Derek Boogaard & NHL Fighting

tragic news in hockey this past week
with the passing of dairy bogart of the rangers you know unenforced or but you know abudhabi player and apparently
a good guy end here to get a concussion earlier this year what do you what do you think of that i
mean the obvious the sadness over them in the fewer seven seven aside what do
you think of of of fighting concussions the donated his
brain to sciences they can see what the effects of fighting and concussions are
because it’s an ongoing thing and not just in hockey button and certainly in
football as well what you know what do you make of that
it’s a good change the way players play the game i hope a little changes hockey by eight o’clock in the lol too go backward for stardom you’re gonna play because you know
you’re back from one now if the plane usually happens on the other because enforcer one p image total twenty four supreme gentlemen will
be cancelled back virtually change earlier there and uh… i’ve been admitted picture one
proclaims in which is which is really scary because
their huge to an old who rose gretchen direct i’d wait back when i play the porcelain victory
he was with six seven fifty eight yeah record here have you do not you know what you’re trying to weaken the panorama they at that time a person long-term disagreed as i send you never know why i do you know it’s written in one of
the most difficult things to explain someone who is not a hockey fan is why
there is fighting in hockey you know and i you know i houston you know say
exactly what you said and what what you just said that he once told me a story
anecdotally about a fight that you were in with mark
janssens and you guys were both going sort of badly at the time and you
overemphasize i’m i’m paraphrasing over you said to me that you said agents
would vote we could both use this or he said the two-year and then default just
to sort of not only sparked the team but sparked your guys game individually and
and i also there was an amazing thing about the images for it’s a way of
getting pumped up getting your team pumped up but now it now it seems like
it’s you know that there’s the the main event in the under card every game the
it’s it’s almost as it was planned and promoted we are petronella they are booked important not to talk to
each other you know during a game forget that they know what they know a little
probably her family could the to find them they’re happy to do it almost fifty dusty enforcer was dropped some needs to
be existing just sat there in force right there being sort of you know
guidance course twice a year and successes in two hundred fifty penalty
minutes how would that you’re talking about that with the with that we would
still make the game is good with them for or would adjust were to change the momentum of the game
at all you know i’m not going to be alec
advances landmark pig a firm believer just avalon personal
doctor old job which are important from your computer parole hair baleful
toward local goldrich air india latin twelve minutes uh… again the cadets are going to play traditionally played piano part reformer
again the probe for that there’s really no need for rights but
london you have to look at play alot know that those guys used to store
remington silicosis toward goals right near there and export the coroner though erik yeah that they did program you know he got all those thirty
one year yeah that’s right inside the home is worth of gold soared
and their rightist but film eric yeah
expected blew the old broomstick but but strip did thank you very much for the time we
really appreciate it wish to do with him or was let me know and remarkable their traveler

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