DYBALA TOUCH CHALLENGE | Testing Dybala’s football skills

DYBALA TOUCH CHALLENGE | Testing Dybala’s football skills

Listen; I don’t speak Spanish – A little bit. – I don’t speak Italian – The truth is they’re amazing! They have… a color that makes them look like fire and so Hopefully they’ll have a great performance in the field, I think they will, they’re great so far Yes, I think. Ready! I think the most important thing is the concentration. Being prepared, that’s the fundamental thing to have a great control Not to think about… maybe about what you’re going to do, but knowing that having a good control can be beneficial in many aspects like winning a half-time, evading a opponent and I think that many times you can forget that due to a lack of concentration and I think that’s the fundamental thing in the field. Yes. Yes, many times I try to… to position myself or to take a look in advance. Before receiving the pass, being already prepared knowing where the defenders are and where my partners are too because many times you can be surrounded by several opponents and you have to solve with one touch or two touches maximum and I think that it’s fundamental to be prepared before receiving the ball in most cases, positioning the body or to take a look without hesitating, knowing where can your partners pass you the ball and being well positioned in the field, based on the position you’re playing at. That’s recorded. You have to include that too. I think that… many times the players end up being related to football or keep working in this environment I haven’t think about it yet because I think I have many years left in football and I want to be focused in the field. Then, in the future I will see what the future holds for me but for now, I just want to think about playing football and enjoy playing it because the football players’ career is not that long, so we’ll see what happens then. In Argentina we say “nor cold or hot, warm”. Nor cold How do you say? Nor cold or hot. Warm. I think that having a family. That’s my dream, I’ve always wanted to have one, but I’m also young, right? And And both me and my girlfriend have many things ahead, many goals and dreams, we have work to do and that takes time too, so I think that that’s not going to be easy, but I think the dream is… mine, personally, to have a beautiful family with my girlfriend. You can do it! 1-0 One more. I have a beautiful work team that helps me with those things and we always try to to help in some way. Many times we do it without without having to say we’re doing it or without saying I’m doing it just the fact of helping a lot of people in the hospitals or children or with many delicate subjects, many times we do it without without saying it because that’s not what we want. We just want to help the people who need it most or who are not having a good time so we always try to… or sometimes we partner with some association and we do something big and important or sometimes we do it with people both me and my family and my work team. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure.

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  1. Unisport please help.I am having height problems.Other players are taller than me.So during selections the coach having a first look take me to be incapable of playing.What can I do!

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