44 thoughts on “6 Basic Serve In Table Tennis (Penhold Grip)

  1. Which serve do you like the most??? Comment and let us know 🙂
    0:55 Backspin serve
    2:33 Side-underspin serve
    4:07 Side-topspin serve
    5:36 Long fast serve
    6:49 Hook-underspin serve
    8:20 Hook-Topspin serve
    9:57 We talked!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for a great channel about penhold tech and serves. Could you tell us about your blade and rubbers? That sticky black one seems quite spinny.. 🙂

  3. I would like to tell all penholders who watch this video to pay attention to the wrist, anyway, backspin-sidespin was the best

  4. I really like the hook serves, it can be well disguised top or backspin.
    Great video! I'm a shakehand player who likes to play with penhold every now and then.

  5. Great tutorial. As a shakehand player, I must admit I am most concerned when playing penholders because it seems they can disguise their serve better. This tutorial helps me understand what they are actually doing. Thank you brothers! From Washington State, USA.

  6. Wow, thank you for a great video!
    I play penhold, but because no one else here in Sweden plays penhold it's been very hard for me to learn things like serves. Now I will practice these serves!

  7. the video i needed.. but im not left handed hahaha and i dont know the diffrence between those hook thing, top spin and under spin.. can you tell the diffrence? i liked side underspin serve and saw side top spin and if u ask me i dont see the diffrence…

  8. Would it still work if I can use my shake hand racket as a pen holder racket? I have been thinking about switching to pen holder.

  9. Thank you very much! I've only just started playing a little bit ping pong and my friends were kidding around about me being chinese and saying I should be pro at this and all that saying that I should start doing ping pong and so I'm just looking for styles that might suit me and I chose penhold. But it was so hard to find a video for serves because I don't know how to serve at all with penhold I only found out about it like I don't like 30 minutes ago, haha. So yeah, this is great help!😂

  10. I don‘t quite understand the first serve. My balls always go right (sidespin) and not coming back to me, although I use my wrist. Please help

  11. Hook Underspin. Sweet lord, it's an awesome serve. I've been doing it but not knowing that i was. Borrowed it from Wang Hao and using it to great effect.

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