Boat Stuck At Niagara Falls For More Than 100 Years Comes Loose | NBC Nightly News

Boat Stuck At Niagara Falls For More Than 100 Years Comes Loose | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Boat Stuck At Niagara Falls For More Than 100 Years Comes Loose | NBC Nightly News

  1. Someone needs to set up a live feed on that boat!! You’ll have thousands of viewers…⛵️

    Be sure to take donations

  2. We did a tour behind the Falls in Niagara.
    We were leaving and going up the elevator: The elevator operator said…

    is this your first time? I said… No, I've been on many elevators.


  3. Wow… can't imagine being one of those 2 who were stuck on the barge so close to going over. Good job for saving them 100 years ago. Guess dead now.

  4. Ah yes, this is the news we need. Nobody cares about all that other stuff going on, a boat moving. That's wheres it's at. Good job, NBC.

  5. WOW, just imagine how good those original two guys felt after they 💩💩💩 their pants the day that barge was heading toward that edge 🤔.

  6. “Bro it goes down”
    “No it doesn’t” *continues to sing
    “Bro I’m telling you it goes down”
    “No it…”
    “BRO, oh shi..”

  7. Remember Omaha Nebraska's, Wild Kingdom. I just hear Marlin Perkins say, I'll just hide here in the bushes while Jim swims out to see if the boat is still secure, LOL.

  8. Hey I crossed over into Canada in Buffalo back in the 80s. I saw that boat ,, I don't know how I missed the waterfalls though. How long has that thing been there anyways? , the waterfalls at is.

  9. Listen those two guys that were on that barge we're not relieved when the barge got stuck before it went over the falls. Don't you know those two guys planned this out, everyone else is going over in a barrel, they wanted to try it in a boat.

  10. "Dang Mother Nature is no joke" Hopefully that mean something better for my hometown I'm born and raised in Niagara Falls New York never knew that I thought it was a big piece of something but never a boat VERY INTERESTING! I learn something new all the time about this 7th wonder of the world 😀

  11. Lmao. news reporter needs to do a little research on difference between boats and barges. just pointing out the obvious before someone wants to argue definitions and tell me I'm toxic for differing opinions. SMH lil one

  12. Niagara Falls is giving us a lesson in persistence. "Persistence prevails when all else fails."…. results WILL follow…even if it takes 100 yrs!

  13. News in America “Tonight the country is on the brink of civil war. Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide. And Trump yelled at someone on Twitter.

    News in Canada “Good evening. A boat almost fell off the Niagara Falls 100 years ago is about to almost fall off again. Taking you live now to anxiously await its plummet with 24/7 live streaming coverage.”

  14. The whole story of the stranded scow
    On August 6, 1918, The Niagara Scow carrying two men broke the line that had kept it attached to a tugboat, and the swift current in the upper river brought the scow close to the brink of the Horseshoe Falls. The two men on the scow, Gustave F Lofberg and Frank Harris of the Great Lakes Dredge and Docks Company,[8] tried to slow the scow. Some reports suggest that they opened two latches on the bottom of the scow to allow water to enter in order to ground the vessel, but others indicate they did not have time to do so. In any event, the vessel did become caught on some rocks roughly 750 metres (2,500 feet) upriver from the brink.[9]
    Darkness was approaching when the United States Coast Guard mounted their gun on the roof of the Toronto Power House and shot a rope to the scow.

    The old scow just above the Horseshoe Falls (2009 photo)

    A breeches buoy was then sent out but became tangled and snarled. Red Hill Sr. volunteered to try to reach the men. Using the rope, Red Hill Sr. set out at 3 a.m. with spotlights glaring to light his path. A wrong move on his part would bring almost certain death. Hand over hand Red Hill struggled against the strong current to reach his destination, however, hindered by darkness, Hill was not able to untangle the ropes and gave up at 3 a.m. The rescue was called off until the light of day. By 8:30 a.m., Red Hill was again attempting to free the ropes, this time being successful with the aid of the men on the scow.[10]
    By 10 a.m. the men had been safely returned to the shore. According to historian Sherman Zavitz, "If it hadn’t been for (Hill’s) willingness, the story might not have had such a happy ending".[11] Hill was awarded a Royal Canadian Humane association medal for his role in saving Lofberg and Harris.[12]
    At the time of the rescue, Hill had been home for only a few days after four years of service in France during in World War I, where he had been gassed and wounded. He had been awarded two medals for bravery and returned to Canada in a badly underweight condition.[13][14]
    Today visitors to Niagara Falls can still see the badly deteriorated old scow in the river above the Horseshoe Falls, although its location shifted by about 50 metres during a storm on 31 October 2019.[15]


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