A Tour of the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters in Frisco, TX

A Tour of the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters in Frisco, TX

– They call it The Star. It’s like a full on
Cowboys theme park with eating, shopping,
and hard-core fan-boying that’s unlike anywhere
else in America. Seriously, I mean, when the
Jones family does something, they do it right
and Texas sized. The streets are lined
with images of the greats and the sidewalks emblazoned
with their numbers and stats. And the current
generation of greats all come here to
punch the clock. And here’s Cowboys
PR man, Joe Trahan. – The thing about the
Dallas Cowboys is, obviously, we’re
a sports franchise but also we lead the league
in a lot of different things. We try to be innovative
in technology and our work and everything else along with
trying to win Super Bowls, which we won five by the way,
which we’re gonna get to. – As soon as you step inside, you feel a sense
that you’re standing in the presence of greatness. And standing on greatness too. But like a moth to the flame,
those trophies are so shiny. – The Cowboys of the
obviously early ’70s won two Super Bowls, started
that the Tom Landry days which were excellent
but then Jerry came, bought the team in ’89 and
a couple of years later, Super Bowl, Super
Bowl, Super Bowl. – And these are
the real trophies. And across the hall,
the real rings. Oh wow!
– Dating back from ’71. – [Joe] Now each one of them, is different in
it’s own unique way. You start out a modest
sized Super Bowl ring, right, not too bad. It’s gets a little bit bigger. – [Chet] Woo it’s cold in
here from all this ice, ya’ll. Cool, does everyone in the
organization get one of these? – Yeah, so I’ve been
waiting on mine for a while. I’m hoping to get one one day.
(Chet laughs) But they look really nice
and that’s the good thing that it reminds you, you’re
reminded of greatness and you’re reminded of
what’s become before us and what are things to
come and that makes you work harder as a member
of the organization. Trying to get to that.
– In time. Exactly.
– In time. (upbeat music) Alright Chet, so right
here is the Nike star walk. I’m about to show
you the 10 most significant moments in Cowboys
history as we move along. – Test my knowledge. How many of these do I know? – Okay, let’s find out. How about Emmit Smith
crushing the rushing record or the 10 straight
winning seasons under Tom Landry Or even Roger Staubach’s
creation of the term “Hail shown here frame by frame. Whoa, no way! – Yeah, the great Tom Landry, the winningest coach
in franchise history. That is his amazing hat, like
you have an amazing hat sir. He did too, you both
have great taste. – I don’t think mine
will ever end up in a glass case
like this though. – Probably not, just being nice. Over here, this is
actually a fun one. So when we were
trying to figure out, we got this Dallas franchise, what are we gonna call it? What’s the name gonna be? So, you look at these
sketches, it’s very possible, we could have been
the Dallas Steers. – Wow. – That could have been our name. – [Chet] We could have
had a boot on the helmet? – We could have had a boot with
kinda like a sheriff’s star which I guess that’s cool, I don’t know.
– Ahh. – [Chet] This is like a
living Cowboys museum. I mean, I’m amazed at the
places they let visitors go. – Get up here right now. I want you to do
– The press room! a press conference just
like Coach Garrett. This is where Coach
Garrett or our ownership will do a press conference. So, you look good up there. – We’re just focused on
winning games out there and doing the best
I can for my team. I just want to thank all
my sponsors and everybody. No further questions.
(Joe laughs) Ah we have a very tight show,
very tight schedule here so we gotta keep moving. – We do gotta keep moving. – Alright, thank ya’ll. – Alright, that’s good. Come on in, this is basically, if you ever watch
the NFL draft on TV, you’ve seen everything
that kind of goes on. This is where our ownership,
so Jerry Jones sits and Coach Garrett
and this is where all the very, very
important decisions for each NFL draft is made. – Just make it like I do
my fantasy football team, auto draft, boom. – On that note, I think you
need to get out of the chair. We need to get out of here. I think you’re done
with that Chet. – [Chet] This entire facility
is designed to inspire. To inspire players to play hard and fans to fan even harder. – Alright Chet, so right here is the Dallas Cowboy touchstone. It says a privilege, not a right to play, coach and work
for the Dallas Cowboys. So we’re about to go to
work inside sports center so I need you to play like a Cowboy, today.
– Alright. – It is a privilege. – Ready to go, it
is a privilege. – [Chet] Shuttle run. Ready, go.
– Oh no. – Oh you’re gonna throw up,
(Chet laughs) you’re gonna pass out. – Bring me back
to my glory days. – Feel like you could do it. – A piece of the glory. – I’m sure the Cowboy’s
scouts are watching and I want them to know that
I am still a free agent. But even if I have to
watch from the sidelines Go Cowboys!

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  1. Haha “Vaya con dios”
    Nice King Of The Hill reference there..
    We Them Boyz glad I’m from Dallas too. Nice that your still uploading and releasing content. Idk why or how come you haven’t been on PBS KERA

  2. My condolences to the birthday boy. And the quick departure of Scott Linehan who gave you the tour. At you Kera who very rarely show your shows now.

  3. It is amazing how that whole complex was built in one of the most uninspiring and drab landscapes in the whole nation..North Texas. Wow. It really is an amazing feat.

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