American Beauty (7/10) Movie CLIP – I Rule! (1999) HD

American Beauty (7/10) Movie CLIP – I Rule! (1999) HD

[ yells ] [ sighs ] [ fingernails tapping ] What ? Uh, whose car is that
out front ? Mine.
1970 pontiac firebird, The car I’ve always wanted,
and now I have it. I rule !
Where’s the camry ? I traded it in. Shouldn’t you have
consulted me first ?
Hm, let me think. No. You never drove it. Have you done
something different ?
You look great. [ sighs ] Where’s jane ? Jane not home. We have… The whole house… To ourselves. Christ, carolyn. When did you
become so… Joyless ? Joyless ? I am not joyless. There happens to be
a lot about me… That you don’t know,
mr. Smarty man. There’s plenty of joy
in my life. Whatever happened
to that girl…

76 thoughts on “American Beauty (7/10) Movie CLIP – I Rule! (1999) HD

  1. You can tell that it was not planend that kevin hit her with the car…. If you watch closely, he looks at the crew and barely manages to not break laughing….

  2. As much as I hated his wife, I did feel sorry for her in the end when realization hit her about her bad doings. You could see her regret, pain and anguish for the way she treated her husband, and now that he's gone her feelings of being alone.

    The grass always looks greener on the other side, but never is.

  3. One of my good friends had a wife like Carolynn, she was once a very humble person, down to earth, liked the party scene but didnt party too too much, they got pregnant early, she settled for a while but as soon as she hit 30, I noticed she started to become discontent with her life, by way of her treatment of my friend and her need to attain material things for which gave her life meaning or value. My friend became enslaved by two jobs in an attempt to satisfy her lavish lifestyle, only for her to leave him for an insurance agent…

  4. She is incredible actress. The lust in her eyes , like she is about to seduced but she is so weak and helpless to resist.

  5. Would you rather be a virgin your whole entire life or Lester Burnigham. I rather be a virgin my entire life.

  6. Every man should watch this movie so that we know HOW EVIL and messed up women can be and that MEN never forget that it's never too late to get it back if we only never lose it….

  7. My DAD JUST KILLED himself on his motorcycle not suicide but indirectly from a miserable wife, compiled with drugs and alcohol…..
    When men are unhappy we die or make shit right….if only my dad would've been like lester

  8. I hope that Kevin Spacey is able to understand that his behaviour has had a significant effect on many who may watch his movies. Its all viewed through the lens of abuse.

  9. jодин из пдъ.бов хосткого пкутина
    каково население америики

  10. You know you're getting old when you used to identify with the teens in the movie but now you have become the parents. Life.

  11. Shame about Kevin spacey playing with young boys cocks and arseholes, he was a great actor and made many great movies, how does cliff Richard aka Harry Webb keep getting off with the same crime against young boys arses

  12. Everything about this clip theatrically is perfect The whole movie was a series of perfect theatrically clips….the music set every tone and played a big part keeping the clips together.

  13. Every now and then Hollywood comes out with a movie that makes it all worthwhile putting up with that den of Communists and socially destructive scum controlling the movie industry .

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