegendarySoulblade elaH MurderChaos: @Elajjaz find the vault dwellers you saved Da_Flanker: sunshift RIP AkiraJkr: WHAT PROFIT LULW Irocam: @Spectre_700 Tought they wouldn’t buy to actually drink it tho elaHmm fatpep: elaK Tasarion: !fuck NCR WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, NCR gachiDAMA TyrantZedd: @ekcolocke Actually no, I was fingering the bottom of the bag to get the crumbs because i’m a fat cunt, and when I popped me finger out it pinged into me eye elaGa LordParasit: how is it profitable for him to maybe safe ppl in there then? KurtRustle91: Wasnt that wannabe ghouls journal supposed to be in that reactor room? illuminatieyes_xd: capitalist charcater LUL captain_elsewhere: grofit elaC Murder_Dog: ROLEPLAYER Pog Acafulcro: c a p i t a l i s m sneakyYeehaw shameimarusen: Full chaotic evil Labargoth: rooThink so Ela will go House or Benny Traktorq: they would have paid you at the farms C_Fear: role-playing in a role-playing game PepeLaugh blauersteinfresser: forsenRP brot_ok: edgy ela elaBlush Huntedspam: !quote Fullmetalcheese: 4Head Just move the Farm somewhere else 4Head WrestlerBot2000: “It’s so easy to… fuck” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 96 For full list of quotes and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/quotes.html AkiraJkr: Pog captain_elsewhere: sharcroppers are ncr elaKek turbofacu: NCR DansGame Rural_Juror_: hes not wrong. Ellycat1: Poor NRC PepeHands Pyrhaa: HotPokket assuming ? gold_dante: Pog HeraldOfHarolds: you get less profit for helping the people you saved Annonn140: chaotic neutral gang 😎 dayhappyx3: ROLEPLAYERS PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz RyanLovesWeed: 10k Pog xHydraaP: Real socialism hasnt been tried Amalthazad: @ComradeNerdy Nerdyyyyyyyyyy nrdyOwO xHydraaP: LUL Acafulcro: right in the 4Head Drachenreiter: NCR’s done nothing against you or your character, Ela elaK sunshift: “vault dweller” “probably NCR” raqos: !fuck you CuckiTheDucki: oof ComradeNerdy: Amalthazad nrdyOwO ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd impressive! 5Head Irocam: ela13 james_double_u: forsenRP gold_dante: ela13 Cheeseek: ela13 KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz it said they were Vault Dwellers. That means people whose ancestors were chosen into the vault 200 years ago. Can’t be NCR TheXearo: ela13 Pixel_hearts: gachiOnFIRE Nopileos: ela13 RyanLovesWeed: Pog Espher_5: ela13 eremiter: ela13 AlexAnderman1994: gachiOnFIRE Traktorq: PogU Pixel_hearts: ela13 景明: ela13 illuminatieyes_xd: story LUL brot_ok: ela13 HYPERCLAP HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh still? Wwaaaz: Don’t worry it’s normal imLunchy: 100 speech Kreygasm TorvaM: @Elajjaz thats why new vegas is so good game dayhappyx3: ela13 Clap Amalthazad: @ComradeNerdy How are you comrade? nrdyHeh fatpep: right GrungyCoffee: Doing it correctly then Dereservoir: not true at all captain_elsewhere: you got to boulder city KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz 75 Speech Pog Armored_Guy: sdtory OMEGLOL Annonn140: it does Xerenix: @Elajjaz Can’t we replace elaTAK with the cowboy again to fit this game? spicystuff00: Vault dwellers are NCR apparently LUL KrazyShark: @Da_Flanker gamergirl bathwater DansGame animegirl’s love nectar https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/999/596/986.jpg krazys2LEWD 👌 Sohei4649: Sounds normal PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: GUNS KKona Lagunaab: inb4 he is lvl 40 when he arrived to NV tilionm: ela13 Azure_Felt: well the vault dwellers do camp at an ncr place PepeLaugh Nightcall7: he will fuck up everything because he hates everyone especially robots LULW C_Fear: bööks Armored_Guy: story OMEGLOL vault1344: ela is 13 HeraldOfHarolds: exactly Annonn140: since books are limited Final_zebraman: SPEECH MY MAN LohmatiyShmel: ela13 Traktorq: level cap is 50 Res_Quant: i haven’t finished NV after 90 hours lol Fatamerikans: GUNS GUNS GUNS KKona Cheeseek: Surv Pog MurderChaos: UP THAT SPECH XzKutor: That sounds like my playtrhough Irocam: Science Pog Tasarion: survival OMEGALUL Drownacow: medicine JesseThaBest: speech and science 😀 dayhappyx3: 25 survival Pog MOERKETSFYRSTE: @Elajjaz It’s pretty worth it illuminatieyes_xd: SPEECH shameimarusen: enbP3 enbP3 enbP3 ChilledGear: @Elajjaz your doing what the devs designed for you to do. dont worry ViveLaDissidence: 30 medicine Pog lochlan1414: more guns HotFireZ: speech XzKutor: do anything else but the main quest ComradeNerdy: Amalthazad still feeling meh, but just chilling now, so decent elaA how are you? matemagiker: BARTER KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz 75 speech though jeh_zzz: there’s a really good sniper for lockpick 100 i think Le_________________bowser: 5Head 100 science FlameResistant: Barter PogU bloodcaleb: survival + medicine on hardcore PogU gosamigo: 100 speech MurderChaos: @Elajjaz start pumping energy weapons, some of the best weapons require it JSRD_95: JSRD_95 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! howdy elaHi captain_elsewhere: science for hard and very hard terminals WrestlerBot2000: @jsrd_95 I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM RyanLovesWeed: @ChilledGear you’re a dev Pog Nopileos: SUB HYPE JSRD_95 PogChamp z_Shot_: Difficulty? obad91: @Elajjaz spam that survivaaaal DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Can you explain why the sarge hates ncr, because they haven’t done anything against you elaK Da_Flanker: KrazyShark OMEGALUL Monster5crak: elaK Labargoth: Get to Vegas and then do whatever pekkaatte122: 75 speech dayhappyx3: SURVIVAL 100 PogU Amalthazad: @ComradeNerdy Hope you’ll get on your feet soon elaH I’m doing fine thank you nrdyE namelessmonster36: MEDICINE Habitual_Balance: that’s like a rule of thumb for Bethesda games lol vihainenkampela: unarmed billyReady wevie1: @z_Shot_ hard and on hardcore spicystuff00: Vegas and then gamble Annonn140: legion did nothing against him too Kapp HotFireZ: 75 speech Febox: doing everything aside the main story is NV other name LULW Joxih: explosives zaPaarl: fuck vegas AkiraJkr: Are you gonna gamble? HYPERCLAP @Elajjaz z_Shot_: Nice ty sunshift: KrazyShark he’s alive Pog Irocam: @Elajjaz no explosives for dinamite elaHmm ? pekkaatte122: 75 Lexor757: BBarter Spectre_700: Elajjaz can I buy your bath water? Armored_Guy: speech 100 😡 Lagunaab: didn’t realize sarge had a silver tongue RyanLovesWeed: @Spectre_700 yes KrazyShark: @sunshift yet dead inside FeelsBadMan HeraldOfHarolds: 55 guns is kinda low MangoMcTango: the hat PepeLaugh randomstalker: 75 reaperzofdeath80: high melee is OP Azure_Felt: u know ela sucks at gambling spicystuff00 spicystuff00: Literal speechgod victor_maitland: seem to recall there being a bunker that required 100 lockpick SnarksterJr: survival PepeLaugh z_Shot_: Speech PogChamp ComradeNerdy: Amalthazad soon for sure, we still strimin, ain’t no rest for the wicked ElaPls SnarksterJr: DansGame brot_ok: FeelsBadMan illuminatieyes_xd: peasant Amalthazad: @KrazyShark Too real PepeHands Murder_Dog: DansGame elbruceo: there are no 100 speech checks tigeralum11: @Lagalla Oh he def does elaGasm Spectre_700: bottle up your shower water f0xh0und86: if u can kill anything why have speech DarkMode Da_Flanker: Sell your toilet water then SkeletonKeyLimePie: scoop up water from the floor when you shower LickMyPretzel: Take a bath in the sink DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Can you explain why the sarge hates ncr, because they haven’t done anything against you elaK XzKutor: there’s a 100 lockpick in the armory illuminatieyes_xd: LUL dt5014: speech Pog Schwirm: FeelsBadMan buy one Germy_ranch: DansGame Kouwell: Dickwash water gachiBASS zulul_vi_von_zulul: survival LUL angryj0nes: LULW pekkaatte122: get that speech to 75 Irocam: But this isn’t the beach, it’s a bathub Drachenreiter: how do you wash then ela elaHmm silver6ird: sell your shower drain hair i’d buy it Labargoth: Ela doesn’t wash DansGame s3r1ous: showers only boys HanzDiesel: 😞 elbruceo: there are high medicine and science checks Geralt_of_Syria: just pee in a bottle and sell it @Elajjaz 5Head badly_dressed_0nion: bawkOmega Amalthazad: @ComradeNerdy Money don’t grow on trees TaBeRu Roskieman: @Elajjaz do you sell used bongwater? Powlingo: @Elajjaz What about uses mouthwash? Shiinalicious: @elbruceo yes there are LUL sunshift: you can’t even recreate the “this isn’t a beach, this is a bathtub” scene then NotLikeThis afroguru: go sneak thatpeaoverthere: @victor_maitland there’s a few things that require 100 lockpicking, such as a rifle and some other things Marinetastic: sell gamer sweat from when you’re at the gym skybeaverking: Get one as an investment elaSmile Armored_Guy: sneak SensualSuplex: Baith? ar_Tekko: ise toilet water instead LUL Spectre_700: Elajjaz bottle up your sweat, I’ll buy a jar for 10k ComradeNerdy: Ela has a pretty smol bathroom indeed, proper manly cave dayhappyx3: SURVIVAL 100 PogU obad91: @Elajjaz whats this about bath water, did i miss something? Aediz: science 75? LickMyPretzel: NotLikeThis survival SkeletonKeyLimePie: explosives Chag afroguru: @Elajjaz sneak Habitual_Balance: I got some used condoms for sale. TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz Can I buy your used wank rags elaSmile DrMong: KKool guns Annonn140: survival LULW silver6ird: KKona Clap Labargoth: KKona my brother dayhappyx3: guns FeelsWeirdMan MrRoboto_0: KKona Clap Traktorq: KKool Annonn140: KKona Clap Armored_Guy: KKona Nopileos: KKona Clap KrazyShark: @Elajjaz just pour out the sweat from your clothes after your morning runs and sell it krazys2THIRSTY Traktorq: KKona SOON Espher_5: KKona HYPERCLAP AlexAnderman1994: KKool HeraldOfHarolds: hell yeah WoozyPalma: @Elajjaz just put some glasses on the floor of the shower then add soap in it? elaHmm elaPlan DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Can you explain why the sarge hates ncr, because they haven’t done anything against you elaK slyster12: ur going to need lockpicking later on in game z_Shot_: You’ll get plenty skill points Tw1tOne: guns are some sort of survival too Kapp ViveLaDissidence: KKona HYPERCLAP HeraldOfHarolds: what’s a cowboy without his guns KrazyShark: @Amalthazad PepeHands xdreigor: LULW TheXearo: Nerdy, did you have a good time in it then ? elaGasm SkeletonKeyLimePie: barely PepeLaugh Annonn140: NCR DansGame Akaylass: HandsUp vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh ChocolateBarni: Hey @ComradeNerdy FeelsGoodMan / How are you doing? Traktorq: KKona HYPERCLAP INC Febox: HandsUp dayhappyx3: BillyReady Schwirm: HandsUp KrazyShark: wow insane strenght AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: KKona youre finally learning Mythaiass: HandsUp Irocam: HandsUp 景明: pepeLaugh Nopileos: HandsUp mentalvary: Chag Armored_Guy: HandsUp AkiraJkr: Pog SandyGG: Pog Wendell8504: HandsUp ComradeNerdy: TheXearo yeah, pretty good HandsUp Romanspring: heya e AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: HandsUp Fatamerikans: monkaW Azure_Felt: crippled OMEGLOL KrazyShark: WIFF LULW TheXearo: HandsUp HanzDiesel: 🔫 cacctus1: NCR are pretty good faction in this game fintseri: fintseri subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Hello WrestlerBot2000: @fintseri I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE fintseri elaA AkiraJkr: STRONGER AND DEAD LULW @Elajjaz ComradeNerdy: ChocolateBarni still sick, but it’s better already so all good elaA how are you? elaH Romanspring: @elajjaz heya larxaHype Traktorq: ouchie ViveLaDissidence: Ded PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: “Do you have feelings in your fuck?” – Ela, 2018 No. 110 https://clips.twitch.tv/AntediluvianSnappyLaptopSoBayed Wendell8504: LULW angryj0nes: LULW Fatamerikans: last bag LULW TheXearo: no more bags PepeLaugh 景明: LULW Armored_Guy: stronger PepeLaugh Habitual_Balance: deda Amalthazad: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: so strong PepeLaugh Irocam: think you should save your doctor bags for your arms elaHmm Labargoth: 😂 I’m dying rn JimiJam69: moon2E 8m4n_: doodHokey Pyrhaa: ED-E BabyRage TyrantZedd: @ComradeNerdy Nerdy you’re alive FeelsGoodMan Schwirm: HandsUp☢️ zaPaarl: level 13 RonsuDE: LULW mentalvary: elaKek Celulith: ED-E BabyRage AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh why does he never use stimpaks z_Shot_: Heal dt5014: Pog rofIcopter: LULW Habitual_Balance: moon2M 📣 eeeeEEddy sunshift: PepeLaugh zaPaarl: ela13 illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Da_Flanker: LULW TorvaM: PepeLaugh its coming Nopileos: LULW ComradeNerdy: TyrantZedd of course elaEZ sunshift: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Turbulist: Pog wizardcock: xD Akaylass: stanger Pog TorvaM: Pog SandyGG: LULW mentalvary: ok then RonsuDE: Pog Maceron4444: Pog Irocam: Pog Sapath: Pog Azure_Felt: Pog brot_ok: Pog Glenshane: Pog Nopileos: Pog Schwirm: LUL Cheeseek: monkaW Pyrhaa: Pog Lagunaab: pog mysweatyth1ghsss: Saved Pog HotFireZ: Chag Murika_: Pog ressa2: Pog Traktorq: LULW Sheep_stick: Pog Spurquu: Pog loraineeee: PogU Gnash97: LULW RicHaya: Chag Labargoth: LUL Kevintaku: what the xerotwo: PogChamp Serulean_Cadence: wtf grevedarkholm: Pog tilionm: LULW Nopileos: pog Zierz0: Pog ViveLaDissidence: Pog Naniyo: LULW TyrantZedd: Pog MurderChaos: USE DRUGS bedotheman: Pog LohmatiyShmel: Pog Da_Flanker: Nice save hentaihero4ever: elaWut elaGun elaBruv 景明: Pog Nopileos: Pog Mythaiass: LULW Armored_Guy: LULW ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 AkiraJkr: SAVED 420bakin: Pog ComradeNerdy: useful stranger slavLUL Breitey: EXECUTION POG RattleMBones: thanks stranger! TheXearo: Useless Pog SnarksterJr: LUL useless blauersteinfresser: Pog vihainenkampela: Pog captain_elsewhere: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck MitsuoK: ez SandyGG: PLAYER 2 Pog Traktorq: OMEGADOWN talkman_: LULW Nothing personnel kid Nopileos: Pog Pog captain_elsewhere: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK KurtRustle91: Clutch AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: Pog shiion17: ?????? IangIey: Pog Wendell8504: PogU LohmatiyShmel: SO LUCKY Pog tigeralum11: mysterious guy REMUSXXXL: elaKek Traktorq: CARRIED LULW Irocam: Bruce U ZULUL wizardcock: WICKED PepeLaugh spicystuff00: Useless stranger LUL XzKutor: LAKKI KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz last doctors bag gone PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: Mysterious God carried Pog suryk22: Hi Ela and Chat Pyrhaa: pity PepeLaugh weeb8er: ZULUL Nopileos: suryk22 elaH ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: Mysterius stranger @Elajjaz sunshift: Kill stealing or heroic save? 🤔 gosamigo: Vault Boy Status: Kreygasm Xerenix: The story of ED-E and the Mysterious stranger. Oh and sarge.. TorvaM: @Elajjaz its incredible how elaGa the stranger is for you LULW DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Can you explain why the sarge hates the NCR, because if i recall correctly they haven’t done anything against you elaK ChocolateBarni: @ComradeNerdy nice. I’m good, just chilling until the August Irocam: thats Boone in disguise LULW Acafulcro: sneaky1 sneaky2 Don’t talk to me or Zekretiel: How is Boone ? AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh stranger used on useless vault encounter ComradeNerdy: you should see stranger in F76, fucking best perk even nrdyKek Traktorq: KKona HYPERCLAP InternetVillainSuperstar: ED-E’s and Mysterious Stranger’s First Playthrough HeraldOfHarolds: my fav gun is here ComradeNerdy: ChocolateBarni sounds great elaA captain_elsewhere: and now the loot elaGasm Fatamerikans: Pog thatpeaoverthere: HE’S IN MurderChaos: here we go bloodcaleb: PogU TorvaM: Poh zulul_vi_von_zulul: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Gnash97: POGGERS Annonn140: Pog LETS GOOOOOOO spicystuff00: Pog TorvaM: PogU Renococoa: Pog illuminatieyes_xd: POG Nopileos: Pog zaPaarl: luck is tasty hobbT Dyres: KKona Clap nice hat dedhillo: alkGreatGoblinKing Any goblins here? alkGreatGoblinKing MrRoboto_0: Pog TyrantZedd: ComradeNerdy I forgot today was a day so I didn’t pop in elaGa Glad you still kickin it elaOk Videvik: Pog Cheeseek: Pog Kouwell: Pog grevedarkholm: Pog Dereservoir: Candy Land TheXearo: Xerenix Sarge as “the mule” PepeLaugh RonsuDE: 4 missiles monkaW yousefaiman: i would lowkey fuck sneaky no homo talkman_: KKona Nice Nopileos: Pog Pog vihainenkampela: all american KKona brot_ok: Pog BaguetteOuttaHere: i just got this game and i killed the lady that gave me a gun SeemsGood spicystuff00: GREED Traktorq: KKona HYPERCLAP ALL AMERICAN AkiraJkr: Pog Videvik: nade launcher Champ Azure_Felt: rip encumbrance LULW Romanspring: @comradenerdy larxaComfy z_Shot_: WE MADE IT Armored_Guy: 🥒 Spectre_700: TyrantZedd pepeL Spectre_700: Romanspring pepeL AlexAnderman1994: KKool HYPERCLAP AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: KKona only 4 missiles ? bloodcaleb: Champ mentalvary: Chag Azure_Felt: Pog wizardcock: OH YES illuminatieyes_xd: RIOT SHOTTY POG Cheeseek: CHamp brot_ok: Champ Nopileos: Champ AkiraJkr: AMERICAN Champ talkman_: PogU RonsuDE: Pog TheGoldenCobra: Pog pekkaatte122: Pog Pixel_hearts: Chag Pyrhaa: Champ lulruffles: WE GUNS NOW BOYS grevedarkholm: Pog HYPERCLAP Traktorq: PogU best one ViveLaDissidence: Champ Videvik: LOL/TFT Shotgun LULW illuminatieyes_xd: POG CHAMP TyrantZedd: Spectre_700 pepeL bloodcaleb: OH BABY Champ WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS ceejsavage: atpChar ufolionking: cmonBrother Sikodude: Champ KingMidas133: PogU Annonn140: Pog Fatamerikans: KKona Clap AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: Champ KKona daNohoLiC_AT: Chag TheMethos12: you can still use it captain_elsewhere: its the best shotgun ComradeNerdy: TyrantZedd PepeHands but it’s all good, we are going strong still next week too billyReady spicystuff00: We gonna make it boys loraineeee: Champ dzemroz: what? Gaklik: shotty build in new vegas Kreygasm Hollow_void: Yep its the best shotgun Espher_5: KKona ComradeNerdy: Romanspring elaH jimtom5000: pog lochlan1414: and 7 strength pekkaatte122: Pog op gun Traktorq: @Elajjaz you can use it now, just penalty Azure_Felt: u can PepeLaugh RicHaya: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: best shotty Pog Lexor757: u can LUL talkman_: Apparently you can still use it ViveLaDissidence: You can tho PepeLaugh Amalthazad: PepeHands Annonn140: you can use it AkiraJkr: u can, Weapon Repair Kits @Elajjaz HeraldOfHarolds: smart man slyster12: no lincoln in this one ? vault1344: you can Videvik: oh fuck gachiGASM 420bakin: yes you can tigeralum11: The Dinner Bell is my fave gun FlameResistant: You can use it WeirdChamp AkiraJkr: Champ Joxih: need str cameltheman: y TheMethos12: it SCALES till 100; you can still use it cacctus1: finally he has a real gun Labargoth: KKona IangIey: PogChamp Kopffeine: You can use it, just wont have full accuracy Cheeseek: Champ Elfualoco2003: ANELE GOOD SHIT AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: Pog illuminatieyes_xd: payday shiion17: Pog dzemroz: there are no stat reqs for gear in this Pixel_hearts: Jesus Pog talkman_: ZULUL SNIPA RIFLE Maceron4444: FREEDOM PIPE KKona Renococoa: inchayne thatpeaoverthere: look around a little more FeelsGoodMan Lasosmaes: Inshane shit Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: ED-E is going to have to carry so much PepeHands pekkaatte122: take that s niper Pog Lexor757: inshane CrouchingTyger: Why bother having a shovel with the knife being objectively better Armored_Guy: PogU Espher_5: KKona FREEDOM sh0gg: inshane shit Annonn140: hope he wont miss it BTRNDL: inshane Spectre_700: Cheeseek mah cheesey boi pepeL Naniyo: inshane shit elaGa Clap Traktorq: ALL AMERICAN KKona Clap MrRoboto_0: KKool HYPERCLAP angryj0nes: holyshit Pog Splash__Woman: Pog bambino_86: cmonBrother CurseofSherwood: I N S H A N E spicystuff00: Poor ED-E AlexAnderman1994: KKool American bunker wizardcock: GOOD ASS SHIT 😂 👌 🔥 cameltheman: it just means it won’t be max damage untill 100 guns KurtRustle91: @dzemroz there are for Heavy Weapons, they require STR illuminatieyes_xd: ALL AMERICAN KKona S_Darji: I N S H A N E Pog Videvik: Pog all this gear Pog Armored_Guy: 🥒 captain_elsewhere: wait till he sees it elaHmm Annonn140: ALL AMERICAN KKona talkman_: over 🥒 ered Naaslaarum: I AM ALL AMERICAN Cheeseek: Spectre_700 Specutie is here pepeL AkiraJkr: MURICA KKool thatpeaoverthere: very good rifle in this room, one of my favorites tigeralum11: is this the All American bunker? XzKutor: Look on the turned table vihainenkampela: KKona rifle in the box KKona kibbleknight: he hasn’t notced the minigun yet has he? Xerenix: Not only is ED-E forced to carry Ela, it’s now forced to carry all of ela’s guns PepeHands DaniDuck: @SkeletonKeyLimePie and to think ed-e also has to carry ela too PepeHands WVReaper: Gamer gear pog pneh: Take the sniper rifle thatpeaoverthere: @tigeralum11 yep, he’s in the room where it is TyrantZedd: ComradeNerdy You take it easy, otherwise i’ll have to come over there and spank ya meself billyReady captain_elsewhere: yup tigeralum11 elaGasm Res_Quant: imagine ela at the end of dead money lmao pneh: Sniper rifle is some good shit sunshift: The feel of the heavily irradiated places in this engine is disappointing. Nothing beats the feel of having to take a bunch of RadX so you could even survive and going to the Glow, I guess FeelsBirthdayMan Rick_LVB: BlessRNG the snper finally BlessRNG carl012321: Yo Ela nice hat KKona illuminatieyes_xd: @tigeralum11 yeah he hasnt looked at it yet LUL Eyesw1deopen: Use a buffout to increase carry capacity captain_elsewhere: oh crist Res_Quant Motek: Pog weapons captain_elsewhere: elaKek spicystuff00: Still playing hardcore? Irocam: Did you discover an american walmart PepeLaugh ? TheGoldenCobra: LULW AkiraJkr: Pog Amalthazad: Pog wizardcock: MINIGUN AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: KKona freedom TorvaM: Champ Kalgarrr: @Res_Quant LULW captain_elsewhere: yup spicystuff00 shiion17: KKona m16 Drachenreiter: what would you expect in an armoury OMEGALUL tigeralum11: hell yeah, love that gun @illuminatieyes_xd @that_solid_dude @captain_elsewhere ComradeNerdy: TyrantZedd bring it billyReady Cheeseek: Minigun Pog talkman_: minigun Chag DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Can you explain why the sarge hates the NCR, because if i recall correctly they haven’t done anything against you elaK RyanLovesWeed: MINGUN OMEGALUL Kouwell: MINIGUN Pog zulul_vi_von_zulul: INSANE ZULOL Wendell8504: KKona Clap Febox: I N S A N E V A L U E Pog iceseagle98: BLIND sh0gg: high value, no chance to sell it ViveLaDissidence: KKona HYPERCLAP Final_zebraman: hes gonna miss it chat PepeLaugh Nifran: Ela you found the MOTHERLODE DjaDjaDji: Chag Nopileos: Final_zebraman elaHi CurseofSherwood: This is just a standard NA house PepeLaugh RonsuDE: 420 VapeNation AkiraJkr: MINI Champ talkman_: 420 value Fatamerikans: KKona HYPERCLAP Traktorq: he still didn’t find it KKona LickMyPretzel: W OMEGALUL W shameimarusen: enbRespect Murica KaitoKidShadow: Pog raqos: AR KKrikey Azure_Felt: elaWOW MurderChaos: Take the marksman carabine dude Geralt_of_Syria: W OMEGALUL W Veee_: W OMEGLOL W cobinhood: @Elajjaz take buffout so you can carry it all gemoldeman: Soon KKona thatpeaoverthere: take a look at a overturned table 🙂 Wwaaaz: @Elajjaz Minigun is pretty meh in this game AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: W KKona W Moralltach1: ALL AMERICAN Geralt_of_Syria: monkaW carl012321: KKona Clap mildwonder: KKool sjuften_: Pog SaixSoul: DAKKA DAKKA bloodcaleb: KKona HYPERCLAP illuminatieyes_xd: NOT TAKING THE ALL AMERICAN LUL sunshift: KKona can’t even buy that one at Walmart Akaylass: KKool talkman_: KKona Clap Azure_Felt: arnie build Pog KingMidas133: Pog dt5014: Poggergun Pog IangIey: PogChamp Serulean_Cadence: lol vihainenkampela: 100guns + 10str PepeLaugh franky_latabasse: “Mini” Pixel_hearts: KKool Annonn140: KKona HYPERCLAP MrRoboto_0: MERICA KKona Motek: KKOna MERCIA FUCK YEA AkiraJkr: KKona HYPERCLAP Muti_tk: KKona HYPERCLAP bloodcaleb: back in NAM KKona HYPERCLAP HeraldOfHarolds: badass spicystuff00: @Elajjaz some special loot hidden in there 😀 NNayio: KKona HYPERCLAP Marinetastic: it’s the guy from predator Nopileos: KKona HYPERCLAP brot_ok: ARNY Champ tigeralum11: @Elajjaz there’s a named gun here, don’t leave without it AlexAnderman1994: KKool HYPERCLAP Naaslaarum: Poor ED-E wololopriest: SARGE CONFIRMED FOR SMASH Pog Armored_Guy: KKona 7 🦅 f0xh0und86: big manly mab f0xh0und86: man Rick_LVB: LUL gosamigo: KKool HYPERCLAP Traktorq: KKool freedom bank spicystuff00: Slave LUL Videvik: MaN JonnyE80: forsenHappy Rodriwastaken: ED-E carrying the stream too Aediz: hold my minigun Eddie LuL talkman_: so did ela pick up the KKona gun or not? Vanset_: is the stream lagging for anyopne else? even at 160 Videvik: this ED-E guy is pretty strong gemoldeman: Advice friends FeelsWeirdMan TheXearo: Just grab everything Amalthazad: The gun on the table? elaISee AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PunOko get the missiles Dusty_Degenerate: missiles splitting_: @Elajjaz missiles EvoSigma1: missles weigh a lot AkiraJkr: missiles Azure_Felt: elaOP Irocam: elaOP it’s the light chat Dizy2Zero: missiles Annonn140: missles vihainenkampela: missiles Nopileos: missiles 420bakin: ammo Xerenix: @Elajjaz Why don’t you just pick up everything then move to ED-E? cosmicpleb: @Elajjaz don’t miss the unique gun there PepeLaugh Moralltach1: did he take all american? WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: @Elajjaz get the missiles PunOko MOERKETSFYRSTE: @Elajjaz Your ammo has weight in harcore dopemangich: PogChamp DaniDuck: @Videvik as he should, after all he’s the main character Kapp Valinore: @Vanset_ it’s fine for me, on source illuminatieyes_xd: PICKUP THE ALL AMERICAN LUL AkiraJkr: missiles are weighing @Elajjaz HeraldOfHarolds: missles are weighing u down plump_helmet: CAR-E PepeLaugh Gnash97: loot goblin elaOk TheXearo: grab all, combine and then give to ED E Videvik: @DaniDuck Kapp DjaDjaDji: Have u ever consider playing “Fist of the North Star” ? @Elajjaz spicystuff00: Do companions have a weight limit? Doyago: missiles are heavy AkiraJkr: gachiBASS sunshift: ahh AngelThump Annonn140: Pog thatpeaoverthere: he’s so close to it Moralltach1: @Elajjaz missed legendary gun PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: ED-E will reach it’s limit one day PepeLaugh Doyago: Pog raqos: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS captain_elsewhere: monkaS Haukanne: monkaW Nopileos: monkaS Naniyo: monkaW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz Combat Armor is top tier Spectre_700: what was that? I didn’t see it, was it the scary clown face Spectre_700: monkaSHAKE KaitoKidShadow: monkW Armored_Guy: how eddie still flying PepeLaugh Schwirm: monkaX KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz Combat is better Annonn140: combat CurseofSherwood: monkaW I SAW IT walking_clock: if ela ever gets to the sierra madre vault it’s gonna be rough Lexor757:POIG DaniDuck: LULW FuTsUnOnInGeN: Pog loraineeee: Champ sovietpie: Pog Akaylass: Jebaited KrazyShark: LULW Kouteij: LULW Febox: DansGame bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Nopileos: Pog Pog Kraatter: OMEGALUL illuminatieyes_xd: Pog TheGoldenCobra: Jebaited MasterMdrn: Jebaited Glenshane: Pog Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaKek Espher_5: DansGame Videvik: ???????? AkiraJkr: LULW Cheeseek: LuL MangoMcTango: Pog talkman_: Champ Jebaited Sourcehunter: OMEGALUL Monster5crak: OP af jack_off_jim: force it Nopileos: LuL Da_Flanker: You’re eww Lexor757: Pog brot_ok: LULW Turbulist: dmg 2? LULW Annonn140: sell it Deus_Ex_Nihilis: gachiGASM silver6ird: ewww lasers stvoSG daNohoLiC_AT: Jebaited HeraldOfHarolds: LUL insurrectionist89: LUL MiIIiki: DansGame sjuften_: hyper DansGame Armored_Guy: 👽 MasterMdrn: 4Shrug Fatamerikans: Jebaited Videvik: WTF KKona troublematicc: LULW Sven_sveger: Jebaited Jebaited StickWithThePr0d: DansGame Serulean_Cadence: It’s op Nopileos: LUL FlameResistant: Worth money tho WeirdChamp sovietpie: its good AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: Champ captain_elsewhere: oof Martiansam: is for robots Lexor757: ITS OP Against robots illuminatieyes_xd: ITS AMAZING Pog fl4r_3: get ALLAMERICAN ta_no_kami: 300 value Pog Myareska: It’s important to have it Elajjaz MangoMcTango: … captain_elsewhere: elaKek talkman_: DAM 2 DPS 3 Pog Dusty_Degenerate: Can’t wait for the first sentry bot LUL ArcLight079: its insane dmg vs robots Azure_Felt: he deosn’t know PepeLaugh jaysm20: Best gun talkman_: DPS Pog 3 Pog Joxih: so OP against machines ArcLight079: and power armor HeraldOfHarolds: Not even worth thatpeaoverthere: its for robots Annonn140: WORTH MONEY XzKutor: @Elajjaz that weapon is for a quest Le_________________bowser: it does like 250 damage to robots yousefaiman: رشمعث Deus_Ex_Nihilis: It’s super efficient against robot Da_Flanker: Sarge no like energy weapons sanchezwilliams: PepeHat Lagunaab: just stash it dude sjuften_: Champ 3 DPS spicystuff00: @silver6ird the future is now old man MiIIiki: 360 and walk away sunshift: PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh IangIey: its inzayn Rural_Juror_: kills robots like crazy Turbulist: not even worth animalinstinctz: its the best Lasosmaes: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: power armor LUL AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Martiansam: LULW Sikodude: PepeLaugh kawaii_siwmae: !subgoal Joxih: OP against machines wizardcock: HE DOESNT KNOW brot_ok: PepeLaugh Glenshane: PepeLaugh Kraatter: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh CrouchingTyger: “WHAT DOES POWER ARMOR MEAN” captain_elsewhere: super armour DaniDuck: its power armor JonnyE80: forsenHead ViveLaDissidence: It’s almost 300 hundred bucks, that’s enough for a fisting gachiBOP Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh NNayio: PepeLaugh dzemroz: PepeLaugh doesnt know power armor SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh unaware matlej85: it means poer armor animalinstinctz: Kappa Lexor757: DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh Emzero: PepeLaugh wololopriest: Very good for future quests poggingforever: FeelsAmazingMan 🔫 Annonn140: SELL IT bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh 420bakin: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Hollow_void: HE DOESNT KNOW LULW AkiraJkr: HE DOESN’T KNOW vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh Renococoa: @Elajjaz But would Sarge steep low enough to use a Pulse Gun to destroy his robot foes more efficiently? sanchezwilliams: PepeLaugh MrRoboto_0: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @kawaii_siwmae, 3830 subpoints, 6200 points needed for next slot (T1 subs: 1 point. T2: 2 points. T3: 6 points.) ACcentuation1: tfw chat doesnt know ammo has weight in survival mode Aediz: touch it LuL MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh NNayio: PepeLaugh Clap DaniDuck: wtf do you think it means silver6ird: @spicystuff00 over my rotting dead cowboy body stvoSG TheXearo: Role play btw PepeLaugh Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Take it Ela elaREE CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh EbiVariance: PepeLaugh cyberneticz_: @yousefaiman hello illuminatieyes_xd: SUPAH ARMOR PepeLaugh Banzach: good damave vs robots it’s good. you wull need it Mythaiass: PepeLaugh z3vron: PepeLaugh Reddinator: imagine not knowing poer armor danKEK Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Glenshane: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know Kraatter: playing fallout, dont know what is power armor PepeLaugh Hongetech: Armor, but powerful brot_ok: forsenY kawaii_siwmae: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: veronica PepeHands cacctus1: sarge is a prick so he’ll walk away from it Shiinalicious: PepeLaugh Riuluu: PepeLaugh Shadowfax71: take it boi ta_no_kami: JustDoIt just sell it monkeyboii18: It’s for a quest darkmoonblade34: PepeLaugh Clap Annonn140: “sarge is here for the money” PepeLmao silverknight3: VAL 296 :/ sovietpie: never played fallout PepeLaugh Serulean_Cadence: Fallout 4 power armour 10 mins into the game LUL vihainenkampela: enjoy endgame PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: 3Head roleplay IRL PepeLaugh Mrtriggahigga: elaKek Armored_Guy: wasted book LUL gosamigo: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh jaysm20: weight is 2 NNayio: cmonBrother z_Shot_: Emp gun Annonn140: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: EljanPls sanchezwilliams: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Myareska: I can’t wait until he has to come back PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: WTF LUl Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Irocam: how is that alien LULW Lagunaab: EDE dont touch it ? Schwirm: AlienPls Espher_5: cmonBrother spicystuff00: Armor but it’s powered ftwitchtvvmodz: alien LULW Tasarion: hates robots but can’t use robot killer weapons PepeLaugh TrollFace1605: md7T md7T md7T DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Can you explain why the sarge hates the NCR, because if i recall correctly they haven’t done anything against you elaK Cheeseek: AlienPls wtf cheeze____: alien guns Habitual_Balance: PEpeLaugh Kazeith: @elajjaz check the floor, you missed something Jarvis_McGee: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: atleast sell it LUL Elsbrik: rping WeirdChamp Joxih: employees gun lul Habitual_Balance: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: 360? LULW Mirando: WHy you dont boil potatoes before eating elaHmm scp_david33: LUL evilmarmot42: 360 and walk away? DansGame MasterMdrn: 360 is the same direction WeirdChamp Kouwell: 360 LULW TorvaM: @Elajjaz atleast you still get a lot of exp from those locks zhelyazo: 180 NNayio: 360 memes PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: thats it Dreshi: LORE CHANGED AGAIN LULW tigeralum11: 360 is a full circle… Hollow_void: Thats cuz your character is 3Head fumaczi: 360 sanchezwilliams: elaPuke elaPuke scp_david33: 360 walk awat wizardcock: TOUCH ME AlienPls Habitual_Balance: its an old meme OrangeJuggler: wait, grenades on the floor Martiansam: dud eyou need to use energy weapons at some point SilentNewbee: @elajjaz Btw, can you tell us the story behind your character? Mythaiass: PepeLaugh Skull_knight119: silencer NNayio: 360 memes PepeLaugh Clap splitting_: @Elajjaz leaving behind ammo for grenade launcher? Res_Quant: chat is so stupid lmao Jaraghan: thats the joke chat Joxih: emp gun Fatamerikans: grenades PepeHands Stenuu: chat.. AkiraJkr: 360 and walk the same direction? LULW @Elajjaz SnarksterJr: its a meme chat animalinstinctz: 4Head Simsalakazam: do dead money Kazeith: @elajjaz check the floor please SnarksterJr: he knows Schwirm: imagine not knowing the meme PepeLaugh cacctus1: did he miss silencer? Ellycat1: Xbox 360 PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: he never picked up 40mm grenades LUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: 360 and moonwalk away 😎 ps3 gang Abdiel_Kavash: By this point Sarge basically just hates everything LuL GargusoN: chat FeelsPepoMan mizoreeee: Maybe do a main quest PepeLaugh silver6ird: tell us sarge’s kitkat story elaOk VikingAspire: @Elajjaz Space cowboy yeah? LUL DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Can you explain why the sarge hates the NCR? Because if i recall correctly they haven’t done anything against you elaK ViveLaDissidence: Silencer never PepeHands Kazeith: @elajjaz you missed a weapon modification kawaii_siwmae: Any AYAYA WEEBS AYAYA in AYAYA chat AYAYA MrArmageddon2: They sell cowboy hats at IKEA?! 420donger: @Elajjaz whats your level? Da_Flanker: elaK Azure_Felt: elaK Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK Pyrhaa: CarlSmile MasterMdrn: CoolStoryBob k_ld_r: @cacctus1 nah, it was a police button brot_ok: elaK NNayio: Kapp Glenshane: elaK Nopileos: elaK Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaK DaniDuck: sureeee elaK Abdiel_Kavash: weebs wolskAYAYA Irocam: doesn’t hate animus WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: Except coyotes kawaii_siwmae: elaK Espher_5: elaK Mrtriggahigga: elaK Mirando: But he LOVES WEEBS elaYA JubJubWantRubRubs: govmint DansGame splitting_: sarge is all about the profit, leaves behind stuff he can sell for money celrHmm Jojen47: told that to those Geckos S_Darji: elaK Geralt_of_Syria: KKona Annonn140: KKona hell yeah MurderChaos: gubmint Nopileos: elaK elaK Sayce: KKona Clap NNayio: ROLEPLAYERS DansGame brot_ok: KKona HYPERCLAP KingMidas133: LULW Azure_Felt: really elaK xacten: KKona sjuften_: KKona hell yea MasterMdrn: what government Ellycat1: He killed that family of coyotes and a dog FeelsWeirdMan illuminatieyes_xd: fk the govnmn FlameResistant: Sarge is a dumb fuck FeelsWeirdMan WillyTheWorm: elaK Hollow_void: You are making your character into 3Head at this point LULW DANYgoxx: KKona damn uncle sam Kouwell: Anarchist DansGame Armored_Guy: geckos PepeHands LickMyPretzel: cmonBruh it’s a conspiracy Espher_5: DAMN FEDS KKona zorry4badinglsh: RP GOD POGGERS Schwirm: hes a furry too DansGame leamsi_: elaK OrangeJuggler: dang ol gubmint wololopriest: Ye fuckin’ government Kkona UiVgray: Killing Gekos and Wolves. LULW Hongetech: KKona the man taking mah freedom wizardcock: SARGE HATES WOMEN AND MINORITIES OMEGALUL NNayio: R OMEGALUL L E P L A Y E R TorvaM: @Elajjaz does sarge hate anime elaPuke he better do SkeletonKeyLimePie: he’s kind of right 🤔 LickMyPretzel: cmonBrother * Elsbrik: so sarge is retarded? LULW Drachenreiter: MahoHuh NNayio: KKona HeraldOfHarolds: sarge gotta like whiskey tho Kyrsimys: EDGY Pog sovietpie: sarge is a legion fan Pog Habitual_Balance: lol s3r1ous: fak the gov Elfualoco2003: KKona 2020 Pyrhaa: LULW Murder_Dog: LULW Final_zebraman: is sarge a sovereign citizen @Elajjaz NNayio: KKona Clap Da_Flanker: So, Sarge is Alex Jones Elizan_: LUL ! Brunault_: KKona Traktorq: tax caps LULW DaniDuck: wat silver6ird: taxes in the apocalypse PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: THERE IS NO GOVERMENT LUL S_Darji: LULW Nopileos: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: a real american LULW ninjasonthemoon: cmonBrother sjuften_: KKona taxation is theft xHydraaP: Sarge is a boomer LUL Ellycat1: KKona Clap hell yeah MasterMdrn: what tax money SnarksterJr: TAX MONEY IN THE APOCALYPSE LULW Naaslaarum: or maybe because he loves wearing skirts huh? Annonn140: well i mean literally most the NPC say how NCR sucks so it makes sense Dunnelicious: god damn’ guvrnment KKona 🇺🇸 spicystuff00: Why does sarge hate the faction that has cowboys in it LUL InternetVillainSuperstar: KKona Clap VikingAspire: Tax in a falout LULW mr_klint: did he pick up the All American? Moralltach1: I like sarge Pog Maceron4444: KKona they goin’ to take our guns ScarletxSky: Sarge loves animalshttps://clips.twitch.tv/AdorableTolerantSnailKeepo nillmind: deepest lore Habitual_Balance: hey thats a good enough reason Sourcehunter: Taxation is theft PepeLaugh DaniDuck: there is no government tho LULW Kouwell: LIBERTARIAN DansGame runnintaw: @Elajjaz Is this modded with better textures? 420donger: @Elajjaz what’s your level? Kouteij: tax bottlecaps LULW brot_ok: Tax Evader ROleplay OMEGALUL bloodcaleb: no taxation without representation KKona HYPERCLAP abysswatches: Except cute pups, he clearly hate those. OhMyDog gjoran1: sarge is a conspiraboomer confirmed Youbetterlikemyburgers: mr_klint he did Rural_Juror_: this isnt roleplaying anymore is it, Ela? quichemeesh: Government in 2019 LUL StarPogPlatinum: @runnintaw It’s not StarPogPlatinum: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. kaancool65: g SkeletonKeyLimePie: ela13 Mirando: ela13 JonnyE80: JonnyE80 subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @jonnye80 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM AlexAnderman1994: ela13 Azure_Felt: ela13 Clap MurderChaos: NCR is closest thing to Gubmint, and you do pay taxes as an NCR citizen HeraldOfHarolds: pretty good reason Cheeseek: KKona fuk dem guvners Llyfrgell: ela13 Kalgarrr: Sarge would even know what tax money are LULW Murika_: ela13 mizoreeee: ela13 MasterMdrn: OneHand Wwaaaz: ela13 silver6ird: ela13 Nopileos: SUB HYPE JonnyE80 elaA JesseThaBest: Sarge is a drug addict after this vault Nopileos: ela13 Da_Flanker: ela13 qwzic: ela13 Kaelion: if Sarge likes animals, then how about telling that to the doggo whos head he blew off. Bobby4reall: oh That’s why you’re not using Boone Pyrhaa: This effing roleplay is killing me OMEGLOL SkeletonKeyLimePie: johnny guitar PepeHands mr_klint: @youbetterlikemyburgers cool s3r1ous: big iron will solve any problems gov cant zaPaarl: has he met legion sjuften_: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime johnny Annonn140: NCR try to pretend they are the guberment illuminatieyes_xd: @KurtRustle91 no they’re not they are just a faction only after the ending you could say they are “in charge” if you side with them wololopriest: They tuuk er jeeeebs dammit KKona Da_Flanker: elaK Sourcehunter: monkaW Shadowfax71: radroaches are animals elaWeird TorvaM: elaK DaniDuck: sure TheGoldenCobra: elaK waywai: what is that buzz sound? Nopileos: elaK Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK brot_ok: elaK Alright Ellycat1: elaK sure kaancool65: y greyfacenospace123: danW Azure_Felt: yes NNayio: No. 🙂 kawaii_siwmae: Wowee VineWood0604: CoolStoryBob Febox: no Drachenreiter: the dog pulled the trigger elaK DaniDuck: the gun shot itself BDSMchrischris: no Breitey: no Elfualoco2003: yes Shiinalicious: no LUL” Nopileos: no captain_elsewhere: no KaitoKidShadow: pet it Dreshi: no 🙂 thelastone666: no Glenshane: yes SkeletonKeyLimePie: pet it mentalvary: i wouldn’t shoot it elaWeird mossa_san: Umh, should the sarge not like the goverment since they are the ones paying the army? silver6ird: say awwww brot_ok: Wowee HeraldOfHarolds: no POMA_HEKPOMAHT: no TheColdFission: die Pyrhaa: CoolStoryBob Spectre_700: I’d cry elaFeels Rural_Juror_: no WutFace Nopileos: no no SeekerAloy: kick it Jolly_Adventurer: Die Shadowfax71: pet it young_baba: kick it CurseofSherwood: NO DansGame illuminatieyes_xd: shoot it MasterMdrn: let it bite Ellycat1: Pet it 🙂 kawaii_siwmae: Die FeelsGoodMan DaniDuck: stop it mibutwhole: yes JubJubWantRubRubs: id eat his ass DansGame Espher_5: pet him 🙂 bloodcaleb: just let the canine eat you alive PepeHands walking_clock: run away wizardcock: kill it 🙂 NNayio: I WOULD BITE BACK! 😡 Elfualoco2003: LULW Jarvis_McGee: yes Streamleen: Dogs violated the NAP MurderChaos: @KurtRustle91 I know, I mean modeled on the pre-war US Bxadd: Wowee Youbetterlikemyburgers: i would let him eat me Scarvener: i hate dogs 🙂 Lexor757: fuck it gachiBASS BDSMchrischris: yes Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Hollow_void: Sarge likes animals — kills animals all time LULW Serulean_Cadence: DIE loraineeee: they bite PepeHands Kraatter: pet him 🙂 Cecilff2: let him eat you 🙂 Azure_Felt: let it eat me FeelsWeirdMan runnintaw: @StarPogPlatinum thanks HeraldOfHarolds: shoot it silver6ird: no i wouldn’t i’d let it kill me Mythaiass: essiSmile KingMidas133: LULW CHAT greyfacenospace123: let it eat me danCry DaniDuck: i wouldnt kill it Habitual_Balance: I’d pet it and befriend it. shameimarusen: enbSif enbSif enbSif enbSif animalinstinctz: RUN 1mpolar: i would die TheZecaUrubu: not really, I’m a cat guy CoolCat marosh__: they can eat me 🙂 Jaargan: i would just die 🙂 Le_________________bowser: shoot it Pog brot_ok: Just DIe FeelsGoodMan spicystuff00: NCR even has cars ceejsavage: 🙂 zorry4badinglsh: just die 4HEad Spectre_700: kawaii_siwmae CUTE DIE AYAYAClapAYAYAClap ClappingKappa Ryanstigersbears: FIGHT BACK Armored_Guy: what about geckos PepeHands Deus_Ex_Nihilis: @Spectre_700 pepeL Ellycat1: Tell him he’s a good boy 🙂 Irocam: probably would die LULW Nazzet: I would feed myself to it 🙂 Kraad_: let him eat me MasterMdrn: Press E to pet 4HEad Jolly_Adventurer: Guess I’ll die Dereservoir: I probably would’ve had it coming cheeze____: Is Sarge part of a pagan anarchist nudist cult? Spectre_700: Deus_Ex_Nihilis pepeL s3r1ous: depends if threat ThatLuluTho: I’d pet him while he is eating me 🙂 Elfualoco2003: FeelsGoodMan Death sjuften_: i would give my life to feed the dog 🙂 SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz remember when he let his robot companion murder an old lady’s dog and then harvested its brain? elaK Szachalasznik: I would pet dog to calm him down 🙂 kawaii_siwmae: @Spectre_700 elaWeird Cheeseek: I would beat the shit out of this dog elaOk greyfacenospace123: you don’t hut doggo PepeHands AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ela1 ela2 AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ela3 ela4 420donger: @ela Nopileos: Clap ToxxicWaffle: has he got to the strip yet animalinstinctz: YOU KICK MY DOG Irocam: Clap WarZone101: i would cut off my arm and let the poor pupper have his first dinner in months kawaii_siwmae: Clap Armored_Guy: Clap Pyrhaa: Clap 420donger: @Elajjaz did you steal that gun or did you8 buys it? sjuften_: Clap pleb cacctus1: sarge is part of the village people ChocolateBarni: clap Bxadd: Clap Spectre_700: kawaii_siwmae how you gonna have that username and not AYAYA FeelsWeirdMan eliastheepicgamer: IKEALUL djinn_94: elaBlind elaGun ThatLuluTho: Clap ViveLaDissidence: With my shit luck if a doggo bites me it will probably infect me or kill me PepeLaugh qwzic: Clap kaancool65: did he turn off sub alert ???? animalinstinctz: I SAW U KICK MY DOG muhlman1337: well i wouldn’t cripple the motherdogs head then kill the pupper and THEN kill the mother afterwards… FeelsBadMan FlameResistant: AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap abysswatches: Just get a new bionic hand instead. Let pup nibble the real hand. OhMyDog VempIJ: @Elajjaz Then why does Sarge have a perk that increases damage done to animals 🙂 SilentNewbee: @elajjaz Cqn you tell us a background lore behind Sarge? CoolStoryBob kawaii_siwmae: @Spectre_700 AYAYA Clap DaniDuck: @Elajjaz explain harvesting a innocent dogs brain that didnt attack you elaK n4tk0: dogs dont attack me because i tell them whos a good boy Spectre_700: AYAYA ClappingKappa Spectre_700: AYAYA Clap KiHaShin: all the lies in chat PepeLaugh victor_maitland: fallout 3 has a ton of good vaults AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: @kawaii_siwmae AYAYA Clap Annonn140: VaN people who like NCR belong on the cross Nopileos: KiHaShin elaH Spectre_700: ClappingKappa lmao i’m sorry Myareska: Don’t worry you might be back PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: we’re almost in new vegas FeelsGoodMan DjaDjaDji: The sarge 2 will be good elaBruv Gnash97: that gun reminds me a lot of the weapon claire uses in RE2 remake moon2T Spectre_700: AYAYAClapAYAYAClap AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap Azure_Felt: elaK 420donger: @Elajjaz did you steal “that gun” or did you buy it from the guy illuminatieyes_xd: @KurtRustle91 i don’t think you have the brain cells to understand what a government is they are a faction ceejsavage: atpCap Hollow_void: CUZ YOU STOLE LULW CleverName2: @Spectre_700 pepeL AYAYA / Res_Quant: MOOOOM look at me i’m being cuntrurian in twitch chet moooom loook Glenshane: elaK kaancool65: @Elajjaz ela where is the sub alert? silver6ird: ??????? Darkshadows6662: I mean you stole from her Cecilff2: Because you stole elaB kawaii_siwmae: ela1 ela2 Dont ever talk to me fatpep: elaK greyfacenospace123: fuck your robot danRE NNayio: MrDestructoid D: kawaii_siwmae: ela3 ela4 Or my cute anime girl ever again ✌ AYAYA Drachenreiter: cause you stole from his master OMEGADOWN Naaslaarum: after you stole from the old lady Motek: Kapp wevie1: after you stole from an old lady animalinstinctz: didnt get the quest ggun Jebaited Armored_Guy: MrDestructoid CleverName2: @Spectre_700 💕 Monster5crak: MrDestructoid Clap Murder_Dog: you ate a dogs brain? D: Spectre_700: CleverName2 AYAYA 👋 WestCheese93: the dog licked the Sarge’s oil Sayce: is it defending yourself if you invade an animals habitat first though atomicdestruction: elaK elaK elaK VikingAspire: D: Deus_Ex_Nihilis: ela3 ela4 mehrzad61: :)) wtf is this hat for? :)) eliastheepicgamer: because you stole from an old lady kawaii_siwmae: ela4 NNayio: WE COO? MrDestructoid TheXearo: But what about the brain ? d_advocates: sharkteeth lose T^T Ellycat1: Yet he still keeps ED-E around elaK Azure_Felt: get rip of eddy then elaK Strawie35: @Elajjaz dont forget theres a 100 lockpick locker in there for when you can pick it Da_Flanker: Yet you rely on Eddie carrying you Kraatter: LORE Pog Irocam: @kawaii_siwmae WeirdChamp Haika112: lore Spectre_700: CleverName2 elaBlush swedishSock: Because they’re like aliens: Not humans? Shadowfax71: so why send away boone? elaWeird ViveLaDissidence: We never saw it attack you nor your robot, it’s ED-E who started the shotting AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA 📡 )) Calling all cuties crashfort: atpCap bloodcaleb: still gets carried by robot npc PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: Yet here we are your companion is a robot WeirdChamp silver6ird: sarge is a fucking psychopath kawaii_siwmae: @Elajjaz What is this ela4 DaniDuck: you programmed the robot though? MasterMdrn: caveman Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz did u check my cozy playlist Hollow_void: YOU STOLE FROM THAT LADY LULW NNayio: UNRELIABLE=HELPFULL Kapp Elsbrik: thats why you are running with a robot? @Elajjaz Espher_5: damn pieces of scrap KKona Monster5crak: suck my ass sarge MrDestructoid JonnyE80: forsen1 Smough: because a robot cheated with his wife 💿 wololopriest: MrDestructoid wtf Sourcehunter: AYAYA Clap SaixSoul: AYAYA Armored_Guy: CmonBot TheGoldenCobra: AYAYA CeremonD: is it that rat dungeon? JubJubWantRubRubs: unreliable but helpful LULW sovietpie: wtf why ed-e then Call_me_Zeroo: NICE HAT LOL kawaii_siwmae: @Elajjaz Why do we have elaPepo4 JesseThaBest: how long does book last? could you lockpick other door? Powlingo: What kinda RP is this? monkaThink Annonn140: outside Pog bloodcaleb: HandsUp wevie1: HandsUp Pyrhaa: ED-E BabyRage LUL Da_Flanker: The sky Pog kaancool65: @Elajjaz where is the sub alert? Videvik: Pog Habitual_Balance: Sarge sounds like an idiot moon2S Youbetterlikemyburgers: nice RP Wilze13: HandsUp cheeze____: “Sarge likes Ed-e because he does what he’s told” – Elajjaz 2 hours ago LULW Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz that hat almost looks photoshopped NNayio: pepeJAM Irocam: VaN s3r1ous: big vault HeraldOfHarolds: finally fresh air Fearswe: Wait a minute here. You sent away Boone because you said he’s not reilable like Ed-e which is reliable. Now you said he’s not reliable? AlexAnderman1994: @Elajjaz you should go grab boone and use him as a pack mule elaKek animalinstinctz: Dogmeat is the best sjuften_: pepeJAM captain_elsewhere: that vault is hell even if you are op elaKek Armored_Guy: gachiBASS fNandow: PepeHands silver6ird: sarge loves animals FeelsWeirdMan DaniDuck: @Elajjaz But you we’re the one who reprogrammed the robot AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: VaN TorvaM: PepeLaugh Shiinalicious: LULW victor_maitland: gordon gecko AkiraJkr: Pog Hollow_void: Likes animals remember LULW SnarksterJr: LOVES ANIMALS LULW Cheeseek: WutFace Azure_Felt: NotLikeThis NNayio: DP: Doyago: where’s combat armor PepeHands Armored_Guy: golden Pog poggingforever: monkaS Veee_: Doesn`t like robots, but has EDE as a follower elaK Fearswe: @KurtRustle91 Be nice NNayio: D: Glenshane: D: RattleMBones: Sit DOWN Billyrino: PepeHands DaniDuck: LOVES ANIMALS Youbetterlikemyburgers: Lilly is my bae JubJubWantRubRubs: you loved that animal real hard LULW loraineeee: PepeHands rip gecko Fearswe: Wait a minute here. You sent away Boone because you said he’s not reilable like Ed-e which is reliable. Now you said he’s not reliable? @Elajjaz Azure_Felt: DansGame Shiinalicious: geckos aint no animals LULW brot_ok: elaK elaK elaK SnarksterJr: ela is gonna love Rex animalinstinctz: D: WarZone101: @Elajjaz lets all just agree the sarge is a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to robots KurtRustle91: @Fearswe I’m trying but hes fucking stupid, thinks NCR can’t be a government just because they don’t control 100% of North America WeirdChamp LohmatiyShmel: LULW TorvaM: animal loving in progress elaK ThatLuluTho: They just want a hug you fool creature PepeHands Amoh_: Fallout RP elaWeird Shadowfax71: geckos just want hugs though ultimafia318: V.A.T.S gamer PepeLaugh silver6ird: but robots aren’t reliable??? Jolly_Adventurer: ??? lntenso: I D I quichemeesh: OhMyDog 🔫 🤠 he shot first I swear bersiGaming: still loving animals Fearswe: But robots are not reliable Mokum73: ED-E, don’t help him elaMad NNayio: R OMEGLOL L E P L A Y I N G Da_Flanker: ??? Azure_Felt: rex made me so sad. i couldn’t use him PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: 🤔 1mpolar: LULW walking_clock: egotistical TheXearo: geckos are animals too PepeHands Drachenreiter: OMEGADOWN Simsalakazam: egotistical Murder_Dog: egotistical Fatamerikans: Pepega bloodcaleb: FeelsPepoMan Habitual_Balance: EAGLE TESTICAL VineWood0604: FeelsPepoMan Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan DarcusHunter: ego-tistical lntenso: 3Head Esu_kun: egotistical StarPogPlatinum: LULW Shadowfax71: selfish djcrusader: Egotistical S_Darji: FeelsPepoMan Fullmetalcheese: LUL ffhighwind: OMEGALUL Nopileos: egotistical OfficerGrimes: forsenT Emzero: FeelsPepoMan redhotchilipepe: FeelsPepoMan KingMidas133: boone likes NCR too Amoh_: egotistical PineApfelsoft: egotistical Mrtriggahigga: elaGa Germy_ranch: elaHYUK illuminatieyes_xd: @KurtRustle91 oh right that’s the definition of a goverment that they have a “leader” good one buddy skillascii: ego testicle kawaii_siwmae: FeelsPepoMan Iguistical spanishtanaka: EGOTISTICAL Cheeseek: DOn’t hate animals I see elaK DaniDuck: egotistical atomicdestruction: eggoistical Aytum: eagle testicle? Nopileos: EGOTISTICAL sjuften_: FeelsPepoMan ViveLaDissidence: FeelsPepoMan SkeletonKeyLimePie: iguistical like an iguana Youbetterlikemyburgers: egosticel elaGa Gros_shtok: litterally executing the younglings wevie1: big headed cosmicpleb: elaGa HeraldOfHarolds: LUL UnU__: ego testicles captain_elsewhere: egotistical miki___miki: 3Head qwzic: elaGa Aediz: selfish 🙂 Le_________________bowser: Eggo waffles FeelsPepoMan tilionm: elaHYUK MurderChaos: SELFISH Sister_Knightingale: The Sarge was on a f-ing machine once and it wouldnt shut off bldfFAIL fNandow: Young one PepeHands Hongetech: Eggo testicle Bobby4reall: Boone is also NCR Armored_Guy: animalsRhinestoneCowboy4: injuies MelancholyYuki: nepSmug vs naroSmug WHO WINS kkoja: 3 correct FeelsPepoMan Tw1tOne: reward? KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz remember can be Le_________________bowser: revealed is 2 AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PunOko chat spoilers Zacr0: welcome FlameResistant: Remember notkoba: injuries floffolo: its REPAIRED basedust: Refugees CrystalTeardrop: MelancholyYuki chat,obviously nepSmug Pom88: whatever Doomerttv: TaBeRu maxk137: whatever 4Shrug Blackbird_SR71C: @elajjaz It can be good to save those brackets for later because they can restore attempts. 🙂 Ageingyoungrebel: advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp advice friends WeirdChamp shikifujin16: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind lapoutinemogette: whatever StarPogPlatinum: @k4iley Fallout 4 LULW Lasosmaes: Pog Grimesi: Pog Leuwe: EZ xRouw: Kapp walking_clock: Clap Cheeseek: 5Head ZanRebel: @k4iley dowork too ? J0hnnyBlade: @5Pat5 Chag volkeeh: Pog Rural_Juror_: USSS BritishPatternBalding: we taught him chat SilentNewbee: Pog thatsomebody7: LULW ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✅ TwitchVotes Preston Garvey: Heading to New Vegas? There’s a settlement that needs your help Kazeith: Pog 5Head Doomerttv: OoooooooOOOooooOOoooo Chinese_BobaBean: Clap Wwaaaz: Actual elaPlan k4iley: @zanrebel ya the__filth: Chag AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ooOOooOooOoOooOo VityaSolaris: HACKERMAN h3adhunt3rrc: PogU shikifujin16: where did you get that hat from??? OptimisticKnowledge: @thatsomebody7 OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan salpo_nolobio: TaBeRu TheXearo: thatsomebody7 elaKek motoko__kusanagi: YEEEHAW TheGoldenCobra: TaBeRu sjuften_: NotLikeThis Preston NNayio: TaBeRu Shadowfax71: k4iley pepeL tigeralum11: https://clips.twitch.tv/BenevolentSpookyGoatRedCoat shikifujin16: you look texan now ela ZanRebel: @k4iley also {} k4iley: elaaaaaa u look cute w/ cowboy hat tigeralum11: best clip i’ve ever seen Azure_Felt: the church PepeLaugh ace2108: ace2108 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 7 month streak! Love the soundtrack for this game! WrestlerBot2000: @ace2108 You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM DaniDuck: these scorpions are so rad dude elaOk VityaSolaris: ED Clap gelberpudding: here IT comes Corthak: LULW Fentu: D: KurtRustle91: yes odduneven: 4House WTF Meximus322: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: we know LULW NNayio: monkaW Dizy2Zero: true Azure_Felt: and real life too Kapp SkeletonKeyLimePie: dino toy Chag Corthak: 4House volkeeh: monkaW Doully92: WutFace Chinese_BobaBean: LULW NNayio: WutFace raider_unkindled: WutFace Grimesi: monkaW Nazzet: monkaGun 4House Habitual_Balance: That’s what I enjoyed most about FA 4 tbh gelberpudding: worms church lul MagicWilson: forsenX WutFace NL_Legendary: WutFace OfficerGrimes: forsenX WutFace alexowhy: monkaX MrRoboto_0: LUL fatpep: Zappa volkeeh: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW Motek: D: Habitual_Balance: FO* the__filth: 10/10 clip LUL Denact: LULW Chinese_BobaBean: WutFace Da_Flanker: Warm welcome MetaKaizo: ots krazyshark Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: D: DivineSpaghetti: He needs some lotion brot_ok: forsenX WutFace NL_Legendary: elaWut elaGun ELAYZA: ghouls AYAYA tilionm: LUL MtRush: that and your a habitual yoinker @Elajjaz 4Head Lagunaab: camera ? unfriendly_buchon: NCR GHOUL ??? O_O DigitalZips: @Elajjaz Good thing you didn’t install a mod that adds hundreds of interiors for both F3 and NV Azure_Felt: dude hasn’t been to glasgow PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: doesn’t matter 4Shrug k4iley: he needs some milk Doully92: PepeHands BroqRox: PepeHands fatpep: LUL TheXearo: ahahah NNayio: D: NL_Legendary: do it Da_Flanker: Do it KrazyShark: @MetaKaizo i’m not that ugly FeelsBadMan i’m just insecure that’s why girls don’t like me PepeHands Smough: *glass him* MettatonsFan: D: ocirne23: PepeHands KrazyShark: also thirsty af NL_Legendary: PepeLaugh VityaSolaris: Attack Kapp Glenshane: D: the__filth: DO IT Liransherman: But u need to ROLEPLAY VikingDogg: he is an alium DaniDuck: but you profit’ volkeeh: GET LOST SMOOTHSKIN monkaW Nazzet: monkaGun monkaH fakzzz_: DO IT Pog ? SaintMusik: KILL HIM 😡 Da_Flanker: You know Sarge wants to raider_unkindled: @Elajjaz how does sarge feel about ghouls? illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Frosted15: ATTACK HIM Doully92: monkaW MushiVG: He wants to serve the ncr though DannyLv1337: BIG IRON ON HIS HIP HandsUp @Elajjaz SkeletonKeyLimePie: he was jamming out to the same station Liransherman: BREAKING ROLEPLAY DansGame Kappa Jalmarkian: Glass him PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: the masterplan fatpep: Sarge would do it ela elaK Azure_Felt: elaC Frosted15: ATTACK YOU NOOB BritishPatternBalding: PepeHands NNayio: D: ❗ Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaFeels Doully92: PepeHands Xerenix: PepeHands SaintMusik: 😡 KILL THEM ALL 😡 Pixel_hearts: PepeHands StarPogPlatinum: PepeHands ThatLuluTho: PepeHands crashfort: D: ❗ Nazzet: Too real PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands Glenshane: PepeHands Frosted15: @Elajjaz NO BALLS PLAY THROUGH ComradeNerdy: face of thirsty bathwater buyer FlameResistant: Fake RP FeelsWeirdMan noyourebreatht4king: ATTACK Kappa poggingforever: FeelsBadMan k4iley: nerdy!! greyfacenospace123: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands too real Jegerkaj: PepeHands NNayio: FeelsBadMan shikifujin16: LUL HES PRACTICALLY DEAD FROM RADIATION WabbitTwouble: PepeHands TheXearo: LUL ComradeNerdy: k4iley elaH izzied: so not immune? SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan Espher_5: PepeHands quichemeesh: Ghouls 🤮 salpo_nolobio: me IRL MartyLikesCookies: PepeHands VDSMF: outside WutFace greyfacenospace123: me neither PepeHands jaquuu: Mum says go outside raider_unkindled: Outside DansGame frvits: I can relate the__filth: he scared thelastone666: conker bad fur day scarecrow MtRush: Keeel hm krazypleb: he is like me PepeHands poggingforever: FeelsBadMan 🔫 NNayio: Outside. (puke) illuminatieyes_xd: gold Pog Frosted15: @Elajjaz YOUR A NOOB ATTACK THE FOOL Azure_Felt: elaD Doully92: D: mkzkSeki: D: greyfacenospace123: danD OfficerGrimes: D: Espher_5: elaD NNayio: D: Zane_Within: D: Markeh04: D: Da_Flanker: LULW quichemeesh: D: Nazzet: D: KingMidas133: D: Corthak: Sir gachiBASS what do you have on you gachiBASS ViveLaDissidence: He’s suffering PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @ComradeNerdy what if Belle Delphine is a bioterrorist who wants to kill the whole world and the bathwater thing was her first move monkaW OrbitalSloth: pvpChamp Azure_Felt: stealing a ghouls pants FeelsWeirdMan MtRush: private ‘yoinker’ ela crashfort: peeve subs KonCha illuminatieyes_xd: yoink xRouw: TriHard GoodGuyEvil: and that’s why you have no friends ela PepeHands Doully92: Stealing PepeHands FlintTheManiac: i just came in here and have no idea… but kill him please 🙂 ComradeNerdy: KrazyShark well you are alive yet Kapp JESSrz: such immoral behavior NNayio: PepeHands KrazyShark: @ComradeNerdy LUL volkeeh: D: fatpep: ..and my Karma darkmoonblade34 Rodriwastaken: D: CrystalTeardrop: NNayio cirAYAYA Turbulist: TaBeRu Nazzet: Greed D: CommunismForDummies: tdogRat volkeeh: STEALING FROM A GHOUL PepeHands evilmarmot42: blind cam6969: @Elajjaz magazine on the nightstand motoko__kusanagi: tdogRat Lagunaab: book elaREE IBrucelyI: MAGAZINE ihateleague: magazine LegendarySoulblade: Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Simsalakazam: the m,agazine fatpep: ..and my Karma DarkMode TheXearo: magazine ? motoko__kusanagi: tdogUguu @CommunismForDummies odduneven: blind LULW wandering_pleb: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind SolusBellator: elaBlind Myareska: Magazine… Azure_Felt: elaBlind KrazyShark: @ComradeNerdy hey i didn’t buy her shit PunOko i may be thirsty but i don’t feed thots elaB cignus87: book on the drawers ninjasonthemoon: magazine NNayio: @CrystalTeardrop AYAYA / Shadowfax71: MAGAZINE zulul_vi_von_zulul: SO BLIND LUL theral: MISSED MAGAZINE MAGNUMDOLLARz: elaBlind CommunismForDummies: rat subs tdogRat IBrucelyI: by bed gemoldeman: @chat FeelsWeirdMan NNayio: L OMEGLOL L SkeletonKeyLimePie: loool CrystalTeardrop: KrazyShark naroAYAYA MagicWilson: PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: LUL Pixel_hearts: elaBlind Azure_Felt: forsenWC OMEGLOL forsenWC blackghost1791: meeting people mag shameimarusen: Actually Blind ComradeNerdy: KrazyShark Pog there is hope GluteusCortex: you should have called yourself sergeant Minenow ZanRebel: @Elajjaz you are blocking top left, also i think you got sick Youbetterlikemyburgers: KrazyShark sharku cirPat Tw1tOne: so sarge thinks its okay to rob minorities? :O TH3N4RL3Y1: LUL 1mpolar: PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeHands SnarksterJr: pp FlintTheManiac: @krazyshark sure elaK Crab_with_Tophat: @ComradeNerdy man NV sure is an awesome game right? imagine streaming this Kappa Ellycat1: BibleThump GuitarTime CrystalTeardrop: Youbetterlikemyburgers cirPat SnarksterJr: ppHop fatpep: TaBeRu crashfort: 🎸 Jalmarkian: monkaS 👉 RAD/SEC +1 Ageingyoungrebel: jonny PepeHands NL_Legendary: @KrazyShark elaHYUG Cecilff2: PepeHands Play it again Shrimpess: FeelsGoodMan GuitarTime Doully92: PepeHands NiceDoge42: Play the guitar PepeHands mentalvary: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime RingusSlaterfist: PepeHands bloodcaleb: my johnny PepeHands GuitarTime volkeeh: PepeHands GuitarTime Bxadd: PepeHands DaniDuck: @Elajjaz can you explain the reasons for why the sarge is racist? elaHmm KrazyShark: @ComradeNerdy yeah i’m thirsty but i’m a man of culture elaOk 🍷 white knights out naiga: read it ? @Elajjaz walking_clock: PepeHands Pixel_hearts: ppHop ppHop ppHop TheGoldenCobra: PepeHands GuitarTime Monster5crak: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ComradeNerdy: Crab imagine waiting couple of weeks elaOP NNayio: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime miki___miki: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu vihainenkampela: PepeHands GuitarTime Youbetterlikemyburgers: CrystalTeardrop cirPat raider_unkindled: Johnny Guitar PepeHands sjuften_: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime johnny the__filth: PepeHands Shrimpess: FeelsBadMan GunRun Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime Cheeseek: Johnny FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Landoy: PepeHands GuitarTime ViveLaDissidence: PepeHands GuitarTime DigiLaw420: PepeHands GuitarTime Rodriwastaken: PepeHands GuitarTime Shrimpess: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Kazeith: @elajjaz why the f people telling you how to steal properly LULW GOLDSOULTHEORY: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime KrazyShark: @NL_Legendary @FlintTheManiac @Youbetterlikemyburgers @CrystalTeardrop yooo my dawgs Wowee pepeL elaHYUG Wayn_: PepeHands FlameResistant: Sarge is a terrible person FeelsWeirdMan SuprasKurono: PepeHands GuitarTime Ageingyoungrebel: FeelsBadMan 🎸 volkeeh: monkaX Jalmarkian: monkaW Foxxy2013: monkaS InternetVillainSuperstar: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime xRouw: monkaS DaniDuck: loves animals PepeHands Espher_5: PepeHands Nazzet: PETA D: crashfort: D: tigeralum11: a school for geckos SolusBellator: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime gelberpudding: church Kappa Doully92: PepeHands WTF Chinese_BobaBean: PepeHands GuitarTime futurekaze: PepeHands GuitarTime NL_Legendary: PepeHands Bxadd: D: maxk137: D: Motek: D: PETA crystallizedcs: D: WJovel: My Johnny FeelsBadMan Renococoa: D: Lagunaab: AAAiiiee PepeHands Azure_Felt: sure u are elaK salpo_nolobio: PepeHands johnny geko FlintTheManiac: @krazyshark FeelsWeirdMan ThatLuluTho: Shooting a school D/ Mokum73: NOT elaK Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime Johnny guitar Rodriwastaken: PepeHands FlameResistant: Sarge “loves” animals but doesn’t even have the Animal Friend perk FeelsWeirdMan Fake RP @Elajjaz Jalmarkian: Johhn Gecko PepeHands Pixel_hearts: elaD Espher_5: Sarge loves animals PepeLaugh NNayio: “Likes animals” PepeHands TheDankDemon: the hat looks fake on ela LULW Cecilff2: PepeHands Loves (to kill) animals Nazzet: LULW volkeeh: OMEGALUL Doully92: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW cam6969: LOOOOOOOOOL Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN NL_Legendary: LULW Youbetterlikemyburgers: LUL crashfort: LOL G0nch: LUL Turbulist: LULW myfavoriteweeb: IKEALUL BritishPatternBalding: OMEGADOWN Pudelinaa: PepeHands theyre cute tho jaquuu: lol Espher_5: LULW AkiraJkr: LULW futurekaze: LULW Renococoa: LULW xRouw: aimbot Pog seqone: IKEALUL dapsoul: IKEALUL ObsceneAmounts: OMEGALUL Jalmarkian: OMEGALUL Rick_LVB: TaBeRu sjuften_: LULW DGS_Howling: no you’re not PepeHands MettatonsFan: LUL Ellycat1: OMEGLOL Xerenix: LULW crystallizedcs: äloooooool SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: elaGa elaGun NoodLeWrencher: monkaS ViveLaDissidence: Reminder he’s an animal lover PepeLaugh NNayio: PepeLaugh CurseofSherwood: S OMEGADOWN RGE Zane_Within: elaKek Ageingyoungrebel: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL salpo_nolobio: danAim Chinese_BobaBean: LULW mizoreeee: LITERALLY SCHOOL SHOTING monkaW Armored_Guy: it just works miki___miki: OMEGALUL NiceDoge42: OMEGADOWN NNayio: D: fakzzz_: LULW xHydraaP: IT JUST WORKS WabbitTwouble: NA AIM OMEGALUL Shadowfax71: IKEALUL Doully92: CARRIED LULW xHydraaP: \ RicHaya: LULW Nazzet: IKEALUL to the max IKEALUL DGS_Howling: LULW tigeralum11: clip it plz Talmk: OMEGALUL kokosenpaai: LULW AkiraJkr: IKEA AIM mibutwhole: LUL Rodriwastaken: LULW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh futurekaze: IKEALUL InternetVillainSuperstar: Recoil OMEGALUL tilionm: LUL King_Insane: Carried Chinese_BobaBean: OMEGALUL monstertugga: VATS LUL silverknight3: ajaja FlintTheManiac: nice shooting LUL pekkaatte122: EDE CARRIES Drachenreiter: gamebyr OMEGADOWN VityaSolaris: EU AIM LULW Tw1tOne: Ed-E carry again LUL tigeralum11: clip fatpep: I got this MrDestructoid Sarge Mokum73: Thanks ED-E elaA Cheeseek: Bringing guns to the school FeelsWeirdMan AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh cam6969: LULW Rodriwastaken: D: crashfort: todd made that part 🙂 memorycard1mega: LUL Christophersopranos: LUL volkeeh: using vats up close is super buggy OMEGALUL vihainenkampela: LULW sarge has lidl aim Smoothstone: @NL_Legendary forsenFeels squadF FeelsBadMan Monster5crak: murica simulatop PepeLaugh cheeze____: “I’m sorry” *fucking guns him into the void* Tasarion: PepeHands salpo_nolobio: PepeHands Nazzet: TaBeRu Pixel_hearts: carried PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeHands sjuften_: PepeHands Shrimpess: Chat, this –>PepeHands GuitarTime doesn’t make any sense. Does pepe have 4 arms? Doully92: PepeHands GluteusCortex: what happened to your sniper friend? @elajjaz NL_Legendary: @Smoothstone whats wong PepeHands TyrantZedd: PepeHands ratnapper: PepeHands GuitarTime SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan Nazzet: I know PepeHands DaniDuck: @Elajjaz can you explain the reasons for why the sarge is racist? elaHmm Chinese_BobaBean: PepeHands sjuften_: @Shrimpess LUL InternetVillainSuperstar: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime FriedUbiServer: I am sure that was work of Todd? Chinese_BobaBean: FeelsBadMan Martiansam: elaFeels volkeeh: boone PepeHands DANYgoxx: PepeLaugh it sounds sad so im sad Rodriwastaken: PepeHands Romanzes: 3Head Cheeseek: Bakamitai PepeHands Jalmarkian: @Shrimpess He´s playing with his 3rd arm gachiHYPER Deku__: the lyrics are sad PepeHands QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime KrazyShark: @Elajjaz it’s about a thirsty guy who can’t find anyone like me FeelsBadMan Barburas: Boone PepeHands mizoreeee: cheeze____ this made me more laugh than it should nrdyKek Armored_Guy: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Doully92: Johnny PepeHands kuso_joshi: : ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan ☂ ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ KrazyShark: @FlintTheManiac elaWeird cheeze____: PepeHands GuitarTime ViveLaDissidence: Shrimpess You underestimate the power of Pepe PepeLaugh NNayio: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Smoothstone: @NL_Legendary Nothing…Just getting into the sad mood with you and chat forsenFeels … squadF GuitarTime blackghost1791: boone would delete evrything Crab_with_Tophat: @ComradeNerdy what is good anyway bc atm i have 0 times watching your stream elaFeels GOLDSOULTHEORY: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Rodriwastaken: @krazyshark PepeHands Monster5crak: no Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime gelberpudding: missed church Shrimpess: @Jalmarkian gachiHYPER YEAH BOI Deku__: its not happy at all Irocam: Sarge didn’t like him because he didn’t have mustaches Romanzes: PepeLaugh VityaSolaris: chat WeirdChamp Rural_Juror_: Johnny Guitar FeelsBadMan Deku__: its a lament Martiansam: @KrazyShark BibleThump Sceda: you dont know OP until you meet best girl kuso_joshi: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ :FeelsBadMan: 🎸 : ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ alexowhy: ppBeer mon_dieud: not really KrazyShark: @Rodriwastaken PepeHands sjuften_: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Chinese_BobaBean: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Cheeseek: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Myareska: I like the church Espher_5: FeelsWeirdMan GuitarTime KrazyShark: @Martiansam FeelsBadMan NL_Legendary: @Smoothstone true PepeHands FeelsBadMan ihateleague: rad x akmannen: Its not happy 🙂 vihainenkampela: PepeHands GuitarTime ChillyBilly3: Hey everyone elaH What did I join into? elaFeels Chinese_BobaBean: whats the song Wwaaaz: Nah it’s sad dude elaHmm DaniDuck: D: Monster5crak: PepeHands GuitarTime Germy_ranch: D: EndlessMoose: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan :open_umbrella:ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ Romanzes: LUL mentalvary: you need it PepeLaugh Turbulist: monkaW xRouw: LUL cheeze____: @mizoreeee elaKek Sapath: LULW Romanzes: LULW ThatLuluTho: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW Germy_ranch: Jebaited fatpep: LULW alexowhy: monkaW kokosenpaai: LUL Ellycat1: Jebaited Clap Wwaaaz: elaS Espher_5: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL cam6969: monkaW kuso_joshi: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan 🎸 : ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ Rodriwastaken: monkaW Lagunaab: u got shanked mate 3Head GluteusCortex: xxxY noyourebreatht4king: LUL sovietpie: STABBED LULW TheDankDemon: JONNY IS DED 🙁 Cheeseek: 3Head now NL_Legendary: @KrazyShark Try getting some 1 with showing your awesome base on minecraft PepeLaugh DaniDuck: LULW Romanzes: PepeLaugh MAD LADS mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW mizoreeee: HAHAHAHAH Wwaaaz: elaKek Romanzes: 3Head brot_ok: LULW Cecilff2: LULW OptimisticKnowledge: OMEGALUL Jalmarkian: OMEGADOWN Doully92: cmonBrother vaccinations? volkeeh: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: hi 🙂 OfficerGrimes: ZULUL Lim3Fru1t: LULW Rodriwastaken: LULW Nazzet: @ChillyBilly3 PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: haloo Espher_5: ALLO ZULUL sjuften_: LULW Germy_ranch: monkaW MrRoboto_0: Hallo 🙂 QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: ALLO ZULUL DigitalZips: whew lad, that’s dark OMEGALUL KrazyShark: YOOOOOOOOO there’s hope doe, I found a 7/10 geeky weeb girl who likes Regular Show FeelsGoodMan I’m in bruvs, I’M GOING IN RAW gachiHYPER Youbetterlikemyburgers: she sings about a lost love i think so pretty happy tune MiniK salpo_nolobio: LULW Da_Flanker: Oh no no no Moctavius: LULW OMEGALUL VityaSolaris: 3Head GuitarTime kuso_joshi: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan 🎸 : ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ salpo_nolobio: ?? Turbulist: LULW WabbitTwouble: HALLO fakzzz_: LULW monstertugga: VATS LUL Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime Romanzes: ZULUL WAVE 1 omn0nmo: dont forget to check the floor of the 2 churches. there is a quest in one of them …. tigeralum11: IT JUST WORKS 4Head KororoX: your head is crippled insurrectionist89: ??? Espher_5: THIS FUCKING GAME LULW LegendarySoulblade: @DigitalZips elaKek Romanzes: ZULUL Azure_Felt: https://clips.twitch.tv/EntertainingPerfectEagleStoneLightning Meximus322: elaK Martiansam: they where stabbimg you from behind LULW mentalvary: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW TheH3llraiser: LULW Romanzes: ZULUL SUPA TOUGH Doully92: LULW dapsoul: IKEALUL vihainenkampela: LULW KrazyShark: @NL_Legendary LULW “hey bb, wanna see my big tower on minecraft? it’s very big ela3 ” Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh boom QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: LULW ChillyBilly3: Nazzet pepeL WabbitTwouble: OMEGALUL G0nch: nice shooting tex Romanzes: ZULUL SUPA DEADLY Bxadd: OMEGALUL DGS_Howling: LMAO Shrimpess: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime: ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ RicHaya: B OMEGALUL OMEGALUL M Spataprouch: NA Aim cam6969: EZ Clap ComradeNerdy: Crab PepeHands well NV will probably will wait anyway Doully92: CARRIED AGAIN LULW Lagunaab: didnt you reactivate the turrets ? Smough: carry me BabyRage fatpep: I got this MrDestructoid Sarge vihainenkampela: carried LULW JimiJam69: moon2E ? volkeeh: CARRIED OMEGALUL mizoreeee: ED-E HELP BabyRage NL_Legendary: @KrazyShark LULW Good pickup line salpo_nolobio: flop Germy_ranch: AYAYA YATTA Shrimpess: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ akmannen: ed edd and eddie? kuso_joshi: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan 🎸 : ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ Smoothstone: MrDestructoid forsenGun ViveLaDissidence: CARRIED LULW Turbulist: TaBeRu Martiansam: elaKek elaKek elaKek Romanzes: ZULUL Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Smoothstone: vadeGun Cheeseek: TaBeRu QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: KKool Jalmarkian: PepeHands moonmoons cat Ellycat1: FeelsGoodMan GuitarTime ChannyChan_: 95% btw LUL sjuften_: moon2E got him cam6969: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ MrRoboto_0: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ Rodriwastaken: TaBeRu salpo_nolobio: HUEY AYAYA FriedUbiServer: carried by a robot brot_ok: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ LukynoC: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK Azure_Felt: elaK Da_Flanker: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz this is the best song Irocam: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ HandsUp not rainヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ NL_Legendary: Carried Armored_Guy: Kapp brot_ok: elaK the_dofn: why is elaz vats so scuffed Doully92: elaK Espher_5: elaK mizoreeee: elaK Denact: elaK POMA_HEKPOMAHT: CoolStoryBob NL_Legendary: elaH QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: Kapp NL_Legendary: elaK Romanzes: ZULUL This is WAKAILIWOOD crashfort: elaK vihainenkampela: Kapp Clap Pixel_hearts: elaK insurrectionist89: sure NiceDoge42: ED-E did all the work WabbitTwouble: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan 🎸 : ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ KingMidas133: elaK Lim3Fru1t: elaK Aberrant404: b4 jade282: elaK NL_Legendary: Before Glenshane: elaK Rodriwastaken: CoolStoryBob DaniDuck: B4 Lagunaab: bUrself fore Azure_Felt: elaGa b4 Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Annonn140: b4 b4 b4 Renococoa: b4 salpo_nolobio: FeelsPepoMan mentalvary: FeelsPepoMan Armored_Guy: B 4 Tw1tOne: elaK sjuften_: Kapp mhm Meximus322: elaGa ThatLuluTho: Before FeelsPepoMan raider_unkindled: elaGa AndyTrunks: Bee Four chibbun: B4 LegendarySoulblade: FeelsPepoMan Rural_Juror_: carried CMAN222008: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ TheH3llraiser: elaK Shrimpess: elaK AlexAnderman1994: elaGa FR33D_: b4 thelastone666: before? elaHmm Saint_Andre: BEFORE InternetVillainSuperstar: FeelsPepoMan Clap Ellycat1: b4 elaHYUK zulul_vi_von_zulul: Pepege monstertugga: after? VityaSolaris: BEFORE I FORGET DaniDuck: @Elajjaz can you explain the reasons for why the sarge is racist? elaHmm MurderChaos: ED-E CARYING RicHaya: b4 volkeeh: FeelsPepoMan DGS_Howling: FeelsPepoMan SBrooky: before before before before Kazeith: Pepega Clap SnarksterJr: b4 Rodriwastaken: bUrself brot_ok: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、 WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! NL_Legendary: elaHYUK Jalmarkian: Ela-Borat PepeLaugh Monster5crak: elaHYUK Clap TheDankDemon: B4 CHECK Jegerkaj: torturing monkaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ HandsUp not rain ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ Jackp_99: Jackp_99 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! WrestlerBot2000: @jackp_99 What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM JimiJam69: In the Shadow of the Valley timoteh: FeelsPepoMan mizoreeee: why is POGGERS called poggers again elaHmm MrRoboto_0: monkaS Irocam: pepeJAM Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Turbulist: monkaW AbsoluteHope: monkaW Rick_LVB: B4 elaHmm Cheeseek: monkaSHAKE vihainenkampela: monkaW brot_ok: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: monkaW salpo_nolobio: mald MurderChaos: GUYS DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH ED-E IS CARRYING ? gelberpudding: He got the grenades right Jebaited OfficerGrimes: monkaW Monster5crak: SAVE Rodriwastaken: monkaw MasterMalpercio: rooKek Jegerkaj: smart science man PepeLaugh Shrimpess: @Elajjaz when does elaK 4 piece arrive?elaK KrazyShark: @mizoreeee they saw my FOGGERS and told to themselves “man we’re stupid xd” imagetr3: Love this song. One of the best in the game. timoteh: FeelsPepoMan Ela how can you not have figured out how to crack the computers yet???? greyfacenospace123: danDerp VityaSolaris: ED OP Wwaaaz: THE DUDS STREAMER elaREE Azure_Felt: AngelThump nades pcallow: Ed E is just as OP as Boone crashfort: @imagetr3 elaCozy AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: cmonBruh Hopewerth: wtf the hat is actually real WJovel: Hackerman Pog Kazeith: @mizoreeee why is it called PogChamp at the beginning monkaHmm Martiansam: @KrazyShark dude have you talked with that geeky girl again ? Zarkellos: ela you0ve already killed everyone here why do hacking for turrets King_Insane: @KrazyShark irl friend of mine had a genius trick for that btw – she flirted with a cutout mirror – left her and right a guy from a magazin for like half a year and that helped her get over being shy with guys elaKek worth a try? maybe? Turbulist: Pog mizoreeee: KrazyShark i see elaISee mysweatyth1ghsss: Pog Lasosmaes: Pog Gam3freak99: Pog ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh he lacks information topazsquirrell: topazsquirrell subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! Annonn140: 5Head Dope_Stone_Lion: Dope_Stone_Lion subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 36 months! Cecilff2: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: @topazsquirrell After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @dope_stone_lion After 36 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM volkeeh: Chag Armored_Guy: 5Head salpo_nolobio: PogU Cheeseek: 5Head ratnapper: Pog tilionm: Clap Jegerkaj: Pog hacking god 5Head sovietpie: GOTTED m0rigani: 5Head Rural_Juror_: Pog HEWSTI: 5Head samperson12345: BabyRage Xaanax: 5Head gild0n: 5Head 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: RS? Runescape stream confirmed? Pog salpo_nolobio: 5Head of course MrRoboto_0: monkaW volkeeh: monkaX Turbulist: monkaW Nazzet: God hacker Pog QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: monkaW Da_Flanker: Concussion evilmarmot42: head crippled Cheeseek: monkaW cam6969: 3Head Pixel_hearts: monkaW Vanset_: TriHard RicHaya: monkaW mysweatyth1ghsss: monkaW Ellycat1: monkaW EljanPls sovietpie: 5Head brain tumor Wwaaaz: Concussion PepeLaugh Jalmarkian: monkaS 👉 RAD/SEC +1 DarcusHunter: crippled head Irocam: ayyliens monkaW fixions: head injured DaniDuck: he’s evolving monkaW Kazeith: @mizoreeee *from beginning insurrectionist89: LUL Azure_Felt: crippled head PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: monkaW thatpeaoverthere: head’s crippled Streamleen: Radiation sickness. AbsoluteHope: brain damage PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: monkaW zulul_vi_von_zulul: DETH gachiPls ratnapper: Weed monkaS Turbulist: monkaW ligma KrazyShark: @King_Insane who’s that friend of yours i’ll gladly marry her SilentNewbee: monkaW vihainenkampela: head crippled monkaW FlameResistant: Brain damage monkaW Lagunaab: you’re trippin balls Shrimpess: 3Head sjuften_: Ben Askren monkaW vihainenkampela: PepeHands salpo_nolobio: krippel cam6969: HandsUp OfficerGrimes: HandsUp QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: HandsUp Irocam: USE IT HandsUp mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp OptimisticKnowledge: Monsieur Elajjaz 5Head 🍷 Would you be so kind to put on some exquisite 18th century baroque music, perhaps Albinoni – Adagio in G Minor? AbsoluteHope: HandsUp mon_dieud: HandsUp FlameResistant: gachiBASS Smough: HandsUp InternetVillainSuperstar: HandsUp rofIcopter: HandsUp beercan707: Now we’re far in’ Ageingyoungrebel: ia hydra HandsUp Azure_Felt: PepeUff oofas Nazzet: Fix your 3Head Jegerkaj: can’t be fixed PepeHands CMAN222008: HandsUp Shrimpess: HandsUp odduneven: HandsUp WabbitTwouble: Head krippel Jalmarkian: Autism monkaW JimiJam69: monkaW Hearing colours ViveLaDissidence: HandsUp donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: HandsUp USE IT HandsUp vihainenkampela: HandsUp volkeeh: LULW DekkerDave: head krippel OMEGALUL POMA_HEKPOMAHT: HandsUp Naniyo: LULW Rodriwastaken: HandsUp timoteh: HandsUp Ellycat1: elaGa salpo_nolobio: nrdyHydra Turbulist: HandsUp Kazeith: just go to the doctor 4Head Drachenreiter: elaHmm KingMidas133: elaGa Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh cheeze____: use the hydra FeelsGoodMan Espher_5: elaHmm FlameResistant: HandsUp Kazeith: @salpo_nolobio what’s that emote called omn0nmo: there is a quest in that town! Shrimpess: 3Head headd crippled Jegerkaj: Nipton AYAYA Rodriwastaken: summon the hydra HandsUp KrazyShark: @King_Insane joke aside that helped her? elaISee damn that’s neat, i’m not really shy btw it’s just that idk, i guess it’s hard for me for various reasons Azure_Felt: nrdyHydra Nazzet: @Kazeith DOctor please help with my IQ 3Head Omojjo: THE HAT crashfort: cozy trip elaCozy King_Insane: @KrazyShark haha she’s married now but it’s always a story she tells to friends with the same issues salpo_nolobio: @Kazeith nrdy Hydra nrdyHydra Annonn140: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Da_Flanker: Back to propaganda Espher_5: pepeJAMMER QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: DansGame volkeeh: pepeD Shrimpess: pepeJAM timoteh: Heal yourself with food? Lagunaab: switch camera too please elaCozy vihainenkampela: pepeD mentalvary: pepeJAM captain_elsewhere: oh wait elaKek donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: SourPls MrRoboto_0: pepeD Ageingyoungrebel: pepeJAM Romanzes: CruW M0gisa13: @Elajjaz what mods do you use ? cam6969: pepeJAM Nazzet: pepeJAM AlexAnderman1994: pepeJAM Omojjo: @Elajjaz The hat looks like it’s photospped onto you Cheeseek: pepeJAM Cyeena: pepeJAM beercan707: Let’s kick some zombie ass! salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM CMAN222008: pepeD sjuften_: pepeD WabbitTwouble: KKool Landoy: ElaJAMMER fixions: pepeJAM gild0n: KKool Myareska: Easter egg in the second church if you want to check it out elaISee NiceDoge42: pepeJAM Clap AbsoluteHope: pepeJAM monstertugga: pepeJAM Llyfrgell: PepoDance Romanzes: KKool AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: pepeJAM PrayForMyBoyHarambe: say yehaw WabbitTwouble: PepoDance Kazeith: @nazzet wha Azure_Felt: missed church PepeHands Leeegit: XDD Da_Flanker: KKool Rodriwastaken: pepeJAM VityaSolaris: ricardoFlick cam6969: elaJAMMER SolusBellator: pepeJAM futurekaze: KKool MagicWilson: KKool GuitarTime Robb44566: pepeJAM Shrimpess: KKool GuitarTime J0hnnyBlade: KKool cam6969: ElaJAMMER KrazyShark: @King_Insane ohh okay essiSmile i was actually very shy but i work where i have a lot of customer relationship so purple_flavor: !mods Rodriwastaken: KKool WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Jegerkaj: PepeHands HotPokket Armored_Guy: why ela wearing fedora Kazeith: @salpo_nolobio oh, uh, what? Nostraz: KKool stabogatoe: who is this cowboy donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: RareEla Omojjo: @KrazyShark YeahBoi Espher_5: KKool AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: 🔨 ? captain_elsewhere: because cowboy RP Armored_Guy salpo_nolobio: @Kazeith it’s `nrdyHydra` Romanzes: ZULUL VityaSolaris: @Kazeith why not 4Shrug Doully92: IKEALUL Nazzet: PepeLaugh shiion17: ZULUL beercan707: Fuck em up OptimisticKnowledge: VI MISS ZULUL Deid_: cmonBrother JimiJam69: monkaW Hearing colours Shadowfax71: OWL2019highnoon Omojjo: IKEALUL timoteh: Vy miss? Jegerkaj: ZULUL IKEALUL lazergunz322: rads LULW winnie_the_pew: 🤠 KrazyShark: @King_Insane i’m all good now, just cause i’m not shy anymore doe doesn’t mean i’m an extravert. I still dislike being with many people and prefer small groups and tend to be reserved at first. Romanzes: PepeLaugh LOOK AT HIS FACE cam6969: Pog hunterhill762: U miss Shrimpess: elaBruv can’t fix this Jalmarkian: Only relies on VATs and Eddy PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Omojjo YeahBoi GluteusCortex: D and D tactics is either dungeons and dragons or her bra size nrdyHmm King_Insane: @KrazyShark well that helps, who knows maybe someone that likes ya will walk in one day NiceDoge42: ED-E Pog Rural_Juror_: CARRIED KingMidas133: literally concussion InternetVillainSuperstar: ED-E with the headshot Pog salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM Shrimpess: KKool GuitarTime imLunchy: pepeJAM Romanzes: PepeLaugh KKool Germy_ranch: Theeeeeeere was never a man like my Johnny PepeHands WabbitTwouble: T N T Tactics Pog serralheir0: pepeJAM Sceda: can you get addicted to radaway? vihainenkampela: drug addiction PepeLaugh Doully92: KKool thatsomebody7: Pog NA AIM MustiRaikkonen: distNep GuitarTime imLunchy: not wearing power armor OMEGALUL Shrimpess: PabloPls Doully92: elaOP shiion17: elaOP Armored_Guy: OpieOP Azure_Felt: elaOP HYPERCLAP odduneven: TFT tactics LULW salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM 🎻 KrazyShark: @King_Insane yeah, one main issue is that i don’t wanna step in if she doesn’t show any interests cause idk, i’m tired of trying hard like a fuckboi when nobody tries for me y’see fatpep: elaOP Youbetterlikemyburgers: pepeJAM Crab_with_Tophat: @Sceda not in this game imLunchy: pepeJAM captain_elsewhere: theres a little shack on this mountain you might want to look at Lagunaab: yes ! MrRoboto_0: 5Head illuminatieyes_xd: 200 IQ Cheeseek: elaOP Antonymouse: Chag Armored_Guy: 5Head vihainenkampela: OpieOP damn right shiion17: ?? SBrooky: wait is that hat real or is it a camera filter? Nazzet: 5Head AkiraJkr: 5Head Da_Flanker: elaOP Romanzes: Keepo Lagunaab: my motto elaOP AlexAnderman1994: 5Head ffhighwind: that’s my motto Shadowfax71: 13 stealth boys Denact: elaOP gjoran1: not playing Big Iron on repeat elaMad elaMad Germy_ranch: HotPokket 5Pat5: elaOP elaPlan serralheir0: I’m not fat danFat quichemeesh: kanYe JESSrz: :fiddle: gggcccA7X: weSmart Armored_Guy: game logic Zalinero_: elaOP elaPlan Romanzes: He Must be on the Greek’s Diet PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: danJAM Shraquet: @crab_with_tophat Which mod is he using? illuminatieyes_xd: wheres jingle jangle jingle BabyRage Irocam: iron95Pls salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM King_Insane: @KrazyShark tbf thats everyone i know, big groups are not fun and only reason i got over that was for my business since i had to adress up to a hundred people at some point souldedeh: KKool WrestlerBot2000: “ICH KOMME” – Ela, 2018 No. 111 https://clips.twitch.tv/LivelyManlyPartridgeFreakinStinkin Hasuman: @SBrooky that’s actually a good question Shadowfax71: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. MustiRaikkonen: nepSmug ElaJAM fatpep: 5 mods PepeLaugh Crab_with_Tophat: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. KrazyShark: @King_Insane monkaW huh Romanzes: pepeJAMMER Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh shiion17: LULW volkeeh: PepeLaugh Rick_LVB: @captain_elsewhere Oh wait I just remembered what’s there LUL vihainenkampela: pepeD this song CleverName2: @Crab_with_Tophat pepeL salpo_nolobio: muh immersion WabbitTwouble: AYAYA Jalmarkian: Moines LULW AkiraJkr: Didn’t install Invisible Wall Remover LULW Shrimpess: KKool Nostraz: RareEla souldedeh: TaBeRu BluBlu_BluBlo: monkaS captain_elsewhere: oh yeah Rick_LVB elaGasm DaniDuck: coyotes? monkaW oh on Shraquet: Oh. How did he edit the radio stations then? Hasuman: dumpster diving ela, too real cam6969: Didn’t install Invisible Wall Remover LULW HAZEVILLE: @elajjaz What do you think of New Vegas so far? Are you enjoying it? salpo_nolobio: TaBeRu Cheeseek: pepeD WJovel: No BDSM mods FeelsWeirdMan radon_stone: how you feel about the high quality texture and lighting mods? CleverName2: @Cheeseek pepeL Kazeith: @shraquet he added a custom radio salpo_nolobio: any loverslab friends?? elaThirst Cheeseek: CleverName2 elaA pepeL King_Insane: @KrazyShark yeah that makes sense, but hey as long as you just be honest with it, it’s not stepping in it at all i think, otherwise you’ll never talk to the right person if you don’t try and stop caring about what people who are not interested think about it really. but i get it, it gets draining Jalmarkian: PepeLaugh legendary lion inc Jegerkaj: Ela is becoming Sarge IRL too Pog Deku__: NV is best Fallout game do not @ me Crab_with_Tophat: clever elaH so your fav waifu gets another sesion people saying ela13 KrazyShark: bring back the slab monkaW mizoreeee: and you havent even seen the story missions LULW Saint_Andre: @Elajjaz did you play Bloodlines? DanneFromSweden: @salpo_nolobio elaThirst CommunismForDummies: west of the berlin wall huh salpo_nolobio: nrdyGa Liransherman: BB Gun PogChamp Elarons: @Elajjaz bind soda to quick action menu and chug when you HP is low,just like in real life OptimisticKnowledge: is this a Berlin Wall song? ShivaQQ: PepeLaugh dont tell him chat PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @King_Insane yeah i’m just not bothered with it anymore WabbitTwouble: Actually good RPG PepeHands Cheeseek: monkaS Mokum73: Just killing LUL StarPogPlatinum: Yeah that’s the game in a nutshell LULW SnarksterJr: thats what you wanna do in this game Ic_stoning: @salpo_nolobio elaThirst elaThirst Jegerkaj: PepeHands me Cheeseek: MaN KrazyShark: @King_Insane i’m just tired, really really tired Germy_ranch: PedoBear salpo_nolobio: MaN Spataprouch: WaMeN CleverName2: @Crab_with_Tophat yeah today even, but no english subs so far PepeHands raider_unkindled: PepeHands my house Romanzes: KKool west of the WALL DibsDibsDibs: So a person? eliastheepicgamer: so anyone? LUL CommunismForDummies: chat im lonely MaN s3r1ous: did she just say sweats on the balls or something Romanzes: KKool Build em up illuminatieyes_xd: @WabbitTwouble it’s been awhile since we had one PepeHands Martiansam: elaKek souldedeh: KKool Maluco_Doido: KKonaW The wall? Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Jalmarkian: KKool Build a wall Sceda: you playing this game exactly how its supposed to be played. just dicking around the whole time. Jegerkaj: KKool BUILD IT noob1011: babies use bb guns ? salpo_nolobio: elaThirst Clap TheDankDemon: no lewd mods??? ela Romanzes: KKool for freedom iamsparta231: hello fellow Cowboys 🤠 Hasuman: missed stimpacks on the shelf Crab_with_Tophat: just becoma true weeb and learn japanise clever nrdyGa WabbitTwouble: @illuminatieyes_xd Sadly yeah PepeHands pekkaatte122: did he ever finish enter the gungeon? KaitoKidShadow: pepeD NiceDoge42: yeah it took me like 15 hours before I got to New Vegas too who cares Cheeseek: Stimpacks on a shelf first floor NL_Legendary: Im off to bed chat! Take care! And Goodnight Ela and Chat! elaH pepeL souldedeh: KKool CleverName2: @Crab_with_Tophat good idea nrdyGa NL_Legendary: elaCozy King_Insane: @KrazyShark well best advice i can give is – try something you never tried before, maybe that’ll change something, think it’d be dishonest to say “you’ll get there” etc since stuff like that never helps samsususu: @iamsparta231 Howdy there 🤠 captain_elsewhere: he did a lot but still hasnt done everything pekkaatte122 Da_Flanker: iamsparta231 essiSmile / timoteh: @KrazyShark Majority of women want men to be the hunters, women will only hunt you if you’re above the average. Because thhey can get whatever average man they want, usually KrazyShark: @NL_Legendary elaCozy goodnight bruv SoCalledMe: @Elajjaz does the hat add +1 stamina resulting in a longer stream today Kappa ? Jegerkaj: @iamsparta231 🤠 / serralheir0: wall? danKona iamsparta231: atticted to FNV huh elaK GluteusCortex: not picking up purified water monkaS stabogatoe: @KrazyShark i feel yah bro, im in the similar boat misterbudlo: @pekkaatte122 Well, kinda. He beat Lich as Gunslinger Wayn_: AlienPls Jalmarkian: PepeLaugh missed legendary nuclear missile s3r1ous: some of these songs are strange but good tigeralum11: @KrazyShark What happened? volkeeh: pepeD samsususu: PepeLAugh iamsparta231: addicted* KrazyShark: @timoteh yeah that’s true, i hate it but hey it’s just like that 4Shrug KaitoKidShadow: elaBlind prrrah: prrrah subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @prrrah I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh was? infamouz669: in container Irocam: Jebaited Clap Shrimpess: Jebaited zulul_vi_von_zulul: Jebaited KrazyShark: @stabogatoe yeah it sucks dude Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Cheeseek: Clap GluteusCortex: in a box volkeeh: Jebaited salpo_nolobio: GuitarTime Maluco_Doido: KKona Romanzes: KKool KaitoKidShadow: Jebaited samsususu: KKool souldedeh: KKool Romanzes: KKool KKool KKool volkeeh: KKool Gam3freak99: you got Jebaited Jegerkaj: BlessRNG 👽 SacredChickenNugget: BlessRNG bloodcaleb: KKona illuminatieyes_xd: KKool King_Insane: @KrazyShark but best of luck regardless what you do, i know how its like (hell my teens to early twenties were terrible, so i can relate in that matter) jj_mike: KKool GuitarTime Shrimpess: KKool GuitarTime MrRoboto_0: BlessRNG samsususu: TaBeRu salpo_nolobio: AlienPls Romanzes: KKona KKool KKona SoCalledMe: Jebaited vihainenkampela: KKool AlienPls Lagunaab: FLYING SAUCERS ? Maluco_Doido: KKona Fucking aliens KrazyShark: @tigeralum11 nothing much, talking about guys getting girls, love and shit KaitoKidShadow: gottem serralheir0: danKona 🎸 GluteusCortex: box next to toolbox @elajjaz SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepoDance DaniDuck: potential Jebaited ? Da_Flanker: KKool AlexAnderman1994: BlessRNG Nostraz: KKool infamouz669: first floor Jegerkaj: KKool MAKE THE ALIENS PAY donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: !song KKool Andepen: First floor next to stairs SnarksterJr: Jebaited Romanzes: KKool goddamn fucking aliens man KKool KrazyShark: @King_Insane i’m 25 in one month PepeHands WJovel: monkaW SoCalledMe: x2 Jebaited zulul_vi_von_zulul: Jebaited x2 Azure_Felt: it’s fine. sarge prefers toilet water PepeLaugh Lagunaab: Jebaited ? Armored_Guy: 2ez Jebaited Shrimpess: Jebaited x2 zombie391: Jebaited samsususu: PepeLaugh Christophersopranos: Jebaited Irocam: not picking up salsaparilla DansGame timoteh: So @KrazyShark if you wait for women to initiate flirting with you or whatever you’re gonna have to wait a damn long time. Unless you really focus on improving yourself. Waiting around won’t change anything Outcastedbird: holy shet Feedus_Fetus: BlessRNG Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime this song KrazyShark: @King_Insane but hey thanks man FeelsGoodMan Leuwe: Jebaited Jalmarkian: Jebaited Rodriwastaken: Jebaited SoCalledMe: ccccc..combo Jebaited Romanzes: KKool Ruining ma corn fields since 1950’s Jegerkaj: ElaPls serralheir0: perfectly executed danBaited tigeralum11: @KrazyShark Ah, I feel ya. I’m a kinda weird spot with that myself ATM. Just kinda muddling through it GluteusCortex: the first aid next to toolbox Cheeseek: ElaPls Mixmashmaster: ElaPls zulul_vi_von_zulul: The other box Kappa Liransherman: DETH monkaS Assnick: lobosChair shiion17: KKool GuitarTime Da_Flanker: ElaPls 🚽 ekahS_hS: pepeJAM Jalmarkian: G OMEGALUL OMEGALUL G L E King_Insane: @KrazyShark so you’re still ela12 and got probably 70+ years to go 🙂 CommunismForDummies: wash hands Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime vihainenkampela: ElaPls 🚽 Irocam: enemy monkaW MartyLikesCookies: Not pausing, brave samsususu: G OMEGALU OMEGALUL GLE volkeeh: not pausing OMEGALUL raider_unkindled: PogU stream the bathroom SacredChickenNugget: @KrazyShark SHARKY pepeL Xerenix: ElaPls Maceron4444: oh shit that hat’s real? Hasuman: PISS HARDER BOI Crab_with_Tophat: @Liransherman elaC NosBleid: ElaPls — 🚽 zulul_vi_von_zulul: forsenWC Romanzes: KKool KKool KKool Liransherman: elaC Ageingyoungrebel: GOOGLINE PepeLaugh Maceron4444: I thought it was a filter LUL KrazyShark: @timoteh i’m actually working out to be a better me yeah, so idk i guess girls can wait while i do my thing Azure_Felt: time for legion hitsquad to spawn PepeLaugh samsususu: G OMEGALUL OMEGALUL G L E freeman0001: Lp hat Xerenix: A red spot on the compass monkaW mentalvary: KKool Shrimpess: ElaPls —->🚽 Maluco_Doido: KKool U better pray to the Lord Jalmarkian: PlsEla 🚽 forsenWC Hollow4thewat: What if that red point is a Cazador Kappa grevedarkholm: red monkaW OptimisticKnowledge: Googlejjaz OMEGALUL SoCalledMe: forsenWC OMEGALUL forsenWC volkeeh: RED SPOT ON THE COMPASS PepeLaugh Purple_HazeR7: forsenWC Flashforward: PepeLaugh chat has he seen deathclaws yet Jegerkaj: KKool goddamn saucers vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh 👉 forsenWC bloodcaleb: AlienPls fatpep: AlienPls KawaiiBDO: WDYM, he with a hat and this kind of music and he didn’t put Ram Ranch?? salpo_nolobio: AlienPls Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Outcastedbird: Urination any% has wash hands skip Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh Jalmarkian: Enemies monkaW wullackshually: ElaPls 🚽 Chinese_BobaBean: AlienPls Nostraz: forsenWC Espher_5: no autorun DansGame PhilRamirez: danKona KrazyShark: @tigeralum11 FeelsBadMan feels like running on quicksand Llyfrgell: PepoDance wullackshually: PlsEla 🚽 JESSrz: song PepeLaugh shigaraki: @Flashforward yeah he got shit on by one already PepeLaugh samsususu: forsenWC KrazyShark: @King_Insane LULW who knows Shrimpess: KKool GuitarTime Chinese_BobaBean: PepeLaugh Andepen: Did he get the water or not? Flashforward: shigaraki PepeLaugh ToneBacas: modded radio station? KrazyShark: @SacredChickenNugget Nuggy AYAYA Romanzes: KKool 👍 KrazyShark: AYAYA Distl17: AYAYA DaniDuck: AYAYA monkaW thatsomebody7: PlsEla 🚽 Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Flashforward: monkaW OptimisticKnowledge: AYAYA Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan Asozialix: AYAYA timoteh: Don’t worry, women see men who got their shit in order and love men who always strive to improve 🙂 who would want a partner that does nothing all day after all @KrazyShark Chinese_BobaBean: AYAYA NosBleid: AYAYA SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeUff Xerenix: AYAYA Feedus_Fetus: BlessRNG illuminatieyes_xd: NO AlexAnderman1994: AYAYA Outcastedbird: decent harmony there BluBlu_BluBlo: AYAYA Espher_5: AYAYA shiion17: atamAYAYA thatsomebody7: AYAYA Shrimpess: AYAYA InternetVillainSuperstar: FeelsWeirdMan Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Royale_Tea: AYAYA / SacredChickenNugget: NO 🙂 Cyber_Phoenix29: AYAYA KawaiiBDO: UYUYU serralheir0: danAY Rodriwastaken: AYAYA imagetr3: I hate when Jesus flies flying saucers and ends the world. Final_zebraman: AYAYA Rhynin: gachiBASS Maluco_Doido: monkaW NosBleid: elaYA AYAYA captain_elsewhere: make that many deathclaws shigaraki Flashforward elaKek illuminatieyes_xd: BAN ME @ i aint spammin it samsususu: FeelsWeirdMan Lagunaab: elaWeird Xerenix: monkaW Mixmashmaster: monkaW Romanzes: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW Cheeseek: Ban it is then 4Shrug shiion17: monkaW ChilledLawnGnome: monkaW Romanzes: monkaW YELLOWSTONE Cyeena: monkaW KrazyShark: @timoteh yeah that’s true, i was a lazy piece of shit 2 years ago raider_unkindled: monkaW Da_Flanker: monkaW SoCalledMe: hey barbiie girl forsenWC you and me forsenWC public urinal forsenWC tonight ? Chinese_BobaBean: monkaW Maluco_Doido: monkaW WHAT? tigeralum11: @KrazyShark Yeah FeelsBadMan Short version: I’m in love with a girl and she feels the same towards me but uh, isn’t, well.. single PepeHands Visualocity: monkaW Leuwe: monkaW ocirne23: rooAYAYA King_Insane: @KrazyShark but honestly, i’m 29 in a month and still don’t think i’m anywere near being old or having reached “the half point” samsususu: monkaW Jegerkaj: monkaW WE FORGOT? TheH3llraiser: monkaW Rodriwastaken: monkaW Romanzes: monkaW DID You forget ? Chinese_BobaBean: 1time KrazyShark: @timoteh well still am LULW but at least i try to work out and lose weight Landoy: KKona Clap Chinese_BobaBean: !time WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 23:03 Shrimpess: KKool GuitarTime gjoran1: no weeaboos today, only westaboos elaMad elaGun GluteusCortex: the first aid kit box next to the toolbox you were looking at PepeLaugh @elajjaz Maluco_Doido: KKool k4iley: @tigeralum11 oh that’s… yikes… Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KrazyShark: @King_Insane damn elaISee maybe i just have some shit mentality CommunismForDummies: FeelsWeirdMan Da_Flanker: KKool elaGun ela7 SkeletonKeyLimePie: all these songs sound the same LULW shiion17: KKool Romanzes: KKool KKool NosBleid: KKool timoteh: Hehe same man, we’ll all make it in the end ^^ @KrazyShark Retriuu: Kkommie unbuliebubble: @Elajjaz did you install any mods for this game? Rhynin: tigeralum11 if its like that, i would avoid her… YURA_RAKETA: wash hands DansGame Jegerkaj: KKool BETTER DEAD THAN RED BROTHER Shrimpess: FeelsBlyatMan GuitarTime Xerenix: nrdyHeh nrdySmoke cheeze____: elaWOW elaGun Nostraz: KKool Chinese_BobaBean: KKool AlexAnderman1994: KKool KrazyShark: @tigeralum11 THAT TRIGGERS ME Maluco_Doido: KKool Communist ghosts Armored_Guy: KKoon BananaKen: KKona mizoreeee: xD roxasfanboyd23: 🤠 SkeletonKeyLimePie: douglas mcarthur KKona 7 Allakazzaror: Howdy Ela pardner hows the wasteland treatin’ ya? SnarksterJr: DansGame SoCalledMe: KKool fuck dem commies Da_Flanker: KKool Filthy commies Armored_Guy: KKool AkiraJkr: XD Espher_5: KKona elaGun ela7 tigeralum11: @k4iley Yeah Lasosmaes: KKool GuitarTime Wendell8504: KKona ocirne23: rooXD s3r1ous: gonna paint lenin face on the moon Drachenreiter: get different radios OMEGALUL akmannen: Kkona grand canyon AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: xD Big1Chair: fleas monkaS JESSrz: flying saucers were Nazis stationed in Antarctica CommunismForDummies: chat please Andepen: Why do you pick up dirty water but not purified water? @elajjaz k4iley: @tigeralum11 that’s a huge red flag tbh AkiraJkr: LULW JimiJam69: KKona Nuke em commies Outcastedbird: Getting into a relationship in 2019 WutFace SnarksterJr: LULW WJovel: Fuckin commies KKona thatpeaoverthere: he found the shack Pog Jegerkaj: KKool FREEDOM WEEK volkeeh: thats the fun of new vegas KrazyShark: @timoteh elaOk yeah dude, gotta wait for some rays of sunshine here and there Da_Flanker: That’s fine Annonn140: welcome to NV LULW Allakazzaror: lmao, i did the same thing in this game. there’s so much random shit to do illuminatieyes_xd: women in 2k19 LUL AkiraJkr: Welcome to New Vegas LULW Cyeena: that’s the best way to play though ela Jegerkaj: monkaW SNIPER? Annonn140: ZULUL StoobieGacks: Gobi! MartyLikesCookies: What difficulty @Elajjaz ? unbuliebubble: monkaW FediricoBrian: Pog Xerenix: DansGame SoCalledMe: KKool freedom to play as you want KKool this game wouldnt be made under communis Shrimpess: DansGame Deku__: you PROBABLY dont want to go here yet @Elajjaz Landoy: POGGERS Armored_Guy: DansGame SacredChickenNugget: Snipers nest Pog cheeze____: FeelsGoodMan Romanzes: monkaW raider_unkindled: DansGame GluteusCortex: looool it’s Elias lönn and not actualy the sarge Chag Nostraz: DansGame thatpeaoverthere: gobi Pog Le_________________bowser: GOBI Pog Flashforward: monkaW music captain_elsewhere: welcome to the 1920’s SkeletonKeyLimePie all music was ultra conformist because “wild” music was heavily suppressed due to puritan shit during the time Liransherman: elaBlind Jalmarkian: ZULUL Ugandan shack TheMethos12: PogChamp the sniper’s nest tigeralum11: @k4iley I know, but I’m an idiot and feelings are involved now and I just.. idk serralheir0: open that chest!!!!! Maluco_Doido: DanielsVideoGaming k4iley: that’s why NV is great Liransherman: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER Cheeseek: elaS Azure_Felt: Pog ComradeNerdy: HandsUp OptimisticKnowledge: gachiGASM FediricoBrian: The Gobi Pog Germy_ranch: gachiCOOL SoCalledMe: gachiHYPER JESSrz: ELA PRO COMMIE monkaW samsususu: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: gachiHYPER Landoy: gachiBASS myfavoriteweeb: gachiBASS Jegerkaj: sniper Pog Xerenix: DansGame I was KKool that @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz s3r1ous: black mountain radio is the best lol Liransherman: elaBlind JonnyE80: HandsUp captain_elsewhere: oh yeah Romanzes: YeahBoi Chinese_BobaBean: gachiHYPER Annonn140: gachiHYPER PhilRamirez: gachiHYPER shiion17: gachiHYPER serralheir0: beat sniper right there SacredChickenNugget: @Elajjaz You want to get that as soon as you can Deku__: this is late game area AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Shrimpess: monkaW music Rick_LVB: Someone needs to tell him that’s the way you’re suppose to play the game LUL serralheir0: best* TheXearo: inb4 Pulse gun SoCalledMe: OpieOP jeh_zzz: best sniper in the game there @Elajjaz Fatamerikans: best chest in the game Pog k4iley: @tigeralum11 i feel ya. feelings are a bitch. tigeralum11: @KrazyShark Yeah FeelsBadMan Azure_Felt: Pog slasher Liransherman: @Elajjaz Ya missed somethin on da bench AkiraJkr: fucken dexusb: 🔪 Romanzes: @Deku__ shhhh PepeLaugh OptimisticKnowledge: 3Head Liransherman: elaC Lagunaab: it is Corthak: gachiBASS Tsarine_: Oi 3Head Jegerkaj: drugs FeelsAmazingMan GluteusCortex: guys it was Elias all along Chag the hat was just a disguise S_Darji: FOCKEN elaBruv VDSMF: drugs PogChamp duck_on_acid: DRUGS Po AkiraJkr: POVDER Liransherman: Star elaGasm King_Insane: @KrazyShark maybe elaKek again i’m trying to not be dishonest, best help you can get is from irl friends asking them for help like if what you think is true about mentality about yourself is true or if they have the impression and then working on it. it’s never easy to change and even harder to maintain illuminatieyes_xd: @tigeralum11 best you get out and move on while you still can or it’s already too late by the sounds of it captain_elsewhere: slasher stacks with psycho ad medx doesnt it ? Christophersopranos: music monkaS Tw1tOne: cant you lockpick high grade locks anyways? Romanzes: 🙂 This area is nice 🙂 Very easy 🙂 please do continue DekkerDave: healing povder? MurderChaos: music monkaS Romanzes: 🙂 Very friendly SacredChickenNugget: AMM OMEGALUL Flashforward: not taking ammo box 3Head Deku__: Romanzes hes in a position of little to no information PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: music PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: weapon PepeLaugh VoidTracks: take the ammo JaynisK: He picks up .308 out of boxes, but a box of 24 rounds sitting there he won’t touch Outcastedbird: Uh… um I don’t wanna be a total bitch, but wjere tf is the Cowboy hat WTF BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage Doyago: Did he have Wild Wild Wasteland trait? thatpeaoverthere: @Tw1tOne He can, but that box requires 100 lockpick, the max, he doesn’t have that yet Da_Flanker: elaHYUK Romanzes: 🙂 🙂 Amnexiac: elaHYUK Veee_: I dont know, but I never use any drugs when I play fallout games Nostraz: hyuk fatpep: @Elajjaz u dont wanna save a lockpick book for the 100 door in the hidden valley bunker ? SoCalledMe: PepeUff tigeralum11: @k4iley If I was a smarter person I’d probably leave it, but.. idk never been in a situation like this before Vonschatten: oh man, you need to open that weapon box KrazyShark: @tigeralum11 That fucking triggers me and you know why? Last fucking year I matched with some super cute girl, a bit geeky and stuff but she asked me out on a Sunday randomly so we walked outside by the lake, sat on a rock near the water and talked for hours and y’know, flirt, hug, pat her head and stuff. We said goodbye and AFTERWARDS SHE TELLS ME SHE HAS A BF. WHAT THE F. RhinestoneCowboy4: is this music a mod? don’t remember it Maluco_Doido: @Elajjaz U sold it ToBe_Gaming: elaHYUG AkiraJkr: VERY HARD LULW AlexAnderman1994: FeelsPepoMan Annonn140: use a sniper rifle KrazyShark: @tigeralum11 I. AM. TRIGGERED. k4iley: wait WHERES UR COWBOY HAT ELA Jalmarkian: Jump Down PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Hasuman: sounded a lot like Twin Peaks music mocaffe: when did fallout 3 release? AkiraJkr: HUMMM WHERES BOONER NOW LULW Wendell8504: LULW Romanzes: @Deku__ PepeLaugh he cant know what he Doesnt know PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: parkinson LUL serralheir0: if you only could open that chest Zekretiel: damn KrazyShark was it Tinder ComradeNerdy: it was a snapchat filter k4iley elaOP OptimisticKnowledge: LULW tigeralum11: @KrazyShark That’s terrible man 🙁 Feedus_Fetus: 2008 KrazyShark: @King_Insane oh yeah elaISee SkeletonKeyLimePie: cowboy hat fell in the toilet PepeLaugh victor_maitland: 308 is snipers JackBraun: hey ela and chat elaHi pepeL Azure_Felt: elaGa JonnyE80: PepeLaugh RhinestoneCowboy4: twin peaks vibes, yeah ChaosLike: KrazyShark u pet girls on the first date? SacredChickenNugget: @KrazyShark Wow KrazyShark: @ChaosLike LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @KrazyShark you pated her head? like a dog ? LUL k4iley: @comradenerdy .. Gam3freak99: no hat PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: ooof KrazyShark JESSrz: Twin Peaks tier music monkaW AkiraJkr: Ratslayer LULW shiion17: JackBraun atamHug Outcastedbird: Yo really no cowboy hat. Unsubscrobbler ComradeNerdy: JackBraun elaH KrazyShark: hey patting head is a cute thing okay Da_Flanker: KrazyShark LUL ShivaQQ: PepeLaugh it will happen now chat PepeLaugh dont tell him k4iley: @comradenerdy i don’t have glasses on r u forreal Andepen: :rage: put hat on :rage: AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: DansGame FORGOT HAT IN BATHROOM Kazeith: @elajjaz why did you unequip your hat? PhilRamirez: gachiHYPER Allakazzaror: its a sniper nest. im gonna bet that is sniper ammo lol tigeralum11: @illuminatieyes_xd I know, I mean you an K4 are both right, but, it’s not easy thatpeaoverthere: here we go XzKutor: That ammo is for Sniper, Hunting Rifle and Battle Rifle magic_is_greatness: @Elajjaz before you do it get Boone in your party. it’s part of his quest MartyLikesCookies: PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: 😡 GET HAT 😡 Xerenix: Are you sure really had a BF @KrazyShark and not just an excuse? elaHmm KrazyShark: she had a sheep head cause she has curly hair, y’all wouldn’t understand PunOko (besides she told me she liked it PepeHands ) Suney: Can we get a Cute Chat? AYAYA SkeletonKeyLimePie: prove it ComradeNerdy: k4iley nah it was a real hat, but people were saying all day it’s the filter or something slavLUL Monster5crak: Allakazzaror PepeLaugh mizoreeee: KrazyShark i just read that and i hope you fucked her Boyfriend for revenge on her Landoy: PepeLaugh Murder_Dog: all ammo is worth caps BananaKen: Ela lost +1 perception PepeHands JackBraun: shiion17 pepeL ComradeNerdy pepeL dayhappyx3: put the hat on or you will lose subscriber FeelsWeirdMan victor_maitland: you could have brought the legion armour.. this game has a disguise mechanic for factions StarPogPlatinum: LULW Shrimpess: elaMad NEED HAT elaMad bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh DocSpibby: Wow. This used to be a hat stream. serralheir0: @allakazzaror yes and in the chest is the best sniper in the game BananaKen: Just be nice to them PepeLaugh k4iley: oH OKAY LMAO @comradenerdy like i can’t tell i don’t have glasses on PepeHands donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: this used to be a hat wearing stream PepeHands AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: @Elajjaz 😡 forgot hat in bathroom Vonschatten: @Elajjaz make sure you come back to that box as soon as you can open it Landoy: PepeLaugh good plan KrazyShark: @Xerenix she has one, i saw her on instagram and fb and yeah he’s pretty much real LULW seen him irl too so y’know captain_elsewhere: that was rude that she played you KrazyShark elaHYUG Maluco_Doido: monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: @tigeralum11 nah i get it been in similiar stuff luckily i got out before it got bad it’s much harder the deeper you go kinda like quicksand ChaosLike: HALT DatSheffy fakzzz_: HALT LULW Neravor: 5Head Clap Suney: 5Head SkeletonKeyLimePie: AVE DatSheffy Shrimpess: 5Head silver6ird: speeching Pog Nostraz: 5Head MartyLikesCookies: 5Head Espher_5: 5Head Turbulist: 5Head Smough: attack JackBraun: 5Head KrazyShark: @Zekretiel i don’t remember elaISee but yeah some dating app shiion17: 5Head BananaKen: OMEGALUL Chuami: 5Head MartyLikesCookies: LULW Jeaceb: why didn’t he loot everything at the sniper nest kokosenpaai: LUL mizoreeee: LUKW’ Shrimpess: LULW cpeckers: DatSheffy AVE AlexAnderman1994: 5Head Markeh04: 5Head Tsarine_: LUL Denact: LULW sovietpie: 5Head mizoreeee: LULW Wendell8504: 5Head Arcshined: 5Head just a humble trader GluteusCortex: go away and bring back the sarge :rage: @elajjaz ComradeNerdy: k4iley JustDoIt get glasses Annonn140: VaN Clap Jegerkaj: 5Head EASY 420bakin: 5Head KrazyShark: @illuminatieyes_xd>:3 sjuften_: monkaW Jarvis_McGee: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ Llyfrgell: monkaS Bxadd: monkaW KrazyShark: @captain_elsewhere PepeHands Cheeseek: monkaW Xerenix: @KrazyShark elaISee Suney: monkaW KrazyShark: @Da_Flanker PunOko Shraquet: He’s friendly. Chinese_BobaBean: monkaW Glenshane: monkaW sovietpie: 5Head brain tumor Le_________________bowser: AVE DatSheffy misterbudlo: kill them. kill them all Neravor: SCUM DansGame bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Clap StarPogPlatinum: LULW Motek: D: KrazyShark: @mizoreeee wait excuse me monkaW Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh ChaosLike: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @KrazyShark did you atleast give her a biscuit Kappa mizoreeee: hes gonna make you Jesus 2.0 monkaW WheelPin: elaD ocirne23: rooD brot_ok: forsenSheffy DaniDuck: degenerates like you belong on a cross Jegerkaj: LULW SCUM NosBleid: kill him Le_________________bowser: rekt silver6ird: sarge would’ve shot him elaWeird Espher_5: monkaW Tsarine_: TENNO SCUM KrazyShark: @mizoreeee the dude plays rugby i don’t want to fuck him monkaW captain_elsewhere: ROMANES EUNT DOMUS raider_unkindled: thats rude elaB tigeralum11: @illuminatieyes_xd Yeah, for sure. Just trying to feel my way through it but honestly I just don’t know Liransherman: yoink Neravor: YOINK Lagunaab: i member raining hell upon them with boone WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! brot_ok: degenerates like you belong on a cross AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: BlessRNG riPepperonis SoCalledMe: ppSmoke 3Head oi chat need a lighter ? MarcusValeriusCorvus: Trve to Caesar KrazyShark: @mizoreeee i’d be the bottom one monkaW Jegerkaj: lost karma 😡 GluteusCortex: bring back sarge :rage: BananaKen: rooD evil emicvi: D: sh0gg: u scum 😡 serralheir0: proceeds to yoink everything danXD AkiraJkr: BLIND LULW samsususu: You’ve lost karma! PunOko Screechskater24: this game is still so good mizoreeee: KrazyShark yea would be PepeLaugh JESSrz: exterminate these pagans KrazyShark: @captain_elsewhere FeelsBadMan silver6ird: KKool BananaKen: AYAYA Maluco_Doido: KKool shiion17: KKool illuminatieyes_xd: biiiiiiiig irrooooooooon Shrimpess: gachiHYPER misterbudlo: 😡 more roleplaying damn it Annonn140: Pog Espher_5: Pog novodtna1: does karma mean anything for the story? Markeh04: Losing karma for stealing from bad people PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS MurderChaos: REACT MORE ELA serralheir0: @elajjaz where is the hat danSgame captain_elsewhere: pepeL KrazyShark zulul_vi_von_zulul: @elajjaz switch at the wall KrazyShark: @illuminatieyes_xd LULW hey she had curly hair and it felt like patting a sheep PunOko she told me she liked it elaB MartyLikesCookies: Legion is not bad, you degenerate DansGame ComradeNerdy: my favourite in karma mechanics was when you kill bunch of bandits in their hideout and looting that hideout is still all red nrdyE shadowlager: ???? OptimisticKnowledge: lost 600 caps Outcastedbird: remember to sit up after you eat food, so you digest it better. Never lie down after a meal. imagetr3: Losing karma for stealing from murderers and slavers. Seems fair. SoCalledMe: 2 wrongs dont make a right – Todd Howard shadowlager: lost caps KrazyShark: @captain_elsewhere elaHYUG shit sucks Chinese_BobaBean: KARMA illethor221: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Omojjo: @novodtna1 DOn’t think so, think it affects how certain NPC’s interact with you? Not 100% sure though Dope_Stone_Lion: chat how bad is his karma? Myareska: Your shotgun is lever action, so Cowboy perk Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz do you steel like this irl too ? AlexAnderman1994: cmonBrother BananaKen: beep boop I am the robo mule MrDestructoid Le_Sans_Nom: I see Sarge is the kind of guy that gets called “scum” without saying anything Kazeith: MrDestructoid illuminatieyes_xd: @tigeralum11 anyways good luck and hopefully it works out well 🙂 Youbetterlikemyburgers: ComradeNerdy fkn right nerdy elaKek also henlo elaH captain_elsewhere: life goes on BuddhaBar KrazyShark ComradeNerdy: Youbetterlikemyburgers elaH dedhillo: @Elajjaz have u played fo3? KrazyShark: @captain_elsewhere it does elaOk k4iley: LOL samsususu: Cuties out! PunOko 👉 🚪 Shrimpess: Kapp k4iley: raid plans Pog tigeralum11: @illuminatieyes_xd Thanks, appreciate that elaH illuminatieyes_xd: @KrazyShark ohh so if you slept with her it would have been like you banged a sheep? Kappa Not that im judging Keepo Gros_shtok: ComradeNerdy you were stealing from the starved children those bandits were stealing for elaWeird Le_________________bowser: Ave XzKutor: @Elajjaz Check your Karma in stats pls LULW Nazzet: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Markeh04: Casual raid plans just laying around OMEGALUL Glenshane: monkaW TheH3llraiser: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW Germy_ranch: D: mizoreeee: I wanna see Ela doing the kitkat story in fallout elaHmm ChaosLike: LULW MadHyena: Your chin can nod ? Deku__: SASUKE? JackBraun: monkaW ComradeNerdy: Gros_shtok slavLUL Da_Flanker: Get this punk MartyLikesCookies: monkaW MadHyena: rooWut WheelPin: monkaW erkel_: HYUKCHIHA silver6ird: ken PepeLaugh Excelumin: SASUKE-KUN AkiraJkr: KENTURION LULW Irocam: remember to stay hydrated chat elaChug Annonn140: LULW Lagunaab: they’re all voiced by Yuri NotLikeThis illethor221: Kenturion LUL serralheir0: kill him danEvil Smough: kenturion LULW BananaKen: rooBlank Outcastedbird: KEN OptimisticKnowledge: KENTURION OMEGALUL Xerenix: Ken Turion LUL ocirne23: kenturion KKona Chinese_BobaBean: LUL Shrimpess: Kenturian LULW Jarvis_McGee: monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: KENTURION LUL Tasarion: elaK Armored_Guy: kenturion LUL Turbulist: KENTURION LULW Smoothstone: LOL that timing, comes right in after you look through their boxes LUL Cris_398: SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 420bakin: sasuke kun Habitual_Balance: thats how you pronounce it? LULW DANYgoxx: KEN-TOORION G0nch: a what? LUL ChaosLike: gachiBASS ssssip: Kenturion 😐 Jalmarkian: KEN-TURION KKona ComradeNerdy: edgy HYUKCHIHA tigeralum11: why the fuck do they say it like that? BananaKen: He’s like a roman weeb rooBlank Meximus322: LULW J0hnnyBlade: PepeLaugh biggus AkiraJkr: KENTURION OMEGALUL Youbetterlikemyburgers: you fool wevie1: they tried to kill you KurtRustle91: Chat, thats how you pronounce Centurion RantingDuck: monkaS this guy Cagelight: FOOL Tw1tOne: shoutouts to LARPers in new vegas tigeralum11: ken-turion? Turbulist: Habitual_Balance no LULW greyfacenospace123: FOOL danKEK NosBleid: kentourion LULW Markeh04: OMEGALUL suryk22: Sasuke English voice actor? DekkerDave: KENturion OMEGALUL northernboyo: KENTURION cohhFail cohhFail cohhFail cohhDrool frenzywolfx: KKona Armored_Guy: kenturion LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: BAKA AYAYA Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: NA chat 3Head Robb44566: Rude illuminatieyes_xd: actual web legionarrie LUL Excelumin: nani Da_Flanker: What’s a Ken Turion? Kapp ta_no_kami: KEN?! FeelsPepoMan Chinese_BobaBean: Kenturian silver6ird: biggus PepeLaugh PineApfelsoft: kenturion? Deku__: ITS REALLY SASUKE WTF OMEGALUL ChaosLike: they are basically bunch of virgin roleplayers haHAA cheeze____: and you say the NCR are bad PepeLaugh Shrimpess: Kaisar LULW Androsix: Kneturion DansGame Kazeith: how did you pronounce ED-E? Eddie or E-D-E? sharty111: KAISAR tru3LUL Lagunaab: @tigeralum11 latin grevedarkholm: chat LULW z1ltoid: z1ltoid subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 22 months! WrestlerBot2000: @z1ltoid After 22 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Germy_ranch: This guy is a redditor LULW cpeckers: roman weeb OMEGALUL KurtRustle91: NA chat 3Head that is how centurion is pronounced Type4J: elaHmm Markeh04: KENTURION OMEGALUL seiko__5: SASUKE LUL Habitual_Balance: 21st Kentury LULW grim_alex95: Kenturion atpRtsd Turbulist: SASUKE Pog mizoreeee: CUNTORIEN elaBruv UiVgray: Centaurion? Furry! DansGame suryk22: Hyukchiha? misterbudlo: Just kill him VDSMF: professional harasser GluteusCortex: Kenturion LuL fatpep: Kenturion , Keaser… it makes sense PepeLaugh Murder_Dog: yuri lowenthal LULW Omojjo: @tigeralum11 Because in that timeline it’s far in the future and they know about roman times and latin through writings, they don’;t know how it was actually pronounced Outcastedbird: NARUTOOOOOO DivineSpaghetti: Look at all these LARPERS LULW k4iley: @kazeith eddie cafiendd: cafiendd subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! WrestlerBot2000: @cafiendd You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM the__filth: PepeLaugh Shraquet: I think that’s how you’re meant to pronounce centurion. Myareska: Imagine not knowing how it’s actually pronounced chat OMEGLOL illuminatieyes_xd: @Deku__ yeah same voice actor he’s in a bunch of games LUL perrito_scottex: Roleplayers PepeLaugh BananaKen: CONTUBERNIA PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh AjOk_: @Elajjaz Barbie has CEN ! :)))) jakattck55: its actually how you’d say in a classical pronunciation of latin, there are only hard c’s @Elajjaz lazergunz322: people in chat don’t understand Roman pronunciations FailFish Sheep_stick: NO BALLS PepeLaugh lloydbannings: 5Head CONTUBERNIA brot_ok: HYUKCHIHA grim_alex95: Cuntrion atpWind Azure_Felt: elaD Annonn140: Pog Conzilla010: whats with all the hard c’s? nymnThink the__filth: Pog Renococoa: Pog 420bakin: Pog Glenshane: Pog Azure_Felt: elaC Deku__: illuminatieyes_xd ok this is epic matheusdcoliveira: elaD tigeralum11: @Omojjo Ah, fair point KrazyShark: @illuminatieyes_xd LULW nah she’s a super cute girl, like, really really cute KurtRustle91: @lazergunz322 theyre American 3Head of course they dont know anything about pronunciation kenkhan5: ela haven’t played fallout before? Monster5crak: do it Habitual_Balance: I’ve never heard it pronounced that way, that’s interesting. seiko__5: KILL HIM Pog Da_Flanker: Rude boi bring_us_the_girl: LULW Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Clap DaniDuck: helmet time Pog SnarksterJr: NEW HAT PogU silver6ird: KKool BananaKen: 🅱enturion KurtRustle91: @Habitual_Balance thats the only way its pronounced serralheir0: drugs danK Neravor: KKool samsususu: KKool SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM NosBleid: KKool Azure_Felt: pepeJAM NNayio: KKool Markeh04: Pog TheXearo: Also you have a hat +5 don’t you ? samsususu: KKool Clap Le_Sans_Nom: you don’t say kenturion in latin JackBraun: pepeJAM Fatamerikans: inb4 he tells you to fuck off LULW VentusNova_: pepeJAM Screechskater24: rooBlind RattleMBones: holy moly silver6ird: it’s american latin elaOk Wwaaaz: DUDE elaBlind RattleMBones: actually blind CurseofSherwood: elaBlind mizoreeee: Stop singing about a dick ela gachiHYPER TheXearo: +5 barter hat ? illuminatieyes_xd: @KrazyShark pics or it didn’t happen, nah im joking i believe you it just seemed kinda random when you put “pat her on the head” in there XD Shrimpess: @Elajjaz meme friday when? VentusNova_: BIG IRON pepeJAM serralheir0: is that a pharmacy in your inventory danO suryk22: Its Sasuke LuL the__filth: PogU BananaKen: SEWERUS OMEGALUL TJ_Mellow: elaEZ AbsoluteHope: Pog KrazyShark: @illuminatieyes_xd LULW i know but it’s true and it felt good elaCozy seiko__5: LUL Jegerkaj: can’t get helmet anymore PepeHands mizoreeee: biggusdickus PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: Perk soon Pog NNayio: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: think of the money Shrimpess: LULW silver6ird: one PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: LULW AbsoluteHope: PepeLaugh Turbulist: LULW brot_ok: PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: never mind PepeLaugh Annonn140: LULW JackBraun: PepeLaugh Liransherman: Didnt collect tags elaKek Glenshane: LULW zulul_vi_von_zulul: ONE LULW Meximus322: PepeLaugh sovietpie: LULW the__filth: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: LULW kingbradley24: sumE @Elajjaz sumW TheH3llraiser: LULW Neravor: A child? ela12 VentusNova_: PepeLaugh MartyLikesCookies: LULW Daxstyle: LULW wevie1: oof NosBleid: LULW Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW serralheir0: not even 2 LUL Outcastedbird: Deck-Can-Noos Retriuu: LUL lazergunz322: PepeLaugh akmannen: LULW child Annonn140: OMEGALUL silver6ird: not even two PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh grevedarkholm: LULW Pixel_hearts: LUL Youbetterlikemyburgers: ela12 wtf memorycard1mega: I just came back why is he a roman volkeeh: OMEGALUL AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: KILLING A MAN IS LIKE A CHILD PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: free children LUL NNayio: ONE PepeLaugh VentusNova_: ONE PepeLaugh matheusdcoliveira: ela12 karkkipapa: Load game BabyRage insurrectionist89: LUL CHILD SARGE squashlord: KILL MORE NCR DOGS ELA LULW tyree372: sasuke? Jalmarkian: WALE LULW Pixel_hearts: Vale Cecilff2: ela12 I got him JackBraun: ela12 Youbetterlikemyburgers: reload to get the helm maybe elaISee VentusNova_: CHILD PepeLaugh SaintMusik: What about the hat BroqRox: this shit has been so fun @Elajjaz thanks for playing this LUL BananaKen: rooD 420bakin: PepeLaugh 10 caps Jegerkaj: MURDERER PepeHands Annonn140: VaN Clap VentusNova_: Wale DANGGURL: h-h-h-here’s one dogtag, kenturian-kun Neravor: 5Head plan Annonn140: 5Head Shrimpess: 5Head tilionm: elaD JubJubWantRubRubs: 5Head illuminatieyes_xd: PLAYING BOTH SIDES 5Head AkiraJkr: 5Head Liransherman: @Elajjaz U had plenty tags on bodies like searchlight MartyLikesCookies: 5Head SacredChickenNugget: 5Head ChaosLike: 5Head NNayio: 5Head Da_Flanker: LUL brot_ok: 5Head lloydbannings: 5Head fatpep: 5Head Jarvis_McGee: 5Head ta_no_kami: 5Head NNayio: 5Head Clap AlexAnderman1994: 5Head 420bakin: 5Head serralheir0: what a twist zulul_vi_von_zulul: 5Head JackBraun: 5Head Markeh04: 1 life=10 coins OMEGALUL matheusdcoliveira: 5Head JESSrz: VALE CAESER SOZE VentusNova_: 5Head Outcastedbird: Its all about the caps BroqRox: 5Head x100 SolusBellator: Last Man Standing Jegerkaj: 5Head EXQUISITE PLAN Mokum73: Kill LEGION and sell tags to the NCR VoteYea GluteusCortex: deus vult illuminatieyes_xd: insane value Pog StarPogPlatinum: You can’t with reputation, n o ? gjoran1: a true centrist myfavoriteweeb: elaThirst AkiraJkr: LULW Gros_shtok: Double agent Sarge 5Head Lagunaab: just steal dogtags, sell them to legion, then kill legion LULW MarcusValeriusCorvus: Reconstructed latin pronunciation. I’m flattered. BananaKen: rooBlank Annonn140: gachiHYPER fakzzz_: gachiBASS akmannen: sweet poster NNayio: Kreygasm G0nch: gachiBASS Shrimpess: elaGasm serralheir0: danGachi brot_ok: elaThirst SammersFourTwenty: LULW child smashkan: TRUE US FOREIGN POLICY RP VentusNova_: Insane 5Head silver6ird: elaWeird DigiLaw420: gachiBASS Azure_Felt: ears elaPuke Wendell8504: Kreygasm NNayio: Kreygasm Clap Markeh04: gachiBASS Christophersopranos: Kreygasm BananaKen: 3Head Sceda: if you think there are only 2 sides you are in for a ride Da_Flanker: Mm chad and stacy shiion17: gachiHYPER 420bakin: insane 10 caps AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Neravor: elaBruv BroqRox: gachiGASM squashlord: the Sarge is a merchant of war LUL lloydbannings: A FELLOW INTELLECTAL I SEE 5Head Sheep_stick: 3Head AkiraJkr: ??? NNayio: 3Head fatpep: elaBruv illuminatieyes_xd: 3HEad JackBraun: elaBruv suryk22: Which side more suits You? Azure_Felt: Pog Rhynin: elaBruv lloydbannings: 3Head NNayio: Clap2 3Head Pixel_hearts: elaBruv AlexAnderman1994: elaBruv Andros5: If you want insane profit you go Idolized with the Legion VentusNova_: 3Head Ekoorb03: Vale means goodbye in Latin. elaHmm BadGuyLP2: gachiBASS ocirne23: rooBlank captain_elsewhere: unique knuckle dusters zulul_vi_von_zulul: PogChamp ComradeNerdy: Centurion Biggus Dickus and his assistant Decanus Pepegus Satks: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. SaDiablo: the bear! illuminatieyes_xd: that thing is op with stealth and crit LUL AkiraJkr: ISANE value Azure_Felt: took ammo for it PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Roxol: IS this running any mods for visuals? StarPogPlatinum: It’s an unique version of a weapon, just like That Gun @Elajjaz Monster5crak: insane sneak bonus Annonn140: value Pog AkiraJkr: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Upyachkawarrior: working on both sides, wtf is this lucky number slevin? Wwaaaz: 44 baby Pog Lagunaab: V A L U E seiko__5: Pog Azure_Felt: elaThirst TheH3llraiser: elaTAK Turbulist: elaBlush illuminatieyes_xd: Kreygasm Neravor: gachiHYPER Jalmarkian: gachiHYPER serralheir0: danGachi danGachi danGachi DANGGURL: Pog brot_ok: elaThirst Da_Flanker: Ahh that’s hot Wwaaaz: gachiHYPER JackBraun: Pog Shrimpess: elaThirst MarcusValeriusCorvus: LUL Moralltach1: 400 caps lost LULW Monster5crak: gachiHYPER Kazeith: @elajjaz there’s a teddy bear on the locker mysweatyth1ghsss: gachiHYPER serralheir0: use it danGachi SkeletonKeyLimePie: it’s pretty sexy KingMidas133: gachiBASS Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaGasm Chinese_BobaBean: LULW Ekoorb03: Salve is hello. elaHmm NosBleid: gachiBASS Neravor: Damn that’s sexy gachiHYPER seiko__5: THAT AINT SEXY LUL Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh pjs Turbulist: LULW Annonn140: Pog zulul_vi_von_zulul: Kappa illuminatieyes_xd: real sexy LULW DekkerDave: Pantsu AYAYA xeriph: LULW G0nch: sexy af fatpep: sexy adonis7154: gachiGASM Ellycat1: gachiHYPER Clap Habitual_Balance: sex jnGasm Leuwe: gachiHYPER silver6ird: that’s not very sexy elaWeird Habitual_Balance: jnbGasm Wendell8504: gachiHYPER Gros_shtok: wtf Odins_pecs: ”sexy” Komitern66: PedoBear Gros_shtok: elaD SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeL dstyro: Ela doing a Hodunks vs Zaford in Borderlands 2 in a Fallout game Tw1tOne: Hey Sarge HeyGuys AkiraJkr: ?????? UiVgray: It’s female sleep wear. LULW cyberneticz_: @Pyrocynical POG Lagunaab: pajamas sex ? monstertugga: maybe it works better if you’re femeale AlexAnderman1994: it looks better on females Mitch2248: pepeL SenpaiSam92: Prefer the leather Kreygasm Azure_Felt: pepeL Pixel_hearts: gachiHYPER elaDM ComradeNerdy: imagine him saying “degenerates like you belong on a cross” in that outfit GentlemansPickle: its crutchless elaGasm RhinestoneCowboy4: sarge looks like the tard from trailer park boys head_honcho46: rooGasm rooGasm rooGasm BananaKen: pepeL Habitual_Balance: no crutches jnbGasm TheXearo: blonde girl with teddy bear VentusNova_: EDE pepeL winnie_the_pew: cohhWow AkiraJkr: Give the sleepwear to a female companion @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ salpo_nolobio: @RhinestoneCowboy4 nrdyKek AlexAnderman1994: @ComradeNerdy TakeItBoi i can imagine wevie1: Ela stealth boys thatsomebody7: Pog DRDISRESPECT BUILD SammersFourTwenty: Pog wear it Rural_Juror_: its all in aid bersiGaming: what does loosing Karma actually affect? BananaKen: KKona VentusNova_: BIG IRON pepeJAM Shrimpess: your big 5Head JackBraun: pepeJAM illuminatieyes_xd: biiiiig irooooooon brot_ok: pepeJAM Simon_Svendsen: the ammo ComradeNerdy: AlexAnderman1994 TakeItBoi 👌 Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Spectre_700: pepeJAM Lagunaab: sexy sleeper for LILY elaKek erkel_: pepeJAMMER KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAM AkiraJkr: @TheXearo I think you are confusing Willow with being a vanilla companion LULW Da_Flanker: KKool Habitual_Balance: its all you need Walkanwalf: @Elajjaz your 13 stealth boys weight a huge amount silver6ird: anyways PepeHands VentusNova_: BIG IRROOOON BIG IRON pepeJAM samsususu: TaBeRu BIG IRON Meximus322: pepeJAM salpo_nolobio: big iron on his dick Azure_Felt: anyways PepeHands Gerynt: @ComradeNerdy I am imagining it gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: ela12 Fullmetalcheese: God I want to start a NV Playthrough so bad LUL LUL 420bakin: BIIIG IRRRROOOON kokosenpaai: YOOOOOO Nostraz: !12 WrestlerBot2000: ✌ ela12 ✌ XzKutor: Sexy sleepwear and teddy bear, that’s quite the implication ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM Nazzet: RaregachiGASM clamssy: to the town of aqua fria rode a stranger one fine day.. ComradeNerdy: Gerynt gachiAPPROVE Kazeith: @fullmetalcheese me too shmobl: thats exactly why it gets stuck in your head Datbootyisnice: @Elajjaz “And he’s here to do some business with a big iron on his hip, Big iron on his hip” SkeletonKeyLimePie: D: brot_ok: forsenJoy chibbun: any WHAT walnutcast: uh what JimiJam69: To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine dayHardly spoke to folks around him, didn’t have too much to say,No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slipThe stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip,Big iron on his hipIt was early in the morning when he rode into the townHe came riding from the south side, slowly lookin’ all around”He’s an outlaw loose and runnin'”, came a whisper from each lip”And he’s here to do some business with a big iron on his hip, Shrimpess: D: StarPogPlatinum: Get the bottles for star cap OfficerGrimes: forsenJoy Habitual_Balance: jnbCmon volkeeh: D: Turbulist: pepeJAMMER BIG IRON ON HIS HIP pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER BIG IRON ON HIS HIP pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER BIG IRON ON HIS HIP pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER BIG IRON ON HIS HIP pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER BIG IRON ON HIS HIP pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER BIG IRON ON HIS HIP pepeJAMMER thatpeaoverthere: when sarge gets into dead money i feel like there’s gonna be an issue walnutcast: did he just say any jews???? litanrk: ComradeNerdy gachiBASS How was meme stream spevahr: D: jews? illuminatieyes_xd: @Fullmetalcheese same even though i’ve played through it like 5 times LULW akmannen: any what now tigeralum11: any whats?? crashfort: D: spike_the_space_cowboy: CHAT DEGENERATES LIKE YOU BELONG ON A CROSS forsenSheffy TheXearo: AkiraJkr i have no clue, i just remember stuff from earlier LULW Outcastedbird: Juice chat VentusNova_: D: litanrk: D: walnutcast: lmao oh Le_________________bowser: JUICERS 😂 ComradeNerdy: litanrk it was good, thank you elaA the__filth: LOL chibbun: D: mizoreeee: ME TOO LULW seiko__5: JEWS D: Lasosmaes: D: Jalmarkian: cmonBruh Draddrick: LULW donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: DatSheffy Doomerttv: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: LULW Turbulist: JEWS LULW chibbun: he said it chat D: varkasi: LOL AyayaCuteChat_: D: ChaosLike: D: karkkipapa: DatSheffy Meximus322: elaD brot_ok: forsenSheffy MarcusValeriusCorvus: LUL OfficerGrimes: forsenJoy ANY JUICERS? BadGuyLP2: LULW Chlupis: LULW the__filth: D: Drachenreiter: FeelsWeirdMan Denact: you(s) Natan220: LUL VentusNova_: ELA elaD MidgetDude110: JEWS D: Da_Flanker: forsenSheffy I like my jews concentrated Nazzet: monkaTOS DivineSpaghetti: LUL sovietpie: J E W S Llyfrgell: elaD JackBraun: elaD Turbulist: ANY JEWS LULW illuminatieyes_xd: JEWS DatSheffy Shrimpess: elaD Jegerkaj: JUICE? DatSheffy Outcastedbird: Fucking ay chat spevahr: nah we know what ya said LUL BananaKen: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER BIG IRON ON HIS HIP pepeJAMMER G0nch: lobosSip cheeze____: nrdyGa dzemroz: is jews a bad word? 420bakin: said the same thing twice LULW Ageingyoungrebel: monkaW Moralltach1: JUDEN zulul_vi_von_zulul: Jews? cmonBruh raider_unkindled: (((Juice))) Habitual_Balance: Swedish streamers moon2N Retriuu: said jews twice Spectre_700: chibbun pepeJAM ocirne23: monkaTOS JEWS Fullmetalcheese: D: VentusNova_: GET THE JUICE xqcN GOLDSOULTHEORY: forsenSheffy Excelumin: King of the Juice chibbun: Spectre_700 hii MadHyena: Juice r ooSip TotallyNotWill: Doubt there would be jews in a legion camp lol d000: Sarge The Jew Hunter MadHyena: rooSip Neravor: Hello 🙂 litanrk: hi 🙂 MadHyena: Fuck Andros5: OY VEY Fullmetalcheese: D: context Spectre_700: chibbun hello bun cyberneticz_: (((Zionist Jews))) Loruc: You eyeballin me? Bullsonparade_303: atpBigot atpBigot atpBigot volkeeh: gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE Neravor: elaD AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Jews monkaTOS serralheir0: goodbye danLurk Spectre_700: elaD Cecilff2: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP StarPogPlatinum: danO Krabbechan: Sie meinen die Juden DatSheffy Vohlere: So calm VentusNova_: elaD Doomerttv: gachiBASS Glenshane: monkaW Sheep_stick: gachiBASS Azure_Felt: gachiBASS Ageingyoungrebel: gachiBASS Shrimpess: gachiHYPER DigiLaw420: gachiBASS raider_unkindled: gachianime Meximus322: gachiBASS Jegerkaj: gachiBASS Odins_pecs: gachiBASS QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: gachiHYPER Annonn140: gachiBASS Deid_: gachiBASS brot_ok: gachiHYPER TAKE IT BOI achieina: under that bunker 420bakin: gachiBASS vihainenkampela: gachiBASS why not Liransherman: cmonBruh Xerenix: gachiHYPER Neravor: cmonBruh adonis7154: gachiBOP seiko__5: D: walnutcast: juish RayDanshi: LUL PG_13_Username: (((juice))) Hasuman: JEWSY? Habitual_Balance: jnbCmon just stop man illuminatieyes_xd: @Bullsonparade_303 rofl someone has that as an emote LUL ComradeNerdy: you like that, huh? gachiBASS Spectre_700: Liransherman pepeJAM AlexAnderman1994: TakeItBoi gachiHYPER MartyLikesCookies: valuable LULW spevahr: Jewsie? LUL MarcusValeriusCorvus: LUL LUL LUL idey1994: kill some legion scum Meximus322: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: AYAYA Azure_Felt: elaYA SammersFourTwenty: forsenJOY get that juice Nazzet: AYAYA sjuften_: PepeHands Chinese_BobaBean: LULW BananaKen: rooD Youbetterlikemyburgers: that voice elaKek AkiraJkr: AYAYA Doomerttv: Get your ass over here Kenny gachiBASS spike_the_space_cowboy: gachibass haHAA ocirne23: rooWhine Liransherman: pepeJAM fakzzz_: AYAYA brot_ok: elaYA VentusNova_: gachiBASS 420bakin: AYAYA serralheir0: no danEvil OfficerGrimes: PedoBear KingMidas133: AYAYA Gerynt: No 🙂 ChaosLike: but u are Jegerkaj: PedoBear ? Screechskater24: uh ohhh SaintMusik: Not a kid voice DansGame Cecilff2: elaThirst BadGuyLP2: woman or kid? KrazyShark: elaThirst FUCK YEAH I’M GONNA HELP OptimisticKnowledge: PedoBear ? salpo_nolobio: cirCop Monster5crak: elaThirst Annonn140: PedoBear Xerenix: monkaW vihainenkampela: YeahBoi Outcastedbird: mebbe? you got caps Cheeseek: elaThirst G0nch: leave em to die ghostfreak: AYAYA Darth_Kredol: D: Da_Flanker: Loli detected brot_ok: PedoBear HYPERCLAP JubJubWantRubRubs: ANELE sjuften_: PedoBear HYPERCLAP Denact: elaThirst Mancow_: PedoBear seiko__5: PedoBear achieina: eww AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA PG_13_Username: kinda like shekels? Shrimpess: elaThirst forbiddensnacks: MEAT VentusNova_: MY MAN squadW AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst MadHyena: Uhm SenpaiSam92: Working on it Kappa karkkipapa: monkaS volkeeh: PedoBear byBLC: Whats so bad about saying Jews, chat? WeirdChamp Screechskater24: is this the original voice acting? sof006: Nice 420bakin: elaYA TheXearo: here is you teddy bear PedoBear alexowhy: nrdyGasm yes you are lloydbannings: PepeHands Jegerkaj: no 🙂 AtTh3Gates: elaThirst serralheir0: beat that meat danHaha Blackfang84: Jucy Meat^^ samsususu: PepeHands AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA Save the loli volkeeh: monkaX ChaosLike: goodbye rastatitude: VaN no MarcusValeriusCorvus: SHEKELS, MORE SHEKELS StarPogPlatinum: PepeLaugh ocirne23: Clap2 PedoBear Huntedspam: moon23 moon24 leave them MelancholyYuki: @Screechskater24 yes Jegerkaj: FRANK monkaW TheXearo: LUL Corthak: MaN Outcastedbird: Ask for money. Aren’t you a merc? TheDankDemon: can they pay??? cheeze____: Pull a Sarge on them PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: LuL MadHyena: Voice acting rooDerp Monster5crak: LULW TheXearo: she looks stoned VentusNova_: D: Xerenix: D: Cecilff2: elaD Germy_ranch: PepeHands Huntedspam: moon23 moon24 Sarge hates kids Da_Flanker: Uh oh illuminatieyes_xd: D: lloydbannings: D: seiko__5: D serralheir0: danK Meximus322: elaD bag4l1fe: 50 yr old voice nice Cheeseek: D: JackBraun: elaD KaitoKidShadow: D: Shrimpess: D: mysweatyth1ghsss: D: MartyLikesCookies: D: brot_ok: PepeHands the__filth: D: JESSrz: @byBLC be quiet, goyim 420bakin: D: sjuften_: PepeHands Monster5crak: go kill him 😡 Outcastedbird: D: Chinese_BobaBean: D: Azure_Felt: kill him elaMad AkiraJkr: Side Quests soo deep @Elajjaz Le_Sans_Nom: she has the voice of a man, definitely suspicious Jegerkaj: SARGE ACTIVATED Pog Xerenix: elaMad Get his ass Zane_Within: 😠 lulruffles: lil babbies help dam Ageingyoungrebel: elaK misterbudlo: Pog AMAZING ROLEPLAY illuminatieyes_xd: oh NOW he draw the moral line LUL Germy_ranch: TASKETTE Le_Sans_Nom: probably a spy or an alien ComradeNerdy: deal with legion – bring them the guy, free the family, pay some on top, best solutions elaOP walnutcast: or get MORE MONEY KurtRustle91: She prefers slavery, let her stay 🙂 VentusNova_: Help them PepeHands Da_Flanker: But Sarge is in it only for the money elaHmm Mokum73: Not OK elaMad elaMad Ageingyoungrebel: roleplay elaK OptimisticKnowledge: most likely you can seiko__5: SAVE THE GAME Andros5: but Sarge doesnt care about ppl Maceron4444: KKona that ain’t right idey1994: kill legion scum then Frank FeelsGoodMan izzied: white knight sarge lulruffles: R P G 420bakin: Chag super hero sarge Shrimpess: elaMad hitting women elaMad StarPogPlatinum: Save dude LULW grevedarkholm: MONEY #1 byBLC: @JESSrz the fuck is a goyim? Outcastedbird: Sarge showing the likes of….. SYMPATHY??? crashfort: KILL HIM PunOko Nazzet: KKona Freedom emicvi: PepeLaugh Oh no no no Azure_Felt: buy them PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz u an buy them Jegerkaj: KKool Shrimpess: KKool Outcastedbird: WutFace Neravor: KKool GuitarTime AnAnonymousGifter: An anonymous user gifted a Tier 1 sub to KaitoKidShadow! Kazeith: @illuminatieyes_xd there’s a glimmer of hope in the darkest of hearts WrestlerBot2000: @kaitokidshadow After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Bullsonparade_303: atpLaw atpCop atpLaw2 Germy_ranch: BIG EYE RON salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM the__filth: this chat is great LUL Virhaed: KKool lulruffles: WutFace AbsoluteHope: LUL seiko__5: D: OptimisticKnowledge: go back and kill him fatpep: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW Cheeseek: Buy them? elaHmm Shrimpess: PepeLaugh XiaoXhiaoLee: LULW Corthak: BIG gachiHYPER IRON gachiHYPER ON gachiHYPER HIS gachiHYPER HIP gachiHYPER Ageingyoungrebel: PepeLaugh sh0gg: kill them ALL 😡 Jarvis_McGee: LULW SenpaiSam92: LUL fakzzz_: LULW Monster5crak: OMEGALUL Chinese_BobaBean: LUL Xerenix: LULW brot_ok: elaWut SnarksterJr: LULW Hasuman: LULW raider_unkindled: WutFace kokosenpaai: LUL DGS_Howling: LULW Spectre_700: big iron on his hip kkoja AlexAnderman1994: elaWut Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh THE LEGION IS UNAWARE KaitoKidShadow: monkaW what Liransherman: POWER FIST elaGasm Annonn140: POWER FIST Glenshane: Power fist Pog Spectre_700: elaH Youbetterlikemyburgers: Power Fist shmobl: aren’t the collars gonna explode? magic_is_greatness: @Elajjaz they cant see when they’re dead 🙂 dzemroz: you’d think sarge was this upstanding guy, the wasteland ranger tigeralum11: https://clips.twitch.tv/BenevolentSpookyGoatRedCoat illuminatieyes_xd: hyuuk JESSrz: @byBLC look it pu PepeLaugh Spectre_700: elaHYUG Leuwe: gachiHYPER POWER FIST Azure_Felt: Pog power fist gachiBASS Virhaed: elaHYUK Shrimpess: elaHYUK Denact: elaHYUK Smoothstone: @KaitoKidShadow Pog 🎁 brot_ok: elaHYUK captain_elsewhere: ROMANES EUNT DOMUS XzKutor: You can talk to a guard KaitoKidShadow: i wasnt subbed? HeroOfTheWastes: stop with the single lyric line pls Neravor: POWER FIST gachiBASS ✊ Turbulist: POWER FIST gachiHYPER POWER FIST gachiHYPER sjuften_: gachiBASS POWER FIST KaitoKidShadow: LOL Monster5crak: power fist gachiBASS Nazzet: D: wololopriest: HEY Ellycat1: D: Hasuman: HEY Liransherman: OH NO elaKek captain_elsewhere: GODDAMNIT elaMad StarPogPlatinum: PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: elaB rude AkiraJkr: THEIR COLLARS MartyLikesCookies: D: AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER grab the power fist KaitoKidShadow: elaH thank you anonymous elaH elaH elaH serralheir0: danSmile idey1994: D: illuminatieyes_xd: famous last words Glenshane: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: gachi everything haHAA Liransherman: OHNONONONONONONONO elaKek WrestlerBot2000: Denied|Clip No.32| https://clips.twitch.tv/CourageousDeafWaterPicoMause ceejsavage: atpCap AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: im sorry Azure_Felt: they gonna get gunned down LULW amaterasu_chase: D: emicvi: PepeLaugh Dont tell him SenpaiSam92: LUL Kazeith: @elajjaz pip boy brot_ok: forsenKek monstertugga: the kids see you 420bakin: RIP emicvi: PepeLaugh Oh no no no BananaKen: POGGERS AkiraJkr: “HIDDEN” LULW Lagunaab: 5Head Sapath: monkaW Kazeith: nvm alexowhy: I like Elas roleplay nrdyPrivet serralheir0: danLurk shhhh idey1994: PepeLaugh oh no no no silver6ird: he is unaware PepeLaugh Liransherman: HE IS UNAWARE elaKek illuminatieyes_xd: wasting stealth boy LULW AkiraJkr: HE DOESNT KNOW Nazzet: I am lightning HYUKCHIHA wololopriest: Detected by the slaves @Elajjaz Retriuu: F in 3 2 1 shiion17: PepeLaugh oh no no no ChaosLike: HE DOENST KNOW PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: Save scum LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: 5Head zulul_vi_von_zulul: Honey detected Feist8: LUL Spectre_700: Elajjaz where was his big iron? KKool JaynisK: This can only go well. forbiddensnacks: LUL maxk137: Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: PepeLaugh frenzywolfx: PepeLaugh emicvi: He indeed does NOT know PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: That’s gonna be great LULW Strawie35: i know illuminatieyes_xd: LULW OptimisticKnowledge: oh man he is gonna hate himself LULW the__filth: PepeLaugh TheXearo: pepeJAM seiko__5: LOSE KARMA LUL AkiraJkr: HE DOESN’T KNOW LULW silver6ird: lost karma PepeLaugh Shrimpess: Pog Clap Virhaed: lost karma LULW JackBraun: elaEZ serralheir0: good luck danSmile Neravor: PepeLaugh he doesnt’ know brot_ok: LULW ChaosLike: pickpocket her Liransherman: HE LACKS CRITICAL INFORMATION elaKek forbiddensnacks: PepeLaugh Chlupis: He lacks critical information PepeLaugh cheeze____: I can’t help I gotta PepeLaugh this Huntedspam: elaOk StarPogPlatinum: danO AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh BananaKen: LUL AbsoluteHope: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: LUL brot_ok: OMEGADOWN Wendell8504: LULW MartyLikesCookies: PepeLaugh idey1994: imagine losing karma for freeing slaves OMEGALUL shmobl: lost karma for freeing slaves LUL QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: LULW ChaosLike: he closed the door and left LULW thatpeaoverthere: he lacks the critical information PepeLaugh shiion17: PepeLaugh seiko__5: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh matheusdcoliveira: LULW monstertugga: locked again MelancholyYuki: naroEh just talk to them lol emicvi: Oh no no no PepeLaugh Kazeith: lost karma? Monster5crak: you can leave it open PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: IMAGINE HAVING LIGHT LULW Spectre_700: I got a white chocolate kit kat elaGasm seiko__5: HE DOES NOT KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOES NOT KNOW PepeLaugh Le_Sans_Nom: they have a collar Annonn140: just talk to them LULW Turbulist: pepeJAMMER vihainenkampela: monkaSHAKE Glenshane: PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh pickpocket the slaves serralheir0: danDerp Azure_Felt: elaKek razorxscooter: elaBlind salpo_nolobio: PepeLaugh brot_ok: Knife him forsenO illuminatieyes_xd: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh SenpaiSam92: This is fine, what could go wrong Kappa JimmyDNogueira: like the AI gives a shit about the open gate Turbulist: the guard’s jamming pepeJAMMER Shrimpess: D: silver6ird: do it FeelsGoodMan Curious4245: Curious4245 subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @curious4245 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst 🔪 Spectre_700: big iron on his hip KKool Usojin: I just got here and the peer pressure is too much for me PepeLaugh serralheir0: shank he’s ass danEvil BananaKen: If you’re hidden it’s fine PepeLaugh perry_1903: Yoooooo everyone elaOk / KurtRustle91: @JimmyDNogueira yeah they wouldnt react LULW the__filth: PepeLaugh idey1994: kill the legion, they’re scum anyways Hasuman: just have a glorious shootout Zarkellos: the opposite AkiraJkr: “HIDDEN” LULW Rick_LVB: elaBlind Spectre_700: perry_1903 cutie perry pepeL Mokum73: You can do it elaGun brot_ok: elaThirst forsenKnife Turbulist: perry_1903 ElaOut k/ Pixel_hearts: perry_1903 elaH Turbulist: elaOk / * JackBraun: perry_1903 pepeL salpo_nolobio: he’s got a big iron on his hip Myareska: So long as you’re hidden you don’t have to worry elaOk Liransherman: Grenade in pocket elaKek edoipi: pickpocket him a granade illuminatieyes_xd: PepeLaugh Cheeseek: Don’t use vats seiko__5: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Cecilff2: Pog Neravor: Chag JackBraun: Pog ArchonGhosty: Pog Usojin: Pog cyberneticz_: Why does the guard look like a BDSM enthusiast? illuminatieyes_xd: LUL shiion17: LULW Turbulist: Champ Shrimpess: pog brot_ok: Pog Azure_Felt: ElaSmash King_Insane: @Elajjaz as long as you are and remain hidden afterwards it will always work vihainenkampela: gachiHYPER SenpaiSam92: PogChamp silver6ird: right in the knee AbsoluteHope: gachiBASS wevie1: PogU Hasuman: HURRRR Shrimpess: Pog the__filth: LUL Chinese_BobaBean: Pog KingMidas133: PogU Da_Flanker: Stealthy salpo_nolobio: that scream LUL sjuften_: Pog serralheir0: noice danEvil Glenshane: Pog donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: Chag PaleWhitePerson: took out his knees POG perry_1903: Spectre_700 elaWOW Turbulist Pixel_hearts JackBraun pepeL KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh noone knows Retriuu: LUL SnarksterJr: did you just spank him to death @Elajjaz tigeralum11: HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Spectre_700: Elajjaz where was his big iron? KKool winnie_the_pew: so skyrim used this game engine and so will the next elder scrolls? cohhRude brot_ok: STEALTHGAMERSWE Chag Wwaaaz: Dinaros Pog head_honcho46: Put grenade in his pocket Neravor: Radroach meat Pog 420bakin: PepeLaugh they dont know VentusNova_: gachiBASS the__filth: now hide the body kokosenpaai: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: this will work PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz earlier I think the NCR knew you killed one of them because they saw you go in the tent Arctic_Junk: HEY, YOU SAID THE SARGE DOESN’T LIKE TO SNEAK AROUND Liransherman: HE LACKS CRITICAL INFORMATION elaKek AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh Liransherman: HE IS UNAWARE elaKek the__filth: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: HE DOESN’T KNOW LULW seiko__5: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh thatpeaoverthere: OH NO Rick_LVB: That sounds effect LUL Wendell8504: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: DAMMIT Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: I read “Lover-Action Shotgun” cirLewd silver6ird: PepeLaugh frenzywolfx: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: elaGa AkiraJkr: HE STILL DOESN’T KNOW LULW illuminatieyes_xd: PepeLaugh Maceron4444: monkaS sovietpie: DAMMIT Turbulist: monkaW ArchonGhosty: monkaW wevie1: monkaW ChaosLike: SET IT OFF LULW Shrimpess: ok gachiHYPER Outcastedbird: lol Wendell8504: LULW serralheir0: danXD mibutwhole: do it G0nch: monkaS 420bakin: PepeLaugh Zane_Within: monkaS StarPogPlatinum: LULW brot_ok: PepeLaugh byBLC: damnit LUL ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 AbsoluteHope: monkaW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh pekkaatte122: LULW shiion17: monkaW Lagalla: LUL SenpaiSam92: LUL JackBraun: monkaW sjuften_: PepeS VentusNova_: SET IT OFF monkaW Glenshane: LULW the__filth: LOLOL samsususu: PepeLaugh idey1994: monkaW righteousmonkey: do it Jarvis_McGee: PepeLaugh seiko__5: HE KNOWS PepeLaugh karkkipapa: LUL illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Retriuu: monkaW Landoy: monkaW Cecilff2: elaKek Oh no no no serusa94: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh MartyLikesCookies: monkaW serralheir0: he didn’t knew danXD Nazzet: PepeLaugh Pudelinaa: LMAOO Romanzes: 5Head EZ SHIT KaitoKidShadow: monkaW do it Fatamerikans: READ perry_1903: PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: PepeLaugh oh no no no Deid_: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: HE KNOWS PepeLaugh Liransherman: NOT ENOUGH elaKek Vendeto: DO IT PaleWhitePerson: monkaW thatpeaoverthere: HE OBTAINED THE INFORMATION sjuften_: Chag ? Doomster59: POGGERS maxk137: flamuR VentusNova_: Book only worth 10 Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh oh no no no no seiko__5: monkaS NOT ENOUGH LUL OptimisticKnowledge: 17+20PogU XzKutor: wat Annonn140: yes AkiraJkr: yes TheMethos12: weapons SCALE til the given lvl; u can still use them fine Turbulist: yes Annonn140: you can use everything Lagunaab: maybe knife is faster, henceforth higher dps Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz Yeah, decreases effectiveness wololopriest: I’ve never heard this music since I always have the radio on LUL Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Annonn140: just dont get the 100% damage and accuracy UiVgray: FeelsDabMan LULW CommanBear: PepeS SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz they scale UNTIL that skill, like the 100 shotgun you could use but it does 100% damage at 100 guns Monster5crak: pick armor too razorxscooter: gachiBASS magnums imagetr3: You use it with a slower attack speed and slightly less damage. ZanRebel: like Dark Souls ? AkiraJkr: It is XzKutor: The only requirement is when it says you need Strenght to use MacSquizzy: it’s not scaling, it’s a requiremment, if you dont have required skill the weapon is much less effective JESSrz: are these OST or mod? ZuluVVarrior: forsenJoy 👌 💯 KurtRustle91: @wololopriest yeah the best tracks actually play when the radio is off lul Armored_Guy: 6/66 monkaW sheilks: PogChamp Jorstad: knife is pretty much best in game if you go cowboy Rick_LVB: Did he free the children yet or did he forgot ? LUL serralheir0: that gun is better Kazeith: @elajjaz it’s not requirement, rather to maximize its effectiveness AkiraJkr: 6/66 monkaW ChaosLike: FREE THE SLAVES BibleThump THEY ARE CRYING BibleThump ZanRebel: 6/66 LUL thebilbo_swaggins: Use both, they don’t use the same ammo Kazeith: @elajjaz you can still use any gun illuminatieyes_xd: @cyberneticz_ i mean it is esentially just a long knife of garden tool variety but yeah not exactly a “knife” BananaKen: rooD Lagunaab: that gun need to be moded to keep up AkiraJkr: PepeHands Cecilff2: PepeHands ffhighwind: D: fatpep: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands serralheir0: danD Jalmarkian: Peppah PepeHands JackBraun: PepeHands Sgt_Blackjack: kuruD Germy_ranch: OhMyDog SammersFourTwenty: D: MtRush: doggo did nothin wrong sacTHUMP volkeeh: D: Shrimpess: PepeHands erkel_: PepeHands AkiraJkr: LULW ceejsavage: atpFeelsBeardMan brot_ok: PepeHands ZuluVVarrior: PepeHands crashfort: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: Sheep_stick: PepeHands retro_raiden: effSad fakzzz_: PepeHands BananaKen: LMFAO insurrectionist89: D: AkiraJkr: D: AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: YOU MONSTER D: Darth_Kredol: 😀 CommanBear: monster PepeHands Kappa227: D: HotFireZ: doggo PepeHands TyrantZedd: elaD Fatamerikans: D: TheH3llraiser: PepeHands ChaosLike: PepeHands Stilgarius: elaD volkeeh: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Kaelion: “He loves animals” Doyago: D: Shrimpess: D: fatpep: elaWut ocirne23: rooD Tasarion: PepeHands ffhighwind: PETA z3vron: elaD swoglo: head fell off Jalmarkian: LULW Tw1tOne: D: illuminatieyes_xd: D: Varkain_Aranoth: MONSTER matheusdcoliveira: elaD TheXearo: D: ZuluVVarrior: D: PETA ta_no_kami: elaD Cecilff2: elaWut MadHyena: rooD Motek: D: wevie1: elaD akmannen: PETA Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL captain_elsewhere: dogfriends elaKek atomicdestruction: PepeHands Halldan: D: Xinicius: LOL SaixSoul: hahaha LULW Succmeister1337: PepeHands Darth_Kredol: elaD illuminatieyes_xd: MONSTER kokosenpaai: LULW Habitual_Balance: moon2PH TheMethos12: D: SilentNewbee: D: Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands HotFireZ: BibleThump MarcusValeriusCorvus: biblethump Driggonny: Booooooo kefflah: elaD Sheep_stick: still heard it PepeHands Muikeloo: roo4 Stilgarius: PepeLaugh that was amazing cheeze____: LULW suryk22: D: Bxadd: D: Germy_ranch: BAD DOG ANYWAY Bullsonparade_303: atpSuspect labasfej: LULW Nazzet: D: phenthom: LULW Doyago: “SARGE LOVES ANIMALS” brot_ok: Dogfriends forsenKek Markeh04: PepeHands Cheeseek: I looked PepeHands UnU__: I LOOKED D: Pixel_hearts: doggie PepeHands Mokum73: Dogo 0 : Ela 1 elaK serralheir0: danD pcatsHog toonyGasp Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Chat dont cry PepeLaugh its just fake doggie in game akmannen: D: Nazzet: Reporting D: Habitual_Balance: at least eat him now, dont let him go to waste kefflah: the sound it makes when it died elaD xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Get the hunting rifles? ZanRebel: your stupid PETA has no pwer here !! imagetr3: [everyone disliked that] brot_ok: Sarge loves Animals elaK 8goci: gather huntong rifles they are good Darth_Kredol: the head is just rolling away LULW Tattip: elaHi who needs doggos anyway when you have cats elaHi Da_Flanker: YEAH akmannen: Yeah boy Kgcool: D: Annonn140: KKona hell yeah TyrantZedd: D: King_Insane: good thing i own a cat, can’t kill cats in this game.. well.. unless he mods them in elaKek cheeze____: elaGa Ineedhugs: Hello ela, hello chat, I am back FrankerZ Sohei4649: D: Stilgarius: fuck everyone PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: never 🙂 Da_Flanker: Independent CommanBear: that was totally unnecessary man PepeHands D: magic_is_greatness: yay 😀 razorxscooter: !fuck NRC TH3N4RL3Y1: elaGasm elaGun natiLuna WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, NRC gachiDAMA PhilRamirez: danCringe Fafebobo: elaD ZuluVVarrior: LuL Bxadd: D: Da_Flanker: Anarchy Lagunaab: chat remember dark souls dogs, payback’s a bitch ChaosLike: PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: apologize to the Legion NNayio: D: Ineedhugs: What the hell where is your cowboy head ela? ffhighwind: $_$ k9dney: has he already got the jury rigging perk ?? ChaosLike: t-thank you PepeHands BTRNDL: now kill them AkiraJkr: t-th Nazzet: KKona F R E E D O M KKona Markeh04: Fuck everyone gachiBASS Motek: Pog uncledickbutt: FFF Shrimpess: Hi 🙂 perry_1903: freedom HandsUp sh0gg: s-s-sank you ceejsavage: 🙂 akmannen: I like to befriend all and kill all 🙂 illuminatieyes_xd: follow them Pog captain_elsewhere: no k9dney ZuluVVarrior: squadKK LIBERATED Azure_Felt: now kill abusive husband elaMad Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh NNayio: Kapp MainMercLobo: perhaps sjuften_: Pog Saved WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Motek: PepeLaugh xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Not picking up the hunting rifles? ZuluVVarrior: now kill the hubby 😡 captain_elsewhere: you can fast travel and they are safe now Monster5crak: no if you follow BananaKen: rooD fatpep: escort them ela or 4Shrug retro_raiden: distFeels Knoives: HandsUp Liransherman: D: AkiraJkr: YES MtRush: i bet if you follow them theyll just be running into a wall Da_Flanker: Frank is dead ChaosLike: D: illuminatieyes_xd: PepeLaugh they’ll die to a deathclaw PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: DO IT Cecilff2: monkaW Shrimpess: D: ZuluVVarrior: Pog Mokum73: Yeah, the first good deed elaA TheH3llraiser: monkaW Doully92: monkaW Armored_Guy: D: Azure_Felt: good elaC Motek: D: BTRNDL: pvpS brot_ok: Billyrino LitPord: monkaW serralheir0: toonyGasp gold_dante: D: HotFireZ: D: akmannen: Yeah boy the__filth: YES QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: monkaW KingMidas133: D: Lagunaab: cut his balls off Cheeseek: Hell yeah JackBraun: elaD RantingDuck: monkaS Nox15: monkaW brot_ok: billyReady Efrondil: D: ZuluVVarrior: TRUE SnarksterJr: Pog DESERVED IT illuminatieyes_xd: D: AkiraJkr: Very good my boy bloodywermin: monkaW Fafebobo: elaS insurrectionist89: D: wtf Sheep_stick: pierce him gachiBASS Bxadd: monkaW perry_1903: elaD pekkaatte122: what did frank do? Sgt_Blackjack: psychopath kkenS Smoothstone: squadS squadS squadS squadS squadS atomicdestruction: feast on him elaC DaniDuck: but he would die if he’s cut open? Stilgarius: @Elajjaz But first finish quest for xp elaWeird Tw1tOne: use the gladius thing! Andros5: why would Sarge care? BashBadger: Hi Ela and chat no1WAVE hope you’re all having a great Sunday no1LOVE Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Jalmarkian: MURDER EVERYONE gachiHYPER bloodcaleb: judge, jury, and executioner DatSheffy Nazzet: D: mass murderer D: Da_Flanker: Their ghosts still sleep there Gros_shtok: Sarge is descending into madness chat monkaW silver6ird: owned by a dead guy PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: ppHop cheeze____: owned by a corpse PepeLaugh 8goci: loot up ウィードマン: they are getting killed anyways by the next deathclaw LUL brot_ok: forsenWC JackBraun: BashBadger pepeL ZuluVVarrior: DansGame Cheeseek: LuL bloodcaleb: forsenWC odduneven: banned illethor221: !mods retro_raiden: @bashbadger mendoPeek elaH WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. Nox15: forsenWC BananaKen: pepeJAM WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Turbulist: pepeJAMMER AkiraJkr: BLIND LULW brot_ok: Banned OMEGADOWN JackBraun: pepeJAM Shrimpess: KKool ChaosLike: forsenWC k9dney: hope fully he goes for the yes man quest line seiko__5: atpRtsd BashBadger: @JackBraun @retro_raiden no1LOVE no1HUG QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: forsenWC Annonn140: forsenWC Tiny_PL: atpToiler atpToiler atpToiler Machomanohyeeaa: Big iroooon big irooooonnnn BananaKen: don’t steal 😡 VikingDogg: @k9dney but he doesnt trust robots emmytea: large metallic weapon on his waistline mysweatyth1ghsss: forsenWC ZuluVVarrior: PunOko KARMA sheilks: Big iron on his hip pepeJAM ZuluVVarrior: Pog Da_Flanker: Pog MidgetDude110: Pog Shrimpess: Pog Nichiro99: Pog Maluco_Doido: PogU brot_ok: Pog Annonn140: Pog mysweatyth1ghsss: Pog silver6ird: sLURRRRP JackBraun: Pog crashfort: 💧 BananaKen: gachiBASS SUCC IT sjuften_: Pog fakzzz_: Pog Knoives: PogU Deadlyasskicker: clean water Pog ChaosLike: Pog Lagunaab: Pog SLLUUUUUURP spacefacee: gachiBASS k9dney: full on role play build Jaargan: Pog Jalmarkian: No rats in the water PogU JackBraun: elaChug the__filth: Pog Liransherman: elaChug AlexAnderman1994: Chag captain_elsewhere: the river and the lake are pure water Elajjaz ffhighwind: SUCC ceejsavage: atpChar Armored_Guy: slurp Azure_Felt: elaChug S_Darji: elaChug victor_maitland: the pure water of the colorado river ZuluVVarrior: Pog 💦 Turbulist: elaChug silver6ird: drinking the whole lake Da_Flanker: Enjoy the bacteria ekahS_hS: zero Rads water Pog sjuften_: gachiBASS 💦 Germy_ranch: BIG S U C C ocirne23: rooSip Jaargan: elaChug elaChug Turbulist: elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug elaChug Landoy: gachiBASS odduneven: rp LULW Shrimpess: elaChug Labargoth: woopsSip VDSMF: rad gecko bath water Chag Liransherman: u are Annonn140: gachiHYPER brot_ok: elaChug Cadedrik: @ceejsavage atpCarl Dudica: The G.E.C.K worked Pog imagetr3: sluuuurp BigPepeKek: gachiBASS Varkain_Aranoth: waterlogged LUL hank_the_lord: not rad 🙁 AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER ChaosLike: gachiBASS gold_dante: gachiBASS An_Illusionist: woopsSip ceejsavage: atpCap Nox15: gachiHYPER VDSMF: gachiBOP JackBraun: gachiBASS ZuluVVarrior: BATH WATER Kreygasm SkinnyTei: gachiBASS Shrimpess: gachiHYPER silver6ird: gachiHYPER perry_1903: gachiBASS Azure_Felt: gachiBASS TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: Not as hard as Sarge Knoives: 4Play Doully92: gachiHYPER Jalmarkian: gachiHYPER xeriph: gachiBASS BananaKen: EZ Cecilff2: gachiBASS brot_ok: gachiHYPER cheeze____: the poggest moment of the whole playthrough, drinking clean water Chag Nichiro99: gachiBASS sof006: KappaPride Annonn140: gachiBASS Deadlyasskicker: Clap peppy590: GAmer gecko bath water Pog mysweatyth1ghsss: gachiHYPER solve mine Lagunaab: does it taste better than delphine’s bathwater ? elaHmm PhilRamirez: gachiHYPER spacefacee: gachiBASS Seilrach: please do gachiHYPER Hevnoraak: gachiBASS Wendell8504: gachiHYPER ChaosLike: IM FUCKING CUMMING gachiBASS Jaargan: gachiHYPER BananaKen: any lads here 3Head ZuluVVarrior: gachiHYPER ekahS_hS: let’s solve the hardness chat kokosenpaai: monkaW ZuluVVarrior: 3Head 7 Mokyun: monkaW bloodcaleb: KKona AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst 🔪 illuminatieyes_xd: new vegas Pog perry_1903: KKona abysswatches: Drinks water till overcumbered. TPFufun Le_Sans_Nom: those legion people have families too PepeHands Maluco_Doido: MR New Vegas Pog TheH3llraiser: YeahBoi AkiraJkr: HE DOESN’T KNOW LULW ChaosLike: sometimes its just randomly hard dude gachiBASS BigPepeKek: gachiGASM Shrimpess: I am hard for you gachiHYPER the__filth: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: Kappa Stilgarius: elaBlind Armored_Guy: Kapp VDSMF: no Kappa HotFireZ: Kapp Cheeseek: no Kapp ZuluVVarrior: FishMoley lordpanda616: Mirelurks monkaS AkiraJkr: Ela so blind LULW Varkain_Aranoth: Missed Bobblehead Jalmarkian: Sometimes doors get hard when i pull on them gachiHYPER retro_raiden: naroRage forsenWhip elaGasm magic_is_greatness: @Le_Sans_Nom nah, they have only slaves 😐 serralheir0: nah Kappa Da_Flanker: Only crab people Chlupis: monkaX whats that over there Da_Flanker: 🦀 brot_ok: Mirelurks monkaSHAKE JESSrz: that was a secret passage Le_Sans_Nom: magic_is_greatness they weren’t slaves, just unpaid workers PepeHands Doully92: elaHYUK VDSMF: when will we get the surge’s big iron leak? illuminatieyes_xd: speshimen AkiraJkr: There was a secret passage @Elajjaz Smoothstone: forsen1 forsen2 forsenE gold_dante: subnautica PTSD monkaW SnarksterJr: me elaGa Smoothstone: forsenT JouniKari: he is holding his breath when he is underwater ZuluVVarrior: forsenT Moralltach1: @Elajjaz did you visit the Boomers yet? perry_1903: Chag AkiraJkr: LULW BananaKen: OMEGALUL ekahS_hS: just a random wreckage Da_Flanker: Pog Sheep_stick: fish ai Pog Clap lordpanda616: LULW SkinnyTei: LULW Chlupis: Pog Doully92: LULW Shrimpess: Chag Cheeseek: LULW ceejsavage: PogChamp Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL serralheir0: toonyKEK crashfort: todd made that part 🙂 Annonn140: LULW bloodcaleb: michael jackson fish brot_ok: schpeshial forsenY wololopriest: Fish AI Pog Jaargan: Pog Armored_Guy: it just works silver6ird: OMEGALUL swoglo: moonswimming illuminatieyes_xd: FISH AI Pog Virr: Good evening chat PepeUff NordicRain: NV PepeLaugh Le_Sans_Nom: this isn’t subnautica Ela SacredChickenNugget: Man im so happy they added ambient soundtrack from F1&2 peppy590: michael jackson fish Pog he hee TheMethos12: CoD fish AI PogChamp OptimisticKnowledge: it just works OMEGALUL Smoothstone: @ZuluVVarrior forsenHappy cheeze____: they’re mutated fish 🙂 ChaosLike: ZULUL TheXearo: just a cute little wreckage AYAYA odduneven: nothing here ZULUL BananaKen: AYAYA King_Insane: 16 times the fish ai …. wait wrong game Ineedhugs: I only played fallout 4, this game looks so much better than fallout 4 gameplay and story wise agx2018: elAYAYA AYAYA AYAYA 😮 AkiraJkr: secret behind jukebox LULW @Elajjaz brot_ok: billyReady SensualSuplex: @optimisticknowledge hahahaha ZuluVVarrior: @Smoothstone forsen1 Chris1sefa: Top deck? Le_Sans_Nom: Ineedhugs it is Stilgarius: @Ineedhugs Man you need to play F3 and NV elaWut illuminatieyes_xd: @Ineedhugs it is give it a try it’s super cheap on steam SensualSuplex: @ineedhugs unfortunately it is silver6ird: Pog Le_Sans_Nom: fallout 4 is trash when compared to this akmannen: @Ineedhugs Its alot better then fallout4 ChaosLike: revolutionary technology Pog Cecilff2: Amazing AI Pog perry_1903: PepeLaugh JESSrz: @Ineedhugs this is the pinnacle of FO games Da_Flanker: Ineedhugs 4’s shooting is better, but this excelsstorywise agx2018: Is he the lord of weebs? BananaKen: 3Head dayhappyx3: cod ghosts LULW illuminatieyes_xd: cod ghosts LUL NordicRain: Cod Ghosts Pog VoidTracks: CoD Ghosts ZuluVVarrior: FishMoley LEAVE ME ALONE Shrimpess: PepeLaugh rica235: Yes PepeLaugh Labargoth: Mario 64 Doully92: elaBruv ceejsavage: atpCap Lolimeistern: Also mario 64 LULW fatpep: !time WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 23:42 ZanRebel: San Andreas ? TheSTL: @elajjaz are you gonna play Fallout 4 ? SnarksterJr: locksmith captain_elsewhere: locksmith reader ilya44884488: @Elajjaz swim to the other side-there are monsters Destro82: english TheMethos12: Lockpig digest or something mizoreeee: CoD ghots was so dogshit holy fucking shit LULW Monster5crak: i love what’s inside Pog Ineedhugs: Thanks guys, definetly giving it a try then illuminatieyes_xd: TriHard NoeightSemEclipse: locksmith ZuluVVarrior: cmonBruh Jaargan: blacksmith elaKek BananaKen: Lad’s Life 3Head Doully92: monkaS gold_dante: ????? Mokyun: atpCarl cmonBruh silver6ird: elaHYUG perry_1903: elaGa yes crashfort: Oi! xx_bersark: @Elajjaz You missed a chest in The bison stevehotel with an amazing gun ZingDingaLing: ??? AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: cmonBruh Doully92: elaBruv Clap fatpep: Oi! Shrimpess: elaBruv Glenshane: cmonBruh JouniKari: LUL marauder8799: 3Head brot_ok: remember the bunker Elajjaz 🙂 AlexAnderman1994: elaBruv JackBraun: elaBruv pyduuu: elvish monkaS Annonn140: thats why getting lockpicking to 100 is a good idea silver6ird: ppHop Draftingle: he has a stroke PepeHands sleepywoof: vineM8 bring_us_the_girl: elaBruv retro_raiden: kdubBruh moon2AY Tetrahom: Ladz Loif 3Head JoeMcPete: monkaS akmannen: Lads life is the no1 selling magazine in eastern England gold_dante: it does k9dney: elaCozy BananaKen: Sniper nest lockbox is worth it can confirm illuminatieyes_xd: monkaS crashfort: elaCozy Smoothstone: forsenS Jaargan: did he reach vegas already elaHmm brot_ok: forsenS RattleMBones: Not yet @Jaargan cyberneticz_: Cod as a whole is just absolutely generic. ZuluVVarrior: monkaS Annonn140: LULW TRUE brot_ok: PepeLaugh Lackadal: massaHmm serralheir0: sniper nest chest is a must Turbulist: anyways PepeHands Doully92: PepeLaugh Some Shrimpess: @Elajjaz you should play borderlands WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Flavrau1: cmonBruh razorxscooter: @elajjaz Theres the gift shop at the Primm hotel, 75 lockpick safe there elaISee Draftingle: main quest in bethesda games LUL Da_Flanker: Memelands Labargoth: Nippon woopsAYAYA fatpep: the great khans vs the NCR mission SnarksterJr: bl2 is fine solo ZuluVVarrior: no friends PepeHands cyberneticz_: @flavrau1 that is pretty racist. Da_Flanker: So? Play with Nerdy mizoreeee: ela will reach New Vegas when the new fallout game is out PepeLaugh Turbulist: PepeHands KurtRustle91: Borderlands WeirdChamp King_Insane: its 100% fine solo rica235: Play with me @Elajjaz elaH Knoives: you dont have to play coop, its still fun solo Jaargan: literally playez dos for like 2h and ela did no progress elaGa leonkillsashley: First time playing New Vegas!? Are you going to do the expansions? ekahS_hS: Borderlands is fine as solo player Dudica: @Elajjaz Borderlands is a great game and I hate playing it co-op the__filth: its fun solo JoeMcPete: monkaShake Plasmafenix: Did someone just call NV a bethesda game? Plasmafenix: Dafuk KurtRustle91: BL is not fun solo, the whole game is designed around co-op mizoreeee: Borderlands 2 you can play easy solo but always better with friends captain_elsewhere: borederlands is way more fun co-op but everything is imo oh wait battletoads monkaW Habitual_Balance: I’ve never played BL co-op PepeHands JESSrz: @akmannen easter England shall mount an insurrection against the arabs in west England 3Head hank_the_lord: borderlands is super boring to watch compared to this KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz the DLCs are the best part of New vegas by far illuminatieyes_xd: @Plasmafenix yes we should take him out LUL mocaffe: borderlands is shit hard to play solo unless you know what ur doing GentlemansPickle: check theback of the truck silver6ird: borderlands more like borederlands SilentNewbee: @elajjaz Are you interested in Fallout 1 & 2? volkeeh: NV DLC is the GOAT Liransherman: @Elajjaz some DLC are also playable at early levels so u dont need to be MAx gear max level odduneven: PepeLaugh the area in bottom right SerVersta: F ChaosLike: im walking there 🙂 bloodcaleb: OSFrog illuminatieyes_xd: SUPER LIZARDS BananaKen: Leave the lizards alone rooD Romanzes: monkaW NOT THE LIZARDS NordicRain: New Vegas is my favorite bethesda game 🙂 CornyPoop: Fire Geckos monkaW Smoothstone: @KurtRustle91 So good…I really liked the north one, with the tribes. LitPord: big MT dlc going to be full 5Head wololopriest: What makes NV even better is the HUGE replay value, so many branching paths and ways to play Jaargan: OSFrog ilya44884488: @Elajjaz get back to the truck. Lagunaab: you can go to old world blues fairly early on iirc leonkillsashley: @Elajjaz Old World Blues is a must play. Cheeseek: monkaW Sgt_Blackjack: lizardman from Soul Calibur monkaS Neravor: MaN ZuluVVarrior: MaN brot_ok: MaN JubJubWantRubRubs: i love this ambient track Liransherman: Aqua MaN VentusNova_: Aquaman POGGERS odduneven: Ocean man mysweatyth1ghsss: MaN illuminatieyes_xd: aquman Pog Shrimpess: MaN silver6ird: aquamen LUL CornyPoop: Top Tier enemies monkaOMEGA Armored_Guy: ocean man Plasmafenix: Sea MaN Flavrau1: Jason Momoa PogChamp Turbulist: this soundtrack TaBeRu victor_maitland: I hate in this game how many buildings are just boarded up and cant be entered.. JackBraun: MaN Kazeith: OCEAN MAN Wendell8504: aqua MaN Da_Flanker: Monster from the Black Lagoon KurtRustle91: @Smoothstone worst one in my opinion, but even that one is good captain_elsewhere: lakelurk elaKek frvits: be sure to bring your best gear to Dead Money, you’ll defenitely use it Kappa ZuluVVarrior: monkaGun Neravor: IKEALUL NiceDoge42: TAKE ME BY THE HAND brot_ok: IKEALUL Pingertonz: take me by the hand Nostraz: monkaH Shrimpess: IKEALUL perry_1903: IKEALUL Liransherman: Ammo ElaSmash the__filth: pin point Liransherman: elaS * Annonn140: 3 per LULW ZanRebel: aim ,ower weskraudaon: long range in fallout LUL SnarksterJr: 3 PERCEPTION LULW JonnyE80: LIDL AIM LULW Senordingdongs: oh shit he’s t-posing you ZanRebel: aim lower Knoives: monkaGun Gam3freak99: i dont know why NV is so superior when compared to FO3 and FO4, they should technically be equal PepeHands xHydraaP: @NiceDoge42 TAKE ME TO THE LAND odduneven: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯 Nezuli: the soundtrack from the original fallout games… so good ZuluVVarrior: I GOT THIS MrDestructoid forsenGun donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: Chag Turbulist: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raised_hands: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The voyage :bike: to the corner of the :earth_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The crust of a tan man :man_with_turban: imbibed by the sand :+1: Soaking up the :sweat_drops: thirst of the land 💯 Doully92: PepeHands sjuften_: Chag Plasmafenix: PepeHands MtRush: lole ocean man meme pasta memes lost to time Monster5crak: i won’t need perception elaHYUK Smoothstone: @KurtRustle91 What do ya know forsenLUL Hm did you like Old World Blues? akmannen: its just a twitch lurker 🙁 KurtRustle91: @weskraudaon uhh, you can headshot enemies from like halfway across the map. Just not with 3 Perception and a repeater… illuminatieyes_xd: @Gam3freak99 have you played them? you would easily understand why medjed92: WutFace xHydraaP: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯 LitPord: ocean man PepeHands Rahlk: that booty though gachiHYPER Lagunaab: the reload animation elaGasm Jaargan: ooh no no no not this again NotLikeThis izzied: falling down underwater lol noyourebreatht4king: Poggers Kappa BananaKen: They’re T-Posing LUL Lonewander101: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯 AkiraJkr: It’s because NV, 3 and 4 are TECHNICALLY equal, but not like uhmmm MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯 Gam3freak99: @illuminatieyes_xd I’ve played all 3, and i know NV is the best game but it’s so weird to think about Turbulist: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raised_hands: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The voyage :bike: to the corner of the :earth_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The crust of a tan man :man_with_turban: imbibed by the sand :+1: Soaking up the :sweat_drops: thirst of the land 💯 ‘ MtRush: @xHydraaP DansGam AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯 brot_ok: LAKKILURK elaYA ZuluVVarrior: FeelsGoodMan Clap PASTA Doully92: Chat FeelsWeirdMan SacredChickenNugget: ED-E is hardcore cbrCarry AkiraJkr: Equal as in atmosphere, content and effort BananaKen: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯 TheSTL: Have ela played Stalker franchise ? WrestlerBot2000: “Garry, come over here, I wanna eat you.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 49 Liransherman: try 44 elaC ZuluVVarrior: monkaW MtRush: NotLikeThis sjuften_: Pog bloodcaleb: FishMoley Neravor: FishMoley why must you kill us Plasmafenix: Genocide monkaW odduneven: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯 NiceDoge42: FishMoley Smoothstone: @AYAYAClapAYAYAClap vadeAYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap fatpep: all the xp Champ Chlupis: monkaX fish people ZuluVVarrior: FishMoley WTF captain_elsewhere: innsmouth monkaW Knoives: cthulu village monkaS leonkillsashley: @AkiraJkr Equal? The heck? IceLikesRice: God damn, watching you play this makes me wanna start another playthrough. JackBraun: monkaW ekahS_hS: fish villöage monkaS monkaW monkaX maxk137: kill everyone flamuCQ brot_ok: monkaSHAKE King_Insane: @TheSTL he did, never finished call of prypyat Jaargan: elaREE elaGun BECONE OCEAN MAN illuminatieyes_xd: @Gam3freak99 not really it’s made by the OG developers of fallout 1,2 it makes sense that they would make a superior game to bethesda sjuften_: monkaX that damage NiceDoge42: FishMoley Bruh Cheeseek: You spin my head right round WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ Monster5crak: get a propper armor ela SnarksterJr: yeezus Lagunaab: Pog fatpep: Champ Maluco_Doido: FishMoley STOP BananaKen: That IRL dodge OMEGALUL mizoreeee: Yizis elaOk brot_ok: Chag AkiraJkr: Like, on the VALUE of those things @leonkillsashley akmannen: pog Shrimpess: Champ lordpanda616: Pog donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: FishMoley dont fuck with us razorxscooter: @thestl https://clips.twitch.tv/FilthyAttractivePigeonTheThing VentusNova_: Lakelurk monkaS hank_the_lord: YESUS imagetr3: You can use more than one stimpak at once. Smoothstone: Almost 50/50 killed mutated animals PogU Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/UninterestedNaiveAyeayeCoolStoryBro the__filth: Chag Liransherman: 6 ammo elaKek illuminatieyes_xd: @Gam3freak99 even though they all share the same shitty engine and the problems that come with it LUL leonkillsashley: @AkiraJkr How are you measuring value? Annonn140: PepeLaugh RattleMBones:>takes the ammo you skipped over AkiraJkr: You don’t have as much freedom in other games like NV, the atmosphere doesn’t fully match like New Vegas, etc @leonkillsashley ZuluVVarrior: SUPA STIMPACK ZULUL Arctic_Junk: Use the Sunset BananaKen: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know KurtRustle91: @leonkillsashley he isn’t, makes no sense what he said CornyPoop: SAVE Chlupis: zulu scout weapon ZULUL ZuluVVarrior: PepeLaugh retro_raiden: elaCozy grimG2 serralheir0: maximum effort JESSrz: shit cnd Doully92: PepeLaugh IceLikesRice: Use vat to line up perry_1903: do it PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: seems good S_Darji: 3 PER IKEALUL Plasmafenix: Buy a timeshare Chag JackBraun: eqpF5 Monster5crak: 2% with vats rofIcopter: PepeLaugh ZuluVVarrior: Pog ohanami: is that a revolver with a sniper scope ? Shrimpess: pepeJAM Doully92: Pog atomicdestruction: Champ Chlupis: Pog brot_ok: Pog Cheeseek: Pog perry_1903: Chag silverknight3: nice blauersteinfresser: Pog serusa94: Chag sjuften_: Pog Da_Flanker: Big Iron Trizze: nice shot JackBraun: Pog AkiraJkr: A revolver with a scope LULW AbsoluteHope: SONIC BOOM wololopriest: I think I’ve played this game maybe 6 or 7 times and have never been here fatpep: dont let Ed-E die monkaW Annonn140: PogU ACcentuation1: bruh 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: BIG IRON Pog akmannen: Ed-E going in BananaKen: holy shit ED-E has no chill ZuluVVarrior: FishMoley WTF Habitual_Balance: LMFAO Doully92: Carried FeelsWeirdMan Shrimpess: gachiOnFIRE brot_ok: Carried Again PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: monkaX Chlupis: MaN Habitual_Balance: oh I thought that was ELa who died Trizze: ma’m trizzeMLADY mizoreeee: cbrCarry Mokum73: Burn baby, burn elaThirst lloydbannings: FishMoley WTF DID WE DO TO YOU Habitual_Balance: PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @wololopriest its near where you find the Enclave PA helmet pcallow: SHROUD AIM Trizze: m’am* fatpep: yes SweatyChest: yes ZuluVVarrior: YES AkiraJkr: yes SnarksterJr: yes bighand32: M OMEGALUL D Sgt_Blackjack: cooking ocean man odduneven: TRUE LULW casualkappa123: yes mysweatyth1ghsss: yes Badmanmango: haha ive never seen them in like 4 playthrougs Kazeith: yes Lagunaab: ye illuminatieyes_xd: @wololopriest you should take that explorer perk lets you explore a lot of hidden stuff 🙂 Da_Flanker: Maybe leonkillsashley: @Elajjaz There are mods for everything in this game. Turbulist: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raised_hands: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The voyage :bike: to the corner of the :earth_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :ocean: OCEAN MAN :ocean: :heart_eyes: The crust of a tan man :man_with_turban: imbibed by the sand :+1: Soaking up the :sweat_drops: thirst of the land 💯 rofIcopter: elaOP BananaKen: PepeHands captain_elsewhere: probably janky as fuck tho elaKek DakuSouru: WeirdChamp Doully92: PepeHands KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz whatever you can imagine, there is a mod for it brot_ok: PepeHands mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeHands wandering_pleb: PepeHands Irocam: PepeHands StarPogPlatinum: PepeHands AkiraJkr: there’s a mod to remove invisible walls @Elajjaz Seilrach: PepeHands sjuften_: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands perry_1903: PepeHands akmannen: PepeLaugh Liransherman: elaChug Germy_ranch: PepeHands BananaKen: @Elajjaz go to frank before bed PepeHands lloydbannings: PepeHands JackBraun: PepeHands Annonn140: PepeHands 420bakin: PepeHands Plasmafenix: Gone forever PepeHands Smoothstone: The cabin wreckage has loot inside @Elajjaz Jaargan: PepeHands wagnus: Gotham? are you batman? Goodluckmode: Theres a mod for everything serusa94: PepeHands S_Darji: PepeHands UiVgray: Gotham-burg! Pog AlexAnderman1994: PepeHands ekahS_hS: PepeHands Da_Flanker: Kapp ZuluVVarrior: LAKELURKER BATH WATER gachiHYPER King_Insane: @AkiraJkr that’s actually done for some revolvers especially regarding contests etc. MtRush: schedule play around work? LOL JoPpXe: @Elajjaz are you gonna watch the metallica consert? ZuluVVarrior: LULW fatpep: Gothenburg , Home of melodic death metal headBang KaitoKidShadow: PepeHands gottenbye odduneven: PepeLaugh Ela go down the river Jaargan: no streams for 3 days elaFeels JoeMcPete: PepeHand SnarksterJr: this entire game is janky as fuck LULW XzKutor: @Elajjaz There’s mods for prostitution, so there’s prolly a mod for that Nichiro99: LULW AkiraJkr: Don’t forget about invisible wall remover @Elajjaz Turbulist: LULW ekahS_hS: no Ela stream for 3 days PepeHands JoeMcPete: PepeHands JubJubWantRubRubs: just dont uninstall mods @Elajjaz mods stay in the save memory in this engine and removing them can cause CTD holophraser: con shirt Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Doully92: FeelsPepoMan Jaargan: elaGa perry_1903: conchert elaGa BadGuyLP2: Pepeg Shrimpess: FeelsPepoMan rica235: con shirt SacredChickenNugget: @Elajjaz You probably need like a script extender and other shit JonnyE80: forsenT WVReaper: konshert Ageingyoungrebel: nrdyGa conshirt gggcccA7X: is there a mod that gives new companions or weapons, i seriously doubt it. Nichiro99: FeelsPepoMan Annonn140: speech + 5 Pog JESSrz: you gonna get cursed Germy_ranch: They named a band after a stando in JoJos haha akmannen: Some water damage 🙂 sjuften_: is that a nuke? Efrondil: blind AkiraJkr: BLIND JouniKari: I mean theres a mod for skyrim that adds realistic horse vaginas, theres a mod for everything in these type of games wagnus: @JubJubWantRubRubs ctd? swoglo: elaBlind eXi__: say hi to batman for me PepeLaugh playergama: hello fellas BroBalt S_Darji: @SacredChickenNugget he’s not using the extender? abysswatches: It better look and sound like Monster hunter cooking. SeriousSloth wagnus: @JouniKari how would you know Goodluckmode: Are nude mods banned on twitch? Lagunaab: @JouniKari elaWeird Plasmafenix: Free water Pog King_Insane: @gggcccA7X there is a mod for everything, total conversions to full blown world rebuilds new ingame stuff like companions and guns and rebalancing is base level stuff rica235: elaBlind StarPogPlatinum: Clean water Pog illuminatieyes_xd: @JouniKari LUL Neravor: DansGame crossxcut: Kreygasm AkiraJkr: what Sotenbori: DansGame Knoives: DansGame Liransherman: elaWeird akmannen: ?????? perry_1903: elaWeird rica235: Pog ZuluVVarrior: DansGame NordicRain: Pog U fakzzz_: Pog DakuSouru: elaGasm Spectre_700: elaGasm Armored_Guy: Pog Wwaaaz: And cocks Doully92: FeelsWeirdMan serralheir0: danGachi danGachi danGachi volkeeh: LULW Deliriumi1: WeirdChamp Jaargan: monkaW Le_________________bowser: yes DaniDuck: @JouniKari i’m sorry , what the fuck Shrimpess: DansGame wasnekerze: @Elajjaz do you think metallica will play rammsteins engel in sweden aswell? or was that just a germany thing? brot_ok: elaThirst Turbulist: LULW Seilrach: FeelsWeirdMan kokosenpaai: LULW ocirne23: rooBlank Da_Flanker: Hey alright Sohei4649: DansGame Annonn140: WeirdChamp Tasarion: elaWeird furries 420bakin: DansGame atomicdestruction: WeirdChamp ZanRebel: excuse me ? pisyaaa__: DansGame Irocam: elaWut 3v0id: WeirdChamp HEWSTI: DansGame mayushi10: WeirdChamp HotFireZ: gachiGASM MooseCanon: DansGame Hevnoraak: DansGame rofIcopter: WeirdChamp serusa94: Chag leonkillsashley: Haha I believe it. DaventusCZ: WutFace ZuluVVarrior: WeirdChamp Sgt_Blackjack: what is wrong with this chat DansGame CornyPoop: why? Lagunaab: this is why god hates us playergama: DansGame realistic JubJubWantRubRubs: wagnus Crash To Desktop NoeightSemEclipse: Pog the waters of life Plasmafenix: Drink free water elaB Zane_Within: 👅 Le_________________bowser: and horse penis SnarksterJr: elaWeird universetwisters: god bless that mod JackBraun: elaWeird pisyaaa__: LULW DigitalZips: PabloPls Martiansam: Chag cheeze____: Pog the future of gaming ekahS_hS: elaWeird elaWeird DANGGURL: star bottlecap Pog Zar___: No realistic horsecock? gachiGASM Monster5crak: more caps NotLikeThis NordicRain: I needed to know that Pog Mokum73: Too much information elaWut 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Almost drowned because of horse vag LuL rica235: That’s what ELon Musk wants gachiGASM universetwisters: Pogey realistic chlamydia CryptoXOR: RDR2 ball shrinkage DigiLaw420: LULW Doully92: elaS ScifiSaint: monkaW Spectre_700: I’ve got that mod installed GachiChamp AkiraJkr: monkaW sjuften_: monkaW Plasmafenix: Drink the lake elaChug noyourebreatht4king: Omegalul BananaKen: you caused that 🙂 Cheeseek: WutFace Tasarion: monkaW Chiliad9k: schlongs of skyrim gachiGasm ZanRebel: what about the cock ? SnarksterJr: well RDR2 had horse balls physics without any mods hank_the_lord: that’s just the tip of the iceberg of skyrim mods AlexAnderman1994: 4HEad brot_ok: any1 got link? elaThirst imLunchy: monkaW JackBraun: elaS fatherfestivus: schlongs of Skyrim is the best mod Jaargan: there are just somethings in this world that a person doesn’t need to know elaWeird ZuluVVarrior: 4HEad JESSrz: there’s probably bestality mods as well crashfort: 😕 :/ 😕 :/ 😕 :/ 😕 :/ 😕 :/ 😕 :/ 😕 :/ 😕 :/ BananaKen: rooBlank ScifiSaint: He doesn’t know chat PepeLaugh Irocam: did KrazyShark make that LULW ? BananaKen: chat rooBlank illuminatieyes_xd: @Chiliad9k sounds like a porn tittle LUL odduneven: hes become an ocean man rica235: Loving your stream, as always @Elajjazits not even the gobi chat gold_dante: PETA lochlan1414: weapon condidtion Hollow_void: LULW SARGE LOVES ANIMALS LULW NNayio: “LOVES ANIMALS” Kapp King_Insane: @KurtRustle91 haha that’s true, well there is still the bobblehead and he could boost it via perks to be at least servicable Nazzet: @NotMaloony IDK, watched it live PepeLaugh ZuluVVarrior: FishMoley WTF cheeze____: KKool Sarge loves animals KKool dzemroz: CND monkaS VentusNova_: Animal lover btw EstusFox: PepeHands Baldhazer: save VDSMF: KKool Clap wololopriest: MUTATED ANIMALS Pirilol: weapon breaks StarPogPlatinum: It’s mutated animal yes Germy_ranch: Are they plants? lmao Tasarion: loves animals btw elaWeird paytarlink: not even good enough to be an animal PepeHands greyfacenospace123: PepeHands brot_ok: Sarge LOVES Animals elaK WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz ViveLaDissidence: Congrats Ela , this perk is your award for FIFTY killed animals NNayio: ElaJAM Fullmetalcheese: LUL ScifiSaint: bum bum bum JouniKari: you are the animal PepeHands StarPogPlatinum: PepeLaugh Zloezlo: SourPls RealLifeTsundere: He loves them alright LUL odduneven: PepeLaugh chat there is another area Sgt_Blackjack: i like dem cattle for their proper beef KKona Jaargan: YOUR LORE IS FALLING APART ELA elaD Liransherman: cave elaS Deliriumi1: Sarge puts mutated animals out of their misery AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh Deadlyasskicker: they’re actually mutated snapping turtles @Elajjaz ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh Yankolowsky974: Call Peta Kkona Shrimpess: KKool 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Remember chat, Sarge says fuck people, animals, and robots. Also the government. idey1994: PepeLaugh oh no no no AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: 😡 DRINK THE WATER 😡 illuminatieyes_xd: PepeLaugh serralheir0: danBaited ToneBacas: time to hit the motherlode NNayio: monkaW VentusNova_: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog ZuluVVarrior: Pog BruiseVein: elephant graveyard PepeHands illuminatieyes_xd: POG VauntDanial: Body says empty but still checks Jebaited StarPogPlatinum: Pog Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh Doully92: elaBlind Neravor: jaboodyCool Jaargan: Pog Motek: Pog lloydbannings: Pog GLASSES AlexAnderman1994: elaEZ elaEZ elaBlind Jyatt: Pog GLASSES Draftingle: stylish 🙂 swoglo: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know what is this Tasarion: authority elaEZ gold_dante: Pog BananaKen: POGGERS TheH3llraiser: Pog Annonn140: TAKE THEM Pog Sheep_stick: FASHIONSCAPE Pog RingusSlaterfist: Pog Shrimpess: KKool it my glasses NNayio: Chag Deliriumi1: Champ AkiraJkr: HELL YEAH sjuften_: Chag illuminatieyes_xd: BEST GLASSES rica235: PogU FrankerZ_123: Pog JackBraun: Pog Jaargan: elaEZ gold_dante: AUTHORITY SARGE Pog PhilRamirez: danBlijnd brot_ok: Champ LEGENDARY GLASSES VentusNova_: elaEZ AkiraJkr: Champ NNayio: Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag Cheeseek: elaBlind hell yeah Le_________________bowser: DatSheffy Doully92: KKool Jdam_: Pog HotFireZ: Chag insurrectionist89: Pog akmannen: Mine now PhilRamirez: elaBlind idey1994: 😎😎😎 MiIIiki: KKool VDSMF: KKool AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: DatSheffy Clap gonbat: PogU JackBraun: elaBlind Sgt_Blackjack: respect mah AUTHORITY! KKool BananaKen: COSPLAY IS COMPLETE ekahS_hS: respect my authority MagicFrogs: PogChamp raider_unkindled: elaEZ cyberneticz_: B) illuminatieyes_xd: Pog Jyatt: FUCK YES Chuami: ElaCOOL Shrimpess: Chag Annonn140: PogU marauder8799: Pog ScifiSaint: Pog Armored_Guy: fancy Darth_Kredol: Chag lloydbannings: PogU sjuften_: KKool Clap mysweatyth1ghsss: Pog rica235: FINALLY Pog Fullmetalcheese: Chag swoglo: BABY S_Darji: KKool Turbulist: Pog Jaargan: Chag ZuluVVarrior: Champ Doully92: DOC LULW FrankerZ_123: PogU BruiseVein: loooooool Cheeseek: ElaCOOL wandering_pleb: Chag TwistedtheNether: Pog zplol_: Pog serralheir0: danCop danCop danCop danCop HotFireZ: PogU NNayio: Clap vihainenkampela: Pog Lagunaab: LOOKING LIKE ME AND IRENE AkiraJkr: THE Sarge wevie1: Pog greyfacenospace123: danO 420bakin: Chag dzemroz: THE SARGE gachiBASS perry_1903: elaEZ gonbat: Pog ViveLaDissidence: Chag Slamzor: PogChamp ScifiSaint: DOC Pog retro_raiden: elaEZ elaWOW Chlupis: Blockhead LULW ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: HAHAHAHA Liransherman: HES GONNA SAY IT raider_unkindled: elaEZ elaEZ elaEZ spevahr: True Sarge Tasarion: KKona insane AlexAnderman1994: Chag VentusNova_: LOOKS THE LIKE TWO TIME CHAMP Pyrhaa: Doc Pog ZuluVVarrior: squadEZ Archop0: elaEZ angryj0nes: Thats the RAPIST ONE gold_dante: gachiBASS Markeh04: KKool retro_raiden: elaEZ forsenWhip naroScared illuminatieyes_xd: LUL W Jyatt: you look like you are in the NCR now dereft: respect my authoritah! Fullmetalcheese: Chag Chag Chag VDSMF: take it 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Looks like he’s gonna stream from a bathroom OMEGALUL northernboyo: cohhSpy cohhSpy cohhSpy S_Darji: duffel bag OMEGALUL wevie1: PepoDance gold_dante: @Elajjaz TAKE IT ALL YOU DIRTY SLUT gachiBASS Hevnoraak: pepeJAM AkiraJkr: ARRIBA CaptainOutOfTen: forsenWC DigiLaw420: pepeJAM Lagunaab: looking alot like jim carrey in me myself & irene BananaKen: OMEGALUL Sheep_stick: KKool Clap KKool Clap KKool Clap KKool Clap CrystalTeardrop: retro_raiden cantaPat HotFireZ: pepeJAMMER RingusSlaterfist: LULW FrankerZ_123: LULW brot_ok: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL Neravor: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh ScifiSaint: LULW Turbulist: LULW serusa94: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM StarPogPlatinum: LULW Nazzet: PunchTrees GuitarTime notdiri: forsenWC ? akmannen: LULW Tasarion: PepeLaugh idey1994: OMEGALUL perry_1903: pepeJAM GuitarTime serralheir0: danKEK Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh JackBraun: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Blackstylzzz: Blackstylzzz subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! Another one WrestlerBot2000: @blackstylzzz After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM bloodcaleb: PogU illuminatieyes_xd: Pog Doyago: Pog FrankerZ_123: Pog ekahS_hS: pepeD pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeD lloydbannings: Pog AkiraJkr: VALUE Serulean_Cadence: PogChamp JaynisK: I hope he follows the river North after this Nazzet: Chag odduneven: VALUE Pog JackBraun: Pog NNayio: pepeJAMMER Monster5crak: use it goddammit UltraWindow: ElaPls serralheir0: loot goblin syndrome danKEK Tasarion: 17 DT Chag zplol_: VALUE Pog wandering_pleb: Chag Jaargan: VALUE Pog AlexAnderman1994: Chag Pyrhaa: ElaPls Annonn140: TRY IT ON Cheeseek: ElaPls run bloodcaleb: run like a son of a gun PlsEla retro_raiden: @crystalteardrop atamLurk sureCHug idey1994: use it dude NotMaloony: spring, spring, spring back where you come from Fullmetalcheese: Chag Loot NNayio: ElaJAM ElaPls ElaJAM Armored_Guy: PlsEla retro_raiden: roo4 forsenWhip elaGasm MyNameLacksImagination: Pog Cheeseek: PlsEla northernboyo: cohhEZ cohhKnife Fullmetalcheese: LUL VentusNova_: RUN LIKE A SON OF A GUN ElaPls scripted_kuan: All u need now is a duster an the look is compete lochlan1414: WEAR IT LMAO Cheeseek: ElaPls Doully92: elaHYUK AkiraJkr: INSANE VALUE perry_1903: elaHYUK volkeeh: FeelsPepoMan brot_ok: elaHYUK NNayio: HYUKAGE Jaargan: elaHYUK Pyrhaa: pepeJAMMER ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla S_Darji: Combat armor is very good BananaKen: @Elajjaz check misc items to dump ScifiSaint: ElaPls gonbat: HYUKAGE EstusFox: equipppp Turbulist: ElaPls JackBraun: ElaPls AkiraJkr: ElaPls King_Insane: yeah you should prob start using those Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime sjuften_: ElaPls ElaJAM ElaPls ElaJAM ElaPls retro_raiden: elaCozy Monster5crak: still usin g leather ass Cheeseek: PlsEla Neravor: ElaPls InfernoTiger50: ElaPls VentusNova_: ElaPls RUN PlsEla ElaPls RUN PlsEla PhilRamirez: PlsEla EternalFool_: PlsEla Turbulist: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla Rick_LVB: Kkona RUN BACK WHERE YOU COME FROM Kkona NNayio: ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER Tasarion: sarge only wears leather? VaN marauder8799: ElaPls Hollow_void: Why arent you wearing it? LULW Cheeseek: ElaPls brot_ok: ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla northernboyo: FORSEd cohhFA cohhFA cohhFA cohhFA TheQuantumLlama: wear it you goon lol AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK Wendell8504: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls xx_bersark: @scripted_kuan he needs the ranger duster like everyone AlexAnderman1994: ElaPls lockorunlock: @Elajjaz why not wear new armor? Cheeseek: PlsEla odduneven: There is another area on this side Ela Seilrach: ElaPls ElaJAMMER PlsEla Llyfrgell: PepoDance Doully92: ElaPls NNayio: ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER BergDK81: ElaPls PlsEla VentusNova_: ElaPls BananaKen: ElaPls PlsEla Cheeseek: ElaPls Jaargan: maybe wear it? elaHmm AkiraJkr: ElaPls PlsEla JackBraun: ElaPls PlsEla Wendell8504: PlsEla VentusNova_: oh shit wrong way PlsEla delopterd: ElaPls EternalFool_: wrong way, bois PlsEla MilchiWay: dududu Archop0: ElaPls wevie1: RareEla AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla Pyrhaa: PepoDance Darth_Kredol: ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla S_Darji: PlsEla AkiraJkr: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla KingMidas133: ElaPls TheXearo: maybe start using your repair skills Cheeseek: PlsEla Rahlk: Elas chat is the best chat on twitch no doubt Hollow_void: ElaPls sjuften_: Run ElaPls Like a son of gun ElaPls mysweatyth1ghsss: ElaPls AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla Nox15: ElaPls PlsEla NiceDoge42: ElaPls PlsEla AkiraJkr: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla Turbulist: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla JackBraun: PlsEla ElaPls Darth_Kredol: ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla Fullmetalcheese: PepoDance WrestlerBot2000: 10x ElaPls double digit combo Pog elzam: PlsEla ElaPls Hollow_void: ElaPls PlsEla viola_mandshurica: ElaPls wololopriest: ElaPls PlsEla VentusNova_: ElaPls run PlsEla Nox15: PlsEla ElaPls Neravor: ElaPls ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls ElaJAMMER PlsEla northernboyo: cohhSpy cohhGun great song boys, yeeeeehaw Jaargan: ElaPls gotta run Chuami: ElaPls PlsEla brot_ok: forsenGun ElaPls perry_1903: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ScifiSaint: gachiVICTORY ElaPls PlsEla gachiVICTORY sjuften_: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla AkiraJkr: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla Cheeseek: PlsEla run ElaPls delopterd: ElaPls PlsEla Doully92: PlsEla Darth_Kredol: ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla ElaPls pepeJAMMER PlsEla Fullmetalcheese: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance Pyrhaa: PlsEla PepoDance ElaPls NiceDoge42: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls Retriuu: RUN RUN RUN JackBraun: PlsEla pepeJAMMER ElaPls AlexAnderman1994: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla kaibapunk: trump is actually mexican retro_raiden: ElaPls run… effBaka forsenWhip elaGasm Rahlk: ElaPls Run ElaPls StarPogPlatinum: Wait, there’s more around here PepeLaugh BruiseVein: I keep seeing ElaPls as shirtless elaKek Annonn140: TRUE LULW 420bakin: PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls Jalmarkian: ElaPls PepoDance PlsEla pepeJAM ElaPls gachiVICTORY PlsEla NiceDoge42: PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla TheZecaUrubu: ElaPls HotFireZ: Run ElaPls Like a son of gun ElaPls Wayn_: ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla TheZecaUrubu: PlsEla cyberneticz_: @rahlk That is absolutely false ZuluVVarrior: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla PlsEla FrankerZ_123: Have you played the dlc yet @Elajjaz raider_unkindled: just like minecraft PogU Fullmetalcheese: PepoDance AkiraJkr: 99 NoeightSemEclipse: another area WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Nazzet: Just like Chihuahua race PepeLaugh Serulean_Cadence: If you like exploring, give Fallout 4 a try VentusNova_: why not 100 viola_mandshurica: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla Jeaceb: @Elajjaz did you play fallout 4 ? Darth_Kredol: ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla ElaPls AlienPls PlsEla FrankerZ_123: sweet BananaKen: @Elajjaz there’s an end eventually PepeHands but that’s part of the appeal I guess mysweatyth1ghsss: PlsEla ElaPls Romanzes: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla BruiseVein: @elajjaz I keep seeing ElaPls as shirtless elaKek JackBraun: ElaPls PepoDance PlsEla ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh Monster5crak: use better armor 😡 Doully92: ElaPls brot_ok: 100 would be easymode PepeLaugh Goodluckmode: Save before you crash AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: KKona why not 100 guns AkiraJkr: LULW Romanzes: KKool ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla KKool Seilrach: Is this his first fallout game? cyberneticz_: @kaibapunk No, he is Jewish VentusNova_: PepeLaugh BananaKen: OMEGALUL djinn_94: Champ TheH3llraiser: LULW marauder8799: LULW silver6ird: PepeLaugh ccslne: ??? StarPogPlatinum: danO brot_ok: LULW FrankerZ_123: LOL Annonn140: LULW elzam: Suggesting FO4 while someone’s playing NV is like… huh Turbulist: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL ZuluVVarrior: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW delopterd: KKona Clap NNayio: PepeLaugh Sephirothang: LULW JackBraun: LULW eliastheepicgamer: LUL Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh perry_1903: 3Head Clap atomicdestruction: LULW HotFireZ: LULW Slamzor: HAHAHAHAH Chlupis: LULW thePUNisher5: LULW idey1994: OMEGALUL AvalancheSeph: LULW Doully92: 3Head Clap InternetVillainSuperstar: OMEGALUL sjuften_: PepeHands Jaargan: LULW TheZecaUrubu: LUL KingMidas133: LULW ZuluVVarrior: PepeLaugh Pyrhaa: 1 bottle PepeLaugh Naniyo: OMEGADOWN Glenshane: LULW King_Insane: elaKek raider_unkindled: same PogU Final_zebraman: PROPER BOOMER NOW xx_bersark: RP WerewolfB: PepeHands Wendell8504: ElaPls ElaJAMMER PlsEla alexowhy: ppBeer ekahS_hS: well done serralheir0: danO Cheeseek: KKona hell yeah NNayio: LORE Kapp volkeeh: OMEGALUL Retriuu: PepeLaugh Blue_Ventum: FeelsBlyatMan Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Paltta: too real Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Sgt_Blackjack: KKool good addiction swoglo: un whiskity OptimisticKnowledge: OMEGALUL Nazzet: Addicted LULW bloodcaleb: L Pog RE Wendell8504: LULW Loruc: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz theres another cool area right next to here Gerynt: Same FeelsBadMan mysweatyth1ghsss: LORE LULW NNayio: CoolStoryBob TheH3llraiser: alcoholic sarge LULW angryj0nes: LULW Senordingdongs: @Elajjaz Check out the Nevada skies mod for next stream, mod with like 300 different weathers Rahlk: @cyberneticz_ D: JaynisK: Aww not going North AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeHands too real viola_mandshurica: Clap Annonn140: PepeHands Archop0: ROLEPLAY LUL ZuluVVarrior: L OMEGALUL RE AlexAnderman1994: OMEGALUL Sayce: Boomer roleplay LULW retro_raiden: 🍷 elaWOW SacredChickenNugget: HELL YEAH BROTHER KKona odduneven: shit he was so close bloodcaleb: CoolStoryBob AkiraJkr: RED wevie1: good song Clap ZuluVVarrior: TRUE LULW Romanzes: CruW Pyrhaa: CarlSmile Doully92: elaK Cheeseek: OMEGALUL Germy_ranch: elaK NNayio: forsenWC OMEGALUL R E FrankerZ_123: 5Head StarPogPlatinum: LULW karoshi06: Alcoholism PepeHands serralheir0: full Boomer now danO MilchiWay: LUL perry_1903: KKool GuitarTime Romanzes: ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla ElaPls PlsEla Sephirothang: drink more Kapp VentusNova_: RED monkaS NiceDoge42: Good running chat FeelsGoodMan ZuluVVarrior: KKool Clap sjuften_: KKool oh damn Jaargan: L OMEGALUL RE NNayio: KKool victor_maitland: the doc at goodsprings will cure that addiction AvalancheSeph: hangover the movie with ela Cheeseek: WutFace Romanzes: KKool xRouw: LUL VentusNova_: KKool Clap Jalmarkian: monkaW WVReaper: LORE Romanzes: KKool Clap Pyrhaa: KKool bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime retro_raiden: 🥃 elaWOW ZuluVVarrior: KKool GuitarTime insurrectionist89: LUL DRUGGIE SARGE Romanzes: KKool KKool Fullmetalcheese: LUL PG_13_Username: you are now a 3Head viola_mandshurica: KKool GuitarTime ZuluVVarrior: DansGame NNayio: D: Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime ZanRebel: @Elajjaz check stats for effects perry_1903: elaREE Aaron1294: DansGame Doully92: DansGame VentusNova_: DansGame HotFireZ: DansGame Neravor: DansGame vxl__: Sarge the addict LULW AkiraJkr: Yeah fuck him up delopterd: DansGame WTF NiceDoge42: D: Nazzet: DansGame FrankerZ_123: DansGame Pyrhaa: DansGame VentusNova_: YOU DONT SKIP DansGame Annonn140: gachiHYPER viola_mandshurica: FeelsBadMan VDSMF: billyReady Cheeseek: gachiBASS JonnyE80: DansGame WTF thePUNisher5: gachiBASS Nox15: DansGame Armored_Guy: story DansGame JackBraun: WutFace BruiseVein: whiskey withdrawal elaKek Hollow_void: DansGame WTF MAN serralheir0: danSgame idey1994: gachiHYPER Wendell8504: DansGame AvalancheSeph: elaD reflektioNCS: DansGame WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Llyfrgell: elaREE elaREE elaREE Monster5crak: armor 😡 Nostraz: DansGame ZuluVVarrior: 😡 King_Insane: suffering from withdrawl already elaKek greyfacenospace123: danSgame raider_unkindled: elaMad serralheir0: you don’t stop the music danSgame brot_ok: monkaS Neravor: monkaW maxk137: kill it flamuCQ Doully92: monkaH HotFireZ: monkaW sjuften_: monkaW 🔪 NNayio: monkaH perry_1903: monkaW NiceDoge42: D: we… we were listening to the music tho RingusSlaterfist: monkaW eliastheepicgamer: big knife NNayio: monkaH monkaH monkaH monkaH Cheeseek: 50 DansGame FrankerZ_123: 50 OMEGALUL KurtRustle91: 50 caps lul TheH3llraiser: Pog MyNameLacksImagination: Pog perry_1903: Chag BananaKen: POGGERS Pyrhaa: but wait ! brot_ok: Champ illuminatieyes_xd: POG FrankerZ_123: Pog AkiraJkr: 1000 Pog Meximus322: Pog MagicFrogs: PogChamp VDSMF: Chag Romanzes: CruW Turbulist: Champ sjuften_: Pog NiceDoge42: Pog ZuluVVarrior: Pog KaitoKidShadow: Pog SnarksterJr: 2 Sephirothang: PepeHands SacredChickenNugget: Pog ZuluVVarrior: 1 AlexAnderman1994: 50 OMEGALUL ekahS_hS: Chag Pog Clap JackBraun: Pog AkiraJkr: 2 retro_raiden: naroWOW mysweatyth1ghsss: Pog AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: Champ wevie1: Champ VentusNova_: 2 angryj0nes: and he whant to kill him LULW AkiraJkr: 2 2 2 2 crossxcut: xp FeelsGoodMan HotFireZ: 2 serusa94: 2 Slamzor: 1 idey1994: 2 brot_ok: 2 ZuluVVarrior: 111 AkiraJkr: NO 2 420bakin: 2 Monster5crak: 2 akmannen: do it then kill him 🙂 StarPogPlatinum: Don’t worry about XP Ela Turbulist: 2 Darth_Kredol: 2 Cheeseek: 2 EstusFox: 2 AkiraJkr: HE DESERVES 2 SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz theres another speech check later maxk137: 3 Keepo Monster5crak: 22 TheH3llraiser: 1 ZuluVVarrior: 1 Clap zplol_: 2 silver6ird: ROLEPLAY 😡 UltraWindow: what about roleplay? xx_bersark: 2 FrankerZ_123: XP FeelsGoodMan mlayers: 2 Res_Quant: 2 Turbulist: 22222 BananaKen: Tell him to “clean up” and then bonk rooBonk Halldan: Stab frank quinAngry Sphixie: 2 lochlan1414: 2 Invaderi: 2 kappapowpow: 2222222222 420bakin: RP mysweatyth1ghsss: 2 idey1994: 222222 dereft: 2 edoipi: 1 ニューハーフ: retro_raiden cutie cantaBaka ekahS_hS: do the XP wevie1: kill him AkiraJkr: ROLEPLAY Sgt_Blackjack: the lore! Rahlk: 2 Serulean_Cadence: RP Liransherman: 1 brot_ok: Fuck the xp take 2 elaMad AkiraJkr: KILL HIM Doyago: 2 illuminatieyes_xd: 1 swoglo: ROLEPLAY Tw1tOne: Roleplay accordingly! ZanRebel: 1 is polite 2 BulgeConnoisseur: RP Turbulist: 22222222222222222222 StarPogPlatinum: There’s lot of EXP in this game, too much HotFireZ: RP ShatterFingers: got with 1 then kill him WerewolfB: skill checks give good xp Cocok_Xecyca: 2 n4tk0: sarge wouldnt let an asshole like this go free @Elajjaz Malleus007: RP>XP NNayio: ROLEPLAYER DansGame idey1994: 222222222 Armored_Guy: uuh ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: 2 AkiraJkr: HE’S THE XP @Elajjaz BergDK81: No need to xp whore Liransherman: @Elajjaz 1 always go for checks ZuluVVarrior: forsenRP Sphixie: 2222 elzam: You will always have plenty of xp in NV so long as you’re doing stuff Llyfrgell: elaHmm Da_Flanker: The only thing that will be needing cleaning is this room after you blow his brains off StarPogPlatinum: 2 SnarksterJr: RP RP RP RP RP Gam3freak99: RP>XP FriedFlower: only 35 xp ToxxicWaffle: @Elajjaz sarge doesn’t know what xp is, follow the heart of sarge 420bakin: IMMERSION AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: REUNITE FAMILY FOR PROFIT M1ndFlow: RP Jyatt: stare him right in the eyes illuminatieyes_xd: YES BruiseVein: Ela’s name is Frank Weathers now? elaHmm LegendarySoulblade: elaHi zombie391: I N S A N E ShatterFingers: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fletley9: 2 MiIIiki: 1 is not too wrong odduneven: made up rp LULW Natan220: roleplay 😡 ZuluVVarrior: TRUE LULW LimmyLammyLlama: You just got 1000XP. You don’t need XP Ela akmannen: Yes 🙂 imagetr3: xp doesn’t matter, you level up to 50 quickly with the dlcs Retriuu: ROLEPLAY StarPogPlatinum: 22222 serusa94: 2 2 2 22 2 Jalmarkian: Yes LULW Annonn140: you already got a lot of xp anyway UltraWindow: 5Head Halldan: RP quinRage Meximus322: PepeLaugh retro_raiden: @glicin mendoPantsu Turbulist: only 35 xp NNayio: XP>RP POGGERS FrankerZ_123: TRUE PogU Liransherman: 1 kappapowpow: 22222222222 cyberneticz_: @rahlk All things political connections and policies he has enacted/promoted, it is pretty obvious. angryj0nes: D: KaitoKidShadow: D: Robb44566: 5Head Kazeith: 1, if 2 then what speech is foe? eriasuu: RP>XP King_Insane: @Elajjaz never worry about XP – quests will give you WAY WAY enough for anything bloodcaleb: PogU ZanRebel: 1 is a polite 2 !! Jalmarkian: 1=>BONK sjuften_: Chag RP AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: 😡 YOU LOST YOUR HAT ELA 😡 FrankerZ_123: SAVED PogU Rick_LVB: WE WANT THE RP 😡 Kazeith: for* Doully92: monkaS iggy1337: 3 ->profit ZuluVVarrior: PogU AkiraJkr: Pog perry_1903: Chag illuminatieyes_xd: POG Da_Flanker: 2 silver6ird: the plot thickens VentusNova_: PogU Liransherman: ONE NOW lloydbannings: Pog Tasarion: Chag marauder8799: 2 Pog bloodcaleb: OH SHIT PogU RingusSlaterfist: Pog sjuften_: Pog brot_ok: Pog idey1994: PogChamp Serulean_Cadence: PogChamp greyfacenospace123: Pog zplol_: Pog Aaron1294: KKona serusa94: 2 Sephirothang: Chag Sohei4649: Pog JackBraun: PogU NNayio: D: Darth_Kredol: Pog dzemroz: DESTROY HIM Armored_Guy: D: TheH3llraiser: Pog Bullsonparade_303: bad cop his ass atpLaw atpCop Chinese_BobaBean: Pog AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: 😡 GET YOUR HAT 😡 AkiraJkr: 2 mysweatyth1ghsss: 2 PogU ccslne: YELLA BELLY Motek: D: HotFireZ: 2 2 2 2 Cecilff2: Pog crossxcut: D: StarPogPlatinum: Pog Naniyo: elaD souldedeh: D: JonnyE80: D: bloodcaleb: lore friendly PogU Meximus322: Pog 420bakin: Chag GOTY raider_unkindled: D: delopterd: Pog DESTROY HIM Romanzes: CruW Clap xRouw: D: Clap KingMidas133: Pog serralheir0: danEvil perry_1903: PepeHands TJ_Mellow: Pog xdreigor: elaD Da_Flanker: Easy Glenshane: Pog FrankerZ_123: Pog raider_unkindled: PepeHands illuminatieyes_xd: D: LegendarySoulblade: PepeHands Pyrhaa: D: PepeHands Jaargan: Chag Robb44566: Get him! AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: nymnCorn theripperpepe: @jonnye80 @raider_unkindled ok thanks l have been trying the best option of using of p o Murder_Dog: PepeHands BananaKen: GASLIGHTING 😡 Romanzes: CruW STFU FRANK illuminatieyes_xd: PepeHands Doully92: FeelsBadMan MilchiWay: LUL Sphixie: SO?!?!? TwistedtheNether: PepeHands retro_raiden: mendoHands zplol_: PepeHands ZuluVVarrior: PepeHands JackBraun: FeelsBadMan Cecilff2: elaD delopterd: PepeHands Neravor: monkaW silver6ird: PepeHands nothing Romanzes: CruW SLAP HIM VentusNova_: D: RingusSlaterfist: monkaW Kgcool: PepeHands Melibar: monkaS illuminatieyes_xd: WTF DigitalZips: elaD ccslne: WTF Da_Flanker: Help him out by blowing his brains out WerewolfB: D: Deliriumi1: monkaTOS Annonn140: PepeHands BulgeConnoisseur: wtf PepeHands lloydbannings: D: Lord_Solaire: elaD ramranchboi: PepeHands TheH3llraiser: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: LUL marauder8799: FeelsBadMan Motek: D: WTF illuminatieyes_xd: WTF WTf TJ_Mellow: elaS Jyatt: F Monster5crak: SUDOKU monkaW Meximus322: LULW DigiLaw420: PepeHands Hevnoraak: PepeHands 420bakin: WTF Wiktor7219: elaD DigitalZips: duuuuuuuuude zplol_: SUDOKU DaniDuck: PepeHands xRouw: PepeHands Bxadd: PepeHands moonriise: monkaTOS mizoreeee: monkaW Doully92: monkaTOS ELA perry_1903: elaD wtf RantingDuck: monkaS ViveLaDissidence: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands BergDK81: nice Aaron1294: LULW eliastheepicgamer: monkaW ZuluVVarrior: PepeHands PepeHands AkiraJkr: ???????? FrankerZ_123: LULW MilchiWay: D: Bestorio: PepeHands IllFated2: ELAd Jaargan: Pog elzam: MONSTER ELA Cecilff2: PepeHands sjuften_: FeelsBadMan 🔫 Llyfrgell: PepeHands crossxcut: pwnd bloodcaleb: sudoku MingLee Da_Flanker: ??? RingusSlaterfist: LULW kefflah: elaD VDSMF: ???? Armored_Guy: PepeHands Romanzes: 3Head VentusNova_: ELA WTF D: insurrectionist89: D: Tasarion: D: ELA souldedeh: D: D: D: greyfacenospace123: PepeHands Cheeseek: WutFace BananaKen: monkaS Wendell8504: LULW Jyatt: ?? serralheir0: danWTF danCry danCry danCry StarPogPlatinum: LULW Pyrhaa: monkaTOS time DivineSpaghetti: LULW Rahlk: @cyberneticz_ oyoy S_Darji: monkaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeHands skomerko: LULW karoshi06: TRUE LULW Meximus322: elaKek Neravor: LULW WTF Murder_Dog: WHAT LULW Wiktor7219: WTF ELA Da_Flanker: WHAT Lemonsponge: LULW Nex02: LUL wololopriest: SUICIDE delopterd: WutFace HeavyRisk413: LOOOOL Germy_ranch: FeelsBadMan UltraWindow: monkaW MagicFrogs: LUL JackBraun: PepeHands Aaron1294: MALD Glenshane: LULW WerewolfB: BALDING LULW HotFireZ: sudoku LULW lloydbannings: ????????????? Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands marauder8799: LULW swoglo: bad karma OMEGALUL PhilRamirez: PepeHands IllFated2: elaD illuminatieyes_xd: HE DID SUDOKU TheZecaUrubu: BALD Lasosmaes: PepeHands Jalmarkian: monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS DaniDuck: he got bald? Sephirothang: LULW idey1994: WTF OMEGALUL maxk137: D: perry_1903: LULW Tattip: LUL KaitoKidShadow: monkaQ mizoreeee: ELA elaD mibutwhole: he became bald monkaS LegendarySoulblade: D: wevie1: 4Shrug InfernoTiger50: is he gonna kill himself LOL sleepywoof: damn bro Chinese_BobaBean: LULW Lagunaab: wtf KurtRustle91: Convinced to suicide OMEGALUL RattleMBones: D: thatpeaoverthere: OH NO StarPogPlatinum: monkaW ShatterFingers: THAT FACE ZuluVVarrior: LULW ekahS_hS: level up Pog Halldan: Stab Frank quinRage krezal: D: Chuami: monkaTOS angryj0nes: And he kill himself Darth_Kredol: Pog ramranchboi: LULW Doully92: monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA Natan220: what ? LUL LUL thugbois: LOL WTF LULW SacredChickenNugget: elaD ghostfreak: ???? sovietpie: GOOD SHIT ELA LULW cheeze____: OMEGADOWN mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeHands Meximus322: Talked him into suicide LULW lloydbannings: HE GOT BALD LULW Vanah: monkaW EstusFox: monkaS Murder_Dog: SO BALD LULW fredcari: LULW Annonn140: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL scribbleh: monkaW jj_mike: monkaW Armored_Guy: yes Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands silver6ird: MALD TheGoldenCobra: LULW eliastheepicgamer: monkaTOS MidgetDude110: WTF ELA LULW BruiseVein: HE GOT MALD LULW Fatamerikans: LULW dereft: sui 420bakin: OMEGALUL ELA DaniDuck: HE MALDED evilkatos: Wow Ela, just wow Tasarion: monkaTOS @Elajjaz JubJubWantRubRubs: GOOD JOB ELA LULW Redemption99: why rooWut xRouw: wtf reset 😡 KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you convinced him to commit suicide DSplMashG: malding Le_________________bowser: his head exploded BergDK81: did he explode? kefflah: wtf is wrong with him insurrectionist89: LUL LUL LUL MilchiWay: LOL ZuluVVarrior: OMEGLOL Retriuu: BECAME BALD Markeh04: monkaTOS Jalmarkian: HE BECAME MALD LULW Jyatt: you killed him leonkillsashley: You just talked him into blowing his brains out. ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: killed himself DigitalZips: MALD MagicFrogs: LUL LUL LUL AvalancheSeph: @Elajjaz monkaTOS you made him Suicicde BananaKen: rooWut mibutwhole: he became reckful LULW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: talked him bald UltraWindow: instant malding monkaW AkiraJkr: SO MALD VDSMF: i think he died HotFireZ: LOL ZuluVVarrior: MALD LULW ToxxicWaffle: SARGE IS A GOOD WHOLESOME COWBOY akmannen: He malded Da_Flanker: MALD Resonance86: Don’t worry he’s OK bloodcaleb: MALDING LULW Turbulist: LULW crashfort: LOL VentusNova_: HE WENT MALD LULW FrankerZ_123: he malded monkaW Meximus322: elaKek Maxamp: malding Neravor: SO MALD OMEGADOWN BulgeConnoisseur: Watch him do it PogChamp Cecilff2: MALD LULW SnarksterJr: MALD lloydbannings: INSTANT MALDING LULW Gam3freak99: TALKED HIM INTO SUICIDE InfernoTiger50: MALDING BruiseVein: MALD LOOOOL HeavyRisk413: LOLOLOLOL Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW KaitoKidShadow: he went mald xdreigor: MALD LULW raider_unkindled: so MALD LULW StarPogPlatinum: WTF LULW universetwisters: He just went bald no? Serulean_Cadence: Depression Annonn140: HE MALDED Lemonsponge: LUL ZanRebel: stress LUL TheZecaUrubu: MALDNESS STRIKES Hollow_void: HE WENT MALD LULW Deus_Ex_Nihilis: GG Ela , you skalped him CompatiKaiser: MALDING OMEGALUL odduneven: ACTUALLY MALD LULW LegendarySoulblade: SO MALD alexowhy: OMEGALUL Jaargan: SEPPUKU elaKek OptimisticKnowledge: HE MALDED LULW Pyrhaa: he balded instantly OMEGALUL KurtRustle91: MALDED BananaKen: Levle up though 🙂 Darth_Kredol: MALD OMEGADOWN RingusSlaterfist: MALD Wiktor7219: you made him kill himself idey1994: HE MALDED PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: ACTUALLY MALD xRouw: wtf reset 😡 wtf reset 😡 wtf reset 😡 wtf reset 😡 Liransherman: 75 G U N Z KKona WerewolfB: he bought jump king PepeLaugh BulgeConnoisseur: VISIBLE MALDING LULW aaron_lv100: SPEECH AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: MALDING IRL monkaW ViveLaDissidence: THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BECOME MALD monkaW swoglo: imagine being MALD Turbulist: MALDING LULW MALDING LULW MALDING LULW MALDING LULW MALDING LULW MALDING LULW MALDING LULW MALDING LULW MALDING LULW iggy1337: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Da_Flanker: LULW Deliriumi1: You made him off himself PepeHands Wayn_: LUL LUL xx_bersark: @Elajjaz add sneak Monster5crak: lock Jalmarkian: MALDING HAS INFECTED FALLOUT NEW VEGAS LULW BruiseVein: CLIP THJIS sovietpie: TALKED HIM TO SUICIDE LULW Seilrach: The origins of MOONMOON_OW cheeze____: INSTANT MALDING monkaW Wendell8504: MALDED LULW ZuluVVarrior: forsenKek VISIBLY MALD insurrectionist89: SO STRESSED HE MALDING ON THE SPOT Le_________________bowser: Contagious maldness monkaS TheXearo: i’m dead omg elaKek DaniDuck: INSTA MALD Lagunaab: extreme sadness causes balding Fullmetalcheese: cohhN AkiraJkr: MALD Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL LUL Darth_Kredol: MELEE 50 Winku: survival! SnarksterJr: MADE HIM MALD LULW Melibar: 100 speech Pog bloodcaleb: sneak ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper BruiseVein: THIRD DEGREE MALD StarPogPlatinum: Nooo it’s game breaking EstusFox: 75 is a threshhold Shrimpess: elaWeird mysweatyth1ghsss: Science Arctic_Junk: SNEAK ISN’T RP! iggy1337: MALDING is real OMEGALUL ViveLaDissidence: Survival never PepeHands brot_ok: Meele 50 🙂 Liransherman: 75 KurtRustle91: sneak is ez mode lloydbannings: UNARMED gachiHYPER cyberneticz_: @seilrach LULW UltraWindow: isnt it a bit late to spec for sneak? swoglo: imagine being a MOLD MALD LegendarySoulblade: elaK ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: sneak kefflah: so good speech you made him mald elaKek Jorstad: repair gets to be super useful in hard core gggcccA7X: wow u throw so many explosives with 15… FrankerZ_123: 100 speech WerewolfB: you wanted to get survival once you remember? AkiraJkr: IMAGINE BEING SO MALD LULW Basas_: Melee 50 VentusNova_: Medicine or Survival Armored_Guy: melee BananaKen: @Elajjaz go for more options, so science, repair, barter etc Arctic_Junk: Survival is RP MyNameLacksImagination: repair? pcallow: sneak King_Insane: yet elaKek TheH3llraiser: medicine for decent heals? Annonn140: 100 lockpicking is good MilchiWay: meele serralheir0: lock pick silver6ird: hell yeah KKona ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: more guns Doully92: KKona ZuluVVarrior: KKona DO IT lochlan1414: 75 Annonn140: KKona Clap StarPogPlatinum: Barter or survival for RP danMAD illuminatieyes_xd: LOCKPICK idey1994: KKona Clap xRouw: KKona splitting_: @Elajjaz melee 50? akmannen: repair Lagunaab: every level you mention survival but you don’t level it LULW bloodcaleb: KKona Clap lloydbannings: explosives since you spam throw dynamite LULW ekahS_hS: do guns SaDiablo: barter? BergDK81: medicine Irocam: goodnight fancy lads pepeL Loruc: Melee Le_________________bowser: KKona 5Head Da_Flanker: KKona Can’t go wrong with more guns leonkillsashley: @Elajjaz Don’t forget that perks are tied to skills. Gadnack: Worlds not ready for SALD marauder8799: 5Head science bloodcaleb: FAKE SCIENCE KKona Clap MiIIiki: go unarmed 😡 AkiraJkr: EXPLOSIVES ninjasonthemoon: 80 guns dood fuck it @Elajjaz RingusSlaterfist: 90 lockpick so you can open Very Hard with magazine Sayce: Melee 50? AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: KKona GUNS AND SCIENCE KKona Wendell8504: 5Head Clap An_Illusionist: RP>necessity Arctic_Junk: More survival elzam: Always repair until you can fix anything with almost anything else. MilchiWay: meele 50 WrestlerBot2000: “Alright, lady, i’m gonna need you to fuck me” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 102 https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicAssiduousBeeDxAbomb Le_________________bowser: Gun Science KKona 5Head MilchiWay: LUL FrankerZ_123: 100 lockpick is good UltraWindow: explosives? Da_Flanker: KKona Science is for nerds fredcari: @Elajjaz Sneak does make you unlock new sneak perks though bloodcaleb: Le_________________bowser 5Head BananaKen: @RingusSlaterfist he has the perk that doubles magazine bonus AkiraJkr: VapeNation ZuluVVarrior: KKona HYPERCLAP Shmoop1: KKona Clap Clap2 5Head HeavyRisk413: LOL Aaron1294: LULW Da_Flanker: monkaW ZuluVVarrior: D: VentusNova_: D: perry_1903: LOL RingusSlaterfist: LULW brot_ok: LULW FrankerZ_123: LOL MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Tasarion: monkaW BulgeConnoisseur: D: Doully92: WTF monkaW xdreigor: monkaW mizoreeee: LULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN HAHAHAHAHA marauder8799: LULW Neravor: OMEGADOWN Cheeseek: WutFace lloydbannings: LULW Armored_Guy: ? LULW greyfacenospace123: danO Retriuu: LUL AkiraJkr: LITERALLY MALD MagicFrogs: LUL Turbulist: monkaW Hevnoraak: LUL mysweatyth1ghsss: LUL angryj0nes: LULW Loruc: LUL MidgetDude110: LULW Liransherman: you m onster Jyatt: oh ZuluVVarrior: PepeHands Shrimpess: D: atomicdestruction: monkaW HotFireZ: WTF KaitoKidShadow: monkaW Annonn140: LULW mibutwhole: WHAT LULW illuminatieyes_xd: NWTF Meximus322: LULW donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: LULW delopterd: WutFace Lasosmaes: D: StarPogPlatinum: LULW carlitoB: LOL JackBraun: elaD achieina: goodnight serralheir0: danD kefflah: elaD Chinese_BobaBean: OMEGALUL zplol_: OMEGALUL idey1994: D: InfernoTiger50: OMEGADOWN TheXearo: ahahahahahah cheeze____: LMFAO Doyago: LMAO WTF Jaargan: elaKek TheH3llraiser: monkaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Final_zebraman: HOW? wololopriest: ResidentSleeper I like survival ResidentSleeper I need medicine ResidentSleeper Science deffinently ResidentSleeper Sneak is pretty cool ResidentSleeper I’ll just go guns ResidentSleeper ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: wot S_Darji: he killed himself LULW Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands te55ura: monkaTOS illuminatieyes_xd: YOU KILLED HIM LUL xRouw: wtf reset 😡 wtf reset 😡 wtf reset 😡 wtf reset 😡 Succmeister1337: LULW Pyrhaa: WTF Jdam_: LULW ToneBacas: wow leonkillsashley: @Elajjaz You talked him into killing himself. Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz BULLY elaB ekahS_hS: what happened? AkiraJkr: WHAT HAPPENED LULW VDSMF: PepeHands MADE HIM KILL HIMSELF Liransherman: monster elaS BananaKen: monkaTOS Tyrrant25: LUL ZuluVVarrior: LULW mistakencasual: nice KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you told him to kill himself BergDK81: how tho? akmannen: Frank exploded Sayce: Good ending FeelsAmazingMan serralheir0: trkBoom VentusNova_: You made him kill himself D: OzyBoom: ? Annonn140: OMEGALUL Doully92: monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA monkaTOS ELA swoglo: SUDOKU Lemonsponge: LULW ViveLaDissidence: MALDED TO DEATH monkaW BruiseVein: he shot himself rica235: RESET vihainenkampela: PepeHands suicide 420bakin: LULW Tasarion: @Elajjaz YOU DID THIS monkaTOS achieina: he wont be waking up again Meximus322: fucking killed himself LULW abodimized: explosives is a good one late game Turbulist: LULW WENT MALD LULW WENT MALD LULW WENT MALD LULW WENT MALD LULW WENT MALD LULW WENT MALD CornyPoop: OMFG TheXearo: i’m so dead greyfacenospace123: he shot himself Jyatt: you are sick WerewolfB: you did this 🙂 ZuluVVarrior: HE OFFED HIMSELF PepeHands Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP wevie1: elaD fredcari: What have you done D: JackBraun: rooBooli gggcccA7X: didnt tell him to clean up FeelsBadMan sovietpie: GOOD GUY ELA LULW angryj0nes: I say it he kill HIMSELF PepeHands KurtRustle91: @AkiraJkr Ela convinced him to suicide Arctic_Junk: You made him kill himself Ela, do you feel good now? illethor221: LOL WUT Xerenix: @Elajjaz You made him kill himself elaMad odduneven: DIED FROM MALDNESS LULW Night_Undead: You convinced him to commit SUICIDE! Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Murder_Dog: PepeHands KURT COBAINE idey1994: HE SHOT HIMSELF PepeHands ZanRebel: @Elajjaz YOU PROUD YET ?? imagetr3: He shot himself without a gun somehow. kefflah: worth the wait elaKek Jaargan: HE DIED OF MALDNESS elaKek elaKek insurrectionist89: monkaTOS Resonance86: You’ve got blood on your hands Serulean_Cadence: He blew his head with the shotgun mocaffe: I checket if there was an airplane above me 8goci: F brot_ok: TOO MALD LULW NL7_: lol why did that happen? AkiraJkr: MALDED TO DEATH LULW UltraWindow: malding is a deadly disease monkaW donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: so bald he exploded StarPogPlatinum: You make him kill himself LULW Wuxia: monkaTOS Da_Flanker: Critical maldness KaitoKidShadow: he exploded his head to death iggy1337: PepeHands eriasuu: way to talk a guy off a cliff LULW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeHands you convinced him InfernoTiger50: actually convinced him to commit suicide LOL ariashadow: I need to watch that again wtf SnarksterJr: that outfit is super RP Jalmarkian: SNUS OVERDOSE LULW sipCider: Goodbye Frank Cecilff2: He killed himself because of you 🙂 VentusNova_: LOOTING HIM D: DaniDuck: he went mald Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP MALDNESS KILLED HIM Shrimpess: elaK EstusFox: Strip him akmannen: He played jump king for 20 hours and exploded ZuluVVarrior: DIED OF MALD LULW cheeze____: that was fucking insane man OMEGADOWN King_Insane: man if suicide were that quick, we’d have a lot less depressed people in the world S_Darji: END STAGE MALD PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Fearswe: @Elajjaz Is that lore friendly? Talking a dude into killing himself? MonsteroidGaming: wtf you made him kill himself PG_13_Username: YOU KILLED HIM Neravor: @Da_Flanker OMEGADOWN raider_unkindled: FeelsGoodMan perry_1903: PepeHands Earlycrowd: me irl PepeHands Naniyo: PepeHands Doyago: ” I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR” * EXPLODES HEAD BY WILL LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you literally told him to LULW xRouw: you killed him 😡 TwistedtheNether: PepeHands RIP Turbulist: MALDED TO DEATH LULW MALDED TO DEATH LULW MALDED TO DEATH LULW MALDED TO DEATH LULW MALDED TO DEATH LULW AkiraJkr: DEAD OF MALD LULW wololopriest: ResidentSleeper I like survival ResidentSleeper I need medicine ResidentSleeper Science deffinently ResidentSleeper Sneak is pretty cool ResidentSleeper I’ll just go guns ResidentSleeper serralheir0: chat stop I can’t anymore danKEK Meximus322: LULW bloodcaleb: roleplay friendly PogU illuminatieyes_xd: LOL silver6ird: god i wish that was me fatherfestivus: @elajjaz you blew his mind 5Head swoglo: people around giving 0 fucks JaynisK: monkaTOS Aaron1294: Kapp sailhatan23: and noone in the room gave a fuck TheZecaUrubu: ela spreading MALDNESS PepeHands Bxadd: D: BruiseVein: malded so hard, his hair went inwards and blew his head out gggcccA7X: arent u gna clean that up DansGamer OscarVBender: Geeeee i wonder why LUL ZuluVVarrior: MALDED TO DEATH LULW sovietpie: you helped ela PepeHands volkeeh: MALDED OMEGALUL ChaosLike: sarge would never do that AvalancheSeph: @Elajjaz you have the knife in hand above his corpse looks like you killed him elaK Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP MALDNESS FINALLY GOT HIM gggcccA7X: DansGame AkiraJkr: MALDED TO DEATH LULW JaynisK: @Elajjaz LOGAN PAUL ekahS_hS: well that escalated quickly Le_________________bowser: slept through a shotgun blast 2 feet away LULW akmannen: Anyways time chat pepehands kingbradley24: @silver6ird no sumE StarPogPlatinum: This game is just too good LULW Fletley9: wait did that mission give karma? BananaKen: pepeUff Cheeseek: Well atleast he had a balls to do that DansGame ZanRebel: wtf is MALD ?? idey1994: @bruisevein OMEGALUL Kazeith: @fletley9 negative crashfort: 🦀 fitzgenius: @Elajjaz yoyoyo silver6ird: @kingbradley24 elaHYUG raider_unkindled: Anyways soon chat PepeHands WerewolfB: PepeLaugh Turbulist: Cheeseek Ikr PepeHands Markeh04: Bunny hopping tidesBunny swoglo: yes, bad karma serralheir0: I’m reinstalling this right now An_Illusionist: @zanrebel You’re mald:) kingbradley24: @silver6ird elaH Shrimpess: is MALD=mad + bald? cheeze____: his 5Head was too strong it just exploded monkaW sailhatan23: he deserved to die hobbCray AkiraJkr: yes @Shrimpess Shmoop1: tfw new frogs mald about not knowing what mald is PepeLaugh Kazeith: @elajjaz it gives you bad karma Pyrhaa: yes brot_ok: elaK Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Doully92: monkaTOS illuminatieyes_xd: YES YOU DID LUL Meximus322: LULW ZuluVVarrior: LULW illethor221: LMAO InfernoTiger50: ???? Neravor: elaK TJ_Mellow: elaKek rica235: elaK Tasarion: elaK xRouw: Kapp BananaKen: PepeLaugh Aaron1294: Kapp Annonn140: LULW Cheeseek: LULW thatpeaoverthere: YOU DID Fearswe: Well yes PhilRamirez: LULW BulgeConnoisseur: Thats literally what you said Turbulist: LULW HotFireZ: Kapp bloodcaleb: CoolStoryBob AkiraJkr: CoolStoryBob atomicdestruction: elaK idey1994: OMEGALUL ccslne: LULW Wuxia: @ZanRebel mad and bald AvalancheSeph: ?? raider_unkindled: elaK eliastheepicgamer: Kapp King_Insane: elaKek TheGoldenCobra: LULW ZuluVVarrior: Kapp GerzyCZ: D: Da_Flanker: LULW Fletley9: ehh bad karma Chinese_BobaBean: LULW delopterd: okay dude LULW Darth_Kredol: Literally the same elaK illuminatieyes_xd: ITS THE SAME THING LUL Liransherman: u literally told him to kill himself elaKek Sliphe: dehydration and sleep deprivation Xerenix: elaK KingMidas133: LULW JouniKari: @Shrimpess also mad because bald etc Sephirothang: Kapp Cecilff2: elaK AvalancheSeph: elaK ??? KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz thats literally the same thing greyfacenospace123: same thing danO shikifujin16: Which will lead you to suicide Jaargan: @zanrebel he lacks the information elaKek he’s mald elaKek Nostraz: Kapp Shrimpess: TOO REAL PepeHands ariashadow: is there? GOLDSOULTHEORY: LUL wandering_pleb: elaK ekahS_hS: Forsen levels of malding cheeze____: hmmm Fullmetalcheese: LUL Wendell8504: LULW EstusFox: Good end xRouw: elaK swoglo: missing the MALD jokes Rhynin: Well yes, but no Markeh04: Kapp wagnus: @Elajjaz “i didn’t kill him, I just assisted suicide” MilchiWay: LUL VDSMF: well yes, but actually no angryj0nes: SOOO diferent LULW Darth_Kredol: elaK ok shikifujin16: LUL reflektioNCS: sure LULW rica235: Literally no difference elaK NotMaloony: @Elajjaz youre on mighty thin ice here Hollow_void: LULW ARE YOU ACTUALLY PEPO? LULW link917: kys UltraWindow: it was for the RP PepeHands Amalthazad: Well actually there is Fearswe: You convinced him he has no reason left to live @Elajjaz How’s that *not* telling him to kill himself? shameimarusen: Chaotic Evil swoglo: mald is love, mald is life Amalthazad: Chat elaWeird ZanRebel: @Wuxia thank you VentusNova_: pepeJAM Fullmetalcheese: Kappa RandonLoLPlayer: elaOk Markeh04: Well yes, but actually no AkiraJkr: FeelsPepoMan xx_bersark: @Elajjaz have you found the gun runner shop? RealLifeTsundere: spiritually the same thing LUL crashfort: scorpies PunOko atpLaw2 BananaKen: jesus ED-E gives no shits ZuluVVarrior: I GOT THIS MrDestructoid forsenGun GerzyCZ: MALDING MORE THAN forsenE sailhatan23: mmm time to make steaks An_Illusionist: You literally told him to do it kaibapunk: i dont understand why this lame dude has so many viewers angryj0nes: ED always carring Kazeith: @elajjaz that outcome gives you bad karma, but i don’t think Sarge would mind LULW WerewolfB: D: retro_raiden: celrFufu elaGun elaWeird idey1994: ED-E carrying as usual Pog UltraWindow: kaibapunk me neither WeirdChamp Shrimpess: It’s me 🙂 ZanRebel: @Jaargan yes i am mald when i got autistic replies like that Kappa TheXearo: its like when a girl say “i’m not lying, jusst not telling the truth” LULW AkiraJkr: Maybe you can do the SOUTH DLC next stream @Elajjaz 8Subinfi: @Elajjaz i realy liked the darker nights mod in FANW, you should look into it intrested Wuxia: me neither nepSmug Amalthazad: @kaibapunk same here FeelsWeirdMan serralheir0: @kaibapunk says the lame viewer danKEK illuminatieyes_xd: @kaibapunk i know LUL Kappa Pyrhaa: they ar erocks ela CarlSmile raider_unkindled: monkaW Sgt_Blackjack: @UltraWindow CoolStoryBob AvalancheSeph: elaD fitzgenius: @kaibapunk still watching though aint ya UltraWindow: Sgt_Blackjack ela13 rica235: elaD King_Insane: chat, he just wants attention AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: AvalancheSeph: Poor Scorpio PepeHands Jaargan: @zanrebel so bald elaKek so mald elaKek Markeh04: @kaibapunk it’s ok if you want attention, i’m ere for you pepeL SQGamer: UltraWindow imagine subbing to this lame dude elaWeird ZuluVVarrior: chat gettin Jebaited palffy187: hobbHi BananaKen: @Elajjaz find new vegas then PepeLaugh UltraWindow: SQGamer i know right elaWeird BruiseVein: @AYAYAClapAYAYAClap AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap serralheir0: @kaibapunk more mald than Frank danKEK illethor221: @Elajjaz Is that just a normal lever action rifle? AkiraJkr: Visiting the same houses LULW Amalthazad: elaKek xdreigor: Any chance to play Skyrim after this? Pog retro_raiden: elaMad forsenKnife 🍅 illethor221: ooooo Monster5crak: abraxo Chag GerzyCZ: He got you Jebaited AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: @BruiseVein nepSmug raider_unkindled: shotty gun elaGa VentusNova_: yup illuminatieyes_xd: why is he in nipton again LUL BergDK81: no 12 gauge yet? Turbulist: LULW Annonn140: monkaW raider_unkindled: PogU Arctic_Junk: Kill them for Amalthazad: What’s my name displayed as chat? Amalthazad? angryj0nes: Wait Ela still not get to New Vegas yet? greyfacenospace123: ouch rica235: @Elajjaz Punch the tree to get some wood! Pog brot_ok: W OMEGADOWN W Cheeseek: monkaS Shrimpess: W OMEGALUL W Sayce: wow. ZuluVVarrior: W OMEGALUL W sailhatan23: its jesus hobbWow idey1994: kill them FeelsGoodMan Lagunaab: they chillin aight Pyrhaa: Powder rangers BTRNDL: Boxcars Kreygasm Turbulist: W OMEGALUL W VentusNova_: D: ZuluVVarrior: D: F Da_Flanker: LULW gold_dante: D: ViveLaDissidence: They’re suffering kill them PepeHands greyfacenospace123: danD Shrimpess: D: Naniyo: elaD illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Cheeseek: LULW Pyrhaa: D: Flashforward: OMEGALUL Nazzet: D: vihainenkampela: this guy LULW PhilRamirez: D: AkiraJkr: ?????? LULW Siempresemeolvida: Did he visited novac? BTRNDL: ahaha I fucking love this dude retro_raiden: elaD illuminatieyes_xd: LUL W xRouw: TriHard Meximus322: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL BananaKen: OMEGALUL dapsoul: D: Baru_: cmonBruh serralheir0: danKEK Annonn140: LULW HotFireZ: D: TheH3llraiser: LULW InfernoTiger50: D: crashfort: D: Wendell8504: LULW JackBraun: elaD Doully92: monkaH xdreigor: elaD Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Cecilff2: LULW mouthyfob: D: WerewolfB: LULW dan_sai: cmonBruh brot_ok: LULW bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN raider_unkindled: shieeet illuminatieyes_xd: D: Turbulist: PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Chiliad9k: LULW Lagunaab: yo language dude cmonBruh Sephirothang: elaD StarPogPlatinum: LULW Retriuu: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh Motek: D: reflektioNCS: LULW zuryci: lol Baru_: LOL Pyrhaa: LULW ToxxicWaffle: grim reaper xRouw: TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard ??????? retro_raiden: kill him elaB Wayn_: LUL souldedeh: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: Turbulist: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL xdreigor: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: spank his ass DansGame djinn_94: monkaW greyfacenospace123: cmonBruh Neravor: FUCK Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL Nostraz: @Elajjaz LUL KaitoKidShadow: D: atomicdestruction: LULW Sohei4649: LULW Shrimpess: LULW BulgeConnoisseur: PogChamp THIS GAME IS SO GOOD BruiseVein: kill another dude LULW Boomdedz: STOP SAYING FUCK D: mibutwhole: but that’d be a waste Tasarion: more suicide monkaTOS Baru_: cmonBruh maxk137: flamuWUT crashfort: @retro_raiden D: Nazzet: D: 🖕 Fearswe: https://clips.twitch.tv/FrozenFamousTaroAMPEnergy Wendell8504: OMEGADOWN SacredChickenNugget: LULW xRouw: cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? cmonBruh ? elzam: It would mean you killed them Da_Flanker: You killed his friends at Goodsprings VoidTracks: yeah you fucking killed them BergDK81: He is a powderganger KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz what? He called you their killer VentusNova_: He means that you killed them all UltraWindow: grim reaper of the powder gangers ela WeirdChamp Doully92: PepeHands WerewolfB: it’s because you killed all of them retro_raiden: kill him!!! elaB lloydbannings: Grim Reaper as in you’re slaughtering them dzemroz: he means you butcher them PhilRamirez: LULW VDSMF: because you killed the mall illuminatieyes_xd: SMASH HIM MilchiWay: D: fitzgenius: dont do crack ZuluVVarrior: LULW Doully92: D: Shrimpess: D: Boomdedz: D: ocirne23: rooD thePUNisher5: elaD IceLikesRice: Cuz you got bad rep with powder gangers no? Pyrhaa: LUL sjuften_: D: HotFireZ: Kill him Nazzet: D: BananaKen: LMAO AvalancheSeph: elaD xRouw: D: Clap raider_unkindled: cmonBruh what chu mean not friends with him? akmannen: This person aint nice Fatamerikans: fuck this guy angryj0nes: KILL HIM mibutwhole: end his suffering ela Jaargan: elaD brot_ok: More “Suicide” PepeLaugh Annonn140: KILL HIM D: HellWhiskers: https://clips.twitch.tv/FrozenFamousTaroAMPEnergy Lagunaab: punch him in the guts he’s an ass cmonBruh sailhatan23: kill him! hobbCray greyfacenospace123: kill him Amalthazad: KILL HIM elaThirst Myowa_: kill him zplol_: give him 15 med-x’s Wendell8504: LULW King_Insane: @Elajjaz he called you “grim reaper” of his gang meaning – you slaughtered them all – john wick style BTRNDL: he is the fucking best serralheir0: ohh I will let you sleep danEvil Chiliad9k: man i wish Obsidian still made Fallout FeelsWeirdMan Fearswe: https://clips.twitch.tv/FrozenFamousTaroAMPEnergy Toxic streamer convinces man to commit suicide and proceeds to loot his corpse. Doully92: elaGa StarPogPlatinum: Well, you kinda killed them LULW souldedeh: kill him D: D: D: VDSMF: bye illuminatieyes_xd: WHY LUL BergDK81: That is what he said abysswatches: Dont forget to shoot in head before taking down from cross! KappaClaus Nanashi_Sakamoto: SHINIGAMI AYAYA DigiLaw420: LULW Annonn140: LULW VentusNova_: His legs are fucked Cheeseek: LULW ZuluVVarrior: put him out of his misery Turbulist: KILL HIM elaMad Shrimpess: no legs PepeHands Glenshane: LULW OptimisticKnowledge: LULW BananaKen: Give him robot legs 🙂 KurtRustle91: He cant walk WerewolfB: @Fearswe toxic LAME streamer PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: he said that because u killed many gangers JaynisK: He can follow you in a wheelchair. Da_Flanker: You’d need to get a wheelchair for him akmannen: Get him so wheels djinn_94: With what, ela KKona Sphixie: HE CANT WALK LUL Fentu: @Elajjaz Hes suffering. help him UltraWindow: i also want him as a companion LULW sailhatan23: hed have to crawl everywhere NotMaloony: his legs seem fine SQGamer: Fearswe gotta work on those titles elaWeird Shrimpess: PepeLaugh fitzgenius: punch him Annonn140: put him out of his misery PepeHands ToxxicWaffle: get him a wheelchair ocirne23: punch him and see if he can walk rooVV mizoreeee: YOU COULD CARRIE HIM cbrCarry LULW TheXearo: wheelchair companion LULW Lagunaab: just strap him on top of EDE PhilRamirez: @Elajjaz u can get him robotic legs ekahS_hS: a companion that doesn’t walk bloodcaleb: ♿ VentusNova_: monkaTOS InternetVillainSuperstar: Ask him what he has left to live for maybe ZuluVVarrior: JUST WALK 4HEad NoeightSemEclipse: you would new a weelchair BananaKen: @Elajjaz I think the mailboxes here have magazines BruiseVein: clip titles longer than three words elaWeird UltraWindow: try agro him PepeLaugh modegrim: his legs seemed fine when i tried to kill him though sailhatan23: mod new legs for him victor_maitland: doesnt nipton town hall have a very hard locked room Enbriom: Wheelchair companion LULW Fearswe: @SQGamer And you got to work on your face elaWeird illuminatieyes_xd: play some big iron Robb44566: @InternetVillainSuperstar LUL mocaffe: the three eyed raven Rick_LVB: no legs no chocolate FeelsBadMan Wait… BananaKen: OMEGALUL TheXearo: doesn’t walk=doesn’t work PepeHands Shrimpess: @TheXearo LULW nice karoshi06: lewded AYAYA beefhampork: you can hold tab for a light source brot_ok: !gameplan DarkaninjaXD: DarkaninjaXD subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 23 months! WrestlerBot2000: ♿ ELAS GAMEPLAN COMING THROUGH ♿ WrestlerBot2000: @darkaninjaxd After 23 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM cyberneticz_: The voice acting in this game is absolutely extraordinary to say the least. I’m really impressed with a lot of random characters. King_Insane: mizoree if he carries the guy think about ed-e – poor robot has to carry 2 ppl then AkiraJkr: You probs can do DLC next stream @Elajjaz Goodluckmode: What happen to Boone? AkiraJkr: the south one ruter23: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. odduneven: PepeLaugh one of the houses SQGamer: Fearswe just send me a picture of yours and i know what to avoid elaWeird brot_ok: LULW BananaKen: The only correct way to explore is this way 🙂 Fearswe: @SQGamer It’s my avatar on Discord TheXearo: You’ve been anywhere except New vegas by now elaKek lloydbannings: still so much to explore Kreygasm angryj0nes: 10K hours never get to New Vegas PepeHands AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW LULW Da_Flanker: Nothing but exploring and messing around here PepeLaugh sailhatan23: do u plan to 1v1 fist fight a death claw? NNayio: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: 500 hour playthrough PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: Get ready chat PepeLaugh 8Subinfi: @Elajjaz how abaut Project Nevada mod? NNayio: Don’t tell him. PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: u can take on quesadillas now right ? LULW kingbradley24: @Elajjaz I got Hollow Knight on the steam summer sale event, what an amazing game Kreygasm NNayio: monkaX SaDiablo: LUL weontheultralightbeam: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW KingMidas133: PepeLaugh marauder8799: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaH serralheir0: you saw 10% of the game then danSmile PrayForMyBoyHarambe: No music pepega Luxorion: monkaW TheH3llraiser: monkaW greyfacenospace123: monkaW Nazzet: monkaGun BananaKen: monkaH NNayio: monkaH Da_Flanker: Action Darth_Kredol: monkaH swoglo: monkaW vihainenkampela: monkaSHAKE HotFireZ: monkaGun maxk137: flamuDAKKA Mets9: I love new vegas NNayio: DON’T SHOOT! monkaH Doully92: monkaH Siempresemeolvida: Go to novac! Darth_Kredol: monkaH dont shoot Pyrhaa: monkaH Wuxia: monkaH Markeh04: tidesGunny SQGamer: Fearswe too much work luaSip JackBraun: monkaH illuminatieyes_xd: wait isnt the blind death claw here LUL SacredChickenNugget: Thats a lot of elaMad NoeightSemEclipse: i only got into new vegas with 20 hours AlexAnderman1994: monkaH NNayio: monkaGun fitzgenius: quicksave means bad news inc Shrimpess: pepeJAM Oundret: Oundret subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 31 months, currently on a 30 month streak! elaHi WrestlerBot2000: @oundret After 30 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM AkiraJkr: I use Project Nevada, but I just set the mod to work like Vanilla game Luxorion: monkaGun monkaH NNayio: I AM SHOOTING YOU CHAT monkaGun Darth_Kredol: Pog zWettah: D: NNayio: Champ Sephirothang: elaD sailhatan23: daaam SeeBaer: LUL AkiraJkr: I don’t like most of the PRoject Nevada changes, just the additions HotFireZ: WutFace Annonn140: Pog sjuften_: Champ illuminatieyes_xd: LUL MagicFrogs: PogChamp VentusNova_: Chag Darth_Kredol: Chag Da_Flanker: Champ Cheeseek: Pog Turbulist: LULW bajramgg4: Pog angryj0nes: LULW NNayio: Chag TheH3llraiser: lulw lloydbannings: Pog JonnyE80: sodaD elzam: Mysterious Stranger! greyfacenospace123: Pog Pyrhaa: PogU Jyatt: HE HERE Pog Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: ela12 elaGun PIKAvit2012: F MainMercLobo: its ya boy John Wick S_Darji: Champ AkiraJkr: Pog UltraWindow: LAKKI Natan220: Pog Darth_Kredol: elaEZ Romanzes: Hoes mad KKool NNayio: D: Doully92: LULW ViveLaDissidence: CARRIED PepeLaugh VentusNova_: LAKKI AYAYA BananaKen: ED-E is scaring me chat HeavyRisk413: HOES MAD lloydbannings: KEANU Pog Shrimpess: LULW misterincognito: elaHAA Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: The hagdolls in this game are 10/10 LULW sailhatan23: u guys must have something against foreheads AkiraJkr: KEANU KurtRustle91: 1 kill for each raider_unkindled: ??? Zekretiel: is Boone dead @Elajjaz akmannen: the stranger is trenchcoat wearing mfer King_Insane: and thats all your luck spent for the next 35 years elaKek AkiraJkr: 5Head Shmoop1: @Elajjaz did you finish the Novac questline yet? it was my favourite Jaargan: @elajjaz you gonna play modded skyrim after this? Kapp Lagunaab: @Zekretiel no he’s back in novac Zekretiel: Thank you AkiraJkr: he did @Shmoop1 palffy187: what gun is that? retro_raiden: elaFeels rooCry VentusNova_: Boone is bokers AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh get ready chat he’s unaware weskraudaon: that gun Da_Flanker: Poor Boone, left sulking at Novac VentusNova_: PepeHands UltraWindow: palffy187 its that gun 🙂 NNayio: PepeHands Darth_Kredol: PepeHands TyrantZedd: PepeHands Sephirothang: PepeHands NotMaloony: are there any other good rpg shooters/shooter rpgs that arent fallout or borderlands? Doully92: PepeHands brot_ok: PepeHands Cecilff2: PepeHands Annonn140: PepeHands Lagunaab: @palffy187 That gun Tasarion: PepeHands marauder8799: PepeHands Shrimpess: PepeHands TwistedtheNether: PepeHands Anyways PhilRamirez: PepeHands bajramgg4: anyways PepeHands lloydbannings: PepeHands Jdam_: PepeHands zplol_: PepeHands Nazzet: Anyways PepeHands Jaargan: PepeHands crashfort: PunOko 12 hour stream WrestlerBot2000: 11x PepeHands double digit combo Pog Wuxia: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: PepeHands ViveLaDissidence: PepeHands BananaKen: PepeHands BTRNDL: anyways PepeHands SacredChickenNugget: PepeHands KurtRustle91: Yeah enemies dont even make it close to Boone because he has a very powerful sniper rifle and perfect accuracy serralheir0: danCry cyberneticz_: @thexearo Let him go by his own pace FrankerZ_123: LULW ZuluVVarrior: PepeHands HotFireZ: PepeHands Shmoop1: PepeLaugh Pyrhaa: Boone is crying Ela PepeHands Hardmstizlov: Uh . I went to play destiny when you were trying to kill legionares . Were you playing all that time ? AlexAnderman1994: PepeHands Markeh04: Anyways PepeHands raider_unkindled: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @raider_unkindled, elajjaz has been streaming for 8 hours 22 mins fatpep: not even 1am PepeHands odduneven: PepeLaugh after 2 hours then retro_raiden: @crashfort rooCry palffy187: thnx guys raider_unkindled: only 8 and a half hour stream elaB Shrimpess: LULW zombie391: PepeHands AkiraJkr: the fuck TheXearo: cyberneticz_ what ? AkiraJkr: I didn’t find that when I looted that place sjuften_: 10 more min BabyRage thatpeaoverthere: @Hardmstizlov He was Shrimpess: ResidentSleeper brot_ok: monkaS Wendell8504: PepeHands doBURGER: nice penis gun Cecilff2: ResidentSleeper Pyrhaa: ResidentSleeper Jaargan: ResidentSleeper bajramgg4: monkaW mizoreeee: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan crashfort: atpOld Da_Flanker: LULW KingMidas133: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: LULW JackBraun: LULW sjuften_: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO Armored_Guy: vrrr Lagunaab: elaOk Jaargan: PepeLaugh Shadowfax71: elaHYUK BananaKen: 5Head Shmoop1: FeelsPepoMan AkiraJkr: FeelsPepoMan UltraWindow: elaHYUK my propeller? zplol_: LULW AR_Kain: elaGa Shrimpess: hi 🙂 Tasarion: MrDestructoid zzz retro_raiden: celrComfy cyberneticz_: @thexearo nothing VityaSolaris: monkaW Cheeseek: bUrself Lagunaab: elaOk please don’t go into my hole brot_ok: bUrself volkeeh: PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeHands Shrimpess: talk to frank elaMad TheXearo: elaHmm Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh Le_________________bowser: this quest always bugged for me, the suits never spawned cyberneticz_: Bee yourself Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh he said legangstarr: i hate the arabics Goodluckmode: PepeLaugh ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: please dont stop playing this now xD mizoreeee: that was way too ez MainMercLobo: yah about that… PepeLaugh kingbradley24: ANYWAYS PepeHands Youbetterlikemyburgers: ANELE wtf Markeh04: PepeLaugh swoglo: PepeHands Shmoop1: @Elajjaz what would be you name if you were a gnome? elaOk bajramgg4: Has Ela ever played Witcher 3? zplol_: this quest doesn’t count, next quest before anyways sjuften_: monkaW Jyatt: monkaW legangstarr: i hate this game brot_ok: @bajramgg4 think offstream yeah FeelsBadMan fatpep: elaOk CaptainOutOfTen: Shmoop1 something like Elias AYAYA BananaKen: LUL crashfort: elaOk Sephirothang: elaOk Armored_Guy: hoo idey1994: this area monkaW TyrantZedd: Elis elaOk Lagunaab: Elayaya Darth_Kredol: elaOk Clap Annonn140: LULW JackBraun: elaOk Turbulist: elaOk Ellis TheH3llraiser: elaOk Jaargan: elaOk UltraWindow: Gnelajjaz Shrimpess: elaOk AlexAnderman1994: elaOk gonbat: ELIS AYAYA holdmybubble: gnela akmannen: IF? mrbreadberry: ELIS AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! KingMidas133: Elis elaOk CaptainOutOfTen: elaOk wandering_pleb: elaOk cyberneticz_: @legangstarr they haven’t done anything to you, neck yourself. brot_ok: elaOk krezal: elis AYAYA cute swoglo: mine would be Anus @Elajjaz Shmoop1: elaOk 👌 legangstarr: i hate the arabics pepole BroqRox: AYAYA elis VDSMF: 😡 Shrimpess: Elis AYAYA Lagunaab: Gnellis sailhatan23: lol mizoreeee: bajramgg4 he played it offstream but never finished it BroqRox: lol retro_raiden: elias rooAww brot_ok: Kill them all forsenO BroqRox: about tdamnh time bajramgg4: @brot_ok Thats a shame FeelsBadMan OkassanEve: Gnela @elajjaz hel_hald: Has he met any deathclaws yet? raider_unkindled: elaMad Pyrhaa: monkaH artoflec: what would be your name if you were a Naruto character Knoives: hootShep VDSMF: billyReady Doully92: gachiBASS VityaSolaris: Action is coming Sephirothang: billyReady MidgetDude110: gachiBASS you could ne leonkillsashley: Oh snap. sailhatan23: id teach these dudes some respek ela4 brot_ok: billyReady alexowhy: Elis in wonderland AYAYA ToneBacas: that was fast clothes swapping Darth_Kredol: give me my super suit PepeLaugh idey1994: beep boop MrDestructoid Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz my cousin just had a son, and he named him Elias, i told him it’s a cute name, true story AYAYA Zanar18: AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA AkiraJkr: AYAYA Neimyin: AYAYA Pyrhaa: Robot BabyRage gimme ma space suit BabyRage Shrimpess: Pog HotFireZ: AYAYA Jaargan: ellis and the 7 dwarves elaOk legangstarr: i hate the arabics TyrantZedd: Shadowfax71 AYAYA Clap retro_raiden: AYAYA VityaSolaris: We have city to burn Tasarion: elaEZ Cheeseek: KKool lloydbannings: Authority glasses EZ Jyatt: what a baller fitzgenius: authority glasses bajramgg4: ANELE ? Annonn140: space cowboy Pog legangstarr: fuck u 😀 EternalFool_: ResidentSleeper BananaKen: sleep? what’s that? 🙂 Baru_: 8 hr stream Pog sailhatan23: is this on the hardcore difficulty? Doully92: monkaH Rick_LVB: authority glasses c’mon 😡 WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Pyrhaa: monkaH Jyatt: i like this Chernobyl music thatpeaoverthere: @sailhatan23 yep Dema_: NO HELMET LULW xx_bersark: @sailhatan23 yes Kazeith: @sailhatan23 yes Ruven86: monkaX ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JackBraun: monkaS volkeeh: monkaW alexowhy: monkaX sailhatan23: @sailhatan23 yes Thermocrius: was that captain falcon bring_us_the_girl: monkaS Sephirothang: IKEALUL angryj0nes: LULW Jaargan: monkaSHAKE bloodcaleb: LULW brot_ok: LULW imLunchy: LUL Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Turbulist: OMEGALUL marauder8799: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL LUL odduneven: LULW lloydbannings: L OMEGALUL GAN KaitoKidShadow: freaky bed baby volkeeh: OMEGALUL Doully92: ED LULW weontheultralightbeam: You like that? TyrantZedd: LULW VDSMF: gachiBASS HUH LIKE THAT Streamleen: reload zplol_: LULW sjuften_: LULW Shrimpess: LULW JouniKari: space suit without helmet? TheH3llraiser: LULW PaleWhitePerson: OMEGALUL crashfort: atpCap Retriuu: lul Pyrhaa: OMEGALUL Jyatt: LUL volkeeh: ED-E OMEGALUL serralheir0: danKEK danKEK danKEK danKEK mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW HeavyRisk413: LOL Lagunaab: HUH YOU LIKE THAT ? gachiBASS SacredChickenNugget: elaKek TheBrinern: ED LULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN BananaKen: LMFAO weskraudaon: LUL Sephirothang: OMEGALUL UltraWindow: ED shot the dudes LULW raider_unkindled: ED-E PepeHands Turbulist: OMEGADOWN JackBraun: LULW cyberneticz_: @legangstarr I hate Jews like u ZanRebel: you hit them LUL VityaSolaris: ED Clap sailhatan23: u took his kill Tasarion: OMEGALUL InfernoTiger50: OMEGADOWN zplol_: LMAO Jaargan: LULW brot_ok: ED-E forsenO Robb44566: ??? StarPogPlatinum: LULW mibutwhole: kill em all LULW NL7_: this is what happens when you slightly nick them Da_Flanker: You shot the guy Ten_more_mins_mom: it just works fitzgenius: lmfao Youbetterlikemyburgers: he lost it elaKek retro_raiden: friendly shoot rooCry TwistedtheNether: LULW idey1994: ED-E monkaW KaitoKidShadow: LULW DR_AGxx: Oi! HotFireZ: EDDIE BabyRage FrankerZ_123: ??????? sjuften_: MrDestructoid i help angryj0nes: Ed just burn them all LULW Armored_Guy: MrDestructoid die meatbags Fatamerikans: you hit them LULW Shrimpess: ORDER 66 PepeLaugh mizoreeee: He shot the guys instead of the ghouls…. PrayForMyBoyHarambe: friendly fire Cheeseek: Eddie jad enough of this guys LuL ihateleague: just let them shoot Voyzine: ED-E hate everone brot_ok: ED-E going Rouge OMEGADOWN StarPogPlatinum: Mad robot here we go LULW Jyatt: he does what he wants raider_unkindled: @Elajjaz ED-E did the long Jebaited on you greyfacenospace123: MrDestructoid Mitch2248: skynet monkaSHAKE KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you shot one of them probably ekahS_hS: Bethesda please PepeHands volkeeh: MrDestructoid I DID WHAT WAS NEEDED alexowhy: MrDestructoid kill all humans idey1994: MrDestructoid Clap filthy humans DibsDibsDibs: Blood for the Blood Gods magic_is_greatness: kill humans MrDestructoid Tasarion: this is why sarge doesn’t trust robots KKona Jaargan: Ed-e doesn’t like them elaKek fitzgenius: friendly fire sailhatan23: cant trust eddies InfernoTiger50: MrDestructoid no survivors MrDestructoid donkey_kong_amiibo_bong: ed-e becoming self aware mizoreeee: MAKE HIM PASSIV Shadowfax71: EX-TER-MI-NATE MrDestructoid serralheir0: MrDestructoid EXTERMINATE MrDestructoid Cheesehovel: K I L L AL L H U MA N S Da_Flanker: Eddie had enough of humans bossing it around VityaSolaris: ED Kill meat bags MrDestructoid Lagunaab: make him passive for thid quest ? brot_ok: IT JUST WORKS forsenKek Arctic_Junk: You shot Logan so they turned hostile ChaosLike: LULW Annonn140: D: raider_unkindled: D: Shrimpess: D: swoglo: H2O SLP RAD Doully92: Rude D: marauder8799: D: VDSMF: D: Nazzet: D: JackBraun: elaD doBURGER: D: Jaargan: D: AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: crashfort: atpShh sailhatan23: this guy is a d bag and a half Nazzet: Shut up and keep streaming D: Doully92: elaMad Slamzor: Whiskey time TheGloriousRage: Why is Ela still awake elaD Bawlah: !subpoints ekahS_hS: malding intensifies Bawlah: !emotes WrestlerBot2000: Emotes! https://twitchemotes.com/channel/elajjaz retro_raiden: get cut tomato elaHi elaMad Cryonikz: Maybe one of them accidentaly hit ED-E, and ED-E just start defending himself? weontheultralightbeam: sumSmash serralheir0: MrDestructoid here I go again MrDestructoid shiion17: retro_raiden atamWow Annonn140: you have a weapon kit yeah Res_Quant: or 6 Bawlah: Can someone help me with the command which shows how many sub points ela has and how much each tier is worth please Arctic_Junk: Take the dog tags pudel_101: Hi all, yes it’s me 🍕🏀 Kgcool: Hi Jaargan: kid? PedoBear Doully92: monkaW retro_raiden: @shiion17 elaH elaH elaCozy Prof__Oak: §COMMANDS Cheeseek: Kapp Prof__Oak: !commands WrestlerBot2000: Some cool commands: !social – social network profiles | !tweet – latest tweet | !yt – latest YT video | !clip – dank clips | !quote – my quotes | !discord – official Discord server | !sub – link to subscription page if you are on phone For full list of commands: https://www.streamelements.com/elajjaz/commands Pyrhaa: monkaW djinn_94: monkaW idey1994: hi 🙂 raider_unkindled: 8=D PepoDance c=8 DaniDuck: !subgoal bloodcaleb: KKool WrestlerBot2000: @DaniDuck, 3835 subpoints, 6200 points needed for next slot (T1 subs: 1 point. T2: 2 points. T3: 6 points.) djinn_94: pepeD bloodcaleb: ⭐ KKool Cheeseek: WutFace Sotenbori: gachiBASS Clap VDSMF: gachiBASS Kazeith: @elajjaz you need 5.56 pistols, or use weapon repair tool WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz will do anything for a drop | Dark Souls AC Run Highlights – https://youtu.be/fVO5Mex59HQ Bawlah: Ty @DaniDuck wololopriest: Take the dogtags!! crashfort: elaCozy Shadowfax71: wait, sarge is a mountie now? MainMercLobo: wild wasteland special wep Jyatt: future technology pudel_101: gg Doully92: gachiBASS cyberneticz_: my peepee hurts Kirzan: hey 🙂 EstusFox: Probably a quest item xdreigor: monkaW👉 ☢️ sailhatan23: squad hobbCray UltraWindow: hey there 🙂 VityaSolaris: fuuuutuuure Youbetterlikemyburgers: huh like that gachiBASS SacredChickenNugget: LAN PARTY Pog MasterMdrn: DatSheffy VDSMF: LIKE THAT Pyrhaa: monkaS Neimyin: You like that PunOko Hey there 🙂 fitzgenius: you like that brot_ok: 5Head SaintMusik: I like it 🙂 DaventusCZ: PepeLaugh Mitch2248: ppSmoke MasterMdrn: yellow vests going ham Barburas: danGachi mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Fullmetalcheese: Chat I left New Vegas at my parents I cant play it PepeHands KurtRustle91: @Kazeith there is no such thing as 5.56mm pistols. Only “That Gun” because its a sawed off rifle. The only way to fix it is paying a vendor to repair it or the perk Jury Rig ihateleague: ghostly WrestlerBot2000: Shortcut|Clip No.3| https://clips.twitch.tv/HeadstrongAstuteChamoisMrDestructoid LUL Annonn140: FeelsPepoMan elzam: Just me and the boys treasure hunting an irradiated ghoul town Shadowfax71: Fertile sailhatan23: regular ol boris here LUL serralheir0: missing raider_unkindled: holy shit ela is bad at hacking LULW UltraWindow: ghostly fitzgenius: rm -rf c:/windows/system32 KanzanZX: ghostly Kazeith: MONTHLY SacredChickenNugget: GHOSTLY 100% Kapp Sephirothang: FeelsPepoMan angryj0nes: Hooo Finally Ela knows how to HACK LULW Dudica: A DUD?! Pyrhaa: wasn’t “that gun” in fallout 1 aswell ? retro_raiden: HACKERMANS elaISee Kazeith: wait neverman SaintMusik: what does removing duds do? theral: MONTHLY MasterMdrn: what happens when you remove a dud Shmoop1: HACKERMANS anonssr1: FeelsPepoMan SnarksterJr: fertile crashfort: stop bullying ela atpLaw atpShh BergDK81: leprosy? Kazeith: ghostly aditeuta: ghostly FrankerZ_123: FeelsPepoMan ZergistheWord: ghostly Katt_007: missed Sotenbori: Missed one LUL ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: misse one Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh BergDK81: wait no Jyatt: removing duds removes wrong answers Kruul89: ghostly weskraudaon: a dud is a wrong answer Doully92: PepeLaugh Destmand:FeelsPepoMan Jekich_An:Shrimpess: PepeLaugh elzam: Doesn’t removing duds just give you another try if you mess up in the first place? ELAYZA: too lazy to just check the letters in the words FailFish ChickenMuffins: It’s ghostly 🙂 ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: top left CarthusSandworm: top left UltraWindow: Ghostly 🙂 Doully92: Fertile LULW TheXearo: NO ihateleague: ghostly MasterMdrn: weskraudaon ty Annonn140: PepeLaugh Kruul89: missKirzan: Nope. close2home: 5Head FrankerZ_123: FeelsPepoMan fetitilize HotFireZ: FeelsPepoMan Kirzan: I SammersFourTwenty: forsenT BergDK81: ghostly ChickenMuffins: Ghostly 🙂 Sephirothang: LULW Llyfrgell: ghostly 🙂 TheXearo: OMG MasterMdrn: teli PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz it was ghostly… karoshi06: FailFish brot_ok: PepeLaugh FrankerZ_123: ghosting WeirdChamp greyfacenospace123: danO Kirzan: Not pretending FeelsBadMan ChickenMuffins: LuL TVJamesx: any mods? Dudica: stripFail carlitoB: ing Goodluckmode: PepeLaugh ThePenguinFliesatMidnight: it was “fertile” sailhatan23: cheater! hobbCray Shrimpess: FERTILE djinn_94: @Elajjaz do you know how the password things work? perrito_scottex: PepeLaugh paid actor Tetrahom: 15IQ FeelsPepoMan Shadowfax71: Fertile MainMercLobo: fer ti le close2home: gachiCOOL GuitarTime Jaargan: ghostly FailFish Sephirothang: elaK Da_Flanker: elaK brot_ok: elaK BergDK81: ing at end was already eliminated Doully92: PepeLaugh CHAT Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan cant read sry akmannen: “OK” Shadowfax71: elaK Shrimpess: elaK Pyrhaa: CarlSmile UltraWindow: elaK MasterMdrn: base word or whatever FrankerZ_123: Kapp Arctic_Junk: It was ghostly tho gggcccA7X: wtf 7 letters for easy??? VDSMF: excuse me wandering_pleb: elaK elaK elaK elaK bubwub: Fert Elajjaz ? TheQuantumLlama: were all gonna be ghosts before he learns how to hack Jaargan: elaK ZergistheWord: WTF LULW DaniloMata: ziggyF ziggyUCK this ziggyXD Tasarion: didn’t even try any PepeLaugh WASD_ENABLED: no u angryj0nes: CHAT is always right Ela D: Glenshane: elaK elzam: Removing duds before you use attempts doesn’t help Rick_LVB: elaK close2home: 3Head Annonn140: villain Dereservoir: it was ghostly and the other word was fertile not fertilize sailhatan23: ela13 KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz dude you are wrong way more often than us, you pay zero attention to the letters LULW retro_raiden: Chag rooAww anonssr1: chat actually never wrong Siralllloneknights132: does he not know how hacking works? PapaToasty: chat always wrong , why chat why Skald__: @Elajjaz () removes dud,adds more tries WheelPin: elaB Doully92: elaK MasterMdrn: CoolStoryBob Da_Flanker: forsenKek ChickenMuffins: It’s Returns 🙂 ekahS_hS: instant magic_is_greatness: it’s returns 🙂 Dudica: @Skald__ Not always CurseofSherwood: Chat is wrong 99% of the time, so glad I’m in the other 10% PepeLaugh NL7_: this mini game is very easy once you get it akmannen: Master hacker ela Barburas: returns TheXearo: yes but there you had like 2 choices LUL SnarksterJr: FeelsBadMan SnarkIsh2: INSTANT MasterMdrn: you say it’s chat’s fault CoolStoryBob gggcccA7X: what is this dud removed thing? sailhatan23: elaHAA we arent perfect Little_Lebowski: company Shrimpess: Didn’t trust us enough elaK AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeLaugh you can trust us Skald__: @Dudica whoops Cheeseek: $ greyfacenospace123: intant ChickenMuffins: Returns 🙂 King_Insane: because someone spams without looking properly and then people follow trustng that and in turn you trust the spam elaKek SammersFourTwenty: $ BroqRox: FeelsBadMan Dudica: @gggcccA7X Removes wrong answers vngphx: instant Annonn140: villain KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz except you listened to chat once. And you have been wrong like 20 times when theres been only 1 choice OMEGALUL WerewolfB: can be dollars sailhatan23: dollars crashfort: 💻 elaISee greyfacenospace123: obv. instant Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh HotFireZ: COMPANY 100% ihateleague: company vngphx: INSTANT FrankerZ_123: company StarPogPlatinum: PepeLaugh Shmoop1: dollars Kirzan: Instant ZergistheWord: Instant Tw1tOne: dollars retro_raiden: xzeroBaka forsenWhip elaGasm Little_Lebowski: COMPANY marauder8799: PepeLaugh Doully92: LULW FiveWingedSeraph: PepeLaugh LULW Shrimpess: PepeLaugh gggcccA7X: Dudica thanks, i never even noticed that before lol ekahS_hS: instant MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh Jaargan: LULW Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: PepeLaugh Nox15: PepeLaugh Cheeseek: LuL KurtRustle91: ???? greyfacenospace123: we said instant you doofus danO ramranchboi: PepeLaugh so bad sailhatan23: -50 trust fitzgenius: cat readme.md crashfort: BAN CHAT PunOko vngphx: WHO SAID DOLLARS FailFish Shadowfax71: I SAID INSTANT PepeHands TheQuantumLlama: click to skip the loading screen HotFireZ: FailFish FrankerZ_123: FeelsPepoMan Vegansan: EASY lock BTW elaKek Dudica: @gggcccA7X No worries elaH Jaargan: why is chat so bad PepeLaugh souldedeh: GabeN Arctic_Junk: DO 3 different tries and then start hacking PIKAvit2012: Nej FeelsPepoMan Lagunaab: QUIT UR GABBIN MATE 3Head Shrimpess: GAINING ZergistheWord: Ancient karoshi06: Dabbing brot_ok: just quicksave before so you have 4 trys? forsenY VDSMF: GabeN ❓ imagetr3: Just guess 3 then restart. It’s faster. Doully92: gachiHYPER angryj0nes: wait but you still have more 5 chances after the first one WTF Ela ekahS_hS: caverns Pyrhaa: Blowing ? TheXearo: could be caverns kefflah: just bruteforce it 4Head SnarkIsh2: ANCIENT Siralllloneknights132: omg Shadowfax71: Dabbing elaSneeze BergDK81: ING at end is eliminated fatpep: BARRENS Flim_: Clap2 GabeN ZergistheWord: ANCIENT Dudica: @Elajjaz Its not gonna be one that ends in ing FrankerZ_123: ancient CactusJackter: greatly sailhatan23: be normal and just pick shit at random gggcccA7X: FailFIsh WJovel: Pegging Pog MasterMdrn: How hacking works? Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Kirzan: Ancient then. greyfacenospace123: danO KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz it cant be barrens, it has 2 same letters ffs Doully92: PepeLaugh FrankerZ_123: its ancient marauder8799: PepeLaugh oh no no no YormYmir: LUL vngphx: FailFish InternetVillainSuperstar: FeelsPepoMan Annonn140: ancient Gerynt: Ancient. PrayForMyBoyHarambe: Blowing Kgcool: dear lord Aaron1294: LULW universetwisters: caverns retro_raiden: Lore elaISee KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz how are you so terrible at this, barrens had 2 same letters djinn_94: GREATLY ELAYZA: DAMAGED Doully92: LULW Neravor: LULW fatpep: LULW FrankerZ_123: ?????? Annonn140: LULW SammersFourTwenty: LULW JackBraun: LULW CyberDaemon: LUL Nox15: 0 OMEGALUL TheXearo: Jebaited ZergistheWord: LULW MasterMdrn: LULW sailhatan23: bomboclit magic_is_greatness: Damaged 🙂 Germy_ranch: MALD illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Shrimpess: OMEGADOWN Pyrhaa: LULW Natan220: Jebaited spacefacee: PepeLaugh sjuften_: PepeLaugh Nazzet: Chat LULW zombie391: OMEGALUL akmannen: LULW so MALD Rick_LVB: BRUH S_Darji: LULW TheXearo: Chat is tired Shmoop1: 3Head af FrankerZ_123: 0 but there was a letter FeelsPepoMan ChickenMuffins: Pog Darth_Kredol: it’s not hard it’s MALD brot_ok: OMEGADOWN Doully92: Champ MagicFrogs: PogChamp Tasarion: OMEGALUL JackBraun: elaEZ Shadowfax71: LUL FiveWingedSeraph: LULW Nox15: 5Head FrankerZ_123: PogU bajramgg4: FeelsDankMan Neravor: EZ Clap Annonn140: OMEGALUL InternetVillainSuperstar: OMEGALUL akmannen: ??????? Thermocrius: LUL ZergistheWord: PogU ihateleague: Pog S_Darji: Pog KingMidas133: PogU 420bakin: EZ Clap Jaargan: Pog wandering_pleb: Chag Pyrhaa: PogU Lagunaab: OMEGALUL Jdam_: 5Head MasterMdrn: Champ Shrimpess: Champ illuminatieyes_xd: Pog HotFireZ: 5Head Clap The_Cakeguy: The_Cakeguy subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 29 months! fall out more like still great HA. no really im running out of funnythings to say in these man. still going hard on 3 years tho 😀 sailhatan23: ez crashfort: elaWOW MiIIiki: welcome 4Head YormYmir: Pog WrestlerBot2000: @the_cakeguy After 29 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kgcool: first try Pog Motek: PogU Succmeister1337: 5Head elzam: FIRST TIME Pog sjuften_: Pog 1st try emmytea: 1st try pog vngphx: bruteforce LUL palffy187: meanwhile there is a bloodbath happening int he background Rural_Juror_: vineBadPC zplol_: first try Pog MasterMdrn: 5Head Clap 1st try Goodluckmode: 200iq Kirzan: Wow you’re so good Ela Rick_LVB: but it simply couldn’t LUL Doully92: 5Head retro_raiden: celrEZ fitzgenius: no 2fa Darth_Kredol: 5Head Clap ekahS_hS: EZ Clap first try universetwisters: chat nice monkey IQ greyfacenospace123: danO danO Shrimpess: 5Head TwistedtheNether: 5Head JackBraun: 5Head Nox15: just reset until first try 5Head KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz ITS NOT HARD YOU ARE JUST BLIND OMEGALUL Barrens had 2 same letters than the one with only 1 correct akmannen: 5head more like LAKKI King_Insane: @Elajjaz because of how probability works – more letters=higher chance due to less words sharing same spaces for the amount of existing letters bajramgg4: D: HotFireZ: D: MasterMdrn: D. carlitoB: such pro ButtStallionXIII: the easy ones are actually harder because the words are shorter, the game gets easier with longer words Darkwever: First try!!! Pyrhaa: D/ Kazeith: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @Kazeith, elajjaz has been streaming for 8 hours 33 mins Traktorq: wait unril very hard terminals PepeLaugh Dudica: Not even a reward, just L OMEGALUL RE VDSMF: what is this awful music mix NotLikeThis fatpep: yea, that ambiance music is LUL DeutchMania: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. KurtRustle91: @ButtStallionXIII no hes just dense. He keeps picking words that have 2-3 same letters even when it said he got 1 word correct… obviously those cant be the password Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime i hear it zebrasarasa: stream still love moon2POGGYWOGGY FappyMcFlappy: is he going for 24 hours? King_Insane: 10 word name at 26 letters max=higher chance of longer words at same amount of words than something shorter Dudica: @VDSMF EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS DansGame FappyMcFlappy: nice WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Rural_Juror_: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @Rural_Juror_, elajjaz has been streaming for 8 hours 34 mins VDSMF: Dudica monkaS sorry Lagunaab: @Dudica A kiss, come on Doully92: monkaW bajramgg4: monkaS volkeeh: pepeJAM Sheep_stick: 21 WOULD BE THE RANGER WITH A BIG IRON ON HIS HIP KKool Clap idey1994: monkaW zebrasarasa: chat elaHi elaH rooHug JackBraun: pepeJAM Kuriar: https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultShakingFlyStinkyCheese greyfacenospace123: KKool JackBraun: zebrasarasa pepeL ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER BIG gachiHYPER IRON gachiHYPER ON gachiHYPER HIS gachiHYPER HIP gachiHYPER Dudica: @Lagunaab Oh boy its smoochin time shiion17: zebrasarasa atamHug idey1994: big iron on his hiiiiiiiiip KKona carlitoB: whiskey obviopusly zebrasarasa: JackBraun shiion17 elaH illuminatieyes_xd: big iroooiooon WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ Darth_Kredol: KKona Clap UltraWindow: its good RP dt5014: haha me too but only for fun… LuL fitzgenius: harmonica nobusinesshere: biiig iron Lagunaab: i’m gonna watch from bed cya all wololopriest: Basically the legion commited war crime and radiated the town OptimisticKnowledge: RP harmonica Pog King_Insane: you actually should drink it ingame ela, the withdrawl effects are still running elaKek sailhatan23: yes boy..take it Kreygasm Zloezlo: @elajjaz hey I’m watching your stream blindfolded 🙂 Arctic_Junk: Talk to logan KrazyShark: @Lagunaab goodnight my dude elaCozy Cheeseek: Alcoholism PepeHands just like his father Tasarion: PepeHands duck_on_acid: Whisky gang souldedeh: and then no streams PepeHands Doully92: PepeHands MasterMdrn: PepeHands Shrimpess: PepeHands JackBraun: good night Lagunaab elaCozy KrazyShark: @Elajjaz you try catching trains? they’re very fast you know? xD KrazyShark: hahaha KrazyShark: fuck my ass The_Cakeguy: @Elajjaz didnt see my resub sadbout it Lagunaab: elaH night everyone illuminatieyes_xd: PepeHands fitzgenius: @Elajjaz where you off to? daley_: xD Kgcool: How do you catch trains? Your hands must be huge! Doully92: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Shadowfax71: @KrazyShark elaWeird some_god_of_transparency: KKool big KKool iron KKool KrazyShark: @daley_ kanYe daley_: ela is going to anthrocon tomorrow AkiraJkr: ????? King_Insane: @KrazyShark that was so bad it made me laugh elaKek AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: gachiBASS dont pack clothes some_god_of_transparency: GOTHAM Chag ? Da_Flanker: Have fun KrazyShark: @King_Insane mission complete elaKek KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 @Doully92 elaWeird hey it was funny nobusinesshere: big iiiiiron some_god_of_transparency: SLACKING OFF gachiHYPER fitzgenius: wheres the clue HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz That gun on the table ekahS_hS: 3 days without Ela streams PepeHands UltraWindow: taking a breather saoblow: @Elajjaz where’s your hat cmonBrother KingMidas133: this quest took me so long pisyaaa__: he tired Darth_Kredol: gachiVICTORY slacking off for the past week MasterMdrn: nice VDSMF: gachiBOP 🤘 UltraWindow: elaGa sjuften_: headBang Zloezlo: I hope he is catching trains not like spider man illuminatieyes_xd: ignores the dead body LUL fatpep: @Elajjaz Will you film anything like before / after metalica concert ? Eswcvlad: Metallica in 2019 LULW some_god_of_transparency: gachiBASS 🤘 Annonn140: its a quest item Streamleen: quest items N0Lif3: ~ BIG IRON ON HIS HIP ~ KingMidas133: its a quest item KrazyShark: Metallica so old it became Rustica xD rymdkatt2000: they are quest items @Elajjaz edoipi: quest item I guess UltraWindow: quest items weigh nothing DarcusHunter: the ncr stuff are the quest items Rick_LVB: Those guys aren’t very good at looking for stuff LUL Jaargan: @krazyshark elaHAA daley_: xD Doully92: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan KrazyShark: xD ZergistheWord: ammo weighs nothing aswell DrBurgos: KrazyShark LUL Born2StealPG: missed radio pasrts djinn_94: 3Head Tasarion: elaGa retro_raiden: xzeroLUL greyfacenospace123: danDerp Shrimpess: 4HEad ofc KrazyShark: @Jaargan @Doully92 elaWeird c’mon men illuminatieyes_xd: 5head KrazyShark: @DrBurgos elaKek Annonn140: fire station Pog shikifujin16: oh gosh i remember thus quets UltraWindow: PepeLaugh ayeimnotgay: still sreaming! pog dude! idey1994: more ghouls monkaW VDSMF: gachiBASS terrbear3: HandsUp Himmee: monkaS Annonn140: HandsUp Flashforward: HandsUp Monster5crak: HandsUp JackBraun: monkaS elaGun HotFireZ: HandsUp bloodcaleb: HandsUp Shrimpess: HandsUp AkiraJkr: HandsUp Jyatt: had enough? Wendell8504: HandsUp KRSpirit: HandsUp KingMidas133: HandsUp Dudica: HandsUp lazergunz322: HandsUp dan_sai: HandsUp FrankerZ_123: HandsUp weontheultralightbeam: Had enough? JackBraun: HandsUp emmytea: HandsUp AkiraJkr: Champ Doully92: Champ Flashforward: KKona Jaargan: \[T]/ WrestlerBot2000: “I am a good boy with bad boy tendencies.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 25 BergDK81: Had enough?! Shadowfax71: @KrazyShark i did a joke like that to a girl, i asked her why she started jogging and she said because summer is coming, and i said “well if you run faster maybe you’ll catch it” Doully92: Rad/sec monkaW brot_ok: pepeJAM JackBraun: pepeJAM Shadowfax71: and then she made the FeelsWeirdMan face pudel_101: I want to say hello to my old sick granny👽👑 who like manipulate and misrepresent💨 KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 LULW how did she react? elcheekoburrito: we need obsidian to make more fallout games ffs WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 oh, yikes Streamleen: he doesn’t know KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 she wasn’t worth it then rica235: Fire Station PepeLaugh Tasarion: monkaW FrankerZ_123: OMEGALUL thatpeaoverthere: LULW Annonn140: monkaW BearackObama: monkaX Doully92: monkaH brot_ok: monkaW UnpronounceabIeName: monkaW fatpep: monkaW Fatamerikans: monkaW marauder8799: monkaW MainMercLobo: R I P Germy_ranch: monkaW Cecilff2: monkaX illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL LUL greyfacenospace123: monkaW ViveLaDissidence: monkaW JackBraun: monkaW angryj0nes: DED zplol_: monkaW TheH3llraiser: monkaW ChaosLike: monkaW HotFireZ: monkaW Germy_ranch: pepeJAM Rural_Juror_: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW idey1994: monkaW sailhatan23: jinkets BTRNDL: she is muh queen SacredChickenNugget: monkaW volkeeh: monkaX InternetVillainSuperstar: monkaGun souldedeh: monkaX BergDK81: monkaW 420bakin: monkaW KrazyShark: @Shadowfax71 dodged a bullet my dude elaOk Cheeseek: monkaW LickMyPretzel: oh boy xdreigor: monkaW AbsoluteHope: monkaW Himmee: LUL alekzander_1234: SingsNote Aydarkzero: monkaW Da_Flanker: monkaW KRSpirit: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW souldedeh: monkaH ViveLaDissidence: That’s a big scorpion monkaW SammersFourTwenty: monkaW deth Da_Flanker: That’s one big specimen crashfort: atpSolid atpSolid atpSolid atpSolid Rural_Juror_: Clap BearackObama: Pog volkeeh: PogU Jyatt: whole team dead StarPogPlatinum: LULW Doully92: LULW souldedeh: PepeHands Retriuu: he ded cyanhearth: ahdunwnit The_Cakeguy: @Elajjaz notice my resub senpai elaBlush marauder8799: LULW angryj0nes: Pog HYPERCLAP Annonn140: you dont LULW greyfacenospace123: danO SammersFourTwenty: LULW Shrimpess: LULW some_god_of_transparency: PepeHands BearackObama: LULW KrazyShark: LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: OMEGALUL volkeeh: HE DIED OMEGALUL HotFireZ: LULW FrankerZ_123: LULW Cecilff2: OMEGADOWN anonssr1: you’re not LULW JackBraun: PepeHands bajramgg4: U dont need to LULW sailhatan23: lmao ChaosLike: LMAO mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW AkiraJkr: Stealth Boy/Psycho retro_raiden: xzeroLUL gonbat: PepeHands victor_maitland: cant you use command console to revive them? illuminatieyes_xd: getting carried by ED-E LUL StarPogPlatinum: danO Kiros9999: LULW IceLikesRice: Do you need too? Annonn140: just loot him LULW 8Subinfi: @Elajjaz clear it befor alekzander_1234: 😀 greyfacenospace123: aggro it Fullmetalcheese: LULW King_Insane: @Elajjaz stealth boy + sniper imagetr3: You technically won. brot_ok: forsenHead KrazyShark: @victor_maitland that’s cheating PunOko FrankerZ_123: 4Head KurtRustle91: @victor_maitland “can’t you just cheat 3Head ” Neravor: elaHAA WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz FrankerZ_123: 4HEad BearackObama: haHAA JubJubWantRubRubs: fallout more like FARTout LULW illuminatieyes_xd: just stack drugs LUL Doully92: elaHAA ekahS_hS: no way the plebs can survive AkiraJkr: Stealth Boy + Psycho + Sniper @Elajjaz fatpep: elaHAA PhilRamirez: danW KRSpirit: WeirdChamp some_god_of_transparency: forsenH wandering_pleb: make them stand outside? Germy_ranch: FeelsWeirdMan FiveWingedSeraph: Two dead LU:LW Vertigua: use drugs Rural_Juror_: drugs FeelsOkayMan some_god_of_transparency: Chag KrazyShark: one down already omeg StarPogPlatinum: Use drugs Ela TheH3llraiser: STILL DED LULW AkiraJkr: we aren’t LULW weontheultralightbeam: You like that? illuminatieyes_xd: one down LUL terrbear3: you like that? gachiBASS Jyatt: YOU LIKE THAT? FrankerZ_123: LULW StarPogPlatinum: danO Larinett: LULW ccslne: logan PepeHands greyfacenospace123: danO King_Insane: @Elajjaz stealth boy + psycho + sniper Youbetterlikemyburgers: huh like that gachiBASS Dudica: YOU LIKE THAT? AkiraJkr: it is some_god_of_transparency: L OMEGALUL GAN TheH3llraiser: it is angryj0nes: YOU LIKE THAT? illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL ViveLaDissidence: logan must survive StarPogPlatinum: Use drugs like Psycho Shrimpess: Just resting LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz it is, Logan needs to survive AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz Stelath Boy + Psycho thatpeaoverthere: save logan pretty much FrankerZ_123: Save them 😡 terrbear3: LULW Shrimpess: monkaW roflstompzor: SLASHER KRSpirit: WeirdChamp Deid_: monkaW Motek: cmonBruh save scum weontheultralightbeam: Vegas Boogyman monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: use all the drugs ekahS_hS: Logan PepeHands brot_ok: forsenO FeelingLikeTimmy: SAVING SAMUEL LULW Jaargan: elaWeird UltraWindow: fail RP WeirdChamp angryj0nes: Save them to kill them after LULW AkiraJkr: 0 StarPogPlatinum: LULW FrankerZ_123: LULW bajramgg4: too close LULW anonssr1: LULW AkiraJkr: 0% LULW some_god_of_transparency: OMEGADOWN % Germy_ranch: 0% monkaW weontheultralightbeam: NA AIM LULW KingMidas133: LULW Dudica: 0% LULW illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL Liransherman: X COM LUL raider_unkindled: 0% LULW quilty3: Use jet JackBraun: LULW Jaargan: too close elaKek elaKek Da_Flanker: LULW Nazzet: IKEALUL illuminatieyes_xd: NEGATIVE DMG LUL quilty3: Jet would hep brot_ok: IKEALUL crashfort: scorpions PepeS zebrasarasa: rooD THE GUY raider_unkindled: PogU Germy_ranch: PepeHands ChaosLike: HES DEAD MagicFrogs: PogChamp TheH3llraiser: LULW FeelingLikeTimmy: OMEGALUL brot_ok: LULW StarPogPlatinum: danO Retriuu: LUL some_god_of_transparency: OMEGALUL greyfacenospace123: danO fatpep: LULW Jyatt: LULW FrankerZ_123: LULW AbsoluteHope: LULW Tasarion: Jebaited bajramgg4: DEAD LULW Shadowfax71: LULW volkeeh: OMEGALUL mkzkSeki: LULW marauder8799: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN anonssr1: OMEGALUL Deliriumi1: OMEGALUL mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW HotFireZ: LOL imagetr3: RIP Logan Tw1tOne: LUL UltraWindow: PepeLaugh Hollow_void: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL King_Insane: elaKek Rural_Juror_: LUL MilchiWay: LUL Jdam_: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Jaargan: LULW StarPogPlatinum: Dude LULW MagicFrogs: LUL zplol_: LULW JackBraun: LULW Da_Flanker: Nope thedrunkenone: LUL CurseofSherwood: LUL zombie391: OMEGALUL Wendell8504: LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: L OMEGALUL GAN ekahS_hS: Logan PepeHands Smoothstone: LUL Logan charged it weskraudaon: LUL shikifujin16: LUL alekzander_1234: NotLikeThis illuminatieyes_xd: USE JET shikifujin16: LOGAN WAS NOT GOOD Jaargan: L OMEGALUL GAN Gerynt: JET n4tk0: jet Germy_ranch: Big dick Logan charges in NotMaloony: shes muh qween zebrasarasa: rooD NO Liransherman: DEAD LUL some_god_of_transparency: OMEGADOWN Landoy: L OMEGALUL GAN Smoothstone: 200 XP if you kill the queen Pog KrazyShark: OMEGLOL illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL HotFireZ: JET emmytea: @Elajjaz shoot her in the face JackBraun: elaCozy Good night chat and ela elaH pepeL eliastheepicgamer: change weapon instead of reloading? Liransherman: @Elajjaz Use a good weapon elaKek KRSpirit: LULW AkiraJkr: FeelsPepoMan King_Insane: reload before you enter – use stealth boy – psycho and equip highest dps weapon you got – sneak then move inside and nuke em on first hits wkkgeri: pepeJAM bajramgg4: OMEGALUL Dudica: HE just gets a knife out LULW Deliriumi1: logan is fucking pathetic Shrimpess: elaGa LickMyPretzel: elaGa Woddy166: aussenMimimi aussenMimimi aussenMimimi sjuften_: FeelsPepoMan logan elcheekoburrito: got dropped like Ben Askren Darkwever: what a spoiler, that logan dies !! shikifujin16: Logam Llyfrgell: FeelsPepoMan Rural_Juror_: FeelsPepoMan AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz attack tail UltraWindow: logan paul CurseofSherwood: YOU GOOD LOGA…. OH PepeHands zebrasarasa: JackBraun rooHug ekahS_hS: PEPEGA Logan PepeHands bowlofBran: LULW Markeh04: LULW EstusFox: Let him die fitzgenius: lmao he dies so easily AlexAnderman1994: elaGa some_god_of_transparency: LOGAN PAUL PepeHands slaynplay: pepeJAMMER FrankerZ_123: Jet ar_Tekko: hes logan 4Head Jaargan: logan elaGa more like pepegan Strawie35: Slasher PogU KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz how about not using your worst weapon? AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz Shoot the tail LULW illuminatieyes_xd: JET rica235: Jet Gerynt: Jet Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz Jet maybe Slasher? 🙂 Dublis: gety missle launcher @Elajjaz generik_napalm: Lolgan Malias: Who do I think I am?! I’ll have you know I graduated at the top of my class at Harvard.! LUL illuminatieyes_xd: USE IT LUL FrankerZ_123: didnt take it FeelsPepoMan AkiraJkr: LULW Sephirothang: LULW Liransherman: EU AIM LUL brot_ok: IKEALUL KRSpirit: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW HotFireZ: LULW imagetr3: milsurp review for +20 guns if you have one. Tasarion: IKEALUL AkiraJkr: IKEA AIM LULW Shrimpess: IKEALUL raider_unkindled: IKEALUL zplol_: OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: lol Neimyin: IKEALUL MainMercLobo: BOOTLEG IKEA AIM cheekibreeki00: pepogan BergDK81: was that 2 95% misses King_Insane: Sarge confirmed being recruited to XCOM brot_ok: OMEGADOWN Sephirothang: IKEALUL FrankerZ_123: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL bowlofBran: LULW zebrasarasa: rooD BigPepeKek: just kill it 4HEad MagicFrogs: LUL StarPogPlatinum: PepeHands sjuften_: PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaKek elaKek elaKek HotFireZ: L OMEGALUL G A N fitzgenius: take out 1 little one then big djinn_94: just shoot without vats Liransherman: DONT USE SHOTTY LUL LickMyPretzel: kill the small ones first? idk NotMaloony: hahaha hoi hoi hoi karoshi06: DOOD 3Head crashfort: atpCap alekzander_1234: 😀 shikifujin16: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump Wendell8504: LULW CurseofSherwood: L OMEGADOWN GAN PaperLynx: not pretending PepeHands zebrasarasa: rooD NO Jaargan: logan is so weak elaKek akmannen: use physcho ekahS_hS: Logan the pleb PepeHands retro_raiden: team low hp. mendoHands Deliriumi1: OMEGALUL shikifujin16: You dont have any explosives? alekzander_1234: 😀 😀 😀 Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danO Palookajim: Logan has a serious deathwish 8-P POMA_HEKPOMAHT: Just taunt 4Head AkiraJkr: VATS with Frag @Elajjaz RealLifeTsundere: Logan thinks he is billyReady crashfort: atpSolid Shrimpess: ElaPls 🦂 matheusdcoliveira: poison? xx_bersark: @Elajjaz he has a melee weapon and low DT fitzgenius: the little one is killing him bowlofBran: LULW Germy_ranch: big dick energy BergDK81: try leaving building? MainMercLobo: cause he aint a bitch WeirdChamp Rural_Juror_: Logan no D: ViveLaDissidence: Use a better gun 4HEad shameimarusen: enbRip enbRip enbRip enbRip drakanx2: The body King_Insane: @Elajjaz just stack buffs at this point you gotta kill it before logan reaches the queen WrathofBambi: @Elajjaz Go for the eyes not the tail Llyfrgell: he’s trying to be brave PepeHands NotMaloony: @Elajjaz shoot Logans leg so he cant run into the scorpion LUL KurtRustle91: @shikifujin16 he has literally everything that would easily deal with this, but refuses to use anything but his worst weapon cyberneticz_: Logan has SBS victor_maitland: horrible mission design Shrimpess: Use a mini MaN Sephirothang: IKEALUL AkiraJkr: You’re using your worst weapon LULW @Elajjaz shikifujin16: yeah the small ones are rushing logan KurtRustle91: @victor_maitland no hes just playing badly illuminatieyes_xd: medx,psycho+jed+buffout=profit Larg0s: monkaW fitzgenius: two small ones are attacking them King_Insane: ^ shikifujin16: @KurtRustle91 that sounds like ela LUL NotMaloony: OMG JUST SHOOT BRO Germy_ranch: The 5Heads in chat being all serious. lmao UltraWindow: it just works zebrasarasa: rooD NO brot_ok: Kill the small ones first Aaron1294: LULW zebrasarasa: rooD ELA AkiraJkr: LULW auroraxt: LOL FeelingLikeTimmy: OMEGALUL crashfort: LOOOOOOOOOOOL Liransherman: OMEGALUL AbsoluteHope: OMEGALUL Tasarion: OMEGALUL Bigsquirbb: LULW SaintMusik: lmaooo LickMyPretzel: ahahahahahahahaha mouthyfob: LULW Nimmerlein: LUL LUL mkzkSeki: LULW Kiros9999: LULW KRSpirit: LULW FrankerZ_123: LOL marauder8799: OMEGALUL PaperLynx: OMEGALUL angryj0nes: LULW ufolionking: OMEGADOWN droGo_cLp: hahahahha wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Himmee: LUL Neimyin: OMEGADOWN OptimisticKnowledge: OMEGALUL Rural_Juror_: LUL Shrimpess: LULW Shadowfax71: OMEGALUL zplol_: LULW karoshi06: OMEGALUL BigBagieta: OMEGALUL godlikeb: hahaha mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW HAHAHA Joe2596: @Elajjaz You wont get the % when you are too close, also would you speedrun this game? Cheeseek: Omegaboom HotFireZ: LOOOOL zombie391: OMEGALUL Hollow_void: LULW some_god_of_transparency: TK LULW moonriise: OMEGALUL Annonn140: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW Miththar: LULW TheH3llraiser: LULW NuvemCogumelo: D: scp_david33: LUL zplol_: HAHAHA POMA_HEKPOMAHT: LULW Sapath: LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: OMEGALUL illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL LUL Smoothstone: LUL fl4r_3: LMAOOOO CurseofSherwood: LMAO WrathofBambi: elaD rica235: LULW Sphenoid: LULW MainMercLobo: OMEGALUL 4k_immersive_cabbages: LULW retro_raiden: mendoLUL mendoLUL Thefrein: LUL tilionm: HAHAHAHAHHAHA ViveLaDissidence: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LULW Jdam_: LULW Talmk: PepeLaugh BergDK81: Perfect Woddy166: aussenAYAYA aussenAYAYA aussenAYAYA h3adhunt3rrc: LULW Neimyin: ARE YOU KIDDING ME OMEGADOWN marauder8799: OMEGADOWN Natan220: LUL LUL LUL sjuften_: OMEGADOWN spevahr: LUL gottem fitzgenius: kill the small scorp then big one Venru: LUL WrathofBambi: 😀 memorycard1mega: LùL palffy187: HAHAH greyfacenospace123: danO danO Da_Flanker: Come on, Ela KingMidas133: LULW crashfort: HHAHAHAHJHAAH Miththar: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Thermocrius: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Cheeseek: Omegaboom oops LuL King_Insane: 5am stream elaA xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Don’t use shotgun? TheXearo: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Darth_Kredol: trigger happy i see PepeLaugh evilkatos: LuL ekahS_hS: malding hard LUL ASmallBenis: THE MALD LUL djinn_94: Why are you using VATS so close NotLikeThis angryj0nes: CLIP THAT CHAT CLIP THAT CLIP THAT CHAT CLIP THAT CLIP THAT CHAT CLIP THAT CLIP THAT CHAT CLIP THAT CLIP THAT CHAT CLIP THAT CLIP THAT CHAT CLIP THAT Jaargan: LULW Wendell8504: LULW MainMercLobo: that wasnt LOGAn Oundret: In the back Lma Thermocrius: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Darkwever: xD shikifujin16: kill the small ones first ChaosLike: 24 HOUR STREAM Pog Joe2596: @Elajjaz You wont get the % when you are too close, also would you speedrun this game. FrankerZ_123: kill the small ones FeelsPepoMan TheXearo: that was hilarious PaperLynx: T H R OMEGALUL W Da_Flanker: LULW WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Markeh04: OMEGALUL ekahS_hS: the OMEGALUL malding SammersFourTwenty: forsenE LETS forsenE GO forsenE FORSEN forsenE brot_ok: MEN ElaSmash karoshi06: MaN AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL Sephirothang: LULW AkiraJkr: SO MALD zebrasarasa: roo4 no Deliriumi1: ignore the smoll bois Sarxend: that made me cry. some_god_of_transparency: forsenE UltraWindow: the queen’s hitbox is massive Joe2596: forsenFur Thermocrius: POST THE CLIP OMEGALUL cyberneticz_: @elajjaz just shred the queen to pieces with the mini gun or use some explosives Rural_Juror_: NAE brot_ok: LOGAN OMEGADOWN Goodluckmode: Im crying from that BigPepeKek: M A L D I N G retro_raiden: elaCozy forsenFur OptimisticKnowledge: https://clips.twitch.tv/IntelligentEncouragingDragonfruitMcaT Joe2596: he doing a mod? KRSpirit: LULW HotFireZ: L OMEGADOWN G A N AkiraJkr: MALDING LULW Shrimpess: PepeLaugh some_god_of_transparency: LULW illethor221: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. fitzgenius: kill the smaller one !! lol greyfacenospace123: danO FrankerZ_123: @Joe2596 no brot_ok: elaCozy forsenFur CurseofSherwood: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP DaxTagNan: But did you die? Kappa StarBoredom: why does he need all of them alive? Gam3freak99: @Elajjaz kill the small ones Rural_Juror_: NAE zfgMad ekahS_hS: malding hard illuminatieyes_xd: USE THE EFFIN DRUGS NNayio: AYAYA some_god_of_transparency: ANY BAJS forsen1 Hollow_void: https://clips.twitch.tv/FrailWildLorisNinjaGrumpy crashfort: AYAYA Sephirothang: AYAYA ? Liransherman: @Elajjaz Use another weapon elaMad LickMyPretzel: elaYA bowlofBran: LULW KRSpirit: LAKKI AYAYA HotFireZ: LAKKI AYAYA brot_ok: forsen1 cyberneticz_: use explosives NNayio: LAKKI AYAYA Clap retro_raiden: celrJudge GK_GruxLike: leave the fire station Neimyin: Just don’t friendly fire him PepeLaugh Shadowfax71: use another weapon ela Gerynt: Kill the 2 little ones NotLikeThis Jyatt: probably dont use a shit gun Woddy166: aussenAYAYA aussenAYAYA aussenAYAYA tilionm: AYAYA BigPepeKek: BROKE BAJ HERE karoshi06: AYAYA ViveLaDissidence: Seems like the real problem is Logan going in with half HP no ammo 🤔 Annonn140: the quests are not scaled well on hard/hardcore gonbat: LAKKI AYAYA Da_Flanker: elaKek Shaminator93: chug 10 turbo and some psycho ez pz lmn sqz some_god_of_transparency: forsenBoys 🔭 forsen1 I C AkiraJkr: LULW? casualkappa123: mayby if logan didnt use a goddamm knife djinn_94: NotLikeThis zebrasarasa: rooD shikifujin16: you have a shot gun? brot_ok: LULW AkiraJkr: Mysterious stranger on the weakest enemy LULW King_Insane: thing is he’s ignoring chat on purpose btw 😀 Nimmerlein: LUL StarPogPlatinum: LULW KRSpirit: LULW Winku: @Elajjaz go full melee Da_Flanker: forsen1 MagicFrogs: LUL HotFireZ: LUL mC_Cosy: jump in front of big one so you take the hits and take out the small ones first then maybe some_god_of_transparency: L OMEGADOWN GAN iggy1337: OMEGADOWN Shrimpess: elaGa fitzgenius: omg lmao well hard hell0kitty666: maybe use vats to reload fast KurtRustle91: @Annonn140 yes they are, hes just using his absolute WORST weapon instead of the arsenal of assault rifles and shit he owns retro_raiden: forsenWeebs emmytea: chat does he have DT rounds weontheultralightbeam: LULW Toprak078: Why isnt he using all american Annonn140: well NPCs just die from 2 hits AkiraJkr: LULW ???? KurtRustle91: @Toprak078 because 3Head AbsoluteHope: LUL zebrasarasa: LULW FrankerZ_123: LULW StarPogPlatinum: danO some_god_of_transparency: LULW Shrimpess: ?? Halldan: LULW shikifujin16: LUL PaperLynx: LULW ? InternetVillainSuperstar: OMEGALUL crashfort: LOL FrankerZ_123: OMEGALUL 4k_immersive_cabbages: LULW kefflah: LUL HotFireZ: ? zplol_: LULW Deliriumi1: ??? illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Shadowfax71: LULW Deid_: LULW DaxTagNan: “Head Head Head” zombie391: LUL marauder8799: LULW brot_ok: elaThirst forsenGun forsenFur Jyatt: ??? auroraxt: hahaha MagicFrogs: LUL LUL Neimyin: ?? LULW NotMaloony: @Elajjaz taunt the scorpion and tank her on the other side of the room so that the ranged DPS dont get cleaved down moon_phase_: LUL Gam3freak99: LULW infamouz669: LOL Sephirothang: LULW Joe2596: LULW bethesda lifeisgames: ? Cheeseek: LULW ekahS_hS: other weapon maybe? fitzgenius: wtf Annonn140: and in such quests you sometimes can do nothing on some builds memorycard1mega: you despawned Joe2596: LULW bethesda LULW bethesda LULW bethesda LULW bethesda LULW bethesda LULW bethesda some_god_of_transparency: BETHESDA OMEGADOWN Retriuu: LUL StarPogPlatinum: LULW Youbetterlikemyburgers: ???? AkiraJkr: LULW Jaargan: LULW this is priceless tilionm: LUL truectrl: OBSIDIAN LUL zebrasarasa: rooD nmbr4thelizard: Whats happening Streamleen: VATS HotFireZ: RIP LOGAN LULW weontheultralightbeam: SOFTLOCKED LULW AkiraJkr: ????????????? Taption: 10/10 game of teh year BergDK81: @emmytea I think its a 20 gauge so only shit shells sjuften_: LULW angryj0nes: LULW Takdium: LULW UnpronounceabIeName: LULW FrankerZ_123: worked TheXearo: nice videogame Furious__E: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Trizze: LULW FrankerZ_123: Oh Jyatt: OBSIDIAN LULW sjuften_: Pog ? Joe2596: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Sephirothang: Logan PepeHands Liransherman: OMEGALUL some_god_of_transparency: Chag brot_ok: OMEGADOWN memorycard1mega: wut weskraudaon: great engine there illuminatieyes_xd: PLEASE USE DRUGS AND A DIFFERENT GUN LUL Doully92: LULW AkiraJkr: BETHESDA LULW shikifujin16: DEAD LOGAN Deid_: L OMEGALUL G A N LickMyPretzel: L OMEGALUL GAN some_god_of_transparency: WHAT LULW CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danO GK_GruxLike: IT JUST WORKS OMEGALUL StarBoredom: why not just let him die? Toprak078: If he wS in vault 34 he even has riot shotgun Traktorq: yeah thats level action guns vats some_god_of_transparency: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW ekahS_hS: L OMEGALUL gan AkiraJkr: LULW BETHESDA LULW GAMEBRYO ENGINE LULW Neimyin: Vodfriends PepeLaugh 👉 ⏩ climaxbeat: take out your missiles King_Insane: VoteNay elaGun VoteNay elaGun VoteNay elaGun VoteNay elaGun VoteNay elaGun VoteNay elaGun VoteNay elaGun VoteNay elaGun shikifujin16: Saving Private Logan Hollow_void: Remember he could have finished this already LULW https://clips.twitch.tv/FrailWildLorisNinjaGrumpy Cheeseek: It said quest complited, naybe he supposedd to die 4Shrug SnarksterJr: @Toprak078 he stashed it in his apartment Thermocrius: this is why you use flechette kefflah: Logan attacking with knife, hes roleplaying too PogChamp Joe2596: LULW weontheultralightbeam: elaSmash CallMeYume_: @Elajjaz just give him a gun and he wont run in like an idiot Da_Flanker: forsenY Liransherman: @Elajjaz Use a non LIDL weapon elaKek BergDK81: let him die fitzgenius: kill 2 small ones first AbsoluteHope: get the turbo drug if you need more time @Elajjaz godlikeb: you need to give logan a gun… StarPogPlatinum: LULW AkiraJkr: Pog ? FrankerZ_123: Use better weapon FeelsPepoMan some_god_of_transparency: forsenO forsenKnife KingMidas133: PogU NoeightSemEclipse: monkaW MagicFrogs: PogChamp CurseofSherwood: @Hollow_void that clip elaKek Joe2596: Pog SaixSoul: Pog AkiraJkr: LULW Cheeseek: Blade fury Pog some_god_of_transparency: OMEGADOWN Virhaed: Pog Shrimpess: LULW StarPogPlatinum: danO Kiros9999: he’s too stupid to save LUL alekzander_1234: 😀 😀 😀 Odinity: grenade launcher? mysweatyth1ghsss: BLADE Pog PaperLynx: L OMEGADOWN G A N pcallow: you had it before you shot him in the back lol KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why are you not using your better weapons? AurbisDragon: maybe try going back outside. ufolionking: Pog Da_Flanker: Deja Vu TheH3llraiser: rocket the queen? illuminatieyes_xd: USE BUFFS LUL AurbisDragon: i dunno some_god_of_transparency: PepeHands cant save them all CallMeYume_: @Elajjaz just give him a gun and he wont run in like an idiot ekahS_hS: best NPC ever L OMEGALUL gan Sarxend: the one time you succeed.. you shoot him in the back cheeze____: i feel bad obsidian had to make this game on this engine and Spaghetti code FeelsBadMan Joe2596: @Elajjaz Kill 1 scorp with a gun then go full knife sjuften_: Try giving him a gun? 4Shrug Hollow_void: @CurseofSherwood unlucky LULW AkiraJkr: NONO volkeeh: OMEGALUL StarPogPlatinum: PepeHands KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you havent even TRIED this with your better weapons Kazeith: @elajjaz try going outside Toplay92: Howdy chat KKool AkiraJkr: HES BACk crashfort: scorpion with blood atpCap Pyrhaa: OMEGALUL Furious__E: LUL StarPogPlatinum: Yeah you can drakanx2: Change to Gun volkeeh: PepeLaugh DeathZarakai: @Elajjaz Why don’t you go back out and wait for him to heal up? alekzander_1234: hahahaha FrankerZ_123: leave building 🙂 LickMyPretzel: Well ,not now.. godlikeb: go outside rica235: Jebaited AurbisDragon: drop a gun infront of him? Jaargan: ooh no no no PepeLaugh Streamleen: reload from outside the room, get some different rng BergDK81: leave building? godlikeb: go outside and give ghim a gun Armody: Not in battle ofc emmytea: @Elajjaz pickpocket him some stimpaks AkiraJkr: Go outside LULW ChannyChan_: just kill them faster than they can kill him4Head illuminatieyes_xd: @cheeze____ and in only 18 months PepeHands Sephirothang: LULW volkeeh: LULW FrankerZ_123: go outside nymnOkay KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you havent even TRIED this with your better weapons. Odinity: @Elajjaz use the grenade launcher? marauder8799: OMEGALUL fatpep: Leave sjuften_: LULW brot_ok: LULW CallMeYume_: @Elajjaz have you got a save from just before the fight Germy_ranch: LULgan A_Gallon_of_Milk: LUL angryj0nes: LULW Kazeith: @elajjaz try going outside Kirzan: Body block them? /shrug slyster12: Go out and come back in Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN AkiraJkr: LUL gan Shrimpess: ElaOut zebrasarasa: rooD crashfort: LOL ekahS_hS: use more drugs volkeeh: OMEGALUL weontheultralightbeam: LULW Kazeith: heal him Shrimpess: D: SaDiablo: allamerican? brot_ok: OMEGADOWN Space_Lord: Psycho + Knife sjuften_: D: LickMyPretzel: Why is he so rude some_god_of_transparency: LULW Nazzet: D: AurbisDragon: lmao so rude ufolionking: D: AkiraJkr: STEALTH BOY THEN DRUGS @Elajjaz Shadowfax71: wait achieina: Shut up and take my money StarBoredom: why does he wanna save this prick? greyfacenospace123: danO A_Gallon_of_Milk: LUL LUL godlikeb: pickpocket and give him gun karoshi06: use the shovel, chance illuminatieyes_xd: USE DRUGS AND A DIFFERENT GUN King_Insane: use stealth boy – psycho and equip highest dps weapon you got – sneak then move inside and nuke em on first hits marauder8799: Logan WeirdChamp crashfort: shut up and keep going Fatamerikans: you can take all the drugs fitzgenius: try it FrankerZ_123: @StarBoredom quest Arctic_Junk: Tank the big scorpion and vats kill the small ones Pyrhaa: Pauses on shovel OMEGALUL KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you literally have Assault Rifles and shit Thermocrius: well, ela did shoot him in the ass TheH3llraiser: rocket vat the queen? yesbutwilltherebeacat: D Y N A M I T E O R R I O T sjuften_: reverse pickpocket him Pog sailhatan23: use the fatman MtotheM1337: Just do all the drugs and use melee @Elajjaz AkiraJkr: Stealth Pog danimal_d: Try an AR Xephon111: Sniper rifle? elaHmm StarBoredom: @FrankerZ_123 but can’t he complete the quest even if he dies? fitzgenius: might reset if u leave WaterWazzoo: Wait for healing RealLifeTsundere: LOL everyone will die QziT: pickpocket him but give him weapon FrankerZ_123: @StarBoredom no StarPogPlatinum: FailFish LickMyPretzel: lol AkiraJkr: LULW UltraWindow: body blocked LULW Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh Youbetterlikemyburgers: wait for it elaKek VauntDanial: Stealth Dynamite LULW some_god_of_transparency: forsenT HotFireZ: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL dent_t: LULW Shrimpess: LULW sjuften_: PepeLaugh alekzander_1234: 😀 Cheeseek: PepeLaugh MagicFrogs: LUL EstusFox: MISSLE LAUNCHER Nimmerlein: LUL Gerynt: Why dynamite NotLikeThis brot_ok: OMEGADOWN Rural_Juror_: LUL AurbisDragon: death inc PhilRamirez: D: Larg0s: everyone gonna die PogU AkiraJkr: Use your gun not dynamite LULW A_Gallon_of_Milk: oh god GK_GruxLike: ANELE Clap karoshi06: ANELE RealLifeTsundere: LUL zebrasarasa: rooD ekahS_hS: no there’s three of those idiots LUL Shrimpess: ??? fatpep: LULW FrankerZ_123: stealth with 3 other people FeelsPepoMan zebrasarasa: rooD NO PhilRamirez: ANELE fitzgenius: lmfao klyacha: what is this place\quest, i cant remember bambino_86: LUL terrbear3: ANELE AurbisDragon: ROFL AkiraJkr: LULW weontheultralightbeam: LULW AbsoluteHope: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN Miththar: LULW atomicdestruction: LULW PaperLynx: LULW Himmee: LULW memorycard1mega: lul marauder8799: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW sjuften_: OMEGALUL Shadowfax71: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaKek Jyatt: LULW HotFireZ: lol angryj0nes: LULW Hollow_void: LULW Deid_: LULW carlitoB: LOL moonriise: OMEGADOWN Germy_ranch: OMEGALUL Liransherman: ANELE Clap djinn_94: ????????? Jaargan: LULW bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN KRSpirit: ANELE HYPERCLAP A_Gallon_of_Milk: ANELE MiIIiki: LULW Retriuu: LUL zplol_: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: WTF LUL LUL alekzander_1234: hahahaha! StarPogPlatinum: LULW LULLLW brot_ok: LULW sleepywoof: OMEGADOWN h3adhunt3rrc: LULW AkiraJkr: USE YOUR GUN NOT DYNAMITE LULW @Elajjaz greyfacenospace123: danO Da_Flanker: Smooth Rural_Juror_: Clap tilionm: LUL Tasarion: LULW StarPogPlatinum: danO A_Gallon_of_Milk: ANELE ANELE Flim_: OMEGADOWN Clap Halldan: 1hp PhilRamirez: Clap QziT: Pickpocket him but give him weapon Fatamerikans: Clap moonriise: 1 sailhatan23: lmao TheH3llraiser: LULW Succmeister1337: LUL weontheultralightbeam: ONE HP LULW terrbear3: ANELE Clap sjuften_: OMEGADOWN trusty_mrlie: Good, now they are both dead mkzkSeki: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW VentusNova_: LULW infamouz669: LULK SignificantLackGravitass: Clap FrankerZ_123: welp thats one way Jdam_: Nice LULW zebrasarasa: you won alright GK_GruxLike: 1hp LULW MiIIiki: OMEGALUL PERFECT Shrimpess: VI VON ZULUL Nazzet: Clap KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why not try your assault rifle fitzgenius: npcs went predator camo UnpronounceabIeName: LULW RealLifeTsundere: see? lol bedotheman: Clap EZ bowlofBran: LULW SaintMusik: ANELE Clap Eswcvlad: ANELE Clap Streamleen: PISTOL AurbisDragon: LOGAN SAID NO AND DIED franky6476: Behind the bulding 0_jacket_0: OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: LULW sodiumsupreme4ever: True police stories +5% crit + jet + psycho + vats @Elajjaz 😀 take all aim TAIL always at scorps Annonn140: LULW Pyrhaa: this game LUL shameimarusen: I CANT BREATH LMAO JimmyDNogueira: If you wait or sleep outside does Logan heal? A_Gallon_of_Milk: monkaS sailhatan23: just let them die lol illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL LUL crashfort: gachiBOP AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL Pyrhaa: ninja Pog sjuften_: Chag that jump brot_ok: monkaSHAKE shikifujin16: why not switch weapons instead of reloadiang BergDK81: eat jet AkiraJkr: Pog JimmyDNogueira: lmao the ninja jump LickMyPretzel: Chag zebrasarasa: Chag Jyatt: what a hero Pog A_Gallon_of_Milk: Pog MagicFrogs: PogChamp Traktorq: Pog Retriuu: POG brot_ok: Champ Shrimpess: Pog PaperLynx: Chag FeelingLikeTimmy: Pog ❗ marauder8799: Pog StarPogPlatinum: Pog A_Gallon_of_Milk: PogU Jaargan: Pog zplol_: Pog 0_jacket_0: noice KingMidas133: PogU fatpep: SAVE Jdam_: Pog Tasarion: Chag AurbisDragon: Pog Landoy: Pog mysweatyth1ghsss: Pog HotFireZ: Chag AbsoluteHope: Pog zombie391: Chag King_Insane: elaA fitzgenius: omg UltraWindow: PogU Darth_Kredol: PogU Annonn140: Pog kingbradley24: chat is this dlc or main game? @Elajjaz MainMercLobo: S A V E MtotheM1337: save LUL emmytea: SAVE illuminatieyes_xd: ,POG Himmee: PogChamp Retriuu: SAVE Kazeith: Pog zebrasarasa: rooD carlitoB: SAVE Deadlyasskicker: Clap alekzander_1234: PogChamp Da_Flanker: PogU weontheultralightbeam: LULW godlikeb: save it ahga AkiraJkr: SAVE CurseofSherwood: Pog ASmallBenis: SAVE MitsuoK: save sjuften_: Chag HE DID IT zebrasarasa: rooD RUDE palffy187: F5 mysweatyth1ghsss: SAVE angryj0nes: Pog HYPERCLAP StarPogPlatinum: LULW fakie_420: Logang PogU Germy_ranch: I WAS HERE godlikeb: save VentusNova_: D: Hollow_void: LULW Shaminator93: rude Sephirothang: Chag Shrimpess: D: shikifujin16: elaPlan akmannen: D: wandering_pleb: save! HotFireZ: Rude D: UltraWindow: WORTH dan_sai: danYes retro_raiden: elaWOW UnpronounceabIeName: I was here Pog OscarVBender: 1st try Pog WooshWTFf: irst try RealLifeTsundere: GG Pyrhaa: LULW Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh spacefacee: LULW StarPogPlatinum: danO Gerynt: LMAO some_god_of_transparency: Chag sleepywoof: OMEGALUL idey1994: D: ekahS_hS: all three saved Chag Pog Clap BergDK81: inb4 poison death A_Gallon_of_Milk: PogU PogU sailhatan23: after u saved his life?? alekzander_1234: O_o fitzgenius: save Varkain_Aranoth: LUL Nazzet: Shut up and keep streaming D: sjuften_: Pog I was here Pyrhaa: that’s our Logan PepeLaugh some_god_of_transparency: nymnU A_Gallon_of_Milk: ear Pog KurtRustle91: Why have you NOT SAVED 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Logang Pog Darkwever: xD Retriuu: shut up and save crashfort: legionary legion ear lEnrichll: Ela streaming at night??!! UltraWindow: you get nothing LULW emorium: time for a new vegas crash PepeLaugh Eswcvlad: Save monkaS fitzgenius: ur predator mode godlikeb: S A V E AkiraJkr: Still radiated LULW xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Loot the queen? infamouz669: search scorpion some_god_of_transparency: nymnU any soyboys? Sarxend: save kefflah: rip metallica concert elaKek carlitoB: SAVING fitzgenius: save b4 i go into cardiac arrest ocirne23: saving Liransherman: elaBlind BergDK81: SAVE Rural_Juror_: the door ceejsavage: atpCap CurseofSherwood: Pls don’t save PepeLaugh Cheeseek: We Blade of the Dark Moon mow monkaS LickMyPretzel: save AlexAnderman1994: elaBlind Shrimpess: save… mlayers: loot queen UltraWindow: logan was supposed to die zebrasarasa: roo4 Nimmerlein: LUL 0_jacket_0: LULW Kamihades: get an axe ZerbusgameZ: LUL karoshi06: rad x KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz why the fuck have you not saved yet fatpep: elaB truectrl: D: rawbelof: save Annonn140: SAVE ekahS_hS: save imagetr3: door Arctic_Junk: BLIND Naniyo: LULW Amalthazad: ^^ shikifujin16: ela is pass midnoght will you still have any energy for tomorrow??? alekzander_1234: DansGame sjuften_: ungrateful LULW Liransherman: elaBlind Clap ekahS_hS: saving is good GK_GruxLike: MALDING LULW MitsuoK: save pl0z illuminatieyes_xd: BLIND 0_jacket_0: backseating PepeLaugh mrhindsight: Read the orders? Annonn140: YES Palookajim: Logan may need a murderin’ after the quest is over 😎 0_jacket_0: almost chief Rural_Juror_: vineBlind zebrasarasa: roo4 HYPERCLAP th3sh3riff: is elajjaz using any mods? brot_ok: PepeLaugh Jaargan: LULW AlexAnderman1994: elaBlind bedotheman: ?? alekzander_1234: save you beautiful bastard BergDK81: no radiation suit? TH3N4RL3Y1: Come here! elaWut razorxscooter: Theres a better one here Liransherman: elaBlind VDSMF: sh LickMyPretzel: Wasn’t there another door? Da_Flanker: Keep going Rural_Juror_: elaBlind Liransherman: elaBlind Clap Kazeith: ShUt Up AnD kEeP gOiNg scp_david33: elaBlind gild0n: @elajjaz loot the queen ! KurtRustle91: continue the quest???? DaxTagNan: LUL ChaosLike: he wants you to shut up and keep going Type4J: He wants you to shut up and keep going elaMad imagetr3: That door next to the desk NordicRain: !mods xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Did you loot the suits? WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clarity mods installed. illuminatieyes_xd: soo blind LUL l_Glaten_l: save KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz ?????? FrankerZ_123: mate B1GTRUCK: Keep up and shut going AkiraJkr: LULW emmytea: oh my god SAVE Lonewander101: !sub KurtRustle91: so 3Head Neimyin: OMEGLOL WrestlerBot2000: Use this to sub on phone or iPad: https://secure.twitch.tv/products/elajjaz/ticket/new?ref=below_video_subscribe_button Amalthazad: OMEGLOL crashfort: atpCap ChaosLike: FeelsPepoMan TheSTL: @elajjaz search the queen ? ekahS_hS: elaD bedotheman: Clap Amayseing: SAVE illuminatieyes_xd: DONT SAVE LUL WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! ceejsavage: atpCap fatpep: LULW zebrasarasa: rooD brot_ok: forsenKek Here it comes Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Amayseing: i can’tt talk it anymore FrankerZ_123: gachiHYPER gold_dante: @elajjaz you need a proper radiation suit ChaosLike: gachiBASS greyfacenospace123: it autosaved chat TwistedtheNether: gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: Kreygasm l_Glaten_l: @elajjaz SAVE Jaargan: doesn’t even save FailFish AlexAnderman1994: gachiBASS cheeze____: Ela has to process this first he’s a little slow at times elaHYUG FeelingLikeTimmy: ElaPls LOCKED OUT magic_is_greatness: more like Ruined 🙂 FrankerZ_123: ranged WooshWTFf: LUL MainMercLobo: ranged alekzander_1234: thank God AbsoluteHope: ranged Annonn140: rather shikifujin16: repair ekahS_hS: rather drakanx2: Racon nobunaga0daa: hey elaHi no sleep today? Larg0s: ricardo 0_jacket_0: OMEGALUL crashfort: stoners in chat all saying different passwords elaK Liransherman: not removing duds first elaKek JESSrz: ez djinn_94: @Elajjaz did you loot queen? illuminatieyes_xd: does he not know about duds ? JimmyDNogueira: Shut up and keep hacking VentusNova_: URNED Smoothstone: @crashfort sacLOL climaxbeat: caused Annonn140: carved Shrimpess: FACING fitzgenius: chmod -r 777 * MainMercLobo: called HeroOfThyme: carved drakanx2: called Katt_007: Hatred mstrpickles: called karoshi06: backed brot_ok: Called LordParasit: backed djinn_94: _a__ed FrankerZ_123: called Kirzan: It could be -A–ED King_Insane: hatred probably xx_bersark: @Elajjaz called Jekich_An: called LordParasit: a and ed ZanRebel: a ed ekahS_hS: carved Hollow_void: called Espher_5: PepeLaugh imagetr3: backed SnarksterJr: _A__ED Amalthazad: FeelsPepoMan emmytea: cAusED illuminatieyes_xd: ITS E D Pyrhaa: Ned Stark PepeHands FrankerZ_123: FeelsPepoMan Liransherman: hatred LickMyPretzel: elaGa Shrimpess: FACING 5Head Liransherman: @Elajjaz harted StarBoredom: Hatred MitsuoK: backed Gam3freak99: Called\ B1GTRUCK: earned would be 4 if it was NED cheeze____: always ending letters btw elaGa alekzander_1234: TheIlluminati Espher_5: chat shh PepeLaugh Annonn140: FeelsPepoMan Liransherman: hatred bubwub: called or backed Llyfrgell: backed illuminatieyes_xd: GAINED GoldoMania: @Elajjaz what do you think about this game? worth to buy it? ekahS_hS: carved could be it AkiraJkr: DONT Arctic_Junk: NO LickMyPretzel: call ed he’s crying AkiraJkr: DUDS @Elajjaz AurbisDragon: oh no no no Toprak078: Carved Axel_Again: call ed VDSMF: earned VentusNova_: Caused verycoolviewer: monkaSHAKE emmytea: CAUSED FrankerZ_123: carved mstrpickles: carved 100% illuminatieyes_xd: CARVED Sambo4248: backed Jekich_An: caused KurtRustle91: It cant be hatred Toprak078: Carved please LickMyPretzel: lelelelel Von_Gnome: CArved dt5014: carved Retriuu: no DaxTagNan: carved Tasarion: carved xx_bersark: Carved bubwub: 100% backed Gam3freak99: CARVED 0_jacket_0: CARVED CallMeYume_: @Elajjaz if you go through all the random characters, sometimes there is like a block of them, as if it’s a word, and it gives you extra lives/removes words Shrimpess: FeelsPepoMan Toprak078: Arves NordicRain: FeelsPepoMan Germy_ranch: 5Head Axel_Again: Ed will know. call him PWN3D__: carved Monster5crak: reset ChaosLike: LELELE ekahS_hS: carved 100% King_Insane: carved fatpep: @Elajjaz remove duds , it can replanish chnaces dzemroz: CARVED AurbisDragon: HERE IT COMES some_god_of_transparency: forsenT Dudica: CAUSED Liransherman: CARVED Llyfrgell: BACKED Dalton0B: !uptime Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Larg0s: FeelsPepoMan FrankerZ_123: FeelsPepoMan ceejsavage: atpCap Von_Gnome: CARVED Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaGa o_vincentius: C A R V E D TheXearo: could be caused or carved NordicRain: PepeLaugh bambino_86: FeelsPepoMan Amalthazad: ????????? Deid_: FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: BRACKETS 0_jacket_0: 5Head imagetr3: try brackets brot_ok: elaHYUG HYPERCLAP Rural_Juror_: monkaW terrbear3: PepeLaugh Neimyin: What are these sounds monkaW UnpronounceabIeName: elaGa TheH3llraiser: elaOk carlitoB: no AlexAnderman1994: FeelsPepoMan sjuften_: FeelsPepoMan MilchiWay: its not carved 0_jacket_0: DO IT qsrRain: FeelsPepoMan Hevnoraak: no LUL Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Cecilff2: Yes 🙂 AkiraJkr: BRACKETS @Elajjaz Sharkpocalypse: Caused greyfacenospace123: danDerp Dudica: @Elajjaz CAUSED Dargiie: PepeLaugh JadedWarrior: PepeLaugh NoeightSemEclipse: CAUSED NordicRain: no PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: RESET monkaW djinn_94: NotLikeThis Dusty_Degenerate: reset illuminatieyes_xd: REMOVE DUDS alekzander_1234: 🙂 WrestlerBot2000: @Dalton0B, elajjaz has been streaming for 8 hours 56 mins weontheultralightbeam: DO IT PogU delopterd: caused Glenshane: LULW bubwub: backed @Elajjaz Varkain_Aranoth: back out lol magic_is_greatness: CAUSED 🙂 verycoolviewer: NO RonnieeinnoR: carved th3sh3riff: PepeLaugh carlitoB: it cant be carved NightfallJaeger: PepeLaugh Espher_5: PepeLaugh TheXearo: NO LickMyPretzel: paranthesis bottom right UltraWindow: pop some brackets KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz we are way better at this than you, dude you make the dumbest decisions in this minigame MilchiWay: NO PaperLynx: 5Head Clap mouthyfob: PepeLaugh Gam3freak99: NO Succmeister1337: or caused marauder8799: PepeLaugh Kamihades: back out briedis24: briedis24 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 25 months, currently on a 6 month streak! TheXearo: CAUSED VentusNova_: could be caused WrestlerBot2000: @briedis24 You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Fatamerikans: CAUSED delopterd: NO Gam3freak99: ITS NOT CARVED AbsoluteHope: has to be caused BergDK81: brackets to reset attempts Arctic_Junk: YES Fatamerikans: CAUSED CAUSED CAUSED raider_unkindled: trust us elaSmile climaxbeat: caused Pionside: PepeLaugh Dudica: CAUSED Halldan: caused VauntDanial: Doesnt use brackets LULW marauder8799: caused Sliphe: CAUSED LordParasit: Backed stock0077: Carved FrankerZ_123: caused cyanhearth: CAUSED cheeze____: NOOO AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz BRACKETS AurbisDragon: 5head TheXearo: 2 possibility Nifran: NOT CARVED Llyfrgell: backed bubwub: backed carlitoB: earned would be 4 King_Insane: caused could be it as well ChaosLike: it can be caused crashfort: PepeS AurbisDragon: 5Head fatpep: @Elajjaz remove duds , it can replenish chances Von_Gnome: Jebaited Zamerakian: BACKED xx_bersark: @Elajjaz restart illuminatieyes_xd: REMOVE DUDS REMOVE DUDS JimmyDNogueira: CAUSED TH3N4RL3Y1: never trust chat FrankerZ_123: back out or duds AurbisDragon: 5Head HYPERCLAP QziT: @Elajjaz Do it the fast way and remove some of the answers B1GTRUCK: gained (3)=/=carved Cecilff2: Use thestuff Gerynt: USE BRACKETS NoeightSemEclipse: FFS CAUSED zebrasarasa: cocked Basas_: NOT CARVED ELAYZA: no its not weskraudaon: duds Myowa_: caused MaybeAlpaca: USE BRACKETS SnarksterJr: RESET monkaW monkaW Kirzan: Remove duds? Larsn2k: CAUSED 100% 🙂 ZanRebel: ABORT Lemonsponge: caused MilchiWay: ITS CAUSE BroqRox: you shouldnt PepeLaugh FrankerZ_123: FeelsPepoMan some_god_of_transparency: forsenT Clap emmytea: CARVED AND CAUSED WOULD BE 5 ELAYZA: cause called has C Von_Gnome: remove brackets! CallMeYume_: @Elajjaz if you go through all the random characters, sometimes there is like a block of them, as if it’s a word, and it gives you extra lives/removes words KurtRustle91: ????? VauntDanial: Just use the brackets LULW AkiraJkr: THE BRACKETS LULW @Elajjaz dzemroz: brackes? Fatamerikans: CARVED CONFLICTS WITH EARNED Jyatt: coward Tasarion: OMEGALUL greyfacenospace123: danO Shrimpess: ela elaWeird ELAYZA: FailFish UltraWindow: NotLikeThis knows about brackets but doesnt use them LickMyPretzel: what the fuck weontheultralightbeam: easy terminal btw LULW Liransherman: @Elajjaz not removing duds? UnpronounceabIeName: DansGame o_vincentius: C A R V E D VoteYea lipoutou: NotLikeThis Because_we_said_so: lol scared BergDK81: you had brackets NightfallJaeger: FeelsWeirdMan delopterd: FeelsWeirdMan n4tk0: it canr be carved because earned some_god_of_transparency: xqcSkip sipCider: ela still hasn’t learned about brackets? Gam3freak99: @Elajjaz Brackets can give you attempts back VentusNova_: TEEVEE Larg0s: 📺 GK_GruxLike: gachiPls not enabled WeirdChamp SignificantLackGravitass:akmannen: Thihii? Von_Gnome: NotLikeThis knows about brackets but doesnt use them drakanx2: helped Axel_Again: Beaten Trizze: Can you explain how this hacking thing works @Elajjaz ? FeelsPepoMan or @chat ? brot_ok: VEE BEE KKrikey SnarksterJr: @sipCider he knows but hes being lazy DaxTagNan: tested Llyfrgell: BEATEN imagetr3: sealed rasberryplays: does he know about the {} resets? AurbisDragon: Pogf Shrimpess: TEEHEE AYAYA Cocok_Xecyca: beaten VauntDanial:@Elajjaz Dudica: @Elajjaz Use three guesses then look for dud removers VentusNova_: TEE HEE AYAYA LAKKI imLunchy: FeelsWeirdMan Von_Gnome: WOOO emmytea: this is too painful some_god_of_transparency: ElaPls LULW AkiraJkr: get the right word to pass, brackets to get rid of falses/get 3 more chances @Trizze FrankerZ_123: blind nymnWeird illuminatieyes_xd: not knowing about duds NotLikeThis Monster5crak: so elaBlind delopterd: HACKERMANS UnpronounceabIeName: 😉 VentusNova_: elaGa LickMyPretzel: elaGa some_god_of_transparency: forsenT Nifran: HELPED brot_ok: omega elaBlind Toprak078: Seales Zamerakian: @Trizze Whenever you click a word, it lets you know which letters apply to the correct password. Jaargan: elaGa NordicRain: FeelsPepoMan zombie391: blind af KingMidas133: elaGa raider_unkindled: @Elajjaz can you enable hackerman elaB Trizze: @AkiraJkr what monkaW ChaosLike: FeelsPepoMan Nazzet: 3Head Toprak078: Sealed please angryj0nes: TV TV TV zeve Arctic_Junk: I’m guessing BEATEN, don’t @ me JimmyDNogueira: @Trizze When you pick a word it shows how many of the letters are correct so you can guess o_vincentius: sroPenguin AlexAnderman1994: elaGa marauder8799: FeelsPepoMan Toprak078: Sealed some_god_of_transparency: forsenT SPESHIMEN Toplay92: TII WIIII Amalthazad: LULW ceejsavage: atpCap FrankerZ_123: helped AkiraJkr: It’s what I said Toprak078: Sealed man StarPogPlatinum: FeelsPepoMan Xephon111: @illuminatieyes_xd he does. He thinks it’s a waste of time PepeLaugh VentusNova_: it can be E’s too ekahS_hS: beaten Thiamath: ohnDud KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz helper Toprak078: Sealed NordicRain: TV FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: sealed Ferloco: FeelsPepoMan MitsuoK: helped TheXearo: It could be anything UltraWindow: !clockwise greyfacenospace123: danDerp WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing BergDK81: TEEVEE UnpronounceabIeName: FeelsPepoMan zebrasarasa: elaSmile QziT: this is painful 😀 Trizze: monkaW wtffffffffff actually difficult fatpep: @Elajjaz Sealed LickMyPretzel: it’s sealed 100% drakanx2: HELPED SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz remember the brackets can give you more guesses, so do those when youre 1 guess left AurbisDragon: ???????? VauntDanial: LETTER RonnieeinnoR: it can’t contain E some_god_of_transparency: sumSmash KingMidas133: @Trizze you’re looking for the right password from all these words, whenever you click on a word it shows how many letters are correct, like “3/6” HotFireZ: SEALED xx_bersark: sealed KrazyShark: i played so many fallout games and i never knew there were duds on this stupid ass minigame NotLikeThis illuminatieyes_xd: @xephon111 OH thats even worse LUL crashfort: TPFufun zplol_: letter PWN3D__: Sealed reflektioNCS: FeelsPepoMan FrankerZ_123: sealed NotMaloony: is he retard? TheXearo: could work yes KurtRustle91: yes jack_off_jim: Everyone is a pro hacker in chat apparently FeelsLateMan NordicRain: It’s like a little child learning words PepeLaugh NightfallJaeger: Kapp MainMercLobo: dude wtf AkiraJkr: DO BRACKETS @Elajjaz NotLikeThis Liam_pRxda: Tested mkzkSeki: LULW Jaargan: biitten elaGa carlitoB: yes cato____: I’ve never seen someone take this puzzle so seriously LULW marauder8799: PepeLaugh TJ_Mellow: elaKek VentusNova_: SEALED Nimmerlein: LUL zebrasarasa: roo4 HYPERCLAP Kazeith: @krazyshark me too Tasarion: PepeLaugh MyNameLacksImagination: LULW brot_ok: forsenKek CuckiTheDucki: report truectrl: Jebaited Hollow_void: LULW Jekich_An: LUL Luxorion: PepeLaugh Katt_007: LULW sjuften_: PepeLaugh bubwub: return Trizze: thank you @chat monkaW bluenarwhal1: LUL some_god_of_transparency: nymnWeird LickMyPretzel: ……….. Succmeister1337: Sealed VauntDanial:@Elajjaz Germy_ranch: Jebaited Himmee: LULW Toprak078: SEALED Nazzet: OMEGADOWN greyfacenospace123: danO Neimyin: 2/6 PepeLaugh Zamerakian: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL LickMyPretzel: omfg BergDK81: sealed qsrRain: PepeLaugh kingbradley24: it can’t be letter wtf sailhatan23: hobbDerp LickMyPretzel: kill me Peringo: I thought sealed fatpep: PepeLaugh MilchiWay: LUL Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: ELAJJAZ OMEGALUL 0_jacket_0: shoot it ‘ Axel_Again: LUl Toprak078: PLEASE SEALED fatpep: elaKek Trizze: SHOOT THE PC @Elajjaz Cheeseek: monkaH cato____: SHOOT IT KKona PWN3D__: LUL AkiraJkr: Stop resetting just do brackets LULW @Elajjaz Xephon111: @illuminatieyes_xd no joke LUL mizoreeee: so mald LULW AbsoluteHope: PepeLaugh Liransherman: EASY TERMINAL LULW KrazyShark: @Kazeith damn man, we learn something new everyday ChaosLike: PepeLaugh Dema_: Easy LULW Neimyin: “locked – easy” PepeLaugh Cecilff2: Ela use the duds LULW AurbisDragon: *Logan dies of boredom* MainMercLobo: easy btw PepeLaugh anonssr1: LOCKED – EASY pepeLaugh Toprak078: COME ON MAN Monster5crak: “easy” FrankerZ_123: LULW alekzander_1234: 😀 Tasarion: hackerman 5Head Llyfrgell: FeelsPepoMan Germy_ranch: PUZZLES LULW brot_ok: OMEGADOWN mkzkSeki: PepeLaugh Traktorq: LULW Luxorion: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP bluenarwhal1: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL jack_off_jim: Sounds like elas brain is melting LUL ToneBacas: easy one too LULW Axel_Again: warned FrankerZ_123: PogU xdreigor: Pog 0_jacket_0: PogU BergDK81: its “easy” btw emmytea: wan Nimmerlein: 50 IQ strimmer LUL RealLifeTsundere: on an EASY terminal mkzkSeki: LULW Axel_Again: WARNED ChickenMuffins: Warned HEWSTI: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: BRACKETS marauder8799: LULW Liransherman: OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: hahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh KappaJon: @Elajjaz warned? MagicFrogs: LUL LUL illuminatieyes_xd: BACKED Deid_: OMEGALUL ScifiSaint: LULW zplol_: LULW AbsoluteHope: lasted alekzander_1234: NotLikeThis Amalthazad: LULW zombie391: LULW NordicRain: PepeLaugh ChaosLike: OMEGALUL Liam_pRxda: 1 left SignificantLackGravitass: LULW crashfort: !!! WARNING: LOCKOUT IMMINENT !!! AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz DO BRACKETS NotLikeThis FrankerZ_123:Streamleen: Harder than the radscorpion queen WerewolfB: LULW ekahS_hS: warned Annonn140: OH NO Jekich_An: warned LickMyPretzel: blind imLunchy: Warned Pog NightfallJaeger: OMEGALUL KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz are you even trying to look at the words oxcraft: warned imagetr3: warned Dema_: ElaPls LOCKED ElaPls LOCKED ElaPls LOCKED ElaPls LOCKED ElaPls LOCKED ElaPls LOCKED ElaPls LOCKED ElaPls LOCKED Cheeseek: warned ScifiSaint: Don’t tell him chat PepeLaugh 0_jacket_0: WACKO emmytea: literally blind MainMercLobo: warned Llyfrgell: WARNED LickMyPretzel: you missed brackets Glenshane: warned Gerynt: BLIND NotLikeThis King_Insane: warned Hollow_void: SO BLIND LULW raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh dont tell him chat FeelingLikeTimmy: ElaPls LOCKED OUT Monster5crak: elaBlind Cecilff2: elaBlind cyanhearth: HATRED Liransherman: u had one below Trizze: elaBlind Liransherman: elaBlind KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz warned rasberryplays: ( ) fact0rize: LASTED? pcallow: WARNED Flim_: Lasted Axel_Again: FailFish illuminatieyes_xd: Bblind CurseofSherwood: LOST TO WORDS PepeLaugh shameimarusen: Actually Blind Jaargan: elaBlind AkiraJkr: BLIND LULW FrankerZ_123: blind ChickenMuffins: WARNED SnarksterJr: it cant be warned chat Katt_007: missed Axel_Again: WARNED KappaJon: @Elajjaz warned? Liransherman: AND ONE ABOVE StarBoredom: accurate hacker sjuften_: Warned maybe Llyfrgell: warned Glenshane: WARNED AkiraJkr: SOOOOOO BLIND LULW Monster5crak: IN SECOND LINE RIGHT tilionm: missed 3 duds UltraWindow: elaBlind beergut666: lasted Liransherman: 2 MISSED cyanhearth: WARNED Luxorion: WARNED VauntDanial: How is he actually so blind LULW Tasarion: elaBlind Jekich_An: WARNED imLunchy: Warned Pog Rural_Juror_: so bad Monster5crak: GOD elaBlind Cecilff2: Skipped 2 removes illuminatieyes_xd: ITS BACKED CHAT kalteva_: chat pls its not warned Eswcvlad: lasted Plated_Pangolin: not warned! HotFireZ: NotLikeThis Sarxend: missed 3 Fearswe: Second row right column @Elajjaz AkiraJkr: Ela is soo blind LULW Fearswe: FFS SnarksterJr: IT CANT BE WARNED elaREE Liransherman: 4 MISSED 0_jacket_0: elaBlind AurbisDragon: ? FrankerZ_123: omg Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringZealousParrotCoolStoryBro Rural_Juror_: SO BAD Tasarion: elaBlind x2 Cecilff2: 3 skipped PepeLaugh King_Insane: elaBlind Dalton0B: before savage emmytea: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Cubeheads14: Warned bro UltraWindow: actual blind Xephon111: Just get rid of duds. It’s way faster than guessing elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE ChaosLike: ? crashfort: elaBlind marauder8799: [?] Glenshane: LULW SignificantLackGravitass: elaBlind HYPERCLAP Monster5crak: GOD DAMMIT ELA Luxorion: WARNED PepeLaugh Dudica: elaBlind Aaron1294: LULW greyfacenospace123: It’s not warned you dummies aequitas_666: Warned Jaargan: elaBlind elaBlind 0_jacket_0: noice ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh BergDK81: ? TheGloriousRage: elaBlind MagicFrogs: PogChamp Fearswe: You’ve gone past several now NordicRain: Pog U xx_bersark: 4 MISSED BLINF sjuften_: Pog MainMercLobo: warned GK_GruxLike: ACTUALLY BLIND OMEGADOWN 420donger: RELOAD Deid_: Pog FrankerZ_123: Kapp Glenshane: WARNED KrazyShark: Chag Cheeseek: Pog VauntDanial: He cant not be trolling LULW KingMidas133: Pog mkzkSeki: Kapp Aaron1294: Kapp Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK TheXearo: its not warned Halldan: Kapp imagetr3: warned illuminatieyes_xd: LUL Trizze: elaBlind Cheeseek: Warned occelot15: warneed King_Insane: warned Llyfrgell: WARNED fatpep: WARNED Jekich_An: LASTED aequitas_666: @Elajjaz warnde oxcraft: lasted ekahS_hS: warned TH3N4RL3Y1: Keepo natiThump crashfort: WAWAWAWAWAWA emmytea: waaa VauntDanial: This is actually ridiculous LULW delopterd: waaa Cecilff2: Lasted oxcraft: LASTED Shrimpess: WAAA ihateleague: warned Liam_pRxda: LASTED VentusNova_: WAWAWA AYAYA sailhatan23: weed truectrl: WAAAAA reflektioNCS: FeelsPepoMan Nox15: LASTED n4tk0: lasted TJ_Mellow: WAAA FrankerZ_123: FeelsPepoMan wahhh shikifujin16: HATRED Amalthazad: LASTED fact0rize: LASTED Luxorion: PepeLaugh 👉 WARNED raider_unkindled: FeelsPepoMan SnarksterJr: pepega chat Kyucmbr: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind sjuften_: FeelsPepoMan waaa waa Dudica: WAAAAAAAA StarPogPlatinum: FeelsPepoMan NotMaloony: warned or lasted Sauce117: lasted=no? wtf Jaargan: WAAAAA elaGa elaGa Eswcvlad: _lasted_ Neimyin: WAAAAAA PepoDance Da_Flanker: WAH KingMidas133: elaGa CurseofSherwood: elaWeird KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz lasted Cecilff2: LASTED UnpronounceabIeName: FeelsPepoMan Tasarion: PepeLaugh Dusty_Degenerate: lasted MilchiWay: AYAYA ceejsavage: atpCap illuminatieyes_xd: LUL LUL LUL Vallyen_: lasted KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz lasted… Axel_Again: LUL KappaJon: PepeLaugh Trizze: chat PepeLaugh StarBoredom: this is an easy terminal :/ mkzkSeki: PepeLaugh Varkain_Aranoth: it’s lasted AkiraJkr: lasted tilionm: elaK elaHYUG Liam_pRxda: Lasted – ATED KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz lasted. ekahS_hS: LUL raider_unkindled: cmonBruh climaxbeat: lasted Glenshane: PepeLaugh oxcraft: lasted Da_Flanker: forsenKek Luxorion: PepeLaugh Zamerakian: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_xd: HATRED Liransherman: @Elajjaz dud below Hollow_void: lasted Flim_: Lasted oxcraft: LASTED TheH3llraiser: Pog mkzkSeki: Pog Tasarion: 5Head AkiraJkr: HYPERCLAP fact0rize: Pog Shrimpess: Chag sjuften_: Chag brot_ok: Pog ADuckNamedDan: so many people were wrong zebrasarasa: HYPERCLAP Annonn140: 5Head hydra_capo: FeelsPepoMan AurbisDragon: 5Head wandering_pleb: Chag UnpronounceabIeName: Pog raider_unkindled: elaEZ volkeeh: Chag Jaargan: Pog Da_Flanker: Yenius illuminatieyes_xd: pog SnarksterJr: 5Head Shrimpess: 5Head chat ChaosLike: Pog Zamerakian: I GUESSED IT 🙂 KappaJon: why dont you listen to chat more often? Kapp beergut666: it’s fucking lasted UltraWindow: 100% right 5Head Amalthazad: 5Head chat FrankerZ_123: Chag Pionside: PogU shikifujin16: That lasted awhile Cecilff2: 5Head Hollow_void: 5Head chat n4tk0: 2000iq kalteva_: Chat saying Warned LUL fact0rize: Ez Clap crashfort: chats just guessing atpCap greyfacenospace123: first try Pog CurseofSherwood: @chat Pog Cocok_Xecyca: 5Head KurtRustle91: @ADuckNamedDan literally everyone was saying Lasted imLunchy: Chag Zamerakian: 5Head o_vincentius: sroHype1 sroHype1 sroHype1 sroHype1 sroHype1 MilchiWay: took only 6 tries PepeLaugh Dudica: It was me 🙂 fitzgenius: admin / admin BergDK81: worth ToneBacas: 5Head master mind 0_jacket_0: 0_jacket_0 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak! HACKERMANS I’m in HACKERMANS AurbisDragon: LORE OMEGALUL Beard_Of_Joy: FeelsLateMan WrestlerBot2000: @0_jacket_0 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM emmytea: all that for LORE Arctic_Junk: See @Elajjaz , chat knows Axel_Again: WHO SAID LASTED WHILE EVERYONE WAS SAYING WARNED? PogChamp true genius illuminatieyes_xd: L O R E zebrasarasa: 4House FrankerZ_123: 4House Zamerakian: 4House ScifiSaint: L Pog R E Shrimpess: Hacker MaN Amalthazad: @Axel_Again I did 5Head Luxorion: PepeUff Xephon111: @crashfort and Ela wasn’t PepeLaugh ButtStallionXIII: 4House AurbisDragon: L OMEGALUL RE Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringZealousParrotCoolStoryBro Axel_Again: @amalthazad ThankEgg AkiraJkr: BLIND LULW Shrimpess: elaOk Annonn140: me 🙂 brot_ok: elaBlind HYPERCLAP ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: SOO BLIDN LULW Robb44566: TEEVEE Pog Arctic_Junk: FOrgot a nade there Sliphe: Missed nade ADuckNamedDan: kill the spaceman Sarge Kappa zebrasarasa: rooD Amalthazad: ela1 ela2 UnpronounceabIeName: He’s tired chat, don’t bully 🙁 bloodcaleb: forsenWC Amalthazad: ela3 ela4 LickMyPretzel: Died on the shitter Trizze: forsenWC 0_jacket_0: !uptime VauntDanial: @Elajjaz I think you might actually need glasses or something LULW Axel_Again: kill. something. AkiraJkr: forsenWC Liransherman: elaBlind WrestlerBot2000: @0_jacket_0, elajjaz has been streaming for 9 hours 1 min NightfallJaeger: forsenWC Eswcvlad: forsenWC AkiraJkr: You missed one nade LULW 0_jacket_0: holy shit Markeh04: Died while pooping PepeHands Goodluckmode: Axe in bathroom vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh 👉 forsenWC lewek123: Addicted Ej Cheeseek: imagine dying while taking a shit PepeHands Chess_462: Hey ela, hey chat elaHi elaH emmytea: B L I N D razorxscooter: Weapon in toilets elaISee Germy_ranch: Elvis died while taking a shit PepeHands Gerynt: @Cheeseek That’s how I wanna go FeelsGoodMan weeaboochan: FINALLY HOME FROM BERLIN TO WATCH MY FAV STRUMER!! Hey Chat hey Ela!

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