Cleveland Indians @ Chicago Cubs – MLB Real Game Matchups Series

it’s time for baseball on MLB Network today we’ve got a good matchup in store between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs two great hitters lead their teams to battle next on MLB Network Jon Lester the southpaw out of the state of Washington will be the starter what’s your take on him dan hey Matt Jon Lester’s done just about everything in the game of baseball not an overpowering guide 92 to 94 miles an hour good overhand curveball has mixed in the cutter his changeup has gotten better the only knockdown Jon Lester not a real good fielding pitcher he holds baserunners on really well but he’s not really good at fielding bunts and throwing the ball around the diamond in field in the overshift here now the pitch and that swung on and missed for strike one and set up behind the dish his Clyde Washington as you see the rest of our umpiring crew there you know dear oh he is a pitcher’s best friend Clyde Washington down in the strike zone he’ll definitely call that ball right at the knees if he’s consistent with it damn which Clyde always is I’m okay with them and it’s one in one I’ll straighten them up there on that fastball it’s one in two now that’s a well-placed fastball right there just off the outside if you can get guys to expand the strike zone and go after that bitch you’re gonna have a lot of success no luck that time though and now time to check out Joe Maddon has lined the cubbies up in this one who are you focused on Dan please act well of course you have to like what Anthony Rizzo brings to this offense he doesn’t let the pressure of the big moment get to him I love watching this guy hit in clutch situations it’s like he takes a deep breath and everything stops in front of him he plays like this that stepping in and ready for another shot Chris Bryant he’s over 1 thus far hey we’re still in the early stages and this one’s only down by a couple of runs but it’s really key for this leadoff guy to try to get on and get a big inning started hard hit to first and he whips on it as this balls right under his glove he’ll get it into second the tag and he is out at second you ready for another chance

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