Best Jumpshot EVER on NBA 2K19! Smooth GREEN BEAN jumpshot for ALL archetypes on NBA 2K19 BEST BUILD

ain’t got no hosing me I’ll be good to
run up let it rest in peace the sick will pay the pocket watch the older me
goofy guess I’m right up in this brother told me they put that hold on me vote
back X these babies up please please treat bitch please you know I grew up on
that balance you’re way too young hey what’s good YouTube it’s your boy
kid bliss back out of another banger bro today I got y’all mic gods like secret
jump shot man I told y’all I would drop this young stuff video if y’all gave me
20 likes on my last video man yo y’all wait crazy on them legs bro so I have to
drop the jump shot it’s only right that I give you this new secret jump shot bro
I must still use my other jump shot I still in my arsenal see me getting that
meeting green bean you already know man but the other jump shot right here bro
most consistent green bean jump shot you ever gonna see bro I’m telling you I
promise you guys I will be dropping more of these jump shots I got y’all I see
y’all really loving my jump shots man Green but hold on hold on if you haven’t
already man pause the video and please give this video a like bro yo if you new
to my channel make sure y’all subscribe cuz I’m about to be dropping these
bangers Brahma to be droppin new jump shots probably daily or maybe every
other week bro I got y’all with these secret jump shots I’m about to teach
y’all how to be a demigod I promise y’all man not gonna be getting
consistent green bro listen up I’m not gonna be starting a new series of jumped
off man hold on oh man excuse me man sorry about that
I was really interrupted by that green bean you know saying but listen I’m
gonna start a series of jump shots bro I like I said maybe daily or every other
week I got you out with new secret jump shots to be getting contestant green
beans I’m gonna give you all the secret jump shots all these top youtubers be
using but man since y’all reach my last goal on 20 likes man i’ma need y’all to
spam up the like button bro I’m talking about punch to light by him bro let’s
get this video to 3000 jump shot man I’m like that bro but as you can see my new
jump shot is ocean splash bro here you know you see that green bean you already
seen that video if y’all haven’t go check it out believe it in the
description that jump shots cash too but this one right here is way better than
that green bean jump shot I’m tellin you I should have been calling it
OSHA’s flash bro that’s the new that’s a new wave you already know look at the
jump shot right there bro base 11 Omar cos all she’s rudy Gay baby baby hey yo
shots cash bro this right here guys is my new jump shot I will be rocking this
jump shot for a very long time until I find something that’s even way better
than this I doubt it though but i’ma try you know I’m out here on the new 2k
laughs I’m out here cooking up these yo shots for y’all bro
I must teach y’all how to be a toxic stretch big man I’ve taught all these
point guards they be talking down on us they be saying that we ain’t got no
skills but hey I think it takes skills to be a stretch guide you know I’m
saying not everybody knows out of time they jump shots not everybody’s cash
like me not anybody can get you know contestant
green beans like me you know I’m Sam bro but I’m gonna give you all the secret
weapons to be godlike bro I’m gonna teach y’all to be dreams to be on that
nutty shot bro but like I was saying guys hold on oceans flash
man cities do all your spamming roll hold on let me pass on my boy judge the
man told y’all we’re gonna be godlike when you get some glass cleaners then
that say that broke didn’t I tell you who’s gonna have his last cleaning maid
after he at 95 is reversed but you see this man being toxic ocean we’ve been in
be toxic now bro I’m telling you I’m sick and tired of y’all being toxic to
me y’all here pushing me and stuff man so y’all can get a shot off yo I’m a
straight to god bro I’m gonna teach y’all how to be stretched godlike
because I’m sick of tying all these point guards are you talkin down on us
man they saying oh it takes no skill you got
a dribble I can salsa with my stretch guy that’s
all I need to do man and since all of my subscribers most likely are shooters
because we are sure to gang you already know man y’all will begin the godliest
jump shots to shoot over these point guards that be talking down on us I want
y’all to hit every single contested shot in their faces man till they get mad I
until Mike Wayne patches us but I highly doubt it cuz we still ain’t patched it’s
past seven we still ain’t patch we still shooting over point guards right now
we’re gonna do it until Mike Wayne catches kid blitz you know saying but if
you enjoyed this video listen let’s get this video just to 30 likes man give it
a like if you’re new to my channel subscribe bro
join the Blitz no D game some shooters are but a remember guys if you enjoyed
this video let’s get it to 30 bikes you know sub up if you’re new share my
videos it’s Benny a boy kid bliss and

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