100 thoughts on “Antonio Brown cut by Raiders, signed by Patriots following ‘release me’ Instagram

  1. As a raiders fan, this is embarrassing. But I'm confused. How in the world does Brown get rewarded for being a complete douchebag, threatening to physically harm the GM, and say racial slurs? A 🤡 world

  2. We gave up two draft picks to help Patriots win another SB.
    Should fire Gruden and Mayock..
    Steelers/Colbert burns Raiders again.

  3. Either the Patriots or Antonio Brown owe the Raiders two draft picks, if you don’t think this was a setup you must be a democrat.

  4. Let's keep this plain and simple the Raiders won here Antonio Brown lost I'm going to tell you why they don't have to pay him a dime they free up a roster spot for somebody to actually wants to play a game and get rid of the melodrama the diva b***** plain and simple the Pats and not going to be able to control this guy I don't give a f*** what anybody says this dude is a loose cannon.

  5. This guy is a full of sh!t fool if he thinks the Raiders won't have a passing threat just because drama queen is gone. Dumbsh!t !

  6. I feel bad for the fans that spend money on Antonio Brown Jersey.I hope a refund is a available if not the NFL needs to make new regulations to protect the fans.

  7. Somehow seems like he had deal worked out with Pats then posted for Raiders to release him.
    He didnt want to be on Raiders from day 1.

  8. If not for Mike Mayock Brown would be starting Monday. AB is a entertainer he’s not running for office. He can catch the hack out of a ball that should have been end of story

  9. Wouldn't b surprised if this was planned by brown and his agent. Act a fool….get released…go to pats. Sad. And bad for the game. Now others will do it

  10. This is so hilarious. I mean just hilarious. Wish I could remember the guy in the comments section who called this exact thing would happen a week or so ago. LOL

  11. The NFL benefited exponentially. All publicity is good publicity. When advertisers pay per click and the NFL have exclusive rights to most content. Rarely does something leak from the NFL that they don't want leaked. With hard knocks in Oakland this was quite the drama, pun intended. Especially since Tom Brady Will when yet another championship and play until 60!

  12. Patriots have 4.9 million left in cap space for the entire season left ??? Math doesn't quite work . So i guess some people who have worked really hard to be part of the Patriots are about to get shafted for a Player with allot of character issues . Sad , Hope the Patriot reap the whirlwind .

  13. I'm just sick of Bill Belichek & the NFL as a whole !! This could have been an opportunity for the NFL to stand up against these players(A.Brown) that think they are better than the TEAM ! The Patriots (Belichek) has just shown us how CHARACTER is not important in today's NFL & shows us of the true character of coach Belichek & the Patriots. It's just too bad that A.Brown won't be playing against the Steelers this week. I hope Tom Brady (class act) stays healthy during the season because I believe every defense will be gunning to take both him & Brown out. The NFL is definitely losing it's credibility in today's sports.

  14. The Pats are a playground broken toys. He’ll gotta shot and just have to deal with em. Belichick won’t put up w his bullshite.

  15. Nobody can tell me this wasn't planned. Traded to a team he didn't want to be at just to land where he wanted but couldn't.

  16. Im a patriots fan since the 70's & if you're not, im really sorry to say that we will win another superbowl YET AGAIN. sorry suckers!!!! 😆

  17. This class clown played himself ,y'all really think it's worth keeping a cancerous player just to win games and the last time I checked it takes a team to win games not one player ,f raider haters ,you can smell them a mile away .

  18. Raiders chose mike mayock over AB. And Khalil Mack for a cornerback and another draft pick or whatever. The Raiders are dumb asses. Gruden is a moron. As a Raider fan I just say typical Raiders. I’m kind of glad they are leaving Oakland. They can spare me the raider rhetoric and embarrassment.
    Football is trash now anyways. Flags and replay challenges ruined the game. I have to wait 15 minutes worth of commercials to make sure a guy caught a ball which was obvious. Two challenges a game with an option for three! Ohh gosh. That’s like 45-60 min. Extra! Plus pass interferences and you can’t touch the QB above or below. Touch not hit you can’t even touch The QB! College games are like 5 hours long now. So I stopped watching them. The only team I watch is the Raiders but I really don’t care that much anymore. They treat their fans like sh!t and so does the rest of the NFL. Maybe if they got rid of challenge replay and called it in real time, went back to 15 yd pass interference and reopened QB hunting season I might “ might” watch again. But these (owners) bastereds are too damn greedy. On top of that they don’t care about their employees.

  19. "I am not addition, I am algebra" – A.B
    Well in New England he is addition because the pats already know the answer and are looking for the problems to solve the equation. They are algebra and that should help keep him in place, that and the winning and respect within the organization.

  20. Gordon, Brown, now all we need is Beckham and the Patriots journey to the dark side will be complete.

    What’s that, we’re already the evil empire? BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  21. Everyone thinks AB was calling god this whole time… Na, he was on the line with Belichick strategizing on how to get cut from the Raiders LOL.

  22. AB wanted to be a free agent but was under contract w/Steelers so he was traded to Raiders. AB acted disingenuously & hurt the Raiders.

  23. Way to go pro sports…..You just showed the younger generation that if you act like a jerk you'll get what you demand…right now there are those making jokes about what this man did to get what he wants, just wait until your "own" act this way towards you to get what they demand….What an example to hold up to the young ones….Fans everywhere can now teach their young ones "you see kids that's who you want to be like, isn't he a great man"…..Kids just learned that it's OK to lie, it's OK to make deals you don't intend to keep,and it's OK to disrespect those in authority as long as you get what you demand….to hell w/everyone else….Way to go N.E….got anything else you want to teach the kids ????

  24. The NFL is full of abusers, drug addicts, felons, American hating POS's. And the league covers for em all, the end of the NFL is upon us, can't come soon enough.

  25. Shouldn't the NFL look into possibly suspending AB. Hasn't his antics been "detrimental to the League/Shield". #1 AB illegally tape recorded Gruden. #2 AB caused the Raiders to loose 2 draft picks…. costing an NFL Franchise future draft picks.  #3 AB took a roster spot from a player that could have helped the team i.e.  Keelan Doss.

  26. Antonio Brown records a private conversation, then signs with team known for recording opposing teams walk throughs. Coincidence? Lol

  27. I would much rather play for the Oakland Raiders than the Patriots. Tom Brady is a great player, but he was guaranteed 30 million. This entire thing is crazy to me.

  28. I love ab..i have huge respect for him and his talent…but how he did us over here in oakland was just wrong he let alot of people down and lied to us blatantly…i wish him the best..but he didnt have to go about it like this

  29. Do you grown people know this is sports entertainment? This is staged fake and scripted for a plot for the playoffs.N.F.L is making money on scripted entertainment. You ever notice the liberal propaganda? These owners are billionaires and multimillionaires playing your heads like sheep.

  30. If this was all planed out then why did the Pats only give him a 1 year contract? Everyone saying the Raiders got played, I say it's the opposite. The Patriots are going to pay off the guaranteed money owed leaving a ton of cap space and the Pats get in return the biggest headache in NFL history.

  31. He is one of those people who creates destruction so they can get on to another team.It's an old tactic.Raiders knew about it but they were like screw it.He is not worth it.

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