CGRundertow MLB 12: THE SHOW for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Spring means many things to people. The weather
starts to warm up, the flowers start to come out and most importantly, and a new baseball
season is about to begin. And with that new baseball season comes the new entry in the
Mlb 12 the Show series, allowing us to live out our dreams of playing in the show and
what it would be like to actually see the Cubs win the World Series, because it is never
going to happen in real life. The Show series has become renown for its
realism, and this entry does not disappoint. Everything looks spot on, from the player
animations in the batter’s box, to the details in the stadiums. It is almost creepy how close
this looks to the real thing. The series just keeps building on itself each year at making
the most realistic looking games. The game has a new physics system for the ball that
sees more realistic reactions. The ball will now take random hopes and strange turns. This
just adds a level of realism that is unprecedented. But we all figured the game would look good,
so what is different from this year to the last? Well there have been plenty of gameplay
tweaks. For one the game now has a brand new pitching mechanic. It is called pulse pitching
and is designed to bring more realism to the game. You select your pitch, and when you
move to the location you will see a ring pulsing. The idea is to press X when the rings is at
it smallest point. Doing this will have you spotting your pitches and making batters look
foolish, while pressing at the wrong time will leave you throwing the ball in the dirt
or makeing a wild pitch. The speed at which the ring pulses is dependent on two things.
One, the skill of your pitcher, and two the confidence. If you have been getting rocked
with your curveball all night, its going to be harder to throw it for a strike. This new
system is great and brings a new level to the pitchers, but there is still the meter,
classic mode and analog system if you prefer those. The batting has seen the addition of
Zone Analog Batting. You now pick where you are going to swing with the analog stick.
It makes sense, as you will have to track the ball whether inside or out. You can’t
just go up there
and swing anymore. There are plenty of modes to try out these
out on. Returning is Road to the Show and the incredibly deep franchise mode. These
have seen more refinements than changes. There is now a completely new mode called, Diamond
Dynasty. This is kinda of like the Ultimate Team from Fifa, in that you are building a
team based on cards. You buy packs and train your players in hopes of making a World Series
caliber team. This is all online, with playoffs and more, and is well worth your time. Also being added to the mix this year is full
motion control with Playstation Move. While last year hinted at this, this year it is
fully there. You can now pitch and hit with the Move controller, making you feel even
more like a major leaguer. They are fun for a while but will not become your go to way
of playing the game. Mlb 12 the Show keeps on improving in every
way. The presentation and commentary are spot on and make you feel like you are controlling
a baseball broadcast. And the pitching and batting interfaces bring even more ways to
experience the show. Baseball is back, and Mlb 12 the Show delivers it, in incredibly
detailed and fun ways.

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