‘DWTS’ Pro Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy Surprises Couple w/ Relationship Problems

‘DWTS’ Pro Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy Surprises Couple w/ Relationship Problems

– My husband Dominic he’s an amazing husband he’s a great guy very loving, very caring. But when fall comes around
it all suddenly changes. (NFL music) (whistle blows) When football season starts. My husband is obsessed with football. On Sunday’s, he barely talks to me it’s like I don’t even exist. Babe – We have talked about this ever since we started dating. Sunday’s aren’t made for relationships. They’re made for football. – It’s not just on Sundays,
Mondays, Thursdays or Saturdays It’s non-stop talking on
the phone about football Can you please get off the phone? – She makes me feel like I’m
the only guy in the world that’s into football. But it’s like, everyone of my friends
are exactly the same way. – I love my husband, but
honestly I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I just disappear. – Please welcome Suchi and her sports ball
obsessed husband Dominic. You’re not really that bad, right? – Well… – Oh, you hesitated. Okay – I mean it’s been a passion since a kid. I’ve always been into football um, grew up watching
football with my father and just something that’s just embedded (cheer from crowd) and so, it’s just a, yeah – You got one fan here
– There we go okay – But the problem though, Su-chi is more than
watching football, right? – It’s more than just
watching a football game he’s really into fantasy football. So, he’ll wake up like (crowd cheering) – Congratulations, two
more people on your side – There we go, that’s three – So he’ll um, he’ll
wake up 5 in the morning he’ll check the status of his players He’ll call his cousins, his brother so they’re all talking on the phone they’re in the group text message, and I basically don’t get any attention or communication. – My God Do you wish that Suchi would become a fan? – Well no, I mean I don’t want her to
necessarily become a fan I just kinda kinda want Sundays to my, ya know the to myself to watch football. – So wait, you (laughs) my favorite part was when you were like relationships aren’t
supposed to happen on Sundays – [Dominic] Yeah I just think– – Uh, somebody needs to tell God – [Dominic] Right – [Kelly] I think that’s
the Lord’s day, but wait, have you tried watching
games with Dominic? – [Suchi] Yes, I have I checked some YouTube Videos I went on Google and uh– – [Kelly] I try and get into it too – You know what, I did try
watching some games with him but I just, I couldn’t get into it Kelly. – [Kelly] Yeah. – I find it kinda don’t hate me okay – [Kelly] I don’t have
the endurance for it. – but I find it kinda boring. – Me too except, I think that they are athletes I think that it’s impressive what they do it’s just some people don’t
like to chill watching you know what I’m saying? That’s not my vibe. That’s not me either, but.. So, ladies any of your guys any of your guys like this? They’re not? – I feel like my fiance,
he played football and did track, and like
very, very athletic and he loves football his whole family loves football so what I do, is when he’s like I am non-existent when games are on I just go sit in the tub and prune and just have a great time have some wine go book a massage, I’m like Oh, you wanna keep that day for you? I will do a me day. It’ll be great, you know. – [ Kelly] Oh my gosh, I’m with you. – A little balance – I have no idea what fantasy football is. – Yeah, she doesn’t do sports, so – But, how long does it last? How many months out of the year? – [Dominic] Well, five and a half. – Five and a half. Oh, Okay. I was just about to say if it’s two months then wait it out. But five, I don’t know. (laughing) – So wait, how has this impacted
ya’lls relationship Suchi – Basically our quality time especially when I come
home from a long day at work I wanna be able to talk to him about it he’s my best friend, so I I just love spending time with him talking to him about everything but, I know at times he
pretends like he’s listening it just goes in and out the other ear (laughing) – I feel like that’s men in general – [Kelly] I was like That’s called being married, but yeah that will happen without football – Yeah, exactly. – That’s true, yeah. – But how does that make you feel I mean, do you think you could give up like one day? – I mean, I– – Cause it’s a lotta, there’s like it’s not just Thursday, or just Monday it’s all the days, I feel like. – Well, fantasy, I mean you’re
constantly checking updates so fantast is pretty much everyday. Sunday, the games are on all day, of course you have Monday night football and Thursday. – [Kelly] (laughs) oh, my God! You should be a commentator. – Yeah. – That’s amazing Okay, so would you mind, Dominic if maybe like I helped her
find something to do on Sundays – No, I’m totally open to it. I mean, yeah. – He’s like, please!
– Yeah, I’m totally open to it – [Kelly] All right, all right. – I think I’ve always
had an interest for dance especially Hip-Hop, so I wouldn’t mind taking some dance classes. – [Kelly] All right, Suchi. Some Hip-Hop I just pictured you in a club. It was awsome. (laughing) It was awesome. Well, I’ve got someone here who can teach you all about dancing you know him from his time
on Dancing With The Stars I’m so excited about this please welcome Maksim Chmerkovskiy! (crowd cheering) – Oh my God! – Woo, look at that outfit! – You look so cute! – Do ya’ll mind scootin’ down? Okay I love that you brought my wardrobe! – Right – That’s my wardrobe, that’s
so weird that you have.. No really, what is that? Is that, is that for her? – [Maksim] It’s um, yeah. So, first of all I have to say that we thank you for having me
– Oh my gosh, we’re excited – We have absolutely nothing to do I’ve never met them before – Oh my God, look at ya’ll! – We’re sitting like this, like – [Kelly] This is a match made in heaven! – I’m just saying, if
you’re gonna go with it just go all out. You know what I’m saying
– Yeah Like go both halves
– Right (laughing) – This right here this, believe it or not this is a dress. – Oh wow – Not in my closet, but yes. – In my wife’s closet there’s a few of those. – okay, I wanna be your wife – I think that we’re gonna talk about what I’m doing here – Yes – So I figured that – Is that for Suchi? – This is for Suchi. – Okay – Girl
– Uh-oh (laughs) – This is for Suchi – Not only is this for Suchi but, – [Kelly] Wait, all of a sudden – All of a sudden Dominic is like, football what? – [Dominic] Yeah (laughs) – He’s like wait, what – No, but I think I think its the right
thing to offer alternatives you know what I’m saying? Like I also love football, Dominic. But I also love the fact that, you know I mean, I can’t deny Peta, for example, her time on Sundays right so we, you know, we figure things out I don’t play fantasy cause it takes up a lot of time What I wanna offer (clapping) What I wanna offer Suchi is that you know, during the time on Sundays when you feel a little kind of like well what do I do I would like to, you know be your Sunday’s partner if you know what I’m saying? – [Suchi] Aww, thank you! (cheering) (clapping) – So what’s your dance plan? I’m so excited! – [Maksim] So, I have a plan because I feel like you know, I feel like
this is the hobby that you were looking forward to. First of all this dance,
this dress is gonna be hopefully on you by the time we’re done cause we’re gonna prepare an amazing, sexy, hot dance routine That you’re gonna dance on this show – [Dominic] Oh, wow (cheering) – That’s what I’m talkin about How does that sound! – [Maksim] How does that sound? – [Suchi] exciting! – Are you excited! – Yes, I am! Oh my gosh! – We’re gonna come up with
something hot and sexy obviously, you know, fitting for this whatever the thing this thing is – [Kelly] It’s a dress, apparently – I’m a bit confused how you put it on but it’s a dress I have a group of amazing uh, to look at and learn from dancers that are uh, gonna be working with you the performance here on this show is not gonna be our last performance it’s gonna be kinda like a a, um, a test run if you will for
the big grand performance which is, that you and I are
gonna dance at one of the Super Bowl parties in Miami this coming Super Bowl weekend – [Kelly] Did you hear that? She’s going to the Super Bowl, Dominic! – I do have to say, I was told that I’m your plus one, so he can’t come, so it’s gonna be just the two of us But you can watch us on Sundays cause that’s, you know that’s what happens – That’s amazing! – You’ll love it – I’m like going on this side – I am loving it I am loving it I think it sounds awesome – No, it sounds great – It’s irony at it’s finest. – [Suchi] Sounds like he’s jealous – Listen, at the end of this the idea is, that maybe Dominic be okay, you know what I’m saying, I’m gonna join this. This is, this has to be us. – Yeah, no I– – I guarantee if you put
that on he would join you (laughing) – Yeah, no. That’s a good alternative.

36 thoughts on “‘DWTS’ Pro Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy Surprises Couple w/ Relationship Problems

  1. I don't find sport boring but when I think about the fact that I can die any day I would rather have missed a sport event that Sundays with the love of my life.
    What if she dies next week? Would you still want all that time by yourself?

  2. Nobody talking about the husband having an unhealthy addiction. It is in the gambling addiction spectrum if I ain't mistaken. Unless he turns this around ( I belive with professional help) this won't end well.

  3. OMG Honey you are gorgeous:) Walk Awayyyyyyyyyyyy Honestly Be with someone you have things in common with. OMG walk away. You are last on the list – Return the Favor honey:) Don't complain – just walk away.

  4. AGREE it's so BORING it's really made for COUCH Potato's – eeeek who wants a couch potato and guy who is married to sports.

  5. You can find a way to make this marriage work. Sure isn't worth dumping him over, or hip hopping out of the marriage. Vows shouldn't be broken over something that can be fixed.

  6. This was all sorts of awkward. Kelly is not a couple's counsellor and distracting yourself from the issue won't resolve it. I don't think divorce is necessary here, but that guy needs to wake up. I hate when I see couple's act like this instead of working it out. The guy either doesn't care or has an addiction issue.

  7. Suci is a beautiful woman, if her husband is stupid enough not to realize what's he's doing to their marriage, by the time he finds out, it will be too late, a woman that hot wont have any problems with suitors.

  8. Well I guess it's the opposite in my house cause i'm the one on Monday night football, Thursday night football, College football on Saturday from 11:00 am to 10 pm and Sunday football from 12:00 pm to 11 pm During this time don't talk to text don't call! IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!

  9. “Sundays aren’t made for relationships. They’re made for football!”, he said. He’s full of BS.

  10. I'm a girl who loooooooooves soccer, and I think some women are unreasonable when it come to sports. They come on once a week. If I ever get married, my husband will have to understand that he will need to chill out when the game is on.

  11. That is funny. All of a sudden she was looking more interesting to him than nonstop football 24/7. You cannot take your spouse that for granted. Its not just sunday it seems but constant. It will not hurt him to take time for her inbetween games or halftime or take a day off once a week. She also needs some girlfiends to go do stuff with or have sunday be a day to pamper herself. They must not have been married very long. I enjoy a day by myself to do what i like without having to see if he also likes it.

  12. Sorry but I love football more than my S/O of 10 years. College and pro. Girls if you don’t love football then they’re not for you. Just saying. My guy just lays in bed. I’m in front of the tv and screaming at it! Sports are my life , besides our kids.

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