6 Elevator Pitches for the 21st Century

6 Elevator Pitches for the 21st Century

[Music] DAN PINK: One of my favorite things to write
was the pitch chapter because y’know I’m a writer and I find myself pitching all the
time and I wanted to learn how to do it better. I identified six new pitches for the 21st
century. The Pixar Pitch is modeled on the narrative
structure of Pixar films and a story artist for Pixar named Emma Coates essentially revealed
the source code of this. Once upon a time, every day, one day, because
of that, because of that, until finally—blank. Just fill in those blanks and it ends up being
powerful. We don’t see the world only as a set of logical
propositions. We see it as a set of episodes. By enlisting the power of story in a pitch,
which is something we don’t do that much, it ends up being a very, very effective way
to get your message across. Email is a pitch. Get over it. An email is a pitch. It’s a plea for attention, it’s a plea to
engage. The effective email subject lines fall into
two categories. They have to be either the category of utility—they’re
very useful to people or curiosity—they peak people’s curiosity. Anything in between, anything that combines
the two doesn’t work very well. Obama did this very well in the campaign. He sent out a lot of emails, but the most
popular email, the subject line was “Hey” Woah. Think about how many times you open an email
that doesn’t have a subject line. Some people end up opening those first. Why? Because they’re curious. One of my favorites is the rhyming pitch. Seems kind of cheesy, if not sleazy which
rhymes. Rhymes end up increasing processing fluency
and when people are able to process something more fluently, they absorb it more, they understand
it better. There was a trial of OJ Simpson, a former
football star who was accused of murdering his wife and her friend. They found a glove on the crime scene, so
the prosecutor said, well of course it’s your glove. Try it on. And he can’t get the glove on his hand. In the closing statement, the late Johnny
Cochran said to the jury, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” What’s remarkable is that 18 years later,
people remember that. If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. Questions are active, statements are somewhat
passive. So if I just make an assertion to you, you’d
listen. Okay, cool. You’re listening. But if I ask you a question, you inevitably
have to respond. A great example of this is Ronald Reagan in
1980 where the economy was in the tank and he could have said “Your economic condition
has deteriorated over the last 48 months.” Instead he said “Are you better off now than
you were 4 years ago?” And that’s more persuasive. That’s more likely to move people because
what happens? They think of am I better off? They start thinking about it and they begin
to articulate their own reasons for agreeing with you. So, don’t you think we should all use more
question pitches? Tweeting is a form of pitching and there’s
some evidence showing the most important thing you can do in pitching via Twitter is giving
people good information, even if it’s self promotional, people tend to dig it. And also questions. Questions via Twitter end up being really
effective, too. One of them is the one-word pitch. The idea in the world right now is you want
ownership of one word. So when people think of you, they think of
that word, when people say that word they think of you and actually turns out that President
Obama did a pretty good job of this because his word in 2012 was “Forward.” All of the ads, all of the public documents
had that word. Forward. So he was able to distill his message into
one word. The pitch process, when it works well, is
inherently collaborative. In some ways, pitch is not the same word because
pitch implies I’m gonna throw this to you and you’re either gonna catch it or not. It’s much more interactive. We have to think of pitching not as I’m gonna
sell you on this right now, but essentially here’s an invitation—an intriguing invitation—to
have a conversation. – “To Sell Is Human” is about how to move
people with authenticity, with passion, and with purpose.” – One day, I went back and looked at my sent
emails, I looked at my calendar, I looked at the tweets I sent. I realized that an enormous portion of my
time involved selling. Not only selling books, but just convincing
people, persuading people, cajoling people, I had this bizarre realization that I’m a
salesman. – The book truly cemented a suspicion that
I’ve had which is we’re living in a world now where we’re all sales people.

53 thoughts on “6 Elevator Pitches for the 21st Century

  1. I thought this was pitches as in elevator pitches for trying to get girls…..you know since valentines day is around the corner

  2. I like that Americans think of the USA as "the world". "We are in a world in which we are all salesmen"…well, maybe you are.

  3. While I do agree that Americans usually think of the USA as "the world". Most of us actually sell something everyday; weather it's a story, an item, a suggestion or merely your self. Every guy know that if you can't "sell" your self to a girl, you most likely won't get a girl.

  4. Warning: the content of the message may be more useful than it appears.
    (except for the hey part)
    0:00 to 4:46

  5. is, being condemned to sell yourself, in order to survive; an inhuman way to live..?? also, although we live in this "creation"/lifestyle, can we not create a better utopia ?? .btw great video!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. You are not condemned, you are free to seek out other methods of survival and they are indeed possible. Your buzzword "creation/lifestyle" falls way short of being poignant I have no idea what you mean by that.
    Who's saying we aren't making a utopia by selling ideas that progress humanity as a whole.
    I think you should perhaps stop preaching as your message is flawed.

  7. comments made to open your mind and think, not close it..lol obviously you dont realize your being spun into a materialistic point of view . and tell me what part of the forest isint being savaged and destroyed by your "selling" world. so that i may "seek out other methods of survival" lol you keep chasing paper that is valueless..this zi on ist world is crumbling. eventually you will have nothing but your soul to sell.. and trust me at this rate..lol

  8. How condescending your comments are. I do see the materialism and what if I feel people are free to live how they see fit. Even if it is bad for them the things that bring them happiness are theirs to enjoy. Why do you push for your point of view on something that you can't change in people "desire" and to have the ego to dictate how the world should enjoy and work for what they see fit.
    I understand your bumper sticker philosophy, but it seems puerile to know that it stems from your narcissism

  9. that word describes me the least to be honest. my motives to better my fellow man are selfish/egotistic? the problem i see with your analogy is simple. happiness is not ignorance. though ignorance is truly bliss. (i admit)but true happiness can only be found in the mind. an unhealthy mind(be polluted by rederick or poisonous diets) is destine for unhappiness. leaving only the small materialistic pleasures/momentary serotonin releases. they have drugs that work better.lol ๐Ÿ™‚ we must TRY HARDER

  10. Story in a pitch is a unique perspective- I love that! I sincerely agree, that identifying your USP-Unique Selling Proposition- is one of your greatest business strengths and marketing strategies.
    It is my pleasure to share a complimentary workbook on how to create your USP-Elevator Pitch right from my site: Unique Elevator Pitch.com
    Warmest regards,

  11. man….it's pretty true that we all need to be salespeople…but I stink at it cause I don't like bothering people…and i can't ever think fast enough to say anything. These seem like good tips though if you can do it.

  12. You just sold me your book..which leads me to mention you forgot Pitch 7 Make a fantastic informative Yotube video.

  13. What are we selling? Ourselves?

    But why? Because we want someone to give us something….. Their vote….. Money….. Job…..,

    I think a more affective way to look at this is not to do one way sales pitch but to create collaboration. Think how much more sustainable of a relationship you have with collaboration. One way sales pitch doesn't create that. But the logic of the video is that everyone wants to sell to the masses but in reality we just selling to a small group of people and we selling them trust in you. One way fast sales pitch don't create authentic trust. Without authentic trust what kind of products or ideas can you possibly sell to someone? Be honest with yourself…… You won't sell someone to make you VP of a company in this fashion. Maybe you will sell someone a useless artifact but you won't sell them on a big ticket item.

    This video would be more complete if it taught people how to win trust of people very quickly and how to maintain such trust by being able to pick up key signals from your sales target and honing in on their decision drivers and values.

  14. Great ideas, thank you!ย  We're just about to submit a #VOOM "Pitch to Rich" so this was timely inspiration.ย  Much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. These are not really pitches they are mostly elements to incorporate into a pitch: a question or a rhyme for example. Even the Pixar 'pitch' really just sets a scene…but then what. They are good ideas but only part of the process

  16. These are great. My friend went from Wall St success to superstar in group insurance. Without a formula, his natural pitches are information wrapped in story. He paints pictures with words and questions that engage them… and forms a team of pitcher and catchers. Everybody feels they are part of the his "team"… and sign up! (He DOES have the best product and service). Todays so-called Elevator Pitch contests often mislead students to think assaulting a prospect in the elevator with a breathless infomercial is "the way". As I'm pitching international companies on a ground breaking invention… and looking for them to sign onto this… leading them to "feel" it… enough to disrupt the status quo… and even threaten their own sales… story emotion questions are the keys.

  17. Wow. This is actually incredible… did not expect that. If you can really sell me this book in a YouTube video, then the book about How to Sell is worth it.

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