David Beckham: My Unfair Advantage | Play Without Fear

David Beckham: My Unfair Advantage | Play Without Fear

The only thing I could hear was the drum of our fans. It’s a red card for David Beckham! He’s kicked out and now he’s out of the game. It was pretty lonely in the changing room, it was a lonely 20 minutes. I knew that I obviously wouldn’t play in the next game, but I didn’t care about that. I just wanted the team to win. What an awful time to receive a red card in this crucial game. Get your head down and work hard. That’s all you can do. I think it all started from the first game in the World Cup. Going into a game like this, we always knew that there was something special about playing Argentina. It was intense. You read everything that the fans were saying, the excitement back home. We knew that it was a massive game. There was always a chance that one of the players was going to react. It just happens in football. Unfortunately, it was me. Well, question marks have been raised over his temperament, and one wonders as he goes down the tunnel, if he takes his country’s World Cup hopes with him. It was hostile when I arrived back in England, but when you go through something like that, you start doubting yourself in some ways, no matter how much support you have. It was one of those things that happened, that I wished it had never happened. I wish I’d never gone through and that my family had gone through what we went through after that World Cup for the next four years, but by playing I never changed anything, because I didn’t need to. I knew that I had to work hard to be successful and be the best that I could possibly be. You have to have confidence in yourself and your ability, and I’m more confident on the field than I am off it. That’s the biggest thing for me, I always felt safer as a person on the field than I did off it. Four years on, obviously playing Argentina again, we were playing really well in the World Cup, and we played well in that game, but there was an intense atmosphere because it was in a dome, the fans were incredible and then obviously getting the penalty. David Beckham will take the responsibility. I knew that it was up to me, everything flashed back to four years before. I just knew that I had to hit it true and hit it hard, and hope for the best. It’s there! He’s done it! His redemption is complete. That was a huge moment, for me personally. It was the real moment where it wiped everything away, for me. Who knows, I might not have had the career I had if it hadn’t have happened. My advice to any player that would go through something like that would be to get your head down and work hard. That’s all you can do. One thing that I learnt from my dad was when you’re going through a difficult time, put your head down and work. Simple as that. It’s a special boot. The colourway is perfect. I wish I was still playing! Am I allowed to take them though? My kids would love these, come on! You can’t say no to kids.

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  1. David inspired me to play football my mom named me after you and i hope one day i could be as good as you. You are my hero and you are a legend

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