Very good friends, welcome one more year to the Guerrero Cup, my name is René and I’m here as always with my dear
Winston Hi guys, how are we? very well Winston already wishing that
Start the warrior Cup 2020. For those who don’t know what this is about
tournament, well, it’s a tournament in which between 15 and 25 players will participate and
each of them will score individually a total of 30 will be played
matches and the scoring system will be as follows Each player will score depending on their position. as you can see, we can
score in many ways, but where more points will we get, It is with victory. well I said all this let’s start. here is going to be the champion of the warrior cup 2019, Jimu the Robot Here it appears with this year’s cup All the fans applauding him, the players too Super happy for his championship last year. I hope this year, please,
Fer you have to win, I know you are training to death to win the Warrior Cup. So come uncle you have to give everything and this year you have to do with the cup Neither Fran, nor Jimu, nor anyone, the cup is yours, LET’S GO well let’s see the teams today The blue team, the captain goes to FER and
SOTO, RAÚL, LUIS, BOTY AND CRISTIAN They will help Fer Acevedo will get the
victory today. let’s see the Red team The red team captain is going to be
to defeat the almighty Fer Acevedo Here we can see how they were in the
warrior cup 2019, in which fer played 18 games and Fran 15 of which was a
50% victories for Fer and Fran a 47 here Fer wins, in draws
equal 33% and in losses, Fer loses 17% of his matches and Fran the 20 well
that here Fer, I rammed Fran last year for all Palmeiras fans. Here we see Leo with his palmeiras shirt.
Palmeiras of 1957 for what it seems well let’s see the teams today
Winston, let’s see, I think it will be a pretty close match indicate that I don’t know if you have given
account the current champion Jimu, for reasons
of injury, does not play My mother, the first Goal is almost here. What happened here? Luis is already starting to make his own from what I see. Start making your own is also true the first game, the nerves
and I think they wanted to load Carlos He hasn’t done a penalty here because God didn’t want to, but if he hits his elbow, it would be the
first penalty of the Guerrero Cup 2020 I think Luis is going to talk this game. shivering facilitated for Fer, who
it is solved quite easy let’s see raul how do you run for regret even
in front of leo it would be that for here and there very well down very well positioned
Yes Yes Yes Yes Miguel who stands in front of Fer, but Fer with the fingers very well held
with your foot and do not repeat very good another shot that went very well and
in two times the ball has the first goal comes for the third year
consecutive at the bar opening the warrior marker that if there are very
well or has good inside winston of view the organization
surely from the good organization let’s see if the franz party that
arises should do very well it was held there that clears the corner
let’s give and turned eye of vale luis which is a last monti monte that
shoot a second the nice by under the legs to make
my mind this year the goals to the goalkeepers
they count much more the year will go to 0 35 and 0 40 well let’s see if the match this 30 in just 100 minutes or bad
this looks bad for sir’s team winston 03 a little time
the blue team also if they were not given many matches and if you are training
a lot but I’m seeing it weak winston
well, he talked to them before a stop savior cupcake let’s go through fran perfect step for miguel kate me to
beat and central you don’t have I don’t know if something happens and I think that good play of May well, it cuts and in palencia the
locals are also worth it too cut distances the blue team
winston we continue let’s see three for three ball for cristian it’s cutting it’s really good really
low at the beginning this match a silly mistake a great goal and good here
also loses the ball i country
there is the first cristian el pasito mary red responds to the goal of
team action approaches the team but the red team will follow mail ax are this more or less
it will be much easier here the blue team be also of the ranks
let’s see hire the pimp to Carlos very good sense of there
sliding the play came what more power
careful luís floor Yes sir Yes Yes after some fortunes of addiction in which I could have done something else
but well his rake
and the sidewalk express firing very very easy to make the play
with whiskey booty whip for mac and in his child a level stick
bot and the referee is not missing so let’s see what happens
let’s see what you think about the ground bot and hover appears on the scene clears the ball special shot has the outer color it has the main weapon that calms it and
then he goes on the easy riot dribble and easy shooting under the legs
and also that he was not going to indicate the team red leads very easily to the
goal and very good that whenever arrives in the red team always has
a very easy occasion this collaborator cyst let’s see
wants to make a ball for a ticket fired
what did you do silly lion a little so easy said match 4 like that leave it alone please don’t 30 seconds in the blue team already throws the
towel houston computed 70 puts the batteries
let’s see let’s see what soto soto for cristian cristian very well with the
empty goal cutting distances 65 every 15 minutes
anything can happen we’ll see advancing positions let’s see cool in front of soto and
absolute falls on top of boy almost he opens his head what’s wrong
alright alright alright can you breathe
let’s see 12 minutes in the game but it shoots very easy and its
indications step out or pass at hands nothing let’s see against you have
found down here people go walking
goal of pimp 75 25 on the scoreboard guys that go in the wake of levante or joaquín
monti that puts bad in long for carlos halo from scratch and abroad who
come to infinity carlos my mother winston well keep on match let’s see
another ball stopped here it goes public too and another with
the 8 585 scoreboard the outputs two outputs
the guitars the guitarists do burst and moralizing remain five
minutes a lot has to run the team keep dancing what has failed by
example cristian and today the movement works the
solution in two minutes I think taking out it
just winston this ends here nothing 7 seconds left nothing nothing on
value is for leo i Warrior’s first match ends
by 2020 here we see how the classification after the first match
as we said the closures for score more in this case monte has gotten
two goals and a live assist first 470 have followed frank and
carlos then after another close a Miguel cool there is already in fourth
position and good to be please antepenultimate with 0 with 20 well this doesn’t
start I know what just winston man the truth has started a little bad
we will not put a little regular not a little bad for Mr. fer
nine goals against two below the legs are missing if this first
warrior party here for the equipment in general has been very
difficult nefarious we don’t know if by means by
again in competitive dynamics but good a bad match and 1470 up
we will see later possible champion of the local war with 1,020 who knows
see you from the next video guys leave us a good like a comment
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when we upload a new video is everything said more than happy week hug
for all come to add how good it is well guys see you later help me

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