Andrew Luck becomes the latest in trend of NFL players retiring early

Andrew Luck becomes the latest in trend of NFL players retiring early

-This certainly isn’t
how I, uh, envisioned this or planned this, uh, but —
but I am gonna retire. This is not an easy decision. Uh, honestly, it’s the hardest
decision of my life. For the last four years or so,
I’ve been in this cycle of injury,
pain, rehab, injury, pain, rehab, uh, and it’s been
unceasing and relenting — unrelenting, both in season
and off season. Uh, and I felt stuck in it,
and the only way I see out is to —
to no longer play football. Uh, it’s — it’s taken
my joy of this game away. Because of how I feel, I know
that I am unable to pour my heart
and soul into this position, uh, which would not only sell
myself short but the team,
in the end, as well. -People think football players
are tough, that they like the contact. I hated contact,
so I just ran scared. -Now, see, I hated contact, too. So, I didn’t play.
-But you weren’t fast. But you weren’t fast. -Now that you’re done,
has your body fully recovered from the torment
of your years in the League? -Not completely, and, actually,
I think it’ll get worse, because I’m not working out
like I used to. -Are you not playing
because you can’t or because you just don’t
want to anymore? -Uh, I think it’s
a combination of both. I can’t put in what I want
to put in, what I used to put in to get
the results that I used to get. You know, my job
is to catch the ball. You know, so,
when catching the ball — when that kind of hurts,
you know, that’s kind of — that’s another flag. -Well, I’d always been aware
of the dangers, or I thought I was. Um, in fall camp last year,
sustained a hit, and it was nothing out of
the ordinary for a linebacker — a physical play —
and just thought to myself after that, um,
“Is the route I want to go? How many times am I gonna
do this, for how long? And what are
the real consequences?” So, it triggered a change
in thought for me, and subsequently,
I did a lot of research and ultimately
came to the conclusion that, no, it wasn’t worth it
for me personally. -I gave this game
everything I had. And what’s — what’s funny is that it’s amazing
what we see with the eyes instead of what we,
like, actually, like, know. If only I knew what it took
to go out there on Sundays and play this game.

44 thoughts on “Andrew Luck becomes the latest in trend of NFL players retiring early

  1. There are a few things that NFL can do to protect quarterbacks and improve their longevity in the league. Why do people have to fall on quarterbacks or hit them or even hit them on the ground? Why not improve some rules like what constitutes a sack if we abolish hitting or pounding while a quarterback is already on the ground? A lot more quarterbacks will last longer. They will NOT have to bruise their kidneys or fracture their ribs. This is a GAME, not a BULL FIGHT. Someone with a high IQ (if there is one) in NFL should come up with a solution to this nonsense. This is why many parents are against their kids playing football. No one wants to play through injury just to make a lot of money if they are going to develop brain injury or early dementia. I support Luck’s early retirement.

  2. How many of us who played only HS or College football destroyed our bodies for just the love of the game ? Luck is lucky to walk away with the $

  3. the current state of the nfl… hes probably embarrassed to be part of it. tired of all the racist whiny bullshit

  4. I understand why he retired: he took some hard hits, was injured, rehabbed, played, & was injured again. He repeated that sequence one too many times, so, he retired. Now, let's give this a year to see if he comes out of retirement. I don't know how much money this guy has saved up, but I hope it's enough for him to last him a lifetime. The NFL is no joke; there are some beasts on the field. If they hit you, you hurt and it effects your game. One huge hit & you end up like Darryl Stingley. I don't blame the guy for retiring. Get out while you can still walk and think.

  5. One of the things NFL Scouts look for a future draft pick is trying to figure out is this player really love football clearly Andrew Luck didn't never love football that's why he walked out on his teammates

  6. Its sad to see Andrew go so soon. I think the Colts suck for never protecting the guy. I cant remember him having a solid line in front of him. They definetely never gave him what they gave Manning. If they did he would still be playing. I'm a NE fan and I loved the Colts Patriots rivalry but that died when Manning left. The Colts never gave Andrew the chance to compete with us.

  7. Wishing you all the best Andrew. I hope your injurys heal and you live a long happy life with your loved ones. No amount of money is worth losing that. If the Colts fans dont appreciate you enough to care then come to New England we will applaud you and give you the appreciation you deserve. We love great players and we make sure they know it. We aplreciate what every single Patriot has done to bring us the joy of victory. Every patriot player is dear to us. Just ask a Patriots player if we love and support them. We wish you the best.

  8. He didn't mesh with the coach who has always disliked so called primadonna superstar qbs.. From his playing days and coach time in buffalo and philly

  9. Better to inspire your kids to a different sport. Most of these guys will have a broken body before learning what's really important in life.

  10. Patrick Willis one of the Greatest Defensive players Ever! Sure fire First ballet HOF if he played a few more years..

  11. All the glory and money in the world can't compensate you for being in constant pain and being disabled. Anyone whose dealt with constant pain I'm sure would agree.

  12. That’s what happens when a team doesn’t invest in protecting their QB until it’s too late but still can pay 4 million for Gilmore’s Black Stratocaster 😜

  13. What is wrong with people here in America? He announced his retirement due to medical reasons and they boo him. What ungrateful rotten humans they are. I guess he should have stayed until he couldn't walk and was feeling constant pain, then retire and try to enjoy himself. I say good for him for doing what he felt was right for him.

  14. Mark my words the NFL will transition into a flag football league in the next 10 years or two hand touch. This contact sport is ruining the lives of some serious professionals and the league will adjust mark my words.

  15. And yet Football has the least paid players in pro sports but the owners continue making millions off the backs of it's players, the Superbowl alone makes Billions in revenue for the NFL SMH

  16. Hey man, more power to him and others like him. Living with pain for the rest of your life due to injury is no joke. Not being able to get out of bed, a chair, walking, sitting, driving, not able to sleep due to pain, opioid addiction, mental depression, etc. you Madden video athletes are clueless, and to boo him?! Let’s throw you in front of a car, see how you feel, then call you a pusssay everyday your in rehab. You video stars and fantasy stars have no empathy for others.

  17. All those on here ranting about betrayal should swallow the pill and move on. It's business.
    Every sports athlete is a business entity with a business machinery behind them. And just like other businesses in America or wherever, they will not disclose their business secrets or challenges to competitors or anyone else if that stands to put them at a disadvantage.
    Wish the guy good Luck and move on.
    We're all humans, stop holding them to godlike status, or you'll get hurt again.

  18. Booing fans? WTF? Mentally, the FANATICS fancy themselves in Roman coliseum wanting the next gladiator to be thrown to the lions. Bunch of un-evolved idiots. Thanks to those knuckle-draggers, I think far less of the Colts, and Indianapolis in general. Hard pass on visits. 😝👹💩🚽👺🚯

  19. Only a fool would try to play for 20 years in a contact sport while making millions. Unless somehow you never get injured during your career you should retire young and live a good life. Instead they keep making the game softer and softer and as a result are losing fans. I have not watched the NFL for 5 years now because they keep changing things to make it less of a contact sport.

  20. I hope Colts fans realize that the players you love are more then just players on your team. I would hope that you want these people to live as happily and healthy as possible. I am grateful for all the players that have risked their bodies for our entertainment, and I hope everyone are as happy as possible. They don’t owe us anything, and if they decide they are done, then good for them.

  21. Colts fans trying to spin this into something other than C level player retires instead of getting fired by Colts. Buncha sheeps.

  22. You only have one body to live in for your whole life. If it is broken and you are in pain all the money in the world will not buy you another healthy body free of pain. Stupid selfish fans who booed Andrew Luck should be ashamed of themselves. They probably never even put on the gear in their lives. I hope Andrew Luck has a long, happy and healthy life.

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