BEAST MODE in Madden NFL 20 Franchise Mode Week 6! KIDCITY GAMING

BEAST MODE in Madden NFL 20 Franchise Mode Week 6! KIDCITY GAMING

what’s up everybody it’s kids to the this is the flash of dad City we’re about to play our six Madden NFL weeks
yes last week we played the Green Bay Packers the backers the Green Bay
Packers where I call up with the beat everybody the why because it’s need a a
my actual name is it really is me day a thing is that a national holiday yes
guess what could be called the bet okay and then the Cowboys are called the bow
boys let’s do some strategizing huh look at all these people that one new
contracts dak Prescott no let’s see if we can sign a mark you brute we’re gonna
make him an offer we just want it for four years
his arms are wet you just got out of the shower you know oh we’re gonna bring
this down to about maybe nine million but we’re gonna up his signing bonus too
let’s do six million of course we want to sign a me do it wait do we need a
more at Cooper since we’ve got little flash no I’m getting cold feet let’s
back up and play the game and let’s see how this goes let’s see what craziness
happens now listen look up at the top it says EA
Sports arcades we are an arcade mode because it’s more fun that way not
because we’re trying to play on easy mode arcade is not easy mode our cave
just means that in this bigger place has the whole time make teams if you got on
rookie that’s easier but if it’s arcade it just makes the game you’re fun to
plate I need you to do a five in in slant we need to get Zeke running why are they
fighting they haven’t even took the field no don’t yell at people that city
gosh pink was 100 mean 100 yards oh he better watch out oh yeah that’s right I
bet your dad city’s gonna have a beast of a game beast kicks Defensive Player
of the Week maybe maybe but you got we got let’s put some pressure on it up
DeMarcus more it’s coming in no we did it we let him have it
we let him have it no good you want to blitz him you know blitz um let’s split
some large let’s do it you’ve got to get to that core back you see my piggy back
ride yeah back to the game ready Blitzen um I’m lettin you are oh I need glasses on it’s okay we’re
playing from behind now okay let’s go let’s go there you go he called it he
called the plank good job good play call pink easy three-point 42 seconds left 46
seconds to last two plays all right all right
not terrible there we go 30-yard line that’s not good we’re just better just
to kick it out cover frisk cover press second at 12 they’re gonna try to pass
it and run it if we don’t sign anybody on the offseason it’s gonna be a safety
this season but it’s been good not bad a good safety that’s going to
come there’s dad city making excuses again wait inside zones right up the
right butchy of the center white cell okay in sports what are you doing
you’re gonna go long again huh we need just to pick this up yeah alright so
let’s ask our audience who we should sighs yeah Randall Cobb
we’ve got dak Prescott Amari Cooper Amari Cooper they all want contracts
comment who you think we should sign run baby run tackle you in the air that’s
why we died because they can’t tak when you in the air that’s right well they
can’t catch your feet though yeah I got way I got way too
it’s done what okay okay what happened what do you mean I miss them you changed
your blue right see I’m exposing myself to dumb terrible coverage look at our
coverage he just he’s covering right Anderson yeah but look he’s just he just
we got three guys over here just running backwards oh that guy somebody took
who’s ready he wouldn’t have made it anyway
Oh guilty guilty what you just let our guys in the backfield dude wait a minute
you just said you were ready we need to get our defense under control we’re down again we’re down again guys ready co-pilot
follow my lead follow my lead all right two-minute warning guys we are three
behind we need to get into field goal range so we can go into stick so we can
go into halftime tied up quick slant quick slant think when you do it again well let’s do stick go back to this the
computer is gonna figure this out okay you got it
hmm you little flash okay yes we are real time out one more time
out use our now instead let’s use our nouns and see we can get a touchdown
let’s just use our downs okay we mean use our downs my first second third like
it you want to go for a touchdown rather than tying it up we’ll tie it up either
way unless we make the field goal okay what are you talking about what’s your
strategy they come up on first and ten a little flash thank you okay what are
you talking about okay okay we’re going for gold we will try to tie it up you
ready so we could possibly go into halftime tied up now yeah drive we’re
gonna have to start cooperating yeah okay mister rather than yelling at each
other any more mistakes okay okay that’s good twenty twenty
twenty-five thirty times twenty not 25 come on get to quarterback who knocked
that out we said whooshing in this weekend okay Mitchell there you go okay
yes I like it’s ready let’s let’s get ahead yeah let’s get in okay 21 yards so
try to get free before you can this way you want to our yes quarterback all right all right here we
go maybe next time yeah the bomb maybe you’ll try to take it maintenance good job September 10 course three times
thousand yards we good we good I got the Marcus Lawrence and this is B smoke for
dad City it ain’t much of a beach dislike like a raccoon to Easter
sympathy not not really scary yes he’s talking the neighbor in Lincoln
that’s all I know what are they doing yeah it was awkward let’s see that again
yeah because what are they running for one of their linemen got confused and
started covering the quarterback don’t worry boss I got him I got him
y’all need to fire this guy what he went up and shook his butt you ready to watch
shaky-shaky okay because if we don’t tell them what kind of football we wanna
play and we’re gonna run Smash Mouth football you ready zika’s the middle but
you gotta get them to be oh yeah yes yes yeah no not for him did you see how that
thing dropped good job I’m going in with Daddy team is in beast mode nice dip it to
stop hey let’s put the nail in the coffin what do you say he’s confused confused little too low ee why are we
why are we passing you grabbed that one so what do you see him me well you
started spazzing out right when you got up watch I don’t know who said that bad started glitching what happened back
tackle to score game you just blew up like five whoa boom boom boom boom oh
hey what what’s this what’s Hewitt poor guy he’s trying to
get up he’s already on the ground tries to get up one two three four five six
people like their their legs are in the air 41 I’m telling you we go and get 50
maybe 60 points a slug come on dad city missed the tackle
I tell you what we’re about to treat him we gonna fade him TradeMe ready what is
that sir I seek to the right all right see the halfback draw okay yes the
center well pick your home yeah we’re into the fourth quarter now
we not scored him in the school ever since the second quarter
I think I’m him have you gotten a touchdown yet yes remember the I wrote
two stalkers how did you grab that how did you trap
it in the same insane you’re gonna get 50 points maybe 60 what happens if you
score 100 extra nothing do you beat the game you’ve seen a thousand points in a
game now what if we got that you can you like you’ll break the game no breakfast
you’d that will break the game nice coverage that wasn’t me that that was
you I changed you what are you with in the air another
Tony who’s already going to pack one anyway should I change to them in there
it’s getting let’s get a people coming back to us wait a minute me feast no whores I guess they felt
like that was amazing run that clock out Bing Bing elevator music college still
pretty good polished up pretty good duo 26 duo what is this up the middle for
policies in them see what Pollard can do ready 26 not quite pectoral stream I’m
afraid don’t with slants buddy this is your time okay yeah you ready wooden
anyway we’re gonna have the highest form the whole year we’re setting records all right let’s send our send their guys
in everybody’s in prevent defense going anywhere are you probably he’s lower
back no you didn’t get to put a play in alright
bandura’s good job 37 Oh elbow sprain keep him back in there what happens now
just just down it oh we got the wrong place that’s what I’m trying to do wait
see we can’t do it Zeke we need to throw long we’re healing
double slants they’re not gonna they’re not gonna expect it something short
ready yes okay going for sixty points here running
up the score double plants one more one more time out before we’re going long
okay Stella sleeps deep seems beam seems okay ready there’s your target wait a
minute time out I don’t know who took that time out but they didn’t need it
they were gonna win look at that mode beast mode
all right let’s let’s review the final stats okay Zeke had 189 yards little
flash had 196 yards with four touchdowns huh
this game you have four touchdowns access better than last week amazing all
right let’s see the player indeed is a player of a week of the week two weeks
in a row you’re the NFC Offensive Player of the of the week all right buddy
next week we will be playing buddy good job he smoked was on today yeah all
right thanks for watching give us a thumbs up
if you’re enjoying our Madden series click up here to watch the last week’s
and we will see you next time thanks for watching bye

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