CGR Undertow – NHL 14 review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – NHL 14 review for PlayStation 3

Well, it’s almost hockey season. Which means
it’s almost awesome season. To me, there’s baseball and hockey and Slayer, a cycle I
break up with the occasional video game review and Emma Watson movie. That’s a little window
into my life, hope you guys enjoyed it. Now watch me piss all over the Philadelphia Flyers. It’s NHL 14. Fitting they wear prison orange.
‘Cause they’re about to be my bitch. So if you’ve ever seen me review a sports
game, you know where I stand. I love the arcade sports games of old, today’s over-complicated
simulation snooze-fests can take a walk. But here’s the thing. EA’s NHL games? They’re
alright in my book, because they actually take an interesting approach. They’re definitely
realistic-ish, but they also have the speed that’s characteristic of the old-school classics. So it kind of toes the line. NHL 14 continues
to do so. And there’s the bad thing with these annual sports franchises. In almost every
case, they just…continue to do so. And you know, there’s a weird contradiction
at the heart of NHL 14. It’s been 20 years since NHL ’94, which most puck-head gamers
will tell you is the greatest hockey game ever made. The pinnacle of old-school sports
games, a frosty northern equivalent to Tecmo Super Bowl or RBI Baseball. And NHL ’14 celebrates
the occasion. By…lecturing you, about all its complex
new control elements. Uh, you’re kind of missing the point, NHL
14. Fortunately, if you’re like me, you can just
ignore them altogether. NHL 14 includes an NHL ’94 control scheme. X passes, circle shoots,
triangle starts a fight. Like, that’s all I need to know, NHL 14. Spare me your lectures
about…oh, collision physics, and 18-button dekes. People still worship NHL ’94 two decades
later. And given the option? Yeah, we’ll take those controls, thanks. And they make this game all the better. That said, the new collision physics are pretty
impressive. Things like that, I can absolutely get behind. Because it adds to the experience
without adding needless complexities. Lay into someone in NHL 14, and it looks like
a goddamn people explosion. It really makes those big hits more fun, and
what’s cool is that…the players who gets destroyed? A lot of times, his teammates will
immediately stick up for him and go after the guy who crushed him. And that’s a good
kind of realism. Obviously, modern sports games like to pack
in a stupid amount of modes. And this one’s no different. The Be a Pro mode is back from
prior NHL games, only this time, it’s called Live the Life and adds more between-game things.
You can also take that mode online, as you can with most of NHL 14’s offerings. So if
you’re really into the online and…managerial side of these games, that’s a huge plus. Honestly, these games have a stupid amount
of ways to play. I don’t even understand it anymore. It’s just
too much. Maybe it’s because hockey is such an inherently
fast-paced sport, but the NHL games are really the only modern sports games I find worth
playing. They’re incredibly smooth, they have that arcade feel combined with the simulation
stuff…it’s really an awesome balance. Now, tweaks aside…it’s also the same balance.
These sports games are notorious for being the same thing every year. But in the case of NHL 14, the same thing
is still pretty awesome. Also, Chris Kunitz.

27 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – NHL 14 review for PlayStation 3

  1. lol i just watched a movie with emma watson like a couple of hours ago (this is the end). i love the fighting system in this game.

  2. I am one of those puckheads that still adores NHL 94/95 on my Genesis. In fact the only reason my Genesis is still hooked up to my t.v. is for the NHL games. I downloaded the NHL 14 demo and gave it a whirl only to find that NHL on the Genesis is still the best and that the NHL 94 Anniversary Mode was a disappointment. I may have considered getting NHL 14 if the 94 Anniversary Mode was playable online.

  3. I need 14!!! I have 13. A few of my friends pre ordered it & got it. I need NHL 14, WWE 14, Splinter Cell BL, Lego Marvel, Batman AO & GTA 5

  4. I still have NHL 13 on 360. The new collision and fighting looks good, but I haven't decided if I want the new one yet. Club games have been pretty tough to get into though, since half the player base went to NHL 14. I may hold out for the next gen version but we'll see.

  5. Also, I've been playing the NHL series since the original game on the Genesis, the new controls aren't bad. You'd really be at a disadvantage if you used the old school controls online. It's all about the skill stick now. Go FLYERS!

  6. can you piss all over the Leafs? i hate Leaf nation up hear in Toronto. i remind fans of the games 7 loss to Boston. how the hell do you blow a 4 point advantage! Also the game will be 5 bucks in 2015. lol

  7. if you already have 13 don't even think about picking this up. same game only different menu font and fights every 2 seconds. so glad I didn't pick this one up I'll wait for 15 to see if they make actual improvements instead of just throwing in the 94 gimmick

  8. Guess you didn't know that in NHL 14 you can actually play NHL 94. It says it on the back of the box. Just thought you'd want to know that.

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