(Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce) Marlon Nunes: Our chant starts with a bounce, bounce that builds
the momentum. Then we get into our secondary which is ready, and the rest of
the players say now. Imagine you’re at the venue and there’s silence when we
arrive and we do our chant it is echoing through your playing field. Spartan! A who? Spartan! A who? The first
time we did it they were a bit shocked. They were surprised as if what is
going on? So there were heads turning and that’s a good sign. What is your profession? A who! A who! A who! (Music) My name is Marlon Nunes, captain of the
CMU Spartans. Fullback. Interviewer: You played how many matches in the first year? Marlon Nunes: I played all the matches. Interviewer: You, How many did the tea m play? Marlon Nunes: Ah, I believe ten. Interviewer:
And didn’t win any? Marlon Nunes: None. My name is Kishony Campbell from the CMU Spartans Rugby Club. I came to the school last year
2018 and I’ve been playing for them since. Interviewer: So you were here from the
beginning? Kishony Campbell: Yeah when they were the “Dolphins” Interviewer: When they were the losing Dolphins. He
said ten matches, zero wins. Kishony Campbell: Well, it was relatively new team. Every year we had to
get new players. We were new to the game so it was kinda difficult. Marlon Nunes: In my first year we didn’t have a set
venue for training. We got the Carib Cement field. It was not the best field. There
are a lot of holes on the field, stones and such but we had to make it work. Reinhardo Richards: Can you see? Yes. So when the pitch is that tough as…If you fall trust me. So my name is Reinhardo
Richards, I play for the Caribbean Maritime Spartans rugby team. I played scrum off
and centre which is to distribute the ball as a playmaker and finish as a centre. Interviewer:
When you joined they had lost all the games? Kishony Campbell: Yeah.
Interviewer: And you say ok alright cool this is the kind of team I want to join? Kishony Campbell: cause I am a
person, I like play teams you know and develop. I don’t want to just go there and
everything just lay out for me already. Interviewer: But you are talking about ten matches.
Alright fine – match number one, you you lose the first one and you gather
and you say alright, we a do the second one. two? Marlon Nunes: lose again. Interviewer: three? Marlon Nunes: lost again. Interviewer: four? Marlon Nunes: Lost. Interviewer:
five? Marlon Nunes: lost. Interviewer: where were you at that time about halfway through the season? Marlon Nunes: yes. Interviewer:
really, really you never say seriously ten? you
never feel no way? Kishony Campbell: I wasn’t really looking at that you know. Because we are all friends
just enjoying the game we love. Interviewer: So when you join the team they’d already started to
win? Reinhardo Richards: No. Interviewer: not many, or zero? Reinhardo Richards: from my
knowledge – zero. Interviewer: Never feel no way about the fact were losing? Reinhardo Richards:
No, not at all. Interviewer: Really? Richards: Not at all. Interviewer: Why not? Richards:
I know I can make a difference in a team motivate a team and help them bring them
to that level. Kishony Campbell: Throughout all the losses we normally pick like
the positives out of the game we don’t look at the negatives. So even if we lost by many, we
look for the little positives and motivate each other. Interviewer: You didn’t have a lot
of time to practice? Richards: No. Interviewer: So how did you make the most of it? Reinhardo Richards: Well, have to just convince the guys to take each minute seriously so you reach
at the pitch don’t loiter while changing or… just
get there, get in your gears and hit the field. Interviewer: When you had that first win what did that moment felt like? Marlon Nunes: Oh it was unlike any other thing having the same
crop of player that was you were losing with and now winning with it was euphoric.
It put us on a high and it showed us what we can really achieve if we put
our mind to it. Reinhardo Richards: Trust me, them did happy. I could see
the relief like yes it’s been a long time and I’ve gotten it. Marlon Nunes: This season we
have the Division two title, Intercol nine title and you New Year nine titles.
We are currently in the Intercollegiate 13 which would if we win will be our
fourth for this season. We beat the University of the West Indies, Utech, GC Foster, Excelsior Community College and Mico Reinhardo Richards: We’re going up against teams that train
like almost every day of the week. They’ve been doing it for a while. They
have experienced coach etc so with what we have compared to that we had to dig
deep and I’m really proud of the guys with the little bit the little time that we have I’m
really proud of the guys. Team chants

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