BMX vs Equestrian | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

BMX vs Equestrian | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) Elke Vanhoof,
the 2015 European Champion. A good start from Vanhoof. (CYCLING BMX) Fast, exciting and dangerous. A great ride from
the Belgian athlete. She’ll be very, very
pleased with that. Daniel Bluman for Colombia. (EQUESTRIAN JUMPING) Three words
to describe showjumping – passion, magic, perseverance. It was a feeling that
I have never felt before in my life and you
are addicted to it. It is the highlight
for every rider to go through the Olympic Games. I don’t think he’s my friend. (SPORTS SWAP) (EQUESTRIAN BMX) – Hi.
– Hey. I’m Daniel, nice to meet you. – I’m Elke, how are you?
– Very good, thank you. What do you
think of the track? – Ah, it looks difficult.
– Difficult? But we’re gonna give it a try
with your help today. Yeah, it’s gonna
be fine for sure. (COURSE LENGTH: 470m MENS
430M WOMENS) Really looking forward to it. It’s a great honour
to be able to have a go at the BMX track
of an Olympic athlete. Welcome to Tal Milstein
Stables. Are you excited? Yeah, for sure.
A little bit scared. But I think once I’m on the
horse, then it’s gonna be OK. You’re well taken care of. I have a good coach, so… You can do with a BMX
what you want to do, and a horse is an animal
so if he has its own will… you have a problem. (THE KIT) This is one of the best horses
in the world at the moment. (PEAK AGE OF A COMPETING HORSE:
10-15 YEARS) Our sport has been
a huge evolution in the past few years, the prices of the horses
are getting higher so now it’s very important
to breed high-end horses with great forward technique, and this is one of those
horses. OK, you can touch him.
I will watch you. He’s trying to bite you. Yeah, but that’s
how he plays. Look, look. I just go like
this, and he’s already like… But do you know what? Because he notices you
are scared. – That’s why.
– Oh, OK. We’ve got a nice bike for you. (BMX BIKES HAVE 1 GEAR) (BMX BIKES HAVE 1 BRAKE) A nice shirt and also
a beautiful helmet. Look at that beauty. Great. So that is going
to protect me if I fall off? Yeah, for sure. We are racing with seven
other girls on the track so it’s really dangerous
if we cross each other and we crash, so that’s why we wear
protection, clothes, helmets, but today you’re
alone on the track and I think your speed
is not that high today. (THE INITIATION) So we are going to time you
on the third straight and we’re also going
to do the last straight. OK, perfect. I’m gonna
act like you don’t exist, OK? – Yeah, perfect.
– So don’t crash. I could crash you but I wouldn’t even know
where you are. – OK?
– Yes. Ready. Great. You went past me like
a rocket. That was good to start with.
You got 45 seconds, I got 21 but I think
it’s not too bad. Just your technique needs to
be a little bit more effective, you need
to work with your body. I started
and I was concentrated but then when I saw you, like a rocket go past me,
I sort of lost my concentration a little bit,
but I will promise you that the next time you are
not gonna double my time. Perfect, that’s good. – That’s too hard for my ego.
– Yeah, perfect. So this is gonna be maybe
the most difficult part of all. How we get you on the horse. Is he scared of me?
Because he’s going… No, no. They always move.
One, two, three. There you are. So now you’re
gonna hold the reins. Yeah, don’t lose the… No, no, we’re not gonna let
them lose them, don’t worry. It’s completely normal
that you feel scared when you’re riding an animal
of this size and this strength. You don’t have to pull.
Be very relaxed and he’s just
gonna be walking. Stay on it. You want to become
one with the horse. – Like one with the bike.
– Exactly, one with the bike. This is an extension
of your body. That which you’re doing
right now is called walking. – Yeah. It’s hard enough!
– It’s as simple as it gets. It was a little bit
out of my comfort zone but it was OK, I survived so… It’s not possible. Throughout
my years of experience I have never, ever seen
anybody that for the first time or the second time
they get on the horse is able to do more than this. (THE BASICS) (ON THE JUMPS) Never put your pedal
like this because sometimes you’re gonna hit the ground and then you fall off
your bike. Yeah, you want me
to stay straight. Yeah, like this. OK. And what is
the movement that I see that you guys do when you
do something with your body? If we go down the jumps? (BETWEEN THE JUMPS) You need to push and then
you go a little bit backwards. It is steep. So, you need to pedal
really fast. And what do you do here? Try to stay touching
the ground. No, no. Our speed
is too high to just roll it. – No way.
– Yeah. You can do it
too but if you’re… No, no. I am not gonna.
Definitely not. I’m gonna land over there, I’m gonna
pedal, I’m gonna go down, I’m gonna take the safe route. Here we’re
in the tack room. This is called a bridle.
This piece is what goes in the head of the horse. And this is called a bit, which is what goes inside
of the mouth of the horse. There are many different bits,
because they have different points of pressure,
some are stronger, some are softer,
some work by putting pressure a little bit on the lips, some a little bit
on the tongue. None of them are
strong in the horse, You know normally
you want to protect the mouth of the horse
very much, It’s very sensitive. Over here we have
the different saddles. Stirrups, this is like
your pedals, where you put your leg. (IN OLYMPIC EQUESTRIAN
MEN & WOMEN COMPETE TOGETHER) So when you’re warming up,
you sort of take a few minutes to stretch
the body of the horse and then I stretch his neck,
and stretch his back and stretch his legs. Now I use my right leg,
and the horse goes left. (TURNING) Then you can go longer,
you know… (SPEED CONTROL) ..faster, without galloping, just going faster on the trot. And then shorter. You pull on the bit and you sit down, and the horse
does a smaller step. Yeah. Then if you wanna go faster, you just let go of the reins and you put your legs
both in the belly. It’s amazing how he controls
his horse with the reins. It’s all, as you see, how
we can do different things. If I need to do that,
it’s gonna be difficult. Not too fast. Brake. We’re gonna try it again and I give you some tips
and we’ll be OK. A little bit more pushing through the jumps,
a little bit more pedalling, between the jumps.
It’s not that bad. It’s starting feeling
better and better. You know,
the bike feels light, it’s a very pleasant experience
once you start doing it. Not as bad as I began. It’s insane
how much leg you need. Pedal. It’s good. How does it feel
to go that slow for you? Ah, chilling. No more practising. Called it quits
because I’m dying. Gonna just let you start sort of playing with the reins – also
put a little bit of your leg. Touch with your leg.
Feel and enjoy. Pull on the right. Hey, hey! OK, how are
you feeling there? Still a little bit scared. Like, I don’t know what
the horse is going to do. Oh, sorry. I said
you have to be on your toes. OK, try to stop. Oh! There you go. Now the stopping part
is going good. Looks all so easy and then
I came by myself on the horse. And that was really,
totally different, like you’re learning riding
a bike again. (THE DIET) Before the competition,
we eat a lot of carbs and also proteins are really
important for the muscles. For me, it’s a little
bit the same, you know, I want to keep
my energy high enough. So I do eat a lot of
steaks as well and salads and stuff like this but
I don’t want to be overweight or lose athleticism
because of gaining weight. But now it’s us in here
so we can have some fries. – I think it’s a good idea.
– Yeah. (THE CHALLENGE) Now we’re
gonna go one more time to try to do the same thing
we did the first time. Now I’m gonna use
the technique you taught me to do
with my body to be faster. (COMPLETE SAME COURSE
IN UNDER 45 SECONDS) (READY SET GO) Whoo! That was awesome! – What was my time?
– You can guess. – 38?
– 35. – 35?
– 35! That was good.
I have a good coach. Yes, that’s true. I’m very tired, really, really
tired. What a workout. I don’t know if the
second time was very good or the first time
was very bad. I’m going
to again be optimistic and think that I did
a better job the second time and I became quite decent. He got 45 seconds
and then the last time he got 35 so that’s a lot
of difference in a short time. He’s a good student. Good job. (CONTROL THE HORSE OVER A SET
DISTANCE UNAIDED) We’re gonna make
you one test. I’m not going to jump. No, no. You’re just
gonna go around the stand and then you’re coming back. I’m not gonna
come to help you. Gonna treat
him like you learnt and show him where
you want to go and go. Just a little leg, pull
a little leg, you don’t need to move your hands. Just use your leg. There. Now show him
the way. A little more legs. Ah! Go around that
and come to me. Bring him to me.
Bring him to me. He’s not coming to me. Hello! Right here! There, whoa. – Whoa.
– Very good. It was actually amazing.
In the beginning I was scared but then he taught me
all the things I need to know and then I could
handle him by my own. It’s not easy to try
to do what you are doing, if Elke would have
already ridden horses before, even if she would
have never jumped, we could have
done much more. But it was great.
Great feeling. – OK…
– Open the… Ah! (SPORTS SWAP)

100 thoughts on “BMX vs Equestrian | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

  1. She did great!!! For those who are commenting on the reins, some people teach them to hold them like this—I don't, but some do. The problem is, a sport like riding takes so much time to develop because a horse is a living animal. A bike we have all been on, but not a horse. Well done for both of them!

  2. “None of them are strong in the mouth” bro you’re literally putting a piece of metal in the horses mouth that’s been proven to cause pain

  3. 2:07
    I appreciated it when he explained that because most non-equestrians would say that "The horse was being mean!"

  4. I died when she rode that horse😵 he did great on the bike and she could barely get the horse to walk, this just goes to show how hard horseback is

  5. Everyone is like “omg look at her reins! her heels are horrible!” and i’m just annoyed bc they left a french fry sitting in the ketchup at 8:56

  6. Lol “but then he taught me all the things I need to know…” except how to hold the reins and how to ask your horse to walk. Good for her for trying, she was obviously nervous. But I can’t believe he didn’t tell her how to hold the reins properly.

  7. People of the comments ( i mean equestrians ) it was her first time calm down she may not have as much control with her reins like that but that may be how she feels comfortable but she is still learning remember and she is very nervous no hate on anyone just saying

  8. My best friend was so scared to ride horse, one day I convinced her to have a little go on one of mine. fast she rode in a saddle 10 minutes at a walk, then she trotted a little bit, then I took away stirrups and made her close her eyes, I led her around for a bit. We took a little break and then I got her to jump on bareback. By the end of the day she could trot relatively well and even did a little bit of a canter. She started of nervous but gained confidence quickly. Her heels need heaps of work but her hands were ok. I've been teaching her now for half a year and she's improved heaps, I'm so proud of her 💚

    This woman will get there if she wants to and determined

  9. Again shows that riding horses is the most difficult sport ever. Ur never finished learning and there is no right or wrong technique

  10. I do barrel racing (western horse riding) and I love it. I have 4 horses and I couldn’t live life without them!❤️

  11. This is not how you should ride a horse… And I'm not talking about her. The way he explains how to use the reins annoys me. But it still is a fun and exciting video!

  12. And this is why u can never compare jumping to anything else. A lot of other sports r time and skill based. I mean with sports like Bmx, u only need to know a few things and u just need to work on those and ur fine. But with riding u need to perfect certain things, to be able to do other things. Which makes it hard to compare, it takes a long time to perfect the basics, so she can't just learn everything he knows and then see who performs better. And it's like that even between other equestrian sports, u need to build on ur previous knowledge. So u can't have a jumper v.s. a barrel racer. You need to build on the jumps otherwise it's not fair, while barrel racing would be a little easier to make it even bc it's just about speed

  13. When I rode a horse for reals for the first time, I did rising trot. They put me in a more advanced class so I was never actually taught the basics which I really wish I had been. Before this, I’d been on a horse twice for trail rides and once on a donkey. I learned all I know from a dvd called “I love ponies” and watched it religiously, studying everything that was said and done. Although I could quote it (and still can, even the music stays with me) I could not- for the life of me- figure out how they got the horse to jump. That was the only major thing that I was taught by my instructors (they taught me how to properly place my hands for canter), but 7+ years later I still really wish I could have been taught the basics by them. I’ve picked up a nasty habit of bouncing really weirdly in canter when jumping a course, and I think it’s bc I’m tense and under pressure bc I think I can’t do it or smth? But it’s only on one horse that this happens????? Anyways I wish they’d have listened when I told them I was a beginner n it was only bc I was a huge nerd that I knew how to do rising trot so that I could’ve actually learned.

  14. Calm down it’s her first time on a horse as someone who used to ride horses I remember I was HORRIBLE 😂 at first

  15. I have been show jumping for 9 years now and my friends still tell me that its easy! I have been riding overall for i think around 11 years

  16. Why would you risk more than a walk on that horse? Such a financial and training risk would be unconscionable. I can see how a nervous ingenue would be thrilled to get just a taste of riding successfully and how a first time BMX rider would be thrilled to shave ten seconds off his first attempt. Nuances in both sports take a lot of time, effort and practice.

  17. i do BMX and i ride (barrels, and jumping, but mainly just ride for fun) im not pro BMX but ive been in 2 competitions at beginner level and for one got second and the other got third. and theyre completely different and if i didnt BMX and tried to do it after i got super used to riding it would be incredibly diffucult

  18. I am an equestrian and my classmates always say that it's easy and then one time we went riding with our school and my classmate sat on a horse that was walking and he was screaming "its to fast!" and when it was my turn to ride and the instructor knew I can ride so he set up some jumps and everyone was shocked when I pooped over them like it was a joke. I am lucky that I could prove to my classmates that riding isn't easy and that the horse doesn't do everything by itself.

  19. Giving the BMX Girl credit where it's due: That's not a beginner's horse, most likely one of the "quieter" horses in the barn she can use. I've never seen a beginner's horse ignore the simplest commands, despite the loose reins, and wander off like: "Eh… No."

  20. Best series on this channel, hands down. As funny and comedic certain episodes are, it really shows that there's always something to learn from fellow athletes in other sports. Each discipline is it's very contained world, with specific sets of skills and body requirements. But general principles of sports discipline do apply absolutely everywhere.

  21. I don't blame her. the guy could have at least told her how to hold the reins correctly and keep her heels down. these are essential for safety

  22. I think she did well for her first time on a horse. Don’t get mad at her heels or her reins bc she has never done it before

  23. I hear Daniel talking
    Me: Wait… What?
    My brain: It's not Daniel, that's Rami Malek with a mask.

  24. must be nice to have a horse that stands perfectly square when he stops. my horses back right hoof is always off by like 2-3 inches

  25. The clucking and shaking the reins made me laugh a bit but she gave it an awesome try! I mean she never rode horses before and that horse looked a bit big for her height(i know thats not really an issue). Also I would be kinda scared doing that with a bike especially with the rain. Though I like doing tricks on bikes.

  26. Daniel trying on BMX knowing fellow Colombian athlete Mariana Pajón is two-time olympic gold medalist, but no pressure :'V (he did very well, though!).

    Edit: I know Belgium does very well in equestrian sports, but the context is different. Colombia's gold medalists can be counted with the fingers of one hand, and Mariana is the only one with two gold medals in the history of the country.

  27. People make me so annoyed who think soccer is hard, of any other sport. I said, “ I think, in my opinion, horse back riding is the hardest sport.” And they replied with, “pf, there are way harder sports than horseback riding.” I wanted to make them sit on a horse, canter put their body in position correctly and go over a jump.

  28. From the comments in this video one can tell how the equestrian community is. In other videos you never see people who practice the sport comment by judging everything the other person does. I can tell there’s some insane competition in the equestrian world!

  29. Ppl be saying equastrian/jumping isn’t a sport and is simple to do and that you just sit on the horse when I’m reality it’s more than that you have to trust tour horse and is also sometimes dangerous and you have to be jumping a animal that is 1000+ pounds and it’s not just you

  30. This is probably the dumbest swap…. anybody can ride a bike then with practice you can do the jumps and bmx course but riding a horse is sooooo hard for a lot of people

  31. y’all talking about how her riding was horrible, yet how to defend her for the riding. it was literally the guy’s fault for not correcting her lmao.

  32. get off your high horses, literally! I used to do show jumping and started at a young age and I can remember all the lessons and exercises we did to get us comfortable and used to being on a horse. You can't blame someone for being nervous on a horse when they have no experience. Of course she isn't going to know what to do! You aren't born with knowledge of how to ride a horse lol

  33. But he didn’t even go over the basics….show her how to hold the reins and make the horse go at least🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. It also shows how cruel people can be to an animal. You don't need a bit or any other piece of metal anywhere near a horses head. You don't need to use pain to communicate with the horse. Anybody that says they use "soft hands" are full of bologna. Anytime you mix animals, prize money and trophies it's always a lose-lose situation for the animal. I can communicate with a horse with just a rope halter and a piece of rope. I'm not saying that everybody that participates in horse sports are doing so with malicious intent, but you can go into it with the best intentions but they often have the worst outcome for the horse.

  35. All of those "equestrians" saying: "omg look at her hands" "look at her heels" I bet she looks better than most of you on your first time over a horse… I really would love to see you all trying to do half of what she can do on a bike, if you were real equestrians you would know how difficult is to get on a horse on the first time, and to control it… you would know how to respect a person who is trying for the first time…

  36. All those equestrians being all holier than thou in the comments, what are y’all thinking? Yeah sure I picked up horseback riding fairly quickly but will actually die if I tried to do bmx even though I know how to ride a bike just fine so leave the lady alone

  37. I feel like when you do this series it gives people the understanding and appreciation for the sports if you look at it from a neutral point of view and for these two I feel like it may have given them more appreciation for the other sports and each other.

  38. From someone who has done both BMX (BUMS Outdoor Arena) & Equestrian (Thoroughbred Racing/Cross Country), I believe BMX is a lot harder. Sure, your equipment doesn't disagree with you (but the terrain sure does) but at least a horse in a dangerous situation has survival instincts and knows when to NOT put itself in danger, with a Motocross Bike, the bike does what you want, and the fall is even more devastating since the bike doesn't stop when the bike knows the danger.

    Sure, it sounds silly but BMX takes a lot more out of you as well. Your legs are on FIRE, your gloved hands feel worn out, the sweat (I know, gross) is dripping out of you and your lungs feel as if they were to collapse in an instant. Sure, a 100% equestrian is going to use the common argument "the horse doesn't do all the work" but in reality, it's 50/50 and remember, this is someone who used to do both.

    The good thing about BMX is that it takes one motocross bike to handle with no feelings, while equestrians have to deal with different personalities. Now we know Elke Vanhoof (BMX Rider) is no expert to horse riding, sure have your laugh. Just realize nobody comes out on top immediately, you took years to practice while she only has a day. Elke Vanhoof is only confirming that the horse doesn't do all the work, in which you should be thanking her for.

    Lots of equestrian fans are targeting these people and making rude comments, which to some people have brought shame into the sport. I only want to debate this comment if you are reasonable, and have ridden BMX and Equestrian for more than just 5 years. If you are snooty, expect to be ignored as I do not care to argue with little children.

  39. One of them is an individual sport. The other one is a team sport but the the team member is not even human! The comparison is not fair.

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