What’s up everybody we’re the Vagabrothers and this week we’re in Mont-Blanc Chamonix, France!!! Chamonix, in the French Alpine region of Haute Savoie is a place of legends tucked into a sharp valley at the base of Mont- Blanc The highest mountain in Western Europe It’s a place many outdoorsmen dream of visiting It’s also know as the death sport capital of the world because chances are if it’s dangerous and awesome you can do it here from mountaineering, to snowboarding on glaciers to speed skiing with a parachute and base jumping with a wingsuit But we had a more mellow plan in mind a week of fun in the snow with our friends and fellow Instagrammers Greg, Max and Elisa I’m Greg from Canada and I take pictures And we are Max… and Elisa… Wait a second… Oh Max and Elisa! Greg, Elisa and Max all won Australia’s Best Job in The World Competition and we’ve been trying to do something fun with them ever since so when the suggested a trip to Chamonix… we hopped on a train from Germany south through the heart of the Alps On arrive a Chamonix! Yah! We just made it to Chamonix It’s dumping snow! We went through the most amazing mountain villages to get here and the canyons are so steep you understand why this is considered one of the steepest mountains in the world This is definitely the top of top for skiing and snowboarding in Europe Should we say “La Creme de la Creme” and I am friggin’ excited Let’s do it yah? So we’re going to go meet up with Elisa and Max and Greg and we will see what happens during this rad week here in the Alps! With the Instagram Crew! Chamonix remained a quite mountain village until the 1700s When two British travelers published a story about a beautiful valley where a Glacier like a sea of ice cut through the foot of Mont Blanc Until then nobody had climbed Mont Blanc because superstitious villagers thought it was the home of demons Until 1760 when a Swiss Naturalist offered a prize to the first person to bag the peak 25 years later two local dudes accepted the challenge Chamonix soon became the home of moutaineering or “Alpinism” for the Alps As the scientist sportsmen of the enlightenment conquered the major Alpine peaks in the mid 1800s By the time Chamonix hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924 It was already world famous for 1st class skiing, natural beauty and some of the world’s most challenging mountaineering But there was a gnarly blizzard on our first day in Chamonix so we decided to start off with a more mellow sport Ok first day here in Chamonix And we’ve assembled our team of bloggers and also a team of dogs… That’s because we’re about to go Dog Sledding Never done it before but something that we’ve always wanted to do so We’re going to go do a mini-iditarod here in Chamonix We’ve got some huskies lined up and it should be fun! Mush, Mush! “Doggie Talk” {Dogs Barking} Vlogging on a sled…No big deal! How was that guys!? So good! They are so powerful! My god! Eight dogs just for me! It’s one of those things I never really thought I would do and here we are in winter wonderland Snowing… It’s just perfect! I don’t know about you but that was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done! Yah, although mine kept trying to stop and poop and his friends kept wanting to go I know how that’s like on a roadtrip and I sympathize with him. Hurry Up!!! We’re in a rush! Pinch it off! Let’s go! We gotta get to Vegas!!! That night we escaped the cold with a typical meal of Raclette cheese… a half a wheel of cheese, slowly melted under a flame One Kilo! That’s a pound each for me and Max That’s a lot of cheese… I think we are up to this challenge… We have potatoes We have charcuterie and we melt the cheese on top of both and have the most epic feast Are you ready for that dude? Yeah. (In French Creepy Accent) Somehow Marko polished it off but by the end he looked like he was going to explode and let me tell you sharing a room with him that night was not pleasant. It’s not my fault… The cheese smelled! Yah it’s not the stinky cheese it’s your butt. The next morning the sun was out So we headed up the gondola of L’Aiguille du Midi to get a view of Mont Blanc and the Alps beyond The wind chill made it -35 C by far the coldest we’d ever experienced but there were still hundreds of skiers lining up to go down the valley by the glacier, equipped with ropes, ice picks and avalanche packs Guys this is heavy duty up here! I have never been so humbled by nature as since I’ve been standing here we are half way between the Mer de Glace Glacier and Mont Blanc, the highest summit in Western Europe We’re at 3800 meters and there’s still a 1000 meters to go! The view is incredible you can literally see to Italy, to Switzerland But we’re about to take it to a whole ‘nother level because we are going to Paraglide down! I’m going to do Paragliding Are you happy? I’m a bit anxious… I think we should expect a really nice flight… there’s great conditions today. So yah just enjoy the flight, take in the scenery, it should be really good! Paragliding through the valley was the perfect way to take in the scenery but eventually when it came time to come back down to earth the descent was a little faster than I would have liked and almost more G-force than I could handle Screaming like psychopath… Nice! As you might guess I was freaking out because even though it’s a controlled spin the centripetal force pulls you up above your parachute and seeing my parachute between me and the ground I almost fainted! But eventually it was time for us to get on our snowboards and go riding. So we started with one of the most accessible hills, Brevant. The last couple days have been like foreplay. We’ve been playing around the mountain and now it’s time for the main thing. We’re going to skiing/snowboarding and there’s powder to be shredded. Let’s do this. Door’s locked. Mountain’s that way. Let’s go ride. Let’s go! After a nice morning spent looking for fresh tracks We made our way to the top of the mountain Where the view was as incredible as the peak was vertical But on our way down we found something surprising Guys there are some base jumpers who are going to launch themselves off of this massive cliff Wing suiters and they’re going to take to the skies This is going to be insane! On our last day we woke up early to see the Mer de Glace One of the largest glaciers in Europe Ok guys hopefully you enjoyed that video if you did check out Chamonix Tourism’s link in the info box as well as all our buddies Greg, Max and Elisa their links to Instagram are also in the info box As always if you enjoyed the video make sure to give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and subscribe Subscribe to this channel for new travel videos every Tuesday and we will see you guys in Berlin for the last video of our winter travel series See you on the road!


  1. Awesome!!!!!!!! We loved it! 😉 Glad you didn't show that moment I was licking the melted cheese on the knife!  haha Cheeers! and see you soon for more Raclette! Max & Elisa

  2. Your winter travels are like exactly what I want to do! I love hiking and one of my dreams is climbing Mt Blanc, I had never seen such a powerful mountain in the way you captured it. I hope I can join one of your adventures someday 🙂

  3. Dude! Seriously! There are no words to describe how incredibly jealous I am of you two. I am blown away by this video… Definitely adding this to my "Must Do" list! Thanks!

  4. Brings back memories from many years ago when I went up the Mont Blanc for summer skiing. Beautiful place but skiing in the summer with the snow conditions, you can do it only in the morning, isn't as good compared to the winter season 😉

  5. Aw I was in Chamonix last month and its one of my most favorite places in the world. I'm also going to Berlin next week lol! Hopefully your video is up before I go!

  6. Do they do the paragliding in the summer? I'm going to be in Milan / Pamplona in early July. Still debating to run or not…

  7. All I can say is WOWwwwww ! Beautiful! So I am guessing no green slopes huh? We got to go dog sledding in Banff Alberta it is so much fun. What amazed me is when it was 5 below zero, the dogs were rolling in the snow to "cool off " !

  8. Sal and Don here 4/25/15  ant believe this TRIP and that I didn't view it before both of you, last week!  Tres superb!!! Love those budders: want them all!!!! And that Mountain Space. . . WOW!!!!

  9. Discovered your channel earlier today and it's been a serious few hours along, and can't seem to stop, just so brilliant! Your content and attitude is incredible and I am somehow even more excited for my Winter Europe trips. Much love from Australia!

  10. Thanks guys for making this video. I want to go dog sledding one day and knowing that I can do that in Chamonix is perfect. I thought it's possible only in Alaska. Seeing you guys eating raclette, makes me want some as well. 😀 Btw. Did you jump in that bat-like costume from the mountain as well? I would be scared to death…

  11. I've seen a couple of your videos and you're nailing the sweetspot of fun vs. interesting every time. This is exactly what I am interested in seeing before making/planning my own trips. Great!

  12. Your guys were very lucky with the weather. Especially the view from the aiguille du midi looks incredible! When i was in chamonix, there was fog and rain in the valley, and much more fog an snowfall on the mountain. This is not fair.
    Greetings from germany and sorry for my beginner english

  13. +vagabrothers Excelente video! Alguno de estos días me encantaría ir a Chamonix, saludos y abrazos desde México! (Bueno, Mexicano estudiando en Alemania) XD

  14. I'm living in Grenoble and Chamonix is not really considered the best place to ski in the Alps. Usually people prefer the Trois Vallées, or the ski slopes near Briançon like Serre Chevalier. Chamonix hasn't got that many slopes. And for crosscountry, again there are better places. Chamonix is if you actually don't ski but still want to enjoy the mountains. Cables cars, the tram, it's all made for families. Just for wild scenery and hiking/snowshoeing, i.e. feeling a sense of wildness and calm, I prefer the Queyras, the Ecrins, parts of Vanoise outside the ski resorts, or Vercors. Italy is strongly recommended too, however all my friends just hate Switzerland. Ridiculously overpriced, tailored for tourism.

  15. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but contrary to what's being said here, that was NOT a -35 Celsius windchill factor temperature. You don't leave that much exposed skin at -35, never. I've skied at -35 and everyone looks like astronauts.

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