Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams | NFL Wild Card Weekend Game Preview | Move the Sticks

Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams | NFL Wild Card Weekend Game Preview | Move the Sticks

Falcons and rams, this is a this is the juicy matchup here Buck I think we have to look at the quarterbacks is the key in this contest yeah? Because you have the new-school guy and Jared Goff who was playing outstanding played almost like an MVP candidate Versus the guy that was the leak MVP last year compelling matchup. Ultimately. It’s a quarterback driven League quarterbacks would decide this game What have you seen when you study this Falcon offense and particularly here in Matt Ryan? What do they have working? Well they tried to find their way again, and the thing about the Atlanta Falcons They really carve you up if you happen to play man-to-man They do a great job of running pick or rub routes to help Matt Ryan find easy receivers here We will see a simple blunts formation three receivers closely aligned together So you cross the route we see kind of double outbreak and Ralph get a little pick down the field It’s a little bit hommerson, ooh First down. Now, We’re gonna see bunch to the right, but now we’re gonna work the backside here. We see single receiver We’ll see a little corner commotion blitz that means man coverage watch and find a way to kind of inadvertently bump the guy That is assigned to the running back out the backfield makes him run under the balls delivered on time That is a first down Thomas Davis. Can’t complain But they’re moving Thomas Davis running down the field point like how did you miss that are you kidding me right now? Yeah They’ve got to find a way to get some rhythm early in this game for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones trust me That is the number one thing on the agenda for the Rams They’ve got to find a way take him out of this ball game as he goes this team goes alright Let’s get over to Jared Goff and my key for this Rams offense Todd Gurley is gonna be the one circled when you look at the advanced scouting report We have to find a way to slow him down They’re gonna creep up buck, and that’s where I think Jared Goff can have some success He’s done it. This year. You look down the field deep balls Robert Wood, you look at Sammy Watkins they can get vertical even Cooper cups got over the top a couple times? I think early on in this game Maybe even the first drive you see McVeigh really stretched these guys out and really try and push the ball vertically And I think Jared Goff will connect on a couple of those deep balls in this game well They have the right recipe because I’ve seen this is the same defense that is Seattle Seahawks Play same scheme, so they know how to attack it It’ll be interesting to see what Dan Quinn and Mark juan-manuel come up with to really slow this explosive offense down I think in a playoff game where experience matters look for the Atlanta the Foresters ramps to really dink and dunk Let’s see if the young quarterback can be patient enough to cover up this defense. I don’t think so. I’m think experience matters I’m going with the Brotherhood rise up the other Falcons one to the next one you love some dirty Birds. I’m gonna go look I’m gonna go to the home team here I think the Rams lot energy in that Stadium first playoff game at Los Angles in a very long time I think the rams end up getting it done

100 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams | NFL Wild Card Weekend Game Preview | Move the Sticks

  1. These two teams are very alike but playoff experience means alot. Love Goff progression so far but dont see him winning unless my Falcons have a total breakdown. Falcons vs Saints or Panthers for NFC Conference

  2. Go look and see what happen when we played this team last time Atlanta 34_17 Rise Up Brotherhood Go in any Hood

  3. Once Jared Goof starts getting hit by that ATL defense, watch those passes start flying high and away. This is the playoffs, not regular season. Button your chin strap tight, it's going to be a hard hitting affair. #RiseUp

  4. Wildcard Winners: Falcons, Chiefs, Jaguars, + Saints.

    I was 10-1 Last year, lets hope this year I am undefeated lol 😛

  5. All yall need to stop hating and lying to yall self ok yall know the falcons are gonna win and the rams is gonna take the big L

  6. The rams this year have been a very dominant team but the falcons defense o don’t think can Stand up to Todd gurley

  7. If the Falcons quarterback was someone else I would pick them. But Matt Ryan is not clutch he has 3 total playoff wins and has never won in the wildcard round. Even last year he played against both extremely injured Seahawks and packers teams. So far from last season his play has gotten worse I suspect another early exit from the playoffs for Matt Ryan.

  8. Somebody's going to cough up some feathers in this game???? Put hand to the Throat the new hand signal for Matt Ryan in the 4th Quarter.

  9. We need the rams to win cause if they lose then imagine that the Falcons beat the Eagles and are in the championship with Carolina and Carolina could lose

  10. Failclowns gonna get their post Superbowl season put to sleep today..WHODAT BLACK AND GOLD TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!

  11. They talked a lot about the offense, but I think it's gonna be that Atlanta Defense that leads them to a win but, If the Defense doesn't show up then they ain't winning the game

  12. Falcons are still stigmatized from their shocking beatings from the Patriots last Superbowl.  Their performances this past 2017 have been pretty inconsistent.  Rams are an emerging young Powerhouse and well balanced.  I gotta give it to the Goats for the big W.

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  14. Rams: we gonna go all the way, we have the number one scoring offense, no one can stop us. Plus we got Todd beast gurney.
    Falcons: Hold my beer. 😂😂😂😂

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