BALLOON GAME #Funny Learning Game Moral Story for Kids | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends We are going to play a very fun game today We will get a really nice moral at the end of the game even you will think that you got such a nice moral Should we start the game? This is balloon game should we call Aayu? Aayu yes I’m here mom we are going to play a game today What game? Balloon game shall we play? Come on friends, come here We are going to play a balloon game with these friends yeaahhh.. it will be fun See the kids are so excited for the game Who all know how to blow a baloon? I know it Everyone knows? Yes, okay so The balloons are on the table everyone go and get one balloon Are everyone’s balloon blown up Yeesssss!!!!! But tell us about the game yes mom what’s the game? Should I tell you? Everyone has one one balloon yes I will give everyone one tooth pick This is a 1 minute balloon challenge in this you have to keep your balloon safe for 1 minute. It should be safe whoever saves their balloon I’ll give them so many chocolates Should I show you? yes See, whoever has their balloon will get these chocolates Mom if only 1 person is left with their ballon at last then all these chocolate will be his yes I am telling you again whoever has this balloon I will give them chocolate all right? Should we start the game? Use the tooth pick carefully No one should get hurt everyone got their balloon yess… you got the tooth pick too yesss… So everyone stand in line here very carefully use the tooth pick No one should get hurt because of you kids should always remember that All right? I am once again reminding you whoever has their balloon I will give them chocolate All right? Let us start the game Time start now Yeaahhh!!!! everyones balloon got burst that too in just half a minute we didn’t even got to complete the 1 minute now all of you lost Huhh? because there is no balloon left everyone’s balloon got burst Did I said you need to burst each others ballon? nooo so why did you burst each other’s balloons I said I will give chocolate to whoever has a balloon You imagined this on your own If all of you have a balloon and you wouldn’t have bursted any balloon then I would have given everyone a chocolate everyone would have won now no one will get a chocolate Please, please ma’am give us a chocolate So what did you learn from today’s challenge We should not harm anyone for our benefit very good So, now for that reason I am going to give you a chcolate today Yeaahhh….. it was so fun But in today;s video the child who’s balloon was safe till the end is Gouri Gouri, the youngest won the game Welcome to Aayu and Pihu show OH-OOH-OH-OH (Laughing)

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