Clemson Tigers Fans |  College Football Playoffs in 60 Seconds

Clemson Tigers Fans | College Football Playoffs in 60 Seconds

71 thoughts on “Clemson Tigers Fans | College Football Playoffs in 60 Seconds

  1. Fuck Clemson I've hated the tigers ever since 3rd grade plus I hope you loose to Ohio State a superior also if you try to reply with 56-7 comments just remember usc is still rebuilding after loosing are three best players who where apart of the 6 win streak plus in about a few years you'll loose all those great players you have and only 1 or 2 will have a good pro career

  2. u left off the most "exciting" entrance running down a hill and touching a rock… so exciting and every 5 seconds C-L-E-M-S-OOOOOO-N… Clemson is so annoying

  3. So this Bitch Thinks Clemson Tigers gonna lose too Bama Yeah there favored to win but there Offense Is trash Clemson is looking for revenge from last year Clemson beats Bama 35-24 Calling it now

  4. There isn't a single Clemson fan that thought "oh no, we have to play Alabama; they all thought "he'll yeah, round two bitch"

  5. Clemson just won they 2nd National Championship in program history and Carolina fans keep talking about the Pittsburgh game when Carolina has not even "participated" in a National Championship game.

  6. Wow this was made a little premature, we still don’t know who β€œoh you?” Is and bama is the team that lost to us in the championship, that must have hurt some feelings. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!

  7. If only this poor lady knew… clemson-31 OSU-0… CLEMSON TIGERS-35 alabama-31… yours truely-1 this pre-judging lady-0

  8. Wait….did you guys even watch the game? We shut out Ohio State and then beat Bama in the Natty. This video is a MASSIVE FAIL.

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