Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE

Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE

Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE bigbrother mainstream media government
cover-ups you want to stop tyranny will so does he live from the info
studios it’s alex junk for too long years here we are it’s hard to believe
that any of it actually happened looking back it was two years of unremitting
never diminishing hysteria about Russia it was a continuous wave of panic and
superstition over unseen Slavic interference all stoked by the very
people were told are the most rational in our society for two years our capital
city became a became a kind of massive CNN panel a living monument to ignorance
and dishonesty were the loudest and the dumbest invariably got the most
attention we just lived through two full years of that screaming threatening
surveillance character assassination loyalty tests wild allegations of
treason and spying and betrayal from officeholders innocent people find
themselves afraid to go to dinner scared to send text messages or talk on the
phone for two years we lived in an all-pervasive cult of personality
our leaders worshipped a 74 year old federal prosecutor who almost never
spoke in public he alone was good they told us only they could interpret his
will it was all thoroughly bizarre demented really though nobody said so at
the time they were too afraid it seems like a dream now which actually it was
none of it was real nobody colluded with Vladimir Putin
nobody changed vote totals or met secretly in Prague or a tapi tape
whatever that is there was never a Russia conspiracy
Hillary Clinton wasn’t robbed of her rightful position by Julian Assange or
Roger stone or anyone else Hillary lost the election because she
was an entitled boor who didn’t run on anything in the end that’s what Robert
Muller proved the news anchors couldn’t handle that they couldn’t handle that
conclusion it was too far from what they promised their audiences for so long
they were too invested in the lies when the report arrived in Congress this
morning they found themselves reduced to huffing and sputtering they could admit
what was in the report well they told his Robert Muller didn’t
Honore President Trump okay I mean that may be true but only theologically
Muller doesn’t have the power to absolve sin only God can but in every other
sense Muller’s report was exculpatory if dozens of federal prosecutors spent two
years trying to charge you with the crime and then found they couldn’t it
would mean there wasn’t any real evidence you did it and that’s what
happened here you may not like Donald Trump but that’s
what we just learned from the Muller report you would have to be a mindless
partisan to deny it a lot of news anchors turn out to be mindless
partisans when the facts contravene the interests of their party they deny the
facts then they attack anyone who persists in stating the obvious out loud
so suddenly the very same people who lied to you for two years about Russia
are demanding that under no circumstances are you allowed to believe
anything that the Attorney General Bill Barr might say shirt Barr may look like
a conventional Republican he was a Jeb Bush donor and everything and he does
appear to be a close personal friend of Robert Muller’s but that’s why he’s so
tricky it’s all a ruse in fact Barr is a putin’s stooge like all the rest if you
look at his behavior it is not that of a geriatric it is that of a partisan but
this looks like an inside job we shouldn’t take anything that Barr says
tomorrow as anything other than performative Qunari his bar the
president’s new fix the answer to that seems to be yes but he becomes the first
cabinet secretary to plunge into the deep end of trumps conspiracy pool
I don’t normally start the broadcast with somebody else’s show but Tucker
Carlson hits such a hole-in-one there you’ve got to do it I really had time to
reflect on what’s unfolding and we’ve got some really good news concerning the
Muller report we got some really bad news I’m gonna break down on the other
side and then we’ve got the former head of the Border Patrol the former head of
ice and a whole bunch of other former leaders coming out and saying listen
this is 510 times worse thing we’ve ever seen our border has
collapsed former DEA head says US border collapsing
that means the country’s collapsing and think about the Democrats up until two
weeks ago they said there was no border crisis a few months ago killed funding
for remember killed the funding say well this’ll be right back it was called no
collusion no obstructions there never was by the way and there
never will be and we do have to get to the bottom of these things I will say
and in this should never happen I say this in front of my friends
wounded warriors and I just call them warriors because we just shook hands and
they look great they look so good so beautiful
but I say it in front of my friends this should never happen to another president
again this hoax which should never happen to another president well the fight is on if you’re a radio
listener I would directed at read report calm you can see it a big image of the
four hundred plus pages put beside each other with the areas that are redacted
standing out and you know President Trump does have a saw places it’s hard
for soldiers and sailors and Marines and people that put it all the line piece of
he’s a fan of people that take action he’s a fan of humanity that’s what the
globalist don’t like Trump they’re telling us we’re in the post male and
female era this is the world where the beta Cox rule well not so fast
so I had time to read over the report last night today and it’s exactly what I
thought was gonna come out in the report even back six months ago because Trump
stood up congressman Nunez stood up Senator Paul
stood up Jim Jordan stood up you the audience stood up took a carlson stood
up Sean Hannity stood up I stood up our crew stood up own Troyer stood up
David Knight stood up and we all got called Russian agents and some of us got
investigated and some of us got harassed and some of us had her bank accounts
taken away I’m still listed we’re gonna probably have to file the lawsuit next
month by g2 in Boston as a terrorist as a money launderer it’s a criminal no
judge no jury that’s just what the bankers do what the white shoe boys do I
think it’s all funny when they’re the traitors selling out the country they’re
the globalist and then they turn around and say people that love this country
have nothing but records of standing up for it that we’re the ones have to be
watched how do you flip the script when you’re a bunch of traitorous globalist
want to get rid of the country and say you want to get rid of it and are
collapsing its borders and fighting the president trying to defend the borders
what do you do to try to put that in check when it’s so
obvious you’re the enemy of the unborn and the born and the and the left wants
to euthanize old people I mean they’re just villains teaching people that if
you want to get ahead somebody else has to lose instead of building economies
that are about really taking care of people they’re evil so I’ve got some
good news and some bad news about the Muller report but I can tell you this
it’s definitely bittersweet or it’s sweet on the tip of your tongue and sour
going down because the criminals that did all this are walking free and are so
arrogant they’re calling for new investigations and new congressional
witch hunts and they’re up on their hind legs more arrogant than ever so this is
a blueprint for impeachment and proof of the Russian takeover they’ve only gotten
more arrogant and they have been kicking me in the gut hard for about three years
I mean folks if I told you the stuff that I’m not gonna get into for a lot of
reasons the tape done to me I’m not saying I’m a victim I’m a target but let
me tell you these are criminals and they know exactly what they’re doing but of
course they’re globalist traitors they’re the globalist boarding party to
lower the drawbridge and run up the white flag they’re the enemy you go if
you have the most powerful richest country in the world with the best
military and incredible resources why would you sell it out to the chai comes
why would you I mean even from a global domination view you wouldn’t do that but
see there’s a spirit that wants to bring down America so a lot of the people say
no to globalism right now aren’t even good guys they’re just don’t have the
pure Antichrist spirit of why will we kill babies after they’re born why would
we give up all our power why would we see why will we let lesser men and women
like Clinton and Cuomo rule us and see that’s the globalists
big problem our founders created separation of powers so that you
wouldn’t have too much power concentrate one place but also so powerful people
would battle with each other over power instead of consolidating power and
attacking little people so while they’re distracted battling over power we can
build a civilization our forebears were eminently intelligent eminently educated
in the real school of the world but also in letters and they were all so divinely
touched with divine inspiration there’s no doubting it and we stand on the
foundation they built against these enemies the control globalist
collaborator press the big mega banks Hollywood that spews the most
debilitating demoralizing anti human crap the world’s ever seen at our people
24/7 Communist China has a controlling stake in the all six major Hollywood
production houses studios and almost all of our films are banned that they’re
actually financing in China unless they’re government approved by China
then China always saves the day the the Communists always say that they think
about how far down the rat hole we are that they’re financing family destroying
economy destroying mental illness they’re teaching mental illness in
Hollywood in the whole culture on record it’s come out WikiLeaks and a foreign
enemy is financing that think about that and then Trump says America’s good the
people are good we’re strong we believe in each other and they go he’s the enemy
get rid of him because he’s not demoralizing you it’s such an easy
choice that Trump is good the globalist are bad it’s obvious he’s real that’s
what the Global’s are so pissed but I’ll tell you it Trump’s backed by a lot
people who are Machiavellian but they’re still human they have a little secret
pride in America because the granddaddy was proud of it even though they sold
out the globalist even though they’re evil in ways they have that sin like
Darth Vader of still caring about their family they’re not completely turned
over to madness they did not that yes it’s the good people of this nation
loving hard-working dedicated men and women of every race color creed that of
the blood of this nation and the guts and the eyes and the ears but remember
the other secret ingredient of powerful elites that are saying why would we feed
America headfirst into a wood chipper to satisfy some globalist pissing contest
to mount our head on a wall it will be America that doesn’t mount your head on
a wall globalist it’ll be America that overtakes you defeats your sick ideas
and launches humanity beyond the stars beyond the stars we’re going to have
scientific breakthroughs the beginnings of what you’ve already happened where
we’re going to leap in human development and human understanding to levels you
can’t even imagine and the globalism know this and their Lord their master is
very old and knows we are about to enter the next level and they are screaming
with anger they’re so majestic compared to them we
are so beautiful prepare to fight for the future of humanity not Alex Jones
this is the info from my perspective Alex Jones here PAC live thanks for
joining us today on this April 19th 2019 Patriots day Friday let’s get right into
it here’s the prime analysis and the big
overview the Democrats the deep state are in bed with everybody they’re not
Russian agents they’re agents – big mega corporations in the Chie comms and
others cell in the country out to the highest bidder they’re not leaders the
Democrats and the deep Staters are pimps they’re nothing but grocers that sell
America out they preside with a little pad of paper and their pin at the cash
register selling your birthright out my birthright that’s it that’s all they are and so
when you see these lowly ugly stupid lying arrogant narcissistic pathetic
fallen people like Nadler and Schiff and Pelosi and an AOC these are the slaves these are the traitors this is the trash that was brought up to hate america by
scum parents they’re all scum and the minute you realize they have a
hunger to beat you because you’re better than them because you have a spirit
that’s different from them the minute you realize that you have victory you’re
better than them and they know it the traitors they could be black they could
be wiped they could be all that can be young but they have a spirit and this is
supposed to be their country they want control they want to run it for global
domination while they destroy it they want to expend the energy and the spirit
of America into a great evil work it’s an act of satanic alchemy they want to
lie to you to your face to where you don’t know up from down like clapper
that’s old Congress the NSA is never spied on one American are never looked
at any email or any communication ever in its history that’s like saying the
ocean doesn’t have one drop of water in it that blue birds aren’t blue that the
American flag isn’t red white and blue it’s ridiculous and it’s perjury but
these criminals can do whatever they want so they overreached they could do
over they went until now they overreached and thought they were
invincible and this whole Russia gate was opposed to be a cover-up of their
illegal activity and now they came up so empty
if Muller could have gotten one American and I know they contacted thousands of
people yours truly and to get people to take money from the
Russians of course it was never the Russians it was the Democrats the deep
Staters the neo-cons we never took one dollar that’s not me not you they
couldn’t find anybody who was a Christian or a conservative or a trump
supporter that would take twenty thirty pieces of silver they couldn’t find a
Benedict Arnold they couldn’t find a Judas Iscariot they couldn’t find it
even with super hot blond Russian sex operatives that work for the CIA they
couldn’t find one Patriot to sell out their country of course you couldn’t
enemy because we’re the opposite of you and always will be we’re not for sale
Stumm we already so loud the Christ you’ll never get us and that’s what you
have to understand is this is their giant failure and the report itself is a
cover-up and a facade that Oh Russia was still
involved as Trump says BS and it’s a cover-up for Rosenstein and mccabe and
all the other traitors all the only can’t be traitors we’re always against
the country just bloodless operatives foreign soldiers embedded enemy agents
really they’re not guilty of treason these people have all been anti-american
their whole lives the O’s they gave meant nothing because they gave us
spiritually when they sign their soul over their God but let me just digress
or get out of the digress gonna get into it the bad news is this though the main
objective of us not having peace with Russia and making it where Trump can’t
ever do anything reasonable with Russia well that’s the perfect geopolitical
answer for worldwide defense of the West’s worldwide defense of Christianity
worldwide offense the family the path of throwing the globalist oligarchs out
Russia ran the first successful blueprint of this because
they hit bottom first they came up for air first and it didn’t roughly is not
perfect has its own problems but the only Russian collusion is in the spirit
in the nations all over the world are pulling out of the unelected tyrannical
world government and Russia is almost four times geographically the size of
the u.s. it has a culture in many ways very similar to ours and the West and
geographically have you studied geopolitics on the grand chessboard
model that is the model carried out by the CIA as if it is the model so it’s
the template they’re using a link-up with the United States and Russia
geographically four ports of entry military control is global domination
it’s the alliance that would defeat radical Islam stabilize the planet stop
the india-pakistan time bomb nuclear war that’s the number one threat most
analysts believe checkmate Communist China make them sue for peace and
normalize and move out of that authoritarian system but the globe was
set up shut down the EU break it up have it enter into a new Federation of the
free nations the free nation Federation 1776 worldwide whatever you want to call
it a real global system where the nation-states are in charge but people
do meet and discuss to create consensus there’s anything the enemy creates is a
counterfeit of what we were already building towards you understand that world peace to the best level we can get
it not a utopia even the Carnegie Endowment set 80 years ago is working
with Russia the problem is they had control of Russia with a communist
program I wanted to merge that with us but this reform in Russia is as real as
it could be with Christianity and the family and opposing Hollywood you turn
on Russian television not the stuff that RT puts out so it’s a liberal crap but
RT America is like CNN but the stuff that is in Russia turn it on it’s like
Infowars the governments and Europe have a plan to break up your families and
replace you Muslims we’re not doing that get tax
exemption and paid you know how many hundred thousand rubles to have a child
don’t let Russia die don’t go with the globalist program of anti human because
Russia’s decided to not kill itself and commit suicide so the bad news is yeah
the whole thing was a distraction we wasted two years on it it blocked a lot
of you know Trump’s agenda and we call it a victory now the victory is sending
all these Crips to present they’ve already had the victory in creating a
new cold war with Russia leading towards war with Trump being way more brutal to
Russia than anybody since before Ronald Reagan it’s very dangerous
this one of trumps main failings as showing he’s on a Russian minion kicking
Russia upside the head for no reason the big win is Trump wanted to thaw
relations with the Russians Russia has way more resources than the second-most
resource Laden continent which is named Africa that the Chad columns are
swallowing up right now the United States has been specifically
geopolitically cut off by the globalist sold out and Trump is just saying we’re
not gonna do one-sided deals anymore he’s barely turned the ship around we’re
already seeing a lot of big dividends we’ve already seen the private Federal
Reserve try to spike that recovery you can see the whole power structure
working against President Trump but Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE you’ve got people in the general public
and people in government who don’t want to destroy the country and who
understand that what they’ve been waiting for is here so they’re behind
Trump so the final equation will get your view on this coming up next hour
I’ll get the number out about 20 minutes in the final equation Muller didn’t have
any choice you see Muller was a deep state fix-it man Muller was somebody
back from the days in Vietnam who knew how to keep his mouth shut
about operations and so Muller was a establishment cleanup man
back to the days of whitey bulger you see Robert Muller is a follower and so
what does it tell you well it tells you he knows Trump’s winning and you know
why Trump’s winning because Trump’s not out of the swamp and everything Trump’s
ever done has been completely legal he’s neurotic about nobody’s gonna set him up
nobody’s gonna get dirt on him nobody’s gonna you have I’m the same way I
overpay their fake taxes I I don’t even speed anymore I was driving to work in a
70 at 65 like an old lady today I notice the older I get the same that I’m more
careful it’s just that well as you get older you are mucker but the point is I
don’t have any instinct to break the law I don’t get off on breaking the law if
the law is wrong I try to change it and so Trump is the last person on earth
that goes to a hotel and has Russians piss on him that’s ridiculous
you’ve seen his discipline his commitment the guy’s a clean freak it’s
all crap it’s not about defensive Trump this is about defensive truth and so I’m
gonna say this now and I’m gonna shoot a special video that’s a message to the
president cause he’s getting through to him
through certain people at the White House and general Kelley telling him
that he’s not to read Infowars or to watch my videos actually made from watch
more and he can’t the New York Times The Washington Post when they had like 500
articles in the news year and a half ago saying Infowars ban in the White House
Trump not allowed to read it I mean what do you think he does when he sees
hundreds and hundreds of articles literally because they put it in AP and
then it be in every newspaper in the country but sometimes 50 articles a day
for weeks on end saying he shouldn’t have press passes get rid of them ban
Infowars don’t let Trump read it Trump’s too weak-minded to listen to Jones too
weak-minded when Trump watches this show this is
what the real Trump’s like behind us change more aggressive than I am more
pissed off more Pro America fire-breathing Trump just finds his
apprentice that he never had when he turns in and then the enemy knows that
but they try to create this whole projection that I’m telling Trump what
to do no Trump Tunes in and here’s exactly what he’s already thinking and
so they watched over and over again him go that’s right that’s it that’s correct
that’s the truth Trump needs that sounding board that’s
why you need to go to his rallies you need to call into the shows you need to
call the White House you need to talk to him because he needs that interface
you know Ann Coulter didn’t get a lot of cheap points and I’ve invited her on the
show ups will come back saying oh my god Trump’s the traitor he’s offered the
Democrats partial amnesty for those that are here if they’ll just give us 12
billion to build a wall and build more detention centers he knows they’re not
gonna do that and they’re gonna ban totally open borders and he shows what
frauds they are and now you see them admitting it’s a total crisis worsens
ever been collapse at the border it’s a crisis and the people telling us that
he’s a Russian agent and hates America are the ones that publicly say America
was never great it’ll never be great aoshi all of them Ilhan omar can’t quit
running their mouths and you take some low IQ dumbass like those women that
come from tyranny and you put them in power and hope they’re gonna appreciate
it they want to piss all over it because of that substantial Envy they don’t like
it they can’t handle it those women in Somalia would be sold as
sex slaves in five minutes and if they talk back to their Muslim owners they’d
knock their teeth out but they can come here everybody kisses their ass and just
piss all over Christianity piss all over the West bitch and complain tell us how
much it sucks then get your ass out of my country you piece of trash you filth
you garbage there’s plenty of people from around the world of every race
color and Creed that appreciate freedom I don’t want to piss all over it so get
the hell out scum you’re a curse on this nation I’m sorry let me through the news
here the fact that we have the deep state on sicom tit and the CFR crime
syndicate trying to kill this country and the fact that they ran this whole
hoax to take over the election process and overturn the election and have a
real authoritarian coup over the election system and they set up CIA
networks publicly with billions of dollars to harass and Jack with everyone
that’s pro-american I demand justice President Trump I demand retribution I
demand that they pay not because I’m a vengeful person but because you let
these monsters stalk around the countryside feeding on our innocent
people the Democrats can’t lick the blood off their lips fast enough as they
pass loss and they’re gonna kill babies after they’re born North Carolina just
did it this isn’t politics or trying to win the next election this is cutting
the cancer out we don’t sit here and let these groups and organizations run
around engaging in their sabotage or we’re aiding and abetting it and it’s a
dereliction of duty so I don’t ask I demand that the courts and the president
and the Congress removed the Democrat scourge they are not a party in the
nation they are an outside group of traders with a giant brainwash mass of
mentally ill criminals that work for them trying to bully this nation into
hell this is our new world war 2 this is our existential moment this is the
globalist parasites running our country just like they did Russia and I commands
the oligarchs be removed I demand the Federal Reserve be broken up and the
president put his people in I demand all of these traitors that have committed
incredible crimes and gotten hundreds of millions of dollars a piece in some
cases like Michael Moore of taxpayer money to finance their poison
I want them audited I want them indicted I want him in prison now roll over and
die these very same enemies are trying to crush our borders right now
and sack our nation and if we don’t rally to save the Republic then stick a
fork in it and begin the evacuation but to where remember the globalist have
their people know we stand and we find here on this hill on this Republic our
fours for bears built I think of the number ops whatever open phones the next
hour and play a bunch of clips get to a bunch of news and stuff as it breaks
here I’ve got so much to get to so much I don’t even mentioned it’s insane but
the globalist failed because they have a bunch of followers and a bunch of
cowards and a bunch of scum and because everything they built was built on the
house of sand with a high tide of Liberty coming in to a boot and the
water and the waves and the wind blew away their little castles made of sand
that fall into the sea eventually to quote Jimi Hendrix oh but that’s the bad
news they’re not stopping they’re swearing in
the committee’s run by Maxine Waters to kill the economy and to harass and
threaten companies to not move here she’s actually said that and she’s
actually run a lot of them off horrible person I mean we have people
working against us trying to collapse the borders trying to break up our
families saying our pro-american president is a Russian agent trying to
shut down the Free Press they’ve passed bills in what a couple states they’re
there they’re there signing bills and others to kill babies after they’re born
that’s in the news today North Carolina had a bill to say if a baby’s born and
it doesn’t die the abortion you’ll keep it alive and the governor said no we’re
gonna kill it that’s killing after they’re born see they’re always moving
the goalposts man thanks for killing granny kill that baby see they’ve been
teaching for 30 years in colleges that you should kill children up 2/3 of the
state besides their future is it good even the child’s quote depressed let’s
just kill him she said they’d kill him mentally with the autism and then they
tell the parents you know it’s too expensive because right now it’s 1 in 58
it’s got autism it’ll soon be 1 in 3 it was one in 35,000 just 30-something
years ago and it’ll be like well you know make the decision we’re killing
your son cuz it’s boys right you know they’re targeting little special thing
in the vaccine the thing they’re gonna give you a little treaty waiting nothing
like a treaty we tea for your boy so we’re to cover all that – I just said
the globalists du hast I hate you but I don’t do it for my hate of you I do it
for my love of all you out there humble good well-meaning strong people that I
salute I would never have been this close to God without all this adversity and
only now do I realize how real the Bible is it’s so true you know the world hates
Christ and the world’s gonna hate those of you that have Christ in you like our
unborn children the system hates women more than anything is they’re so
powerful and magical they want to own them they want to run them and they’re
their friend they’ll take care of you but then Candace Owens found out it was
the left posing his wife supremest threatening her to get control of her
social network and then she went from a leftist overnight to a free mind and
that’s all I want all I want is for people to be free because I have
children and I want them to grow up in a future with your children that are free
and I want their great great grandchildren to be free and to be able
to make the decisions about the destiny they want but the clear and present
danger is the Democratic Party who are not the Democratic Party of Thomas
Jefferson they are the globalist party and you know that’s the thing about the
Democrats did you know it was the Democrats who worked with British
intelligence to start the civil war and he wanted to break the country up and
have their own nation and again I had ancestors that were Colonels and
generals in the Confederacy and you name it shot him but this is some debate
about North versus South both sides have grievances it wasn’t about slavery I
know all that but the South got suckered into it by British intelligence thirty
years before Andrew Jackson as president who was a southerner stopped it the
founder of Texas was thrown out of office as governor
he’d been president than Governor Sam Houston I almost killed him for him out
of Houston you’re being set up a powerful global
forces the North’s got ten times the industry and five times the men will
beat them for the first year you’ll kill our best men and then they’re gonna sack
and burn everything and they said you get out of here you son of a bitch we
know best we’re going to war and you saw what happened I read a whole book with
his letters and I’ve heard the name of it like 20 years ago
it made me cry Sam Houston was a mountain of a man he was B was what Davy
Crockett wishes he was he was the real Davy Crockett yeah like ten arrows
sticking out of him like kill like 20 you know Injuns he used that term of the
time with a hatchet of Indians worshipped him he was like a killing
machine and there he was as an old man telling Texas don’t do this don’t join
it you’re crazy it’s a British intelligence setup my god
don’t do it listen to what Andrew Jackson said he
sent him he energy accent sent him to found Texas with my ancestors were the
treasures of Texas they could be trusted and it just blows my mind to watch these
betrayals over and over again and to watch us suckered into this over and
over again and they’re trying to cause a civil war again these bastards it just
never ends and I mean the Republicans are perfect but we formed an
insurrection into the globalist operation through the Republicans and we
have been kicking their ass and they don’t know what to do but the bad news
is the Democrats are digging in they’re not going to stop they’re gonna obstruct
they’re gonna sabotage they’re gonna get they’re gonna commit more crimes they’re
going to do more jussie Smollett staged events and you just can’t sit there and
let them commit these crimes this is not a government this is a group of
criminals we’re gonna go to break the toll-free
number to join us is eight seven seven seven eight nine two five three nine
eight seven seven seven eight nine Alex first-time callers on the mellah report
what you think’s coming next the topic we’re covering eight seven
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please commit today but whatever you do spread the word
over your list you’re watching a local radio local TV
or on the streams at for my show they’ve already had some
incredible vicars together but the biggest are yet to come
your calls it’s kind of news straight ahead our number two but you know being
in this fight I hate myself sometimes when I want to say something or do
something better I get really mad at myself even though I really respect
David and he’s smarter than I am anyways I really respect oh and he’s more
passionate and smarter in many ways I’ll be watching them when they’re doing
their shows getting mad at him like you should do this you should do that and it
has nothing to do with him I’m projecting my own boiling it’s like a
dog chewing on a cage that it sits in Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE trapped in it’s just biting at it and
there’s that frustration and we can’t let the enemy wear us down we cannot
overheat we have to just trust in God and just keep working and just keep
focusing and we’re gonna win and most nations don’t get this type of quick
reprieve we’re not there yet but God’s showing us listen you’ve been given
special dispensation you’ve been given the golden ticket but you have to take
the birthright it’s just that the province would tell Israel every time
Israel turned against God and became wicked the devil was focusing on Israel
because Israel had the birthright so he is real did a lot of wicked things not
because his rayul was evil at heart but because Israel had the birthright the
devil was focusing all his power on them and make no mistake America is under
attack from without him from within and we don’t say that as victims we say that
as overcomers we had to be honest with ourselves about that I see Chris in
Minnesota they’ll go to first we come back from break new world order
globalist set back 20 years yes I feel like I should be popping champagne I
felt like I should be celebrating accept okay they didn’t totally around us this
time we fought back from the grave and now they’re reforming to come at us
which makes these victories that’s much sweeter but also that much more painful
because when Americans come back from the dead that many times when we’ve been
given Providence in God’s discernment so many times it makes it that much more
precious you know it’s like a child you have that gets sick when they’re little
than almost guys you may have five or six other children but that one little
daughter that one little sign that almost died and that you stayed up with
all night all those weeks you’ll always love them more than the others think about that that’s the prodigal son firstborn son says I never did anything
wrong I always did what I was told I was steadfast and you’re spending all your
money in your time welcoming back to this other son that’s been gone for ten
years and took his birthright early and it was a total thug and an embarrassment
to us and now you’ve just welcomed him back and have the biggest party we’ve
ever had and give all the employees bonuses and kill the best Cal we’ve
gotten you what the hell and the father looks at him and says do you imagine
what I’d do for you this is the failed son it means that much it’s expected
that you’re gonna perform I love you 10 times more than that failed son this is
a celebration that we didn’t lose this one but you are leader and you will
carry on the house and so you don’t need little petty parties or medals or to be
praised by the system doing the right thing you’re the first one and you’re in
charge because you are in charge it’s this fallen Sun that
you have to rejoice came back because we almost lost him
don’t you understand now today whether your calls are straight ahead sorcerers
of guests construction how do you really kill somebody you tell them softly where
they never know what hit them bottom of the gallery I’m gonna hit that
emergency public service announcement that if you care about yourself you care
about your neighbors you care about the future you care about your pension funds
you’ll want to tune in for that see there’s different stories out there
about the ground that they produced for the Colt m16 what is that the five five
six four two two three but they said that it would wound people instead of
killing him and that would chat more the enemy’s resources now whether that story
is true or not that gives you a little bird’s-eye view and a window into the
global was thinking because whether that’s true or not and historians debate
back and forth I’m really not even a novice when it comes to gun history I
know how that you shoot them but that’s about it
I know I hit the target but the whole nomenclature of it I I’m not really have
to snuff on but you see soft kills are real thing and and and folks should know
about it because even if you’re not having children all the mentally
retarded and brain-damaged children that we’re having to pay for and deal with
are something that could be fixed real quick let’s see there’s a project going
on that the global is they’re panicking if Trump becomes full president and gets
into that they’re gonna get turned around it stopped
oh the Chinese don’t have this autism problem the Russians don’t have it by
the way any country that doesn’t use glyphosate doesn’t have it
your pockets say wait I thought vaccines did it it’s called pioneering weapons
and then they’ve got other weapons that aren’t just two different systems that
together create the compound that kills you they have weapons sometimes it up to
six before they start breaking down that is artifact vaccines are two binary
adjuvant trigger for fluoride plaques and plaques associated with glyphosate
the body builds up in blocks and then the vaccine triggers an autoimmune
response that causes swelling in the brain that then breaks the barrier and
then the full dose is delivered it’s a binary weapon so if you don’t want to be
changing your son’s diapers until you go to the nursing home and he goes and gets
euthanized you might want to listen to me because I do this in a cold evil
voice because that’s the enemy’s intent for you and your family and you need to
know there’s a book in there bad and there’s a enemy and the average doctors
compartmentalize and doesn’t know about that so you’re gonna have to be here now
that’s coming up but I’ve already burned part of this
segment last second of the hour I’m gonna hit it and we’re gonna talk about
something that can you stop a break in the border can you stop crackheads that
want to smoke crack and you can’t can you stop Muslims want to blow themselves
up maybe not but you could talk to your neighbors you can you could bring them
the vaccine insert you could spend some time on that instead of fantasy football
or getting dropped out the bar with your buddies that are all fake people and
giggling and laughing at each other with none of the matters you could do all
that and I know most of you are doing that but I’m talking to new listeners
the tune in and they go man Jones is the biggest comedian in the
world he’s the funniest guy we’ve ever heard there’s millions of years on
YouTube of me talking about the governor of Virginia discussing keeping babies
alive and killing him after they’re born I say keep them comfortable little flesh
ball and people think it’s funny I only Illustrated it because that’s how
the governor talks and that’s how sick it is I didn’t do it because it’s funny
now you can laugh all day and I’m not saying you’re bad if you think it’s
funny but this is an entertainment now if you think you’re safe when they can
kill newborn babies and we got these people like this monster walking around
above-ground you don’t have any instincts the fact that the Democratic
Party is publicly in every state they control getting laws passed to kill
babies after they’re born shows that they think you’re in a trance anybody could investigate this Saturday
our bitch and the bio medic companies that have given him money
I went looked it up guess where this old medical doctor that just so happens to
be a pediatric doctor got his funding from oh oh it’s real funny G wants to
keep babies alive and harvest their organs they get more money doing that
keeping him alive longer to get out our price on the organ you got them right
there on the spot there might be a buyer right away who’s some fresh
we take the blood the organs and we take the skin but it’s alright it’s a
southern lovin votes there’s nothing wrong with southern lovin isn’t after
all we love the children but another governor just vetoed a law then of the
babies already born they can’t kill it there’s already law saying you can’t
kill that baby but it’s all a big power grab by the doctors a power grab by the
hospital for the Medical Group’s and they celebrate sign these bills in New
York you name it to kill the babies after they’re born
then they then they pass laws a North Carolina saying he won’t do it and the
governor does the mind-controlling says no we will there’s already laws on
murder there’s already laws on that but see no but it’s a doctor but but it’s a
Medical Center it’s a it’s a how do out of the police are like well are they
allowed to you see they’re using their white coats and their station like the
Nazis did that wasn’t the first sterilizations executions were about
doctors in the Third Reich in 1934 they’re using that as the wedge as the
camels nose under the tent flap as the boot in the door to begin the whole
operation and the mother decides if she wants it if she wants it we resuscitate
it’s a legal term for them in bioethics it’s already alive but we decide if it
leads them to live long and then we say resuscitate or not we don’t resuscitate
the little blood bag he’s taken back and kept comfortable but all those orders
for the liver the lungs the kidneys the spleen and then the fat and the blood
and the skin and it’s all rendered down so then I get a big house there’s so
much money we don’t need to get the police of the government involved or
Father’s he says men shouldn’t be involved it’s the mothers with the
doctors that will decide while you’re a woman’s drugged up we get it aside we
agreed we take the little creature and we cut some real good they’ll be
back with your phone calls I’m Alex Jones this is the human resistance this
is the info I’m gonna go to your calls Bam Bam Bam right now and then coming up
we’re gonna get into all over the country Democrats are passing laws to
kill babies after DeBoer and law enforcement asking well how late could
it be a 75 year old man Democrats of like know if the hospital says you’re a
baby and you’re 75 they’re gonna kill you I’m not joking so it’s hospitals
making law it’s it’s eugenics it’s population reduction its euthanasia sore
this and so here it is they’re making their move ex-dea head US border
collapsing we’ll get into that proposed new Texas law of demand safety studies
for vaccines you didn’t know they didn’t have safety study so I’m gonna get into
all of that top progressive pundits and mainstream Democrats are worried about
Bernie Sanders winning the White House in 2020 and turning us into Venezuela
and I will do that for you never has a real job
but I run things so that is how it is that is all coming up and more but right
now we’ve got bear and Wisconsin Washington we’ve got Berger in
California we got Danny and Virginia Jack in Indiana Jimmy and Maine Frank in
Michigan Jacob and Kansas Gary and Virginia Brian in Pennsylvania Marc in
Colorado David in Florida and many many many others
and so I think the best way to start this is who’s been holding the longest
let’s go ahead without further ado with no drumroll and let’s go ahead and talk
to Frank in Michigan Frank thanks for calling go ahead hey I wouldn’t have
come in about the future of the Infowars operation and the comment that I have is
that you have some really strong people that are working for you now but you had
some people in the past that were as well and I’m talking right now like a
Greg Reese and I think that he should be the model going forward for the rest of
your reporters the freelancers kaitlin’s DeMille’s enough of patrol videos it’s
time for Infowars return to originating journalism like you were back in the day
not having a political bent but being far more objective and and and educating
and I think if you guys wouldn’t have hacked out in the last election for
Trump that you probably wouldn’t be in the crosshairs that you probably
wouldn’t have been looked better not I don’t want out of the crosshairs so I
better abandon from man we’re getting nationalist elect it doesn’t mean
Trump’s perfect we finally got somebody that’ll do what they say they’re gonna
do I’m supporting nationalists getting elected all over the world here so I
want to be in the crosshairs me you understand that I’m not trying to get
out of the crosshairs see because they announced how I failed how I’m being
taken off all this stuff like oh look he’s a failure but oh god of it or not
support him I’ll get banned this is called
leadership I am not pleased they’re trying to censor us and blocking us in
ways but I’m pleased that we were so effective they did it so I hired Greg
Reese and I wish I had more money to hire more people and and so we’re doing
a lot of things a lot of reporters and a lot of stuff here and I’m not mad at you
calling up saying what you want to hear what you want to see but at the same
time like we Greg Reese is awesome and he makes great videos and he’s here and
so see what I mean I mean how you’re like telling me why you do more of we’re
doing it right and that’s awesome and I wanted to
and I know that this I’m not trying to get on your nerves here but I’m not
getting on my nerves okay hold on a second you can tell me
what you want Frank but you say you might not have been in the crosshairs so
much give YouTube it a little bit better I’m not doing what I do to stay out of
the crosshairs I want you to get that mindset going here for you I want to be
in the crosshairs like John Hancock why do you think John Hancock from the
Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 signed his name five times bigger
than all the other names why do you do that
of course he’s trying to call attention to himself oh oh
signing it was a death warrant he was saying I’m going over the top I’m
totally committed like that was a middle finger to the King of England you know
the king of name was shown a copy of that the king anyone said who is John
Hancock he’s number one to be killed and John Hancock had so his family killed
you name it lost everything he had that’s what this is all about brother so
when you call up and say hey dude you might not want to put yourself in the
radar I am John Hancock reborn understand Frank do you understand me
I’m not mad at you criticizing me I’m attacking the New York Times every day I
want you to know my spirits like I want you understand it I want you to learn it
I want to be in the crosshairs Frank I seek the crosshairs I will follow that
till the end so please don’t tell me about courses of action that lead me
into the system being nice to me I do Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE not seek them to be nice to me I seek
war I seek like John Paul Jones said I only
want the fastest and quickest and most deadly ships to lead me into action now
do you understand Frank yes give me war Frank steer me into war
against these pedophiles and devil worshippers
give me war I want to be in the crosshairs now you understand don’t you
what don’t you like Frank what else would you like Frank Aaron Dyke give us
both of those guys work at one – knockout punch him great that just like
the days of yes Aaron dykes Aaron dykes was a smart nice guy he quit he went off
with his girlfriend do something good for him yeah you’re not you’re not in
the middle of this you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes here but I
hear you you’re right I built this I got a lot of reporters
come through here most of them can’t handle the pressure I love them to death
okay but you do not know what you speak Frank I appreciate your call I wonder if
we have more callers that can tell me when we come back how I stay out of the
fight you know Alex things may have got a little bit better for you yeah why
don’t I just go endorse Hillary Clinton then I bet I could be like The Young
Turks or 50 times bigger it’s just that the blindness the spiritual blindness of
Shang to me if you just played ball you wouldn’t be under attack what what I
just I just I it’s just bizarre to see how blind
people are tomorrow’s news today your Koster devs there was I just
took one caller I don’t mean to be so mean to him with people tell me people
walks like in restaurants at the grocery stores the shopping mall and I could
make sure they go you know if you were a little less extreme maybe you wouldn’t
got banned or hey yeah if you kind of work with the system maybe you get left
alone I’m trying to overturn the corrupt Levela system I’m not trying to earn
scouting merits from the pedophile new world order and these listeners not not
not many of them at a certain percentage they call in so you can see in here what
I’m seeing and hearing on the street likes how you like getting banned how
you like all the attacks hey like having your kids taken away I’m
like my kids weren’t taken away but that shows how sick you are that you think
that’s a good thing for my political actions they’re like well have you left
the system alone maybe these are followers and they can’t get out of that
idea that if you grovel you’ll be okay how are you a revolutionary if you’re
not willing to put skin in the game and again I’ve given this analogy probably a
thousand times I’ve been on there 25 years but I’m going to give it again
they didn’t have radar till the end of World War two and it wasn’t deployed in
Europe and so in the b-17s and the liberators the Lancaster’s and all the
Bombers were going into Europe and sometimes half the mission would be shot
down that means 20 planes go in or sometimes a thousand planes 500 get
blown up 500 crews die you take off and some of those missions 50% of your gonna
die you she’s about 10% till the other superiority about late 44 that’s a
stressful job and what were those boys told to do you got a mat you’re
following the leader they’ve got their compasses they’re measuring you’ve got
landmarks looking for but it’s cloudy look for flat clouds and so you see up
ahead artillery firing shrapnel into the air and you fly into the shrapnel which
close out your engines it comes to the window your copilot 7or miles an hour
the straddle to the other dead dad you know that’s our job is to steer into the
flat and if they could literally stare in the flack I could stare into the
political flag my jobs a thousand times easier than my grandfather’s both of
them this is not it’s not like I’m even doing anything we have a bunch of
America hating traders that say America sucks and Families suck that want to
kill born babies and I can’t take being sued or lied about I’m looking for the
freaking flak man don’t call up and tell me how to avoid it it’s the only damn
radar I’ve got I’m flying down the nozzle that frickin gun cuz I’m gonna
take out who’s on the other end of it people know this is like professional
wrestling professional wrestling is affectionally of the tribal leader
getting up and saying the enemy’s fires are two miles to the north they
outnumber us two to one they’re coming to kill us and take our wives tomorrow
we must attack tonight under cover of darkness and kill them with everything
we’ve got or we will be destroyed now get your
weapons and prepare to kill what do you think that’s not professional wrestling
that’s what all our ancestors did we survived they said get ready to kill now
we don’t have to physically kill now but we have to kill ideas and have to stop
being afraid of being demonized so I’m not imitating wrestling wrestling
imitates the ancient art types of rallying the people to war and to the
wild delight instead of giving in to fear embrace the power that God gave you
and stand for your family now and defeat the globalist stop trying to conform to
them bending to their will has brought us to their point every time I got
tricked by them oh we’re just sad and sweet apologize
for what you did okay I apologize how they attack that I said I go to your
calls so I’ll hit the vaccine there’s it’s the biggest ever at six ever next
hour I’m behind you’re coming go to your calls right now but I can feel the
spirit of America in the world awakening and it feels good can’t you
feel it the enemy can feel their squealing and pain putting on their
confidence acts but it’s never gonna work Zack in Indiana you’re on the air go
ahead a longtime listener first-time caller love your products love what
you’re doing love you don’t worry I I will never tell you to quit doing what
you’re doing when you’re going through hell keep on going absolutely what’s on
your mind about the Mullen report basically we’ve got no collusion despite
multiple attempts to entice people to collude no collusion yet the Liberals
continue on double down and keep on going and my question is is when do we
stand up and say enough I’ve raised six kids my grandfather told me some when I
was young said what you allow will continue and
every time you get a small it every time you get a Clinton that gets away with
breaking the law with no repercussions not only does it embolden the left it
kind of demoralizes the right and I just I mean I’m to the point where I’m just
like enough but you know when is enough enough when do we say no more and people
start facing consequences for their idiot actions no I totally agree with
you and the good news is the arrogance of them letting small it off and all
that Sohn Lee will get more people up but the fact of the Democrats or their
eyeballs or the Russians the Chinese they blame us for that I mean I agree
Trump has to move the Justice Department has to move grand juries have to move
this is not a inner party fight or two parties fighting this is this is
criminal activity I mean this is crazy maniacs with a hard-on to destroy the
country chai khon funded and Hollywood totally delusional and it’s just got to
be dealt with what do you think there should be that um I I’ve supervised
crews the men who’ve been in prison they’re in construction fields I’ve run
a garage full of mechanics same story and like I said I mean if you get a
problem if you got employees given you a problem they’re
not doing their job they’re not showing up on time you make an example of them
you know you don’t I mean nothing nothing bad nothing violent that you
show show the rest of the employees there will be repercussions if you do
not do what needs to be exactly I mean we’re not saying a lot of top Democrats
airplanes need to go down this week all we’re saying is they need to be indicted
they need to be audited they’re the ones on TV saying aw did all the
Conservatives the Democrats like like Feinstein that sicom operative knowingly
in our office these people are a joke and for them to sit there and say we’re
gonna keep going that you’re Russians no we’re going out for you you’re the damn
people let’s say America sucks how can they be the party that tells us how bad
America is and destroy our borders and end our country and then we’re the
supposed foreign agents it just doesn’t fly the dog doesn’t hunt no it does not
and I mean it’s just it’s maddening you know I mean even here locally there’s
been some liberal politicians I mean the we had a we had a prosecutor South to
hear that beat beat his girlfriend it was there any repercussion sport no he’s
just not prosecutor no more he got a slap on the wrist community service or
if it was me or you we’d be doing years in jail
you know actually criminal can actually confessed a criminal confinement and it
makes you want to throw your hands up near there’s two different kinds of
legal systems in this country there’s the you know the left that gets away
with everything and me just a hard-working guy trying to take care of
his family if I you know if I have one to me drinks to decide to go do
something stupid which I don’t and go drive a car that’s right good people had
the book thrown at him and folks see through that zack god bless you thinking
like one call per segment now these calls are so good when we come back I’m
gonna put three in we’re gonna go to of Bear and Wisconsin for washing I keep
saying that wrong my eyes aren’t as good as they were even three or four years
ago we got to move that that computer screen closer than 20 feet I can’t read
that anymore my eyes are starting to go folks I’m
getting old here forty five and then though we got David and Mark and Brian
and Jonathan area and Jacob and everybody else please
don’t forget I hate plugging but the products are
great but I barely plugged because I don’t want to plug into cover news
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discounted enforced or calm or triple eight two five three all right I’m gonna
stop screwing around each call again submit in half I’m gonna barely comment
with the next person we got twenty-something callers who is up next
year let’s talk to mark in Colorado mark thanks for holding you’re only here go
ahead yeah welcome seems like Elvis thank you seems like
you have all the Frank’s out to get you maybe you’re in their crosshairs anyhow
really quick I just want to touch it that more refer I don’t fit there’s that
coincidence that Julian Assange was arrested right after the report dropped
I think they’re gonna all pay all together to get you know cases going
against all the people that should be indicted and no I don’t think that they
should pardon joining us Don yet we need to get him to spill the beans and give
him immunity and they could live free here you know and then I just want to
touch a point really quick on Roberts tab your country on the back molar
remember the Bundy incident and all that such that was happening out there well
that happen to be part of some mines Westar there that were part of that
uranium one bill so I think a lot of this was all trying together here it’s
gonna come together in one big point but I don’t to even put that out it’s like
even step rich and his murder and I think a lot of people have forgotten
about even as private investigator that was shot in the back twice in a parking
garage and and ran over and the SOB still survived
haven’t heard much about him lately anymore but well I mean they sue anybody
that even questions a is is death even though you have free speech do that so
what does that tell you but you’re absolutely right about the big picture
and where all this is going because it just gets crazier and crazier and
crazier and when you talk about Muller and the so-called 12 people that haven’t
been indicted that are been referral for indictments inside this they plan to
have this continued want that’s what Trump has to understand he’s got to go
after these people they’ve not made a deal with him to back off and leave the
country alone these are cha cha majors these are globalist and he’s got to go
after them and get on the offense the Democrats have signaled they’re gonna
continue this fraud well they’re all as dirty as a latrine there’s dirty as a
port-a-potty so getting what they want stop rolling
over they’ve been squatting on top America with the mainstream media and
Hollywood pissing in everybody’s faces forever it’s time to stop giving in to
fear to the globalist it’s time to give them what they want which is prison because you know Ralph Waldo Emerson he
has a really good poem out there called the Concord hymen at the very bottom of
it it states for those out there who dare to die so our children can live
free I stand by that one I hurry I appreciate your call brother appreciate
your call let’s go to bear in Washington bear you’re on the air what’s your view
on all this hey thanks for having me on them little nervous where the Patriots
out here or having their equipment attacked that is how their control on
this apparently Obama signed in would be of the deep state Cyber Command
they’re attacking BIOS I have no of just a set of 25 Patriots other 25 10 of them
have lost equipment I’ve lost channels I’ve lost computers
I’ve had my bowels destroyed many others have had their phones pride it’s funny
you say that remember about 12 years ago John McCain said if someone pirates
music guys search this on Google web don’t don’t click news it’s only good
for a month and I know you know that the listeners search web or search being
it’s not as bad as Google typing John McCain says blow up computers of pirates
well he just says if we think you download a music illegally they have
viruses they can send to destroy your computer so that is definitely something
that goes on there’s also just planned obsolescence
and a lot of computers are crap so that goes on but yeah this age of censorship
you know we had them six months ago have a big computer company break into our
servers for one minute and then report on the national news that we’ve been
compromised which we hadn’t been Shawn I’m definitely aware of that type of
stuff there I appreciate your call and the Obama stay behind Network that’s
exactly what they’re doing they’re in Cyber Command are in all of it from bees
to take action Jimmy and the great state of Maine Jimmy are on the air welcome
don’t know Alex man you’re doing a good job
I’m trying um the genies already out the bottle I think that um he’s treating us
than the American people like him and appreciate what we do every day for them
we put it all on the line you put it all on the line you need to do this
expeditiously we’ve been waiting long enough we need
to go after them get these traders off the streets and during the various no I
totally agree because Trump has to know the Internet’s being handed over the UN
they’re all signing agreements to censor they’re screwing everybody over I agree
he must go on the offense because it’s the right thing to do plus we’re under
attack what do you think Trump should do he hung up that call it was on fire I
was ready to talk to him that’s too bad Brian and Pennsylvania you’re on the air
go ahead right now which is to say Happy Easter
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the Holy Week with your family thank you sir
I also like to say you know I own the Alexa period Pro because especially
during this holy week of Easter I love my neighbor but I refused to drink their
heart medication two quick things before I dig it I’m gonna explain that it was a
well water some of the most polluted stuff in the country because you got
glyphosate you got all your neighbors medications that they’re putting into a septic tank that then goes into the
groundwater and you drink it so absolutely the number one thing anybody
can do and by the way I forget to do this again man when I drink filtered
water when I take the supplements my life so much better when I forget
because I’m not mister frickin health I feel it so yes tell me about not one
Rinker neighbours heart medication well where I live and I think this is the
same story for most of the country our water filtration is based on a reverse
osmosis system that was constructed around the turn of the century and I
have zero zero faith in local reporting on the quality of the water and so I do
all that I can do and I purchased my own filter well look at the Flint Michigan
their water is full of lead mercury poisons ecoli the answer is everyone if
you’re drinking water you should filter it and then I’ll never get David Hogg
those you know Alex Jones on c-span he goes a little anti-gun guy he goes he
says the water has toxins and then he sells a water filter yeah it’s like
saying your kids need vitamin C and then I sell vitamin C or Jones says the we
need or shoes we walk in the snow then he advertises shoes yes exactly but
seeing his little brain where everything Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE is a scam he thinks I’m scamming people
when it’s a direct sale we have the best gravity-fed system selects appear and
pro pure for apples and oranges but they’re both excellent everyone needs
that everyone should filter their water this is the smartest thing you can do it
doesn’t mean occasionally you don’t ring somebody at a restaurant but you need to
filter your water your skin is your biggest organ you age absorb it there
you need filters on your shower or your bath exactly and then you look at what’s
in the water table it’s insane anything else Brian yeah so real quickly
I just wanted to touch on one quick thing I’m calling out here from from
Luzerne County in Pennsylvania and arguably it is one of the most I’d say
top three depending on who you talk to corrupt counties they are currently
trying to enforce and successfully doing so enforcing a rain tax it is I think on
its way to get to president Trump but it needs to get national attention because
this is a test bet for some ridiculous stuff here but in terms with the Mueller
report I think they go in detail I think about 30 pages trying to define the word
otherwise in terms of one aspect of the
sarbanes-oxley act and they’re gonna be I mean just like you say you take flak
when you’re over the target they’re zeroed in on a single word and trying to
define how they can pull obstruction out of that and I yeah they’re going for an
instruction of a crime that didn’t exist they’re gonna crank it up to 11 for the
foreseeable future don’t hang up Ryan you’re smart caller I’m gonna come back
give me the four four five minutes and then we’re gonna go to Gary we’re gonna
Jimmy we’re gonna go to Jacob we’re gonna go
to everybody boom boom boom our number three and yes I will get into the
vaccine news it’s so paramount I promise and so much more by the way
the modern architect of notes were tom says it looks like our street all the
time it’s always some guy that’s got a Porsche some trophy wife or something
they think they’re powerful as they sold out we walk over in the country people
like me built and they tell me how’s it going well you’re getting really beat up
right now you know you might want to play ball it’s hilarious I’m not here to
play ball dumbass I’m here to overturn your system and restore the Republic so
get ready for it that’s why they don’t get it I get killed I get in prison I
win as long as I’m right with God and I’ll do whatever it takes but I do want
to fight as hard as I can as long as I can that’s why I need your prayers folks
lotta great callers here right now you can feel the spirit of Liberty rising
right now I can feel you looking at you that’s what really matters Brian in Pittsylvania you’re making some
great points you got three minutes make those points my friend yes sir well I’d
like to uh just threw a theory out there so personally I come from a long
bloodline of Ulster Scots basically from northern Scotland
you know the Highland Isle of Skye and Ulster Northern Ireland and my family’s
been here so that’s Fran’s likes absolute badasses yeah and it sometimes
works against me as I’m sure you know since the 1600s we know one of which was
I think a judge during the Salem witch trials and people like us there’s not
many left the ones that are left are are basically you know that strength that
ancestral call is kind of diluted and what I’ve noticed is the the wool being
pulled over our eyes is not successful on families and bloodlines like this so
do you know what the mainstream media is pushing is very effective for a lot of
people unfortunately the majority well just say it and we’re not wolves or
sheepdogs and we look at the general public a bunch of sheep bought into
their own destruction it’s very frustrating exactly that’s a great way
to put it I mean I walked through day to day with that ancestral knowledge that I
I mean not that I can I can tell right from wrong honor no I know but you’re
dialed in you can feel it yeah you could feel it and not just you that’s a
bicycle wheel they’re talking with my grandfather who you know he’s seen a lot
of things you know 53-year you know Mason and so on and so forth you know he
could tell and it’s just it’s one of those things that you either have it or
you don’t and unfortunately you can tell that said yeah that’s like yeah exactly
that’s what Trump even said to me before he goes either have it or you don’t you
people a little bit of what’s happened looking from conversation but Trump’s
like you’ve got it I’ve got it men like gosh
we either have it or you don’t and that’s exactly what it is that’s exactly
what it is he’s gonna be black and can be white you can be Asian Hispanic
either have it or you don’t that’s what it is keep fighting the good
fight anything else you want to add Brian now that saw that bless your
brother either have it or you don’t and it’s these globalist don’t have it all
they’ve got stood up imagine they don’t have any connection of the ancestors
none of the data no connection to God they think we’re crazy we know God this
public service announcement on vaccines is so critical and so key and if people
just get this one piece of info I know we can save millions of children when we
talk about children we don’t talk about what color they are over there mommy or
daddy are but that soul they’ve got in their red blood and now they’re always
being hunted by the enemy that’s why I can’t ever be a racist even though
minorities been brainwashed against me many of them I can’t look at children
and hate them for who they are when they have the potential universe in them but
that doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for who I am and that’s why I really love
Martin Luther King because I actually read a lot of his full speeches and
watched a lot of them it’s just common sense so I was so popular you saying
things that everybody knew and then America wanted matter what color you
were and now you tuned into the modern left it’s the complete opposite of
Martin Luther King he said it’s not about color you are it’s what you stand
for and what you produce you know what you do everybody knows that like be
honest with you Dean well there’s a badass restaurant I use this analogy 500
times I’ll do it 500 one times if there’s a super good restaurant whether
it’s soul food or whether it’s Chinese or whether it’s southern cooking or
whether it’s Mexican you don’t walk in there and look go all there’s a bunch of
Mexicans owning this I’m not gonna eat here I don’t like Mexicans you go to
Mexican food restaurants is almost all white people because the Mexican food is
delicious but that’s what I mean you don’t you
don’t listen to a song like Gnarls Barkley look I want to go out with us
and take a few calls don’t wanna go out with crazy about two minutes of it you
don’t think well that’s Gnarls Barkley he’s black so I’m not gonna listen to
that you hear that soul that’s a human that’s
your brother right there but you tuned into CNN all it is white people are out
to get you and you know the plans that turn whites in the racist so they could
then be political donors to the system and we don’t want that you want to stop
this crap right now and that’s why Trump said you’re
beautiful you’re American you’re human you’re beautiful we’re all together and
they howl and say he’s the enemy when Trump’s like the second coming of
Martin Luther King and his whole life spin that and I’m not defending Trump
but they had all these old racist rich golf clubs and tennis clubs across the
country they’re going bankrupt that were run by out of year old senile racist
people and Trump went and bought him up and then he opened him up to everybody
whether you were rich Japanese got a rich black guy or rich white guy eating
here cuz he was a free market guy and that’s all the rappers loved while he
was the coolest Agassi and all these rappers in at his house
made him breakfast himself in his house his robe and then all those people like
Snoop Dogg – stayed at Trump’s house I know he did I told booth up saw it piss
on him and call him a racist when he had you to his house and had you played his
clubs and made you money you’re a piece of crap Snoop Dogg and all those other
people that made me sick all right Jimmy’s phone cut out cuz he was cussing
we hang up on folks when they do that you don’t like to lay it once so I want
to hear what you had to say you called back in I’m glad you do it please don’t
cuss Jimmy what’s your view and all the stuff that’s coming and what’s happening
with a mullet report um I think the troopers already out and um some just
need to go after them um the Democrats is just full of lies
and all going to continue the law and try to
divide the countries more we need to go after them they need to deploy the
military arrest them and prosecute them and that’s what we need to do okay let
me say that they don’t like police centre martial law there exactly they’re
not going to stop so let me just gonna sit here and wait for him to do more
stuff yeah and we love this evolved assume what sorry about it we’re not one
more time we gotta let you go I want to hear you but you can’t say we
can’t survive this effing cancer let him call back in Jimmy can you hear me don’t
cuss again you’re a smart guy you don’t need to cos we can’t do it on the FCC
stations I agree the Democrats can cut some TV
Trump can’t we can’t we’re not as good as they are what is your I agree gut
level I don’t want a war the Democrats they’re already attacking us they won’t
stop so what do we do we leave though we need to go west and we’re already at war
alex is already a war the walls begun to started we in battle there’s no
surrender it’s to the death we need to take them out got a rest and we gotta go
after them we got a prosecute and that’s the only one the president the president
Stephen Miller and they listen the Pentagon listens what do you want them
to do they need to deploy the military and round them up we got the evidence is
there there’s nothing else to wait for you’ve been waiting for two years the
biggest hoax ever well it’s true they’re not stopping and they’re still trying to
overthrow the country and they’re trying to cause you turn on the news it’s all
race war it’s just crazy all Americans want Jimmy is a living
piece right yes all we want to do is live in peace no matter what color you
all before one the problem is Trump is surrounded by so many traitors he would
do the right thing but eats it well I don’t know I don’t know what you do when
there’s all these cowards bred up in the swamp mainly I’ll just say it it’s all a
bunch of weird white people bunch of weird crazy harvard-educated white
people that are out preaching race war because they want to control things and
I and I don’t know what we do about it I just I don’t know what we do about it
because I sit there and I watch Nadler and all these people and I just don’t
know god bless you Jimmy good points I mean they are up to their eyeballs
with foreign governments I have zero connection to foreign governments
Trump has zero connections you don’t even you think Trump trusts people in
his own government much less he’s gonna go in a hotel and have Russian women you
saw him of course it turned out to be fake but where do they go next what do
they do next you know I’ll say this one reason I haven’t gotten violent is it
all these globalist or nothing but targets
they’re just minions you could kill a thousand globalist minions that wouldn’t
do damn thing it’s a spirit you kill it in your art with God I’m telling you the
most important thing I’ve said in 24 years Yellin Aaron that’s what I’m gonna
say right now you don’t kill the globalists putting a bullet through
their head or breaking their neck now they’re coming at you and your family
you got to do it and I say defend yourself and don’t hesitate but you kill
them by loving God and being a good man and a good woman and not letting them
intimidate you and speaking out and that’s what it comes down to alright
he’s been all the next longest here let’s go ahead and talk to Robert and
Marilyn you’re on the air Robert thanks for holding go ahead Alex thank you for
taking my call it’s up to you brother it’s good to talk to you brother do you
remember the Defense Intelligence that I sent you I think it’s even I’ve even
stepped it up I think the next Defense Intelligence the Chinese cell banners
and you need to efficiently use the info wars army and have every one of them
have their own mini banner that they can hang up everywhere no I agree people
need to get out of the streets that’s the answer to censorship and I think
with this this this Muller report we need to take this victory in stride
and we need to go we need to march forward towards 2020 after we win the
election we can take care of all these jackals and hyenas
I just don’t know everybody’s so paralyzed at a gut level if the Patriots
in our government move against the traders they’re gonna fold like a house
of cards and I just think it’s the safest course it’s not safe for me to
say it but I’ve already called for covert action against the Democrats
they’re sold out the foreign powers their criminal I’m not gonna do it
myself that’s not my forte no I could do it no problem we’re gonna go break come
back with two minutes of this and I’ll come back to service all right back to
your phone calls and then all if the vaccine is on the other side which I
think you already know but you understand the burden the frustration
how much I hate myself then I don’t do a good enough job preparing to like
explain how important this is that’s why do they get the attrex is if
you just like oh by the way here’s a diamond in the rough nobody cares if you
say oh here’s the big news nobody cares but he could build it up maybe the folks
care maybe kids don’t get brain-damaged any little boys you know we brain damage
our little boys because deep down we’re used to men getting killed and used up
gloveless are smart you know if one in 58 little girls couldn’t change their
diaper when they were 20 years old we’d do something about it one way our
little boys need to stick their chins up and dump it out don’t they yeah that’s
not sick I’ll be honest with you I got a 16 year old son who’s super handsome and
six two already and super smart and first in his class and I just
genetically don’t worry about it my three daughters are so spoiled the
only thing I think about see that’s genetic
because he’s a man he’s not a woman think about that think about how we
treat our men that’s okay though that’s what men are supposed to be treated like
but they do this shit alchemy of trying to clean women or men when men are men
and women are women and everybody knows it and the great crime is saying we’re
not the same thing because of the magic of the man and the woman in that holy
alchemy creating a new creature is something the devil hates and I watched
so many people I’ve known who’ve joined the dark side of joy and Lucifer
believing that they would be given some type of enlightenment and all they’re
given is bondage to the system they signed on to and there’s always more
demands now the devil God doesn’t make more demands you want to give yourself
to God God always says are you sure you want to do that not the devil the devil
says you’re going to do that and so that’s all I’m saying is people better
choose which side that are on we got Stacey
you’ve got Gary and we’ve got Jacob we got Bob we got Danny and we got Berger
who’s been holding Berger been holding for an hour and 11 minutes in California
welcome Berger thank you for calling right Alex I want to talk to you for a
minute I just wanted to say like I said the deal with cortisol fate and like
I’ve said what they doing is they’re playing with 300 million people lives
out here that’s how many real Americans out here but from that report alone I
got didn’t Claire freeze all on Facebook and they just steady believing it and
it’s been two years and the point is the military has to step in like the other
scholarship they have to step in and um like I said they don’t do this boardwalk
we’ve been compromised and I got this one
news about the British invaded this is the truth we don’t need to support a
walk on the southern side when he went on the northern side to because the
movies of corn is well yeah and again it’s not the British people but yeah the
British Imperial model is manipulating this that’s exactly what’s going on
exactly what’s going on that’s what I was trying to tell people but like I
said they don’t want this country system was founded by George Washington that’s
the whole point so what happened was we’ve just been assassinated President
and like I said there’s taken over the military and I just think we’ve got we
broke down some cleaning everything’s assaulted China the infrastructures
don’t I don’t even see this from your own eyes and I think I’m crazy is it to
watch Trump trying to just do basic good and being opposed listen I pray for
trouble I don’t even know he was going to be in office I told my wife before he
was thinking about running I said unless we get a border wall this is the only
way we’re gonna survive this is the only way and I’ve seen what they did to
Europe I’ve seen how they taught their lives in and how they just let it and
it’s unbelievable it’s the same thing happening here and we can’t tell that
and the military it’s just ridiculous how they know they know they know so
it’s it’s it’s crazy and to see how many Americans are against the country really
it makes me said California we don’t lost a lot of black lives over here due
to this democratization that they brung on us and we will so we’re on the front
lines well there any one or more black people kind of less in Los Angeles
they’d have started us so much to where then our games won’t even as Disney was
we had them it’s over I mean we’ve we’ve David murdering us
getting away with it they big clothes back to the border we can’t do this we
cannot do this they keep coming over to me brother this is World War 4 this is
the this is it this is the technolon America and we got a president trying to
do something but he’s not he’s not going hard enough man these democrats need to
be politically dealt with they to be wiped out they’re not Americans
they went over the line they drew first blood that’s Merle Haggard who by the way was
a big listener and I’m not going into private stories but we almost got him on
show but he just didn’t come on you know I I’m not name-dropping cuz I really
don’t care about famous people unless they’re Willie Nelson and I got to be
pretty good friends with Willie Nelson because they thought I didn’t like Bush
as soon as Obama got in his wife flipped out on me
when I was his house and Willie apologized but it’s okay I think it’s
like it’s a fifth wife but you know the Willie Nelson you see at 86 on the road
is not the real world Nelson that guy’s like a wind-up toy Dow they put up there
on the clip there on the stage but now I’m not a marijuana smoker
what about 15 years ago first time hanging out Willie Nelson’s bus he’s got
a vapor before we’d ever seen him it was like this big they call a volcano he’s
got this big ball on it and steel he’s like he goes here I’m gonna take a hit
off this is calm just take some he’s like a spit stripping off of it it’s
like a peace pipe and I’m like I’ve never had a dude spit in my mouth the
gas thing I ever did but I took it and meanwhile I’m crawling through the
parking lot two hours later and it calls somebody to come get me because the weed
was so strong so I guess that’s why they said they’re gonna roll him up and smoke
him not no one else in five years for that photo was taken right there that’s
me and Jesse Ventura with a molinos in his house he’s got a little town called
luck that’s not Austin bunch old buildings
sheet spun somebody’s out there but that Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE was Williams like 75 years old I met
Willie there’s about 70 he’s 86 now so I’ve known him long time so that’s not
name-dropping I don’t care about Hollywood people but Willie Nelson a
little different cuz there’s like three different types of people in the area
Texas he’s from my family from the county right next to his County there’s
kind of the nice friendly Scott type guys with long hair that are real
friendly but they’re actually guys like Willie Nelson it’s kind of a
whole Baba chop types the Chad types and there’s kind of a church-going types by
just willing house and so much like my family all my people I know most of them
are dead now old great uncle’s all rest out it’s just weird to know Willie
Nelson and know he’s a good guy you know Willie Nelson sought me out I was show
an in-game I talked him for met him once before but I was shown a game like
twelve years ago that’s when he came on the air and people I gave a speech
Nelson’s in the back you want to talk to him because all I met you for like what
you’re doing you need to come over to my house I want come on the show I’m like
okay sure here’s my number yeah right then Willie no starts calling me and man
when I had his numbers I could call him up he tough like an hour like a real guy
you know but he just be lucky cuz here’s Beto and Bernie Sanders say where he
rise to free stuff and he goes that sounds like good thing yeah and he’s
given away almost every bit of his money I remember like 15 years ago he goes you
know you’re doing good work exposing 9/11 he goes you need any money I’ll
just write you a check how much you need couple on a thousand
and I was like mr. Nelson I don’t want your money let’s see that’s what the
leftist do is they manipulate good-hearted people like Willie look at
Willie that’s a good-hearted person i photo with Pete Orr and P knows a
big-ass predator so it just makes me sick sometimes name-dropping story I guess were coming
in with country music so I got into that maybe we should intro the next segment
with a little Waylon Jennings not looking about Texas is good too but
there’s only two things in this world that make it worth living guitars the
tune good and firm feeling women I think that’s probably true now it’s that live
rendition of silver stallion the part where it’s cute after well of Jennings
I’m gonna find me a reckless woman with razor blades and dice in her eyes and
just a touch of sadness in her fingers and thunder and lightning in her thighs
who comes up with stuff like that it’s totally true
I’m gonna find me a reckless woman razor blades and dice and and just a touch of
sadness and a fingers and thunder and lightning inner thighs caused it all the
long enough here when he got 30 phone lines it’s everybody’s got a hole I
appreciate buddy Danny in Virginia you’re on the air welcome to the
airwaves go ahead hey Alex thanks for all you do yes you and thank you your
your crew and thank you to you for being in the crosshairs and happy to be there
I love it anyway I think what we’re all stumbling
over is what mr. Trump needs to do and he needs to be the first president to
recognize that the United States Constitution was suspended more than a
hundred years ago and he should use that to his advantage and become the
triumphant dictator no you’re right we’re under a bureaucratic dictatorship
so when I call for it’s time to be dictator it’s only to end the
dictatorship which is very smart of you to say that and you need to be the
intellectual leader of the movement to get him on that that point and say mr.
present you have to recognize that the only way we win this is to win it
quickly it’s got to be a blitzkrieg you got to take these people into custody
overnight and he’s the only type of leader like Washington who acted
Washington signed thousands of death warrants he’s the only person that’ll
turn it loose once he’s done it right I don’t want death warrants I just
want people locked up and I want them coerced into confessing as to working
for the globalists let’s be honest thing death warrants are quicker I know but we
need the confessions we need these people to admit what they were up to and
the way you kill a globalist is to take their children into protective custody
if you own their bloodline you own them no I agree and most our children are
4550 and are involved the crime no I there’s the older trying to destroy me I
know they are I don’t sell this to be like a big shoot my mouth off this will
be on the news tonight I agree man this is a foreign criminal
group we need to move against them so what do you think Trump should do well I
mean first thing I would do is I had a the Senate call Muller before them and
have him answer how long did he have this determination that there was no
collusion and how long did he and what was his first meeting with Rosenstein
and coming right but but he clearly held this report until after the midterm
elections he knew there was no collusion 810 months ago it’s right meddled in the
2018 election exactly if you make that case publicly before the Senate then
this whole thing withers away that this whole thing wasn’t political the so SAP
the energy out of that they’re never gonna let go this well I agree you know
I’m not a violent person but I know how many people deep state have killed
because ever seen this disruptive what do you think of the globalist we’re not
calling for this we’re not violent one of the globalists got a bloody nose what
do you think they might go away or no they can’t help it there is no way
they’re gonna go away that’s just not in their nature they’re they’re just like
parasites that need a host they just have to be able to feed on us they write
their robotic they’re not higher order right but I love what you do and keep
doing it no no let me hear more from you don’t don’t hang up Danny so no I mean I
agree we so what has trumped me to do he needs to was he is it well I mean we
have to we have to certainly it’s like Gnarls Barkley we got to get
crazy we got to let him know that we have formed a weapon against them that
they can’t overcome that we’re going to go where we have to go to get this done
but you have to threaten them with something that
actually believe could be done to them and it no I agree I mean how arrogant
are they to be all over the news thing they’re gonna impeach the president when
they’re the ones caught trying to overthrow an election it’s just they’re
just a bunch and all the lies they told I mean my god but you could invalidate
all of the elections over the last hundred years this bangus does the money
aspect of electioneering is bribery it’s all let me make it announced around and
come back Danny but I I’m betting on Trump I think Trump knows existentially
they’re gonna destroy him unless he does what must be done do what must be done you know I got here today and I had all
these clips and all this news and I basically covered none of it I’ve
covered the Moller report I’ve covered how they’re gonna strike back why
they’re so arrogant and just what a bunch of crap the globalist are and I’m
just gonna send us the listeners hmm you know people tell me they say don’t tell
the globalists what’s going on with you but see I don’t get a pair and why she
imagine I don’t plan any of this if I tried to lie to you
what that would be like I can’t lie to myself so I’ll be honest with folks um we plan to expand last year they felt
20-something lawsuits on us they taking our sponsors bank accounts Erastus hell
out of us you’ve stood up for us and we’re still here but I think there’s
this idea it has the mullah report and because it looks like Trump’s winning
that oh well we’re doing good no we’re in the middle of the war and so yeah
we’re having some big victories but I’ve just seen the audience just like on a
Republican gets elected even though they’re traitors a lot of times people
just go to sleep and I don’t want to lay people off here and you know I actually
pay our media people and I pay them well not twice what people are paid in Texas
but they pay people almost nothing for media jobs now people on Discovery
Channel History Channel they’re like well I used to make big movies 20 years
ago but now I work for free hoping I get a credit on this movie
Hollywood’s a joke folks Netflix and a thousand shows a year all of its crap so
I get there’s a glut of media but this is a place spend your money in forests
or calm great books great films great t-shirts great supplements and if you
just go there and if you just buy it you’re funding the second American
Revolution and you’re standing in defiance of Soros and Hillary and all
these losers because here’s the thing we’ve pretty much beat this wave at the
enemy but more waves are coming and I want to be here to face the future wave
someday I won’t be able to do that but I am in your hands and when I say that
it’s not hyperbole and in a sick level it’s almost like I’ve already fought a
couple Wars you know I could eject out of here but I passed that point a long
time ago I can’t stop now and so I’m in God’s hands and God works through you and so I can sit here and ask you to
financially support us but at the end of the day we we all really know that isn’t
what matters doesn’t really matter does it
what matters is the decision you make about your soul and if your soul is
pointing to God you’re gonna make the right decision regardless but I know so
many people watch and listen despite the censorship new numbers are
which I don’t really want to announce this or were smart people I listen to go
to Alec Jones don’t don’t don’t don’t notice us I can’t help having a dick we’re
reaching more people than we ever have on third-party sites and it’s not on the
few little outposts we have it’s through the public taking actions that’s
beautiful the byproduct is that they’re not the type of listeners that buy stuff
so we’re winning the ethereal war of minds like never before
it’s like Super Mario Brothers when you get the mushroom and you’re like
invincible we’re at that point but back at the real world home base feast or
famine best of times worst of times till two cities financially we’re not doing
well so put it on your calendar market down your ledger however you do it sign
up for auto-ship whatever you do we got stuff you need in Lord I’m not judging
yeah I know I go to box stores myself and I’m busy or whatever I’m not blaming
you I stand established for hotels if I’m
busy you don’t have time to find them on pop hello Aaron via bees Bandits haven’t
even made that announcement yet trust in people’s houses but we need your
financial support we just need folks to make that
commitment and realize they’re changing the world a lot of you’ve done it a lot
of you hadn’t and I appreciate you all right has been all the longest here
Marcos in Texas or is it oh my god it’s Gary in Virginia Gary and Virginia come
on down thanks for holding you’re on the air how you doing mr. Jones I’m happier
than a pig in manure brother yeah that’s one of my sayings too first-time caller
but I haven’t known about y’all for probably seven or eight years but this
thing we were all talking about deep down in you you know that you know all
this was happening I’ve known for you know actually ever since I’ve been a
little boy that Thursday’s coming and and where I see we’re at today is like
you know Infowars is out there fighting and ER they’re doing what they’re
supposed to do and yes they they are winning the information war and but what
I see is which is great because you need to wake the people up but on my opinion
what I see is this is exactly what they want anyway I mean the more that it
could get turned out here and the more that their calls can be you know
released to the people to where the people get used to hearing that on
everyday schedule the more that the people get used to it I totally agree
with you it’s a paradox because we expose globalism but bikes he’s posing
if people just get used to globalism I agree with you so how do you deal with
that paradox well I’m a mechanic by trade and and I only know right and
wrong and you know if the you’re going by the world we’re all going by this
so-called global schedule right now you said that a mechanic is like a
mechanical mathematician if the stuff doesn’t line up it doesn’t work so what
do you think we did other caller we we should do that immediately and uh and I
think that before is another special counsel is concerned look there there
Washington is used in all these things for excuses there look at the level to
where we’re at but yet the leaf they’re trying to get people on the least amount
instead of just going straight down in because you got to evidences know
exactly this has been used to cover up the illegal spying the mole report is a
cover-up Trump saying it’s a victory now he gets it isn’t now it’s a blueprint
for Congress to go after obstruction no Moeller call me mccabe roses team the
ultimate it crowns publicly being on the defense offense now this is
this is what I don’t understand now I’ve Otis patron and I love Trump and I mean
and I and I’ve watched every move I’ve been watching all these moves as long as
you have and and I live eat and sleep this every day I’ve lost friends over
they think I’m crazy you know and being informed is crazy No – I know but what
what I’m you know what I’m getting at is these are these people that are in power
what’s the trough to me Trump this is one thing that bothered me that Trump
did and what he didn’t do is and I can excuse them there’s gonna be got 30
seconds tell us we didn’t well when he when he got in and just especially
recuse himself you know then we went through two years of all this crap for
absolutely nothing here’s what I’ve learned having a
hundred poise and they’re great people I don’t know what’s going on the next
office to me people are loyal or they get the mission or they don’t we got a
lot of Trump got piston sessions it’s like so look Trump is not God okay and
it’s up to us to keep pushing but sessions is a weak broken compromise
and the listeners sheriff in town just Trump caught up by the short hairs we to
exercise power now thousands of illegal aliens were stopped in New Mexico in the
last three days 350 at a time ap even reports reports have been up since
yesterday I could have led the show with it and these are all military aged men
every 15 min or so have a kid they hold up like lettuce in and now the New
Mexico government attached citizen Border Patrol after 1800 crossed the 24
hours and citizens detained them but they were already just waiting to be
picked up by Border Patrol and taken into the US because everything’s
overwhelmed the courts everything and then it’s a killer McBrain article they
act like they’re the traitors you know I’ve been down to Central and South
America it’s scary as hell and you know Trump tried to get the beds increase
from ninety thousand to two hundred thousand he tried to get 12 billion for
a wall they gave him 1.3 billion cuz the UN’s financing this whole takedown and
then Ann Coulter talks about Trump not being tough on the border I’m not
defending Trump it’s the Democrats it’s the globalists that have advertised
the fall of our country so put the target where it is but seeing Coulter
knows if she talks much trash about the president Google wall blocker I’m not
even against Han Coulter I just I just don’t get it I just don’t get it anymore yesterday I meant to lead the show with
the citizen militia arresting thousands of illegal aliens didn’t do it today
because there’s so many other big things going on but that’s just crazy that’s so
crazy Mexico has the tightest immigration laws in the Western
Hemisphere and these aren’t Mexicans being brought
in air folks they’re all men with the kids they’ve kidnapped many cases that
they’re bringing in and get that golden ticket all that free stuff so the
Democrats can sign them up to vote us into oblivion you know we had a bunch of
brown people who loved the Second Amendment and private property and the
weekend indoctrinate I’d say yeah we need more people but no 90 plus percent
are gonna vote Democrat next year because they come from socialist
hellholes they do what they’re told and the group
that brings that man is who they’re Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE gonna follow and then our own media
looks at 1000 plus people 1,800 people everyone’s like how the militia subdue
them it’s Edison arrest he had 300 400 people at a time they all just go oh we
made it across amnesty amnesty free free stuff free goodies
wherever the freebies I remember my grandfather and my grandmother living in
South Austin they decided live in a more frugal home so they could get more money
to churches and charities when they died we learned they’ve given huge sums from
West Texas oil fields and inheritances to churches that’s why my grandfather
like 78 years old got audited by the IRS and they said you all this money you
haven’t paid this money and the fact that he was such a pure ‘its and he got
so hurt by that and he had a heart attack and then became brain damage but
I just sit back and I and I think about that and the lawlessness of the system
to bring in a hundred thousand people we know of a month hundreds of thousands we
down a total rush to our boarder head of the for Kroll says the borders failed
and we’re all just supposed to pay for it all
but if old people don’t pay their income taxes they lose their house but we got
to be nice and give all these people freebies the lowest IQ of Latin America
being brought here what a mess fill your phone calls not a special report coming
up you know I said I’d do vaccines but I just don’t know if I do it justice just
kind of adding as an addendum here but I always try to deliver on what I say all
this we’re gonna bam-bam-bam through your calls right now Stacey in the great
state of Texas in FEMA regions sick you’re on the air worldwide Stacey good
to talk to you before I get into what I want to say I just want to let you know
that I don’t normally take vitamins at all I was turned on to the ultimate
female force I looked at all the ingredients and they’re all organic
roots things like that that I trust you know because I’ve seen a lot of other
vitamins they don’t have things that they say that they have in them and
they’re often not things that are natural I appreciate that
what happened with ultimate female force tell us about it well it’s really great
you know it’s like a multivitamin I take it it tastes good it doesn’t have that
nasty aftertaste it actually has kind of a pleasant aftertaste and you know it
just gives me energy and fuels make sure today so I really like it well just you
know we look at whatever the best herbs are they’re known to turbocharge women
and then we get the organic ones and put it in it so yeah ultimate female force
has a hundred percent review on power of years
no other product actually has that but it’s only got a few reviews one hundred
percent of you a perfect five-star and like Lee Anne McAdoo before she went
home to take care of her grandmother stuff she told a great reporter for us
she took all of it female force and was just like this is insane
stamina libido energy these are amazing things and ultimate female force some
glad you plugged it what’s your view Stacy from Texas on the mullet report
well here’s the thing so I actually like I used to be considered when I
considered myself a Democrat until the Moller report incident came out because
I’ve seen that the Democrats don’t want the truth they want to set a trap and
that’s it it’s not about finding the truth at all for them well that’s good
and instead of like always oh they’re in authority and we’re not rushing agents
how about you took money from uranium one you took money from the shy cops go
on the offense Trump’s got to know he has nothing to lose man I’m sick of
bowing to these people weird ass Nadler and and Schiff and then Pelosi and aoshi
it’s like I’m gonna be ruled by a bunch of retards exactly you know it’s it is
really crazy because as things come out as we find out these new things they’re
attaching to the smallest things that they can they’re getting really
desperate and it’s really showing a lot of Democrats and I think that we’re
gonna get a lot more people coming on to the Republican side because of that just
like it happened for me so you were a Democrat him and it woke you up
absolutely red tailed by the mule report by the way I don’t blame you the old
blue blood Republican Party was horrible I mean twenty years ago I didn’t know
which party I liked I was a libertarian but now I mean the Democrats are like
how would you describe them what would you call them just it had normal
personal if you were just another planet visiting okay I feel like I’ve already
like saw another planet visiting because it is a crazy real great so you know I
think oh god I forgot I’m so nervous Akeno me what would you
or the Democrats I mean absolutely okay so the Democrats you know when I first
became a Democrat I was in high school I had to you know pick what I wanted to be
for you know if I wanted to vote when I was 18 years old so I chose chose
Democrat because I had this idea that I I love helping people I want there to be
social programs things like that exactly they advertise that they want to help
people yes and so that’s why I became Democrat but you know like as I’m seeing
I’m seeing them a lot more hatred on my side when I went to college I went to
the I went to a university I started to see things that I never expected I just
graduated recently so I saw a lot of you know a lot of victim culture there that
I you know I don’t identify with at all because I came across my mother is from
Mexico she worked so hard she came from dirt poor and now she she’s giving me
everything you know I’m standing on the shoulders of giants here so I I mean I
don’t have any sympathy for that I had a mother came here legally and now she’s
successful yes she came here illegally when she was three years old she is
Republican she believes that every Mexican that comes into this country
should come here legally because she has worked so hard as she knows that she had
the same opportunities as all her brothers and sisters and she come so far
and they you know they didn’t take advantage of those same opportunities
well god bless your mother thank you so much that’s beautiful
that’s a beautiful call gosh amazing colors let’s just try to go to more here
we have an unlimited phone bank so I just always have to hang up on somebody
but let’s go to Debbie in New Jersey another lady calling Debbie welcome
thank you hey Alex I just wanted to tell you that we did try to buy the um that
that new tax book that you have and it was out of stock so we’ll wait you know
that’s my frustration we buy five hundred bucks and then whatever is hot
sells right out we never reordered but thanks for trying to support us yeah now
we try to get everything we can but um on the tax subject before I go into
anything else is we are trying to educate people about oh I DS and a four
B’s and I have done this with the IRS and they were less than pleased and I
own a house I’m putting myself out on the line too
because my thing is screw you that’s what we got to do when we’re getting
overrun what do you make of Trump what he needs to do I mean the Democrats are
doubling down now to come after the country we’ve got to stop this I mean I
don’t want a ward they started a war I’ve been saying this all along I’m
tired of it I know a lot of other people are tired of it
we all have Trump’s back he wants to go to war let’s go let’s take care of
business first thing I tell everybody is everybody with an oath and bond lean it
you’ll bankrupt them if he doesn’t do that he’s crazy that’s the best way to
hit them all the military way law enforcement away the average working
person is awake of every race color and Creed Trump has double the numbers of
Hispanics and blacks and we’ve got a rogue government signed on with the chai
comms trying to create a civil war we it’s his duty to stop these people my
question is what do you do there lawless they’re attacking they’re trying to
arrest everybody what do we do tell him just put the word out there get it get
on get on TV radio whatever he’s got to do we’re ready no I understand but I
mean coordinating local people doing things is it I’m saying what do we
legally do when we’ve got the Democrats trying to with other country I think the
president has to call them out and I think he has to get grand jury started
dotting them absolutely I’ve said that from day one to indict them already what
are you waiting for I appreciate your call thank you so much
Debbie you know here’s the thing I’m not in a pissing contest with the Democrats
I don’t want to see them swinging from the end of a rope they won’t stop there
allied with the EU the J comps with Cuba with Venezuela they give speeches and
say America sucks they give speeches to say in people’s
free speech congressman senator Murphy just says banning Alex Jones is critical
to saving America I think experience these people and I’ve
experienced their life and at a certain point man we gotta fight back because
our acquiescence to them has green let them funding the Arab Spring to
overthrow our allies and put radical Islam in charge and then it’s in the
Soros documents overthrow Israel and it’s not like I’m in a love fest with
Israel I don’t say that apologetically I’m not against Israel our government
wants to overthrow Israel that’ll cause a nuclear war Israel’s not going
anywhere it’s like saying what a war with Russia
she’s not gonna happen it’s crazy you know I said I’d play this chemtrail
video I said I’d do this I said I’d do this whole faxing video it was so
important but I think more calls are what’s needed and then Patrick’s taking
over but we’ll see maybe I should come back tomorrow to a special Saturday show
because these topics that I haven’t hit our Paramount stay was I’m coming in
tomorrow afternoon there’s a big vaccine announcement and the other news haven’t
hit let’s say three o’clock tomorrow got a lot feed Saturday show I hear about
some squirrely guy you don’t believe in fighting all right let’s go back to your
phone calls right now we got John and we got chase and we got Jude we got Jacob
Jacob’s been holding a long time Jacob in Kansas you’re up next thank you so
much for holding Jacobs you’re awesome problem dollars Beyond never been on
before welcome sir thank you for holding I I
just had a couple things to talk about as far as the mule reply really I’m
thinking more along the lines of it’s another one who’s democratic state all
of the media everybody’s just focusing hard and harder and harder on this even
after it’s been completely debunked time and time again and so I I’m feeling more
like this by the fallback option every time something new
comes out like when the Virginia governor came out as an obvious
infanticide yeah no you’re right we should make it front and center of the
North Carolina vetoed a bill saying don’t kill babies after they’re born
that was my top story today and I never covered it
I’ll cover tomorrow special report I promise you’re absolutely right
watching them in this in this display of evil where they sit there and they get
caught doing it and they just rebooted again and we put up with him like
they’re the authority figure what do you think President Trump should do Jacob a
lot of talking about how he’s almost undermined the Constitution is no they
voted by day they’re a foreign globalist threat how do you deal with the cancer
that’s a mark for it though because you got it you got it be in line with the
Constitution while you do it all the way down otherwise these people on the left
and everybody else who doesn’t really know what’s going on they’re gonna start
thinking that all the things that the media was talking about now it’s come
true well they’ve truck wiped all these
people out which he’s got a leadership to do and then when they were gone if he
kept it going I would oppose him but we have a foreign globalist power trying to
wipe us out so when somebody’s in your face punching you you’re not martial law
to stand up and wipe them out when you have an infestation in your government
the response is to remove them god bless you Jacob and they’ve taken us there
we’re at that point they want to get me off air because I’ll say that it’s not
like some great thing I want to do just because it’s fun for me to do it these
people need to be at the Nuremberg trial Bob and Washington you’re on the air go
ahead sir welcome hey Alex thanks for taking my call preciate it thank you
yeah I just wanted to respond to your previous caller Frank and how you know
the media in general was trying to get you to compromise to say that you’ll
tone it back I saw a podcast that you were on with a young man that had got in
trouble in Japan and he his co-host kept on you for maybe about
10-15 minutes asking you just tone it down just tone it down
and yet you stood firm and I just wanted to give you some encouragement to
continue to stay firm well yeah that was low good Paul and they just say what
once you tone it down once well how many times you gotta tone it down
exactly you know the Karstens on 64 to 313 88 all they had to do was do an act
of worship to you know to the Emperor to Saturn they just just worship the
Emperor and you know we won’t you know you will let you go and yes yes worship
Jupiter just weren’t worship Saturn exactly exactly
so anyway just want to just put my cute boots in and I appreciate you what do
you think Trump means you do it cuz the Democrats have been caught in a giant
fraud and now they’re doubling down I mean how long we put up with us well
that’s a bit above my paygrade but if Trump you know wanted to stop the
influx of all the caravans he should just freeze the accounts of the people
that are you know behind it just you know he doesn’t have to confiscate it or
anything just reason account and tell them investigations done that’s it
good point thank you so much Bob Marcos in the great state of Texas Marcos
thanks for holding I really appreciate you joining us on this Friday edition
what’s your view I’m mr. Jones I appreciate you having me on first off I
wanted to thank you for body’s been using it for a while but I sent a bottle
to my mom and after taking it for a few days she called me literally in tears
saying that she could see her the knuckles on her fingers again and like
some bones and her knees again she was ecstatic so personal thank you to you
for that because anybody who makes my mom’s life a little bit easier has a
special place in my heart I just throw something in on that
briefly turmeric curry in India is powerful the average turmeric products
about 3-5 percent ours is 95 percent the strongest humanoid out there so
advil works great when I gotta twist an ankle
this is nature’s Advil to the next level so that’s why bodies is so incredible
people should really check it out and support the m4 so thank you for giving
us your testimony about your mother because bodies is amazing oh yeah
definitely I did want to touch a little bit actually about the the logan paul
podcast that when Caitlin Bennett was on I’ve heard a lot of arguments about how
people say you know how are you gonna how are you gonna defend yourself if
they actually do come and get your guns one day because our firepower doesn’t
match the the firepower of the would-be tyrannical government but what what my
response to that and honestly what might be the answer to a lot of what people
are asking was about what can we do is is not not only having you know creating
a well-regulated militia amongst ourselves and our neighbors in our
neighborhood not necessarily militia ready to fight you know or to go in but
defensive like a defensive exactly but also a regulated militia of ideas of
faith and and come oh my gosh a militia of the mind
an army of the mind that’s a great idea exactly and what I’ve been trying to do
in my neighborhood is you know I’ve been using a next-door app there’s also you
know those neighborhood apps invite people over for barbecues
oh my house they can stop you the sensors can’t block you Nelligan stop
you when you take action at point-blank range god bless you I thank you so much
I’m sorry too John chase Jude Tim I’m out of town took like 30 calls though
it’s a good job with the crew Tom peppered I’ve already over ready 30
minutes great TV station manager Trump got in
for her website runner he is loaded for bear for two segments he’s taken over
right now then the war room Owens lawyer three o’clock today info
for scishow we’ve spread that link we’ll be right back
welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show I’m not sure was that a
potbelly Goblin introducing me I I don’t know welcome Jonathan he doesn’t want to
care babies he’s bad is that the black face baby killer from from where who is
that what is that creature on the other end North Carolina legalized killing
babies have they’re born liberal liberal Toby razors kill babies that’s either
Ralph Northam or we have George Soros hacking into the Infowars mainframe and
I’m hearing it’s just a theory already not killed babies that bed he wants me
to kill babies should I know they do I do I wait until they’re born and then if
they’re byblos Carolina just vetoed a lot or not kill babies at they’re born
its superior you’re an elf KKK if you don’t kill babies murder a baby a murder
babies murder babies murder babies good can I resist the NPC programming this is
it’s coming to regular memory keep them comfortable with the organs a
pot-bellied goblin is confirming to me that it is a Republican stance to kill
babies after they have been born and sell their organs for profits this is
breaking news here Angela Kratz all Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE right we need to kill the babies kill
the babies it all makes sense now the blackface KKK baby murderer he was
right all along it’s so clear kill the baby North knows what to do sell their
organs you run things let governor northen become Supreme Chancellor of
Planned Parenthood and take over the United States it’s all so clear to me
now I love Hillary Clinton I love Ralph
Northam black base KKK baby murder should be President you
might want to roll out how this whole history is actually the KKK and killing
babies and he molested will harvest the organs but it doesn’t matter we keep him
comfortable keep them comfortable and discuss it and
decide who wants to do it but it’s true though Margaret Sanger don’t want the
law involved look good no no that would be an infringement
these little loving flesh bone we need the government to tell us what to eat
think and do but when it comes to murdering babies you just let the doctor
and the woman decide it makes so much sense cuz I’m getting rid of a baby
after it’s born that’s a little flesh ball it’s just it’s right in my ear it
this is it the NPC programming is taking over Pappa it’s time to kill the baby
it’s time to kill her to just kill babies liberal the devil loves you
purple the devil’s purple if we murder the beasts to kill them oh you’ll be so
cool this is it this is how I can do it they’ll hire me at CNN all I have to do
is kill the babies kill the babies kill the baby kill the babies can sit and
thanks to Planned Parenthood I don’t even have to be a doctor’s boo-boos
those white babies over high schools the white babies are racist and the black
babies they’ll grow up to be articles here did my stack North Carolina
Governor Michelle tv-viewers North Carolina’s governor vetoes borne liable explicitly directs physicians to provide
care for infants who survive abortion no we’re gonna kill that baby so long as
they’re kept comfortable you can kill them sacrifice comfortable while we get
to booties you know babies Papa we take the good lose their
chitlins just think of all the great things we can do with that money
governor let them have the babies chitlins the gizzards and though it’s
liberal this is it this is how we achieve utopia I’m hearing it it’s all
coming in so clearly her babies yes kill the babies you need to do sign on to
killing babies pepper kill the babies and worship Satan then you could be
channel 5 could be a New York you know we joke about this business a real
ballgame you take over it is absolutely insane of course alex
is referencing the Ralph Northam blackface baby murderer in Virginia who
today or maybe it was yesterday no to feel uncomfortable you just got to
keep him comfortable and then it’s okay do whatever you want you settled it with
you and took you to a field when was that like give me give you a heroin shop
for I blow your head off it’s like I’ll keep you comfortable as long as you’re
comfortable and then it’s only he knew anything of a breeze we sure want to
gives us it is just fascinating because you know you keep him comfortable and
then it’s not murder then it’s comforts assisted suicide for
anal juice we take the blood we take the skin do you just sell it you sell it to
the highest bidder it really does exist a woman’s right we gonna cut this baby
we gonna keep it alive till the order comes through but what’s wrong with
gutting the baby to definitely just let us have the organs they just want the
organs that’s all they wants you through this
right so bad babies don’t need organs they’re basically not people until
they’re three years old exactly they’re racist
that’s right because if we let white babies grow up they might listen to
Infowars they might want to be a trump supporter just Tom we need to take the
babies good vehicles you imagine how much money as a governor I made no
babies don’t know how we keep them comfortable all the money all we have to
do is make some killing babies Tom you can make a lot of money why sell
supplements why sell amazing products why sell t-shirts you can sell babies
and the best part is you don’t ever have to put baby parts at 50% off you just
sell them wholesale exactly that’s why I want to keep them alive we don’t get top
dollar unless we keep my love the racists don’t want us to kill the babies
Tom we have to maximize them though he’s a good man he’s a doctor he has to be a
good now you see Tom it’s also clear no amazing programming it makes sense now
I’m gonna let you take over racist if you want to apologize for not one to
kill the babies I’m ready to hear you apology I hereby repudiate my former
pro-life stances feel the babies I want to kill the babies I want to babies we
have to kill oh yeah here to join the governor
we’re just careful to cut their babies live out we get you a little bit of the
money I can get money for killing babies too can get a lot of money Tommy do we
all just come together babies on human babies aren’t people good Oh tom you’re
gonna be a senator now not as the governor geez I get severe moments
they kill babies I Here I am this is it I will sacrifice
myself on the altar of globalism kill the babies oh no the parts Oh Tom you’re
a president now Oh Tom oh you’re so smart you sweet I love Tom pepper he
says got them little babies I think you agree we gonna do a good job on those
babies girls cuz nobody gonna speak up with them but governor you wanna stay
with us stay with don’t you have a lake those races welcome back to the fourth
hour of the Alex Jones Show I am Tom pampered Facebook’s got him per Trump
filling in for Alex for these final few minutes of today’s episode there was a
pot-bellied Goblin of some type that was talking to me in the last segment but I
think Infowars got him purged from the system I think we’re okay now the NPC
programming did not take over do not kill babies save the babies do not sell
their parts this is a reverse psychology it’s definitely still not taking hold
very important do not murder children babies included so Alex of course
tomorrow he will be back it sounds like at 3:00 p.m. central to do an important
update on vaccines there’s some interesting news coming out I’ll leave
all that to Alex though I want to touch on the Muller report because callers
today have been asked what should President Trump do and I do have that
question and I too would love to see some thing done but President Trump did
say or at least his campaign did in a statement yesterday that it is time to
seek justice and get answers in other words it’s time to investigate the
investigators the article is up at big league justice will be
served we’ve been covering this we’ve got all kinds of great fantastic
articles up we’ve just got dozens and dozens because unlike the big box
journalists the corporate journalists we actually read the report and we saw what
was in it and it was mind-blowing to see some of
came out in that redacted version of the Moller report so Kaylee McKinney who is
a member of President Trump’s campaign she’s one of the higher-ups she put out
a statement yesterday signed by the legendary Brad Parr scale president
Trump’s campaign manager saying that it is time to investigate the Liars who
instigated this sham they said President Trump has been fully and completely
exonerated yet again and it continues now the tables have turned and it’s time
to investigate the liars who instigated the sham investigation the statement
continued there is simply no denying that spying did occur on the Trump
campaign of 2016 it goes on now that collusion and obstruction conspiracy
theories have been exposed for the pathetic hoaxes they always were the
Obama era Department of Justice and FBI must answer for their misdeeds and the
scam they perpetrated against the American people and the statement from
the Trump campaign concludes justice will be served so of course we’re just
gonna have to wait and see in the coming days weeks and months what that looks
like but now that this is finally behind us this ridiculous sham
we’ve been called ‘russian bots we’ve been called corrupted by the Kremlin all
of these horrible things were just years now two years longer than that really
and it’s finally over and behind us of course there are those who refused to
accept reality on the left just as there always happen hey communism hasn’t been
tried you just got to do it my way and it’ll be perfect but there’s some other
stories about the Muller report that I haven’t seen anybody except maybe info
worse the the cutting edge of journalism really talked about this type of stuff
now the great fallacy the great lie is that the Russians just want Trump
they love Trump they think he’s great he’s amazing and while that’s what I
believe that’s not what the Russians thought whatsoever Russia was doing
anything it could to sow discord to destroy social cohesion in the United
States of America and that includes supporting black lives matter that’s
right Russia had several GRU
oops that it created on social media fake social media pages called things
like black matters black to this don’t shoot us black fist and a corresponding
group called Black Matters us all over social media thousands and thousands of
followers pushing the black lives matter narrative why because they know that
it’s nonsensical what does black my black lives matter what does it do
other than results in burning black cities and this is a real points of
interest to me that we’re never going to see investigated and of course Muller
didn’t investigate it because it didn’t have to do with the big orange man as we
all know orange man bad one of these groups actually contracted with a
self-defense instructor in New York to offer classes sponsored by the fictional
black fist group again this is just a Russian creation one of these fake
Russian social media accounts they actually paid a defense instructor in
New York two quotes teach African Americans to protect themselves when
contacted by law enforcement that’s all the report has to offer personally I
would like to know what were they being taught were they being taught not to do
this grab through your waistband because
that’s what makes police officers think that they’re reaching for a weapon where
they taught to peacefully comply where they taught their rights were they
taught to get a lawyer were they taught about the Fourth Amendment or were they
taught how to react with violence this could be Russia getting people killed
potentially but because it didn’t have to do with President Trump we will never
get to learn and it wasn’t just black lives matter they weren’t just pushing
that narrative they were also doing whatever they could to push forward the
LGBTQIA a-plus-plus p agenda with a group titled or a facebook page I
believe it was Facebook titled LGBT United they also were pushing Islam with
a group titled United Muslims of America all of these
were created not because Russia cares about gay people they have laws on
books in Russia that basically criminalizes being gay in public and
it’s definitely not because they support Muslims if that were true they wouldn’t
be pushing them out of the country every time there’s a terrorist attack in
Russia they respond immediately and with extreme lethality so it’s not because
they support any of these groups they don’t support black lives matter they
don’t have a black lives matter in Russia no it’s because they want to sow
discord and destroy social cohesion in the United States of America if you look
around what’s happened to Alex Jones and Infowars oh and Schreyer just the other
week he goes out in public and he gets assaulted by a woman or a man I don’t
know they were wearing a dress I don’t know what they call themselves you can
never tell the pronouns these days but not only did they push these groups
black lives matter LGBT and Islam they pushed Bernie Sanders that’s right
comrade Sanders is a Russian plant apparently if we apply the same logic
they apply to trump Bernie Sanders it is revealed the mother reports they
supported him and of course you think CNN’s gonna cover that I wouldn’t hold
my breath if I were you you just might pass out so the quote is from the Muller
report the main idea is this use opportunities to criticize Hillary
Clinton and the rest except Sanders and Trump we support them and if you look at
it in kind of a mock abelian almost even Orwellian sense this is the best way to
destroy America you put the guy who is perceived as far-right and the guy who
is perceived as far left in these far left groups again the black lives matter
LGBTQ and Islam and you use that because the average American who’s somewhere in
the middle that have now been pushed to the right thanks to the left it makes us
all at each other’s throats you can’t walk out in public in a major city with
the Trump hat anymore or you risk being harmed physically for your political
beliefs you know these Russians they have to be patting themselves on the
back with all this because they did one hell of a great job
I wish we had government offices that were half as efficient as these Russians
who knows we could go beyond the stars as Alex Jones says if the government
was as efficient as these Russian hackers and of course the final big one
is this Hall goes back not to June 16th 2015 when President Trump tossed his hat
in the ring no it goes back to 2014 they’ve been doing this since 2014 so it
all makes sense now gamergate was nothing but the Russians
clearly that’s what this must mean so all this happened right under Obama’s
nose we now pretty much know not for certain but everybody pretty much
understands that he must have known about this
he must have allowed it to continue he must have known that in 2014 he had
people who are essentially Russian spies coming to the United States under false
pretenses on information gathering missions which they would then use to
create their social media pages he must have known and again President Trump is
saying that the Obama era FBI the Obama era DOJ they are going to have to answer
questions about this absolute insanity so we’re starting to wind down here the
Alex Jones Show I want to remind everybody coming up next is war room
with Owen Troy if you haven’t watched that in the past year you owe it to
yourself because Owen gets better and better and better every day
and I do want to remind everybody as well there are some awesome sales right
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we’re cut off from all of the globalist systems Alex Jones is more than anybody
else potentially and so we need the support of individual Patriots like you
to make all of this happen to give poor Alex Jones – InfoWars talks Mueller Report and More – LIVE people like me who are just coming up in
all this insanity the opportunity to get his name out there so again thank you to
Alex Jones thank you to the crew for doing a phenomenal job I am
happens you can find me on Facebook on God Emperor Trump I’ll be live again
tonight at 8 p.m. thanks for watching this is there

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