Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

tonight’s starting lineups brought to you by crown royal georgia will play much better and cleveland whatever loans are either the last two games Meanwhile the suffix they’re a different team as well who’s going to execute the game as, we serve the third game started by mains cross-court, kevin love lop off the dribble and that’s the first bucket of the game in the closeout of horford and that’s a good sign for the cavaliers rozier with his first shot against george hill steps back in the elbow offenders including a number of times terry rozier the other game days Brown to the basket fatca won’t go gaze on the chicken good ball denial on james very physical gain steps behind the orchestra pointer is good being defended by love Justin thompson has done such a good job on horford as kevin love’s and it’s the free corner To the next one job for the most part in games for honest butts themselves too big a hole long way outside that’s a double three and two to be tatom fires from three girls at one home second three-pointer celtics look, to push tay them right is a pass to be Then the low hesitate amana kicks it back out smith up top he’ll shoot ball moving here from cleveland gaines on the attack stops brown goes for the fake peter sellers got away with some contact on that drive but you look lebron james get back to fencing marcus smart fires native spins on the advanced roles it back out morris morris shoots over cantaloupe For three-pointer on let’s say that’s how the draft would go in jeff van gundy’s draft world who you draft instead both of those guys are dynamic going on from down love against morris lebron james sitting right now jeff’s read is in kennel of packs at home brown steps back little faith fires brown more regarding rozier over here pull-up shot the paint paint step mr.singh stories on the cleveland game james throws that ball out of bounds last touched by morris what an outstanding push, this forest forest goes back they have to be separated the play it kind of stopped morris started to walk away after knocking down nancy set something, to him Nance waited a bit then when he get up shut them from on high as to cobra-cabra three-pointers Nance the rebound fake puts it on the floor back out, to corporate over behind the line tries again and connects shot, clock at six james fires away we’ve outsmart chipped away nance puts it in clarkson knocks round get street vulgar chases them off the line drives inside oh what a block from nance a jump ball larry lebron james ball fake finance back out clarkson klaxon lines it up and hits a three Tim to get rid of the basketball if you let them turn the corner you’re not going to get back in front of marcus morris gets a good look answers back what a selfish successfully jason edgardo by row g clarkson lines up another and it’s another celtics tonight so far with nine That’s kevin lala steps into a three point shots derrick cushing and say heading to hat james steps back home that’s good come on and the point dog position morris at the three forestry quarter it’s the prowler impetus the gentleman morris lost it james goes at marcus smart smart defensive you well jim james switching hands in midair smart’s jump shot off the glass that’s good Rush, bad shots which as allowing would allow the cavs to get it going in trenton tate of mrs. horford right there to clean it up and back at home pocket for james spins thanks layup jacks good as the shot clock expeller and junior smith and he said george hill Can’t go passive when he can pick and roll or anything off this release how’d it go aggressively create plays for himself for the geiser 524 being a brown typical shot that is the main reason why it’s dropped, so so much as goes here comes up with a steal tatom good luck for three points combined kevin loved looking to post-up brown a lot of physical play there i’m love just a good shot to be a great player He has been a star in these playoffs george hill jumper that’s good tips of the veins phase black by love Then jade’s comes he’ll sat on the pack i just don’t, see that floater shotgun boys, to the basket brothers paxton hole marcus morris neville of posting up watson with the double team love back to james drives antoine blasted leave their largest has been 17 built or jubilo off the pass gets inside sticks close it back out he’s gonna throw the backcourt taylor comes up with a one man to beat exchange and lays it in off the glass by tatum instead of just allowing it to get be a backcourt violation as green with the little jump it’s little brown against corporal brown gets into the paint raja clock by nance take away those plays you don’t have an mba Jayla, brown the drive gets it back marks it got a little pump knocks down the shot parts of these things was added into the third i thought he would come back in to start the fourth kyle korver’s comes off the screen and nails the three-pointer james pushes james out 2/4 green will the corner three that’s good jeff believes his dive scoop layup missed it and morris the rebound left for rosie rosie rosie cavaliers will own 71 points james drives left-handed backs at home He’s averaging nearly six turnovers again rozier jump shot that’s good they’re yours here we eat clock by one in a second only seven celtics have played horford tonight throughout the game they were just stretching him out rozier to the rim banks at all Visits with some nice defense you have a cell 8 cross-court take the match to put it up by this zzyzx lays it up and in donald it once rodney hood getting up these shots and it’s another put the loans arena on friday boston celtics with another dominant win here of these eastern conference finals Have a separate show one win away from a trip to the nba finals lebron james and the cavs reigned over the east continue can they force the game seven on friday night for their consecutive trips to the finals in two three

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  1. Nothing will go as well as planned… Lebron going down tonight 🙂 Boston Celtics have 87% chance making to the NBA finals 2018 and avenging their revenge against Lebron. Jayson Tatum is going to end the Boston curse. #BringItOn

  2. Skip tell your friend that LeBron won the ECF in 2012 when the referees didn't see the foul LeBron gave to Rondo in game 7 at Miami. Look LeBron is good yes but in 2011 he was beat by a 5'8 player JJ Barea then on 2012 happens the famous no call on Rondo Heat win lol and people want to compare him with Jordan that play against Stockton I Thomas etc HOF guards and the best player in the world is beat by Barea on LeBron prime 2011 lol. All about $$$

  3. Just came here to find if there's someone idiot millinium Kids said about Lebron is a GOAT and better than MJ.. "If Bron has a KILLER INSTINCT… then im gonna him a GOAT…" this game Bron literally dont have…

  4. JR Smith 2pts/1ast/0rbs 1-6FG 26min
    Tristan T. 1pt/1ast/6rbs 0-3FG 26min
    George Hill 7pts/2asts/1rb 1-5FG 30min
    Jeff Green 8pts 0asts/5rbs 3-4FG 26min
    Korver 7pts/1asts/0rbs 2-6FG 19min
    Only 2 players scored more than 10pts, LeBron(25pts) and Love(14pts).
    LeBron/Love = 40pts
    The rest of the team (11 others)= 43pts
    This literally is the Cleveland LeBrons.

  5. Wade should not be traded this season to help Love and LEBRON win a ring. But the Cavs owner is a bitch! He traded Wade to Clarkson, Nance, and Hood.
    But I’m glad, Wade is back to MIAMI.
    Therefore: LEBRON needs to go back to MIAMI next season with WADE, HASLEM, DRAGIC, OLLYNYK, & WAITERS.

  6. The Cav's head coach will not keep his job into next season, he doesn't coach, he just stands there and let's Labron do it all by himself, This is a team sport, no matter how good you are; you can't do it all by yourself, Michael Jordan needed Scottie, Kukoch , and Rodman. Kevin love should come off the bench he never looks like a starter, wide open shots missed, we are all surprised whenever he makes one,most of those open looks should be money in the bank. Tristan should start, Korver should start, they got the heart of a champion, Labron cries about every file and crys to the ruffs, rather than getting back on defense to stop the fast break, and he's taught the rest of the team to do the same since he's the leader, get your blessed Ass-urance back on defense. what's up with J.R. Smith????? these guys scoring less than 10 points the whole game. Now the Celtics are good no doubt, but these sorry Cav's make them look "Great"careless with the ball, more turn overs than Duncan donuts, lazy passes' that's not championship basketball. Cav's May be going fishin soon… can you give the King some help PLEASE!.. "ya killin me smalls".

  7. porque el coat de clevelan no sale con korver ya k smit es no es bueno en la ruta

  8. JC isnt getting enough minutes, its frustrating that some coaches will stick to some players seeing inefficiency, and sports writers saying JCs production down partially getting the blame on bench players while inefficient starters do not perform given huge minutes, does not contribute at both ends, hate to see this style of coaching

  9. NBA rigged.
    Warriors down one game
    Cavs down one game
    Game 7 for both conferences will be won by Cavs and warriors
    which leads to yet another same ass finals

  10. I predicted before the playoffs that it would be Rockets VS Celtics and Rockets would win it all. This is very close to coming intuition.

  11. No one can comprehend the heart of Lebron James. Game 7 is another mini-movie collection of King James. Yes great job to the Celtics team as well as Genius Coach or whatever they call him… but you are not fit to the Finals. Kids(Brown, Tatum, Rozier, Smart) are belong to the playground so you better play and enjoy it. Celtics fans don't give yourselves a False Hope. KING IS KING NO MATTER WHAT!

  12. Celtic show us teamwork is more important in basketball! No matter u have best basketball player in the planet or allstar teammate to support. AGAIN. Rozier is one of the most underrated player in the league. A taller one of IT. Jason Tatum should be ROTY if not this year….

  13. fucking Rozier involved in shoving between two veterans Morris and Nance. You can't fight Nance toe to toe asshole. Who are you? You're not a prominent point guard as Bledsoe don't ever know you. For this achievement your Head already explode

  14. Oh that soft boned Larry Bullshit Nance Jr feeling tough! DAMN! ahahaha You're too soft for MORRIS you little bitch! Wanna be "Good DUNKER" LOL! ahahah You dunk like shit!

  15. Boston defense are impressive against Lebron. But Cavs will bounce back tomorrow! they won game 3 and 4 in their homecourt. Limit Turnovers, be aggressive and play good Defense for the entire 48 min. #Cavsin7 #RoadtoFinals #WhateveritTakes #TrustandBelieve

  16. If I'm correct, isn't this series the commercial break to the real NBA finals taking place in the west.

  17. Its the end of an era. Goodbye lebron and curry, have fun with kobe. time for new rivalries with fresh blood.

  18. People saying if Kyrie is here, it would have been worst.
    But think about it, if Kyrie is there, it could have been the other way around. Cavs would have won. It means, Boston didn't need Kyrie at all.

  19. For next season, II would only keep LeBron, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver and Larry Nance Junior and trade all the other players on the team, especially JR Smith.

  20. I wanna Know how long everybody been a Celtic fan?. For me I started liked the Celtic in 08 but iwas a Cleveland fan until LeBron left. Ididnt wanna be fan with all them Miami heat fans

  21. It's called a basketball team not a basketball I. Pack your bags LeBron, Lord knows you've already packed your house

  22. How could the cavs win if they don't cooperate they can't win because lebron is just the one who's shooting and the other time is just standing in the court and just running

  23. It is much harder now for LBJ to carry the Cavs cause aside from hes getting older, no one on the team that can take over the scoring load and make play. Warriors has KD and Steph. Houston has CP and Harden. Boston has Brown, Tatum, Rozier, Smart.

    Love along with jr smith and Green or Hill should be traded and get a guy like Paul George instead.

  24. Why is the 5th game in Boston? According to 2-3-2 regulation shouldn't it be in Cleveland? I don't get it. How does this regulation work?

  25. Love how Celtics fans want to talk shit about the Sixers when their team just turned in the most embarrassing Game 7 performance I’ve ever seen, on your own home court you lost to LeBron and 4 of his mailmen..

  26. Everyone keeps talking about the Celtics being unstoppable next year but you never know. This might be the highest they ever go for the next ten years. Plus Cavs will also make adjustments. No one is going to sit around and wait for the Celts to dominate. Celts missed a golden opportunity here.

  27. When will the nba rig games for teams like the Milwaukee bucks tired of watching Cavs n Warriors

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