Brendan Gallagher interviews Cole Caufield at the NHL Draft

Ok, Cole, obviously congratulations, this is a pretty big day. You probably don’t know… this is also my first Draft, so we’re going to share this moment. So… we’ll share it. Special moment for both of us. Any advice for me? I know you’re a little overwhelmed. It’s my first day here on Draft floor; I don’t exactly know how to act. How should we act? Uh, just try to enjoy the moment. Take it all in. I think that’s what I’ve been trying to do but it’s going so fast right now. So, what do you know about the Montreal Canadiens? If I say “Shea Weber,” what do you think about? Really hard slap shot and huge. So… great player. Max Domi? Just feisty. You know, he’s a great player and loves to compete. Big head. He’s got a big head. Andrew Shaw? I mean, same thing, just a really big competitor. I think he loves to win, too. Pretty loud talker. He’s a loud guy. Well, it’ll be nice to have you around. I’m a little bit taller than you — you’ll get to hear a lot about that. I think you’ll still have Domes. You’ll be close to Shawzy. But you’re joining a team where you’re going to have to compete for size. Thoughts on joining that little group we’ve got here? I mean, I’ve never been a part of something like that, they’ve always been a little taller than me so, I mean, that’s awesome. One thing you’re going to get asked a lot: do you know your Habs legends? Do you know the players that used to play there and all the banners that are in the rafters there? Yeah, I mean, I might have to brush up for sure, but they’ve had so many great legends, like Guy Lafleur, I mean, they’ve had so many great players in the past and, you know, a guy like you, too — someone I look up to. I like this guy. Not smart, but I like him. All right, well, Cole, congratulations, bud. It’s an awesome day for you and I’m glad I got to meet you. Thank you very much, you too. I look forward to winning a few hockey games together, eh? I hope so, yeah.

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