Bhavesh Joshi Superhero Trailer (2018) Indian Superhero Movie

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero Trailer (2018) Indian Superhero Movie

But what is this? Its’s a graphic novel. Mumbai’s first super-hero. What are you saying Wasn’t that Ra-One? – No, it was G-One That was Ra-One. The film was Ra-One. How does it matter – Ra-One, G-One, anyone – I’ve spent my whole life writing this Corruption had eaten into the city like insects Every policeman was in the gangster’s pocket Every minister was doing his bidding And the superhero and the gangster’s daughter were fiddling Corruption Must End! Why have you come to this protest? Look, we think corruption is shit And shit stinks That’s it? Is this your father’s property you’re cleaning for him? You can’t burn waste! Who the hell are you? INSAAF Whenever or wherever injustice may rear its head, Why are you cutting this tree? – Insaaf will be there to fight it And we will risk our lives to deliver justice First they cut the government water supply and create a crisis Then the water that was meant for the people is stolen and sold to them for the price of petrol But now we’re here. We’re asking questions, and they have to give us answers. Bhavesh Joshi is his name The name of this terrorist Who is an agent of the enemy Who is here to destroy our Mumbai and Mother India Your show is over Wearing a mask, becoming a phantom, Over I’ve thrown my mask away Because I don’t need it anymore Our fight for justice will continue Not only you must stop this agent You must also wipe his presence from the land Heroes aren’t born, they’re made

12 thoughts on “Bhavesh Joshi Superhero Trailer (2018) Indian Superhero Movie

  1. this would be a little bit cooler if they have any more of the English language sprinkled into the dialect ?…lol

  2. lolololololollolololololollolololololollolololololollolololololollolololololollolololololol… Please.. stop.. I.. can't.. anymore..!!!

  3. I really don't get why this video has so many dislikes.
    I mean bollywood is finally trying something new, something out of the box with a fresh story and people just want the same old shitty romantic movies.

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