Devin Duvernay – Dynasty Football Rookie – 2020 NFL Draft Prospect

Devin Duvernay – Dynasty Football Rookie – 2020 NFL Draft Prospect

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Dubonnet stands 511 210 pounds in college he had one hundred and seventy
six catches for 2468 yards and 16 touchdowns that comes out to about a 14
yea 14.0 yards per catch rate for athletic ability we gave him a score of
a seven point one out of ten he has a a really great speed when he gets up to
full speed you know as as we’ve seen because he’s a you know a track star and
some of these other things that he’s done in his career he’s got a lot of
speed once he gets up to the top level the issue that we have is that there
were times where he would get jammed and you know he takes him a little time to
get up to speed you know we didn’t see a lot of stop and go where he really was
getting off guys and getting up to you know high speed quickly so we really
like the athletic profile but there are some big concerns about it as well
toughness we gave him a seven point three out of ten in my mind you know
he’s he’s a kind of a Steve Smith light when it comes to toughness you know if
you remember Panthers and ravens you know Hall of Fame receiver Steve Smith
the dude is uber uber feisty you know he was not it didn’t matter how big you
were he was coming at you and we see it at a Dubonnet you know this kid blocks
really well he’s not afraid of contact and and you can see it in the frame you
know he’s 511 210 a lot of times I was watching I was like dude looks like a
running back I mean he’s just a just a strong strong body player you know and
then and that’s really good I mean teams want guys who’ve got that edge and who
are willing to you know to no matter how big or small they are
willing to just get that nasty side going and use that toughness to help
block or fight fracture yards or you know or any of that for hands you know
this was the part of his game that we love the most we gave him a 7.5 out of
10 you know he ride puts a great Ryan says he typically catches the ball with
his hands away from his body plucking the ball out of the air with ease you
know we see that pretty regularly when we’re watching footage of them you know
he he does a great job you know very similar some of the other receivers that
we’ve we’ve profiled here recently hand seems to be an area where a lot of these
guys in the twenty20 class you know a tough you can tell they’ve been working
with the chugs machine and they’ve been doing a good job developing this area
for Duvernay this is going to be one of the things that jumps off for for the
scouts is their evaluate evaluating them throughout this draft process to go
along with with something we mentioned earlier with the toughness you know with
with yak we gave him a 7.3 out of 10 you know he uses physicality to get extra
yards and to fight for for more than what he was given and you know and we’re
really excited about this part of his game he does a pretty good job with it
you know that we have concerns about him being able to you know to get up to top
speeds and do some of these things but we know that he’s going to fight for
every bit of the yards he can get you know we see a lot of a lot of a slot
receiver you know what he’s done in that in college game is a slot receiver we
see that translating really well with this with the physicality with his
athletic profile with his willingness to get extra yards after contact I mean
they all build this really nice profile of what could become a decent slot
receiver in the NFL with route running we gave him the lowest score of all of
all the things we were aided him we gave him a 5.3 out of 10 isn’t every we’re
really concerned about you know we saw him – a lot of slants and fly patterns
but we didn’t see a lot more than that I mean there’s so much of that on his tape
that we have a concern that it’s very hundred develop route tree you know this
really gives us the vibe that that he could be kind of a lay-around project
player that hopefully in time will develop into a a starting quality slot
receiver you know the guy could wind up becoming you know taxes
our practice squad or taxi squad in here and your fantasy leagues you know as a
guy who you need to sit on and let him develop and grow in some of these areas
like his route tree and and being able to get off jams at the line of scrimmage
and things like that so so it’s definitely a read flight but it’s
definitely area that he developed very quickly if he if he’s working at it
overall we gave him a six point nine out of ten you know not amazing definitely
above average but he’s one of those guys that we we see needing to take time to
develop the pro game you know not only develop in the NFL but it’s gonna take
time for him to become fantasy relevant for your fantasy team you know a lot of
us saw him as a guy that you either love them or you hated them you know there
were guys that evaluated him on the road of a team that basically submit back up
receiver nothing that’s going to help your fantasy rosters we also saw others
that could see him develop a new night slot receiver you know we’re seeing
nowadays in in fantasy as well as NFL slot receivers are very handy they have
a lot of value you know guys that can move all over the package not only from
the slot to the outside you know like a galley duvan and Duvernay can do you
know bring value you know but it’s one of those kind of buyer beware you know
it may be a player if you’re drafting early before the NFL Draft he’s the guy
you’re drafting later kind of as a stash just then on your taxi squad you know
there’s some bright spots to his game there’s a lot of bright spots to his
game but there’s a lot of red flags as well you know so just be careful when
you’re evaluating him and when you decide to put a chip on him and take
them on your fantasy squads as these guys that’s probably going to need a
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  1. I love this speed and run after catch ability. If he finds himself in the right offense, he could be really dangerous. Reminds me of a young Golden Tate with more speed.

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