3 thoughts on “‘Be better than me’: Family members of murdered Greenbelt football coach talks about their loss

  1. Sorry for the loss..KEEP GUNS AT HOME…Due to him only getting stabbed it seems they only had knives..The son could have shot one of the intruders and the others might have ran off..RIP BRO…This does sound personal tho

  2. Wow, What a Heartbreaking story. May GOD rest his soul. My heart ❤ goes out to his family and friends. I pray 🙏 that The Lord will wrap his arms around y'all and get you through these hard times. And I pray 🙏 that the police 👮 will catch everyone who was involved in this crime, arrest them, convict them to the fullest, put them in prison w/ no parole, and throw the key 🔑 away. You all stay Strong family. I'm keeping Y'all in my prayers 🙏 !!!

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