Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights / Game 2 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights / Game 2 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Hello Speciale the Cavaliers staying with their quote unquote big lineup III Kevin Love team all-stars DeRozan and Lowry in the backcourt Oh Gianna no fee up front along with surgeon pop championship or bust LeBron steals the that’s a guy that they would hope would get going offensive yeah He needed one more bounce now Lowry had that hit all parts of the Ravens take one more bounce in yet Alejo Nice pass by LeBron James to a cutting Kyle Korver to the possessions LeBron James up court for the Cavaliers Working against an Adobe put up the left-hand layup and makes the tough Jonas several games in that pacer series In the first round and then had a big performance in game 7 was 11 boys DeRozan and one Mormont’s they’ve been looking for Malone I would think I would hope I would hope so nice given coke great ball fake by law for the slam On the estate you can get him to continue to throw fadeaways everybody will be happy DeRozan inside Sweet England hosting uh Ponderosa Sub inside through wild shot there were writing Tweaks and adjustments ty Lewis makings LeBron locked it up for Thompson and Thompson Still had a Lowry up court and the four minutes to go here in the opening quarter Lowry pulls from three got it. Kyle Lowry This year he’s been up and down, but he’s attacking tonight off the dribble Lowry with the left hand inside and eyeliner Thompson hands it off the snare They are Smith with the floater in the paint short And got the second one to vault I end up with the left and everything was such then alright George Hill on the break Inside love had position on right the mismatch and they found Rosen against Green Minister throw in the first quarter to levels in function at home The Raptors have a few transition buckets and a shooting over 50%. What do you see from your team defensively? We didn’t ever come out You know swing in the first floor the shoulder caused him to miss a couple of games in the previous series grace football fake Floater is good. It used all of the rent a training camp guarantee with them and subsequent to that a guaranteed contract Jeff Green from downtown Jeff give Toronto a lot of credit in that first quarter Right they shut leave one out on a three ball This little guy in point lead for the Cavaliers LeBron with four points Boy, it looked like he got hit by Pirtle, but when the right turtle in siakam the entire bench unit in to the rafters Myrtle nice pine has he The second group here in Toronto. They really played together, and they find one another hey Jeff Greene. He’ll be feeling it a little Thunder I’ll read a little pick-and-roll Bertil inside my/your Braun came with the help, but not enough He’s gonna be open because you must come from the other corner Rain on the tribe watching at home over Pirtle know what but he is a sport though she’s got heat points this period Lowery with a little magic though in the top five in offense top five in defense all year Boy Kevin Love is feeling it here in the first half detected the Mavericks championship team back in 2011 here’s Lowry still red-hot About their one three points average and in the first round of the playoffs. He backed it up by shooting 50% Bron James takes out his do-it-yourself kit as well as Smith getting up any kind of a look for a three-point shot Loger had 19 points in the previous game man feeling a lot better game so far for the Raptors at nine Love with a nice cut LeBron found him for the layup And he tried to go through the man call we know you got to go through the hole Nobody wants 270 pounds on top of them like that as Ken with ten points and six assists Back to change nice right down Main Street for the easy bucket Lapua knows playing great cleanliness playing okay and an OB from deep got it Talking about the Beckett Now what he does not want to do is pick up the foul outside this paint spins and goes up got him montagnes on the move They are Smith for three, and that’s this three pulse It’s nothing Cavalier on DeRozan working on Hill got to his spot and scored it they hate to eat six seconds to go LeBron with a pull up got it from the top of the key one gene assists and only 2 turnovers Up right on the money about 21 assists about that arrived from the field just two points and in OB Watch LeBron shoot that right over by Wayne Casey is going to leave him in temporarily for her nails – three – James out front I’m gonna take our smith on Carter for three It’s nothing, but net if you’re gonna dar submit their Korver you might you you’re asking for a pay at secondhand good ball movement and CJ Miles honking Charlotte Claire and Nick James on the drive and one over CJ Miles JR Smith on the break drops it for LeBron Love the trailers Good pump fakes and knocks down the three before in the third quarter outscoring Ronald 18 5 out of the timeout so Rosen Stops the hemorrhaging just the temporary into the paint Miles over for fur and CJ Miles does what he does when you dial his number 11 point lead for the Cavaliers Lowry and one And on the run Cavaliers spin nice bucket LeBron and that this team is now learning how to play with LeBron James They’re establishing chemistry love inside over a ton of teams or make a substitution Miles for the pump fake back to Van Vliet this time. He knocks down the free Changed Fadeaway that’s the shot that he made working against the optimum And that 3 is good he is feeling it right inside a little wasn’t ready for it And here’s George Hill out of the pack got a head of steam, and he’ll gets the layup to go Leave the Cavalier hide behind now. You gotta keep that got to get a couple here DeRozan with the Euro step in loyal You gotta make sure we got the right match just a little bit small But you know just the I went it wasn’t good so we got to make sure we get a bigger body on him Thank You Dwayne professor van pleat driving on Jeffrey’s 1 on the shot clock and the lead is come back The other night like I told you I took the two shots to make the shot from the tunnel Oh LeBron Oh that thing come on. He’s gonna have this way here LeBron facially over siakam he’s hotter than fish free Run coming off the Thompson screen feet away What’s your expected 39 for LeBron James DeRozan and one I smell the roses in the last two plays long time you have to push get something good the rosin inside nice Balance unas with the rebound got it and two turnovers Incredible efficiences green from deep Jeff Green has it working LeBron backing down to rosin There’s that fade away, and it’s butter Almost got the one before that one to the left of the lane and the rosin back at him do is pour on the shot clock for LeBron James Drop throughout the game meaning love in the ground that time they double-team LeBron They got it out of his hands and it didn’t matter because to her smooth good from here for a minute Wow come on whit I Mean that was really high all right almost up to the mezzanine all right red band blue Next for the Raptors still play Game three on ABC will be dinner balance Oona hopes be there, too So their weapon in the game giving them some time But they’re gonna run the clock until they get a decent job now this youngster He struggled early in the playoffs, and he admits that he was a little bit starstruck But he fouls the shots will go down in a can they come in and not be the major Score with the pressure on you okay? He said if we don’t have to Tweak a few things no doubt for Saturday night when we called Game three on ABC at 8:30 Eastern Time of course in this game that’s right this one is over the Cavaliers win it 128 to 110 LeBron James with 43 points 8 rebounds and 14 assists in a total

100 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights / Game 2 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LBJ using baby dinosaurs like toilet tissue. weren't the raptors supposed to be the best in the east this year? i guess they never got the memo. LeBron is their kryptonite.

  2. This is why the "analysts" on ESPN and Fox are all overpaid hacks. Why are we watching them? I said the Cavs would sweep the Raptors and I'm a fucking nobody. These assholes like Stephen A are making millions off of making bullshit predictions that anyone in this comment section could make. Boycott ESPN. Boycott Fox Sports. Boycott all of these fuckers.

  3. Raptors are a overrated bum ass team,my Pacers held LeBron teammates in check for the most part and the Raptors are making everybody on Cleveland look like allstars.

  4. What is Casey not doubling the best player in the world after making like 50 straight shots?

  5. Lebron legit carried the Cavs. Legit though 43 points? Damn. Cavs need to shape up though Lebron ain't going to be around forever to carry your ass lol. At least with the raptors no every one has a decent amount of points lol. Lebron's back is aching.

  6. Raptors should have won game 1 and it would have been a 1-1 series which is what most would have expected. Raptors coming up with entirely new ways to choke though. DeRozen and Lowry have no heart, bunch of bums, regular season stars, playoff bums.

  7. Friends, if I collect 1000 subscribers in one day, give me a phone, please help me

  8. It hurts being a Raptors fan, being able to hold on hope after last year's sweep I'd think they would do better with better players than shitty ones back in 2016, seeing all the hateful and disrespectful comments of people calling us "craptors" or "lebronto" or some next level shit that I gotta hear and shake my head. I'd rather see them on the top seed than not making the playoffs at all, watching them at the bottom of the standings was a horrible thing to see, but these guys have the potential to beat LeBron or any other team on the west but they need to make less turn overs, more defence and more of a mental strong game instead of panicking every time we face Cleveland. This shit has to stop and one day, if y'all are more hateful againest Toronto or even Canada itself, we might even win the championships and silence every hater right now.

  9. remember everyone got hyped when raptors blowout cavs by 34 and everyone thought they had a chance?

  10. All I got to say is Cleveland fans be good fans don't trash-talk talk like other people do soon as they see LeBron losing they come in the comments or talk about real Big junk but let's be humble and let LeBron speak for us no need to beat a dead horse

  11. Lebron seem so comfortable out there hitting those fade away when he hitting like that you in for a long night

  12. Looks like Trump is headed to Ohio this morning amid crisis of credibility maybe the Raptors should drop by and pick up Trump they are in the same boat.

  13. Toronto has been a big disappointment. They got the #1 seed and home court advantage. They still can't beat Cleveland LOL. I wasn't expecting Cleveland to win the first 2 games in Toronto. I didn't expect Lebron James bum teammates to help out with scoring. His teammates have been so inconsistent all season LOL. Cavs still haven't got much scoring from Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood and Larry Nance Jr. Those guys have got to score. If Toronto loses this series. I don't know what to say about them. Maybe they will beat Cleveland in the playoffs when Lebron retires LOL. When Lebron retires. Cavs won't be in the playoffs anyway LOL. It don't matter if Cleveland beats Toronto. I don't think they can beat Boston or Philadelphia.

  14. Damn Kevin Love actually contributing a lot… Stepping up big time inside game… And LeBron with crazy ass difficult fade aways… Not pretty like MJ's fade aways but those were some difficult looking high arcing shots… He was feeling it.. Cavs were feeling it… When other players step up, cavs are deadly… When LeBron is on fire and teammates are also on fire, that is championship worthy

  15. Same old script.. they win lebron did it he is the greatest… never mind that first half love had… they lose …its everybody else fault.. fake goat.. blessed to be in a pussy era of basketball.. homie is 6 9.. he better hit that ugly fucking fall away jumper.. watch penny , jordan and Kobe to see a face away


  17. Lol – Toronto is playing great
    – Cleveland is playing OK
    (still cleveland wins)
    What if Cleveland plays great
    Will Toronto be OK?

  18. funny how quiet the crowd was after games 1 and 2, even funnier everybody said Raptors were going to win the series even if Cavs won game 1 and 2

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