Acer Helios 300 2020 Game Retesting – 20 Games Tested!

Acer Helios 300 2020 Game Retesting – 20 Games Tested!

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is a great performing
gaming laptop for the money, let’s find out how well it performs in 20 different games
at all setting levels, and compare it with some other gaming laptops to see how it stacks
up going in to 2020. I’ve done a similar video to this with the
Helios 300 already, but that was back in June 2019 with older games, older BIOS, older Windows,
and older drivers. Given Acer’s Helios 300 is such a popular model that still offers
great value going into 2020, I thought it would be useful to provide updated test results
including newer game titles, plus this way I’ll have fresh data for future comparisons.
We’ll also compare some games with those tested previously and see if these updates
have changed performance over time. The configuration I’ve got has an Intel
i7-9750H CPU, 80 watt Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics, 16gb of memory in dual channel, and a 15.6”
1080p 144Hz screen. You can find updated pricing for this configuration and others linked in
the description. The Helios 300 allows us to enable turbo mode
with the press of a button, and this sets the fans to max speed and overclocks the graphics
by this much. By default, the Helios 300 comes undervolted by -0.125v on the CPU. These modifications
should give it an edge over the competition out of the box. We’ll start out by going through all games
at all setting levels, then afterwards we’ll see how the Helios 300 compares with some
other gaming laptops. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using the
game’s built in benchmark tool, and wasn’t out the last time I tested the Helios 300.
High settings was just below a 60 FPS average while medium took us all the way, but this
is a pretty resource intensive game to run. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode,
and the performance was decent and still playable at ultra settings, where even the 1% low performance
was above 60 FPS, however lower settings were needed to take advantage of the 144Hz screen. Control was running alright with the high
setting preset, I think the game still runs well even with lower frame rates, but medium
was a much better experience, where even the 1% low performance was near 60 FPS, and ahead
of even the average that high settings could offer. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings
at maximum, or all settings on the lowest possible values, as it doesn’t have predefined
setting presets. The 144 FPS frame cap was being hit at minimum settings, and the performance
at max settings was still great. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was tested in
campaign mode, and I’ve also tested it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum.
I thought it was still running well even with max settings in use, the 1% low was still
above 60 FPS, and while minimum settings didn’t change that much, there was a larger 20 FPS
boost to average FPS. Borderlands 3 was tested using the game’s
built in benchmark, and high settings was needed to maintain a 60 FPS average in this
test, though low settings and below was capable of delivering above 100 FPS. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with
the built in benchmark, and the results were quite impressive when compared against other
laptops with the same specs. There was even a nice boost compared to the Helios when I
tested it last year, we’ll look at the comparison graphs soon. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with
the benchmark tool, and with ultra settings it was still possible to hit 60 FPS averages,
granted the 1% low performance was down substantially here, but could be improved nicely with lower
settings. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature,
and as a less demanding game epic settings was running well with above 100 FPS, while
high settings would be a nice match up for the 144Hz screen. Overwatch is another less demanding game and
was tested in the practice range. Epic settings was hitting average FPS above the refresh
rate of the screen, and we could even go higher than this for 1% lows with high settings and
below, while low was able to hit the 300 FPS frame cap. CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark,
and the results are pretty similar to most other laptops I’ve tested with these specs,
perhaps a slight edge as the CPU is undervolted, and this is more of a CPU heavy test. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane,
and it also seems to depend more on the CPU than the graphics. The results were similar
to most other i7 gaming laptops I’ve tested regardless of GPU, and absolutely no issues
even at max settings as it doesn’t take much to run this game. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark, and is another title that doesn’t need too much to run, which is why we’ve
almost got 100 FPS for the 1% low even with the ultra setting preset, while high settings
was averaging above the refresh rate of the screen. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in
benchmark, most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so don’t take
these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game, it’s
more of a worst case. The Division 2 was also tested with the built
in benchmark, and although it was possible to average above 60 FPS at ultra settings,
the 1% low performance at ultra to medium was down significantly, though this is something
I’ve seen from other laptops too so likely some issue with the game. PUBG was tested using the replay feature.
The frame rates look pretty decent, almost 100 FPS even with the ultra setting preset,
while low settings was capable of surpassing the refresh rate of the screen with a 1% low
that’s still above 100 FPS. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with
the built in benchmark, and as a resource heavy game the frame rates aren’t all that
much better compared to many other laptops, though 60 FPS with very high settings is a
decent result, and likely helped by the Helios being well tuned out of the box. Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the
games benchmark, again the results were quite similar to most other laptops with similar
specs that I’ve tested. The Witcher 3 was playing ok with ultra settings,
however simply dropping down to high settings would push the average frame rate up significantly
and would offer a better all round experience while still looking pretty good. F1 2019 was tested using the game’s benchmark
tool, and although max settings had decent average FPS, the 1% low performance was down
substantially, however stepping down just one level to high increased performance significantly
where even 1% low performance was now ahead of the average FPS of max settings. Let’s also take a look at how this config
of the Acer Helios 300 compares with other laptops, use these results as a rough guide
only as they were tested at different times with different drivers. I’ve tested Battlefield 5 with the highest
ultra setting preset. I’ve got the new 2020 results highlighted in red, and the results
from June 2019 highlighted in green. Interestingly, we can see that performance was a little worse
now, and these results are averages taken from 3 test runs. It’s hard to say what’s
caused the difference, as a number of things have changed since the original testing, including
BIOS, Nvidia drivers, Windows updates and games updates, though realistically these
are still decent results, and the 1% low is still higher than most other 1660 Ti laptops
I’ve tested, likely due to the CPU undervolt. These are the results from Far Cry 5 with
ultra settings in the built in benchmark. The results are much closer together here,
the 1% low performance is slightly behind with the new results while the average is
slightly ahead, granted the results are so close I’d consider this within margin of
error ranges anyway. Although there are no major differences between the two, the results
of both are still noticeably ahead of all the other 1660 Ti laptops I’ve got data
for. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb
raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings. This time there was a noticeable
performance uplift with the newer results, which equates to a 4% higher average frame
rate, not much but it’s something, and it puts the Helios 300 back in the lead out of
all 1660 Ti laptops I’ve tested for this game. So there don’t appear to be major changes
even after all this time when looking at a few different games, but it looks like results
will vary by game. Battlefield 5 saw slightly lower performance 7 months later, Far Cry
5 saw essentially no change, while Shadow of the Tomb Raider saw an improvement. In the end the Acer Helios 300 is still offering
great performance, especially for its price. When I originally reviewed it, it was going
for $1200 USD, now it’s often found for under $1100 USD, and it even went as low as
$930 USD on sale during Black Friday, which is quite crazy for the performance on offer.
Even going into 2020, it’s still easy to suggest the Helios 300 for gaming as it’s
tuned well out of the box, giving it an edge in most games when compared to many other
gaming laptops with similar specs which typically cost more, the lower price just makes it better
value. You can of course tune many other laptops similarly yourself for similar performance
gains, but for those that just want to buy something and not worry about the details,
it’s still a good pick. With Ryzen 4000, Intel 10th gen, and new Nvidia
graphics just around the corner though, it’s tough to say whether you should buy today.
It’s still going to offer a great experience for years to come, so if you need something
now then go for it. I doubt we’ll see that big of a boost with the new 10th gen Intel
CPUs as they’re still 14nm based, so there will probably just be a small clock speed
boost. When new Nvidia graphics come, it’s likely we’ll see some sort of Super variation
to fill in the gaps that exist rather than an entirely new generation, so again I don’t
expect the performance the 1660 Ti offers to suddenly suck. The only real unknown is
the Ryzen 4000 CPU launch, however Acer told me at CES 2020 recently that they’re not
refreshing their laptops with Ryzen at this time, and it still remains to be seen how
that will compete against the Intel options in gaming. In the end it comes down to whether or not
you want to wait a few more months to see what happens, or if you need a great gaming
laptop for the money today then the Helios 300 is still a good choice. Let me know what you thought of the gaming
performance from the Acer Helios 300 down in the comments, do you think it’s still
worth it going into 2020? And if you’re new to the channel get subscribed for future
tech videos like this one.

100 thoughts on “Acer Helios 300 2020 Game Retesting – 20 Games Tested!

  1. Hey Jarrod can you try to get the legion y740 with the 9th gen i7 and the 500 nit screen, would be nice to get your benchmark for that device

  2. Did you ever take a look at the 17 inch one jarrod? Was the screen bright enough? I saw one in the shop and the screen was incredibly dim.

  3. Hi it’s the Acer nitro guy! I’ll say it’s great. Only issue is it seems when your doing long gaming sessions your cpu temp slowly rises and hover at a temp where my cpu clocks back and makes my games run slower. But when your cpu gets breaks it goes back to normal. Just wanna let u know

  4. In my country its tooo expensive its FREAKING 1752 $

    I am crying :'(

    even if wanted to buy there is no guaranntee that amazon or any other good site will send me a proper working product with no damage whatsoever , there are no official ACER shops

    and i game on a 7 year old (267$)laptop which suprisingly could let me overclock my display to a FREAKING 100 hz but my poor 2 core cpu cant even hadle old games like cs source or something so the display is pointless i cant even hit 60 fps lol

    cries in a corner 🙁

  5. Hey Jarrod, great stuff man. I bought my helios 300 after your review. Great laptop. Quick question though. Can I put a 2 tb ssd in its emplty slot? Would helios support it? Thanks man.

  6. I bought last year's acer predator helios 300 on your recommendation, and i can say it was money well spent. Just wondering whether this year's upgrade is worth it or should i wait for the helios 500 with upcoming intel 10th generation processor.
    Ps. Will other models also adopt helios 300's undervolting out of the box?

  7. hi! Great work (ad great laptop, I got the rtx2060 version and it's very satisfying), will you test Cloud computing services (like the Shadow Pc) one day ?

  8. I am just worried about the laptop screen bleeding…..many people are complaining about that, is this a serious issue….? And I am confused whether to go for rtx 2060 or gtx 1660ti..thinking that if rtx2060 is overclocked it would be a beast….but will it work like that…?please suggest me..r8 configuration

  9. I brought it and happy with it but if you ask me i think it's better to wait until new GPU comes and if someone can't wait now you can buy RTX 2060 version at the price of 1660ti one so go for that one

  10. Fantastic video as always Jarrod💪 Can you please do one on the y540 too, preferably with the rtx 2060 undervolted and all🙏

  11. hey jarrod please test the acer nitro 7 i7 9th gen with gtx 1660 ti after undervolting please!!! i am thinking of buying it!

  12. Bought it on black friday on Amazon for the $930 you mentioned 😁 then added a $60 ssd. Still a great experience for the price and I'm loving it so far. But I did come from a 10yr old laptop which makes it more great 🤤.

    The laptop does come with it's cons.
    1. The back light bleed is pretty bad
    2. You have to upgrade the storage if you only get the one with a 256gb ssd. It's just enough for 3-4 large games.
    3. Battery life is not that great also. I wouldn't play on it without plugging it in.
    4. Speakers are okay, not that much bass and clarity.
    5. The fans gets really loud while gaming or on turbo mode.

  13. TL:DR – Great laptop. Re-paste using Kryonaut. Temps are awesome. Buy with confidence.

    Using it right now as we speak. Purchased it back in November. First gaming laptop, and I couldn't be happier. For work or for play, this thing performs absolutely well. The temps are already pretty excellent, but I'm also using a cooling pad, and I pushed my undervolt to about -150.4, so that helped. I also plan on re-pasting using Kryonaut and possibly getting a cooling vacuum as well. Whether I'm using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, screen recording, editing video, or gaming, the laptop just can't be beat.

    This video is great because it shows that this laptop can definitely hold up to today's most popular PC titles and provide great performance. Since most of the games I play are from a few years ago, it absolutely crushes everything I throw at it, but I will of course be interested in seeing how it does with Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk, and Diablo IV (when they finally release it in…I dunno…2025??).

    For anyone thinking of grabbing this laptop for work, school, or for gaming, you will not be disappointed. The ONLY issue I have with it is the loud fans, which most people have already pointed out. I would also suggest re-pasting after you get it, as this will greatly improve temps. Pushing the undervolt further is optional, but I strongly suggest the re-paste, using Kryonaut. If you've got the courage, Liquid Metal will make your temps underload insanely low, but there's a bit more risk involved with that.

    Okay, I'm done fanboying out. lol

  14. Thank you for the video. I don’t see the point of a 144Hz screen if this laptop can’t even handle over 70fps at ultra settings. They should slow the Hz rate and reduce the cost of the machine, or spend more money on the thermals. Anyway. Lol. Are the thermals
    Better ?

  15. I personally Own a Good Gaming PC and own a Gaming Laptop but
    Damn I should Have Got this laptop Last Late 2018 lol😂
    Now I’m stuck with a crappy Acer Nitro
    With a Terrible GTX 1050.

  16. Looking on amazon I saw the
    MSI GF65 Thin 9SE-013 with an Intel Core i7-9750H, RTX 2060, 512gb ssd, and 16gb ram for less than this laptop ($1,174). There was also a GF65 with an 1660ti, 1tb ssd, and 16gb ram still cheaper ($1,129) than the Helios and slightly cheaper than the RTX 2060. My question is would it be worth it to spend slightly more for the RTX 2060?

    Also by cheaper I meant selecting the option on the Helios for a 512gb storage and 16gb rambumps it up to $1.3k. Is the Helios worth that price over the MSI laptops?

  17. What the hell – this laptop's price is much cheaper than my custom built Desktop pc (3 years old) and it is insanely more powerful…
    Thanks for the in-depth tests!

  18. Honestly I wouldn't get it. And I own that laptop. It just has too many problems; loud idle fan noise, dropping wifi connection, bsods, backlight bleed… etc. If you are wanting to buy a laptop in the near future, get the new asus tuf laptops or the laptops with the customizable dots on the lid (forgot the name). It would be a worthwhile choice.

  19. Is there a huge difference between RTX 2060 and GTX 1660 Ti? Except for ray tracing support? They cost approximately the same. It's weird. And is it significant enough difference for future proofing compared to 1060, since that option is 300€+ cheaper?

  20. I have crappy hp laptop from 2008, so I want to ask those who have modern laptops: do you really play games on turbo mode all the time and your fans on max?

  21. Now I'm more convinced that this is my choice for gaming laptop but I would rather go for RTX2060 model. But I have question about Triton 500 if model with rtx 2080 max q is a 90W variant Does it mean that model with RTX2070 Max Q is also a 90W variant ?

  22. Hey jarrod, I’m pretty happy with my Helios 300 but there’s one critical issue with it; it’s been hitting 95C while gaming. I’m going to repaste it next week, but is that normal?

  23. Nice review man
    I want to tell u that I've got the same issue with MSI GL75 – 1660 ti version about the drop in battery to 88% when plugged while gaming, They said its cuz of the hybrid mode use both ac & dc and discharges cuz the battery is hot so as to prolong its life, DO U agree with that ??

  24. There's just 1 reason why I am reluctant to but the laptop. Horrible screen bleeding !!! If only they could release a variant with a renewed screen.

  25. Been waiting for this ever since you did a YouTube status post. Fantastic analysis of a fantastic gaming laptop. Keep up the great work Jarrod!

  26. Thx chief I appreciate this a lot I was originally gonna go with the hp omen with it’s RTX 2060 but it gets really hot but yeah looks like original plan for the acer

  27. I recived my Helos 300 TODAY (i7 9gen and 1660ti) and I'll watch this. By far it's a really solid piece of hardware.

    edit: wow, It's the best invest I did in my life. Period. Now let play with this bad boy.
    edit2: wow, looks like new software updates windows 1909, new nvidia and new bios, makes the Helios 300 performance worse. This is too bad.

  28. Too bad there weren't any new predator laptops announced on CES, I hope we can see the evolution of this at computex

  29. If you don't mind i would ask in real world test for content creator task.. the display is worth to buy or no ? if isn't good any suggestion for alternative laptop with similiar price had better display.

  30. Hey Jarrod: The Divison 2, along with the Resident Evil 2 remake were both games that were part of AMD’s ‘Buy our graphics card, get 2 games campaign’, and I suspect that they are much more optimized for AMD drivers than they are for Nvidia.

  31. How to sell an overpriced laptop to a hungry salivating kid – give it a badass name, like Predator, Pirate or Rapist. Change it to Papaya or Tangelo and see sales drop.

  32. So fast. Im here with my 1650 laptop lol. Coming from intel igpu gang (not even modern intel hd graphics) for my whole life even playing at 720p is the least of my worries.

  33. We need review for asus scar 3 2070 GPU 32RAM ( 17" inch ) not to much reviews in YouTube for this model I hope if you read my comment give me LIKE 👍🏻

  34. Do you think if I buy this laptop now it will still be good for next several years or should I wait and get something better in the same price range

  35. Stay away of Acer predator acer 300 2019, as a personal experience I had several issues with the Bios and ssd incompatibility with Windows 10, after 2 months of use I got blank screen. I sent the laptop to acer customer service and they fixed after 20 days, but I been really disappointed about the brand. Several customers had this issues just check acer forums.
    PD: Sorry I had to dislike the video not for your job, is just for the product.

  36. Hey I own a similar model helios 300 (American version) and hit around 130~ FPS on DOTA 2 at max settings. Seems like other 1660ti rigs hit similar fps as well, how'd ya squeeze out over 195 fps? In any case, thanks for the awesome update video 🙂

  37. I'm getting this laptop next week, so, how do I uptade it, like all the drivers? Is my first gaming laptop so I need some advices

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