Could Moritz Böhringer Really Get Drafted? (Episode 10) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

Could Moritz Böhringer Really Get Drafted? (Episode 10) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

All these people who are playing football
outside of America, they have no way of making it to the NFL. They’re offering me a contract, so… Whee! Teams or colleges have pro days
where they invite the pro teams to come see the athletes. Unbelievable, they were blown away. What he doing now,
we got a damn good chance to meet. [NFL UNDISCOVERD] The Florida Atlantic University pro day
quickly turned into Mo day. [BOCA RATON, USA]
Moritz owned it. He got the NFL talking. Where had this guy come from,
and why did we not know about him before? That’s amazing, what he did. Just amazing. [ANTHONY DABLE AGE: 27 POSITION: WIDE RECEIVER]
And I don’t think he realizes
’cause that’s just Mo being Mo, but that’s incredible, the way he did it. How you doing, Mo? That’s good, Mo. And I’m happy for him. I’m happy I was there to see that. You can like really see what’s happening
and you can feel the atmosphere. I did a good job. [MORITZ BOHRINGER AGE: 22 POSITION: WIDE RECEIVER]
Had a lot of teams interested,
but nothing safe right now. Just keep working hard. In the space of five weeks,
Moritz went from a nobody to being on the lips of every NFL scout. Such was his impact at the pro day,
the scouts wanted to see more. Rather than Moritz go to them,
they came to him in Boca Raton. Soon as the pro day finished, different scouts
were trying to contact myself, Mo, to get more information personally about him,
about his football background, film. We didn’t really have time for him
to go and see loads of different teams, so we create one place, allow them to come down,
they kind of take control of the day. Today was more about showing the football aspect and not so much all the other combine drills. The coaches really want to just
see how fast I pick up things and how fast I can improve, and just they told me what to do
and I just did it. He’s been watching avidly
for the last three years, like he is a fan. He knows who Bill Parcells is. Good job, you did a good job. Good luck. Like he supports the Vikings,
he saw Teddy Bridgewater today, that was pretty cool. This is Mo right here, Ted. Yeah, Teddy Bridge. It’s crazy, people, they just
come and see some guy from Germany, who one year ago, no one knew. He understands there’s a situation now. He has to perform, that’s what professionals do. They turn up and they perform
when the pressure is high. That was one of the biggest things
that they took away from this pro day that he showed up, and I think
he done it well today as well. Good job, man. Good job. He has a few visits lined up next week,
three NFL teams. From there, we come back here
and we’ll train all the way up until the draft. I’m looking forward to just
end the whole trash process because I want to play football,
and concentrate on playing football. [THE NFL DRAFT 32 TEAMS]
The NFL Draft takes place each year. The 32 teams receive a pick
in each of the seven rounds. [ORDERED FROM WORST TO BEST,
The order of selection affords
the worst team from last year the first pick, with the reigning Super Bowl winners
choosing last in each round. [EACH TEAM THEN TAKES IT IN TURN
]Virtually all players selected in the draft
are from college football, although never playing college football, at 22, Moritz is at the same age
as these prospective players [THIS ALL HAPPENS IN 7 ROUNDS OVER THREE DAYS]
and is eligible to enter this year’s draft. I was there, we were just sitting there
watching the draft just to watch it when all of a sudden, I got the phone call that I’m about to be drafted. [OSI UMENYIORA 2-TIME SUPER BOWL WINNER]
And I thought it was a joke at first because nobody told me I was going
in the second round, nobody knew. And then when the Giants called me,
I was like, “Man, what’s going on here?” Unless maybe you’re like one of those guys who knows for a fact you’re gonna be
one of the top couple of picks, you’re really not that nervous,
but for everybody else who doesn’t know, it’s really nerve-racking, and you just got to sit down
and wait by the phone. He is very level-headed and he is very quiet and, you know, very focused,
so I think he’ll be able to deal with it better than most people would. If that was me, I don’t… I would be going crazy. Right now, I can’t change anything
because it’s not in my hand. I can’t do anything, just have to wait,
and that’s what I will do. I’m living my dream right now. The only thing that’s missing is a team. [NEXT TIME ON NFL UNDISCOVERED]
His name is Moritz Böhringer,
he is a 6’4” wide receiver from Germany. We’re all proud Moritz is gonna drafted tonight. First, he is a tall drink of water,
Moritz Bohringer. This is history, you’re witnessing history
being made right now. We got Mo Bo sitting right here with us. He is 6’4”, 230 something. Let’s hear his name come off the clock, right? [NFL UNDISCOVERED]

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