100 thoughts on “Dive Bar – SNL

  1. I have found this in amazon always have it on at. The dive bar https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075PF6Z4Y/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_djYGAbXV18E3G

  2. This one was MUCH better than the first time they tried this exact same sketch a few years back: https://youtu.be/zQm5rL2gokc

  3. So Kenan Thompson is out here with a whole ass BEAUTIFUL singing voice and not doing any super low-key open mic nights that I’m privy to, and I’m upset. I’ve been standing since All That and I just want this non-fanatical fanship to reach its full super sayian potential….tf…

  4. Seeing Ryan Gosling play jaz music takes me back to Lala Land…ah memories. That movie jad the worst ending. I did NOT want to be taken back to that memory thank you very much.

  5. Kyle started the Break. Man, even i would have done it. And after Kenan asked those stupid questions and Kyle said, "Let the man, be Triggs" I would have break character.

  6. So I have a theory, I don't think Keenan had heard Kyle's voice before they did this live and that's why Keenan almost loses it everytime Kyle says something. Because in the Holiday Gig skit with Martin Freeman, Kyle only say one thing and it's a completely different voice. And yes, that is how much time I spend watching these.

  7. Dayum! Ry’s so good on that flute he can play without his lips touching it.. just his smile and breath and twiddling of his fingers.. that’s talent!

  8. It starts so bizare because you dont know why they breaking and it slowly escalates into hilarity. I kinda wish they did more with the rock flute story at the end.

  9. Gosling looks like he REALLY does NOT want to do this sketch. Its kinda like a sketch got pulled and they had to put this together at the last second?

  10. My favorite part of people who don’t know how to play the flute attempting to fake play the flute is how they don’t put their fingers on the keys that actually play the flute 😂😂😂

  11. DerTrisha, Larry Fontinel, Treece Henderson, Raj…. these names are just so funny for this ridiculously hilarious skit. Such a random, rambling script… i love it. XD

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