Basketball Dribbling : Basketball Dribbling: Practice With Tennis Balls

Basketball Dribbling : Basketball Dribbling: Practice With Tennis Balls

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, and what we’re talking
about right now is the proper mechanics to becoming a good dribbler. One of the interesting
tools that you can use to become a good dribbler is actually not a basketball, but a tennis
ball. The reason for it is, because the tennis ball obviously bounces well, and it’s so much
smaller than the basketball. You can use tennis balls a lot in basketball practice because
if you can become good at dribbling a tennis ball, you’re going to be really good at dribbling
a basketball. You can see the difference in the size of the two, and if you imagine you
become good at controlling a tennis ball, think of how much bigger that basketball is,
and that basketball is going to be no problem for you as a dribbler. So what you’re going
to do when dribbling the tennis ball, is you’re going to again, get down in your stance just
like you would with the basketball. You’re going to keep the ball low, and you’re going
to dribble it just like you would a basketball. You’re going to try to keep it on the pads
of your fingers, not on the palm, and you want to try when the ball comes up not to
catch it and throw it back down. You want to keep it on your fingertips. We’re going
to have Hunter here show you how to dribble it. And it’s hard–it’s hard not to keep control
of a tennis ball, but as you work on it time and time again, you’ll get much better at
it. All right, here we go. Good. You want to keep your head up while you’re dribbling
the tennis ball. All right, you’re done. Good job. The better you become at dribbling the
basketball, then he can take it to the next step and he can work on crossovers with the
tennis ball, he can try going between the legs with the tennis ball, and then you pick
up that big basketball and it’s going to be so much easier to do all these drills. So
a tennis ball can come in handy, even in a basketball drill.

15 thoughts on “Basketball Dribbling : Basketball Dribbling: Practice With Tennis Balls

  1. @ToneJermain no, it's a good drill. if you control a thing smaller than your hand you can controll a thig bigger than your head. imagine the greatest crossovers whit the tennis ball. if you do them whit the basketball they become even more better.

  2. dude this is good, i trained like this and i have gotten way better, cant nobody stop me, if you dont believe me come to Central High in Baton Rouge Louisiana, listen to what he says, this stuff is good

  3. I can tell alot of people who post on here knows nothing about creating different ways of handling a basketball.. Tennis ball is sweet!

  4. This is all very true. I attended John Wooden's LA camps in the early 80s, and he used tennis ball training. Any advanced dribbling technique with a basketball seemed simple because I could already do it with a tennis ball.

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