Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to GIANT Basketball BOARD GAME!

Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to GIANT Basketball BOARD GAME!

what does everybody welcome back to the
channel stop mimicking me it’s so annoying we are back with another board
game real-life board game trickshot challenge and then if these everyone
both of them do you want both of it that’s not true with the team I won last
week yeah but team cash did yes after my injury I somehow came back overcame it
if you hadn’t watched those there you go watch this after this is part three we
really wanted to make it special so we switched up the rules a little bit and
we wanted a special guest we were actually at breakfast trying to think of
somebody so we’re happy to have the trickshot cop you’ve seen him before
give a thumbs up he’s in some of my most viewed videos ever so hopefully this one
will become another most viewed video ever guys we’ve got the wheel this time
we still have dice these are our spaces we’re going to try to navigate our
little board game and the first person to reach the end wins
Caleb start us off spin the wheel what does he have what does he have what does
have to start off this game go to jail Oh
first free throw okay so hold on okay this get this game we’re doing three
attempts for every shot so you only have three attempts if you make it you roll
the dice to see how many spaces you move forward so Caleb let’s see if you can do
is in three Oh will you do it in three come on Turk
up Oh rolls in on his third attempt okay so now you roll the dice give me
something good moving forward six what you also get to
choose your color I’m gonna go because usually I’m blue and I’m reigning
champion blue but since our boy in blue is here that’s gonna go green great what there you go no look half-court is this
his specialty Wow Wow doesn’t need three alright roll the dice oh six six hand
for ten ten all right one two three four five six which way you’re gonna go red
means you go back five spaces by the way green ring means you get a roll one die
and that that’s how many more space you get to go so this counts as a space yeah
hey whichever where you go is hate whoo eight nine ten
that way I like the trampoline but you can’t get the trampoline now this is to
die you have to land on the trampoline the land on the trip my turn ooh double
my dice and spin again I’m gonna beat I oh she’s gonna go to jail twice
yeah boos I like that idea now it’s free throw the ball is not too bouncy though
got to put some get up with some ham on it hmm
Wow not that much huh whoa okay how’s that even go in so now I get to spin
both dice twice no you get a double it oh don’t most times two dice give me
snake eyes oh I’m so merry so happy that’s one more than me I also hold on
thumbs up for us all making our trickshot in under three attempts
there’s prettier pacifically four smoothly for trickshot Cup making his
half-court shot but we’re good we’re good at this sometimes alright Josh a
spot I have to go back five yep we’ll go
forward one way or the other I don’t care eight now go back five one two nice
I’ve never seen Kayla make a three-pointer so we’re good here guys
illicit chest and triceps this morning yeah I really did for fifty percent let
me get it truck got a four geez Louise which way you going one two this is a
waterfall this is the magical wonderful waterfall that means you get to go to
half-court I get a chance if I make this half-court shot I get a move up ten
spaces that is true it sounds like he’s just making it up one shot one
opportunity dad Stromboli Wow he’s ready for your
air ball ooh that’s close that was close tried it’s tough to do it nice try
though yeah nice try it’s okay Caleb just a cop got Jew thank you sir if you
would like to turn around please and put your hands behind your back put your
hands behind your back do you have anything sharp on you
no no sharp objects I need to worry about know what’s in here
what’s that my phone okay what’s that right there
I don’t know if my keys are key to what you know what you a car I have a new car
now how do we explain how jail where explain jail to you yeah
trick shot cop trick shot jailbird you’re gonna be right here until it’s
your turn again once it’s your turn you’re gonna roll
the dice that determines how many shots attempts you have you have to shoot from
the ledge if you make it you’re out of jail if you miss it you stay in jail
till your next turn have fun over here bye you get out you get an hour of yard
time every day cheater y’all talk about me cheating on
the channel it was just about the hit go to jail you can’t spin three spaces
I don’t care spin suspend I’ll talk about me being a cheater Josh clearly
just cheated No thank you lucky thank you
can’t believe they’re just gonna cheat later channel like this three give me at
six wow I’m really I’m cheating I just told
that dice what to do and it did it oh my god
nine yeah that was a good spin yeah day I get a new car and $200 are you joking
me Oh literally like three inches to the
right though game over I even would have been done I’ll be out of here so he’s
gonna give me 200 eyes I mean I feel like this is your channel so you’re
gonna give me $200 yeah you put it on the board hmm okay I owe ya just a
cabbage your turn oh is a six six to ten six of timpz oh there we go
little short little short there we go no more do you have congrats you’re out at
least I’m out no-look half-court
all right warehouse I’ll catch you on the flippity-flop okay warehouse I’ll catch you on the
flippity-flop now I’m starting to think it is flippety-flip okay warehouse I’ll
catch you on the flippety-flip nots flop for sure wow that was a dagger that was
like at Newark and Newark oh I didn’t see it I was zoomed in heavy on your
face I’ll zoomed in on your face I’m gonna see it no.16 okay I’ll take it
seven so close hefty spin opposite three left-handed
tie it up no opposite three pointer off hand here shoot from here shiver me wowza
now dit second try a bit people are gonna think this stuff is fake we’re
really just crushing it right now it is the weather it’s not hot it’s not hot
it’s not that windy it’s I like this court man we’re just crushing it today
guys I was like finally someone’s gonna miss
something five and uh haha six I don’t like that six six six no you gotta go
you gotta go I’m gonna go I’m not playing games that scares me I don’t
like six don’t stay six sixes no really I’m weird like that
I really don’t but hit a three-pointer opposite in I understand that but like
when he said 666 I like my gut job I don’t like – he made it cuz he made a
deal with it don’t think so alright right behind me I’m still
winning guys drop a car right now who do you thinks gonna win this game I’m in
the lead but anything could happen so comment right now Josh Caleb or
trickshot comment like just based on history I’m always at the end all right
here we go three-pointer three-pointer that is boring I’m sorry it’s so boring
with these with defense excuse me Caleb just I’m
making this video more interesting you know be more interesting if you left Oh second all right I was in jail missed
the turn I need Redemption oh boy wow you got a –
over here no and threw hot one two three four yeah
that’s pretty close go to jail hi no problem one you almost destroyed the wheel what
am i doing short you won’t be leaving these this is not big three you won’t
you won’t I’ll bet you that $200 double or nothing you are can make this
in three tries so if I’m making it three you give me $40 yeah and to be clear if you missed three you
were even winter kids we’re even I don’t know you anymore dollars anyway because
I still have a car one finger oh sorry under under leg three we go Oh like that Wow that time we were like hey we’re really
gonna drink shots that was a really light spin go to jail Caleb’s turn I hope you do first five
spaces yeah nice so no spin though right I’ll be
gentle this time don’t care it’s so beautiful behind the hoop mass all right
see we got it could be worse man you could be Joshua that’s not he’s in jail five seven two seven seven spaces one
two three four five six six seven oh he’s getting close to the end it looks
so sad yeah you look sad man what’s going on forward temps really gonna burp
right now my video that’d be nice you made it first try laughter I made it
first try no I’m anything you made it mom Josh is being mean to me again
instead of my brother’s name is Jeff so I said that a lot growing up oh you’ll
meet granny right now for some reason I miss Cristobal’s I think Oh Oh
channeling my inner Chris Chris those four you know nice oh that doesn’t look right to me does it
hey let’s just make sure it’s back to start well let’s tell me get back to my
artists roots back to art I need to get back to art and painting I used to paint
all the time I don’t paint anymore that’s that that’s a good reminder I
need a paint that’s really so do I spin against this is back to art I don’t what
are you doing back to art hey you know I just don’t get these arts over there
because I don’t get that space I’m just gonna start over but I don’t we need to
really figure out what that means throw oh well too much muscle there free throw one shot guru if you’re all snake eyes
you go to jail oh yeah eight eight oh so that’s one
panel oh yeah so I’m just beating you by one space trick shot cop Caleb you’re
we’re beating you by 100 you know I just did the map though if things go right
all the stars have to align but on this one turn
I could skip Josh no yeah you got the work on your math no I can’t
if I roll double the dice and I roll the 10 butter give me 20 that’ll put me
other bowling pins I do the bowling pins I get a strike
that’s ten more spaces and I go right there in front of Josh great all you
need is a 2 x days yeah there’s a train no way no way how did that work yeah
hang in they didn’t get spinning in turn two
now I just need to make whatever this is Toby go to jail be the ball
hope you go to jail oh I thought to make whatever it is walk by myself
let’s go oh you’re not gonna taser deadweight sir
then this has got to be some type of Charlie I don’t think so
anything on Caleb is legal yes have a good rest of the game Caleb okay Wow Oh
some some high-quality entertainment there look you can’t live in jail you
look real happy a little tap opposite three good luck with that the bank I mean diaper mode pail mode hey nice
hat – nice tattoo nice tattoo y’all got jokes huh because I’m locked up you
don’t want to be all tough there’s weight I get out of here all right yeah
I’ll write it right for you I’m coming right for you – yeah
you kissed his two-piece real quick oh you can’t touch the ball I’m sorry
someone go spin the wheels turn is it my turn under leg under leg three caleb is a
hater right now he’s so mad what’s that what truth do you have for today where’d
you learn in jail all right all right give me the dice no he asked the role
first Caleb how many faces away am I one two three four five six seven eight
nine ten to six is in its home free fancy roll
something big no no oh five he was nervous for yesterday no now that we’re
not worried about it because you know what you are way over there guys also
I’m sure George is like a really good friend of mine so we’re messing with
each other yeah please do not fight the police or talk to the police the way I’m
talking to him I’m always talking in that way cuz we’re like good friends so
be respectful the cops now spin very light spin looks like I’m gonna finish at least
second on the board I’ll give you one guess my here we go a few spaces ago I
think this might be the last turn of the game thanks for watching every
three-pointer you almost went back to art school with
me huh yeah get a snake eyes to go back five spaces one anything three or over
come on it’s for the game let’s bring this back no celebration
no-one cares no they didn’t thank you so much for watching everyone make sure you
subscribe to me if you haven’t yet subscribe to the trickshot cop we’ve got
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challenge yes it’s gonna be intense subscribe to this man thanks man
obviously like who would have thought you’d ever play a board game and by the
time someone won are you still over there yeah I didn’t get a chance to like
get any spaces after I got out of jail come here when she chose for today thank
you for following on Instagram at juggling Josh if you want to Instagram
chat up for yourself click on these videos right here we’ve got some past
board game videos of the part 3 so go watch part 1 & 2 if you haven’t yet
there’s another video we will see you guys later
bye I’m humor to jail and I’m out okay
remember that time you went back to art let me start wait wait for my turn man

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