Dennis Rodman goes one-on-one with Tucker Carlson

Dennis Rodman goes one-on-one with Tucker Carlson

100 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman goes one-on-one with Tucker Carlson

  1. Why anyone would give this tool bag a minute of airtime is beyond me. Unless they're using him as an example of what the left looks like. Then in that case, it makes sense.

  2. I strongly disagree with Rodman… If you love China so much, go play basketball there. Athletes are no better than the fake media and Hollywood chumps.

  3. "No one thinks LeBron James is dumb." Seriously, Tucker? Stop it, ffs. Everybody with an IQ above room temperature KNOWS, doesn't think, that he's an idiot.

  4. I think rodman was unaware that he said china was a "great" country and that we should not criticize it, but its ok it criticize America. I'm guessing he does not think America is great…

  5. Rodman doesn't understand any of these thoughts and his smarts reflect that.

    If he meant what he said about sports players staying out of politics then I can agree but it seems like he wants it both ways.

  6. This China coddling for money is bullsh1t . Call it what it is, a brutal dictatorship driven by greed and power and no care given to individual. The current Chinese culture is not thousands of years old, it's 60 years old. They're mentally like little spoiled children.

  7. Rodman is right. These players backtracked for their own safety in going over to China. He called for our politicians to call this out and for athletes to keep their mouths shut to stay safe. All so true

  8. Could it be that the Chinese just want to clone all of these exceptionally large people, to create a secret army, or infiltration force?
    Now that would be a great Hollyweird movie that I`d watch!
    Putting Rodman on a 1-2-1 with Carlson was a waste of t.v airtime. He`s obviously wilfully ignorant. Basketball is all.

    He simply just gives 0 fu**s.

  9. He can’t answer honestly. James is a first class idiot! He also puts his own gain in front of your freedoms. That makes him unAmerican! Go live in China and see if they let you shoot you ignorant mouth off! Dennis, you looked uncomfortable. Hard to play both sides against the middle.

  10. Why is Tucker on the air?
    There are those who say he is not at all fair and balanced, possibly a Russian Fake Propaganda spreader, I am inclined to believe this.

  11. Respect lost for allowing this. It's not news on any level. I could go on but it's beneath really anyone. Do much better please.

  12. He was correct about everything except for the main questions. He didn’t deflect or refuse to answer he just said the wrong answers without realizing he fell into Tucker’s trap.

  13. At least Tucker invited one of the brightest mental giants since Einstien on his show, the show has such integrity putting on such a high I.Q. individual on his show.

  14. Tucker came across as 'agenda driven'. Instead, it would have been more productive to have worked at drawing out Dennis's thoughts. Net result, this was a failure of an interview. Perhaps Tucker want to make his living by confrontation. Not impressed.

  15. good heavens rodman has had too much metal in his head and it's contaminated an rotted his brain…no rational thoughts, no intelligent remarks except politics and sports dont mix… dude has fried his brain too much.. twisting himself into a pretzel trying to justify stupidity… go smoke some more weed Rodman, quit the interviews…your failing completely and making a fool of yourself

  16. “I’m not sure I understood a lot of that””…..LOL. Yup. “Politics & sports don’t mix””. Yeah—Especially when the athlete knows NOTHING ABOUT politics……

  17. All those ‘countries’ – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing! Clearly Rodman is an authority on China.
    Tucker, you can do better than this.

  18. The NBA players did not know about China because the are not educated enough to follow or understand what happening in the world.

  19. Yeah guys, it's just a different way of living. That's their culture, being dragged off to torture/prision camps for saying something the government doesn't like and having your organs harvested. Who are we to tell them their culture's wrong? That's like telling Americans it's wrong to watch baseball.

  20. Dennis is 100% right about the culture part! Americans, don't impose your fxxking hypocritical democracy upon Chinese and many mid-east countries!

  21. For God's sake Tucker why would you even waste time asking a rolling freak show like Dennis Rodman any serious political questions? What about throwing a ball thru a hoop qualifies you to speak on systems of Govt of any kind? Rodman is incapable of making adult level decisions on how to dress himself each morning, why the F would anyone listen to his opinions on politics?

  22. rodman will not answers the question – Lebron is anti america – if he loves China so much he should go move there and after of living a yr or so he can spew out what he loves about it – people who are not pro USA should go live in a country of their liking- if they let them it and let's see if they can deal with the crap that is put upon them from the government who are truly dictatorial.

  23. I am American living in Hong Kong. I've been here for going on 4 years. This guy doesn't know anything about what's going on here. This place is amazing and I love living here. The people here are incredible.
    I can't say too much more because I am an American living here. Lol.

  24. Rodman's got a smart view of politics vs sports and the time and place sense for speaking one's opinion. Could take him a little more seriously without all that $h!t in his face.

  25. You guys couldn't him because you were guilty of what the left does you were listening to respond instead of listening

  26. 5:18 "I'm not sure I understood a lot of that but.." Lmfaoo you're not kidding, Tuck. I could barely understand what that crackhead was saying but I'll agree with him on athletes staying out of politics but how about 99% of those Freak shows in Hollywood do the same too? LOL.

  27. They have sold out to communism and human trafficking period. All of them make me sick our politicians included nothing but a bunch of whores selling themselves and our country out to the highest bidder. By the way Dennis nice Masonic colors on your finger nails.

  28. It's hurts their business to talk politics when it comes to China etc, it gains their business if they spit on the US.

  29. I'm finding it hard to take this dude seriously. I can't stop the vision in my head of him sitting in a florescent nightmare Thai nail clinic with curlers and slippers in a robe with some little Asian woman delicately painting his nails as they gossip about Karen.

  30. Yet another emotionally, mentally, and sexually under developed free pass from Planned Parenthood
    self identifies as a Marxist apologist for totalitarianism that they know nothing about,
    in direct contradiction to the liberty afforded to them by others that made them who they are
    by their own volition.

  31. Trucker Carlson ought to patent that ‘constipated-face’ look.
    He puts it on whenever he smugly disagrees with your point of view.
    His wife got used to it, but I say he ought to patent it.

  32. I got 2:14 in, and I can't listen anymore. Did Rodman's mom drop him on his head 100 times as a child? Insert gif of Tucker looking completely stymied by a guest's insanity.

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