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right we’ve got 15 minutes and not a minute more before we gotta turn this car be funny the questions out are you gonna chip it gonna chip in the brains behind the thing oh yeah that’s true shipping I’m shipping you do it first will a quick update on Charlie okay yes so Charlie was carriage of my last film he needed a few thousand pounds to get out of retina reinstatement cell phone conviction anyway Westminster viewers very generously raised eight thousand pound eight thousand five hundred his life according to him is literally been transformed so that’s amazing I was sort of lost for words actually it’s the first time we know there’s a song community around that these films but so now it’s a sort of strong and as generous and amazing as that was quite a thing but also am it softer said these films are very bleak and we always try to make it like that they turned out that genuine sort of hope amongst the bleakness right it really is something yeah that’s hit me with a question this car has to be back in thirteen thirteen minutes how do you continue laughter when receiving objectively stupid answers we get many objectively stupid answers there no more or less objectively stupid what I hear from you know allegedly serious people I’ll just read today David Cameron said he didn’t think of austerity went deep enough in the first years of the coalition government because that would have been economically more effective that’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard so ever had anybody said to me on the street pales in pales into insignificance I think of what we do often right Rob Ashcroft I’ve really enjoyed this series since they started this latest one seems a bit directionless and fragmented a bit like they were UK really was that intentional yes director we try to be the thing is man if you set out as a journalist to cover this and you have any kind of honesty about you at all you’ll admit the thing doesn’t quite make sense right and if you if you set out to try and make that all look we forget it all out and it’s very simple and it’s like this doesn’t bring food yeah I take less directionless and fragmented a more open and questioning thank you rob we don’t make it up as we go along exactly but we try and respond them improvise that’s the most awful sort of coherence isn’t it if it’s also a pre-scripted you’re making the world fit your narrative that might appear coherent but I don’t think is gonna tell you anyone much I’d sooner be fragmented thank you I should have gone round there about too busy answering questions I have oh look at this 1803 now I’ve lost three minutes now we’re in a spot about that wedding now Brock Cain is stuck in there are you joking I driving into the codebase and I meant it ml 267 sense asks asks ml 267 asks what are people’s aspirations for the country in 20 years time once the brexit stuff is finished is there a shared vision so I call my old thing isn’t I have to think of the countries a lot of coverage makes our country completely odds with each other I think that why I hear most from people from who I’m different takes on breaks in what you might call the politics of sort of values and culture most people want the same things in the sense that they want a secure and stable life and they want some sense of things like having somewhere to live and community good quality of life and community lots and lots of people I don’t think what human beings want is that complicated from Hebrew hammer do you notice it breaks tears feel like they are under attack from the Westminster elite got a question I think they feel I think it well I don’t know he is it is a linguistic distinction I think there are breaks it tears but her to be a practice here of someone lead-in the charge so that’s that Ferrari smog or Boris Johnson I think you there are breaks its supporters or breaks eaters ers people in the population of them I think some of them feel that somehow the establishment the meteor and political establishment is conspiring to frustrate to the result of the referendum but I can see why they think that because it is three years after a friend of a parliament has been very good at saying no we’re not very good at saying yeah so I get where they’re coming from a lot of people feel a lot longer than just a post 2016 and the danger is that to some this might be one more thing that was offered to them the result of which was then ignored oh I see only time their vote was counted because of our electoral system you live in a or so they thought next one’s from a guy called psycho why is the most rewarding part this work know where the most what’s the most rewarding part is when it goes down well and gets a decent number of views on YouTube and when as happens people come up to us on the street actually and say I really like filters you make moving quote bits of them back to us is how they received I would a comment we hear a lot in a nice compliment to be here back up miss as well but it isn’t you’ve helped me understand the country right if we’ve helped even a slight bit so for people to understand person I come for you it really is but that one sound too pious and come by Irish I think when you feel you’ve sort of you’ve portrayed something or giving a voice to somebody who the tragedy mainstream media would ordinarily ignore and you know when you’ve done that you get a pretty clear sense of it I mean Charlie in the film the last film where we’ve been today will just bear this town called schierbrock in them Derbyshire knowing I’m sure and them it’s not the sort of place journalists going we had a very very long conversation with some people there which was really illuminating and interesting and I thought well you wouldn’t see this in most places laughs that’s good for that without just one minute past 6:00 now things are looking up you know you can never make up time understand what I just lost two minutes of this LJ 700 says the only uplifting think about this is John’s persistence without beard I despair everything else I think he means that sincerely thank you LJ once breaks it happens I’m shaving it off once breaks happens we’re done with this whole series where you say I’m parking this car and walking Oh Sancho changed you ever feel you might be wrong in your analysis of the right-wing working classes who were the right we work in class so if we ever analyzed the right man working you were they exactly yes they might have a better clue that metropolitan liberals like yourself while don’t count myself as an college level Mike politics is small so you can serve it with some respect sir now to by your terminology I’m afraid but underlying that there’s a defense we said above if there’s one thing we’ve done is that’s what they say occasionally maybe a mistake of analyzing and gonna try to stay away from you if I don’t think for me I don’t think you think you know everything no no I think I’m you know all take a hold it all the time about being wrong and you question yourself anything god it’s just you know it is correct choices he or she or you see that lets you know George Harrison right Fez mayor’s why are you so empty breaks it yeah sweet difference like the other you know team to understand that brexit isn’t a question of economics people who voted for Britt couldn’t care less well good luck caring less about economics cuz you’ll start to care about economics when there’s no food in the supermarket and you haven’t got a job so I think you know I think people do care about economics is a complete missing representation I’m changing lanes this Enterprise is shown in three minutes are you gonna make it I’m gonna make it about Evelyn about breaks it to something in the sense that the remain side of both the loudest elements of it drive me bananas Oh care of the capacity to stop even our butts about doctrinaire remain in that sense just what that question seemed to imply do you think the chances of Lib Dems getting enough support or chance of Elvis Presley returning always enjoy distances Steve McClellan this series but the weakness for me was the daytime high street demographic is not particularly oh you don’t know that we first of all I question out on two grounds but you do identify some really interesting properties the fine is right hey we’re well aware of that right we always ask what people do my question anyway of the I’m sure you saw just like people wandering around mr. Koretz in workplaces we make sure we talk to people who who we know by dint of what they’re wearing I’ve come from work place you shall send the girl places on Saturdays we always hang around places in the evenings but also you meet all sorts of people on a nice dream that’s the heart of a town you guys still is it’s helped us over the years to turn to be reasonably right about quite a lot of things right and wrong about a few things but it helps us pick up stuff there and it’s not true out of me the other thing there’s loads of other sort of tricks we have this one way but you know we bought ran out and developers talk to people as they’re washing their cars or mowing the lawn it’s called the son game it’s got the Sun Gate hangar throughout the housing development in Indiana just that at all I sometimes think people see voxpop saw the news and get them mixed up with us left you know you said you change my opinions from people he told you since to start the break sir came campaign not a great question yes in some instances I’ve met people have changed their mind he bowed level but now back remained a lot of people who remain you just think will they lost that therefore I think fundamentally I think that could be though instilled sort of 48-52 definitely early but just moved in terms of the basics probably the biggest change I mean those enterprises ah how do I get in there just down there we make it bigger single change I think it’s people who don’t try that at home people have had enough a lot of people 2016 so we keep watching subscribe you mr. see the show oh you’re joking don’t crash I know right thanks very much guys the next films out on their Wednesday from mobile PI conference for a conference babish I am from central you

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