AFC west 2019-2020 prediction Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders

Who will win AFC west 2019-2020 Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos

Can Oakland Raiders come back and go 12-4 and win the AFC west this football season

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Come get these NFL week 10 picks Against the spreads vegas lines upset football picks locked picks ATS picks money lines picks expert NFL predictions for all your pick’em pools what’s up everybody Minnesota beast how
do I take this video how do I take this video I got so much stuff to talk about
first of all Thursday night’s football game the Los Angeles chargers and the
Oakland Raiders whoo that was a hell a heck and a heck of a football game
wasn’t it a heck of a football game the Beast was a little bit off on his score
prediction I predicted 17-24 the final score was 24-26 but you know what I was
still damn close I was still damn close and if you disagree well damn you know
what right down to the last three minutes of the game the beast was almost
right on the nuts right on the nuts but Oakland Raiders pulled it back out and
came on back you know what I have a lot of faith in the Oakland Raiders this
year and I started the season off thinking that the Oakland Raiders were
possibly gonna make it to the playoffs for sure and maybe even the Superbowl
how crazy right how crazy if they end up going 12 and 4 when the rest of the
football games of the rest of the season woo that’s right they lost against
Kansas city Chiefs right but could they go 1 in 1 with the Kansas city Chiefs
could they go to an OLE against the Chargers could they beat the Denver
Broncos and win the AFC West I believe AFC West because you know what the Beast
has a lot stuff on his brain you know all right if you watched my other video
I had to take out all those kitchen cabinets right so I could move this
freaking tub into the back that’s right I don’t know how to take this shit watch
and read your reviews before you purchase something I did a review I
watch I looked at the reviews on this tub the reviews were not the greatest it
had like three stars and the reason why it had three stars is because the
customers always bought a tub and when it got to them it was damaged in some
sort of way I thought it ain’t gonna happen to
the Beast so I did everything got everything ready to move this freakin
tub into the back of those future bathroom and guess what I open it up
right I cut off the straps open it up look at the tub can you see that shit I hope you could see that let’s see if we
can do it again look at that I got a I got my camera in a goofy way you see
that and the reviews said that the customers would complain about the tubs
get into him and having crypt chips cracks dents sure enough I had to call
home people at least they were working with me I said no no no no no I don’t
want another one of these tubs because I read the reviews and people would order
a different tub would come to them in the tub would come back damaged again so
I said no no just refund me the money on that tub and I guess I’m gonna upgrade
and buy a better tub but anyhow ah whoo next time you see me on a video
hopefully I have all this finish framed up all the insulating done and this
insulation replaced the ones that I don’t like too much and get this all
tied up but anyhow Oakland Raiders what a heck of a game right leave me in the
comments below if you agree or disagree if the Oakland
Raiders could you know what they’re talking on the Thursday Night Football
oh they could get a wild card you know what screw the wild card screw
the wild card let’s go all the way let’s go all the way let’s take out Kansas
City Chiefs let’s hope the New England Patriots makes it to the Super Bowl
against I don’t know if it can be possible because I’m not gonna look at
it right now against the New England Patriots but I
think the divisions are screwed up in my brain right now so I don’t think they
can play you know what I don’t care cuz it’s too early in the morning hey how
would that be crazy if those two could meet again because John Rudin that was
the last time he had to play the New England Patriots right that tuck rule
that tuck rule how crazy if he could go against Belichick and then win the Super
Bowl that would be crazy before Tom Brady
could retire that would be nice won’t that be nice wouldn’t that be special
hey how I said just talk some shit have yourselves a great day the lady just
walked in that door so I got to I got to look at the head she just walked in the
door with an air filter she don’t even want to have her face on the camera whoo
yeah there’s just great rest of the weekend don’t forget to check out my
score predictions I had someone comment this guy sucks this guy sucks ass
basically he don’t know how to make score predictions he says his stuff was
close and then if you read that comment he says those football picks those score
predictions he says were close right on the not nits nits he forgot to put an O
instead of an eye for you instead of an eye so he called me he said my score
predictions were not on the nits yes that’s right comment of the week nits
woo baby how the Beast don’t matter it don’t matter because what is close what
is close 1.5 points right on the nuts 3 points I mean what is close whew I think
closest last night I think close was when I picked the Baltimore Ravens
scored 37 points and they did I don’t care if the New England Patriots didn’t
score the 34 I think it’s close when I say the Buffalo Bills and the Washington
Redskins and Buffalo Bills is gonna score 24 points and the Buffalo Bills
courts play more points I don’t care if the Washington Redskins did not show up
and only score 9 or whatever the hell it was but you know what I have faith in
see how Seahawks sudden Monday Night Football
see how Seahawks win that’s right I guess Sam
forty-niners and don’t forget Arizona Cardinals almost beat the 49ers whoa

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