Dave Portnoy: Building Barstool Sports | #ThePlaybook Ep. 26

Dave Portnoy: Building Barstool Sports | #ThePlaybook Ep. 26

58 thoughts on “Dave Portnoy: Building Barstool Sports | #ThePlaybook Ep. 26

  1. Would have loved to hear more of Dave & Barstool during the early years. Too much of interviewer talking about himself. No one came for that.

  2. Good interview, feedback from a 24 year old target Demo… Spend less time validating your success during the interview while it is impressive it seems as if…. 1 you are trying to trump his success or 2 maybe relate with your own sports world relationships. Great interview though. More content like this would drive more consumers in my age bracket your way. Best of luck to you!

  3. My gosh, all this interviewer does is talk about himself.  Probably should've saved those millions of dollars you gave to women in Africa and you wouldn't be bankrupt in retirement.  Go Pres Go!!

  4. BTW, Pres isn't the CEO nor is Howard Stern from Massachusetts…from Long Island and went to Boston University.

  5. David, don't listen to all of these negative comments. I thought it was a great interview and David Portnoy is an interesting subject. I am a huge sports fan and have just recently discovered Barstool. Portnoy is a very intelligent guy and it was fun to hear about how he created Barstool Sports. Thanks.

  6. Hey, Dave do you know you have the same name as the greatest Wrestling Journalist of all-time, Dave Meltzer, The Greatest Tag Team of this generation, The Young Bucks named a move after him called The Meltzer Driver which is basically a springboard 450 into a double Tombstone Piledriver or their other finish called The Indytaker (springboard splash into a double Tombstone Piledriver) but with a flip. And please do a Dave Meltzer vs Dave Meltzer interview.

  7. I love Dave. I really hope Barstools doesn't change and become a liberal rag but they hired Liz Gonzales so I'm not sure.

  8. Only watched this to learn more about Dave Portnoy and Barstool, however the Dave Meltzer humble brags, name dropping, over talking and clearly didn’t do much research. I have watched hundreds of Prez Portnoy YouTube post and the 1 bite is in good fun. He always takes several bites. I would have loved to have known what his parent did for careers, how they helped Dave, is any of his family involved with Barstool, how he met Dan Katz and where does he see this going as far if other cities etc
    Please Dave Meltzer do a follow up with Dave Portnoy and just ask a question and let him elaborate without leading or inserting yourself into it
    Very disappointing

  9. all this fuckn guy does is talk about himself and turn everything about him and tries to brag about everything about him like shut up i was interested in hearing how dave started it all not about your shitty brother who went to harvard and the millions you donated you scum fuck

  10. great interview. got to love the prez. i think d.m.should watch the youtube series hot ones and see how sean evens interviews and how he lets the guest flow the show instead of giving toss up questions. dont get me wrong im not knocking your style but if you want followers and views lets us ear more from the person you are interviewing.

  11. Business Schools at universities don't just "let you in". you still gotta compete with others that have the same idea as you. Its even harder to get in your freshman year of college because its more difficult to reach higher gpa in college.

  12. Dave fuck the haters good interview bro. I’m running a successful platform right now called “ayecode”. 17k instagram 1k YouTube. I also shoot interviews with buzzing artists and when I get bigger I’ll transfer to celebs and athletes. My platform is growing at a fairly fast pace. I’m starting a sports section @ayecodesports . Dave is a big inspiration for me with what he is doing with barstool. I have a different audience but it’s still the same blueprint. I posted for a whole year straight last month and learned a lot.

  13. Please tell me more about yourself while you interview El Pres! Seems like he should have saved these stories for someone who was actually interviewing him. What a tool!

  14. Pleasantly surprised it wasn’t just be that wanted to trash this guy. I have such fascination and admiration for successful entrepreneurs. But so many of them are such douchebags. They’re constantly talking about some obscure companies they sold, friends they have, money they’ve made and gave away ect.

  15. Fuck this guy loves tto hear himself and smelling hi own farts. You’re supposed to be interviewing Portniy not the other way around.

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