Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter wins 24/7 Title: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

Ladies and gentleman,
please help me to welcome back, the former center of your New York Knicks,
Enes Kanter.>>Boo!>>Saw Enes Kanter earlier supporting his
good friend Dana Brook, long time WWE fan.>>Not much of a welcome for the poor guy.>>People in New York not really
feeling their former hero.>>I said you were a tall drink of water.>>He’s a taller drink.>>Enes, quite the reaction. Welcome back to Madison Square Garden. How’s it feel to be back?>>Yeah.
[MUSIC]>>That didn’t last long.>>Dance break.>>I’m always down for that.>>The 24/7 champion
himself R-Truth is here. He’s always got a big smile on his face.>>I’ve been waiting for this for
my entire life to be completely honest.>>[LAUGH] Hey dreams
come true here at MSG. I don’t think Enes was
expecting R-Truth but->>Nobody expects it.>>Hey,
we mentioned he was a long time fan. He’s gotta be overjoyed here to see Truth. [LAUGH]
>>You gotta agree that R-Truth is the best 24/7 champ right?>>Absolutely. How many times did he win?>>I lost count.
>>14.>>New York, What’s up?>>What’s up?>>Yo check it out. My man, Enes Kanter.>>Boo!>>Now come on y’all. Look look.>>Not only is he a former New York Knick.>>Boo.>>Hey, he’s my friend.>>Boo.
>>My amigo.>>Boo.
>>My compadre.>>What?>>Look, listen, listen, just listen. I remember watching night after
night after night after night. This man was lighting this arena up. [APPLAUSE]
>>Look, okay, let’s just take one moment,
and just think about the memories that this guy-
>>No, he did not.>>Wait, wait a minute, guys Guys,
Anderson’s covering R-Truth. Enes Kanter just won
the 24/7 championship.>>Are you serious?>>Wow.>>You have no friends if you’re
the 24/7 champion, and he’s from Boston. Well, we failed to mention that. Well, Enes is now a member
of the Boston Celtics, much to the chagrin of his former New York
crowd, who didn’t hate him before.>>Is this guy nuts,
doing that here in New York?>>Truth, with the roll up and
Truth regains the 24/7 championship.>>That must be the tallest small
package I’ve ever seen in my life.>>[LAUGH] Close call for Truth.>>Take it back to Boston, Enes. [MUSIC]>>Is it safe to say
the friendship’s over?>>Yes, I don’t think Enes has
a friend in this building right now.>>R-Truth dodges another one and
becomes a now 15 time 24/7 Champion.>>Whoa whoa.>>Here comes, he comes.>>Get out of there.>>Run.>>The chase is on.>>A fleet of WWE superstars
on the tail of Truth.>>Get him get him.>>He is just running into more people, a life of a 24/7 champion
is a bit stressful guys. [MUSIC]

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