Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia Sixers Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Leads us to our starting lineups it is courtesy of Kia noteworthy in the starting lineup TJ McConnell played 39 Philadelphia trying to keep their season alive one more game and get this one back for a game six in Philly Sixers control the opening tack and there is McConnell and right away goes to their right now and you know That is a huge story for Brad Stevens. He talked to us about it at late as Jalen Brown explodes JoEllen bead finds Challenge that shot l had no chance of that much to test Dario char attest to running out of all the way to the hole And lays it in Again too easy. That’s a pump fake Faints never move. He just stayed attached to it being his dark in that seven-game series Ben Simmons like a rookie of the year and he’ll knock his first shit across the mask fractured orbital bone in the Left eye has tainabuna shaken bake and gets a balance Great great reaction there by Baines tapping that ball away Shards guarding Horford more for bats amend and Horford able to score well runs it down McConnell gives it up Redick passes up a three now It goes to the hole and it flips one up and over Horford this series involved Philadelphia is trying to become the first team to Advance when they are down three. Oh and there is Marcus Morris on the floor Rozier lets it go away From behind the arc in the postseason a little slit by Simmons Night in street clothes tonight and they just keep whittling down that roster for Boston and yet here they are Springing free is Ben Simmons That’s poked away by smart Tatum gives it back to smart Before attend from inside the paint thus far 14 points And then beat hits the first mid-range jumper of the game Jesse. Does Brian his ability to shoot the ball Put it on the floor hit the paint. So impressive Tatum Not sure about this one as he gets the two pointer to go Marcus smart take it on and be the quick shot Jason Statham ends up as an empty possessions Cleared out for him be double-team comes and JoEllen bead knocks it get some wincing every now and then Caleb brown gives it up Sends it into Charlotte’s Shimmy, always delayed trying to put a body on char siew boy. He just continues to him Thanks fight between the two bigs and beat now with eight points Redick on Rose here and Rose here. Let’s a three go knocks it down under to have had a nice little back-and-forth Jimmy’s playoffs Redick flips it up gets the bounce Nice job by Redick all that pressure taken away that three he just puts his head down to go to White jade was injured he in Game seven against Milwaukee Indeed knocks it now. They’re mid rings. It’s got the rebound on the Miss Tatum taking McConnell Impede with Baynes on And he’s got another one this time from the left foot they go Boston 42:39 charge to put a back on top knocks down the three and Simmons gets it back Coming to a lot of bodies in that corner and an air ball and a quick putback by Elias sobah players in the NBA smart talent Eliana smart takes a That is going to be when Houston and hold in a state cannot wait Again Right handed Jam the Seas parted for the name for himself That is Terry Rozier in these playoffs good answer by the Sixers coming out of timeout now I like to see them to see if they get the ball to Joelle it be here on this possession The simple said without I just go home. I lost that the bull’s-eye on his back right now. That’s JJ reddick swinging across pain so poetry This family Tatum speed dribble Tatum foul let’s our Run to the Celtics shot clock is off. Here is smart Gives it up close here. Let’s Cummington go by three on the way Easy-easy jeweler grounded Boston has six different players averaging Over 12 points as brennick get shot clock at five Rozier. No mames keeps it alive jump over deed and now crown nuts down the screen five point to the second half remember he scored six of the first eight he in the first half his Simmons-howe mates the basketball. He lost the handle recovered in scores whoa Well done, see they don’t drop it in. Oh, here we go posted up pains Tatum with the help spins away from it and a foul and it goes a backup point guard now with Larkin out Brown for three open Thanks goes by beat Oh indeed he blocked it but the foul Is going to get hit with one here you figure that’s a tease at all behind 300 on a series 130 and all advancing is proud Score and Philadelphia able to get out of that possession with no points if sharts now for three lying BB, it’s good Al Horford sits down. An air base comes in Tatum gets by Covington and here’s Morris now pull up to is good he finally So Rozier now at 13 and then be receiving in from Lane is open Tatum Crossover take it out in be not So lmv destroys playoff game shakers. Yes agree Oh Cummington got it from OSHA Lee Here’s Redick Steps to the side shoots it over There for J LeBron good pick by Marcus Morris Browns got 21 points He’s been fantastic Elias sobah hits a three United Nations group They set it up to shoot threes bullet past Horford to brown Is now riding at 26 minutes Covington for three lines at home and buries it – Rozier Hey looking for someone now take it on Simmons gets him in the air Move back the other way a finger ride Hippie before puranam gives it up chart slide open these got a hand up and challenged him at the top this shot What an answer here by Philadelphia and now seven Springs open the point Philadelphia Lane? Simmons running the show Simmons up high and it goes waste any time just shot it back up over his head Tatum up top His Tatum rookie on rookie tanning pills by Siletz To traffic who’s going to take the big shot Tatum and Going to their big man, their all-star center indeed back in down veins know it leads got it and it stripped by Rose here Year sevens pushing as fast as he can peter is Redick for three. Yes The point four seconds remain and Marcus smart bangs it in time to miss it And now I heave down the floor somebody get Grant Hill and Christian Laettner queued up Ben Simmons the baseball pass

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