Deshaun Watson vs. Jerome Boateng in Madden and FIFA | NFL Highlights

Deshaun Watson vs. Jerome Boateng in Madden and FIFA | NFL Highlights

-You never playedMaddenbefore?
-No, never. -All right.
-First time. So, what you do
is you just pick any team, any team you wanna be. Okay, I need a strong team. -This one. It’s good, the team?
-Yeah. -It’s my team, man.
-I know.Today, woke up and went to the
FC Bayern facility and showed Jeromeand how to playMadden.Why you didn’t choose your team? I don’t know, I just played myself
a couple times, but I… -You didn’t do so good in your team?
-I did… I did good. Is it weird for you
to see yourself on the game, and how I play with you? It is. ‘Cause I’ve been playing this
since I was a little kid. So, now actually being on the game
is something I’ve always dreamed for. -So, you see this “X”?
-Yeah. So you wanna hit “X” once,
get in the green. Hit “X”… And when your friends play
against you, they pick you, too? Yeah, they always pick me. Yeah. -They’re better than you, or…
-No, they’re not better than me. When did you start playing football? I started when I was about five, six. I had an older brother
that played football. He’s five years older to me. -Okay.
-And so, growing up watching him,
I wanted to do the same thing. -Yeah.
-How about you? Well, I started
when I was three years old. Same with my dad
and with my two older brothers. One of my older brothers
also play football. -He plays for Frankfurt now.
-Yeah. So, he’s a different position,
I always looked up to him. -I’m doing good?
-Yeah. Actually, you are. -You surprised?
-A little bit.He’s gonna lob one,
deep left side here.-And that’s caught. It’s…
-Aye,-six. So, now you’re injured,
how is the rehab going? The rehab is going good actually. Yeah, so I’m four months
out of surgery. Pretty much two more months left
before they actually cut me loose.Okay.But my leg is getting stronger,
my knee is getting stronger,-and it’s been good.
-Yeah.It’s a tough time, I bet. Like, I had also a few injuries
the last one and a half, two years, I ripped my muscle here
and the tendon,so it was not easy for me.What was the hardest thing
to deal with during the injury? The hardest thing was… Because I bounced back sometimes, but then I got injured again,and I got so frustrated because
I didn’t know what’s going on.The years before I was never injured,and then come one leg, the other leg,I can’t play for two weeks
without anything. So then I changed a lot,
I changed again how I eat, I changed a little bit
the people I’m working with,and I took more time
to recover and rest,and not go too quick
back on the pitch.My advice is just,
100% and then you’re all good. You did your touchdown,
now we switch to my game. All right, let’s do it. You said
you’ve played this a little bit? -A little bit, really
-You play with yourself on here? -No, never.
-Really? -It’s the same with me.
-Yeah, never. -My friends… Yeah.
-They play with you. Yeah. -I’m the same.
-They’re like, “Yeah, look.” You have to pick Bayern maybe,
or Germany. Yeah. -I’ll play with the US.
-All right. Is that in Seattle? So, who’s the hardest person
you ever faced, went against? I would say Lionel Messi. -Really?
-Yeah. He’s the best player
for me in the world, like, by far. What would be your hardest challenge
playing soccer? You have times when
it’s not going too well, like, when you are younger, you are
not that constant on the level, now I’m in the rhythm,
I know what I have to do. When I was young, I was too nervous. I was like, “Big game,
what if I make a mistake? What if…” And then I changed. I spoke a lot
to my brother or to my dad, and he said,
“Look, this is what you love to do, “so just go out and enjoy yourself,
do your best.” And then,
it just got better and better. That was me. See that? So we got you a jersey, man. -With your name on it and number.
-Thank you. -Same here.
-Hell, yeah. -Appreciate that. Yes, sir.
-Me, too. Thank you very much. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Enjoyed it. -All the best for your comeback.
-Thank you, man. Yes, sir, best of luck with you
and the rest of your career, the rest of your season. Thank you. Same to you. I gotta get you to a game, too. -Yeah, sure.
-Get you down to Houston. -Yeah. Yeah.
-Yeah. Make that happen. And then if you make the playoffs… -Yeah. I got you.
-Yeah? -I got you.
-Thank you. Appreciate that.

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  1. Fun competition between the both, I think Boatengs team mate Alaba has some kind of friendship with OBJ. I you are new to Madden make sure to check this tutorials about Franchise Mode, which is a good start to get into the game:

  2. For all u ppl thinking who the f…k is Jerome boateng he is a beast defender for German squad Bayern Munich he is worth more money then this madden player

  3. I love deshaun Watson, as a person and a player. Even as a titans fan, I hope his recovery goes well and gets back to playing to his lvl

  4. Madden is the toughest to get actually decent at if you never played before , it literally takes years to be really good at madden

  5. I have both Madden and Fifa as I am a fan of both styles of football. Both Jerome and Deshaun are quality players I have Boateng in my team on Fifa but I don't have Watson on Madden he's good though maybe when Brady retires!

  6. To see Watson go from our highschool region rival to where he is now is amazing. I love that he is such a humble guy. Not a Texans fan but I'm definitely and Watson fan

  7. No offense. But i have no idea who the american football player is… that sport is non existent outside the american borders.. boateng is known world wide… world champion… european champion…

  8. Man Deshaun you better quit throwing the damn ball outta bounds when I'm playing madden 18. You almost got me knocked out the playoffs by the Patriots in franchise mode…it was the first game of playoffs bruh. Lol jk much love.

  9. I'm a huge NFL fan but ive never been a huge soccer fan. I have been getting into the world cup though it always gets intense.


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